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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 6, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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of the world's largest reserves, lithium, louise, assa, who's addressed the conference earlier in the week. mister president, thanks so much for letting us into your embassy. we wouldn't be able to pay the cameras here without the lithium the powers, the batteries, congratulations on the restoration of democracy. what did you make of prime minister bars? johnson hosting cop 26 claiming that capitalism is the key to solving this climate emergency. well, thank you. thank you for your time. well, actually what we have seen in india meeting was that everybody, all the rich countries are trying to, you know, the limbs. and the green capital is what we call it. because all the instruments that they are trying to put in place in order to solve the problem over the climate crisis, i call it is under the market conditions market instrument. so that's why we decided to, you know, to propose another,
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a tentative mechanism instrument in noted, you know, all the developing countries can face the product, which is, which are new markets, instruments for those 100000000 dollars and a $1000000000.00 that they provide. they compromise in, in parties agreement, but we haven't seen anything yet. yeah. they, they promised it. and so when you talked of your proposals, all we had from rich countries, a good on the so called mainstream media nature media. they talked about carbon markets. the need to increase g d p a net 0. what's your reaction to these kinds of policies while they are talking about cedar net in 2050? you know, and we are talking about the year that we have to do reach the goal. why point 6?
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grades a sent in the grades in 2030. so there's a lot of difference because if you written in 2050 i, it's, and reversible, the problem is not reversible anymore for all over the world. i mean, that's why we have to go to have to meet our work. i certainly say carbon markets and capitalist free markets. other solution to this, no. because the markets, you know, 1st of all, the market is not a transporting mechanism because it has a symmetries uncertainties. and the market never works. you know, there are many papers in the we're the demonstrate that the market mechanisms are not always working as they used as, as the, as they are supposed to do it. so the best way to do it in
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a quickly manner in more effectively way is in a, in a direct to transfer from the rich countries to our countries in technology. and you know, immigration and so on. in order even there reforest and forest, a son in order to face the climate crisis that were patient. yeah, there was celebrating forestry agreements. so when you talk about the market, i mean, is it more mysterious than incur civilizations in bolivia? the way this market works, you mentioned just their technology transfer, you know, the big talk as it got 26. they love intellectual property rights, their protector, bill gates, benefited greatly from the coven vaccine. and understand maybe some of the delegates from the global south were interested in intellectual property rights, especially given were in the band. well, you know,
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the market is in the vaccines are it's american days now. and everything in the capital image is a merchandise. so what do we need to change is change our mind. there are things that we have in the direct way, not in the market condition because in the market, you know, you don't play in the same in the same condition. you and me, you offer, i'm demanded. you know, you will not play in the same where you have more power than me. and you will the market. and of course, the market condition to the instrument of market condition doesn't work. because it has to be, you know, equal way to do it because we are trying it, we're supposed to do it is trying to solve the problem for all over the world. so in the market conditions, you don't have anything that guarantee that the market will function as many thinks in to where that the end of the market conditions. the only way from our point of view. it can be effective quickly, you know,
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ace direct transfers for the developing countries in order to solve the problems that we're facing. you what makes it different when it comes from the president of bolivia as opposed to many other countries, is your lithium reserves and the transfer of energy resources from the fossil fuels to electric. and so when you talk like that at gov 26, presumably they listened to you more the oligarchs that are there, the big multi nationals. what, what's their reaction when you to, i like that i would say 2 things. bolivia is the leader or of the like minded developing countries. we have a group there and we, we work together. we have a unique position in the, in this meeting, in the cochran 6 position and everywhere we work together. that's why the developed countries are interesting to talk to us because we are living in those countries.
