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and i for inflation once again. oh boy, it gets so entertaining. ah, i don't think i know. as world leaders move on from the june 20th isn't all smiles . the french president claims y'all's julian pm was lying about that trouble deal for submarine. meanwhile, delegates gather in scotland for the un to climate summit with calls to have the emissions. but there are cries of hypocrisy as around. 400 private jets are reportedly flying and v i b. s for the event and an american pilot using the anti biding catch phrase. let's go. brandon. over the intercom during a flight sends democrats and the mainstream media into a rage, ah,
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broadcasting live direct from our studios and moscow. this is our to international . i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. right now. the g 20 summit in rome at the weekend may have been the 1st time those leaders met face to face for a while, but it wasn't an entirely cheerful reunion. the french president accused the australian prime minister of lying about a lucrative submarine deal, but paris was conspicuously excluded from ortiz. kevin, i went and corresponded, denny armstrong discussed this pretty unequivocal stance from mister micron. i do say when, when we have to be to you have to behave in line and consistently with the value i don't think i know would lead is very rarely say the things about their counterparts, which gives you some kind of a marker of how much the as a new with fresh president in manuel macro macro said he doesn't think, but he knows that the australian prime minister scott morrison has lied to him
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about the orchestra. the trilateral pack between the u. k, the u. s. and australia signed in mid september with a view to providing nuclear power submarines to australia for him. when australia signed or chris deal, it wiped out all respected, put paid to a $90000000000.00 deal with the french naval group to supply those submarines. he called a stab in the back now. morrison simply said that those submarines from france just didn't match up to australian standards. now his right hand man barnaby joyce as the deputy prime minister of australia has gone even further. he said that australia didn't deface the eiffel tower. they didn't steal an island. they simply made a business deal, and the fact that france was put out that business deal is nothing personal simply at business. now there is a mattress phase that morrison is lying to him. cambra said that they dated the u. s. on any discussions of a deal between france and that doesn't exactly adult with u. s. president jo
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biden's version of events biden has said that the u. s. simply wasn't aware of any deal signing any deal that would put friends out. he said that he thought that camera had told france long ago that they wouldn't be doing any deal his crumbs meeting over the weekend again. and of a face to face meeting was want to clear the air over this exact deal, and they seemed like the 2 sides buried the hatchet as it were, by dint apologize that admitted that the us was clumsy as he puts it in any deal. what happened was to user english raise we did was commonly with a lot of grace. what else came out from the big g 20 meeting than in rome over the weekend? well, there's been a lot of things, a lot of topics on the agenda. of course, the usual suspects, the climate attacks at the global economy. there was lots of progress expected to be made. this being, of course, a 1st face to face meeting between world leaders here for 2 years because of the
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pandemic. now commitment seems to be the buzzword of the meeting. for instance, world leaders have pledged to reach as 0 missions by around mid century, not concretely 2050, as was mentioned before. there's also been a commitment to jo biden's proposal for global minimum corporate tax of 15 percent . that's in an attempt to reshape the global economy. but whilst there's been lots of words and lots of posturing, that hasn't really been anything concrete agreed. there's not really expected to any effort, anything to be agreed as it was in a bit of a damp squibb. that main story, of course, had been a manual macro and being irked by that orcus deal. political commentator richard taylor told us he thinks the summit was all words and no action will make no difference at all. this will be talking about the same thing. the next conference that these politicians are saying, the right things will not do with the right things. your buttons come in there. you could have you got a car load of 85 cars. he's falling by private jets and all these politicians
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coming in privately. i mean it to me, it just stinks of hoppy progress yet. it does to a lot of the public as well. the reality is these are green taxes that will affect the lowest paid in the hardest work in society. and so what i can appreciate tax in the richest people in the cut in the world. that's important. yes. i agree with that, but it's not in reality. what will happen is be the lowest paid in society that will feel the pinch more than those were highly paid. as mentioned, the ones climate change conferences now under way in scotland and while they plan which course of action we should all take. the participants themselves are accused of hypocrisy for doing little to actually reduce their own carbon footprints. more than 400 private jets are reportedly being used to fly in guests for the talks. a with,
