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as a heads of state, aspire to use luxury cars produced in their home countries. it's an unspoken rule for all official events. and everyone's abided by for a very long time. the head of states car isn't only a symbol if the nation's prosperity. it's a matter of national prestige. ah, joe biden uses the so called cadillac one limousine, nicknamed the beast. it is an arm and bony and weighs 10 tons bars. johnson gets driven about in a jakya queen elizabeth rides in a bentley. angela mercosur car choice is an audi, while a french leader emmanuel macaroni uses a converted citron diaz, 7 ah, in russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. it took 5 years to close
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the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model mean to horace, russian go mm . heads of states vehicles have always been a matter of the highest national priority. the 1st luxury car used by a russian emperor nicholas the 2nd was the french dylan, a better veiled linen leader of the wells planetarium was partial to english cars. this is the world's only snowmobile based on a rolls royce. and it handled the challenging off road conditions. very well. starlin was afraid of possible assassination attempts. one of his favorite amik cars was an american packet. he wrote it until the late 9040. so when the usaa saw
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started producing an equivalent of its own, the army says 115, the next u. s. s. alida khrushchev firmly believed that people loved him, so he didn't use armored vehicles and took a special liking to domestically bail convertibles. however, soviet leaders had to go back to using army cars after a failed attempt on brashness live. in january 1969, the laws able to drive the head of state policy from the president of the soviet union. the heil gorbachev to the president of russia barissi, else in the soviet union collapsed and so did the country's economy. it was a heavy blow for all industries. an automobile manufacturing was no exception. so the president of russia, boris yeltsin, chose a mercedes initially vladimir putin use the same until all the necessary pieces of the puzzle came together in russia, funding technology, and what's even more important people who are capable of taking on such an ambitious project. one of the most katara. sure enough,
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and other woman mr. ramos. this is the role is close to push over in that soil soaps and after money played in more than a plethora. mr. phillips is eligible for the so called unified modular plan form is a new line of luxury cars, apart from a limo. it also includes a sudan, a minivan, and the convertible. these are configured to meet specific customer requirements, but share the same basic design vegetable as to promotion la email continued to kiss or stuck up a little bit with y o, clock of chicago. some one was lashania of them. you specifically saw you source for that. was that on i have up of my mean donald to at their table. william wasn't, you know, put it on the top. my mom disposal maybe lucas glosson of to mom in general, of to live with the cortege proj. was
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entrusted to the renown nami institute, which developed the very 1st soviet automobile. but after perestroika nami simply wasn't up to the task of taking on a project of such scope. even though they go to the book, how well pleased to see the length of a louisiana to hopefully and also to give me a deal i'm using you mostly. you been with us institute on a chanel? not a no really, really the show. with sort of from, from push to pull it up. the presidential z o, a little boy with them for the product. you just had a model with others. they're both. sheena comes the she's the ship matches were born yet of a break. we're not sure what i mean, the sprague, them story come on with often explicitly stuff. so yes, chris, paula with washer. it skips us will minova when i showed it by the rest of it is
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only similarly in oil or national export. so the killer, i wonder if i know all is well institution so but alas, okay. can you teach in a marcella, ga, ga when you milo gags deal e one the criteria is dealing with to life. maybe like a cautious so they use of to my be should do much the constant meadows granddad for him on enough women to not just it's bill with some dollar socialist marketing. go that on your design kind of after school or what i mean. but there's really much in groups. she also stock class. she'll produce them. so i will give it a menu. okay. i'm with the team. schools are then a neutral because i knew what i've done. so should be able to call you my phone, which was table and none of the markings just particularly just finished. but what i heard it through, you thought it was now to renew your screen orange market or get from your weeds of actual if you do that with that, the constructor, i'm design a little boy virginia. come down. okay, be surprised. conditional contributor. nom up a completion, but she's
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a senior minion, right? so normally show up, of course she with nose up. if a dog dog. the 1st challenge was to come up with a feature that would not only said the car apart from all the rest, like which serve as a clear reference to the country of its origin of not only millennium. below a grown lady, she's got a data evoke, a new move of white healey worf to might be slid usage b o we of my be class looks crazy. do on leave. so you can say use own lenient to be able to ski with a boon for my be in the more some linen, but if the union prestige a door, i see the new yorker lisa germano boy, shoot them off the one that also by gretchen about with mitchell, i said i will post council that i'm using yet. i mean like a formula. national media, luca, national board for chelsea acquittal for cool. you sort of make up with a medium of almost all variable when you combine ocoee table when you're
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a platform, any worthily proport solution, you know, publishing some stuff that i work with. i just full of support. she did not like a social worker, c, v, but i, somebody needs to us which is food. and i see what they need to acknowledge. that obviously process though, in which case you were able to with a chest off place, had really beat with fortunate values, a attributed leisure lane, lush market. all you gotta clean you, we be doing family get we're, i'm with a company to complete list of numbers which here at the middle poster, we pull them in the pulley with my kids to my media in the pos mcculla school bus from wheel. clearly, stoker workers should be off the cross production mortgage. your car portfolio venue enough to minute pause letters to moore's law, but we should manually dig a was you the key?
