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tv   News  RT  November 2, 2021 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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ah ah, that aren't an arti road leaders gathering scotland warning of doomsday scenario and pledging to save the planet from climate catastrophe. but those ambitions might leave developing nations far behind, also to come and, and a chest executive is just the you k government to delay its vaccine room for health care staff until next year saying that the move could cause staff shortages and action put lives at risk we discussed this with medics. there are reasons why people may choose not to get to vaccine. not necessarily because they don't believe in the vaccine book. there may do the personal religious reasons or the maybe yoga and personal health rates. but it's a tricky one, isn't because as a healthcare professional, i want everybody to have the backseat and france. delays is retaliatory measures against the u. k. in iraq, over fishing, rice after london threatened to take legal action.
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ah hello the welcome. just gone 8 o'clock in the morning here in moscow. you watching arte international. now the un scott 26 climate summit has got down to business in scotland, where the british prime minister has warned the doomsday scenario while referencing a james bond movie. meanwhile, the american president who appeared to have nodded off out the united states would be leading by example in the fight against climate change, which does contradict some of his previous claims. are also made clear to opec. major oil exported nations of the world, set to production cuts made during the pandemic should be reversed as the global economic and there's a global economy recovers in order to lower prices for consumers. am releasing
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the u. s. long term strategy, which presents a vision of achieving the united states goal of net 0 emissions economy wide by no later than 2050 when they arrive live over a 100 road ladies to the scottish city of glass gated trigger climate change protest. people help manage their like enough is enough and we are watching climate act disconnected. tom berg was also present to crying politicians for pretending to take off he just seriously. meanwhile, saskia taylor and i reports complying with emission goals may not be that simple for developing countries. comp $26.00 his hair and it's going to save us from doomsday. i've a 100 wild need as a setting out their goals for the future. and that big ones, stop deforestation switched to renewables. 0 emissions an ohio electric in us of teaching nature like a toilet we are digging. oh it own grapes. humanity has long since run down
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the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday. clock and we need to act. non client change is already ravaged oral. we only have a brief window left before us to razor our vision to raise to me to task sounds great. the question is, who pay the biggest price for all these politicians patches? it's easy for bo chat and co to promise to turn off the light when they leave a room. but for others, halfway round the world, saying no to fossil fuels is a luxury. they just can't afford. if there call we leave. if there isn't any call, we don't leave one person an eastern india said that, but over 4000000 others all over the country would likely agree. because that's how many people rely on coal to keep a roof over their heads and food on their pates. the issue goes well beyond india,
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though, developing large, ah, you know, each set a little industrialization stage, then you know what? we've gone, gone one space or time. ah, we don't that they will not really do live. there are societies out of poverty called consumption, and call as a basis for the livelihood will remain a fact for some time. in fact, tens of developing countries have come together terrified of what the grand goals of 0 emissions made up by rich nations will mean for then. this new goal, which has been advanced, runs counter to the parish agreement, and is anti equity and against climate justice demands for net 0 emissions for all countries by 2050 will exacerbate further the existing inequities between developed and developing countries. it's not just the developing nations struggle as it is with fossil fuels. it's not just that millions of jobs will be lost so that millions will be plunged into poverty. now, it's also that these nations are asking, why are we paying for greedy gonzalez?
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far away? the top 10 percent of countries consumed 20 times more energy than the bottom 10 percent, and 1100000000 sub saharan african share the same amount of power generation capacity. as germany's 83000000 people, video gamers and california consume more electricity than entire nations. you won't hear anything about that, a co op 20 sex, and remember, when times were tough, winter was coming. a gas was running low in europe. funny how no one was shouting about being a dirty source of energy when they begged for the taps to be turned back on. but you will hear them say they won't finance fossil fuel projects in developing countries. why? because it's far away and won't affect whether that warm on a chilly december night. though if the budget can stretch, they might lend a helping hand to ease the pay. we want to do more to help countries around the world, especially developing countries, accelerate their crane energy transition,
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address pollution in the sure the world we all my share, a cleaner shafer healthiest plan and we have an obligation to help make no mistake . this is not a judgment on green energy. the goals of those gathered in glasgow are undoubtedly noble. but due to politicians, so desperate to be seen as the leaders had saved the planet, realize what back p our friend me slogans actually mean for millions of people. far away and even if they did what they do, anything differently there, some countries are actually have a small population but are consuming a lot of energy and imaging a lot of our gap into a car. well, there is a book chrissy all around in most of the rich countries are it's not clear that they are really going to lean themselves away from corn. and i don't think that they are very realistic dogs. they have not met the 2015 accord targets yet. so i think, oh, there's a lot of bluffing going on here, and i don't read a lot of the,
