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ah, there's things we dare to ask in oh, if you want something done, right. do it yourself. the acronym d i y, i do it yourself, has now become the name for a new genre of online videos. you do a deal at no one. you can't. the wasn't working with any with a deal if people use scrap materials and want to have is at hand to rig up all kinds of stuff from household items to pump action. squid guns,
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richer company from scratch. ramone, with the best part is people want to watch millions of you spend hours seeing how a person they've never met and he's halfway around the world. assembled the contraption. no one else needs a much could just one of my teeth for pneumonia, city like user to g more looking at the club, e l e, which includes 30 musical think either he has jo after my bill is pussy. she leaves, the song is no an air gear, you munoz and been 0. union was not as yet good leopards that ask it was your steam
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on those not still was video or song, so it's a bit and i had them of them. i really had to pay you had 3 pieces you kilometer is foyzey is christian. astonish, know, and that of you. a road trip in the summerville is nikita his most ambitious project. 2 days before the solar powered vehicle. another car was his pet project. bigger than his thought. zachary much enough. it doesn't look as glamorous. let's face it. it looks like you. dan's ill bang. bob jojo will not be here some with you troy of the my bill. a thought workers also must reach, seems such a thorough though it was girl with a she is the war. vincent with the good thing is that with ourself and the reason of risky that the dividend previous his keep her, why don't when you're softer. e, but you won't put yourself to put the most on you on abala grant said sir edward
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serina, this is just another pro. what? any mirror that the derivative ah. with a, with a new was on the love with an ideal. it's still a good you actually about my future proposals that it's good please. if that with him yesterday morning with the
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boyfriend you, let's go with the yeah. what do you do not? this is more whether i was dea, a glass of citizen, you scroller, people that i go the with the professor, i do a dilemma or in one. so you have a lot of students, i'm got the dog can only do a bill or is this a yes me. what do you see is not what you know previously a normal my you more but the other one that he's cooper i just tell him was a, the, with our near will up with and we had issues deal at your school. so a little guy know might be at his 1st success was a video about
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a chain somewhat by i yes, i wish i used to be less if you use that. i have been a long ways to suppress my peers for a real guy who is the love you've been with us to be other photo will need you in your present or the women? yeah. around sure. problem with the wireless. this to press one for doing 3 is the boss more that off of doing our dean gin arena, scott, who does the dog walk, boy and the thesis or the grand point out of another one of those are done with after 2 days in the shop. deal bangers hitting st. petersburg rose again, but the electric motion still thrown to overheating. economy stole at any moment.
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when i knew the new luxury why me? what news along its spirit killing me other. not right now, would you? with a leash number, your goal is was you knew it was the other way that goes out that you them or not or not. i don't want that. i want to keep them off. each study will be right with me one more of a junior, stella, the function of
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e. i really come on. yeah, i'm on. do the rest of they always look to way. yeah. yeah. i'd be rather e shrugging engineer or no, no, no, i'm no gosh, we work with probably need for this year when we are willing to keep almost wish that the, you know, don't know who is already covered with eel. no personal study by the office. was it was just the asked, i'll tell you a loosely i wanted me know i wasn't familiar with i think i wanted which i was not the one you stood that crisco like go spend. yeah. it. so my floor if you're still a valid with
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and we're yeah just good. ringback a, spend them a characteristic which are good with names group that use them pretty them both. oh stunner and was looking at them, but i mean, you will be getting a better price theirs. okay. bus mother, i'm not going to go to poach. so the apollo's face program reduced to barebones, these guys decided to start from scratch and design and launcher rocket while learning only go. and of course, to make
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a bunch of videos while they were acid. some idea preview is sure what know that you could just to see almost up. so i'm going to switch carpet the 2nd initial move items. so i, you substitute, i estimate premium prices. but when you're ready to move us more than the show us, how much has on our system? we've been there many times, but again, please for the community. assume it's no longer i have this what's, well, it's a system this kind of place where you start form of age and we said you were color introduced into your yeah. and your us what the someone's interested in one interesting processor because we're probably a boy. so i will say approaches to stephanie which sitting him outside
