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ah, president putin pledges that russia will be carbon neutral, no later than 2060, and a message to delegates at the u. n's climate summit in scotland. the west pushes for action at cop $26.00. we look at how they're ambitious plans might hurt nations dependence on fossil fuels. the head of the group representing britons and h. s. hospitals, warmth that mandatory vaccines for health care staff could spark an exodus of workers and put lives at risk and france, delays its retaliatory measures against the u. k. and a dispute over fishing rights after britain threatened legal action ah, live from moscow. this is art internationals, world news at 10 with me calling bright 1st,
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then the u. n. z climate summit has got down to business in scotland with president putin endorsing russia's commitment to becoming a carbon neutral economy. no later than 2060 in support of global conservation effort. but this is alicia, having set the task of building a carbon neutral economy no later than 2060 russia is also relying on the unique resources of our forest ecosystems. enough for a significant potential for absorb and carbon dioxide and producing oxygen will indeed, our country has about 20 percent of all the world's forest areas. nauseous or india, which is one of the world's biggest pollutants is also set a target for becoming carbon neutral. the year 2070 missing the summit goal by 2 decades. the indian prime ministers also asked for more money to be dulled out to developing countries for their transition to clean energy. saskia taylor next look said how complying with emission goals may not be that simple for nations heavily dependent on fossil fuels help 26 his hair and that's going to save us from
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doomsday. i've a 100 wild lead as a setting out their goals for the future and that big ones. stop deforestation switched to renewables. 0 emissions an ohio electric nasty thing nature like a toilet. we are digging our own grapes. humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act. now, client change is already ravaged oral. we only have a brief window left before us to raise or visions and to raise to me to task sounds great. the question is, who pay the biggest price for all these politicians patches? it's easy for both chad and co promised to turn off the light when they leave a room. but for others half way around the world, saying no to fossil fuels is
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a luxury. they just can't afford. if there is co will live. if there isn't any co would in not live one pass and east and india that but over 4000000 others all over the country would likely agree. because that's how many people rely on coal to keep a roof over their heads and food on that pates. the issue goes well beyond india, though, the developing large a industrialization stage, then what we can call one space, our time. we don't that they will not be able to lift their societies out of poverty, coal consumption and coal as a basis for the livelihood will remain a fact for some time. in fact, tens of developing countries have come together terrified of what the grand goals of 0 emissions made up by rich nations will mean for them. this new goal, which has been advanced, runs counter to the parish agreement, and is until i equity and against climate just demands for net 0 emissions,
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for all countries by 2050 will exacerbate further the existing inequities between developed and developing countries. it's not just that developing nations struggle as it is with fossil fuels. it's not just that millions of jobs will be also that millions will be punched into poverty. now, it's also that these nations are asking, why are we paying for greedy gonzalez? far away? the top 10 percent of countries consume 20 times more energy than the bottom 10 percent. and 1100000000 sub saharan african share the same amount of power generation capacity. as germany's 83000000 people, video gamers and california consume more electricity than entire nations. you won't hear anything about that. a called 20 sex. and remember when times were tough, winter was coming, a gas was running low in europe. finding out no one was shouting about being a doughty source of energy when they begged for the taps to be turned back on. but
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you will hear them say they won't finance fossil fuel projects in developing countries. why? because it's far away and won't affect whether that warm on a chilly december night. though if the budget can stretch, they might lend a helping hand to ease the pay. we want to do more to help countries around the world, especially developing countries, accelerate their clean energy transition, address pollution, and ensure the world we all must share. a cleaner, safer health is planet. we have an obligation to help make no mistake. this is not a judgment on green energy. the goals of those gathered in glasgow are undoubtedly noble. but do the politicians so desperate to be seen as the leaders who saved the planet, realize what that p off friendly slogans actually mean for millions of people far away. and even if they did what they do, anything differently. there's some countries that actually have small populations but are consuming a lot of energy and everything. a lot of are capita carbon. people can see all
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around in most of the rich countries. it's not clear that they're really going to be themselves of it from coal. and i don't think that maybe realistic target will not much the 2015 batteries target yet. so i think there's a lot of bluffing going on here. and i don't be a lot of the, you know, the commitments are the pledges being made by rich countries with over a 100 world leaders in attendance. the events also attracted droves of activists on the line. in the urgency for global conservation efforts, british premier bowers johnson echoed that sentiment warning of a possible doomsday scenario. all americans, joe biden admitted, it was ironic that despite it about a mental agenda, he'd recently called for the all producing cartel opec to increase production on the surface. it seems like an irony, but the truth of the matter is you've all known. everyone knows that the idea we're
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going to be able to move to renewable energy overnight and not have been from this moment. not use oil or not use gas or not use hygiene is just not rational. it is hypocritical. of course, if many of those who are supporting the agenda to has a net 0 policy to then say that we need to have the fossil fuel industry is just that politicians are not being honest with the people in the next 2 weeks. as the negotiators remain in glasgow, they will come out with a communique that suggests that something positive has been achieved trying to work . but my biggest fear is that there won't be a massive move from the paris accord as most people have wanted. and i think this will be a time when politicians have failed to achieve those big goals in time climate activist guttenberg thing since good for the green protest movement, a stair up. some anger can make that claim in a recent interview with a b, b,