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[000:00:00;00] 00000000, i to hear blah blah. and where has that let us. but as you and delegates tackled climate problems and glasgow, some of the press pack seemed to have literally lost their way, setting up on the other side of scotland in edinburgh. then claiming the events being held there. just one of the stories for you on our telegram channel search add our t news for more. now ahead of the climate talks,
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the british prime minister called for robust measures to have emissions adding that if glasgow fails, the whole thing fails or to shut. edwards da, she looks at whether a few previous green promises were kept on paper. the u. k. is paving the way so clean a green, a renewable energy, the human on the small print and it tells a totally different story. report is found proposal. so 40 potential new fossil fuel extraction projects that would need triple the u. k. annual greenhouse gas emissions. hardly a good start ahead of 26 and delivering on these pledges. the solution to climate change is clear. it lies in consigning dirty fossil fuels like co to history in ditching gas guzzling modes of transport. we've decided to put coal behind us. if you want to reach the subject that we all need to move to carbon neutrality by 2015,
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the wheels of the net here are bandwagon wobbling as green energy alternatives, like wind and solar home toys reliable on that to the fuel crisis. and there's only one way to go backwards. you are resorting to old school power resolves is like colon gas long shun for it's carbon emissions, which hasn't gone down to while at all the things we're the point i've been $25.00 previous cox and everyone's wondering. busy why hasn't been a success so far. busy you know, emissions are rising, there's just, you know, unprecedented will change. that hasn't been necessarily our previous calls, i think so on november, the 6th day of action, climate justice,
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a 100000 people marching through class. and i think it's possible for a decision makers to ignore and with a power crisis on long winter ahead of calls. politicians are stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to keep homes heated without going back on their word. so does that mean it's a lose lose situation? we're going to have to look at the immediate problem, which is, which is an energy shortages in the u. k. huge amounts of come money and companies that are pretty much going buster tonight. so you have the short term solution, which is how do we get through the winter and long term solution, which is finding out exactly how we need to renewables and sustainable way in a way this cost effective. russia is happy to step in, but the you is giving most of the red lights. we come to now a sounds to be blackmailed by russia. the current, i guess, prices are 1st and foremost, the result of high demand and low supply. russia is playing a game of poker. payton says,
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europe's gas crisis was largely its own folder and did noise is using energy as a political weapon. receive option is russia is not using any weapons. where are we using weapons and what conflicts are we taking part? this is what i call a politically motivated talk and there's nothing to support it. we are actually increasing our supplies to europe in which has probably increased supplies by 10 percent. we are increasing though not decreasing our gas supply to europe. there you have it yet. another issue muddied by politics. in the meantime, winter is coming. energy prices are skyrocketing and households employees to freeze . but none of that is deterring cop 26 from its mission of saving the planet. don't forget, of course there's a big carbon footprint being left by all those planes carrying world leaders and the delegations to and from the cop 26 summit. charging with sashay or t. america's plans to deploy missiles in europe pose
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a direct threat to russia's national security. vladimir putin issue that morning to a meeting of top military officials. he said moscow would react accordingly if any foreign power attempts to break the strategic parity of current nuclear arsenals. it was a routine flight from houston to albuquerque, but the pilot chose to sign off his greeting to the passengers by using the phrase, let's go, brandon. now that phrase has become a catch phrase among conservatives to installed president joe biden recently, all over social media, etc. turns out there was an, a p journalist who was on the flight. they decided to do a story about it, tried to get comments on why the pilot used. it didn't go so well. immediately there was a fire storm reaction to this story there recalls for this pilot to be fired. there were comparisons of this pilot using this anti bite and catch phrase to terrorism. things got pretty intense. as an experiment, i'd love for
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a southwest air pilot to say, long live isis before taking off. my guess is that the plane would be immediately grounded, the pilot fide, and a statement issued by the airline. within a matter of hours, his words reflect possibility of anger management or substance abuse. it is worth asking, can i get a 1000 people to quickly comment? fired, so we can precious south west there to fire the mega pilots. who said, let's go brandon over the loudspeaker. now, many people found this reaction to the statement by the airline pilot to be downright ridiculous, and an example of corporate media having an extreme reaction to dissident views in the united states and almost shilling for the president of the united states. here's some of what we heard in response to this former f b i special agent believes that the majority of americans are actually terrorists because they oppose. dear lead, a jo hysterical of reaction is a from
