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and i for inflation once again. oh boy, it gets so entertaining. ah, you, in president putin pledges that russia will be carbon neutral? no, later than 2060 and a message to delegates at the ongoing you and cop 26 climate summit in scotland. also today in a chest executive walling that mandatory vaccine for britain's healthcare stuff could spark annex of this of workers and put lives at risk on france, delays. it's retaliatory measures against the u. k. for now, anyway, in a row of fishing, right off to london, threatens to take legal action. ah o 3 p. m. with me here. now, good afternoon from russia live from ortiz,
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will use age q moscow. it's kevin, over with you for the next 30 minutes with our latest this november, the 2nd, 1st than the u. n. cop 26 climate summit has got down to business in scotland with president potent endorsing russia's commitment to be a car, but neutral economy. no later than 2060 lending his support to propose deforestation plans, we brought you that life just lost our our correspondent moore, again see if it was listening in as well. and it has got more and more ads. what are the key points of what vladimir putin message was than to the rest of the world? at this climate summit, while vladimir putin has said repeatedly in the russian government as well, that russia is at risk faces a huge danger because of climate change. b, it's flooding record, flooding the temperature records of a set all the time the the forest thaws that have consumed at yearly thousands of
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square kilometers of forests as well as the melting of permafrost and rushes north on which entire cities are built. and all of this is a huge environmental and ecological threat to russia and the russia has a plan that was vladimir putin's peach passes. alicia, having set the task of building a carbon neutral economy no later than 2060 russia is also relying on the unique resources of our forest ecosystems in the 1st significant potential for absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen were indeed our country has about 20 percent of all the world's forest areas, it now shifting. right, and he says, has a duty to protect its environmental heritage. and that is, it mentioned himself 20 percent of or estimated world forests are in russia, one in 5 trees, which is
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a huge amount and russia is determined to preserve those forest as well as, as well as grover. nevertheless, this must be managed carefully because he rushing headlong into a green economy, changing everything and uprooting the entire system is a recipe for economic and social disaster as well, perhaps evenly energy markets. now, so things must be done carefully, but they must be address the greenhouse emissions, as well as other emissions of methane gas, for example, that are heating the world and russia a twice the average pace as the rest of the world and got an important part to play, all right, so i see the correspondence. we're gasdio for now. thank you for me. time india, one of the world's biggest pollutants has set a net 0 target of 2070. therefore missing the summits target for some 20 years. the indian prime ministers also us for more money to be billed out to developing countries for their transition to cleaner energy. next out,
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he says kit taylor looks of how complying with a mission goals may not be that simple for nations heavily dependent on fossil fuels cope $26.00, his hair and it is going to save us from doomsday. i've a 100 wild need, is a setting out that goals for the future and that big ones, stop deforestation, switch to renewables, 0 emissions, and ohio electric nasa fi thing. nature like a toilet. we are digging our own grapes. humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday calls, and we need to act. now, client change has already ravaged the world. we only have a brief window left before us to raise or our visions to raised me to task. sounds great. the question is, who pay the biggest price for all these politicians patches?
