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tv   News  RT  November 2, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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ah, ah, it was a blow reports of serious flaws in visors coated vaccine testing procedures and says, u s. officials refused to listen joe, by branding us democrat, democrats, democracy, excuse me, the envy of the world. but the world increasingly disagrees as a poll shows a sharp divide in global perceptions of american democracy along with its health care system. we discussed the findings with a former us congressman. president putin pledges that brush a will be carbon neutral, no later than 2060 and a message to delegates at the un climate summit in scotland. and as the west pushes for action at cop $26.00, we look at how they're ambitious plans might hurt nations dependent on fossil fuels . ah,
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broadcasting my direct, more studios in moscow. this is art international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. right now, a whistleblower is claiming there were serious flaws, advisors covered, vaccine trials last year. she claims to have been fired the same day. she reported her findings and that us authorities are refusing to investigate earlier. my colleague con bray discussed the allegations with correspondent, good stuff. so all these revelations, they have been published at the british medical journal, a very respected science paper. not some tabloid, that has a history or well is known for publishing some unverified information. and so that article it details the allegations of a whistle blow of a woman who used to be part used to be with a contractor with a company called ventana. so what does this vin tarver your firm has anything to do with the pfizer and it's vaccine you might ask? so it all goes back to the 3rd phase of clinical trials on the vaccine. some might
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argue that it's the most important phase. so pfizer to do the these trials, it hired a number of firms and a number of contractors. and so these contractor companies, they were responsible for the, for the trials in total phases. vaccine was tested on more than 40000 subjects. in fact, the numbers closer to 44000 and this vin tarver firm was responsible to conducting trials on about a 1000 of people. and so this whistleblower, she claims that she has observed some negligence. some are well, some violations during those trials. for example, according to the allegations, participants were placed in a hallway after that receiving the job. so instead of getting proper medical attention, they were somewhere in the hallway. on top of that, she's accused batavia of a lack of timely follow up on patients who showed some severe symptoms which could
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be interpreted as well. side effects of the vaccine as they are using the word or the british medical journal is using the word adverse events in relation to the symptoms to these will potential side effects also protocol deviations. we're not being reported according to the allegations. the vaccines were apparently not stored at proper temperatures, and this is crucial for 5 for the 5 the vaccine. because, well, it has to be stored at a very particular temperature, a very low temperature. and this is something that makes the transportation of this vaccine, particularly challenging also on the whistleblower reported mislabeled laboratory specimens and apparently vent avia targeted. those members of staff who world tried to blow the whistle and tried to bring to light. these are, these discrepancies or these instances and or. 2 the whistleblower saying that she was victim over such targeting that she was fired after she tried to bring to light
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these allegations. so when, according to her, the company or when these allegations 1st fell on deaf ears or within the company, she assembled them. she put them together and sent them all to the da, the u. s. agency, a governmental body responsible for giving the approval for the emergency use of vaccine. and this is the response she got herbalists. within hours, jackson received an e mail from the if da, thanking her for her concerns, and notifying her that the f. d. a could not comment on any investigation that might result. a few days later, jackson received a call from an f da inspector to discuss her report, but was told that no further information could be provided. she heard nothing further in relation to her report. so where is the federal overseer at all there while has the food and drug administration done with that information? well, given what we've just had, it could have been world seen as an optimistic sign for this whistleblower. you know, company, the old brother, the abdi
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a getting back to her the very same day. and obviously she comes across as a very concerned person. and on top of that, all of this happened in september last year, which is important because that's before 5, the phases vaccine got the approval of the of da so well. so the only logical assumption that would be is that the of the i will look into these claims address them and well make a decision whether or not they were important. ah, but in december, same year, the price of vaccine god. oh god, the well it, it was recognized, it was recommended for emergency use by the, of the 8 and the of the a did not address any of the allegations have listened to the or to, apart from the article in the british medical journal. info as briefing documents submitted to an f da advisory committee meeting held on the 10th of december 2020 to discuss fires, application for emergency youth authorization of its cove at night in vaccine. the company made no mention of problems at the vent, obvious site. the next day,