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i'm talking about china, i'm talking about india, i'm talking about our countries and talking about many is south american countries . latin american countries that are following nice. i mean, i say the leadership of, you know, all these countries in the list are the like minded, developing countries. this is our group and they know with them they, they, they know us. it's the 1st way. and the 2nd one think that maybe they listen to us is that of course we are, the 1st she serves of lithium into were and we are trying to individualize it. and of course, that was one of there is one of the could that are in 21 thing that help anybody here. yeah, i mean, the greatest story in of the america's edwardo galena said from diamond memorial, that natural resources have been a curse to countries in your region. tell me about the,
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the crew data. you know that the bars, johnson, the government, they did not condemn the massacres of your people when they grew happened. in fact, jeremy's call been a british labor leader at that time was criticized for attacking the coo. well, you know, in bolivia we have 38 people dead in 2019 there are responsible for that. and there, you know, deep in bolivia we are following it trials against those people that were involved in the program. and there are some are on jailing, you know, in a trial process, normal trial process. and the, what the people in believe it, when i was in campaign, asked to me to do it is justice. justice doesn't mean a persecution. it doesn't mean you know which hands whatever you want. know
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here the government of the quicker the government is coming from the could it? they say and supreme decree where they establish and they ask they are and they em, compulsory a says to the are here the army to go to the streets and go against the people that was in claiming for election chantelle and things like that. so i mean, something is that somebody is responsible for these and that's why they are trials in bolivia. so whatever they, they come to, you know, do a europe or a united states or whatever. trying to say anything different is not true. i mean,
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well, i mean all along to the media reporting go over in a 2nd, but you been, you criticize the organization of african american states. you criticize with the european union to say, i just want to get on to britain though. what was the role of britain? because britain, we have reports, the british embassy and the buzz funded lithium consultation documents in 2019 the u. k. a. m. i 5 got our doctor, a cybersecurity firm linked to the ca, 8 once before the crew was involved in different activities. roaches. the news agency, which historically has been associated with the intelligence agencies, worked with the u. k embassy in your country to train bolivian journalists just before the qu. what is britain's role in the coo? well, i mean, you know, many countries were involved in the credit of 2019. and now the
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research are showing that for example, democracy government in argentina, mr. lenny moreno in ecuador did participated, you know, sending some weapons and some bullets to libya. and that's completely true because in argentina we have a tried there. you know, and nothing happened in a quite often. but we received from those government, you know, and please given back all the weapons and, and that we gave it into in 2019. so that's why we, we, you know, we discover these kind of things. so every time, every, a moment that we receive a new report from research form universities from international institutions like, you know, human rights and so on. we are receiving more information that we are processing. we are understanding what was going on. and of course,
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there's many strange things that happened at the time as you measure the participation of the british embassy. there is research and of all if you also, you know, when the could the people who were in the beating trying to decide who is going to be the written expression. and in that meeting a, the ambassador of brazil in bolivia was there was a brazilian bustle doing in. we have the, i'm on the, the, it only be a politician's, you know, i even worse who were coming from because we don't have any, any proofs yet. but you know, you can use your imagination in order to understand what was going on, but slowly, slowly, but very clear. us the light in the darkness. you know, everything will be clarified in the next months. next. yes. well, lennon moreno,
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of course, allowed the british police to capture julian sons from the ecuadorian embassy. i know that he would say off the record, you know, we get pressure from the united states before you blame countries in, in the region. mister president, i'll stop you there. more from the president of bolivia after this short break. ah, for years we were told that the way to stimulate the economy was to print money. and then when it became obvious that printing money was actually causing economic decline and bank failure, they had to come up with a narrative. and that was the green narrative, the narrative, the cop annual gathering narrative. and as you're pointing out, you're just switching chairs on the titanic,
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you're just going from one particular way to destroy the global economy using fee money to a different way to destroy the global economy using the money or more issues quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off every device as a potential entry point for security into any machine. it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attack. first. one of them was one comes option was not a matter of if it happens it's a matter of went with welcome back. i'm still here with the president bolivia,
