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tv   News  RT  November 5, 2021 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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commentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming, is that documentary, i see it on our tea. ah, american nurse is suspended from work after refusing to take a cobit shots on religious grounds. it comes as the by the administration sets the date for monday, free jobs to be extended to workers in the private sector. i. unfortunately, they deemed that my religious beliefs were not sincere. it's kind of surreal, honestly, because i love my job and i have been a co vendors for since the beginning with germany preparers to tighten restrictions only on vaccinate test, daily, co, big cases. so we're to an all time record pushing the health care system to limit them. a russian researcher in the us who contributed to the infamous deal dossier
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on from the alleged ties to russia is charged with lying to be at vi. backlash against woocommerce is seen as one of the key factors turning us voters against the democrats of that party suffers a series of the feats election ah, are every year catching the program from across the globe today? welcome to moscow onto our teacher national. i'm even o'neill, our top story, the u. s. has registered 81000 cobit cases in the past 24 hours. it is the world's highest figure and comes despite the governments all our efforts to get people vaccinated, including
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a federal mandate. not pressures being met by fierce resistance on one nurse in california has been suspended by a private hospital. after she refused to take a coven shot, victoria johnson filmed herself being escorted from her workplace. i am being escorted out of kaiser permanente hospital for my religious beliefs because i don't want to get the job. they deemed that my religious beliefs were not sincere. and i was upset about that because i haven't really sincere religious beliefs and convictions. and i wanted to get answers from the hospital as to some random h r person deciding that my livelihood was now going in jeopardy because they didn't believe that i really have sincere beliefs in my christian faith is kind of surreal, honestly, because i love my job and i have been
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a coven nurse for since the beginning. with joe biden's, controversial workplace bucks a month. it has now expanded to small businesses requiring all workers to get a faxing or get at least one p c. r test per week. penalties for employers start at $14000.00 per violation on could rise to $100000.00. several states helping really oppose the measure on file lawsuits against the bite and administration. while the requirements don't cover every one though, there is some exemptions. those include certain medical conditions or pregnancy, or religious beliefs, though this last one, particularly challenging as the belief must be deemed sincere enough to justify the exemption. that means it will be up to employers in the us to decide whether workers have a legitimate right or not. to get a job, the company that owns the hospital has suspended more than 2000 employees for
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refusing vaccination. it's a they'll be able to return to work as soon as they get a job. however, victoria young since a she's done everything necessary to keep staff and patients safe, but that her religious views were disregarded. i made a choice for myself and i think everyone is should have the freedom to make their personal choice. i know a lot of people who do not want to get this vaccine but did it because they didn't feel they were pressured. so my they didn't feel like they could could move for and they just went ahead and took it. and i respect their decision to their medical freedom. i respect people who don't agree with me. this is america. and it's a beautiful thing when you can disagree with each other, that's what freedom is. we don't have freedom if we don't have people that disagree . it should be pointed out that the, you and the w h o as well, continue the stress the pandemic can only be stopped through mass inoculation.