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somewhere just to try and transfer, you know, when you're more, nobody can use birds. when you go and you go to control. lot of those will basically means that on the flop will be a little about the spiral possible. i need you to come back for a secondary phone number where you can do it right so far. you know what else with somebody. but again, we kind of wanted to possible got a little more model part of it also did they give personal society or involuntary? got me say opposed to somebody and we feel as i bought a particular good poster. oh, i bought them good about where you run the support. yes. to move a very with, i'm sorry my showed them a similar stage. all that i'm kind of course, there are some various so and i think the distance monday through them a new small that a 3 year old. but i'm expecting to come with
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them or not really the problem with a work always the always is joy with. i don't post for you really st. barracka for the storm. respond to reward. you know, the look over time with just wound fly during the test, the motors nozzle, broker or cash. mm hm. so i need to look at. he would've, he was more like you need you prepared to go to my public gilbert goodness. he literally paid his color. we, a gore of the law is channel is a uniquely russian d i y phenomenon. nothing gets blown up or set on fire here. that one gets
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electrocuted only you see is northern vistas wants water and skilled hands, lathing sewing, and chiseling views are off the charts with $2000000.00 subscribers together. by yet you can never find me doing what you have a capital. when you claim with a g, i don't vibe, i don't use it, but don't stop. i don't procedural engine tequila. give them any minute when you kasanya. it's a process, but if you know, so yeah, look so that it and you media what it was to let you might it probably so it know even a little bit of the missionaries normally calisha already aiming to raise, who would you buy that? i didn't look for video yesterday, so she's making sure this is julia julie. this is cody, emily,
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but the action not doest of, of it. okay. it is the log of nobody's relations. you're treating a no, all those crazy, sneaking, waking, slower, a scope, practical stuff, a slip law, yamaha to speak to you, but then we get those to birth a. but after you have to understand that so much of this native stuff is theatrical, it's purely theatrical nature did not fight for georgia in 2008 it onto planned to fight for georgia. there was not the slightest consideration for fighting the georgia and schools. it didn't fight the ukraine in 2014. and there is absolutely
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no intention anywhere in western europe to send a single dock short day near shore german french soldier. to fighting you cried join me every 1st bit on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking together for the world of politics. sport, business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah ah, a sewer. how do you know if the doing well just to him or yoko pushed you piece to
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kilometer off? he breaks the slug at the throw of her dad. she knew as much. no no . it'll take a couple of deep roster, so we're boys with that with, with with this is the sun movil model, 1.0, not quite a car. it's normal, like a solar powered rick shore when nikita comes from, it's much on the other and here in gloomy st. petersburg, ramirez glass thrash more than you to when you're here. can you hear me? yeah. the show of the look on just the gray, lois? yes, results for all your m u e. god, where are your call? can you come when you're off? cool, now that we're down this nearly or when you are curious,
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minneapolis grass. maybe one would what will happen here? because that door ah yes, that each i'm yours the premium if you it is one of the use them here. you are now prison year. while for not omnia newkirk or talker tony's apartment me on the chair . now preventing 1000000 will do me up on the, on this wallace. i'm with all the floor. no idea you got there. got with oh yes, it's just almost there's nothing that i want to whisper ask you a chance you could reach with to be up a year ago. she didn't like you any other door. alice cut me off though. is d as to kill any other? yes, we used to any which is good. other roles? good. he is do us. he has gear paper co op for, for the new york or he needs to. i'd love watching kia the procedure. that is good
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. so no, no. yeah. what would come when you would source blue with the 1st run of the rocket, which unusually is carmella field was a failure and it failed with a bang or social torture. me go to customer support federal estoppel who some with some when you're more of like what sort of went up with a dealer and spinning. so move because i'm auto know shuttle on commerce because i wish that i was to be produced. very finish with no news or a business to let no worries for some concerns about them because almost like
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a post or portuguese. i just recently made some process. both of them are out. so i just went to that was for publish just really and i was moving over to collision in d, i wise have brought genre video streaming websites, host tens of thousands of channels on various topics. some take a meticulous and strictly scientific approach that people also like to be enlightened and entertained. the area we live in dictates what kind of inventions today's youtube does him. she's made on the one so they could get food choice and i'm a new is just but we're just kind of come when you're, what will become amelia? really for loan. i'm going to friends visible and push your stick. first mcgee, almost feel him got here. when you wasn't up, we'll pick up our modern man. well then we didn't really words words are political up on i still was 3 legislators really night. said this and it was for me sure.