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c. as long as no one gets hurt and as long as yeah, then i think sometimes unique anger. some people like for instance, this school strike movement would never have been. so would never become so big. if it, if there wasn't friction. if some people didn't get off, there's been a wave of demonstration, some of the hue and climate summit in glasgow this week with droves of activists blocking roads as they demand world leaders stick to the agenda. in fact, acting on advice by credit on books. we ask people in london what they think of the methods. i just think those tactics alienate people often get human side. think it's always a good opportunity, an option to so that we really care about the world. but i think you also have to understand the other side of a people as well think there should be a balance with in reactions on those are which kind of impact does it have to be everyday people you have to use the same method sometime i don't think i have way to solve the problem, okay, the notation united way,
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that's not the way to protest. i agree. what date being tried to find a way to solve the problem board? that could be why this thing they could do, i get their support of them, of liquid cost. this is that more normal people that making a change the group representing britain state run hospitals and trusts is calling on the government to delay it. mandatory cope. it vaccine policy for health care staff until next year. the head of an h, as providers says that will help the medical services get through the difficult winter period. otherwise the u. k. risks and accidents of unvaccinated workers and a deepening staff shortage. we've got a very, very difficult winter coming up and we know the n h s is going to be a full stretch, so it makes sense to set that deadline. once that period has passed, if we lose very large numbers of m vaccinated staff, particularly over the winter period than that also constitutes a risk to patient safety and quality of care. it comes as u k. paramedics res,
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fears of an unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service with one local department last week, even pleading with the public to think twice before calling, as they simply aren't enough people to cover the workload. the governments also put troops on stand by to help the n h. s. cope over the winter, and i could see them driving ambulances assisting with vaccines and providing other hospital support. meantime, the british health secretary stressed the safety and effectiveness of inoculation urging anyone eligible to get that boosted job before the winter kicks in. one doctor told us, though that the vaccine issue is just one and a chair, staffing problem. there are reasons why people may choose not to get to vaccine, not necessarily because they don't believe in the vaccine, but they do the personal religious reasons or the maybe other and personal health reasons. now we should allow individuals to have the flexibility to exercise their rights. that's a tricky one, isn't because as a health care professional,
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i want everybody to have the vaccine. but i understand this decision is personally working in the area just moment ease and exhausting. you get up early in the morning and you stay late until evening and you're not quite sure whether or not you're going to manage to work and continue to be safe. certainly by the middle of the day you're exhausted. so fatigued is difficult to make decisions and you're worried that by the afternoon patients will not get high quality care. we simply don't have the workforce anymore to provide a safe service. and we have had a huge number of people who dna just especially of the last year. i have thought about the unit test. think anybody tells you when did the unit just want to present is probably lighting or research by the health care workers foundation has shown that almost 75 percent of an h as staff have considered leaving within the past 12 months. with nearly every 3rd health work as saying was a strong likelihood, they'd quit in the next year. dr. ag, it says the n h s needs the government to take real action as never before. lease
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good things are doing and also help the and i just, i believe the government thing can actually locate that we take too much funding that we complain too much and then we could probably give them all that was absolutely categorically wrong. then a chess is crumbling around us, we are all broken, we're all tired and we need the government to do all over the last 10 years. if we had made a decent, sustained, and the key hire carry sustained investment in workforce. this could have been averted, but it's difficult to actually invest in p p when you're not sure if the money is going to come the following year and the year after. you can only buy short packets can show to help. if you're not sure that the money is going to come in the future, so the real problem that we have, lack of sustained promised investment. and well on the way the black markets in counterfeit coven vaccination certificates
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a top cyber security firm. ones that online sales are on the rise. we'll look into that for you among all stories after the break. ah ah, lou. a . a, [000:00:00;00] a
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. oh seemed wrong when all 3. just don't hold any world yet to see out. disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh, hello again. the french president has delayed retaliatory measures against the u. k . over the latest escalation and a long standing row on fishing rights. it's become a major post, prep it stumbling point with britain now warning that it's ready to take legal action if france doesn't stick to the trade agreements reached to last year. more on that x from artie. charlotte to bend ski. i'm not sure that
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a solution is inside, but what we've seen for the moment is that the sanctions that have been threatened now by the french 4 weeks have at least been put on ice, is more talks will take place at later this week. but i want to talk about the sanctions that have been threatened by france. they've talked about increasing the checks on vans and laurie's coming into france accustomed checks. it talked about banning british boats from offloading their catch here and from fishing in french waters, there's even being talk about either increasing the price of electricity to the channel islands ought to be cutting that electricity supply off altogether. so these are very serious threats as both sides are accusing each other of being in the wrong here. but for the u. k. foreign secretary list trust these accusations, these threats have to stop, stop threatening a u. k. at fishing vessels, stop threatening the channel ports and accept the we are entirely within our rights