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the sta issued the authorization of the vaccine. we have of course, reached out to pfizer entire via the f d. opposed to well to find out their opinion on this as to may be why they believe that these claims should be, should they should be taken into account that there are unimportant, but we're still to hear back from then or from them and are well, i guess the only are the only logical outtake from the story would be listened to your doctor before. well, you know, putting anything in your body. we spoke to reading, university microbiologist, doctor simon clark, who is concerned the allegations could jeopardize trust in the vaccine. biggest problem or potential problem with, with this article in the bridge medical journal will affects or could affect public confidence in the vaccines when really should a mistake to happen. but it's important to, to, to acknowledge that when you know mistakes it's happened. you reported you
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acknowledge it and deal with it. this could happen with any that said no, just actually people should remember that many, many millions of people around the world have this fax seen. and it's effective and it's americans. reputation on a global scale is suffering with widespread negative views of its democratic processes as well as its health care system. according to a recent survey conducted in 17 countries, this is despite jo biden's describing us democracy as the envy of the world. democracy sometimes matching it sometimes requires a little patience as well. but that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years with a system of government governance. and i spent the envy of the world. we talked about the, the survey results with long time us congressman ron paul. he describes us democracy as a reflection because it's the money that's really in charge we have now as a corporate state, corporations are very,
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very powerful. they influence it does not the people really voting. it's really the corporations that run things. so the corporations run medicine. they run the military industrial complex. they run all our schools now. so we're a long way off from what people think is democracy. know we're a long way off from freedom. we have now a reflection of democracy because the people with a lot of money and control the monetary system, the republicans are very much involved in this problem. i describe that if you get 51 percent voting then you can turn it into a welfare state and then you can turn it into a corporate state and protect the big corporation. so the republicans endorsed that same principle, but when bob got in and what they're doing now, it's much worse because they continue it all the policies essentially were sensually wrong on this lockdown business and spending all this money and interfering with the practice of medicine. punishing people who wanted to have a debate on the care like we have for ever. so it's that that has made it much,
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much worse. and it's going to get much worse to if we don't release the freedom that the doctors need. holes have closed in the us state of virginia, a vote for governor that could gauge how democrats welfare and next year as mid term elections with 83 percent of the votes. counted republican candidate, glen young can is in the lead. more or less we can cross latch our correspondent who is covering this caleb month. and caleb, what are got? what's the latest? i'm well, at this point, we have 88 percent of precincts reporting results. and the lead of the republican candidate glen young can, is narrowing, but he's still ahead by quite a bit. it looks to be a very good night for the g o. p in virginia. this is the governor's race in the state of virginia to determine who will be the next governor of that state. and at
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the beginning of the race, it was expected. the terry mcauliffe, the democratic candidate, had it pretty solidly in the bank. and he was going to take the state pretty cleanly, but then the biden administration came into office and we have seen biden's polling numbers significantly, decrease the afghan pull out inflation, unpopular coated mandates. all of that has done a number on the white house and on the democratic party as a result. and now we have a situation where only 42 percent of the u. s. public approve of joe biden. 71 percent of the u. s. public se they disapprove of the direction of countries moving in their fields, moving in the wrong direction. and a recent poll among democrats went as far as saying that they thought their party would do better if picked a different candidate in the fall of 2024 than biden, if it removed him from the ticket. so these are quite quite interesting results.
