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and we're just adding more more to them totally destabilizing global economy. you need to protect yourself and get in for what guys record deadlines this our now t a whistle blow report in the british medical journal claims. there were serious flaws in the testing of fire. his code with vaccine, while us authorities have been reluctant to investigate the poor service, our, an unprecedented lo relations between france and astray. take a further plunge. that's after the league of a text message from president macro about the submarine deal that was canceled between the 2 countries. and despite host the new ends climate summit, the u. k. his own green pledges come under scrutiny as forcing fossil fuel projects look to get approval. we speak to local residents anxious for one of them to get the go ahead. to step forward, really for technology and everything else, the mind should go ahead. no, took some money to get to your good prototype,
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sorta coming in as well to resist and also educate to the kids in a very deprived area of the u. k. ah oh, they're good afternoon. you watching artie international now. the british medical journal has published a whistle blow report, claiming that there were serious flaws in fire. is coven vaccine trials last year, the research behind the claim says that she was fired the same day. she raised her concerns and says that u. s. authorities are refusing to investigate with more details is ego. she done off? so all these revelations they have been published at the british medical journal, a very respected science paper. not some tabloid, that has a history or well is known for publishing, some unfettered information. and so that article it details the allegations of
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a whistle blow of a woman who used to be part used to be with a contractor with a company called van tarver. so what does this vin tarver your firm has anything to do with the pfizer and it's vaccine you might ask? so it all goes back to the 3rd phase of clinical trials on the vaccine. some might argue that it's the most important phase. so pfizer, to do the these trials, it hired a number of firms and a number of contractors. and so these contracted companies they were responsible for the, for the trials in total fighters, vaccine was tested on more than $40000.00 subjects. in fact, the numbers closer to 44000 and this vin ta via firm was responsible to conducting trials on about a 1000 of people. and so this whistleblower, she claims that she has observed some negligence. some are well, some violations during those trials. for example, according to the allegations,
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participants were placed in a hallway after that receiving the job. so instead of getting proper medical attention, they were somewhere in the hallway on top of that, she's accused batavia of a lack of timely follow up on patients who showed some severe symptoms which could be interpreted as well. side effects of the vaccine that they are using. the word or the british medical journal is using the word adverse events in relation to the symptoms to these will potential side effects. also protocol deviations will not being reported according to the allegations. the vaccines were apparently not stored at proper temperatures, and this is crucial for 5 for the 5 the vaccine. because, well, it has to be stored at very particular temperature, a very low temperature. and this is something that makes the transportation of this vaccine, particularly challenging. also on the whistleblower reported mislabeled laboratory specimens and apparently vent avia targeted. those members of staff who well tried
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to blow the whistle and tried to bring to light. these are these discrepancies the these instances. and the whistle though is saying that she was victim over such targeting, that she was fired after she tried to bring to light these allegations. so when, according to her, the company or when these allegations 1st fell on deaf ears or within the company, she assembled them. she put them together and sent them all to the da, the u. s. agency or governmental body, responsible for giving the approval for the emergency use of vaccine. and this is the response she got. have a list. within hours, jackson received an e mail from the if da, thanking her for her concerns, and notifying her that the f d. a could not comment on any investigation that might result. a few days later, jackson received a call from an f da inspector to discuss her report, but was told that no further information could be provided. she heard nothing
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further in relation to her report. well, given what we've just heard, it could have been world seen as an optimistic sign for this whistle blower. you know, company the, or rather the of d a getting back to her the very same day. and obviously she comes across as a very concerned person. and on top of that, all of this happened in september last year, which is important because that's before 5, the phases vaccine got the approval of the da so well. so the only logical assumption that would be is that the of the i will look into these claims address them and well make a decision whether or not they were important are bud or in december, same year, the price of vaccine god. oh god, the well it, it was recognized, it was recommended for emergency use by the, of the 8 and the of the a did not address any of the allegations have listened to or to, apart from the article in the british medical journal. in phases briefing documents submitted to an f. d, a advisory committee meeting held on the 10th of december 2020,