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to allocate the fishing licenses in line with the trade agreement as we have done. now, there has already been one person who has fallen foul of this fuel. a casualty that was a british trula that was detained by the french authorities last week. the french accusing the skipper of that trula of not having the right licenses to fishing french water for scallops. now, as a result, the boat was detained and we understand that the skipper whose facing those charges will appear in court next year if found guilty, could face a fine of up to $75000.00 euro. so, you know, that is no small beer when you're looking at what the results could be of this escalation of any tensions between the french and the brit over fishing licenses. now, france wants more license is, it says that the u. k. must provide these licenses under the withdrawal agreement for the briggs. it cord. the u. k says look,
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we're abiding by everything that we committed to. so neither side wanting to particularly stand down in this situation. those talks ongoing. but for fishermen who rely on being able to go to british waters to land, they catch that french fitch men here they are just fed up with all of these delays . and only we have been in limbo regarding the issue of access to british waters, new jersey, in guernsey for 11 months. now. i know very well the tactical maneuvers by both sides, every one immediately beginning to flex their muscles. fishermen, however, do not want to live on benefits. they want to earn their own money, less crew. this is hard for us. the fishermen did not ask for briggs. it before it happened. they had the right to fish everywhere, and then they were suddenly told no, you cannot enter the area on the british side. this leads to a decrease in turnover and makes boats less profitable now here in beloit soon
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there, which is francis largest fishing port. fishing is a huge industry, it's not just about the fishermen who go out and want to fish in those british waters is also about the vendors and the knock on effect that that has on the economy of a port town like this. and we've been speaking to locals here, you said that they not only fully support the idea of sanctions, but they ready to blockade the port and of us because she that we should receive, i think it's very go to france and pose a sanctions and forbid the english to come here because we have no rights and we don't even have anything to sell. i think our boats are ready to blog to port. it's necessary that the british give licenses to the french. i know they protect their own interests, but they need to stick to their commitments as fish mongers were unhappy because the british fish is what we saw the most. it's around 80 percent overall. there's also an accusation from the british that this is a bit more than just about the fishing licenses, that this is about politics, particularly as ad there is a presidential election here in france in the next 6 months. although at present, my con hasn't officially declared yet,
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it is expected that he will be seeking re election. and this is seen by many in the u. k as being his way of shoring up some support ahead of those it difficult election months. and that as this is an issue that's been used as a wider political reason, or we know that as shown cast acts, the french prime minister. he had written to the european union calling for the union to act more strongly against british. and also suggesting that this was a way of perhaps showing other would be briggs, etc, a type countries in the u. if they're thinking of doing the same that leaving the block is incredibly difficult. the talked though on these fishing licenses, due to take place later this week, we'll wait for the results of that. but i would just say, given what we've heard over the last few months, neither is going to be likely to let the other off the hook very easily. moscow based cybersecurity firm cas burskey lab says there's been
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a sharp rising counterfeit cobra vaccination certificates for sale on the dark web on offer for around $300.00 apiece with a choice of country and manufacturer, including astrazeneca fighter johnson and johnson or madonna. we've seen this market developed a lot during the spring and the same time when we have seen the difference of criminals trying to sell vaccines and lex and certificates as well. so for now, we just the, the new, a fucking of all the cameras are just people who have nothing and they're just going online in some underground firms market something i will tell you if you want included certificates included in vaccination, those us whatever. and there are just trying to convince people to give them money . there is like not a lot of ways to track them physically because they're accept some payments and
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carmen to some. they are using private transfer communications. a word of warning for anyone tempted sperski lab says it's impossible for those who by the counterfeit certificates to know what they're really getting. the main thing that we're highlighting in research should and there is no way to check whether those said criminals are just cameras, horror trying to take money from, from the victims and do nothing back or. ready they're actually having way to these kinds of certificates during the fuser on the risk. we should remember the baby's kind of commerce and some criminals, whatever. they're always trying to take advantage of the current situation in the world. and they're always trying to fuel or to get money from big terms. so that's our, let's say, do t, just give you a heads up for the general public and say, hey,
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there is something going on wrong. please be aware that can be secure. finishing off with a very unusual side here in moscow and a definite sign that autumn is what i'm truly here. overnight through this morning, a thick blanket of folk descended on the capital. enough meteorologists here to declare a yellow emergency because of the reduce visibility on boarding for motorists to be a bit more attentive. the haunting hayes also seen plenty of evocative photos appear online as well. i suggest you check some of those out. although this is the kind of ground fog that's usually commonly seen in cities around the world. it is definitely a rare occurrence in moscow. leave you with that to news for now i'm calling bry, i'll be back with your next update of the scottie. now, who's in the ot american team? mm hm.