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this seems to be a pretty good night for the g o. p. all results are not in yet, but at the moment there's still a very solid lead on the part of the republican candidate in virginia. it looks like this state that is generally considered to be sought not solidly but softly in the democratic camp could be flipping to a red state. all right, taylor, we know that as this situation progresses, you'll keep it cross of it for us. thanks for that. appreciate it. now, the u. n's climate summit has gotten down to business in scotland. their president putin has endorsed russia's commitment to become a carbon neutral economy, no later than 2016 in support of global conservation efforts by slaves alicia, having set the task of building a carbon neutral economy no later than 2060 russia is also relying on the unique resources of our forest ecosystems in of their significant potential for absorbing
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carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. what will will indeed our country has about 20 percent of all the world's forest areas. it nash is india, which is one of the world's biggest polluters, has also said a target of carbon neutrality, but the year 2070 mrs. that summit goal by 2 decades, the indian prime minister has also asked for more money to be doled out to developing countries for their transition to cleaner energy artes. ask a tailor. next. looks at how complying with emission goals may not be that simple for nations heavily dependent on fossil fuels. hope $26.00 his hair and that's going to save us from doomsday over $100.00 wild lead as a setting out their goals for the future. and then big ones, stop deforestation switched to renewables. 0 emissions and ohio electric you nasa fi thing. nature like a toilet. we are digging our own grapes. humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and
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we need to act not client change has already ravaged oral. we only have a referral for us to raise our visions and to raise to me to task sounds great. the question is, who pay the biggest price for all these politicians patches? it's easy for both chad and co to promised to turn off the light when they leave a room. but for others half way round the world saying no to fossil fuels is a luxury. they just can't afford, if there is a co will live if there isn't any co would in not live. one pass and east and india setup, but over 4000000 others all over the country would likely agree. because that's how many people rely on coal to keep a roof over their heads and food on that pates. the issue goes well beyond india though, the developing word. yeah, it's set to live industrialization stage. then you do what we call god one space.
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our time, we don't that they will not be able to lift their societies out of poverty, coal consumption and coal as a basis for the livelihood will remain a fact for some time. in fact, tens of developing countries have come together terrified of what the grand goals of 0 emissions made up by rich nations will mean for them. this new goal, which has been advanced, runs counter to the parish agreement, and is until i equity and against climate justice demands for net 0 emissions. for all countries by 2050 will exacerbate further the existing inequities between developed and developing countries. it's not just the developing nations struggle as it is with fossil fuels. it's not just that millions of jobs will be lost so that millions will be punched into poverty. now it's also that these nations are asking, why are we paying for greedy gonzalez? far away? the top 10 percent of countries consume 20 times more energy than the bottom 10
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percent, and 1100000000 sub saharan african share the same amount of power generation capacity. as germany's 83000000 people, video gamers and california consume more electricity than entire nations. you won't hear anything about that, a called 20 sex. and remember when times were tough, winter was coming, a gas was running low in europe. funny how no one was shouting about being a dirty source of energy when they begged for the tops to be turned back on. but you will hear them say they won't finance fossil fuel projects in developing countries. why? because it's far away and won't affect whether that warm on a chilly december night. though if the budget can stretch, they might lend a helping hand to ease the pay. we want to do more to help countries around the world, especially developing countries, accelerate their clean energy transition, address pollution, and ensure the world we all must share. a cleaner,
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safer health is planet. we have an obligation to help make no mistake. this is not a judgment on green energy. the goals of those gathered in glasgow are undoubtedly noble. but do the politicians so desperate to be seen as the leaders who saved the planet, realize what that p off from the slogans actually mean for millions of people far away. and even if they did what they do, anything differently. there are some countries that actually have small populations but are consuming a lot of energy and everything. a lot of are capita carbon. people can see all around in most of the rich countries. it's not clear that they are really going to be themselves of it from coal, and i don't think that they are very realistic targets. we're not much the 2015 bodies accord targets yet. so i think there's a lot of bluffing going on here. and i don't believe a lot of the, you know, the commitments are the pledges being made by rich countries with more than 100
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world leaders in attendance. the event has also attracted droves of activists. underlining the urgency for global conservation efforts, british premier boards, johnson echoed that sentiment warning of a possible doomsday scenario. while americans, joe biden admitted it was, i roddick that despite his environmental agenda, he had recently called. busy for the oil producing cartel opec to increase production, where we are suffering on the surface, it seems like an irony, but the truth of the matter is you've all known. everyone knows that the idea we're going to be able to move to renewable energy overnight and not have been from this moment. not use oil or not use gas or not use hydrogen is just not rational. it is hypocritical. of course, if many of those who are supporting the agenda to have a net 0 policy to then say that we need to have the fossil fuel industry is just the politicians are not being honest with the people in the next 2 weeks. as the