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to discuss fries as application for emergency youth authorization of its cove at night in vaccine. the company made no mention of problems at the vent, obvious site. the next day the fda issued the authorization of the vaccine. while i guess the only the only logical outtake from the story would be listened to your doctor before. well, you know, putting anything in your body now he spoke to reading university, my cry, biologist, doctor simon clark about this. and he says he is concerned that the allegations could lower the public's trust in the vaccine. the biggest problem, potential problem with this article in the british medical journal is that it will affects all could affect public confidence in the vaccines. read really shouldn't mistakes to happen. i, but it's important to, to, to acknowledge that when you know a mistake is happened. you report it new, acknowledge it, and deal with it. this could happen with any that said,
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not just relaxing. people should remember that many, many millions of people around the world have this vaccine and it's effective and it's safe where we have reached out to 5. then tayveon or said the f d a to comment on these allegations of those so far, they have not responded no relations have taken a further downturn between australia and france. this comes off for personal text message discussing the french australian submarine agreement, and attributed to present micron was leaked to the press france. now it says that the whole thing is a stab in the back that the seat was intentional. and because there was far more at stake then providing submarines because it was a common agreement on sovereignty. sealed was a transmission of highly classified debtors. the way it was handled was plainly as that in the back while as the situation that's really gone from bad to nuclear
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france in australia. i've been pretty much at each other's throats since september after australia announced that it was pulling the plug on that deal deal at france, described as being the deal, the sale of the century to build this fleet of submarines at now at the time france said that when a stranger announced it, in fact when it was doing is up pursuing a new deal with the us with the u. k. and canada that it had been completely unaware of this in, at, essentially had the, the rug pulled from underneath it. even just a few days ago, president micron had suggested that the australian prime minister scott morrison had lied to him outright. i do see when, when we have recent, you have to be, do you have to behave in mine and consistently with i don't think i know the statements that were my questioning,
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astride his integrity and the slurs that have been placed on australia. i'm not going to call that on behalf of the strident i can deal with whatever people throw at me, but australia has a proud record or when it comes to our defense capability. now this is saying that people in glass houses shouldn't throw, shouldn't hurl rocks and australia is clearly fuming over those comments from president mack on, which were made directly to the press in english. now it's decided to come play at that game and apparently has released a text message that mack on sent to morrison just a few days before at the ending of that deal was announced. now this text message suggests that president mack, on which means the eliza and the government did actually have an inkling that there was a problem with this deal and that it could be going under. if you thought things couldn't have gotten worse. well, you would be wrong because they clearly are unraveling at
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a furious pace. at the moment that leak has seen paris pushed the red button with the french ambassador who had been briefly recalled from canberra as a result of this row. not mincing his words. seat is an unprecedented new law in terms of all to proceed and also in terms of truce and trust, you dont be able exists on personal exchanges of leaders. we're allies. but babies gesture, confirmation, thought we were never seen as an ally. france is clearly a ghast about this situation. the idea that there could be a leak of messages sent from one leader of a nation to another, has completely baffled, shocked and disgusted officials here. and it looks like this issue between france
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and australia could about to be causing even bigger problems for australia. we know that the country is due to have trade talks with the european union. they've already been postponed as a result of this route. if those talks do go ahead, i guarantee you that there will be a new rift, and that time it will be between france and brussels. no promises to protect the earth's forests. ham vicious goals of nett. 0 by 2050 and giving cash to south africa to help it end its reliance on comb. you ends climate summit in scotland this week up. this pledge to save the planet with britain's prime minister, boorish johnson taking the lead. although that said the u. k. does not appear to be holding back on its fossil fuel projects because a recent report does reveal that around 40 plans are seeking approval in the u. k in the next 4 years, which if approved would nearly triple the country's yearly greenhouse gas emissions
