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tv   News  RT  November 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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whole breaking news on all t a pentagon probe has found no misconduct or negligence in the botched us drones strike on cobble earlier this year. the attack lab 10 civilians dead including 7 children. the details on reaction in one minute. also had the u. s. medicines watchdog backs pfizer despite a whistleblower report of the british medical journal, alleging serious flaws and the company's cobit vaccine testing. and us democrats suffer a surprising defeat and a pivotal governance election in virginia widely considered a major test for biden's presidency. ah, hello, good, happy with us. it's midnight here in moscow now. thursday, the 4th of november. my name is colleen bry. welcome to you. well, news. first breaking developments, then that
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a u. s. defense department probe has found no misconduct or negligence in the mistake and us drone strike on cobble earlier this year. the strike left 10 civilians dead, including 7 children. the investigation that found no violation of law including the law of war, did find execution errors confirmed by confir may or a combined with confirmation bias and communication break. the breakdowns that regrettably led to a civilian casualties. carol, senior correspondent august, they have sit with me in the studio across all this mariah with the, the final act of violence from us forces during that chaotic pull out and 20 difficult years. but no one's at fault. well, that is what essentially the pentagon is saying that their own investigation has found them not guilty. what they have said is that as we heard execution and error as well as communication breakdowns and the other big things are, what are, what are to blame and all of that so they can get away with without pinning the
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blame on anyone. in particular, the full report is, is redacted and classified for security reasons. they say, nevertheless, the pentagon says that this with vesta geishas was independent and that they questioned 29. people who are related to this matter 2922 of them are directly related in the strewn strike. and which at the time the pentagon called a righteous strike and we would do which we would later learn. and the weeks following was booth a tragedy. and disaster oh . ringback um the pentagon also concluded that all evolved all the people to question and all who
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are responsible for this joan tried that they acted in good faith that they legitimately believed that they were preventing an imminent terror attack against the the airport and u. s. troops stationed at cavil international airport. more than that, they say they claim that they track this man for this aid work, who worked for us aid company at that they tracked him for many hours before the strike. and that at that point, they legitimately believed he was trafficking exclusives to some of the careful wording and all this from left hand general side that the drone strike needs to be considered in the context of the moment. elaine, that is, that is the important thing that they say both triggered the drone tracking allowed this, this mess to happened this, this huge, huge casualty 7 kids as well as 3 adults. and what they're arguing is at the time and we were, we were there towards the end of august,
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our team we. so 1st had them was new plans. it was absolute chaos. every action was, was improvised. every day was a new day without any sort of plan as to how things would be resolved. the evacuation was winding down after the terror attack of the $26.00 in which more than a dozen us servicemen would kill a $170.00 afghans. there was also fear there was also tara, both of both amongst the, the civilian population as well as among u. s. troops and foreign troops stationed at the airport. everyone believed at the time, and we were expecting at the time more terror attacks at the airport. perhaps, shootings, perhaps another, another bombing, and obviously that may have contributed to this decision to go ahead with a strong track. there are all sorts of unanswered questions with regards to this report, such as how they didn't see this multitude of children playing around the car. they obviously targeted the vehicle, the bomb is very precise, the missile, it struck the vehicle and they were all these kids around that they have to. so
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there is the opinion that the june operators must have seen the kids and must have decided to go along with this true right there must have deemed the thread to, to severe. but we have previously spoken to drew operators. former drew operators in the u. s. military and they had this squad, ugh, gung ho, attitude in the service. the sergeant comes down and turns around. mel goes in the military progress. he says, your job is to kill people and break things. so you've got all these young enlisted deeds and girls, girls and guys who are out of high school. grab no experience in anything who are now. basically video game snipers, for months of training, are made. they put in the position to make his decision mental degradation with the proper term. every shot that we took, like they're cheering their congratulating each other. they're high fiving each other. people getting promoted because of this stuff. it's like