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it's easy for both chad and co promised to turn off the light when they leave a room. but for others halfway around the world, saying no to fossil fuels is a luxury. they just can't afford. it varies cause we leave. if they've reason any call, we don't leave one pass and east and india setup, but over 4000000, all those all over the country would likely agree. because that's how many people rely on coal to keep a roof over their heads and food on that pace. the issue goes well beyond india, though, the developing word a industrialization stage, then you know what we call god one space or time. we don't that they would not be able to live their societies out of poverty, coal consumption, and coal as a basis for the livelihood remain a fact for some time. in fact, tens of developing countries have come together terrified of what the grand goals
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of 0 emissions made up by rich nations will mean for them. this new goal, which has been advanced, runs counter to the parish agreement, and is until i equity and against climate justice demands for net 0 emissions. for all countries by 2050 will exacerbate further the existing inequities between developed and developing countries. it's not just that developing nations struggle as it is with fossil fuels. it's not just that millions of jobs will be lost so that millions will be punched into poverty. now it's also that these nations are asking, why are we paying for greeting gonzalez? far away? the top 10 percent of countries consume 20 times more energy than the bottom 10 percent. and 1100000000, sub saharan africans share the same amount of power generation capacity. as germany's 83000000 people, video gamers and california consume more electricity than entire nations. you won't hear anything about that a call 20 sex. and remember when times were tough,
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winter was coming, a gas was running low in europe. funny how no one was shouting about being a doughty source of energy when they begged for the caps to be turned back on. but you will hear them say they won't finance fossil fuel projects in developing countries. why? because it's far away and won't affect whether that warm on a chilly december night. though if the budget can stretch, they might lend a helping hand to ease the pay. we want to do more to help countries around the world, especially developing countries, accelerate their clean energy transition, address pollution in the sure the world. we all must share a cleaner shafer healthiest plan and we have an obligation to help make no mistake . this is not a judgment on green energy. the goals of those gathered in glasgow are undoubtedly noble. but do the politicians so desperate to be seen as the leaders had saved the pallet realize what back p are friendly slogans actually mean for millions of
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people. far away and even if they did what they do, anything differently, there are some countries that actually have a small population but are consuming a lot of energy and imaging a lot of our gap, a car, one example chrissy all around in most of the rich countries it's not clear that they're really going to lean themselves over from corn, and i don't think that there may be realistic targets. they have not met the 2015 accord targets yet. so i think there's a lot of bluffing going on here. and i don't read a lot of the, you know, the commitments, augi apologise being made by rich countries. while the arrival of over a 100 world leaders to the scottish city, glasgow for the summit triggered climate change protests outside people. l. banners like enough is enough and we're watching you at the someone itself, the british prime minister, won't of a doomsday scenario. well, revenue singing a james bond movie at one point. meantime, the american president found united states would be leading by example in the fight
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against climate change, despite a cause. recently calling for countries to increase their oil production were also made clear to opec. major oil exporting nations of the world, set to production cuts made during the pandemic should be reversed as a global economic growth. there is a global economy recovers in order to lower prices for consumers. they am releasing the u. s. long term strategy, which presents a vision of achieving the united states goal of ned 0 mission economy wide by no later than 2050 president mcgraw frances delayed retaliatory measures elsewhere against the u. k. triggered by the latest escalation, a longstanding, rather fishing rights of late jazz, he's being dragged into it to the channel islands. the issues become a stumbling block off to breck sit with london now warning it's ready to take legal action against france. if they do not follow the trade agreements that we reached
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last year with the latest shot to bend ski, i'm not sure that a solution is in sight. but what we've seen for the moment is that the sanctions that have been threatened now by french for weeks have at least been put on ice is more talks will take place at later this week. but i want to talk about the sanctions that have been threatened by france. they've talked about increasing the checks on vans and laurie's coming in to france. so customers checks. it talked about banning british boats from offloading their catch here and from fishing in french waters. this even being talk about either increasing the price of electricity to the channel islands ought to be cutting that electricity supply off altogether. so these are very serious threats as both sides are accusing each other of being in the wrong here. but for the u. k. foreign secretary list trust, these accusations, these threats have to stop, stop threatening