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. meanwhile, there's an ongoing dispute to over a proposed new coal mine in the north west of england. my boyish johnson doesn't support it. he insists is not his job to get involved locals. there however, say they desperately needed the mind should go ahead. it will be mined in the safest, cleanest grayness where it can possibly be done. plans are being explored for the 1st coal mine to be opened in the u. k. in 30 years here in the coastal town of white haven in northwest england. just a 140 miles north from here. the cop 26 summit in glass goes in full swing the u. k . of course, hosting that summit, that critics say, it sends out the completely wrong message for the hosts to be giving the green light to this coal mine. while at the same time preaching the green message to the rest of the world, the u. k. government has decided not to intervene with the plans of opening and brand new english coal mine. this really shows the true meaning of so called net
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02050. these vague insufficient targets long into the future basically mean nothing to day, but contrary to what some make spect given phase or the potential air pollution, the locals are quite happy to have it. many of them think it could spark a much needed economic revival to step forward, really for technology and everything else is failing to produce your mining area. and i know for many, many years now, i saw a gone returning jobs, indiana. not to salon until it's here, the prototypes that are coming in as well to assist and also educate to the kids in a very deprived area of the okay. and that's what's needed to drive the future to drive education and support the kids. a local campaign is in support of the mind, say that coaching coal, which is used to manufacture steel rather than generate energy, is being unfairly maligned by green activists. this is just an older piece to the puzzle. got his green green glee we. we are an environmental area. we understand
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what the problems are when there's no denial. if there's an issue that is a problem. we've got nuclear, we've got winds, they, we've got a high job that will be coming to some point in the future. and thankfully, if we get this my going as a will be say him a coca cola from over there to the transport it from america, which is couldn't. we've all been served on to think that john cutty seldom is that we shouldn't open a mind when we're buying all the coal of it. it's a bit hypocritical west cumbria mining. the company in charge argues that the project will be the world's 1st net 0 metallurgical coal mine in the world. ministers of argued in favor of the project from an economic perspective, as well as an environmental one to it's a very small, as i understand quite specialist, a form of coal that's being that would be produced there on will have the negligible impact ons of the global coal usage, we need to transition our existing oil and gas sector to a d carbon ice platform. what others want to see is
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a complete eclipse and shutting down of oil and gas with 250000 jobs vanishing overnight. the u. k. government on the pressure from climate groups intervened and ordered an inquiry by a planning inspector local may or refutes any objections. however, saying coaching call from the mine would drive forward green energy project. he also insists that the project will revive the local economy off the curve. it am, i think you've got to look at the united kingdom as a whole and we're responsible for just all the one percent of the entire world, carbon emissions on this. mine will british functional from north point one percent of that one percent the mine will have a huge positive economic impact on the, on the area h. e. i chuckled and investment. this is private money coming in. are you talking 160000000 pound into, to watch a relatively small community that i'll create 500 direct jobs that have with the spin off of 1500 supply chain jobs that will transform people's lives in this area,
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b, enquire, results. the jew at the end of the year, well after the climate debate has moved elsewhere, 1st, johnson said at cop $26.00 that he didn't support the opening of the mind that he would leave it. so the planning come set aside an indication perhaps of his own desire to not get dragged into a row with a local community desperate for the area once again to see economic regeneration. these early all see why haven't come here. but we also spoke with an environmental journalist on whether the british government is actually sticking to its pledge to drop fossil fuels. you cake presidency of copies seriously, undermined by the government phone actions in the united kingdom. government has agreed that it will not fund new fossil fuels by itself. however, the united kingdom, financial industry and the financial industry globally will be able to continue to invest in fossil fuels, investments by the united kingdom in global fossil fuels,
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amounts to 15 percent of global investments. and that's where the united kingdom record is really terrible. in that it's a center for global finance for fossil fuels. so this is a disaster for credibility of presidency. our b of the co op still had see this. i disappointment for democrats in virginia as the state, alexa, republican governor, and the move that is widely seen is a political play for joe biden, and a judgment on his presidency. we'll have a look at the significance just stuff. ah ah. with
