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tv   News  RT  November 3, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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using ai and using other advanced technologies, there has been on the defensive side a pentagon probe has found no misconduct or negligence in the botched us drones strike on kabul earlier this year. the attack left 10 civilians dead including 7 children u. s. medicines watchdog backs and pfizer, despite a whistleblower report and the british medical journal, alleging serious flaws in the company's coven vaccine testing. and us democrats suffer a surprising defeat and a pivotal governor's election in virginia. it's widely considered to be a major task for biden's presidency. ah,
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broadcasting live from russia to the world. this is r t international. my name is donald quarter. welcome to the program. b, u. s. defense department, pro pass found no, misconduct or negligence, and the mistaken us drones strike on kabul earlier this year. the strike left 10 civilians dead including 7 children. the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war. did find execution errors confirmed by confirmation or a combined with confirmation bias and communication break. the breakdowns to regrettably lead to civilian casualties earlier or senior corresponded moron gasdio, who reported from kabul during the chaotic hewitt withdrawal, spoke with my colleague, collin bray about what was said at the pentagon briefing, what essentially the pentagon is saying that their own investigation has found them not guilty. what they have said is that as we heard execution error as well as communication breakdowns and other big things of what are,
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what are to blame and all of this so they can get away with without pinning the blame on anyone. in particular, the full report ease is redacted and classified for security reasons. they say, nevertheless, the pentagon says that this would investigation was independence. and that they questioned 29. people who were related to this matter 2922 of them directly related in the strewn stripe. and which at the time the pentagon called a righteous strike and we withdrew, which we would later learn. and the weeks following was booth a tragedy and lost flu . busy ah,
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the pentagon also concluded that all involved all the people who questioned and all who were responsible for the stone trial, that they acted in good faith, that they legitimately believed that they were preventing an imminent terror attack against the the airport and u. s. troops stationed at campbell international airport. more than that, they say they claim that they track this man for this aid work, who worked for a usaid company at that they tracked him for many hours before the strike. and that at that point, they legitimately believed he was trafficking explosives to some of the careful wording. and all this from left hand general said that the drone strike needs to be considered in the context of the moment. because elaine, that is, that is the important thing that they say both triggered the drug truck and allowed this, this miss to happen is this huge, huge casualty 7 kids as well as 3 adults. and what they're arguing is at the time and we were,
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we were there towards the end of august. our team we saw 1st had there was new plat, it was absolute chaos. every action was, was improvised. every day was a new day without any sort of plan as to how things would be resolved. the evacuation was winding down off of the terror attack under $26.00 in which more than a dozen us servicemen would kill a $170.00 africans. there was also fear there was also tara, both a, both amongst the, the civilian population, as well as among u. s. troops and foreign troops stationed at the airport. everyone believed at the time, and we were expecting at the top more terror attacks at the airport. perhaps, shootings, perhaps another, another bombing, and obviously that may have contributed to this decision to go ahead with a strong track. there are all sorts of unanswered questions with regards to this report, such as how they didn't see this multitude of children playing around the car. they obviously targeted the vehicle, the bomb was very precise, the missile, it struck the vehicle and they were,
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all these kids arrived that they so there is the opinion that the drew operators must have seen the kids and must have decided to go along with this true true, they must have deemed the threat too, too severe. but we had previously spoken to drew operators former drew operators in the u. s. military, and they had this squad a gung ho attitude in the service. the sergeant comes down and turns around. mel goes in a military prater, as he says, your job is to kill people and break things. so you got all these young enlisted deeds and girls gallon and guys who are out of high school. grab no experience in anything who are now. basically, video game snipers for months of training made in the position to make the decision mental degradation with the proper term. every shot that we turn like they're cheering their congratulating each other. they're high, 5 each other people getting promoted because of his staff. it's like
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a withering away of who you are. i was told one day going in that president obama himself would hollis up and give the order himself to me. and i got this euphoric feeling. we had previously heard from the pentagon that no disciplinary action was, was being planned and this report doesn't include any recommendation for disciplinary action against any individual or those responsible for this. for this disastrous as striken, that may be bitter news for relatives in the family of those killed to swallow, were because obviously they had previously said that they would or they would renounce any claim to compensation so long as those responsible were punished. asthma cardona was, i will keep demanding that each person who has committed a crime here must be convicted and punished with the due process of law. it's unfair if a person commits a crime and then a different person is brought to court to answer, the criminal must be punished, no scapegoats. if americans committed a crime,
