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tv   News  RT  November 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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how far reaching implications, and it could signal the end of the biden presidency? ah, the american nurse is suspended from work after refusing to take a cobit shot on religious grounds. the biden administration sets the date for mandatory jobs to be extended to work is in the private sector. i. unfortunately, they deemed that my religious beliefs were not sincere. it's kind of surreal, honestly, because i love my job, and i have been a coven nurse for since the beginning of the germany proposed to time restrictions on the unvaccinated tellico, the cases saw to an all time record the pushing the healthcare system to the limit called sentences, the french president form of audi got to 3 years in jail,
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violence against protest as an incident that went viral and created a scandal for emmanuel macro. plus thousands of green protesters led by aggressive in their march the way through comp, $26.00 host city, glasgow denouncing the much trumpet. a global climate summit has been full talk and know that very good evening to you. appreciate you joining me here on our t international where we will start this. how with breaking news coming out of london, the u. k. capital has been gripped by scenes of violence with police. some protest is clashing, there are the annual anti establishment 1000000 mask march. the
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protest which was organized by the end, the case group, anonymous flags, and fireworks were sent off amid a heavy police presence offices frequently clash with the protest in violent scenes . and if you force, johnson was also seen burning remarks. this has been held each year since 2012. he's on the case until salvage protest is rallying against government corruption, wealth inequality. and as of last year, corona virus restrictions on the united states has registered $81000.00 koby cases in just the last 24 hours mr. wolf highest figure. and it comes despite the government all out efforts to have people get themselves vaccinated, including through a federal mandate precious being met though by fierce resistance. for example, nursing california has been suspended by a private hospital of the she refused to take
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a covey shot into regions and filled herself being ushered from her workplace. i am being escorted out of kaiser permanente hospital for my religious belief because i don't want to get a job. they deemed that my religious beliefs were not sincere. and i was upset about that because i have really sincere religious beliefs and convictions. and i wanted to get answers from the hospital as to some random h r person deciding that my livelihood was now going in jeopardy because they didn't believe that i really have sincere belief in my christian faith is kind of surreal, honestly, because i love my job and i have been a coven nurse for since the beginning job binds controversial workplace vaccine mandate has now been expanded to include small businesses. it requires all workers
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to get a vaccine, or at least one pcr test each week. penalties for employees estate, they start $14000.00 per violation and they could rise to there's not just $100000.00, several states that have already opposed the measure and follow the lawsuit against the biden administration. the requirements don't cover everybody there. they're also exemptions, say, include certain medical conditions, pregnancy, or religious beliefs. and it's the last of those is particularly challenging the belief must be deemed to be sincere enough to justify exemption. so it means it's up to employees in america to decide whether their work is have a legitimate right not to get the jump. the company i mentioned earlier, which owns the hospital, is suspended in 2000 employees for refusing vaccination. it says they will be able to go back to work as soon as they've had a shot the victoria jones and so she's done everything necessary to keep staff and patients safe, but says a religious fees were still disregarded. i made
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a choice for myself and i think everyone is should have the freedom to make their personal choice. i know a lot of people who did not want to get the vaccine but did it because they didn't feel they were pressured so much. they didn't feel like they could, could move for and they just went ahead and took it. and i respect their decision to their medical freedom. i respect people who don't agree with me. this is america . and it's a beautiful thing when you can disagree with each other. that's what freedom is. we don't have freedom if we don't have people that disagree. i should point out that the united nations in the world health organization is continue distressed at the pandemic can only be stopped raising the prospect of tough new restrictions. 135000 cases were reported in the past 24 hours, making the wills for the highest rate. the latest wave is taking a toll on hospitals. a number of patients and intensive cas surged by 25 percent in
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the last few days. a one intensive care doctor in your book is that the health care system has been pushed to the very bank. first, the situation is very tense. all the beds are full. we're still trying to take care of the urgent cases as best we can on the one hand retreat, many koby patients. but we also have to provide the rest of the medical care that is normally done. hospitals are each of the limits, especially the larger hospitals that care for the most severe patients, both with without cove, it for medical stuff, we are now in the 4th wave and it is a huge bird. and several german regions, and preparing hard hitting new measures to cope with the latest coven way. with all that, his pay to oliver scolded figures in germany to not make for good reading as the theatre. 4th wave is very low to whistles. if we do not acts this 4th wave will again bring a great deal of suffering. many people will fall seriously ill and die, and the health services will be under extreme pressure again. around 67 percent of