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a withering away of who you are. i was told one day going in that president obama himself would hollis up and give the order himself to me. and i got this euphoric feeling we had previously heard from the pentagon, that no disciplinary action was, was being planned that this report doesn't include any recommendation for discipline, reaction against any individual or those responsible for this. for this disastrous ashwood, that may be bitter news for relatives in the family of those killed to swallow were because obviously they had previously said that they would or they would renounce any claim to compensation so long as those responsible were punished as mockery. the only was, i will keep demanding that each person who has committed a crime here must be convicted and punished with the due process of law. it's unfair. if a person commits a crime and then a different person is brought to court to answer, the criminal must be punished,
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no scapegoats. if americans committed a crime, they must be brought to justice. in this case, it appears that the pentagon has blaming the crime on the system and go on vague mistakes that nobody can really be held accountable for. previously, the u. s. government had said that they would offer compensation to the, to the family and relatives of those that were, that were killed. but the report also has recommendations. 3 various recommendations to make sure that incidents like this don't happen again to minimize civilian casualties in the future. but for now it's, it's business as usual, nothing's changed in the way that these room stripes are handled or, or carried out. and perhaps all these recommendations will stay in the future. just that recommendations and pending paperwork aside and can't forget that this is a family that's been torn apart and the testimony they've been giving our tea in recent months, which has been heroine. we can have more of that surely for now, the more i guess they are. thank you for that. right next we're going to talk to my
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dear benjamin who's a co founder of the human rights organization, global exchange, also author of a book on drone warfare today. welcome to our t, the 10 civilians, 7 children. but this inquiry found no misconduct or negligence. your thoughts on that. it's devastating. it's heartbreaking. it shows there is no such thing as justice when it comes to holding people in the military accountable. let's remember, this is an investigation by the u. s. military of the u. s. military. and let's also remember that this was a drone strike in cobble where journalists could go and do their reporting. whereas there are hundreds of drones drags not only in afghanistan and pakistan in yemen, where journalists don't get a chance to go and see the results. i've gone myself to all of those countries and met with families whose loved ones have been killed. and there was never any accountability, sometimes there be
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a few $1000.00 that the military would give out to the families more like hush money. but in terms of holding people accountable, it has never happened. and i think this just shows the world community that the u. s believes in might make bright and that the powerful will not be held to account. but is it also the, the scope of this probe just couldn't cover that kind of thing? is the full left had a general said no, it's not criminal. conducts that there was no violation of law including the law of war. so therefore, it couldn't look into ethics, it couldn't look into the morality of any of these kind of operations. one of a conclusion could it have reached? how can you say there is no negligence when 10 innocent people are killed when they are following this man? who worked for a humanitarian organization for 8 hours and they can in that 8 hours, tell that this is not a terrorist about to throw a bomb or that absolutely,
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to me. sounds like negligence. if there is no violation in the law of war, then something is wrong with the law of war. so who should be looking into this then if you're saying it's the pen to guns, basically cleared itself, although it will insist that it's an independence pro because it was an air force left hand in general. the conducted it who should be looking into this. the international criminal court is a good place they have wanted to investigate the u. s. for war crimes in afghanistan before. this is certainly not the only one. and the u. s. has been totally against the i. c, c, n. been strong, arming them to drop her case against it, but the u. s. is not going to hold itself accountable. and then we really have to have the international community holding the u. s. account. in terms of the recommendations that have come out of this report, it's to suggest the people with their finger on the trigger to maybe have a mindful moment before they do so not a full to confirmation bias. i'm also recommending that maybe somebody has
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a checklist to make sure that before those decisions are made, these recommendations, do you think they will go anywhere? what could, oh, no, you're an anti war activist, but what could the pentagon do to try and minimize any tragedies? like this in future when they could stop the drown strikes and this is what we have been calling for for a decade. now. these strikes, it's not the 1st one, and it won't be the last and will we until we stopped the drones drags they have been killing innocent people for years now and covering up for it. so i think the conclusion must be that we have to take the drones away from these people because they can't be trusted. and because they have lied to us again and again and again. so, and the drones right side of that is to say though, even if the united states stopped using drones, all the countries would still use that much. but it's not necessarily a realistic option, isn't it? so what else could be done to ensure that if they're all going to be drones and