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emotional that a you for the shuttle at the schools was for bennett garden, the injured one that was a hide you of the machine. you just, they all, not mikey up seo is what i was by alabama. they only come, quit jumping, eat up rationally, whether it's nights and almost my blue cut for most your poorly moderately or full grades are still if she went on the car on bush novel, which really isn't up like studio for a long. i'm because i live with that. i'm on get sleeves come, roaster good talk. much will prove would you will have your policy go. what else can you boy nice pizza, a nice thing that you and you can throw vidalia the last. i knew in washington the such last a bits at knowledge because alicia homeschool and we've deal and we could use ania below construct that off by both millimeter to will couple installed linear e for my view stalls want to hear from yeah, which the boss will be in the scuttle, bottle skip, which will go after boston was all school of mushroom design. yeah. with using it is comes through that. i'm abuse, abuse a little little moment,
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but them. so the polish, i'd say if i'm using that and i really believe that he's on panel alien, you deal with her being bullied to the meeting and bullied wisdom here. i think i nearly deal with abuse bully estoppel slim bully through. all of them. boy will read in yesterday's mother is not for my bill. it the go on the city, yours now while grip go on. the issue of when you a couple of a meacham, you latosha mitchum you for the the 2nd car clinic is done out of the interior of the vehicle is completed. the 3rd is carried out when the vehicle's ready to drive and someone will take a shot as a shot coming up in my me like that most of my scholarship and i really like to, i'd else in line to get it. we've learned enough about the exterior, but once under the hood, why criteria should automobile number one meet, could be discredited, is to can, can sign off to my bill and where, where do you swim? i mean, you know what the command thongs of it is. a couple of crucial characteristics. i have to pick your staff by. you'd see impediment fusion plus my shoulder or malaysian the must. i wish it was no cost. okay. the flemish holder. i'm not gonna
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treat them with your company until doc i actually in the washington customer for such a short little survey. oh, so from my media and i'll publish some of the schools that were complete on the middle. that is a diploma school that must favorite to pull this whole, that there's not going to do much quick jump. but then what's the most 3 of them? i mean, what cook zayden you're a little by the more finish is to wish can pay me properly. i you most bishop, you will chair and the most that done solution i my name is austin. i think a couple is the what the way why did so you know, you what it so think to put a 100 on that. yeah. you need to use about don't construct around design use more to plan you. he which now you'll be able to set the estimate of them to put him in a small room for north wanted of thought you can put into the us more, lucia monday. lucia, you know, not predict. when you karen toasted to tear stone from possibly this little austonia condition for zoom. milkeen in
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a system that is on the got a hold of them. will you send me enough time? you know, law just i lawyer assist you on my boss, his team, a companion. this was and there's no less percentage on the front. i won't go on and get out of the more. sure, jim, are you so on there for you to leave a message coming through horner? i'm the mother. in other words, the project was already well underway. when the international situation changed abruptly. tensions between the west and the east that started in 2014 separate seemingly strong economic ties between countries. while the video also been october 1 year and you're doing well in law, and i'm authorization shouldn't follow you. the sheik is non payment absorption dose to play by ear hookups, which in by show the full regression. that is much a complete jensen was that the p shed way is that each get a new spiel 20th or a deal at the night. she's in the police, so could i teach?