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join me every 1st bit on the alec salmon. sure. i'll be speaking the guess. will the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm ah ah,
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welcome back you with our teen, i the weekly medical journal, the lance, it has published a study revealing that russia's one shot sputnik like k read vaccine has proved to be safe and highly effective. so let's get more details now. go to laura a correspondent, danny armstrong, who's across the story force. good afternoon to danny. just tell us more than about the results of this trial. yeah, good afternoon, andy. this comes as a recent report in lance, lance, of course, one of the world's most respected medical journals is on sport nic light. now that might seem and sound familiar to a lot of people, and that's because it is equivalent to the 1st component of russia's sport. nic vaccine, of course, today to those vaccine. sporting clay is a single dose vaccine is developed to tackle the rising worldwide demand for license cold. it vaccines, of course, in moscow. here we are in the mix, our own lockdown with those rising covey cases daily. well,
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the 2 very important things to take away from this report. and the 1st one is that the sputnik light is highly safe, is a high safety profile. and the 2nd is that the adverse effects when studied and those who have been administered, the vaccine were mostly mild. and so moderate mild around 66 percent of those adverse reactions. about 5.5 percent for moderate. now, it was developed. sputnik like that is to have the goal to develop a highly immune agenda vaccine with a good safety profile in all those boxes so far. for more details on the science, you can just take a snippet from the article. the single dose are at each $26.00 vector based carpet 19 vaccine. sputnik wide has a good safety profile and induces a strong humoral and cellular immune responses both in their own detail and sarah, positive participants. now. so what does all that mean?
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well, it can be administered as a boost shot or as a stand alone fax, you know, as a piece to show it is very highly effective according to that report in the lungs in 83 percent effectiveness against infection and a 1994 percent i should say, effectiveness against their hospitalized hospitalization. now as a standalone vaccine against the delta varian is also proved. highly effective as the report says, 70 percent effective against that delta vary and as a stand alone vaccine against infection against delta and 75 percent a little bit higher in individuals on the $65.00. so the bottom line of that report is that the vaccine, sputnik light can accelerate the pace of vaccination in russia and around the world, especially in those countries, have a high demand for a license faxing. okay, thanks, danny. for that update that was artes, danny armstrong that now in the victory for drug companies,
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a california judge has rule that for manufacturers can't be held responsible for the states opioid crisis. he says there's no evidence the rise and prescriptions was dancing, misleading marketing, and it's thought that the ruling could set a precedent for similar cases. in other states, we got the thought slow jake bradshaw who became addicted to the pill. he was prescribed. it sets a very dangerous precedent, and more importantly it's, it's sat, this is, this is becoming in america, the very common knowledge that companies like for do pharma. sat around a board room table and made a decision to target blue collar areas in america. areas like southern ohio, eastern kentucky, west virginia, because they knew that their new powerful prescription opioid would flourish. their well, the case was the 1st drug company has one in over 3000 law suits. it was filed over
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a crisis, which has claimed the lives of half a 1000000 people in the united states over the last 20 years. the previous administration, in fact, declared a nationwide emergency after the number of deaths from an opioid overdose rows 6 times in the united states. when in 2020 alone, more than 9000000 people were victims, very pure misuse, including teenagers and adults. the majority of which were prescribed medicine, mostly pain relievers. jake bradshaw again says the court ruling leaves the vulnerable with no justice. i can remember being 1718 years old and having a very minor injury. and you know, being prescribed 40 milligrams of oxy gotten for injuries like that there's and i don't think there is a government or a doctor or any medical professional who would call that reasonable. we've got millions of people whose lives have been affected by this. here we are years later knowing what we know, and we're still unable in courts to provide these families with,
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with some kind of justice for loved ones that they've lost or loved ones that are still struggling. it's, it's, it's, it's a travesty. and it's not just the home that the u. s. medicines or us medicine is in the spotlight because america's reputation on the world stage is suffering to with wide spread negative. he's, if it's health care system, that's according to a recent survey conducted in 17 countries. when it says that almost 50 percent do believe the us health care system is below average, while 18 percent consider it the worst among develops nations and almost 40 percent believe the u. s. government didn't handle decay with crisis. well enough, we talked to ask x congressman ron paul. he believes that the problem with the us health care system is that it's under the influence of big corporations. been made much, much worse with a pandemic because i think all the policy is essentially we're sensually wrong. on this walk down business and spending all this money and interfering with the