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21st century warfare, there's no going back, is that you can wind the clock back on technology who should be monitoring them, who should be policing them? what rule should be in place just like their off a certain kinds of bombs and other weapons? well, i feel that the u. s. is intervening in other countries and creating terrorists and creating mayhem by its interventions. i would start with saying that the u. s. particularly should be using its military to defend people inside the united states and not be going and looking for enemies. i think we in the u. s. should be an example and not the ones that set the bar so low that you can go around killing people by pressing a button. i and i take no responsibility for what you do if other countries do it than those people in their country, their civilians have to stand up and say, i don't want this done in my name. and that's what we in the united states who are
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anti war activists have been calling for it. but we need the international community to help us. the united states should stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. and then we wouldn't have to look at issues like these drones strikes and, and think of how we can hold the people who killed a family of 10 accountable. we just should stop doing it. and if the pentagon says will it, we've had to report, we've looked into it, this is our conclusion, and the government says, we go with that. that's fine. well, recalls his life of people like you and other american society. no, it's not enough. all the questions haven't been answered, is there anywhere else you can turn? well, i mentioned the international criminal court, but i think we should also go to our members of congress and asked them to paul for a really independent investigation. i think we should put pressure on the administration to do a truly independent investigation. i think we should call for hearings in congress . not only about this drone strike,
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but the use of drone strikes. i now that you as it has been doing and it's quote, war on terror that has been in itself a war on terror in communities. so i think there are many things that we can and should be doing in light of this last tragic drone strike. and now, especially in light of such a farce of an investigation. but it, benjamin, thanks very much for joining us, live in new york. well, we've covered the tragic attack in detail with relatives of the victims sharing their emotional response with us. we also examined the wider issue of civilian deaths in afghanistan. of us all thought the sandals belong to malika. she was very close to me. i looked her so much. she always told me to buy ice cream. us military forces conducted an unmanned over the horizon airstrike on a vehicle known to be an imminent isis k threat. on the morning of the bombing,
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she came and kissed me and said, good morning, father. it was our last meeting. i will never see her again. ah, my name is amanda, muddy. i'm the head of the family that has lost 10 of its members. it was around $430.00 p. m. i left for the market and on the way i met my elder brother who was driving back home. we talked a little then he left to go home and i crossed the road to go to the other side. i just crossed the road and i heard an explosion. my daughter later told me that she saw a smaller craft, a dro, moving around in a circle which then fired a missile about hitch or home. i turned to look what i thought there was dust and smoke clodagh. it was a terrible scene. my wife was shouting not her house was on fire. ah. busy
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there were parts of children's bodies. it was so bloody and gruesome. i went into my home on fun, my brother and a nephew. they were critically injured, but still alive and breathing. they later died in hospital. my brother and 9 others were killed in this horrific attack. my brother's daughter, who was soon to get married, also lost her life. another relative was also here, a guest. she was killed to, ah. as bogus maya loves cosmetics, she likes painting her nails. she liked dolls very much in the main colds of the instant was the american president planning this attack without any evidence and destroying our family. it was a catastrophe to what would work. ringback ringback for
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me to present his me clear to his commanders that they should stop and nothing to make isis pay for the deaths of those american service members at the cobble airport. my gosh, they say i says k lived in this house in this house were these children members of ice is a stupid thought without any proof, without any investigation. they attacked us and killed our children, and we will never forgive them. ah no other than our entire families in shank, it's been so painful for us mentally. we are not in a stable condition while the women are dead silent. they don't speak mana, we left out devastated home and now live in my sister's place. it's so painful to visit it because we could see our children dying there. some of the people accusing
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us of having contact with this law mich state. the americans who bombed our family, saying we'd been preparing an attack on them. their complete and utter liars, ah . ringback after the incident, no authorities came here to investigate. nobody asked us what happened here and no one helped. ready no one came here to morally support us. this is not a mistake of america. this is a crime of what we've lost their children. they count returned to us. so at the mister honor should be restored by a fir investigation into the incident. johnny, we offer the international community to investigate this incident. ah, make no mistake. no military on the face of the earth works harder to avoid