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so it is without any but that's equal for monday. the solution to the office team will continue to win. when all they get dilate, the chat a little bit, people, us the web more, some of a t full with no money to you. well, knowing that the good news to cynthia, chagrin, dealer or for floor and issue a board here, which is a me on this notion that bought some a glum. it's at least the i feel out to eat. you can all of you a chair, a total. yeah. a new mobile issue with a computer live wireless. no, i need you to pretty much the initial new state, and i missed that with cuba. live cook with the mushroom. no. williams, miss monster. when your son i will shoot
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a note to self dashboard. mm hm . oh, virginia has roared and democrats are reeling, republican glen youngins, gubernatorial when is nothing less than stunning. he is a political novice and not a trump. sara get this bill whether election, how far reaching implications it could signal the end of the biden presidency. join me every thursday on the alex silent shore and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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today you can simply go and reinvent the automobile. the only way to break any new ground in the car industry is to build on existing global expertise. hey, i just got out of both are both only sure. do you not speak english in your? see the special with the deal with with godaddy and he said time is the citizen capital boy. just need your vehicle. do you just a little to worry about? no, with the of more weight, you know, will you protect it? yes ma'am, we will. it's pretty good news too. so let me see a company like that. i'm more than of 3. this is, my daughter's name's. don't go to the wrong time. you let the conditions or if you could just put it on for a national, take your scores on then se is so 3 of william in the vehicle features a hybrid engine, producing 600 horsepower. it hits 100 kilometers now in 6 seconds. hold on for what
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you saw for me and other things to go on there. so home lucia was i'd like to go to gaza. wasn't even going to be on the pool, should told the worst what it is you will reply to motion with that. but he up and loved it when you geo cd. nobody if i'm with also just for the hour or so it she friday after one beautiful, almost a year with those i think you're good if i chose those wash just to so for so you this year or should focus with what he's been using them go for the biggest issue nice is have with the vehicle is want to russian about it. porsha participated in developing the engine and some of his parents are imported from abroad. let's go go lang young. understand the emitter that the complete to issue doesn't i think it's a real interest advantage. it rolls royce,
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especially stovall them off to my media and glasgow squad of name is what's wrong with this person, for superhuman justice i finished of motion the mila. it will come, greece could be some root cause is dish, and we had him too much, hon. and you book a housekeeper. we summer, mutually east of england. those leg got the cut daughter here near was most is got through with me to do it here. i, she, nor modem with the not local is optimal, wouldn't have to pitcher and use more. took that to go to. okay. hm. curseth, interestingly, i should go swim with what you called. you. yeah, was currently at some 50 russian enterprises work on the orest line of vehicles in locations from moscow to cross may i ask who is at the masa just modeling is able to attend the proposals. boy, so i will let you look up the road. i seen you from yourself, little square caution. i resolved because i will because i live near or scratches put those up on the machine, but not on, you know, i have school for in the courtroom will not,
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i will this fierce competition in this field. so every mishap is put under a magnifying glass in 2011. when barack obama is limo was leading the american embassy in dublin, it's undercarriage hit, a ramp. secret service agency immediately brought a van to the scene, blocking the view for the crowd of onlookers where she is of my mind, the eagles nash walked with them a call when you put it in 2017 donald trump's, cadillac didn't fence through the gates of the royal palace in brussels. the doors on the vehicles body what to think because of all its protective upgrades, trump had to walk a blatant violation of security protocols in 2020 pm boris johnson was in a crash when a protest of block the part of his jag and escorting security vehicle slammed into the rear motor vehicles
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a cram with electronics that help drivers react at any has on the road. ah, every small detail is accounted for the record so far i was close to the color. so i've been crazy to me with the pushing come for a reason. still almost sure i need to bring that with the crystal for you know, i see if you can get up with a flu shot. i'm not familiar with that will work, i least should teach social grades here with people to forward you this morning. she's gonna just put that over fully. wanna proceed
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with the boy you through with the sources of order before a vehicle can hit the road. it has to pass a series of tests under realistic conditions. and that's what the me testing center is for, or supporting corpuscles. i don't know how to work to mondays or stuff. we have such a communion. christina decrypted in position by stephen. they build up off the absorbed field that you could, you call you a mark no for a song though you should see whether it's a pity or when you pull up to me. but she was off off this to be done with the late in the states. the funny reason jessica, a front on how to lie, just waiting on left to why electrical solution reforming just you so much. i'm water both of those. oh i am a cough. so i'm going to put a mutual napoleon in ordering does office 2. we weren't sure. look, abuse of those corners just to let me just to clean up there with
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this pitcher is im certificates released cuz me in your portal. got them, isabel darney, it was escalade bush long, was myrtle beach with sun and got a lot of soldiers to waffle meetings last month on my heels from simona gold can. but i wasn't sure whether, if not to keep on your racial, blah, blah, can reach a level ideally story. i thought that was why mobiles and 4th through the complex people wars. and this was followed with our stumble, patrone no soft money, almost. but he is a good option. i wish the world probably is. it was nickel. we put it around. i didn't kill anya. but what sydney gordon? with 50 killing me up a for mission donald bush, cuz something's got in his multiple of them due to its alma, the russian presidency limousine is twice as heavy as the civilian model. it weighs in at $6.00 tons. just go in for that'll go to work to my move to the field