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where the problem that i'm, i read you can even throw in many of the liberty on the was i don't fit in the one that ends with an ascii. can you tell me somewhere both. i mean 3 good deal is that, am i to re little that northeast and i need to pick which which, which would be more convenient to let can what i mean is some stuff we should stuff which have to deal with picky. joyce. i knew i knew i might have been through a family stall or. ready some leiber, i'm going to give it to the minister, but we just want some people on or what even the country are small though. this machine is, you know, it's actually with both of those books and i was the right this, the company sort of the space. but you doubling as newspaper, too much interest to go up on the electronic of some bro, led companies sort of my graduate on the stuff must get
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a bunch of things. and i wonder when things don't, i don't like not for me. like to put a small, also for some, some bread, summer checks militia anyway, almost anything we can put together and then you get all stories. some along with most of the stuff that you're playing. football gateway for some are do for yourself because i knew the only comes with a from lobby. no,
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i got no struggles with ah, a dead chip. it did i do this again? yeah. your my you know, after several months of one failure after another, the rocket finally blasted off with coca cola with
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nearly a leg with nation and was just below one. please leave a net 30 to 40, which you will the one with we want to for up she just funny kevin and i have a pretty good the other one which is probably the one you we should he, we will draft cover. show crowd while crowd. why doughty will use is supposed to, it's a bracket to chat to problem, yet. it was not real lead you on the it will be, it is nice cars deal it coil in li dinner table in is possible
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the philly. good, boyish cut or missed a spot for the you know, the new a. ringback die mr. a cancer or just was and i've been a bunch of my, she, she, i've gotten a quote, i can't think of any or nothing of the heel. and i think that se ma, yesterday she sent our genius college camacho in too much, was a narrative for chris in you. can you following just her and directly from putting up the you then you put on the company, you have master. what shows all the load. yeah. as much tv. so pop liking you close my pay and i'm a plug in the state for both of us. can you call the realtor little sticker? yeah, i'm here. so she didn't jing in stagger them. will last hospitals,
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i live my area, the water cash to credit check as well. so the easy me for the warfare, the one with the relief from i'll let them go to the lisa and i took a closer look at our cutoff created shortly. given what i mean, euro nanny knew like i lost over there. can you know? yeah, they used to be just as a chest yet this can, you know, rabbit says they cannot order and then you put a new weight and i have no choice. new more is deal is stored. i still you move the gates of good to at my child, the cancer move, she accidentally disdaining gym, monkey indic while showed linley and present sepia, new ocean pre yep. b, i get the idea fidelity. we will move ne dealer is that the one who's no didio global movement to vehicle folk is deal tossed. that is our normal frame plan or frame carrier at the actual build of it. the pretty great in
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a sober good. you. good, easy to kill you. you got to worry, she tired or what they should, they cannot all done more than the project with you. and you got tory and you will not go to me and leave it to jimmy in montana, allowing you to join you to put on a 5th grade. he taught j. katara ryan, should you still c b as in whiskey nevi. open your mind. yes. radio gratiot, just one of my teeth, when you mine. yeah. so did you thank you for your g mcmahon club while the typical at night, when you think you captured in the e. o on maliciously which i wishing which 30 nikita blan to spend a month on his solar powered road trip. but he didn't complete his route as he got stranded in the mountains of catholic stock. got a guy with joe. yeah,
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we're in, so what i'm wondering is lamar collegial when you, with some your bins, you know, are you good to know? i'm sure super process deal on the the actually water plumber was web shifts your emma with easy. do me other up, your very, you know that with 3 years did you want me up the up or a year ago? you know, still it still is me, are we also with a free grow free grow
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around? yes, we did the water. yeah. don't go to just use your priest of you 3, just a little listen to what really is dealership. go to your doors with. did you feel any other of written nadia? a blog garcia. marla, one of each for sure more. another on boards are grown. they're ginger north. the easy. oh, good julia. good. those to guy. would you like me honestly? is that what? what did you mean? just the same deal as to when he was last door, but no more than a wizard. yes. the sin, bob, we these, you know, you've got runs part of or e got, we're somewhat, you know, it's one of those years in years the engineer, i mean, which only me, you know, we have the guy and me today is that when you moved, you wouldn't is that the answer worked on?
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you would find it, you'll no model. so we didn't model going 0 or you we use the other to idea what real well, you don't like it is still the clue some low the there with mm ah ah, he died. i cried. i just had a spot the whole time i was there. no one really thought anything differently this all thought i just didn't feel good. on the way for the surgery, his lungs failed. 30 seconds when i killed him,
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i had gotten stuck with so many needles that day in 2019 doctor started talking about a new wide spread. does he use that caused severe lung damage? there's a few points that were really the turning. all of the patients were diagnosed with a lung injury associated with using electronic cigarettes or facing products. he pulled this out. he really felt holy crap, he's gonna die. oh no, he's the better it was. i wouldn't want my worst enemy to ever go through that. it was out of breath with,
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with the g 20 summit wraps up in rome with a broad endorsement of a global corporate tax. the main achievement, but not everyone sees it. that way. we look at why the borders of julian massage, including rock legend, roger waters demanded justice following a u. s. expedition appeal hearing, which is yet to deliver its verdict. i'm so angry and i'm soap, and i'm still discuss with the united kingdom and an anti joe biden. song called let's go. brandon was deleted from youtube for containing medical misinformation. however, it has quickly climbed to the top of america. i tunes hip hop chart with .


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