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louis sasa. what did you make of a biden's? actually blink and saying, he's very concerned about demo democracy. in your country at the moment, a demonstration, well, you know which democracy in the north american democracy is concerned about, about the politicization of your legal system. and you know, when washington talks about countries, south of the rio grande, what happens? well, i don't think that many, many thinks can be saved by by a united states. people are so about democracy, believe the justice in bolivia. or what i can say is that we won the election last year with 55 percent of the boats. and in, in bolivia it to go to a vote process. it's compulsory. it's not like in rights to states that you know,
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10 percent, 9 percent of people go to the elections or you win with 9 percent. but it's only 10 percent of population. in bolivia is compulsory, everybody has to go to to the boat to, to, to the since, to boat. and i want with 555 percent of more than 55 percent off both. so, i mean, which is the more crazy we can show them that there we are more democratic country than ever. you know, because we have more than 50 percent over the population. i backing us, our government and thing about the justice just is we haven't changed any anybody there. so in our government, the same people that are managing the justice when the people were in the government, you know, is the same people that are managing the current justice. in bolivia. we didn't
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change in the judge. we didn't change anybody out of the same, you know, the way that there were a processor me, i have more than 7. it tries against me when i was in campaign, you know, but no, the same people is managing the justice. that is managing the tribes against all the people that were in the so what does, what does blinking mean? of course, he was an architect of the war on libya, africa's richest per capita country by virtue of its oil. we know what happens tomorrow. the nicaraguan elections, we see the united states tried to kill or take it obviously, and reports attempts on the life of maduro in venezuela. just tell her audience what your interior minister has been saying in recent days. it was a deal castillo horrifying news, arguably at the same mercenary group group that murdered in elmore. you say
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80 attempted to kill. yeah. that's right. people who kill the person in haiti. they were in bolivia because it was traced to a miami group. the haiti, assassination of the president. yes, they were in your case. what was it? how well traced. we understand that they wanted us, you know, not to, to be the, the, to become the president. you know, they were doing everything at, even at the end of the last minute. they wanted to do something because they were not happy. what we have been in october last year when we want to elections. so they decided to kill us. and then they, they hired some people to do that, but fortunately they couldn't do anything after 2, you know, i was in the government. so we understand that they were trying to do something.
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i, fortunately nothing, nothing happened. you know, i was taking care of myself and all the people around me was taking care of me and nothing happened. but what we have already known about dia, attention, you know, was that the high people to kill us and that's, that's what is going on on the media and do a website. so nothing to suggest that us intelligence was involved in any way though. well, all of these things, you know, it's focusing on the former ministry of defense that mrs and you have. yeah, you mentioned brazil earlier. it will burn president both narrow hand over fernando lopez. i understand he's in brazil at the moment. if indeed, to,
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to answer the allegations that he tried to kill you. well, you know, he says he's not stuck in anything. there are many people of the government in brazil known to you know, so we will expect what happened in the trial because we understand that sooner or later, they had to come to olivia and see, you know, something in the, in the tribes. they are, they are facing so we will wait g, aside from the lithium, the nature of countries one from you. and there are obviously vested all the god, interested in bolivia, domestic and it's a mix that will live on the internal one. jeremy all been here and he came within a couple of 1000 votes of becoming prime minister here in britain amongst a virulent media media campaign. he says, you prove that deal liberalism can be turned around something that many people in
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global self countries. i mean that probably discouraged, but that principle, what is your bonus against hunger initiative that you've instituted in your country in my country, i'm only 30 percent of people have a salary which is the 7th. the rest of the people is you know, they have a they, they work by themselves. so when the, when they me came to bolivia in march last year they only did quoting tina, you know, so everybody at home and many people that used to live in the working day basis. they couldn't earn anything. so they to wear no money for many families, 70 percent of them. so they were hungry. they started
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to, you know, they say they started to get some loans, you know, in order to leave and that's why we decided to go to the hungry bone, which is a you know, a conditional transfer for everybody who don't have to wait a salary. and that's the way we are trying to increase the internal demand, because the pandemic what it has had, when has affected in the really been economy, is that, you know, you don't have the money because nobody has money. now we get somebody like robert johnson's government did here. oh, we had a fellow furlow system. no, not that radical. don't be. we'll wait. say, what is radical though? obviously, have been your taking back into democratic control. key industries from milk to
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i don't know which of water and certainly for why was it important to hand back the us back crew leader as was you'd college in, in an years? 300000000 dollar i m f. loan. why was it important to have because the i'm, i wouldn't have allowed you to bring back on the democratic control these industries know now, you know, even if it currently we would have a agreement with i am, if we can broken any time as we did in 2006, when i was there, a miniature of economy or my country. we didn't have it when, when, during, during the eval marlisa presidents you, we never had any agreement with the i m f and we did better in economy. and also at this time, i mean the i m f, the only the only principle that i am ever has when you sign an agreement with them is the conditions of the credit. not only because $300000000.00, you know,