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germany has registered its highest ever daily spike in cove infections, raising the prospect of tough new restrictions. more than $35000.00 cases up being reported in the past 24 hours out as the world's 4th highest rate. the latest wave is taking a toll on hospitals, the number of patients an intensive care research by 25 per cent in recent days. one intensive care doctor in nuremberg. busy said the health care system is being pushed to the brain. first, the situations very tense, all the beds of fool. we're still trying to take care of the urgent cases as best we can. on the one hand we treat many cobra patients, but we also have to provide the rest the medical care that is normally done. hospitals all reach to the limits, especially the larger hospitals that kind of for the most severe patients, both with and without cove, it for medical stuff, we're now in the 4th wave on a is a huge burden. whatever, tongue and everybody's gonna be affected because several german regions, they're not preparing hard heading new measures to cope at the latest co bid wave
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with more on that. here's our europe correspondent peter oliver. cove had fig is in germany to not make for good reading as the feed. 4th wave is very low to whistles . if we do not act this 4th wave will again bring a great deal of suffering. many people will fall seriously ill and die, and the health services will be under extreme pressure again. around 67 percent of the german population is fully vaccinated, but the numbers coming forward has plateaued in recent months. prompting politicians to fear that a new type of pandemic could be upon us. we are currently experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated, which is massive. there would be few karone of ours patients on intensive care units. if more people would let themselves be vaccinated. the big worry now is that those people who haven't gone for a vaccination have no intention of doing so. and that may well lead to more
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restrictions on what people who haven't been jobs can do. if the pandemic situation in hospitals worsens than further restrictions for unvaccinated people are possible . some of germany, 16 states aunt waiting for a federal decision to be made and have already put in place new measures. imp, a very, a mask wearing will be mandated in schools. in the state of hassan, there's going to be a new testing system put in place for those going to visit hospitals, all care homes, and in the state of buttons, votin book, where you're going to need to show a p c r test. if your room vaccinated and wants to go to a bar, a restaurant, or theater, german business leaders want the government to give them the rights to impose the so called 3 g system. that means that anybody who is in vaccinated recovered or tested could be bod, from employment. some of germany's biggest companies of already brought in controversial canteen segregation. employees who being double jobs,
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can sit together and eats as normal. those who have nots or choose not to reveal their vaccine status, must remain in a cordoned off area where masks have to be worn when not eating. chemical giant via told r t. they may even take this further. depending on specific facility needs, a separate 2 g area is also created which offers immunized to employees a space with less distance to each other on a voluntary basis. this will be planned in close cooperation with work representatives and site management in the uncontrolled areas of the canteen. the distance root of 2 meters from each other continues to exist and individual sitting is offered. all the big names in the german business world say they're reviewing the situation. goods some company say this just isn't the way forward. in the contains as of today now distinction is made between unvaccinated and vaccinated or
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recovered and blaze. currently we're not consider in separate contin areas, which it every one equally with germany, posting record daily cove. it case numbers, politicians, business leaders, and health care professionals all agree that something has to be done and all bracing for things to potentially get worse over the coming winter months. peter, all of a r t though an interesting developments of thoughts in the us politics bure love is when recent local elections, delta a series of shock defeats for the by the administration at take for one example, new jersey that was when a self f funded truck driver last week, i was to the democrat as president of the state senate, and really there are increasing signs of a backlash against so named walk policies. dmitri polk takes up the story while it's looking like a case of you reap what you sow. turns out, forcing progressive policies on people who don't want them can lead to surprising
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results at the polls. case in point, the latest elections in the us, one of the biggest upsets, came from the state of virginia, where g o p. candidates, unexpectedly swept to victory and even established the 1st republican governor of virginia in over a decade. so let's climb that hill together. let's reinvigorate our future. let's reiterate this amazing commonwealth of virginia. god bless you all, god bless the talk. meanwhile, in other states, what was supposed to be a walk in the park for the democrats turned into a grueling battle with new jersey governor barely coming out on top to retain his seat. but if that wasn't already enough, it will wake up call for democrats. what happened next in new jersey amounted to political earthquake, edward dirt, a truck driver who raised $10000.00, but apparently spent only a $153.31 on coffee and flyers managed to defeat the states. long time senate