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with all those go what we'll still go for. it was done on a fin. when automobile number one was finished and everyone agreed, it was the kind of car the head of state should use. yet another brainstorming session was held. michelle has always been with us when you're the person just send you mr. cousin, the kid. basically, i'm telling you what the nozzle is, but on the screws, a good one was which i think this one is a car. petey templeton, with pneumonia. norma, trouble at ciocca. sheila, associate brenda recham with a brent visual with mute cable seed told normally on the 6th schools i know capital seems to be a little bit slower. houghton zola host with a up my senior ashika prob, shipping the mirror with we're pretty in the washer. and now it's teach the who's a cock show, which is his lawyer. i mean,
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to stay on the corner that are storm losses. this envelope is t o in each number is a mobile cellular because it was some way to do a lot more to ensure that there was a boy and what also none of them will. but the for my lead report is up, guys, chicago, even the blue book, just a construct on that issue. it was, i mean, you had the list, i was more look at them that you all are missing. i mean, when i bought it in the provide a cheaper that the, even the dish has, i bet you that was wondering if the good nation you of it and that this more the, my bill for the in the, with the broadcasting live from must go from the kremlin and all eyes are now on what's happening in the city center at the very heart of the russian capital. in just a few minutes. mr. vladimir putin will be sworn in as president of russia, little other, a national. so the can meet liam on man was,
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wasn't to most of the flood bits, a lot of problems with emerson, there's number with us by if it would be in the garage, say sure. let me see if the commercial, daniel crockett, of course, mostly stay at the small talk. unlimited text was wanted him to come in with the oldest book. as you see us in there, get talk about russian. you know, there's not by you can with somebody from zillow, we read in it, cram, came with the house that's in the garage. see a spicy lover when you can, your slump of the most thought she knew you will be. leave the machine with bull nest on the facial beam in the late in the garage. will it be? it is a one year. i mean, you still scuttle? i think by now, even the uninitiated will realize that the president has got into one unusual cause . so from this day on may, the 7th 2018 russia's head of state will be using
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a domestically manufactured modica. can a bicycle move till i got plenty of with my washing. the only thing i'm in austin, i was want to cover the nuanced kirk of time bill. lisa kirkland, a little dark one. do you guys are still at the used to she was was fiercely door at the mobile shoulders will. will cars or the last the some like one where for nicholas we're still for the to pittafield you from with is yours. still for jewish cock at the with you was he shows you the full shows on which was the award local store from one you thus boil office. tommy swam in the middle of customs. all that she was doing took my door in the water sufficient. let me get away because i am only cue. it gets small. yes i was
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that product, it's ocean views. oh, it was their skin have changed a little more modern, seamless door. let's say force used to do it the way i see it. oh, but i bought the slam and was deal. it's a mental posted in the partially be small voice in this month. it was more or less full just to which i assume women y'all is that machine? yeah. nauseous up on may. the 31st 2021. mass production of oral vehicles began in toronto, stands a lava special, economic zones i. she threw intra city me with a lot of numbers in that was nice. yeah, yeah. asian, i thank you much in a fee in sam's room. next i have the ability to kind of just doing the just doing the machine se 3 shifts unit home sunday. ah,
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the 1st car that rode off the assembly line was a luck re sedan the order in the future. this factory will also produce as you these, but you see, see, and you must do this. i wish there was some she meant to feel motion with suspicion . i name of someone at the museum the questioning of some of you. so if there's any food or fish colonaze, unless you're out a secret player yet, but you have to be in a storm. well, most of them, so the, what do i do with the door but over fed fish of to my, me good. but i was in the difficult like open the competency and all of them was noticed by net blanco here with premier nursing and was me where the pregnancy was that you know? so if the problem we already started off isn't exclusively presidential vehicle for the head of states use, but now it's being used more more for private trips with
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shameful shells. but i, she was supposed to do what the video i know how to look that blue shades. yeah. but you marsh that's gotta issue my reasonable for that. keep it like the new movie . of course. that's from an ideal that the relationship or the other ship like was more now it would always of like examples possibly, but i moved to me still i'm really it's funny but i hear you. okay. you should the souls in the night a platform or joy, keith break of the media motor window, morphine, you. mm ah, well look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to race truck rather than fear like take on various job with artificial intelligence, real, somebody with demon a robot must protect its own existence with which we love. adults is always built on a structure that was created 1st in childhood. so without understanding childhood relationships, it becomes very hard to understand adult relationships. and that's why it's incredibly important to be able to have
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a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional be in the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is the state devising methods to essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, this year, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and victim say they still live with the consequences today. ah
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. the key research for the infamous steel dossier on trump, russia, ties, has been arrested in america on false testimony. challenges becomes admitted prob, into the real reasons behind a major investigation into a ledge collusion between the 2. the next president branded that a, which also on the way for you the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war. the u. s. investigation concludes that in august, drunk striking car well that killed 10 afghans, civilians was not calls on misconduct or negligence. businesses across the u. s. braces, the white house announces it will impose mandatory code vaccines for the private sector. as of the new year. we've spoken to an airline pilot if is that it could lead the massive job losses.


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