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the german population is fully vaccinated, but the numbers coming forward has plateaued in recent months. prompting politicians to fear that a new type of pandemic could be upon us. we are currently experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated, which is massive. there would be few karone of ours patients on intensive care units. if more people would let themselves be vaccinated. the big worry now is that those people who haven't gone for a vaccination have no intention of doing so. and that may well lead to more restrictions on what people who haven't been jobs can do. if the pandemic situation in hospitals worsens than further restrictions for unvaccinated people are possible, some of germany, 16 states aunt waiting for a federal decision to be made and have already put in place new measures in bavaria mosque wearing will be mandated in schools in the state of hassan,
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there's going to be a new testing system put in place for those going to visit hospitals, old care homes, and in the state of bottom voting book. while you're going to need to show a p c r test, if your room vaccinated and wants to go to a bar, a restaurant, or theater. german business leaders want the government to give them the rights to impose the so called 3 g system. that means that anybody who is in vaccinated recovered or tested could be bod, from employment. some of germany's biggest companies of already brought in controversial canteen segregation. employees who being double jobs, can sit together and eats as normal. those who have knots or choose not to reveal live axing status must remain in a cordoned off area where masks have to be worn when not eating. chemical giant via told r t. they may even take this further. depending on specific facility needs
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a separate to g area is also created which offers immunized to employees a space with less distance to each other on a voluntary basis. this will be planned in close cooperation with work representatives and site management in the uncontrolled areas of the canteen. the distance root of 2 meters from each other continues to exist and individual sitting is offered. all the big names in the german business world say they're reviewing the situation. goods some company say this just isn't the way forward. in the contains as of today. now distinction is made between and vaccinated and vaccinated or recovered employees. currently we're not consider in separate contin areas. we're treat everyone equally with germany posting record daily cove. it case numbers, politicians, business leaders, and health care professionals all agree that something has to be done and all bracing for things to potentially get worse. over the coming winter months. peter, all of a r t. berlin,
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turning to the united states now were recent local elections. there was a series of shocked defeats to the biden administration in new jersey. a self funded truck driver ousted a democrat as president of the state senate. and there are increasing signs of a backlash against surnames. woke policies don't is to me to power picks up the story. well, it's looking like a case of you reap what you sow. turns out, forcing progressive policies on people who don't want them. can lead to surprising results at the polls case in point, the latest elections in the us, one of the biggest upsets, came from the state of virginia, where g o p. candidates, unexpectedly swept to victory and even established the 1st republican governor of virginia in over a decade. so let's climb that hill together. let's reinvigorate our future. let's reinvigorate this amazing commonwealth of virginia. god bless you all, god bless to come. meanwhile, in other states,
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what was supposed to be a walk in the park for the democrats turned into a grueling battle with new jersey governor barely coming out on top to retain his seat. but if that wasn't already enough of a wake up call for democrats. what happened next in new jersey amounted to a political earthquake. edward d'oeuvre, a truck driver who raised $10000.00 but apparently spent only a $153.31 on coffee and flyers managed to defeat the states longtime senate leader, democrat, steve sweeney, who had held his seat for over a decade and was considered the 2nd most powerful person in the state. it's like a movie script come to life. but how could something like this actually happen? well, the answer seems to be left. he policies. steve sweeney has spent the last decade leading the effort to make new jersey the most tech state in the nation. his defeat displays how garden state voters have rejected the socialist policies coming out of
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democrat controlled trenton and they're hungry for fiscal sanity once again. so it turns out that raising taxes the funding, the police and ramming critical race theory down school children's throats is not quite as popular as the left and biden's administration would have you believe what went wrong is just stupid woke miss. i mean this, steve, the police lunacy this take abraham lincoln's name of schools. i mean that people see that it's just really has a suppressive effect. all across the country. are the democrats, some of these people need to go to work, detox center or something. they're expressing a language that people just don't use and as backlash in of frustration at that. but while woke policies might seem like the likely explanation for why deaths not good. i mean, i do not think the world politics is a direction to go. and we've even got disagreements within the democratic party when it's almost like 2 different parties. you've got the progress, those. instead of pushing for one side, you've got modern on another side and qualify. i mean,
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they lost their unifying figure, the unifying figure with president trump and, and now they're still trying to run against president trumpet, who's not there. if things continue the way they are, i think you're going to see a huge, huge red wave. come come at the mid terms and you'll see both the senate and the house flip. the bottom line is they need to listen to the people and what the people want. don't shut things down people's throats that they're not interested in . and that they knew not believing. hila had turned on, they had, the supreme court has reversed the ruling. the daughter, russia debate, $57000000000.00 for michelle, held that the now defunct toil john, new cost. you can find out why that happened after this, by the ah