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leader, democrat, steve sweeney, who had held his seat for over a decade and was considered the 2nd most powerful person in the state. it's like a movie script come to life. but how could something like this actually happen? well, the answer seems to be left. he policies. steve sweeney, has spent the last decade leading the effort to make new jersey the most tech state in the nation. his defeat displays how garden state voters have rejected the socialist policies coming out of democrat controlled trenton and they're hungry for fiscal sanity once again. so it turns out that raising taxes the funding, the police and ramming critical race theory down school children's throats is not quite as popular as the left and biden's administration would have you believe what went wrong is just stupid woke miss. i mean this, steve and the police lunacy this, take abraham lincoln's name off of schools. i mean that people see that it's just really has a suppressive effect all across the country around the democrats. some of these
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people need to go to a woke detox and throw something they're expressing a language that people just don't use and as backlash in a frustration of that. but while woke policies might seem like the likely explanation for why democrats lost so many seeds, there are those who actually see the whole thing as a resurgence of white supremacy. even if the people elected are, you know, black, it's not the messaging folks. this country simply loves white supremacy. white women are thrilled to have a cause in our lane that we can throw ourselves behind critical race theory, panic in which we can wring their hands about white children and obfuscate our white supremacy. this is what white women have done best since the fifties and will continue to do. dear media. republican voters are not excited by the issue of education. republican voters are excited by the issue of white supremacy. while identity politics doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, in the u. s. political landscape,
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it's safe to say that elections like the ones in virginia, new jersey, highlight the average americans feelings towards the left and biden's policies in particular. and it seems they want a long overdue change of tone. the domestic side is like good. i mean, i do not think the world politics is the direction to go. and we've even got disagreements within the democratic party where it's almost like 2 different party . you've got the progressive, instead of pushing for one side, you've got modern on another side, and she's most qualified. i mean, they lost their unifying figure, the unifying figure with president trump and, and now they're still trying to run against president trumpet, who's not there. if things continue the way they are, i think you're going to see a huge, huge red wave. come come at the mid term, then you'll see both the senate and the house flip. the bottom line is they need to listen to the people and what the people want. don't shut things down people's throats that they're not interested in. and that they've new not believe the
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governor of florida has become the latest us politician to embrace the popular. let's go brandon chant, the coated dig, president biden was then taken up by the crowd of raleigh event. when you look at the biden, the brandon administration in terms of the yeah, the list sco brendan job started after and nbc reporter apparently misheard knows tar, race phones chanting of holger in. so joe biden quickly went viral 1st sporting events . and i don't think government protest, politician getting a job let's go branding. they will, you know, put america back where you found it and leave it to hell alone. let's go,
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brandon. hi, jo, back. good. let's go. brandon. from the record levels of inflation to the crisis at our southern border, americans are fed up with biden's dangerous liberal policies. well, political commentator, nickel, hoist thing, said beyond the brand and jokes, as it deep sense of disappointment with the by the administration, among people who actually voted for him while they play civility. civility politics, you have real people who are suffering from real problems. nbc put out a poll that shows jo biding, has about a 46 percent approval rating, which should be significantly less than what he's had throughout his presidency. once again, it has only been a year or less than a year, really. and so the fact that this chance becomes popularized as it has a defect that that coincides with his taking a poll numbers. i think it's fair to say that people do really feel like that. i
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mean, you're you from, from our perspective, there's not a single promise that joe biden has put out there that he is kept. i mean, from whether, whether you wanna talk about before the campaign even finished, or in a week to week basis. every he, he throws carrots and never actually does what he says he's going to do. and at that point, a lot of people just feel like, you know, let's go brandon, the mainstream media, least in the a liberal mation media's fault. this became a thing, and i felt like is very representative of emblematic and emblematic of what we saw during the election every time joe biden would do something bad. they would try to whitewash whatever he did and pretend like it never happened. in fact, sometimes for to like it was a good day. this is our team international. a still a head turned on its head. the dutch supreme court reverses a ruling which had ordered russia to pay $57.00 fillion dollars to former shareholders of the now defunct oil joined. if you cost find out why, for the issue with
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my manager, with my guy to financial survival, this is a hedge fund. it's a device used by professional galle wags to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable. and we're just adding more and more to them. totally. the stabilize the global economy. you need to protect yourself and get inform. watch guys would join me every posted on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess what the world politics, sport business. i'm show business, i'll see you then wayne, which we love. adults is always built on a structure that was created 1st in childhood. so without understanding childhood