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practice of medicine, punishing people who wanted to have a debate on the care like we have for ever. so it's that it has made it much, much worse, and it's going to get much worse to if we don't release the freedom that the doctors need, but you can't let the corporations run most. now, most doctors work for corporation, they're not independent. i was totally independent. my patients and i made all the decision, but that's not the case. now what we have now is a corporate state. corporations are very, very powerful of they influence it. so it's not the people really voting. it's really the corporations that run things, so the corporations run medicine. they run the military industrial complex, they run all our schools now. so we're a long way off from what people think is democracy. know we're a long way off from freedom. we have now a reflection of democracy because the people with a lot of money and control the monetary system. so no, we deserve
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a lot of that criticism. but it's, it's, it's unfortunately a whole philosophy of government that has come out of our universities teaching this corporatism. so you can see that interview in full online web portal also talks about the level of freedom and the state of democracy in the united states. will that a more at r, c dot com the democrats have suffered a shop defeat in the u. s. state of virginia, where the republican candid this is claim to victory. it is widely seen as a blow to joe biden, and also a damning judgment on his presidency, looking at the significance, his kind of market. glenn youngin has won the governorship of the state of virginia, not the results that would have been expected a year ago. however, a lot has changed in a year with the votes tallied, it looks like the republican is winning the state of virginia when his opponent, terry mcauliffe was expected to be a pretty solid winner about
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a year ago. what has changed in a year? well, joe biden has been in office, and the biden administration seems to not be having a very good night in the united states. at this point. we're seeing close raises, not just in virginia, but also in new jersey and around the country. it's a good night for the g o, p not a good night for the white house, and this reflects the trend of the biden ministration overall. currently, the buying administration only has a 42 percent approval rate. meanwhile, 71 percent of americans say the country is moving in the wrong direction. there is a new poll among democrats that actually shows that they feel their party would be most likely to retake the white house in 2024, to win the right house in 2024. if they actually nominated someone other than joe by and didn't have him run for reelection. now all of this can be attributed to some recent moves by the,
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by the administration. the chaotic pull out of that ghana, dan situation regarding inflation is very unpopular coded mandate. all of this has contributed to a situation where the white house was very unpopular and the republican party seemed to have the upper hand. it's only a year and still there will be mid term election. determine the bait of the house of representatives on capitol hill and the u. s. congress could also be in question . now folks will be waiting to see joe biden's reaction to tonight to dance, but it appears. this is a reflection, a negative reflection on the biden administration. kind of open reporting so that the news is looking say 5 today here and i see them together. you can also keep yourself updated. so using our social media, i just, i need to check with
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a raw when i just don't hold any world. yes. to see how does the because the advocate and engagement equals the trail when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground. it's been 30 years as the soviet union collapsed. mom, miss caldwell don't go to chill them on to what the problem yet nuclear you talk, so show me where you all swore trust on want all of them. ukraine was one of the independent states that emerged from the ruins of a super i'm doing awesome. what would you also get on google greens? come on board. surely confusing some of the i can last new lease in west indiana
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better. one more law, a teachable for a whole lot of the past 3 decades when like the ukraine eye witnesses recall the events, this will be more or less of you to shoot me a little here. what i knew to know if that order. sure, i'm not sure, but i did that for months with water windows and what other forces were at play, the producer whom you show in ship machine, those in you are in the clear water. i'm a current when it shows up in the most of the versions, only take a look at ukraine. 30 years out, the gaining independence. if you're going to be here for you to promise. not unless you mean, yeah, i get it live, but it will ethridge if you could be sure you must on. so for our.


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