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they must be brought to justice. in this case, it appears that the pentagon has renaming the crime on the system and though on vague mistakes that nobody can really be held accountable for previously, the u. s. government had said that they would offer compensation to the, to the family and relatives of those that were, that were killed. but the report also has recommendations. 3 various recommendations to make sure that incidents like this don't happen again to minimize civilian casualties in the future. but for now it's, it's business as usual, nothing's changed in the way that these room strikes are handled or or carried out . and perhaps all these recommendations will stay in the future. just that recommendations. former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter told r t that there was not one single legitimate reason to carry out the drone attack. there is nothing but negligence here from the beginning when they identified or miss identified the target to the in when the decision was made to pull the trigger
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. i can't see a single legitimate reason to go forward. and yet everybody did go forward. and if they're not being honest about it and saying that mistakes were made, this is going to happen again. this isn't the 1st time we fired a missile that's killed civilians. it isn't the 2nd time, 3rd time for time. it's the hundreds time. and the, the reality is the united states as known for some time now that the procedures it has in place. it carry out counter terrorism strikes in a real world, you know, real time an event or are not sufficient to the task that we kill civilians. and yet we went forward in ways of because there was political pressure being placed on the military to be seen as doing something. we've covered the tragic attack in detail with relatives of their victims sharing their emotional responses. we also explained, examined the wider issue of civilian deaths in afghanistan of
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a saw thought the sandals belong to malika. she was very close to me. i looked her so much. she always told me to buy ice cream. u. s. military forces conducted an unmanned over the horizon airstrike on a vehicle known to be an imminent isis k threat. on the morning of the bombing, she came and kissed me and said, good morning, father. it was our last meeting. i will never see her again. ah, my name is amanda, muddy. i'm the head of the family that has lost 10 of its members. it was around 4 30 pm. i left for the market and on the way i met my elder brother who was driving back home. we talked a little then he left to go home and i crossed the road to go to the other side. i just crossed the road and i heard an explosion. my daughter later told me that she
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saw a smaller craft, a drone, moving around in a circle which then fired a missile that hit our home. oh, i turned to look what i thought of the was dust and smoke clodagh. it was a terrible scene. my wife was shutting not her house was on fire. ah, there were parts of children's bodies. it was so bloody and gruesome. i went into my home on fun, my brother and a nephew. they were critically injured, but still alive and breathing. they later died in hospital. my brother and 9 others were killed in this horrific attack. my brother's daughter, who was soon to get married, also lost her life on another relative, was also here a guest. she was killed to, ah, has bos maya loves cosmetics,
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she likes painting her nails. she like dolls very much on the main coals of the instant was the american president planning this attack without any evidence and destroying our family. it was a catastrophe. good. ringback ringback ah, the president is made clear to his commanders that they should staff and nothing to make isis pay for the death of those american service members at the cobble airport magazine. they say, i says k lived in this house in this house were these children members of ice is a stupid thought without any proof, without any investigation. they attacked us and killed our children, and we will never forgive them. ah no other fellows our entire families and chunk,
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it's being so painful for us mentally. we are not in a stable condition while the women are dead silent, they don't speak to wanna. we left out devastated home and now live in my sister's place. it's so painful to visit it because we could see our children dying. there are some of the people accusing us of having contact with this law mich state. the americans who bombed our family, saying we'd been preparing an attack on them. their complete and utter liars, ah . ringback after the incident, no authorities came here to investigate. nobody asked us what happened here and no one helped. no one came here to morally support us. this is not a mistake of america, this is a crime. you know, we've lost their children. they count returned to us, so at the mister owner should be restored by us for investigation into the incident
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. johnny, we aussie international community to investigate is incident. ah, make no mistake. no military on the face of the earth works harder to avoid civilian casualties than united states military. and nobody wants to see innocent life taken ah, the americans have left afghanistan. they came because of their own goals and humiliated in my country. america is not achieved. any thing in afghanistan, america has failed in afghanistan. america, and it is made all people miserable for us. food and drug administration says it still has full confidence. and pfizer is coven
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testing. the regulator statement comes after the british medical journal published a whistleblower report claiming series flaws in the company's corona virus vaccine trials last year. the company in question been ta via is a can, is a contractor that carried out 3rd stage vaccine clinical trials for pfizer. of the 44000 overall trial participants, been tabio worked with around 1000. and the whistleblower brook jackson was regional director of the organization at the time. the concern she raised while working on vin topya's trials include poor lab management and data integrity, as well as nate neglecting patient safety. jackson says that even trial participants who suffered adverse side effects were not monitored. she also claimed she was fired the very same day. she raised her concerns and that us authorities are refusing to investigate. within hours, jackson received an email from the if da, thanking her for her concerns, and notifying her that the f. d. a could not comment on any investigation that