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u. k. fishing vessels, stop threatening the channel ports and accept the we are entirely within our rights to allocate the fishing licenses in line with the trade agreement as we have done. now, there has already been one person who has fallen foul of this fuel a casualty. that was a british trula that was detained by the french authorities last week. the french accusing the skipper of that trula of not having the right licenses to fish in french water for scallops. now, as a result, the boat was detained and we understand that the skipper, the spacing, those charges will appear in court next year if found guilty, could face a fine of up to $75000.00 euro. so, you know, that's new small beer when you're looking at what the results could be of this escalation of any tensions between the french and the brit over fishing licenses. now, france wants more license is,
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it says that the u. k. must provide these licenses under the withdrawal agreement for the briggs chord. the u. k says look, we're abiding by everything that we committed to. so neither side wanting to particularly stand down in this situation. those talks ongoing for fishermen who rely on being able to go to british waters to land their catch. that's french fitch men here they are just fed up with all of these delays. and only we have been in limbo regarding the issue of access to british waters, new jersey, in guernsey for 11 months. now. i know very well the tactical maneuvers by both sides. everyone immediately beginning to flex their muscles. fishermen, however, do not want to live on benefits. they want to earn their own money. now here it belongs to mer, which is frances largest fishing port. fishing is a huge industry. it's not just about the fishermen who go out and want to fish in those british waters. there's also about the vendors and the knock on effect that
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that has on the economy of a port town like this. and we've been speaking to locals here. you say that they not only fully support the idea of sanctions, but they ready to blockade the port and of us to see that we should use it. i think it's very go to france and pose a sanctions and forbid english to come here. because we have no race and we don't even have anything to sell. i think our boats are ready to blog to port. it's necessary that the british give licenses to the french. i know they protect their own interests, but they need to stick to their commitments as fish mongers were unhappy because the british fish is always sell the most. it's around 80 percent overall. there's also an accusation from the british that this is a bit more than just about the fishing licenses. that this is about politics, particularly as ad there is a presidential election here in france in the next 6 months. although our president back on hasn't officially declared yet, it is expected that he will be seeking re election. and this is seen by many in the u. k as being his way of shoring up some support ahead of those difficult election
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months. and that this is in a, that's been used as a wider political reason. we know that as on cast acts, the french prime minister, he had written to the european union calling for the union to act more strongly against the british. and also suggesting that this was a way of perhaps showing other would be briggs, etc, a type countries in the you, if they're thinking of doing the same that leaving the block is incredibly difficult. the talked though on these fishing license is due to take place later this week. we'll wait for the results of that, but i would just say, given what we've heard over the last few months, neither is going to be likely to let the other off the hook very easily. and national health service executives called on the u. k. government to delay its mandatory cobit vaccine policy for health care stuff till next year and says it'll help the medical services get through the difficult winter period. otherwise, he says the country risks in exodus of unvaccinated workers and
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a worsening staff shortage. we've got a very, very difficult winter coming up and we know the n h s is going to be a full stretch, so it makes sense to set that deadline. once that period has passed, if we lose very large numbers of him, vaccinated staff, particularly over the winter period, then that also constitutes a risk to patient safety and quality of care. it comes as you can. paramedics raised fears of an unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service with one local to palmer last week, even pleading with a public, a think twice before calling. as there is simply not enough people to cover the workload. the u. k. governments also put the countries troops on stand by to help with the n h. s a winter season that could see them driving ambulances. a system of vaccines will providing any other scope or general support in hospitals. meantime, the u. k. health secretary on friday emphasized the safety and effectiveness of inoculation urging any one is eligible to get their booster jobs before winter on
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dr. told us though, that the vaccine issue is just the tip of the iceberg. when it comes to the staff in crisis affecting the n h s, there are reasons why people may choose not to get to vaccine. not necessarily because they don't believe in the vaccine book that may do the personal religious reasons or maybe that and personal health reasons. now, we should allow individuals to have the flexibility to exercise their rights. and it's a tricky one, isn't because is a health care professional. i want everybody to have the vaccine. but i understand this decision is personally working in the just the moment east and exhausting. you get up early in the morning and you stay late into leaving and you're not quite sure whether or not you're going to manage to work and continue to be safe. certainly by the middle of the day you're exhausted. so fatigue is difficult to make decisions and you worry that by the afternoon patients will get high quality care. we simply don't have the workforce anymore to provide