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relationships, it becomes very hard to understand adult relationships. and that's why it's incredibly important to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional b o, o. hello again. a 2014 route, which ordered russia to pay billions of dollars compensation to shareholders of a now defunct oil giant, has been overturned by the dutch supreme court. the case centers are on you costs, which was previously owned by mikhail court. a cowski once russia's richest, mon ortiz, murat, gusty of explains. russia has welcome the dutch supreme court decision to uphold its appeal against the 2014, you cause ruling. this is, by the way, the biggest ever arbitration case a 100000000000 you cost shareholders wanted,
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when they sued russia in 2005, they were awarded more than 50000000000 in 2014. but there have been plenty of twists and turns ever since russia has argued for many years that you cause shareholders have committed fraud. this is something that previously in its previous decision in 2014 quote of arbitration. this is a matters refused to acknowledge the dutch supreme court has now said that it was wrong to refuse to look at this issue in the perhaps it is worth investigating. undoubtedly, there will be more twists and turns you call shareholders, get demanding at tens of billions and compensation for what they say is russia unfairly dismantling you cost. then a huge oil giant and seizing its assets. russia arguing that for many years you cause had evaded taxes that its leaders had committed multiple tax offenses,
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another criminal act, and the russia acted by the law. a russian analyst who contributed to the infamous steel dossier alleged from russia, ties which lead to perhaps the worst washington moscow relation. since the cold war is facing present time in the us. eager duncan has been charged with lying in his testimony to the f. b. i if found guilty, he could face up to 25 years in prison. dant jenko was arrested on thursday and released on bail while the investigations ongoing. daniel hawkins talked us through the case earlier from per russia collusion, saw the really shows no son of abating even 5 years on this arrest of you are done symposium. the new at twist in this plot. but we do know dancing go is a russian born analyst living and working in the u. s. has been taken into custody by the federal agents. he has been charged with 5 counts of making false statements to investigators regarding his sources of information which were later included in
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that steel dossier and handed over to the f. b. i. those allegations of a trump criminal conspiracy to try to steal the presidential elections. and they were fueled in part, at least by documents such as the steel dossier, which was a report written by full of re spy cruise of a steel filled with simulations. as we say, a conspiracy between trump and the criminal to win the election. now the document came in full very heavy criticism. a lot of it was the bunked by the muller pro, but indeed a doubt was cast on much of the information within it. a body will to himself, i'm prepared to accept that, not everything in the dose here is 100 percent accurate. i've yet to be convinced that that is one of them. and it's worth mentioning both the original investigation and this one have both been labeled as politicized by critics and supporters of donald trump. like it's been a highly divisive issue. but why is this significant? because if dancing code is found guilty and he has already been charged, this makes him a 3rd person to have criminal action bought against him. as
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a result of this problem, we've had one cybersecurity law charged again with lying to be f. b. i spotted this probe a federal agent last year meeting to offering an email with regards to this probe. so the more john durham digs, the more he finds and certainly for all more arrests and charges, it's anyone's guess as to just how deep this pro could go into that original investigation into trump. russia collusion? well, it's a story legal. i meet analysts, lionel has been following for quite some time. he shared his views on this latest development with a stating that the entire steel dossier in his opinion was built on false heads. they based all of this surveillance on lie after lie after lie down, was stitched together and put into this thing called a da ca. for some reason, a pack of lies is elevated. does i mean, is superior status by giving it the audrey fancy, sch, mancy da, ca,
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all love these lawyers who went after and claimed that trump was colluding with russia. and it was all based on allies. you mean to tell me nobody knew there's nobody ever listen to the stories. it said this is ridiculous, this is, this is preposterous. know, they went with it because they felt as though nobody's going to stop us. we have impunity. it's against trump went away care, because at that time anything about trump wed, and if you threw in russia, oh my god, it was it just intrigued us. john durham is a no nonsense prosecutor. most of us forgot about him. well, now he is apparently cranking this out and let me tell you, i mean, it's about time a museum in the u. k. has removed a picture of a war hero over his ties to slavery. left tenant general sir thomas picked in was the most senior british officer to die in the bottle of waterloo. anything 15 his portrait was on display at national museum wales encarta for more than
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a century. while being regarded as a public hero. he was also known for his horse treatment of slaves. the museum commissioned a year long project, probing the legacy of pectin. a no plans to re display and reinterpret the portrait in a re angling of the way he's present it. for now, however, picked his portrait will be replaced, the decision many have reacted to negatively. seeing the past isn't black and white and we shouldn't try to hide what is inconvenient to explain. as a journalist, i feel uneasy about this element of censoring history should not picked and remain on display as a reminder to wales of an aspect of its past. no matter how disgraceful is that general sir thomas picked and killed in action at the battle of waterloo. in 1815 history is not yours. discord histories. they're to learn from. so the same thing never happens again. the museum should be ashamed of itself. sir thomas picton was the most senior british officer to dad waterloo face in napoleon. his teacher has