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a pressing problem than an inappropriate comment by some random pilot. at this point of southwest airlines has said they will conduct an internal investigation of what appears to have been a political statement made by a pilot. however, that's not enough for some were angered by this situation. they want the pilot fired, they want him publicly identified and they want to boycott the airline entirely. now folks will recall that when the previous president was an office statements similar using similar language about donald trump were frequently used. this is robert de niro, remember that tony's when he got up there and cursed. lot of them. okay, well you know, this is katie ari. at this point it has become clear that according to some voices in mainstream media, the rules have changed while it was previously acceptable to criticize the commander in chief, even with rather colorful language. it is now on acceptable people look at this and see a clear double standard,
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very jumps presidency. how many death threats did he get publicly from, from celebrities and from politicians start to violence. cricket nothing. it's not that bad. conservatives are just over reacting. you know, this is a line they give, somebody says let's go branded other ph system and it's like all hell breaks. the double standards are not going away anytime soon. this is just a robi live and it's not to be fine. if you were to say black live matter or anything like that, that was supporting a leftist cause and also equally likely charged. but as soon as you expose yourself is not on that side, well, they're going to come per year, especially the media, and they're probably going to call you a terrors they, we shouldn't seen this coming of course, as soon as the media got rid of donald trump, of course they're all against in the last election. the next step was to start me after everyday people like this pilot, like anyone who voted for him, like anyone who supported him. and i think we're only going to be seeing more of this as the media sort of scrambled for these villains that they need to
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continually down and destroy their lives. america's plans to deploy missiles in europe, oppose direct, a threat to russia is national security. vladimir putin issued that morning to a meeting of top military officials. he said moscow would react accordingly. if any foreign power attempts to break the strategic parity of current nuclear arsenals. whistling his name, his name, or the her assistant, we will know well that some of our foreign colleagues are trying hard to break the strategic parity, in particular, deploying global missile defense elements in close proximity to our borders. we cannot but notice these threats to russian national security and will react to them accordingly. while the russian president, speaking at a defense summit in russia's southern city of saatchi, has revealed that moscow sees and observes all the activity of nato and nato friendly countries on its borders. in fact, he has said that, well, russia is ready to react to any well provocation that might happen on the borders.
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and that not only does it see everything, in fact, some nato vessels can be seen better than others. none of me butcher. so we need to further develop our air defense system in particular, due to the current military and political situation, the increase in nato flights near russian territory. the appearance of nato ships with guided missiles in the baltic and the black sea. now, you know, a u. s. ship has entered lexi waters and we can watch it through binoculars or the recites of the defense system and william. so quite a bald statement there, especially when it comes to the view through the rare sights of russia's defense systems. this was, of course, in response to the u. s. navy, boasting that one of its flag ships you assess. mount whitney entered the waters of the black sea, a territory that russia considers its own back yard and it monitors a very carefully, any military activities in those waters. also, the russian president has reveal that new machinery,
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that new equipment is on the way to the russian army that the russian army, it continues to modernize and to become more up to day to become more technologically well, a technologically superior to the past version of itself. for example, it has revealed that the new versions of air defense systems, the s 500, it's a new iteration of russia's main air defense system. that the 1st such complex will very soon joined the ranks of the russian army. this as the as 400 air defense systems which are being used and are being purchased all over the world. turkey being a prime example here, purchasing rushes as 400 systems, while the russian army is getting more of those as well, while they're waiting for the as 500 to a while to graduate and to join the ranks. also, the russian navy will receive a major technological update according to the russian president, by year 202770 percent of all the the equipment in the russian navy will