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a safe service. and we have had a huge number of people who dna just especially of the last year. i have thought about the unit test. i think anybody tells you that went to the and i just want to present is probably lighting research by the health care workers foundation, shallow 75 percent of financial stuff, a considering leaving within the next 12 months with nearly every 3rd health work is saying that there was a strong likelihood they'd quit and the next year they'll to once again telling us they and i just needs the government to take real action as never before. please give mistakes to doing and also help the n h s. i believe the government think and i just is blanket that we take too much funding that we complain too much. now we can probably give them all that is absolutely categorically wrong. then a chest is crumbling around us. we are all broken. we are all tired and we need the government to do all over the last 10 years. if we had made a decent, sustained, and the key hire or harry sustained investment in were folks. this could have been
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averted, but it's difficult to actually invest in painting. when you're not sure if the money is going to come the following year and year after, you can only buy short packets or can short term if you're not sure when he's going to come in the future. so the real problem that we have lack of sustained promised, investing more in developing storing from afghanistan today with gun foreign to explosions have been reported at a major hospital in the capital cobble at least 23 others were killed, 50 wounded, 2 in the attack. the blast happened that the entrance and the group of competence reportedly stormed the facility, engaging in a shootout with security forces. no organizations yet said they were behind the attack though, will keep you posted still to come, the sprague coming up. but after that, the holocaust memorial in berlin is meant to be a samba sacred place. reminder of the atrocities that went on,
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but apparently not the sub members of the berlin police will tell what that's about and reaction to it after the break. ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? hi, solution for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. well i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics. sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah ah my getting berlin said chief of police, apologized after offices were photographed exercising on the cities holocaust memorial cheque. these images reportedly taken by the police themselves, showing men in uniform doing pushups. on the blocks of said memorial, the police chief had these strong words to say after it his behavior by colleagues
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is a disregard for what this memorial stands for and does not correspond to the respect that must be shown to it. this undermines the remembrance of those who were murdered. we talk to a holocaust for surgery, thinks that education is the only way to prevent this kind of thing happening. and that we have to teach at school. there when you burn a cat's tail, it's, you know, everybody gets horrified, but when you stand on something which is ok, there is actually a sacrifice to another person. it's not, and sanctified it's in a very, in various ways. now they knew what they're doing and the fact is that we are playing with fire radio. we are in out because if we're not doing the proper education to understand what is morality and what are good and evil, that them damn morality of us. 8 in stands for the fact that that evil
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and shows out when we are close seeing and laura line in our classes. and we know that we are doing it next or a puerto for you, asked me to join to and be seized on ridicule for asking the secret service if that's, let's go. brandon phrase is a threat to president joe biden safety. the job is faced a backlash for some commentators, so as an attempt to demonize the anti biden me. i cool to ask the secret service whether they consider joe biden emblazoned on an assault rifle to represent a security threat to the president, which i think is a reasonable question. the fact that a chair realist, nbc doesn't understand how the 1st amendment works is a far greater threat than this engraving. can you provide any examples of times you contacted secret service during the trump administration? for similar threats? did you call the secret service? when de niro said that same thing about trump on national tv, which had exposure to tens of millions of people?
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this is the equivalence of calling 911 overheard feelings absolutely embarrassing. while in case you missed it, the phrase lead sco brandon originated from a car racing alabama, but a reporter interviewing driver, brand and brown mistakenly thought that the crowd was chanting his name when in fact, shouting insults. joe biden. if you hear it, you can't really mistake it. but anyway, it's now widely used by republicans to demonstrate the dissatisfaction with the president. recently, an american pilot came on the screw to name from his airline for signing off the passengers with the very same catch phrase. it led to a storm, a condemnation from democrats and the mainstream media, with calls for the pilot to be sacked, some cnn analysts even compared the incident to an islamic extremist making a statement in supportive isis. as an experiment, i'd love for southwest air pilot to say, long live i said before taking off my guess is that the plane would be immediately