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civilian casualties than united states military. and nobody wants to see innocent life taking awe. happy thought the americans have left afghanistan. they came because of their own goals and humiliated my country. americans not achieved anything in afghanistan. america has failed in afghanistan. america and it is made all people have been miserable. oh, what about headline news now at the u. s. of food and drug administration says it still has full confidence in pfizer kobe testing. the regulator statement comes after the british medical journal published a whistleblower report, claiming serious flaws in the company's corona, virus vaccine trials last year. how the company in question then ta via was a contract, a carrying out 3rd stage vaccine clinical trials for pfizer. of the $44000.00 trial
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participants in total vent elvia worked with around a 1000 that the whistle blow up, broke jackson was regional director of the organization at that time of the concerns that she raised while working on vent hobby. as trials include pull lab management and data integrity, as well as neglecting patient safety. jackson says that even trial participants who suffered adverse side effects would not monitored. she adds that she was fired the same day that she raised her concerns and the new esl thorough it is refusing to investigate. within hours, jackson received an e mail from the if da, thanking her for her concerns, and notifying her that the f d. a could not comment on any investigation that might result. a few days later, jackson received a call from an f da inspector to discuss her report, but was told that no further information could be provided. she heard nothing further in relation to her report or have contacted pfizer amount of a comment on the claims,
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as well as further questions for the us. food and drug administration will let you know if they respond. right. well, let's talk now to dr. randy bry, who's a consultant, physician and surgeon for britain's n h s, are welcome to the program. so the f d. a, they've got full confidence in the pfizer vaccine, which is great. it's not a problem with a vaccine. it works, it's fine, it's safe, it's the procedure, isn't it? and that a whistleblower potentially wasn't listen to. that's a concern in terms of keeping public trust in order calling because do you think you think you're quite right? this is all relates to revelations in the, in the medical journal, as you say, not from yesterday. and as you say, this book, jackson was a senior employee the over this contract fi, there was a big enough company conducting sites, trials across from 153 sites across the world, many of them sub contract it out commercially practice, which is very common when within the american medical establishment,
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and this relates to just that he say 3 of those type and a 1000 to the patient. but the revelation really quite darkling, including, as you say, essentially the fact that the entire chrome may have been non blinded. so it was apparent to staff whether patients were receiving the placebo or, or the actual vaccine. real safety concerns, clinical concerns about the participants about disposal of sharps, about basic basic clinical medical practice comments that it was possibly that they were employees who felt pressure to falsify data. extremely serious accusation. and even they lacked enough stuff to follow up patients who are reporting to be positive in their symptom. now we don't know which relates to, but if you imagine that actually in the whole of the vaccinated arm of the trial, there were 21000 patients of whom there were only 8 cases of coded. and even
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a few cases of company that were missed significantly impact on the results of the trial in the, in the placebo, on $162.00 cases, it wouldn't take many cases to totally change the essentially efficacy calculation and therefore, or for really the entire process of generating the data, the such an effective vaccine is questionable and i'm afraid that you know, 5 by the has i lumens the 1st time they've been sounds to be acting in a way in which you can really say that their commercial interest is compromising day clinical and research objectivity judgment to collin and in terms of public perception on they assume that i have released a vaccine that is effective. it does work. it's kept people out of hospital and undoubtedly it's kept some people alive as well. so, but things like this does it overshadow the good work? the companies like pfizer and others have been doing when these vaccines have had
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to be on hold. the pfizer chief says, developed at the speed of science they have gone far. so that has created that sin teller of doubt, among some people in terms of taking the vaccines. does that create a little bit more of a rocky patch in terms of public trust? yes, it was a key quote, the speed of science. i mean what this really shows that it's been developed above the acceptable speed of science. they of course, could of applied and more people to the trolley kind of adequate staff to run the trial in an appropriate way and as a constant commercial pressure. even of the sub contractor to make profit. so to have fewer staff and generate results more quickly and cut corners in this way. and you know, pfizer has become through aggressive or takeover, mergers and acquisitions. the largest pharmaceutical company on the planet. it's previous highest revenue was in 2011, at which point it probably a gross around 67000000000 dollars this year is expected to eclipse. that $182000000000.00 and half of that will be coming from sales of the pfizer drug