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just been removed from welsh national museum. no time for heroes. one day, all humans will be canceled, because once upon a time, they were owning cars. and this is what the museum's collections director believes, seeing that the picture removal is an important step in re examining national collections. it is not by where the 1st time picked in related art has been removed earlier this year. card of city council decided to put away a marble statue of him at from city hall, journalist marcus theed. thanks. removing art is counterproductive. i am reluctant to judge people from the past by the standards we live by today. i mean times have changed massively. even in the last 3040 years, the painting should be a beta building card if museum for the public to say visitors to see for school expeditions for children to say. but there should be a plaque underneath it, explaining that this man's legacy is huge. me next, he had an appalling track record in terms of his well this governor of trinidad, particularly in the treatment of the 14 year old girl. but also he showed
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incredible bravery at the battle of waterloo, when taking on the evil of napoleon. a nice thing that needs to be put into a fuller context, the proper context. but at the same time, sensing people is not the solution. and sensory books of art is not the solution. the past doesn't disappear, just because you're taken down paintings or tearing literature or tearing down statues. you've got to confront these things, head on and put it into a proper context. and that's how you build bridges. and that's how you, you build a coherent society. the british armed forces are wasting billions of pounds a year on procurement contracts. according to parliamentary spending watchdog, it comes after the ministry of defense received a substantial boost to its budget. the department system for delivering major equipment capabilities is broken and it's repeatedly wasting taxpayers money. we are deeply concerned about departmental witnesses, inability,
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or unwillingness to answer basic questions and give a frank assessment of the state of its major programs. the department continually fails to learn from its mistakes. the probe thing goes all into a project to develop ajax armored vehicles describing it as a catastrophe. none of them are ready despite 4000000000 pines of spending over the past decade. out of the 20 programs examined by the house of commons, committee 13 are behind schedule. the ministry of defense has justified the lacing procurement is a complex challenge. but former military intelligence officer, philip ingram, thinks the ministry needs to be more open about where all the money's going. the minister defense has never been the best to trying to explain the money that its allocating in particular to its equipment program. but it has some massive disasters and your historically the, the upgrade to the nimrod program. and more recently as quoted in the guardian newspaper, the armies ajax recognizance vehicle and only 14 vehicles have been delivered.
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and they are not fit for purpose, very, very large sums of money are split up into it being spent into a number of different financial years. and if it isn't spent in that financial year or too much as needed one financial year, it causes the whole accounting system to become on balance. and then when programs run very over, cost or problems evolve in the programs like is happening with the armies ajax, that, that just adds another layer of complexity to it. the biggest changes that are needed in the system are you to take a business minded approach and bring proper business people into negotiate contracts, professional individuals who understand complex project management and from a commercial procurement perspective. not necessary. just a defense perspective. i'm can negotiate the contract properly so that whenever the written, the liability lies with the supplier, not with the ministry defense in there for the taxpayer, them that something has to come in. a couple more world threes to bring you to day
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hundreds of trip. something deployed on the bulgarian border with turkey. it's part of increased efforts to stop the current surge of migrants from the middle east, making their way to which you countries accompanied by dogs. the trips are sent to be working as back up to the border police, offering surveillance and protection. also caravan of migrants coming from central america, elise tried to arrest the group who are traveling towards the mexico city. however, the migrants put up fierce resistance as can see here, forcing the troops into retreat, at least one officer, several migrants as well, were reportedly injured. okay, that is our lot for no, but another fresh slice of news views. hughes is coming your way in moment kat scotty. now i'm the team ahead after the short has the brakes by fernand.
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mm hm. virginia has roared and democrats are really republican glen youngins, gubernatorial when is nothing less than stunning. he is a political novice and not but trump sarah, good. this mo, other election will. how far reaching implications. and it could signal the end of the biting presidency. ah, we're not going to get anywhere close to trying to prevent another lab league of this danger sort of experiment. you won't have that. it's dangerous at that lack of judgment. i think it's time that you were on were so many things that are egregious, misrepresent.


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