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might result a few days late. so jackson received a call from an f da inspector to discuss her reports, but was told that no further information could be provided. she had nothing further in relation to her report. we've contacted pfizer and vent avia for comment on the claims as well as posing further questions to the us food and drug administration will of course, like, you know if they respond. but in the meantime, dr. reggie bra are a consultant, physician, and surgeon for britain's inch, and a chess thinks of vaccine development has fallen victim to corporate. greed by the has full made is by no means the 1st time that they've been found to be acting in a way in which you can really say that their commercial interests is compromising bay clinical and research objectivity and judgment. what this really shows that it's been developed above the acceptable speed of signs of a that of course, that of a applied and more people to the trolley could of adequate stop to run the trial. inappropriate wayne is a constant commercial pressure even of
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a sub contractor to make profit. so to have fewest off and generate results more quickly and cut callers in this way. commercial interest is pressuring the, you know, what would be the best way to treat the pandemic and the best way to valid the drug . for us, democrats have suffered a pivotal defeat and the state of virginia losing a governor's election there for the 1st time. and 2 terms, it's widely seen as a blow to joe biden at damning judgment on his presidency as archie is caleb martin, reports, democrats are quite shaken up by the earthquake results of the race for governor in the state of virginia glen yanking the republican candidate one now this is a state where joe biden defeated donald trump and a solid 10 points back in 2020. but now that state seems to be shifting into the republican camp. land junkin was victorious, the democrat was defeated. quite a shake up in the state of virginia. here's some of what we heard. that is
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a 5 alarm fire. somebody. and i opened mccollugh scans was there was mccaul, of put it this way to me about an hour ago. is of what beth, this is your life vote right now. where are there counties where my cough is under performing, nor them by more than, oh, my god. now some democrats think that this could be related to the falling poll numbers of joe biden. joe biden is not doing well, a number of americans disapprove of him. his approval rating is around 42 percent. and many look at the situation in virginia as one opportunity where voters stepped up and tried to register their discontent with how biden has led the country. clearly the presidents drop in favorability made it very difficult for the democratic nominee to stay above water. now $7.10 americans say that they don't like the direction in which biden is leading the united states and a poll conducted among democrats and independents who are democrat leaning. this
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poll came out and said that 40 percent of them think that their own party might do better to not nominate joe biden for reelection in 2024. but instead to pick another candidate. now this defeat or terry mcauliffe, a mainstream democrat located in the state of virginia, long time figure in virginia, politics has been quite a blow. you'll recall that in the lead up to the vote that happened tuesday. both the president and vice president traveled to virginia and emphasized how important this election was. but happy genius will in large part determine what happens is 2020 to 2024. and so it seems like this was an opportunity for voters to register their discontent. there's a lot of rising frustration with the biden administration over the unpopular cobit vaccine mandates, over stagnation and inflation in the economy. and over the issue of the afghan pull
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out, which was very chaotic and in the lead up to the vote. national democratic party figures like president joe biden and vice president common air has went to virginia to emphasize the importance of this election. they presented voters in virginia with their agenda, and it appears a lot of them did not like what they heard. republican richard black is a former member of the virginia state senate. he says, the democrats defeat is an ominous sign for them with elections coming up and other key states. we sort of are let miss towers for the nation of what, what you can expect. ironic way people always look at virginia to see what is likely to happen in the future, but in new jersey, which people don't even pay attention to the republican is neck and neck up there. and that's such a heavily blue area that nobody even normally. thanks about it. so it just shows a tremendous weakness in the democratic side. and what has happened here. loudon
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county is where i live and where i've represented there has been an uprising of the people against policies. and this was not something dictated by the young can campaign or by the republican party, but it's just individual parents. much of it is focused on the issue of schools. some of it is on the backseat mandates. some of those on the shut down of businesses. but key to the most burning issue is critical race theory. the fact that it's in a single year, we went from a 10 point advantage for my to a to point loss for mccall. you know, you're looking at 12 point shift in one state that's blue leading. and if you translate that to other states across the nation, it,
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it really forecasts a wipe out for democrat congressmen running in next year's election in minneapolis. the vote for a new mayor was eclipsed by a valid on police accountability and public safety issues. their voters rejected a bid to get rid of the local police and replaced them with supposedly more benign public safety officials. the proposal came after the murder of george floyd last year and cited nationwide protests and demands to defend the police. ah ah
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recent polls show that people still have an unfavorable view of the police in the city. however, many more people would not like the number of officers to be reduced, a position that's especially strong in the black community. the refusal to vote against local police may be linked to the city surgeon violent crime amid the officer staffing shortages. there have already been significantly more homicides in 10 months this year than in the whole of 2019 comes after the city council and 2020 voted to dismantle the local police inch and slash its budget. but this resulted in a law suit from residence, including former city counselor that don samuels, he won a court order against the council, forcing it to recruit more officers. largely the conversation around the issue was held in social media. and then of course, was