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grounded, the pilot fide, and a statement issued by the airline within a matter of hours. if someone said, i had to choose one tweet as a museum exhibit to illustrate the rod of modern day corporate media, i actually might choose this one an x f b i agent. now, needless to say, employed by cnn, equating a mildly crude anti biden slogan with a loyalty pledge to ices. so the ministry major and apparently trying to shut down that let's go. brandon means some jugs. but previously, when president donald trump was in office, let's not forget, similar language was frequently used in the media. journalist chadwick more believes the less reply double standards than or in chums president the how many death threats did he get publicly from, from celebrities and from politicians start to violence. death, crickets, nothing. it's not that bad. conservatives are just over reacting. you know, this is a line they give, somebody says, let's go branded other. and it's like all hell break the double standard or not
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going away anytime soon. this is just the roby live and it's perfectly fine if you were to say black live matter or anything like that, that was supporting a leftist cause and also equally likely charged. but as soon as you expose yourself is not on that side, well, they're going to come per year, especially the media, and they're probably going to call you a terrors they, we should have seen this coming, of course, as soon as the media got rid of donald trump, of course they're all against in the last election. the next step was start coming after every day, people like this pilot, like anyone who voted for him, like anyone who supported him. and i think we're only going to be seeing more of this as a media sort of scrambled for these billions that they need to continually hunting down and destroy their lives. however, it seems there is more evidence the president's popularity is on the slide. the side of a junior in the u. s. is holding the election for a new governor a year ago. joe biden won there by a landslide, but now it's impossible to predict the outcome with his latest vote. with poll
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suggesting that democrats, republicans, a pretty much neck and neck kellum opens, got the latest on it. as the us state of virginia moves to elect its next governor, things are more interesting than usual. the democrats are looking to secure their position in a state that is not solidly in their camp. republicans are looking to swing a victory, hoping to set the stage for retaken congress in the mid term elections. not even a year ago, joe biden won the state by over 10 points, but now or republican is the front runner in the race for governor. a lot can change in just a few months, left liberal progressive agenda. it's been trying to take over our day. shouldn't take over the commonwealth of virginia is absolutely being rejected by virginia. it is jo bye that has the democrats on the defensive is afghan pull out and vaccine mandates have not been a big hit with the virginia public. lot republicans are split over the benefit of
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having donald trump endorsed their candidate. we get along very well together and strongly believe in many of the same policies, especially when it comes to the important subject of education. bible certainly thinks a trump connection is a vote loser. i ran against donald trump. terry is run it again. i'm not going of don't from the virginia election is turning into a battle field of ideas, a proxy war between 2 american political super powers. republicans are wrapping up the outrage about critical race theory in schools. vaccine mandates and an assault on america's traditional values. democrats are pushing stability reforms and financial support. they are emphasizing that their guy has more experience and they say populism is very dangerous. there have been a few tricks on anti trump roof staged a mock white supremacy rallying republicans are being accused of distorting the
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conversation around critical race theory pandering to racism. whoever ends being governor. the lesson will be just as much about how us political discourse is changing, and where are these heated words and big divisions will ultimately lead. and if the democrats lose this election, they may take it as a harbinger of some very bad things to happen during the mid term elections next year. there are certainly many democratic candidates for office next year who are going to be looking very nervously at the impact that the president's ratings are having. the president biden has not proved to be a particularly popular president. he was never going to be popular with republicans, but even among democrats, i think many of them are looking at him as not a particularly effective leader. that many of his public policies are not nearly as popular as he might have anticipated. now,
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many people in the united states tend to both party as opposed to individual. what might have been much more focus on the local aspects of elections for the united states. house of representatives. more and more i think people are starting to look at these as basically elections that are essentially national elections. finally, some pretty pictures for you. well actually not every time i wake up with the one, i think what wonderful world could see it this morning. this is why moskowitz and me woke up this morning to the russian capital blanket it in fog, or whatever it was, the city declared a yellow hazard level because of poor visibility. some flights were cancelled and rescheduled, drivers were asked to be extra tentative, pedestrians advised to wear bright clothes. my can tell you in the last 2 days, all the leaves have fallen off, the treason is gone cold. so water was finally happened. it being november and with that cheerful thought that's what we're talking about. so far, they saw it here out international. you'll find somebody more of
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a new stories that are t dot calmer and if the social's it's maxim friends, this latest kaiser report on air off the break for me. kevin, i wanted a great team here today behind the scenes. we will thank you for watching our channel. ah, [000:00:00;00] with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have a tree that even foundation let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy


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