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you know, the commitments, augi, i'm religious being made by rich countries. now national health service executive has called on the u. k. government to delay it's mandatory vaccine policy for health care staff until next year says it will help the medical service get through the difficult winter period. otherwise, he warned that the country does risk an axis of unvaccinated workers and a worsening staff shortage. we've got a very, very difficult winter coming up and we know the n h s is going to be a full stretch, so it makes sense to set that deadline. once that period has passed, if we lose very large numbers of m vaccinated stuff particularly over the winter period than that also constitutes a risk to patient safety and quality of care. this comes as u. k. paramedics res, face of an unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service, with one local department, just last week,
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even pleading with the public to think twice before calling as there is simply not enough people to cover the workload. the u. k. government has also put the country street on standby to help the n h u, excuse me, n h s. cope with the winter season. try the ambulances assisting with administering vaccines and providing other general support in hospitals. doctor told us that the and a chest delays are linked to a potential staffing crisis. there are reasons why people may choose not to get vaccine, not necessarily because they don't believe in the vaccine, but there may be the personal religious reasons or the may be other and personal health reasons. now we should allow individuals to have the flexibility to exercise their rights. it's a tricky one, isn't because as a healthcare professional, i want everybody to have the vaccine. but i understand this decision is personal. i'm working in the area just moment ease and exhausting. you get up early in the morning and you stay late until evening and you're not quite sure whether or not
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you going to manage to work and continue to be safe. certainly by the middle of the day you're exhausted. so fatigued is difficult to make decisions and you're worried that by the afternoon patients will not get high quality care. we simply don't have the workforce anymore to provide a safe service. and we have had a huge number of people who dna just especially of the last year. i have thought about the year. just think anybody tells you whether it's liana chester 100 percent is probably lying. are researched by the health care workers foundation has shown that almost 75 percent of n h s staff have considered leaving her within the past 12 months with nearly every 3rd health worker saying, tell you that there was a strong likelihood that they would quit within the next year the doctor once again says that the n h s needs the government to take real action as never before. i believe the government thinks they're doing enough to help the n h. s. i believe the government think the and i just is blanket that we take too much funding that
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we complain too much and then we can probably give them all that is absolutely categorically wrong. the n h s is crumbling and around us we are all broken. we're all tired and we need the government to do all over the last 10 years. if we had made a decent, sustained, and the key power point harry sustained investment in were folks this could have been averted, but it's difficult to actually invest in keeping p. when you're not sure if the money is going to come the following year and year after, you can only buy short packets or can short term if you're not sure that the money is going to come in the future. so the real problem that we have a lack of sustained promised investment present macaroni france is delayed retaliatory measures against the u. k in iraq over fishing rights in order to allow more time for talks, london more in paris to ceases unreasonable threats. adding that it was ready to
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take legal action, stop threatening u. k. fishing vessels stop threatening the channel, ports and accept the we are entirely within our rights to allocate the fishing licenses in line with the trade agreement. as we have done well, the right way confront, detained a british vessel and issued a verbal warning to another boat for fishing off the coast. and that's just one of the case is triggered by bricks. it is a you access to u. k was his name managed through a licensing system with prompts demanding more permit to be issued by the u. k. for his fishing vessels, we discussed the situation mid french regional fisheries committee director. but only we have been in limbo regarding the issue of access to british waters, new jersey and kansas for 11 months. now. i know very well the tactical maneuvers by both sides. everyone immediately beginning flex their muscles. to some extent, we are an illustration of how breaks it affects
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a number of sectors. europe supporters with financial assistance after the introduction of the band for 4 to 5 weeks and then with a 2nd wave of assistance in particular for those who suffered financial damage for they were forced to spend a long period in british waters. however, this is a temporary solution to help off fishing vessels and how to from normandy, brittany regions. fishermen, however, do not want to live and benefit they want to own money. meanwhile, the u. k. foreign secretary also suggested that the upcoming french presidential election could actually be a motive for manual microns tough stones. an expert we heard from says that both sides may be seeking to score political points from the escalation. my car is standing for reelection in april and he wants to be seen as a defender of french interests course in england. boris johnson will see this is a great opportunity to fly the union track. it makes people think about the bad
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french rather than the fact perhaps things are not going so well. in other spheres, or you know, our gross rates perhaps, or the fact that we appear to have lost control over co rid with 4050000 infections a day and over, and the people dying a day. so if you live, these are kind of a political ways of, of getting people to focus on the things that will avoid them. folk sing on, on, things that perhaps a more painful it could be really also a way of finding somebody to blame if christmas will be different, visio again. this situation can quickly degenerate and get out of hand over them. damaging bows, those france and u. k. but it's unfortunate quite clearly because it makes it more difficult to find an agreement where both sides lose a little bit of face, but both sides can carry. they've one not burdened chief of police is