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a well funded campaign funded by folks outside of the city. the movement itself was funded by about a 1000000 and a half dollars. and so there were a lot of was a lot of money to work with. but the founding groups have upwards of $30000000.00 that they were able to strategically raise very quickly after george slide died. as a lot of that energy and anxiety around floyd's dad, created this influx of dollars here and in the city more than 80 percent of it from outside to find the room addition to that, we knew that we had many folks who consider themselves allies of the community who wanted to see police and change, which would have been disastrous for us here in the city as a whole. but certainly the african american community where crime is at an all time high. if it could not be done here. the city where george floyd was killed after for lando and then dante arrived, that it might be
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a strategy that needs changing because this was the 1st best chance the fund, the police, just as a regular rule has been a colossal failure. any place i tried to implement you for the police crime has gone up when it's been york chicago in minneapolis in the late. it's been a colossal failure because what stopped crying? what brings crime down, especially violent crime or more police on the street. you have to have police on the street in order for your street, be safe violence reduction or reducers, you know, community activists. i want to go out and talk to gang members. isn't going to work and the evidence shows it. i'm glad that sanity prevailed in minneapolis because otherwise, when their streets would have been complete, a us in this place believe tried to be on the police. they've actually had to increase the police budget for over time for more resources to hire more cops. so hopefully this is going to be
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a trend in the other way to start actually supporting police actually fun. the police are staying with the u. s. americas trust in media outlets has steadily declined since joe biden took office back in january. recent polls say americans are falling out of love with traditional channels. almost a quarter of those surveyed said they had no trust in traditional or establishment news outlets at all when it comes to accurate and fair reporting. with another 30 percent saying their trust was at a very low level since the start of biden's presidency, the level of media trust has suffered a 16 percent decline. journalist an author chris hedges told us the issue is fueled by polarization and american society. people do trust their favored a partisan media outlet. the problem is they don't trust any other. the fact is, the country now is completely divided into antagonistic or opposing demographics and media. commercial model of all,
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all media outlets at this point is to cater to that particular demographic. now that's how they make their money. they slice that demographic, they feed that demographic. what it wants to hear, whether it's true or not. so you're feeding that demographic. what it wants to hear, while at the same time, demonizing, the other demographic and all media, major media outlets are guilty of this. you've seen a huge drop in terms of viewership at outlets like cnn or m. s m, b c. because they demonized crop, and they could day after day terrify their viewers with whatever the latest on trump, co, pa, was or, and at the whole election of biden was really anybody but trump, the media landscape itself as undergoing a kind of see change and all of this pulling reflects those divisions and the stoking of the antagonism between the demographics that are catered to by the major media outlets. that's all for this,
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our stay tuned for your news headlines and just about 30 minutes. mm. ah. ah ah ah
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ah ah, i mean, ah, [000:00:00;00] with i'm african retents in the head of mass protests we're doing on the ground is 30000 descent. the drug gets capital of europe. scotland dissolved the climate emergency in what is accused of being the most privileged climate summit in history coming up in the show. we confront allegations of hypocrisy with one of the boards. johnson's
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talk climate advisors as the u. k. government which just slash taxes on domestic air travel ways up 40 new fossil fuel project, one lecturing the world. that loon with a minting nuclear submarine deals with australia may do the world in more ways than one hand after allegations by u. k. foreign off his lawyer, that boris johnson jokes about the world's worst humanitarian crisis. we investigate yemen and other british weapons markets contributing to global death, destruction, and climate change. all of all coming up in today's going underground refers to our continuing coverage. you call 26. the you and climate change summit in glasgow just by joey speeches you gave my minister birth johnson. is that a rocking start to the summit? being questioned on his commitment to the environment in the face. when you, coal mine in cumbria budget, cut taxes on flying descent within his own body regarding pumping raw sewage and rivers in a nuclear sabrin deal with australia that arguably left the country off the hook when it comes to net 0. so what does the man advising bore as strong as government? think of all the alleged advocacy for dba is the chairman of the u. k. 's
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independent committee on climate change. he was conservative, body chairman, under margaret thatcher and the longest ever serving you k secretary state for the environment, joins me now from the summit in scotland in glasgow. i don't know, it's noisy there, whether it's a crazy ladiva then tell us about the subject because everyone here is going methane success, forestry, success for the whole thing is a great success. well, no, we don't know yet do until they finish it. but at this stage, we do have some very major improvements, so not least, the willingness of back governments to sign up to stop by deforestation, which is something that russia has signed up to. i'm sorry that russia has refused to sign up to meet fame, cause that the reduction of methane is a hugely important thing. but other nations have done that. and there's a very significant improvement in what people have offered. so it looks to me as if we are going to have a reasonable success we, we entered it, we left paris with looking as if we were going towards
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a level of about 3 degrees increase in our temperatures,


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