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be brand new. but given all that, the russian president has praised the state, the russian armed forces are in right now as it was linear wood was moving this in recent years. there's been a significant rise in the air defense capability of the russian on forces. a missile attack warning system is clear and efficient, will produce junior, so a bit of saber rattling, hey, on behalf of the russian president. although one might say a timid one, but still a very clear message that can very well be interpreted as an explicit warning. judges have rolled that a comedian who marked a disabled child singer did not breach the youngsters rights to dignity. comic mike ward held the decision by canada supreme court as part of a growing backlash against cancelled culture. as both sides reacted to the ruling. i'm like o j. i one. this is a vest, i'm so happy. i think this is
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a good sign for comedy. i think this means the pendulum is about swing. the other way meetings are going to be able to keep on doing jokes. i. we want to tell him about how i fell when i 1st heard the job as it 13 years old to just think about game because a 40 year old men say so that you should guy, singer, jeremy gabriel, who is now 24, was born with a congenital disorder that caused scull abnormalities, he found fame in 2006 and even performed for benedict, the 16th, but from 2010 ward began making jokes about his disability. gabriel, who is now who was 13 at the time, says that it made him feel suicidal and to lead him being bullied at school. now, gabriel's family filed a human rights complaint, but canada's highest court said that the singer was targeted not because of his disability, but because of his fame. the acknowledged that some of the comedians comments were
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nasty and disgraceful, but said that they did not inside the audience to treat gabriel as subhuman. while mister ward received support from the comedy world, others still believe such jokes must have consequences. we had a lively conversation about it here on our tea with a comedian, a rights campaigner and an online satirist. you know, i, i agree with the court's conclusion. i mean that they acknowledge said that this was a nasty thing that was said. but you know, it doesn't go as far as to, you know, have a legal financial consequences for this person. when mister word comes to your town, you have the option to not buy a ticket. you can ignore his podcast. you have the right to do all those things, but should he be prosecuted in a court of law that takes it a bridge way too far. in my opinion, we have to sink about. he was a child, he was 13 years old. and i truly believe we should safeguard our children more
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because especially in this case he was not only a child, but he was and he still is disable. so you know, the must be a stall between hatred and comedy between violence, you know, and free speech. god to charge in and find a guy tens of thousands of dollars for a joke, comedy and joking. and freedom of speech is a human right. when did this change? this is nuts to me. and you know, i have to disagree with the, the woman who spoke before, but this, he was not making fun of his disability. he was primarily making fun of people who thought the kid was so weak that you couldn't comment and make fun of his singing is still alive. he the only thing that from what is it looks a little different. and he, you know, he has to wear a hearing aid. we shouldn't be treating people like so differently. i mean, have some respect for the guy. he's not some weekly that you need to defend like
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this. first of all, he was violence. verbal violence towards a child that was 13 years old and disabled child. i don't care if it was an address in his disability. he was suicidal after that. and you can be free to say whatever you want and be buying renting every way you want in that and you know in your job, i'm an interpreter. if tomorrow i treat my disable, you know, employee like that, i would go to court to because that consequences for every one of us to what we do in our life. okay, it's not on the speech is an action, no one saying there should be consequences. but the argument is, the consequence should not be you being by tens of thousands of dollars and not be centrally, not allowed to criticize someone. well, i just want to say this in response to that, a lot of comedians and i would like to think i'm one of them. it is possible for us to have 2 thoughts in our head at the same time. thought number one, that's a joke that a lot of us would never make. i personally would never make
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a joke like that that's me. but another thought that i am also able to have in my head at the same time is i can see the dangerous slippery slope of having legal consequences for someone who chooses to make such a joke. even if i find it an incredibly poor taste. and you know, free speech is just a virtue that i think it's very important and without it, i certainly wouldn't have a job. san francisco residents are turning to private security firms as police failed to cope with an alarming rise in local crime. car break ins and home burglaries have become the biggest problems in the area. and amid the surgeon crime business is booming for private security firms. we heard from alan b, r, an officer with one of those companies. he told us that the police simply lack the manpower to cover everything effectively. not too many people want to become a police officer anymore. we have