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apologized. arthur officers were photographed exercising on the cities holocaust memorial at these images, reportedly taken by the police themselves to showing men in uniform doing pushups on the blocks of the memorial. the police chief had the strong words after the incident. this behavior by colleagues is a disregard for what desmond, oil stands for and does not correspond to the respect that must be shown to it. this undermines the remembrance of those who were matted. sorry, mark, schumann explains why it's so important to protect the sanctity. have these kinds of monuments. these please are probably will young men were talking about the events to them that happened to their graham, great grandparents at this point. and we have this problem that exists in the world . you know, the holocaust, the last to the survivors are beginning to die off. there are a few left. and at this point, memories now have to go from hearing living people to understanding that isn't
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ancient history, that it's history that's repeated itself. and i think it's on all of us to try to find the ways to make this thing real for the new generations and generations that don't have grandparents or involved. you know, some people are age and even younger parents and grandparents at least for the war, or were victims of the war or survivors and everything else. next generations are much, much more difficult and i think is going to require real efforts. now the state of virginia him, united states, is holding an election for a new governor a year ago. ogden, one alam signed landslide victory dead. but now it is impossible to predict the outcome that i just posted. yes, the democrats and the republicans are actually neck and neck. cannibal thing takes a closer look at the key state. as the us state of virginia moves to elect its next governor, things are more interesting than usual. the democrats are looking to secure their
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position in a state that is not solidly in their camp. republicans are looking to swing a victory, hoping to set the stage for retaken congress in the mid term elections. not even a year ago, joe biden won the state by over 10 points, but now or republican is the front runner in the race for governor. a lot can change in just a few months, left liberal progressive agenda, it's been trying to take over our day. shouldn't take over the commonwealth of virginia is absolutely being rejected by virginia. it is jo bye that has the democrats on the defensive is afghan pull out and vaccine mandates have not been a big hit with the virginia public. lot republicans are split over the benefit of having donald trump endorsed their candidate. we get along very well together and strongly believe in many of the same policies, especially when it comes to the important subject of education. bivens certainly thinks that trump connection is
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a vote loser. i ran against donald trump. touring is really good on that kind of don't from the virginia election is turning into a battle field of ideas at proxy war between 2 american political super powers. republicans are wrapping up the outrage about critical race theory and schools, vaccine mandates and an assault on america's traditional values. democrats are pushing stability reforms and financial support. they are emphasizing that their guy has more experience and they say populism is very dangerous. there have been a few tricks on anti trump roof. staged a mock white supremacy rally republicans are being accused of distorting the conversation around critical race theory pandering to racism. whoever ends being governor, the lesson will be just as much about how u. s. political discourse is changing,
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and where are these heated words and big divisions will ultimately lead. if the democrats lose this election, they may take it as a harbinger of some very bad things to happen during the mid term elections next year. there are certainly many democratic candidates for office next year who are going to be looking very nervously at the impact that the presidents ratings are having the president biden has not proved to be a particularly popular president. he was never going to be popular with republicans, but even among democrats, i think many of them are looking at him as not a particularly effective leader. that many of his public policies are not nearly as popular as he might have anticipated. now, many people in the united states tend to both party as opposed to individual. what might have been much more focused on the local aspects of elections for the united
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states. house of representatives. more and more i think people are starting to look at these as basically elections that are essentially national elections. an american pilot is under investigation by his airline for signing off to passengers with an am t. joe biden. catchphrase lead to a stool of condemnation from democrats and the mainstream media to with cause for the pilot to be sacked with the phrase. let's go. brandon originated from a car race, not a bomber. and nbc reporter interviewing dr. brandon brand mistakenly heard this exclamation instead of chance that we're actually insulting to joe biden. now, the phrase is widely used by republicans when they want to demonstrate that this is fact dissatisfaction with the president. some cnn analysts have compared the incident and his law make extremist making his statement in support of isis. as an experiment, i'd love for a south west air pilot to say, long live i says before taking off,
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my guess is that the plane would be immediately grounded. the pilot fired and a statement issued by the airline with an a met her of ours. if someone said, i had to choose one tweet as a museum exhibit to illustrate the rod of modern day corporate media, i actually might choose this one an x f b i agent. now, needless to say, employed by cnn equating a mildly crude anti biden's slogan with a loyalty pledge to isis while the mainstream media on our apparently trying to shut down the. let sco brandon means and jokes, but previously when president donald trump was an office, similar language was frequently used in the media. journalist chadwick more believes the outlets are applying. double standards, very jumps presidency. how many death threats did he get? what would way from, from celebrities, and from politicians. that's a violence of death. crickets, nothing. it's not that bad. a conservatives are just so overreacting. you know, this is a line. they give. somebody says, let's go grand and out of the system and it's like all hell breaks loose. the