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ah ah, ah ah, ah, ah, a ah, with one which would love as adults is always built on a structure that was created 1st in childhood. so without understanding child relationships, it becomes very hard to understand adult relationships. and that's why it's
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incredibly important to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional b. ah, welcome back. a call to france, a sentence, the manual microns disgraced, former bodyguards to a 3 year prison term. he was accused among other things of using excessive force against the protest. i was in an incident that was captured on film and went viral in 2018. it school series, embarrassment as well, for the french president is our he shall, ado buskey with what? well, this is alexander gabriella, who as you mentioned, was the deputy former chief of staff for president mack on this is the man who was chiefly organizing the protection of president mack on mainly doing his presidential campaign back in 2017. and then that 1st year and over that he was in
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office, this is a man who is incredibly close to not just a manual mat gone, but also to his wife. the court found him guilty of several offences including fraudulent use of diplomatic passports. and as you mentioned there assaulting 2 and protesters during a made a protest. now this is something that happened back on the 1st of may, back in 2018 where bonilla had asked to go as an observer to watch what the police do during a protest. these are protested often turn quite violent at the fringes and he said he wanted to see how the police carry out their jobs. but instead of just observing what happened, he got involved and then assaulted some of the protesters that was captured in the video. as you can now see, ah, with the elise
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a was accused at the time of a cover up because it didn't report this incident to the police and been alice stayed in his job. in fact, this incident, oh, we came to light about 2 months later when that video and then video similar to that from different angles, were reported to revealed in the french press causing a political earthquake here in france. present mack on, in the end, did or for this half hearted apology, which is 50. i'm proud of having hired alexander been, allah can see that he made a mistake, a real one, a serious one that felt like a betrayal. i told him so. everybody makes mistakes, the response must be in proportion with it. this was a huge embarrassing for president mack on i just after a year after he had been elected given that during his campaign for that election, he had vowed to restore the public trust in public authority. he in france. and there we had been al,
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a gate which shattered all of that image during the campaign. now in another blow for president mack on another head of security was also convicted today of also assaulting and roughing up protest. steering that same, made a protest. he's now received a 2 year sentence as well, and this is not just a political earthquake that's been going on for the last 3 years. this is something that could now impact president mack on as she possibly seeks re election in the next 6 months. those electrons moving very, very quickly and this is coming. i probably the worst time for him because it will remind voters of an incident that almost brought macklin and his government down the most embarrassing incident perhaps of his presidency. so far. multiple bomb threats have been called in to yale university, according to offices responding at the scene, several buildings on campus were evacuated,
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including the university theater. jonathan edwards college, in the yale art gallery. these have been conducting a search of the area the public has been asked to avoid the campus for new updates as they come in a 2014 ruling which ordered russia to pay billions of dollars in compensation to shareholders. of the now defunct oil johns has been overturned by the dutch supreme court. they sent us around you cost, which was previously on by michael quarter. kosky. once russia's richest man, i guess div explains russia has welcome the dutch supreme court decision to uphold its appeal against the 2014 you cost ruling. this is, by the way, the biggest ever arbitration case a 100000000000 you cost shareholders wanted, when they sued russia in 2005, they were awarded more than 50000000000 in 2014. but there have been plenty of
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twists and turns ever since russia has argued for many years that you cost shareholders had committed fraud. this is something that previously in its previous decision in 2014 quote of arbitration. this is a mattress refused to acknowledge. the dutch supreme court has now said that it was wrong to refuse to look at this issue in that perhaps it is worth investigating. undoubtedly, there will be more twists and turns you call shareholders or get demanding at tens of billions and compensation for what they say is russia unfairly dismantling you cost. then a huge oil giant and seizing its assets. russia arguing that for many years you cause had evaded taxes that its leaders had committed multiple tax offenses, another criminal act, and that russia acted by the law. thousands of green protesters descended on glasgow city. the cop 26 climate summit led by celebrity
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act of his christian brother. not happy about what they see as being a mere talking shop. what is east ali was in the thick of things. here in the scottish city of glasgow, which is a full hosting, the club 26 summit, thousands of people marching earlier this afternoon to make their voices heard with those who are fools, leading not some, it's in the for the many people to we managed to speak to the message is clear, they want to see less in terms of talk from those who are leading that some it a more in terms of concrete action to tackle and of depending prices that they talk a lot. but what they have when it comes out via a lot of the sky, basically, and then on that integral fossil fuels in any of the negotiations, a cycle bad fuel companies, not even mentioned a good nothing at this point. i don't usually take in some kind of a millionaires. i mean it came with one in by private.
