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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 2, 2021 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the, at the impact that the president ratings are having the president biden has not proved to be a particularly popular president, or he was never going to be popular with republicans. but even among democrats, i think many of them are looking at him as not a particularly effective leader, that many of his public policies are not nearly as popular as he might have anticipated. now, many people, the united states tend to both party as opposed to individual. what might have been much more focus on the local aspects of elections for the united states. house of representatives. more and more, i think people are starting to look at these as basically electrons that are essentially national elections. it's not international that brings you up site and i will be back with moneys at the top of the ah
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is very dramatic. development only i'm getting to disease. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time to sit down and talk. ah patty, this is max kaiser, this is the cost report. wow. you know, things are, of course, playing out as we've been protecting. they would,
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we've got the very central banks putting on their kabuki costumes and getting ready to go out on stage and perform their ritualistic nod to the need to raise rates, followed by their ritualistic denial that they are able to raise rates, followed by massive quantitative easing money printing ann hyperinflation. once again. oh boy, it gets so entertaining. yes, ma'am. that sounds very spooky. and it's probably because everybody spooks, perhaps, because of halloween, perhaps because of the data coming out that even that, that data, the signals can't be hidden. suddenly hawkish, bank of canada ends q, e moves rate hikes forward one year and 2 year yields spike spooked by inflation not being temporary. also spoofed is that the fed because g d p growth is only up 2 percent and the 3rd quarter, not the 7 percent that it was expected by goldman sachs. right? yeah. ok. so they rate raises that they should have done 10 years ago,
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987 years ago, 654 years ago, 3 to one year ago that never took place, they kicked the can down the road, they increased the problem. and once again, they're going to talk about raising raise or they will tinker at the margins and markets will crash because we're in this hyper leveraged environment. now for the 1st time ever in history to this extent, and then they're going to come back and they're going to say, oh, actually we need to do a mass of quantitative easing and mass of money printing once again, because you cannot taper a policies game. right, so here is the have i and it's very lukea us treasury, 30 year yield falls below 20 years for the 1st time. this is what a time to watch lines. so this is the 1st time in history. things are getting spooky, right? they've got interest rate and burden on the the spread of interest rates over
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that curve, interest rate, curve inversion. and as the economy becomes almost impossible to navigate the bermuda triangle, global finance where up and down and down is up and 20 years, less than the 10 year, more dislocations, more chaos, resulting in greater supply chain interruptions, greater bank failures, greater failures, greater kind of social unrest as we head into kind of the wood chipper. of all the mother of all financial, what shipping's? well speaking of woods shipping's some might say including ourselves that the us dollars headed for the wood chipper. or at least the, you know, some sort of cremation, and that would suggest that our salvador might have been right bite to buy the dip . so when bit quiet fell, el salvador bought the dip according to name. but kelly,
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the president's right, while he is openly mocking the io. matthew said he was waiting for big coin to come in to a better price range. it did, and he loaded the boat. he bought more bitcoin and he's on balance up on his big point. position is he's making a fool of the map is making a food up pull out of all the central bankers. he's giving us country something that no other country has and that is sovereignty true. sovereignty based on confiscated by wealthy george washington on the 21st century. he'll go down in history or the brightest, sharpest presidents ever. and what, what, what can be, what, what more can be said about this guy? he's a genius, a genius. indeed, of course he and mouse on twitter and the twitter c. e o. jack dorsey had the week before mentioned the h were the hyperinflation, which has spooked many economists spooked many commentators and other c. e o. s. i
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thank once you get the industrial class, the industrialist class, starting to mentioned the each word we know from history. if anybody has read history, what you find with weimar germany was that it was the industrialists who started to act 1st on hyperinflation. and so, you know, as we headed to the spooky times of hyperinflation. a, here's a very spooky headline along those lines because it's still at the turning point where we're still celebrating the, sorry to have minds without understanding. the implications of hyperinflation, even mosque is on track to become the 1st trillion air. thanks to space ex morgan stanley analyst predict the world's richest man will become even richer. so they're saying morgan stanley is saying that he will become a millionaire because the space acts. not because a tesla, tesla,