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fully at $100.00. 35001000000 doses, sorry, have come to the u. k. and so really and in a flight of all re on under criticism and not shit, not counseling their patrons and allowing this a vaccine to be shared more widely. so, all along the line, you can see that commercial interest is pressuring and, you know, what would be the best way to treat the pandemic. and the best way to develop the drug. and he has now has very much shaken the confidence of the public and resulted in the large number of people in my country and throughout the world. not having trust in the vaccines that are available and not wanting to take them. if the bigger question should be aimed at the regulators here, because nobody's going to kill over with surprise at thinking a big pharmaceutical companies out to make profit. but the oversee is the companies, the organizations, the federal government agencies. it should be there in the oversight here. ought to be listening if somebody is ringing a bell. i mean, you have to look mean i agree with you, but you have to look in at the essential nature of the american states and who runs
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what they would have been political pressure, no doubt from trump to develop the vaccine quick especially had the election. but there was also huge commercial pressure to cut corners and bring, bring forth a vaccine. and that affected the is oh, yes, the actually is no longer even a strictly governmental organization. it's funding now directly comes from the drug companies who submits in their, their, their patents their, their research to that, the body, the food and drug administration hall their approval. and as a result, that the pro scrutiny come far more lex and brook jackson herself said, you know, she complained on the 25th of september to the f d i m a 26. he was sacked on the 31st of december. the article came out in the new england journal of medicine, and throughout that process, there was no mention of compromise of data either within their publications from the da, from the political institutions, the united states. so in time process, if you like, is one which tends to further the commercial interests of large companies rather
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than protect the interest of the public. and it's that that's gone to the heart of many scandals at pfizer has been involved with their trials. they run experimenting on my children, whether their heart valves that they inserted in patience and i'm afraid it is a theme which has come up again and again. okay. yeah, lots of tangents to their side there. appreciate your time on this dr. angie brown . thank you. next you, as democrats, have suffered a pivotal defeats in the state of virginia losing a governor's election there for the 1st time into terms to widely seen as a blow to joe biden and a damning judgment on his presidency. cannibal been explained, democrats are quite shaken up by the earthquake results of the race for governor in the state of virginia glen yanking the republican candidate one. now this is a state where joe biden defeated donald trump and a solid 10 points back in 2020. but now that state seems to be shifting into the republican camp. land junkin was victorious, the democrat was defeated. quite
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a shake up in the state of virginia. here's some of what we heard. that is a 5 alarm fire. somebody in ohio and mccaul, a scans was there was a recall of putting this way to me about an hour ago is of what beth? this is your live vote right now. where are there counties where it, because is under performing, nor them by more than, oh, my god. now some democrats think that this could be related to the falling poll numbers of joe biden. joe biden is not doing well, a number of americans disapprove of him. his approval rating is around 42 percent. and many look at the situation in virginia as one opportunity where voters stepped up and tried to register their discontent with how biden has led the country. clearly the presidents drop in favorability made it very difficult for the democratic nominee to stay above water. now $7.10 americans say that they don't
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like the direction in which biden is leading the united states and a poll conducted among democrats and independents who are democrat leaning. this poll came out and said that 40 percent of them think that their own party might do better to not nominate joe biden for reelection in 2024. but instead to pick another candidate. now this defeat or terry mcauliffe, a mainstream democrat located in the state of virginia, long time figure in virginia, politics has been quite a blow. you'll recall that in the lead up to the vote that happened tuesday. both the president and vice president traveled to virginia and emphasized how important this election was in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2020 to 2024. and o, it seems like this was an opportunity for voters to register their discontent. there's a lot of rising frustration with the biden administration over the unpopular coded
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vaccine mandates, over stagnation and inflation in the economy. and over the issue of the afghan pull out, which was very chaotic and in the lead up to the vote. national democratic party figures like president joe biden and vice president campbell heiress went to virginia to emphasize the importance of this election. they presented voters in virginia with their agenda, and it appears a lot of them did not like what they heard. because i should use for moscow for now . thanks for watching. i'm calling brian. be back here to update you again on the big stories we're across in just a half an hour. see than edge of state. aspire to use. luxury cars produce in their home countries. it's an unspoken rule for all official events and everyone's abided by for a very long time. the head of states car isn't only a symbol of the nations prosperity.


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