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we dare to ask in as a career professionals bolt is much tougher on some than others. mission with my by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just a little girl to price upgrade to, to, to achieve really was, was a read on the paper this morning usa swimming coach, arrested, allegedly had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's gonna start linking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming here, is that documentary? see it on our t lou
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ukrainians did not want to live this one family. there were too many internal differences in a western ukrainian president. coach my noted is much closer in terms of his concepts and habits to a check or a poll. and in some ways, even more to an austrian than to a russian or eastern ukrainian. therefore in 2010 in the next election use jenko lost to his long time arrival victory, anna coverage. victory. anna coverage. born on july 1950, he studied mining and mechanical engineering and with a specialist and international law. from 1096 to 2002, he held various positions in the denounced regional administration. he was prime minister of the government of ukraine in 2002, 2004, and again in 2006, 2007. to the american consulting companies,
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db communications and venable. he established ties with the u. s. establishment. the goal was to prove his appointment as prime minister nicole, which was victory in the presidential elections. of the 2004 spark protests called the orange revolution from 2010 to 2014. he was president of ukraine or in the coverage decided to continue christmas policy. that is to continue cooperation with the united states. but at the same time, to get closer to russia, we didn't understand the times had changed. the united states needed its own proxies on the border with russia, and that was the role of ukraine for washington. a reaction followed immediately on july, 2nd, 2010, u. s. secretary of state, hillary clinton said some have tried to force ukrainians into a choice between aligning your country with russia or with the west. we believe that is a false choice. we do not believe in the con affairs of influence. we
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believe that it is up to ukrainian to charge your own course towards your own future. and in doing so, you can count on the support and friendship of the united states. clinton was sure her message would be understood. dana cove, which is 2 mired and corruption. mm. a crane is consider in the one of the most corrupted countries in the world. why did it happen? yes. so much that says gambler cut out several crating. miners getting ugly. pick panini koski key be get, but control going simply just yes, then the in precision, etc. i think finally to jo latham, jim, i don't foolish football. bully awesome. laugh at us. see if
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we can the newest you 1st of daniel craig, is there a grapple? is hoyt is too busy, gentlest only i should have known. what does it shows what our own mistake, though, of the soil will be a close, only he was more or less nimble. reno thought. okay, good. i was hoping that you wouldn't be able to have up to me to just get somebody to just have you sure. did you get a yep, they put themselves please. i sure can you did a little bit. there was an ada. shayna garza blocks up with him. the corners me feel similar of over there. lima, don't you see? reducing english, douglas jeeter is formed for cope. uncle dana coverage was unable to create a strong team. he could not resist us pressure. he could not close the pandora's box of nationalism that had been opened in 2012. the nazi parties for boda received 37 seats and the ukranian parliament. the appearance of these open
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fascists on the political scene worried europe. but only in words. the machine can you hold them in the losing thing when newton is launch? the for the bus was 30 the saturday from the day for can light up with something in the detention of jojo tymoshenko. drew much more attention. and although she was arrested for corruption, she was declared a political prisoner. why don't we? emma was cuz i had a thong after you letting my friend mila a. so did lot. okay. is cancel, don't was up is to plan you get the recession, not blow out. like a right official numbers. the plane. yeah. just calling it glass or attorneys to get at alone. go, i'm a professor. yeah. my phone study. healey. tymoshenko. go out. know them by the way, up by olivia looking around linea duck, which was an attempt to sit on 2 chairs immediately ends up badly sooner or later
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you have to make a choice. otherwise, both chairs can be pulled out at once. this is roughly what happened with ukraine. indiana coverage was faced with a tough choice, either joined the customs union with russia, cossick stone, and bella roost, or sign an association deal with the european union. simultaneously a campaign for the signing of the european association began in ukraine. that s s u prophy had during my down if they had a position get the worst was in both i up as it's has, it's a 1000 last the 1st i'm say owners leave sure. no, come to the leader or was it was to willis for a little and then solisco for middle a wishlist for from growing up and we'll give it a minute. frequent on that, i mean, you're so slow in newport, oregon. i'm in the reserve at cibola. personal go,
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has been reduced for sure. so my them next brought in with joshua, they put him in proportion to play with the cohort, shipped it to the with chemist lavon a hideous you're saying show my best. i saw it now for it or why it was ocean broken. mm. never go in. there was a narrow suitors. it's a good soup stuff in there, but cover these are heavily storage to have bull quinn, tabitha, the story is tied for a g. m who's in a live with me but the 1st birthday. gotcha. says to put a boy year ago chest no rose above so it goes shamble. are you on? am i done a meeting, a one. the teachers here. my done