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he's already worth $300000000000.00. 1 he's made more in the past 9 months than warren buffett has made his entire invest in life. oh, so he's worth close to $300000000000.00. he might be worth it, trillion or but we all might be charlene, are soon like. it's happens in other countries, zimbabwe being one of them and we're going to turn to something from 2015 by then. but what do you think of elan must becoming a trillion aromatic re lot of people in zimbabwe or chilly nurse, they have the actual trillion dollar backbone. so almost everyone in some bob way as a trainer, a saw an issue with sale on mosque of corporate governance. you know, as, as people know, as the stock price goes up, his options kicked in and he ends up getting more of a percentage of the, of the company. um and therefore has absolute control over the company. and um, in a way, in, in an era when a lot of regulators are also stakeholders,
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shareholders in these companies. so there's, there's a corporate governance issue as well. but yeah, he saw, he's heading towards selling air status and go buy it in fear money. firms just so you see how a person could go from a trillion error, that it seems silly to say, well, this guys can be a trillion are and he might not be worth anything tomorrow. we're gonna cut to this headline from 2015 and it's from zimbabwe. i was a quadrillion or in some bob way, but her barely afford to buy bread. after years of international isolation, hyperinflation is a bob way hit record 5 and 2000000000 per cent in 2008. instead of buckling under pressure, robert was obvious. government came up with a brilliant solution, print money on demand, known for his populism of gobby, made a wild promise to his followers. he said, quote, where money for projects is not been found. we will print it, which is spook ally like what we're seeing today in the united states. when they d monetize. so i'm gonna, we're going to go over that period from 2008 to 2015 as of when they
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d monetize. and they got rid of all those zeros at the end of their there's and bob way dollar. according to the demonization exercise bank house with a balance of between 0 and a high should and 75 quadrillion. is in by way, dollars, or paid a flat fee of $5.00. so if you had some people there had only 10, zimbabwe dollars, some had a $175.00 quadrillion. they each got $5.00 in their bank accounts in exchange for whatever they had in there. wow, here. well, that's a great reset. that's a great reset. it. it could be coming if i, if i for inflation happens and hyperinflation. it's not really like you can predict precisely when it's can happen because it's a shift in enough mindsets, like enough people change their mindset and lose faith and the currency. and it's
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that last monkey that converts into and no longer has faith in it. and we are the whole thing clash cried, well, when all the pricing goes completely break. so if the yield curve is broken and the 30 year bond is yielding less than the 10 year bond, and you have actually an errors running around and, and you have a, a, a bureau of labor statistics openly miss reporting all kinds of data g, d, p, is miscalculated, insider trading and manipulation by bank of england, federal reserve bank insider trading. so you end up with a situation where you have to reset. you have to start the game over again. and it just a big tilt flashes up there and it's like, okay, you've got to reset the game because the game is irreparably broken. and that's got a completely changed the complexity of the economy. and for the most part, a one holding fee of money or fail securities will have to accept close to 0 cents on their dollars. yeah. and in a way we almost have sanctions, right?
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which is sanctions of cause, hyperinflation and venezuela and iran, and syria, and other countries, and by default in lebanon, which relies on a lot of trade with sir, and around, for example. so then here we have a situation where for the all intents and purposes you have the same thing is there's the a, he almost like like supplies can't get n. so there is no where for that money the go with there's no goods to be had. so we have a shortage of goods and services, but we have these huge programs just like we had we saw in venezuela. 1 huge social program, so you know, the by didn't demonstration is passing the social programs and they're looking for their money and nobody will is willing to pay for the social program. so this brings me back to this 2015 article about what happened in zimbabwe. when this guy went from being a quadrillion heir to being a nut. none. and there,
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after years of international isolation, hyperinflation, as a bob way, had a record 500000000000 percent in 2008, and sort of buckling under pressure. robert, regardless, government came up with a brilliant solution. print money on demand, known for his populace. am gobby made a wild promise to his followers, quote, he said, where money for projects has not been found? we will print it. right, well that's m m j magic money tree here in america, you know, or the consequences of censorship. and censorship is running rampant in the united states with di platforming and certain topics that are tab blue. and you can say certain words, any more, is that it destroys price signals in markets as well. so in you destroy open communication outside of markets. that feedback mechanism means that the price signals you have in your markets are also wrong, inconsistent and going to defraud and displace everybody in that economy as well.