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negotiators remain in glasgow, they will come out with a communique that suggests something positive has been achieved, trying to work. but my biggest fare is that they won't be a massive move from the paris accord as most people have wanted. and i think this will be a time when politicians have failed to achieve those big goals. the group representing britons state run hospitals and trust to calling the government to delay its mandatory coven vaccine policy for health care staff. until next year . the head of n. h. s providers says that will help the medical service get through the difficult winter period, otherwise he says the u. k. risks an exodus of unvaccinated workers and a deepening staff shortage. we've got a very, very difficult winter coming up. and we know the n h s is going to be a full stretch, so it makes sense to set that deadline. once that period has passed,
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if we lose very large numbers of m vaccinated stuff particularly over the winter period than that also constitutes a risk to patient safety and quality of care. well, this comes as u. k. paramedics res, fears of an unprecedented crisis facing the ambulance service with one local department last week, even pleading with the public to think twice before calling as there simply aren't enough people to cover the workload. the government has also put troops on stand by to help the n h. s. cope over the winter, and that could see them driving ambulances assisting with vaccines and providing other hospital support. meanwhile, the british health service secretary, has stressed. this safety and effectiveness of the inoculation urging any one eligible to get their booster jap before winter. one doctor told us though that the faxing issue is just one h us staffing problem. there are reasons why people may choose not to get to vaccine. not necessarily because they don't believe in the vaccine book that may do
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the personal religious reasons or maybe other and personal health reasons. now, we should allow individuals to have the flexibility to exercise their rights. it's a tricky one, isn't because it's a healthcare professional. i want everybody to have the vaccine, but i understand this decision is personally working in the just a moment. he's an exhausting you get up early in the morning and he stayed late until evening and you're not quite sure whether or not you're going to manage to work and continue to be safe. certainly by the middle of the day you're exhausted. so fatigued is difficult to make decisions and you worried that by the afternoon patients will get high quality care. we simply don't have the workforce anymore to provide a safe service. and we have had a huge number of people here in a chest, especially of the last year. i have thought about the unit test. i think anybody tells you whether to just want to present is probably lighting research by the health care workers foundation has shown almost 75 percent of an age as staff have
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considered leaving within the past 12 months with almost one in 3 health workers saying there is a strong likelihood that they will quit in the next year. dr. i get, again says the and i just needs the government to take real action as never before . at least give them and think so. doing an else to help the n h. s. i believe the government think then i just is blanket that we take too much funding that we complain too much and then we can probably give them all that is absolutely categorically wrong. then a chess is crumbling and around us we are all broken. we are all tired and we need the government to do all over the last 10 years. if we had made a decent, sustained, and the key hire harry sustained investment in were folks, this could have been averted, but it's difficult to actually invest in keeping p. when you're not sure if the money is going to come the following year and year after, you can only buy short packets of can show tune if you're not sure that the money
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is going to come in the future. so the real problem that we have a lack of sustained promised investment california judge has issued a tentative ruling against claims by 4 counties. that big pharma fueled america's massive opioid crisis, saying if the drug makers marketing contained anything misleading, no evidence had been put forward to show that they had led to inappropriate prescriptions to be written. there is simply no evidence to show that the rise in prescriptions was not the result of the medically appropriate provision of pain medications to patients in need. it sets a very dangerous precedent, and more importantly it's, it's sad. this is, this is becoming a in america, very common knowledge that companies like purdue pharma, sat around a board room table and made a decision to target a blue collar areas in america, areas like southern ohio, eastern kentucky,
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west virginia. because they knew that their new powerful prescription opioid would flourish, their the case marked to the 1st trial when for a drug company. and the more than 3300 lawsuits filed over a crisis which has claimed half a 1000000 lives in the u. s. in 20 years, the previous administration declared a nation wide emergency after figure showed the number of opioid overdose. deaths had risen 6 times among americans since the end of the 20th century. there in 2020 alone more than 9000000 people were victims of opioids misuse, including teenagers, and adults. 97 percent of which were prescribed medicine, mostly pain relievers. jake bradshaw is just one person who became addicted to opioids. he says the court ruling leaves the vulnerable with no justice. i can remember being 1718 years old and having a very minor injury and you know,