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with eyes a medium i you were just double l. a boy must the way it was like one. but it ah, will i escalate? they changed my done that i thought anything at the guilty school slain. if you look at the facts, yes. could it that glass a little but they go well, she could still be caught up bundling especially money by week. it was up on this time. they sneak in lap of 1000 of them on that couple of if enough to run the me machine, you can be could have lice must or i just to let, put them up personally. and i, cecily, like what blessing
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a coup d'etat was approved and washington would have triggered a chain reaction in ukraine. the eastern regions as well as crimea, refused to recognize the new government as legal. and they oppose the coo and the coming to power of nationalists. and key itself, alexander church, temporarily became the head of state his election was approved by us ambassador jeffrey piatt, alexander tino born on march 31st 1964 in the final years of the u. s. s. r. he was a com, small functionary. he's been in politics since 1990. he's a friend and partner of jojo tymoshenko and a friend of victor years jenko. in 2005,
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he presided over the s b u. in less than 6 months, he was removed from office due to high profile corruption scandals during euro. my don p opposed, president yanna coverage after the coup d'etat on february 22nd, 2014. he was elected the chair of the beer cove, nevada of ukraine, is february 23rd, 2014. he was the transitional president of ukraine. he's an act of supporter of severing ties with russia and a complete reorientation to the west. ah, russian president vladimir putin immediately recognized what was happening and took action exit polls from today's referendum in crimea, show overwhelming support for separation from ukraine and for unification with russia. now the main threat to the key of authorities was the east of the country.
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yet that was still with the list that i knew to. yes, i go. what again is sheila winch dorit about the millennium mother? i, i april 12th, 2014 john brennan, the director of the cia arrives and she of officially the visit is related to expanding co operation in the field of security on the same day. the naughty organization, right sector announced the armed mobilization of its supporters for an operation in the don boss. on april 14th, 2014 chairman of the ver cove narada, alexander, chain of signed, decreed number 405-2014. on the start of the anti terrorist operation and don boss one another, i know the bus was only cielo guy in avenue yet the little bit which stores right
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up until in my you'll give us 2 tanks, military aircraft, soldiers, and arm detachments of naughty organizations. were thrown against the protesters and the don boss residential areas were sheldon bond with heavy weaponry civilians, women and children were killed and it continues to this day. as a result, it has become clear that the industrially developed east has been lost to ukraine, whom at the same time neither the united states nor europe protested against the ukrainian armies use of lethal weapons against civilians and cities in the east. on may 2nd, 2014 large scale clashes took place in odessa, between neo nazis and their opponents. in the 21st century in europe, in
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a country that declared loyalty to your in values all about 50 people were burned alive by the nazis in the house of trade unions. us state department of course condemned us and called for the culprits to be found. but no one looked for them with the true portion go morning september 26th. 1965 politician and oligarch. the media proprietor. he's one of the creators of the party of regions. he's a friend of victor hughes, jenko. he was one of the main supporters of the orange revolution and euro, my don. he supports the warrant on boss and maximum reproach mont, with the united states. and the european union portion of became president amid the
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confusion and shock from the loss of crimea. and the war in the east, he immediately proclaimed his credo, and the don boss, ukraine is waging a war with russia. with the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is to state,
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devising methods to it essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, the ca, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. been down the victim say they still live with the consequences today. ah, how much of the more there are no crane is controlled by united states. the other wish to polish a shameka crane update for keyless foster on all i thought we were i think there's
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a lot of noise from a computer when that. mm hm. at auburn, florida. yes ma'am. so there wouldn't be some. if i make alchemy, sharon, if in the business grain it food 0 it or that is dealing next be a flu shot. got thorazine him either via though it gaijin is took link to it said in your stuff i'm it. mm. please join me in welcoming george sorrows. sorrows had a very, very big angio in the you grand, the theory of the n g l, which really brilliant the theory of the angio and he had them and other eastern european countries was to help the country deal with corruption. because all these countries in eastern europe have a corruption problem, we know that the n g as a utilized by the state department. so completely,