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i opened the international market for bolivia. so i can go to the market. is your $500.00 me little $1000000.00 us dollars very easily. now. so $300000000.00 is not a huge money. you know, for as the problem is right of a hotel room, you know, when you st. and agree with the i am if you have to follow all the requirements, all the conditions. and one of the condition, very important condition that was in the agreement was did believe it has to live on wait. the exchange rate, i mean, you have to move the exchange rate. and that was the problem for us. you know, not only you know, you have to sell to sell out all your public enterprises, which is, you know, coming back to the ninety's in my country, privatize privatizing, you know, but also the most important thing for us is that, you know, the economy policy again we go to the i m of hands and we don't,
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we're not agree. we don't agree with that, but it's sister organization. the world bank came to always say, we've learned the m f will back i've learned from the mistakes of impoverishing the global south in hundreds of millions of people over decade. i would say one thinks of what they say. another thing is what they do. oh, retail gastro famously said he should kick the m f out earlier. and, and i think you mentioned cuba in your un general assembly speech in recent days with regard to sanctions. you know, what happens to countries that oppose the, the great economists of the international monetary fund would, would bolivia be able to cope with sanctions or is just the lithium protect you from sanctions because the whole world once lithium now either fix, i mean for a, the cuban problem they are,
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sometimes we understand they are doing badly, not because of those socio lucinda because of you know, the, the problem they are facing that nobody can trade than work with them. the blockades, the blockade. that's the problem. because that is the reason why they are not developing as fast as they need to do. i mean, as i said, you've talked about, i mean, the organization of american states, 60 percent of the money comes from the usa. they, well, we tried to invalidate your democratically elected leadership. what, what is the role of alba and canada we worked with in the shanghai cooperation organization to oppose these new liberal organizations? what, what about these trends that we have to enhance our, in the scenes? 2019. were we so for liquidity in bolivia, i think we were a little bit,
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you know, i'd have to explain what alba is. obviously, britain is leaving a big trade group like with breaks it, but what you might have to dallas, what alber is, why it's important. it's very important because we can do together. we can corporate each one each other. i mean, there are many admin. this is to be in algebra, not only for olivia for been israel level q or what, but also for all the small islands that we have that belong to the algebra in the caribbean ocean. i mean, in the given c, sorry. so, you know, i think there are many things that we can work together. we can do together and receive results. dan, going along. i mean, that's the idea of what we need for them, where we can, you know, communicate and we can discuss some word problems that can affect through all our countries. and i suppose just finally, it's a terrible, terrible question in
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a way that maybe we ask it on going on to graham. when we ask questions of people who oppose new new liberalism. if something does happen to you will the movement of socialism body have other people to lead in bolivia? it is a serious question given we've seen assassinations just in the past few months. yeah. i mean, i, i have, we have some party the vice president who's doing well, but also we have young people like the president of this unit, like our just president of the deputy assembly as well. i mean, there are some many young people that are coming. you know, be higher. sure about them all. rafael korea was on our show recently. promoted marina. well, i, you know, i can't say anything about it. but in the case of the m. m
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a c. believe. yeah. i understand that we have people following, i mean there are people, i'm not only the only one that could recover the democracy in bolivia and recover all the government. i think we have people that we can trust, you know, in the same way, you know, with the same british opposed to submit. it ology and i mean, i don't see any problem. and i think they know because we're trying now to, to prepared more young people for the coming days. we need more leaders. we need a tentative for the democratic and for the democracy under, for democratic a internal elections as well. president resources. thank you. thank you. that's for the show, from the believe in embassy in london, we will back on monday until then keep in touch with us by all our social media subscribed in which i'm on youtube. see them
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with, with, with ah,
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french catholic church admit started bez institutional responsibility for decades of child sex abuse by clergyman abuse. victim told auntie justice needs to be served now as is necessary for the pope himself to recognize the institutional responsibility of the church to recognize all its crimes and all the offences that has committed. what is happening in the mediterranean is a real genocide that weighs on the conscience of european states. and the european union, an italian mer accuses the you of putting lives at risk with its failure to stem, the influx of migrants across the mediterranean. also to come for you this hour. it's really hard to breathe. i guess this was real war. might look like.


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