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so, and people here are like the gas prices are rising and, and that they don't understand. it's due to money printing and they start to hear and miss information about the root causes of this. they are mobilized in ways politically, that end up hurting them. not only fight, actually, but politically as well. bryce, it's a great example. they were lied about brags it, and now they ended up being isolated from the world over there in the britain. and it's compounding and gas prices are zooming, higher and shortages are developing and it could have been avoided. right. and you know that their former central banker, at the time in zimbabwe austin had an accurate assessment of what was happening in sit in the economy. but he was quite transparent and open about what they were actually doing versus what you know, j powell is saying about what they're doing with all the money printing, all the queue we, although it free money for wall street, the central bank started printing money at will added or removed zero's former
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central bank, governor gideon gano, who was the chief, the country's chief economist, called it. the casino economy quickly became a country millionaires, billionaires and millionaires and the and quadrillion airs. and no time i think you meant, right? so here and it himself called the casino economy, the guy printing the free money. yeah, absolutely. um, but the purchasing power of that free money goes to 0 and, and, and as a cognitive dissonance, you're like, i'm a co drilling air, but a cup of coffee cost $9.00 trillion gazillion 1000000000. right, so, garbage in, garbage out. remember that from 20 years ago that was a popular idiom. hey, we're going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming your way. ah ah, what else seemed wrong when? oh, please just don't hold any you yet to sheep out. disdain becomes
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the advocate, an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? ah ah, in the world transformed, what will make you feel safer? high selection will community. are you going the right way? where are you being that some with what is true? what is great in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah,
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so join us in the devil's will remain in the shallows. ah ah, welcome back to the kaiser report. i back guys are time out of started back to tyson slocum, of the public citizen energy program in washington dc. tyson, welcome back. oh, great to be here back. all right, let's talk oil and gas. natural gas prices are rocketing all over the world with europe getting hit hard. of course the u. s. media is blaming russia, but it seems a perfect storm of depleted inventories falling a cold winter last year, an avalanche of freshly printed money and not enough wind renewables caused prices to increase $5.00 fall. what were your thoughts? well i actually, i think there's another issue going on here that's a price formation in natural gas markets. so we all remember the scandals with live
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war, which was a voluntary reported index that all the big banks manipulated the same exact structure in is involved with natural gas spot markets in the united states. where literally natural gas prices are determined by voluntarily reported trades to private, proprietary data publishers like plots. and these companies and traders voluntarily reporting their trades. i lots of incentives to manipulate those prices . our investigation during the february winter storm where we saw prices go overnight from $3.00 per 1000000 cubic feet to a $1000.00 and more. but he found that a number of key benchmarks reported only 2 trades that determined that $1000.00 benchmark price. that's not a competitive, transparent market. that's
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a form for market manipulation. and congress actually gave federal regulators tools to replace these indexes with a more transparent system. and so i filed a petition to the federal energy regulatory commission in june of this year, asking regulators to take this action, get rid of these voluntary reporting, a price indices, and replace it with the more functioning transparent market. now tyson, last time you were on was actually in response to what was going on in the oil markets with negative price prints. and those markets went, of course, is impossible. it's the result of manipulation. and so you're saying that saying that again, in the gas market, you met your reference to live or a market,
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of course, was proven to be manipulated. we know what's been happening and the precious metal markets, golden solver, we know that happen in the foreign market. we know that in the case of a lie bore bank of england was implicated by central bank. we're going back even further. we know what the company enron did. before i went bus, they were manipulating prices and market manipulations. a huge problem and it seems to go back to the fact again to the central bank that's kept the interest rates artificially low, and therefore the price of manipulating markets by borrowing money is near 0. so the cost of fraud is 0. and you know, if the price of commodities are going up and if the price of gas is being manipulated higher, you can't the central, oh, how can the central bank justify both runaway inflation and no response in terms of raising interest rates? it's and i'm saying like rightly things never go together and last year committing
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a mass of fraud, tyson? yeah. these, these commodity price movements are exposing some serious central bank weaknesses. and i think, ah, one of the responses has to be to ensure that, that these markets are either regulated, they're not the negative price disaster that we saw in crude oil last year was crazy. and it was a product of the fact that that these contracts, which most people use for pure financial speculation, contain clauses that allow the counter party to insist on physical delivery. and so as all the storage tanks and cushing and elsewhere got full, all of these financial speculators got spooked that. wow, i might have to actually physically deliver royal um and so this resulted in this massive swin in oil prices. that's not a well designed or well functioning market. and so we've got systemic problems here
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that all boiled down to really poor market design and inadequate supervision over very sophisticated speculators and other financial players in these commodity more . all right, so in the space of our interview here, we've identified a few things here. number one, a remit for the central bank is full employment. priced ability, nowhere, as i mentioned in their charter, having anything to do with climate change or climate considerations. but they seem to be targeting that as, as justification for mass of money printing, which seems to help out their friends on wall street. and we've identified that they're involved in miss reporting manipulation and outright fraud. so why aren't you down at the echoes building in dc, lobbying them to stop committing fraud because it's killing people. while i am doing some work with j. p. morgan, where we think that they're in violation of, of their bank holding company charter. the federal reserve requires bank holding