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a department is that the ambassador controlled by sorrows of which are about 4 or 5 to not give money directly to the country. they do it through n g o. the money goes to them and then they decide how to split it up with the country. and sorrows controls a lot of those. and you know, when it comes to you create their g, d p is under $2000.00 a year for christmas. and soros wants to right, europe, and it needs to a, get its act together and be more active in a helping ukraine fight for each other. he convinces the country that they're so corrupt, they have to establish a special prosecutor. they take all the corruption cases away from the attorney general and ukraine's cases, the number. right. so that sounds great. and to perfect bill clinton,
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i feel your pain. here's what they do is a minute. the minute the minutes icon established mishenko testify that he was called over to the american embassy and he was given a list by the poor moder town for the amount of it everywhere. maria, on which went turned bad. she started off in somalia. how did that go? and she, i mean she's, he just completely owned by source. well, it's very intimidating and she gives him a list and he's got a job for case right away. and what one of them is the case against sources and geo policies followed by you cream, have to be ukranian. oh, seeing a thought to houses as depressed became more and more open about tie between you as,
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as you and united states, particularly my room or about the office of ga in the us, su, building are, those are almost real and those these office feel exist. any me of the comment on the leash here officer say all talk to you as bull in using your credit was to totally me ga, still. today's book, a, sourcing yourself with our country roads here with us next green numbers more, you know, almost just him when you have to go to clarity school, going to school bushes for yourself long as you personally have story and recipient of your tools golub dynamic. we'll see how much of a dog is smarter than its tail. but if the tail were smarter than the tail would wag, the dog for shanker decided that he had the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the united states. for example, in the american presidential election,
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he liked hillary clinton and joe biden, and he didn't like donald trump clubs just lost some water water. the doris had dealings, or she would agreeing to have them from, from a british kit cars. they will get a new for, she hasn't been getting lashes politically like this last night to look over a more significant sound. good or i'm still on the fuels are sure to clean from the exactly. so let's go. all right. the more you here with any new conditions, renews either one, they have water. why am i bless ledger? can you share my children across a part of kennedy own up with an equitable snacks logo and each and his grades, and i can find new chromebook on the 4th. oh yes, there was. there waterloo boot on board. shameka angel more than i'm with him with the worst on the do i have a more washington line, you just sort of
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a hickory and lithium will to walk and we'll see up on the affordable that that ocean was, you know, camilla healthcare stuff for a minute. national protein yesterday or another scandal during his administration was the story of the oil and gas company. bery sma registered in an offshore zone in cyprus. officially bery sma was engaged in the development of oil and gas fields in ukraine, but it did not succeed in providing ukraine with its own fuel. and a new face was added to bery smith, board of directors, immediately following the 2014 qu, hunter, biden. the son of us vice president joe biden own under got a salary of $50000.00 a month. additionally, serious allegations of bery smith involvement, and money laundering arose with a shower, bringing my store and i will post near storms till by them a wonderful game year is cordially in this way. warsaw accost for digging
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year lam. william bewitching discipline with jerome, a convicted should, is of shortening, combining. he is lost, we need to learn greater than your vehicle, similar to political, couldn't here in yuba city, some of your mom as a property to city of i'm desperately concerned about the back sliding on the part of a key in terms of corruption. i mean, i'll give you one concrete example i, i was not, i, i, but it just happened to be that was the assignment. i got, i, i got all the good ones that i got ukraine, obama names biden as the point, man. what's the point man going to do? what man is going to determine how much money they get? an appointment is going to help and reduce corruption, which is a big joke. i went over, i guess the 12th 13th time to key canada. and i was go supposed to announce that there is another 1000000 dollar loan guarantee to not as if we're just talking
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about another 1000000000 the own guarantee we're talking about a big into or guarantee if you don't get to the country goes under a, you're gone. you poor shake, go a got a skill from anybody cuz they're gonna throw you out because countries bankrupt. so vide was literally made the most powerful man that you credit. and i had gotten a commitment from portion co hand from yachts in new york that they would take action against the state prosecutor. and they did. so they said they had, they walk out to prescott, and i said, i'm not going to, we're not going to give you the $1000000.00. they said you have no authority. you're not the president, the president said, i should call them. and i said, i'm telling you're not getting a $1000000000.00. i said, you're not getting the 1000000000 i would be leaving here. i think it was about 6 hours or even 6 hours in the prosecutors not fired. you're not getting the money. posada a gas fired. what do you remember? they're so important?