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a couple of people that were working for us that were with s f p d, but no longer, we're still looking for officers. it's, we're having the same problem. getting people that san francisco police have authority say crime has increased since called to defend the police took effect. and the figure shows more than $400.00 cases of violent crime in may of 20 percent on the same period last year. there's also been a spike in tests from cars, and once again says, people are losing patience with the situation. one of the things i've noticed, especially when the pandemic started, was very, very large, increasing cry, or grieves auto burglaries, a solve robberies. everything went up the beginning of the pandemic, the citizens here, they do pay taxes, lots of taxes. ah, they would like to see more police. unfortunately, that's not in the budget right now. there is
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a lot of upset people with our district attorney. they feel that a lot. ready of this is his fault, it's the citizens that are gonna finally get fed up enough and you know, they're going to let the board of supervisors know that this will no longer be tolerated. and the board of supervisors puts pressure on the mayor and it's up to them to, you know, get more money to the police. there's outrage in berlin, where the 2 police officers are accused of dishonoring a holocaust memorial to men used it for a workout even while they were in uniform images, reportedly taken from a video show the officers leaning on one of the monument gray concrete slabs to practice press ups and german media reported that the men's superiors knew about the incident, but failed to address it. here is what the police chief had to say. his behavior by colleagues is a disregard for what desmond, oil, stanfull,
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and does not correspond to the respect that must be shown to it. this undermines the remembrance of those who were met at the editor of history. central dot com says it is important that people understand why such memorials are still relevant today. these police officers probably were young men, were talking about events to them that happened to the graham, great grandparents at this point. and we have this problem that exists in the world, you know, the holocaust, the last of the survivors is, are beginning to die off. there are a few left. and at this point, memories now have to go from hearing living people to understanding that isn't ancient history, that it's history that's repeated itself. and i think it's on, on all of us to try to find the ways to make this thing real for the new generations and generations that don't have grandparents who are involved. you know, some people are age and even younger parents and grandparents at least for the war,
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or were victims of the war or survivors and everything else. next generations are much, much more difficult and i think it's going to require real efforts. that's your news for this hour. i'll be back with headlines and let's say 33 minutes. you're watching our international stay with it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed. long miss global. other literature was the one to what the bomb yet nuclear you talk so, so shown where you also trust $11.00 from ukraine was one of the independent states that emerged from the ruins of a super bow. i'm doing awesome. good. would you also get on google greens? come on board. surely confusing some of the i can last new lucian, west indiana better. one more law, a research presbyterian, couple of things and finish out the ship with water. the past 3
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decades been like the ukraine eye witnesses were cool, the events. this will be more or less of judiciary with what i knew about that order. i'm not sure, but i did that for months with no idea what else and what other forces were at play, your producer to whom you show c inch in machine, those them you put in the kid water america when you did the shows up in them was a low version, so please take a look at ukraine. 30 years out the gaining independence. a phone with us for get familiar with unity retorted mostly will way. but a will, it litigation nashville has been holding for the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this,
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these techniques is to stay devising message to end essentially destroy the personality of an individual by side. this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and out of the victim say they still live with the consequences. today i just financial survival guy. when customers go buy it, reduce the price, didn't el, reduce a lower that's under got it. but what's good for food market? it's not good for the global economy.
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with this is going by slowing business. say you can't afford to miss. i'm rachel beloved beverage aboard and washington coming up as the world's most powerful nation, met at the g. 20 summit in rome. leaders rally together to talk about tackling the ongoing going supply chain. well. well discuss what came out of the summit was we take you back to the trade feed where the united states and european union are coming up that take on what they call over capacity been chinese producer. then american airlines cancels moving to 1000 flights in a single weekend, putting the blame on staffing shortages and bad weather. well, the staff with an expert in the field. we have a lot to cover today for let's get started. and we leave the program with the follow up to the weekends meetings of some of the worlds wealthiest nations. during his speech,
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president biden called on leaders of the g 20 summit to come together to solve the


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