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ah wow. you know, things are, of course, playing out as we've been protecting they would. we've got the very central banks putting on their kabuki costumes and getting ready to go out on stage and perform their ritualistic nod to the need to raise rates, followed by their ritual was thick denial that they are able to raise rates, followed by massive quantitative easing money printing ann hyperinflation. once again. oh boy, it gets so entertaining. it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed, long misconduct. go to chill them on to what the problem yet no clue. no. ok, so, so show me where you swore, trust 112, all of them ukraine was one of the independent states that emerged from the ruins of a super bow. i'm doing awesome. would you also get on google greens?
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come on board. surely. confusion, some of the i can last new lucian, west, indiana better one more law a surface, but it to scribble for sure. with water the past 3 decades. green light for ukraine. eye witnesses were cool. the events. this will be more or less of you to shoot me a little here. what i knew that order. sure. i'm not sure, but it be about 4 months with motor windows and what other forces were at play, the producer whom you show in shin machine, those them you put in the kid what it occurred to when you did the shows up in the ocean, told me to take a look at ukraine, 30 years out, the gaining independence. you go to your phone with us for dinner unless you mean
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like unity recorded live, but it will ethridge if you could give me just a moment. no problem. we're allowing ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stars. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack, a leading but only eventually there's malware that thousands maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the take ball, an extension of traditional time. national intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws that robotics. one of the things that's happening at the many cyber implants right now, i'd be really, really worried about it. most people would really be you calling for a chip in my brain. so there has been
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a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive fighting with, oh, russia, this class of car was discontinued, more than 20 years ago. even lost a more than normal. so in the world, the model sort of can you spell it with just important factors? it took 5 years to close again up on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model scripture. so we'll go over a show to file a motion from a small school shift look up
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with ah, oh, a a ah, with the the 1st clue into how the mid terms are going to look as well as a referendum on president biden's administration will be delivered tomorrow, as virginians go to cast their ballots,
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will explain why the direction of both parties agendas is being determined by a single governor's race. and it goes to jeffrey, i've seen the strikes again. this time ceo of one of the most powerful banks resigned. we will meet you at the latest and if this could trigger more unmasking in the future, for those tide with the deceased pedophile and will leaders are gathering glasgow to talk about how to combat climate change. but there is one problem they themselves are, are grotesque, spectacle of decadence and hypocrisy. we will renew all the details from their meeting as well as why the optics of the 26th climate have already given a very sour impression. and there are a lot of positives to travel into space. but astronaut are learning that it can be a real pain in the neck and their back. literally, we will bring you one wo, which might make you think twice about face travel in the future. i'm going to use and we're going to give you the 360 view on these stories and more i do need use use right here on our
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t america. ah, starting this week 8 height of virginia governor's race is putting republicans and democrats strategy all to the test and erase which should have been hugely dominated by the former governor terry mcauliffe during president buying and actually won the state by almost 10 percent more than trump in 2020 election issues like education as well as the effects of the bottom restrictions policies on main street are really causing the race to be neck and neck. or both sides have claimed momentum over the weekend have republican nominee glenn young and has given their probably can hope for not only the mid terms, but also reclaiming the white house in 2024. now regard, if he, when democrats have had a gut punch, knowing what they are doing or not doing is obviously not causing them to be the most popular party with the people,
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at least in virginia. so give us their take on how they see tuesday is going to race is going to be attorney and former new york city council candidate. kerry and burke and larry were ward present of constitutional rights packed thanks for joining me. make sure i'm here. okay, so let's start with the new carrion is terry mcauliffe not why leading by this huge standard because of him or about the bigger picture of what is going on in the country today. i think it's a combination of the junior governor. great. so very michel a lot of his speeches and also some of his policy. for instance, he made them back with regard to education choice, saying that parents don't need to have a say in their children's education. so that really didn't motor in virginia. and i


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