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his son is part of the investigation. in 2014, the younger biden took a job on the board of a ukrainian energy company. the reason my holdings at a time when his father, who was then vice president, had an active role in us policy toward ukraine, that can be 2 different products. i could prosecuted for bribery, extortion. what's your understanding of what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money? i don't know what he was doing. i found out he was on the board after he's on board . and that was it. that doesn't pass the smell. like when your vice president, isn't there a higher standard? do you need to know who we got? she'll get testimony, which is clear, isabel, he was investigating bery slow going after on to biden. he, all of a sudden did the pardonable the rest of the company was going to bring it down. and then he gets visited by his friend, the president who says, buy wants you out because she getting too close to her son
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or a lot higher. whereas with amanda, my word i and that now with the prosecutor general in place were ready to move forward and signing that new 1000000 dollar loan guarantee based incidence. a position not knowing fucked them little bit. you name zerodnik. i don't see you in your snare. what role in your career? what about their gosh, the see out the whole that asking us pollution stockings. i provided a lease on the quota. andrea, that i caught you at that in chicago. sees kick, attentive sus provo, people new t, not the board t process who shot older cache did was you? he read the prosecutors file because of the committee that he runs in the parliament. and the file was consistent with everything we had given those that would just give us a souvenir biskin city and say, even in the process, i need you to be able in that. and that was in your name. you know,
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some simplistic, i mean, is mysterious to finance so, so, so, but, but that she's not, that is democracy is just gave bought a new which in different industry when we uh, model, developed or store music would now be quick. and then he brought us an extra piece of information that about $5000000000.00 in foreign aid has on account of 4 of which $3000000000.00 is american money. and a lot of it is not being investigated because it goes through n g o's, many of which are run by sorrows. that makes sense because service was protected to the nth degree by the obama administration. and soros was doing that over eastern europe. i have to admit that i'm biased. you're a democrat. yeah, well, i'm certainly warning flavor of social justice. and then the republican party today moved fourish ankle was
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unable to solve a single problem for ukraine. but he was noted for other decisions. first of all, under the direct control of u. s. secretary of state, michael pompeo. he put pressure on patriarch bartholomew and was able to create a separate ukrainian church, only for ukrainian. so the priests of the traditional ukrainian orthodox church of the moscow patriarch kate were subjected to physical pressure. churches were seized by force for the strongest pressure was exerted on the parishioners, and they were physically intimidated, ah, unable to end the war and don boss fourish ankle began to war with the past and launched a large scale campaign to de soviet ice cream. the ukrainian peoples answered to portion goes choice of europe was to flee the country more than 6000000 ukrainians live abroad in search of a better life. he would assist you with some of the nationalist them, but it early. hilarious is so much assuming used to present go little
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slow today. no bananas. should one of them december at privates. we would go and go she physically and yes, we're divorced along in that can use of green grass. then you know greenland cylinders share, sway nicky green at the new sink and teaches cases ah, europe decided not to rush to integrate ukraine into its structures. o, former president of poland, lech walesa directly stated, europe is not going to tolerate such a state for the 1st time in their history. ukrainians, tired of despair held a protest vote for the 1st time the president of ukraine is not a former prime minister. not an oligarch, not a politician. he is simply a comedian. ah
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oh, why brew ha monitors the compliance a wall g 20 members with their commitments. they made up their all last summer. and what we have found is that a year later on may even the wrong summer countries comply and unprecedentedly high level 80 my percent. and i'm optimistic that because that great shock cold it is to always, i think, will get high compliance with the wrong commitments on cobit to ah,
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both of headlined right here went off. he international, the iraq, he prime minister, survived a drone and bombing on his residence. which the interior ministry described as a terrorist attack, as comes off to brutal riots in baghdad over the contested election. on the week's top stories here and archie international, a whistleblower report, and the british medical journal points to serious flaws in the testing of fives is covered vaccine. although so far you whistle authorities have been somewhat reluctant to investigate in a cove. it skeptics class with police in germany as a rally against tough new government restrictions takes on all the infections are now going to record highs. also in the program here one r t a canadian commit.


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