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companies like j. p. morgan not to own physical energy assets, and we've exposed a scandal where j. p. morgan, in fact, does control about a dozen power plants and even a monopoly utility called el paso electric. so the bat has been asleep at the switch on awful lot of things and we're seeing for from greater accountability and greater regulation over our energy market. right. i mean, that seems to be a great focus of the efforts. i mean, you can't build an economy like you can't build a house if everybody building the house has a separate yardstick, separate measuring tool to try to figure out how to build that house. you can have an economy if you've got everybody in the regulatory agencies applying different standards of the law. right? so there, there is clearly a re interpretation of,
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of statutory law going on by various regulators who have taken upon themselves to interpret the law. we know this is happening on wall street for years because they commit fraud and then they retroactively changed the law. famously when city bank bought travelers cor, violated glass steegal and then got the law change proactively in the past to make that ok. and that open the floodgates of this kind of behavior. we've got lawmakers and washington in your town who don't obey the law, break the law, revise the law, and are committing master fraud. i mean that's the problem is corruption. yeah, i don't know if you know lawrence last thing or not, but he's a very smart fellow who is involved in the copyright industry for years and isn't d c. now, lobbying for regulators to obey the law isn't too much to ask as an american, that our regulators are not club socratic lawbreaking. soviet union style complete . is that too much to ask it? sure. is it back? so there's no question back. you know,
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it persists that we've got sort of 2 justice systems, one for the powerful and the well connected and, and one for the rest of us. and joe, while all of us have to obey the laws or else the book gets thrown out us for the powerful, they're allowed to routinely break the laws. ah, and get away with. and so we, we need to be tough not just on the regulators that are doing their duty, but on these, these corporate wrong doers who time and time again up commit massive. ah, frogs against the american people and their investors. and time after time walk away with up, you know, not a scratch, especially for the top executives, but that's gotta change. we've got to have strong accountability for the most powerful in our country. if we're going to make progress, our i said, bring this back to climate change in the area that you're lobbying for doesn't, doesn't climate change just become a p r stunt for these lawbreaking clumped crafts that run america. you know,
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i remember back in the seventy's heroin dealers in harlem would give away turkeys every thanksgiving. and people love them on their solemn dope right here you got nancy pelosi, quick equivalent to harlem heroine dealer of the 19th century. breaking the law, giving away money to her friends, trading on inside information, openly scandalously, acting as anti american chaise worse than any chinese spy? was she a by the way, employees in her office? or had recently, i don't know if i agree with these assertions about it. polosa, i've had my criticisms over. i don't know if i would. i'd characterize it the way that you just did, however. ok, well, well i'll let history be be the judge of this. they know that so far back in a 1013 years up and down there, every frickin club, the crowd i've called out within 3 years as me either you know, face serious jail since now let's talk about the lithium lithium or it's needed to
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deliver electric cars a great deal, the u. s. supply is on sacred tribal lands in nevada. they don't want mining. i think lithium was the reason we were in afghanistan, tyson wiggly, the way we lost that. we loved a $5000000000.00 worth of military hardware. i think i did the math. that's julia dollars. that was for me personally. little i, i hope you, i hope you get your read, but just in capital, i left you $100.00 and campbell and all i was just like a teacher. one of my low decisive was to listen to your story there. yeah, so, so back to your work, you're raising your very important point, and that is, we've got to have far better standards within the industry. we've got to have much better regulations, federally on the sourcing of the components for batteries and other material like we have in photos up solar photovoltaics. this isn't necessarily
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a huge impediment to. ready have an electric vehicles sustainably, but we have to do it right. and you know, our electric vehicles. oh, you know more sustainable than their fossil fuel automobile equivalence. yes they are. but does that mean that they're totally sustainable? of course not. they, as you correctly point out, there are number of serious challenges involved with the mining of, of the components like lithium for that are necessary for batteries. and so again, this is something that can be addressed through a stronger standards and regulations and also and understanding that, as i said earlier, we're not going to to address climate change by just swapping out, you know, hundreds of millions of internal combustion engine vehicles for electric uh, drive train vehicles. we have to get away from the individual vehicle as
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a primary mode of transportation and emphasize greater use in expansion of mass transit options. that's going to be way more sustainable in terms of the inputs use for of the transportation sources than you know, 300000000 new a private electric vehicles went up, i suppose, tyson it kill 2 birds with one stone. i fat a beef american slot. and because our fat no beef, oh, can't say that. all right. oh, thanks, bing i kaiser report. i see you still down there and they say, i don't know how you do it. you must have a huge supply of vomit bags ready to go at your disposal dealing with this stuff, but god bless you. thanks for being on the show. always great to be here best. i'm not going to do it for this additional cost. a report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert want to like, i guess, tyson slocum, until next on bio. ah,
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ah, the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. while you see in this, these techniques is to stay devising methods to essentially destroy personnel to that individual. by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological, tortured jace, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and the victim say they still live with the consequences today.
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ah, india targets net 0 emissions by 2072 decades often most developing nations. but it's the west pushes for action that the cult 26th climate summit. we look at the difficulties facing countries dependent on fossil films, also to come in and a chest executive wounds that mandatory vaccines for britain's health care staff could spock an exodus of workers and put lives at risk and france delays. this retaliatory measures against the k in a raw wave of fishing rights off to london, threatens to take legal action. ah ha, just call me day here. moscow. you without even to national the un scope $26.00 climate summit.


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