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being prescribed 40 milligrams of oxy cotton for injuries like that. there's, i don't think there is a government or, or a doctor or any medical professional who would call that reasonable. we've got millions of people whose lives have been affected by this. here we are years later knowing what we know. and we're still unable in court to provide these families with, with some kind of justice for loved ones that they've lost or loved ones that are still struggling. it's, it's, it's, it's a travesty. pentagon is revealed, it is temporarily removed more than 100000 photos and videos from its web site and a bid to protect afghans who have helped it. in the 20 year war spokesperson, john kirby added. the removal process is still ongoing, as is the effort to get allied locals out of the country to avoid potential reprisals from the taliban. frankly, this is not the kind of thing that i wanted to be able or i have to talk about that
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because we are still trying to get many of these, these afghans out of the country. so we, we did it out of an abundance of caution, out of respect for the obligation that we have in these individuals into their families. the u. s. defense department admits 28000 to eligible citizens haven't received visas to get out of the country, and less than 9000 of them have been evacuated. the pentagon added that there are also more than 400 us citizens, still stuck in afghanistan, a significantly higher number than previously officially stated. the pentagon just gave us another excuse towards their catastrophic withdrawal from afghanistan. look, if they were really concerned about the people that work with the united states and the people left behind, they would have had a plan in that plan would have been to remove everything, all the data, all the photos, every possible lead to these people. months before the withdrawal to try to leave the american people to believe that the taliban did already have all this
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information is ludicrous the bite administration really messed this thing up. it's created a problem with our allies. a problem with people that may not necessarily be allies of the united states, but at the same time, they usually respect us the uh, way that the american plan was executed by the white house. certainly those and encourage anyone around the world of to volunteer or to get involved in assisting the u. s. government with regard not only to any type of military action but nation building because of the way the u. s. handle this, there's no doubt in my mind that people are going to be very, very careful before they step up and put their lives on the line. we lost a lot as a result of joe biden, but i have confidence that at one point we'll get it back. it's going to take time, but we've got to get back the trust of the american people. ready for the u. s. government before anything else. that is it for me this hour and about 33 minutes, i will be back with a look at your headlights. this is our to international. glad to have you
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with when i was showing wrong, when i just don't move any news world. yes to shape out these days because of the attitude and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex simon. sure. but i'll be speaking together in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then the
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today's news views one congressman is daring to hold a public panel on an issue which is become extremely taboo. to talk about the effects of the vaccine had become so hush hush, after everyone for music artist like me, not to athletes, i carry irby are being given much heat and extreme pressure produced questioning the effects of the vaccine and ask questions have a justified congressman ron johnson actually holding an emotional hearing on capitol hill with some of those who have separate effects from the vaccine, and their elements are being justifiably indiscriminate. after months of isolation, aggressive suppression, we began to connect with others compassionate in concern citizens, academics, physicians. well, we're going to bring you some of the top testimonies from the hearing as well as what could actually come out of today's parents. and our corporations being honest
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about what is going on within the workplace and regarding staffing issues. why not just tell the truth and what it actually set them? free airlines health care emergency services, all are getting reasons why they're having logistical staffing issues. but they're being honest and the american people actually believing their stories. we will discuss throughout the long term effects and the ethical dilemmas being raised in the post pandemic era. and education should be non partisan, but is it really? and it's being woke actually woken, a sleeping giant as a one state has just decided to make their school board raises partisan all in response to the wave of dissatisfied parents, the school board meetings. is this a good thing? and are there more states to follow in their footsteps? i'm going to use and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories and more on today's news. refuse right here on our america ah
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. fair downhill senator ron johnson had a round table and back themed mandate and the injuries which individual say they have suffered as a result of receiving the vaccine. we're just every day americans, we are republicans for democrats. libertarians, independence for us. this is not political. we are not opposed to vaccines. we rather we oppose their mandated use. we are citizens who have done our civic duty, but when we experience serious adverse effects were left high and dry by f d acdc, the n a h and medical professionals, we got the rise reg, she because i thought it was to protect you. i thought it was the right thing to do were unnecessarily traumatized due to our cases being.


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