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yes. i know that doesn't seem like the gateway. it's to $26.00 conference and it shouldn't be a $27.00. so the guy since 9, so this u. v. as critical, instrumental solutions rather than most officers like photo shoes. right. is he like kind of relying action taken to the just carpet emissions? me seem to have her play to feel id part of a dance as well. now perhaps a surprising voice that might agree with these protesters led of course, as they are by gretta suttonberg, is the united states as climate envoy, john kerry. hughes also echoed concerns that words merely, i'm not enough and action is needed now to tackle climate change. we are striving to make certain that this is a strong statement and implementable. that is the key. the words don't mean
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enough unless they are implemented. and all of us have seen years of frustration for promises that are made not kept heard from a number of speakers on the stage behind me. adjusting the thousands of people in attendance, including many from vision as communities were the most affected why climate change from many of them? those voices shouldn't just be being heard out here in these protests, which should be part of the conversation. taking place inside the summit, which thus far they say seemed to be only the preserve of the elite. we saw the far, thin rav, and has been another protest happening that he caught 26 summit venue. this one, organized by ocean rebellion, furious about destructive industrial fishing practices, the fake blood spattered stunts or activists donning suits and fish heads. they carry brief cases with atrocities against sea life written on
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a museum in the u. k. has removed a picture of a war hero because of his ties to slavery. lieutenant general sir thomas picked him, was the most senior british officer to die at the battle of waterloo in 1815. his portrait was on display at national museum, wales, and candy for more than a century, while being regarded as a public hero. he was also known for his harsh treatment of slaves. museum commissioned a year long project, probing the legacy of picked in and now pants the re display a marine serpent the portraits and a wrangling of the way he's presented. now though, picked his portrait will simply be replaced. the decision many reacted to negatively saying that the past is black and white and we shouldn't try to hide what is inconvenient to explain. as a journalist, i feel uneasy about this element of censoring history should not picked and remain on display as a reminder to wales of an aspect of its past. no matter how disgraceful is that general sir thomas picked and killed in action at the battle of waterloo. in 1815
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history is not yours, discard. history is there to learn from so the same thing never happens again. the museum should be ashamed of itself. sir thomas picton was the most senior british officer to day at waterloo, facing napoleon. his picture has just been removed from welsh national museum. no time for heroes. one day all humans will be canceled because once upon a time they were owning cars. of the museums collections direct to think that the pictures removal is an important step in re examining national collections. and it's not the 1st on pick. 2 related art have been removed either this year called the city council, decided to put away a marble statue in from city hall. mark instead, things were moving off is counter productive. i am reluctant to judge people from the past by the standards we live by today. i mean times have changed massively, even in the last 3040 years. the paintings should be available in college museum for the public to say for visitors to see for school expeditions for children to say. but i should be a plaque underneath it, explaining that this man's legacy is hugely next. he has napoleon track record in
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terms of his boldest governor of trinidad, particularly in the treatment of the 14 year old girl. but also he showed incredible bravery at the battle of waterloo, when taking on the evil of napoleon, a nice things need to be put into a fuller context, the proper context. but at the same time, censoring people is not the solution. and sensory books of art is not the solution . the past doesn't disappear, just because your taking down paintings or tearing electrical, tearing down statues. you've got to confront these things, head on and put it into a proper context. and that's how you build bridges. and that's how you, you build a coherent society the british onforce is a wasting billions of pounds a year on procurement contracts. since, according to a parliamentary spending watchdog, this comes up to the minister defense had received a substantial boost to its budget. the department system for delivering major equipment capabilities is broken and its repeatedly wasting taxpayer's money. we
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are deeply concerned about departmental witnesses, inability or unwillingness towards the basic questions and give a frank assessment of the state of its major programs. the department continually fails to learn from its mistakes. he provo singled out a project to develop ajax armored vehicles describing that as a catastrophe. none of the vehicles are ready despite full 1000000000 pounds of spending over the past decade of the 20 programs examined by the house of commerce committee, 13 of them the hind schedule. the ministry of defense justify the delay. so saying procurements. a complex challenge of the military intelligence of a living room thinks that the ministry needs to be more open about where all the money is getting. the minister the fence has never been the best of trying to explain the money that it's allocating in particular totes equipment program. but as, as some massive disasters, you're historically the, the upgrade to the nimrod program. and more recently,
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as quoted in the guardian newspaper, the armies ajax, or recognizance vehicle, and only 14 vehicles have been delivered and they are not fit for purpose, very, very large sums of money are split up into it being spent into a number of different financial years and if it isn't spent in that financial year or too much as needed one financial year, it causes the whole accounting system to become on balance. and then when programs run very over, cost or problems evolve in the programs like is happening with the army is ajax, that, that just adds another layer of complexity to it. the biggest changes that are needed in the system are to take a business minded approach and bring proper business people in to negotiate contracts about professional individuals who understand complex project management from a commercial procurement perspective. not necessary. just a defense perspective and can negotiate the contracts properly so that whenever the
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written liability lies with the supplier, not with mr. offense there for the taxpayer, them, that's something that has to come in. really appreciate your company this evening. thanks so much to his asking international. i'll be back with updates in half and m l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order does that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously, is to great trust rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence. we'll so many with.


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