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double standards are, are not going way any time soon. this is just the roll be living. it's perfectly fine if he were to say black lives matter or anything like that that we're supporting a leftist cause, and also equally blakely charged. but as soon as you expose yourself is not on that side. well, they're going to come per year, especially the media, and they're probably going to call you a terrors. they reassured seeing this coming, of course, as soon as the media got rid of donald trump, their course, they're all against him. the last election. the next step was to start coming after every day, people like this pilot, like anyone who voted for him, like anyone who supported him. and i, i think we're only going to be seeing more of this as a media sort of scrambles for these villains that they need to continually hunt down and destroy their lives. finally, the moscow based web security therm, casper sky lab is reporting that there's been a sharp rise in the illegal supply of fake caveat. vaccination certificates on the
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dark web. according to the report by, as he pay around $300.00 can change the country of action action. i know said the manufacturer t, whether it's ash for seneca, pfizer, johnson, and johnson all mcdonough. now in europe, the problem of faked certificates has taken a comic turn to with mickey mouse and even sponge bob reported to be among the latest to receive phase. and that's after the digital case used to sign and verify the certificate. a pay to have been late when in america, the amount of dot net sellers offering, forge tickets has risen 10 followed one in russia. the number high shopped up 20 times compared to earlier in the year cas burske lab says there's no way actually to check the cell is just scammers who have actually found a way to offer working certificates. the main thing that we are highlights and only through spiritually that there is no way to check whether they
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said criminals or just cameras, horror trying to take money from, from the victims and get nothing back. or they're actually having some way to send these kind of certificates doing that puts users on the risk. we should remember that these kind of commerce and some of criminals, whatever they're always trying to take advantage of the current situation in the world. and they're always trying to steal or to get money from victims. so that's for, let's say, new tea just to view hands up for the general public can say, hey, there is something going on the wrong. please be aware be secure. that brings you up today though, and he's so far this tuesday morning. good to have you company. we're back again at the top of the
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wow. you know things are of course playing as we've been protecting they would. we've got the very central banks putting on their kabuki costumes and getting ready to go out on stage and perform their ritualistic nod to the need to raise rate followed by their ritual tech denial that they are able to raise rates, followed by massive quantitative, anything to money printing and hyper inflation once again. oh boy, it gets so entertaining. the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is the state devising methods to it essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctors,
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theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, the ca, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and out of the victim say they still live with the consequences today. i'm inviting shapes banks, concur service with dares thinks we dared to ask
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a oh, thank you, lie the soviet republic for you. grain today declared it from the pentagon with thousands of ukrainian dan, the great that we had monday celebrated there. you found great. i've read that gorbachev had indicated that he will not stop republic wanting to leave the hearing it because americans are so free to dream. we fail as special kinship with those who dream of being free. the tension between russia, ukraine, relates to more than just politics. the soviet union fil a most important republic . now all the my most part of the drug. you and i have witnessed one of the greatest dramas of the 20th century. the historic and revolutionary transformation
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of a totalitarian dictatorship, the soviet union, and the liberation of its paypals. ah ah ah ah ah
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01989. ready the leadership of the united states is closely monitoring what's going on in the soviet union. and indeed, something extraordinary is transpiring. the all powerful communist party is rapidly losing control red hammer and sickle flags or fluttering in the wind. new concepts of governance, or gaining strength. in the further one goes from moscow, the stronger these ideas are felt. a man, we met a, me, a country with opposition. i was 300 to get to know
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it was remarkable people. and we did to craze. really dependence will lead to great future. and how popular at was an ag out that korean cindy finance among the workers in tay james? yeah. and hi, people of your level are inscrutable at the commit to come across them in ways of saying that the more political here then that are shown us up for oscar. no, it's kevin bruno. whoa. calling on miss colada sheila, i'm going to look upon your nuclear, you know? not centrally pushing miss la, kayla. talk so. so show me your switch us. i'm going through all of them. but there are none. de la command louis chris mo, ration yeah. miss crowded professional driveway owed them until at that again was otherwise young share for the sick. all of the show barker today,
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but he's also had no curriculum. one little clipper willis. hm. mozilla relatable, a kidney. purple ray is fuel lucretia. keep her saying it's her. it was like, that's the case. photo of the k form. the case won't show brothers amelia, in my, which was shows me and they were all and i will check an earth witness 1st hand these activities of the 1st non communist political movement. the peoples movement of ukraine, a force uniting both supporters of moderate reforms as well as nationalists. and they are openly discussing ukraine's exit from the u. s. s. r. it trouble signal from the bullet, but you said from was considerable pizza or my skin satilla model of the said with probably what the new day it is that for additional feel is several leaky, a leaky crystal, then they will reduce the power, was your reaction when nationally from that it will move us.


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