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dan format, you know it, money one, it is highly regal. don't be a car. watch has a record law. in the traditional motion picture story, villains are usually defeated aiming as a happy one. i can make no such promise for the picture you're about to watch. a story isn't over a higher number visitors bringing my father down. and he'd gone from a man to this almost non human creature parish. he started to try to get rid of the equipment that they used to put him in sensory isolation. he's mumbling income hearing, he's trying to remove his goggles, he's trying to remove his cuffs over and over again that he's been coherent.
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we trust doctors, we put our lives in the hands that some betray that trust. for the last 60 years doctors working for the british and american companies abused psychological torture to destroy the subtle fates. interrogated sam, can i have your name by mentally found a spell? me only him. i don't know what the mistake case, but i know the way him spell that his role to tell this story, we need to go back to the 1950s. when scottish psychiatry stuck to you in cameron experimented on his impatience. is a paragraph, amended james, hybrid with the normal world on rest. we are seeing an enormous demand for knowledge concerning the effects of stress
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doors lockers. what day this was the amount 5 agents heat simply identified himself as andy with when they lifted the hood of my head. i see andrew standing in front of me in the middle of the desert. enough kind of stuff. andrew with simply saying there's nothing i we, the british government can do about your situation. you have to cooperate with the americans. they show what do you think about water boarding? i said i like it a lot. i don't think it's stopping now. it's like kind of a special responsibility to act as we those guys in entering an opening up with
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in the past, we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous terror only to meet them again on the battlefield. mm. i just saw an order to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo when a few months ago, dr. you and cameron of montreal, chairman of the organizing committee, opened the 3rd world congress of psychiatry with these words. these are the days
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and hours of the occasion that summon up the termination, fire of the imagination and drive us forward in the greatest. ivan never blue to go see the ellen memorial institute, where my father spent on and off for tragic years. mm. mm. it was one year after my bar mitzvah, just 14th. and i remember the christmas holidays that year with my father pacing, singing a sort of crazy song from that. i think the thirty's called mary see notes and i was he notes in the lamps. he driving over and over and over again, and my being very puzzled and not understanding what was happening, which is how he ended up in 1956. going to see you and cameron at the on moral
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institute. wow, my for the most chilling experiments we of uncovered took place at this gothic a state called ravens greg half way up mile royal in montreal. then the drug began to take. oh, very rapidly. things became very furry and very frightening. i thought this was the coldest, him, most impersonal treatment that anybody could give to anybody in the world. mm. mm. i haven't ever had to talk about this publicly. i don't like to reflect on what happened to her because it breaks my heart. mm. my mom and dad both worked so i would go over to her
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house after school. but even as a young kid, i remember being like, that's my grandma. you watch out, you don't mess with me. she did suffer from postpartum depression, which probably was miss diagnosed in and my mother was very familiar with montreal's from having lived there. so they chose the ion by the 1950s. the island memorial institute was one of the world's leading psychiatric hospitals. it's direct to talk to you and cameron was the president of the american canadian and world psychiatric associations. my mother thought good doctor cameron was god my mother thought dr. cameron was god i'm trying to decide to
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such a photograph of camry. you know, it's very interesting that his is the only photograph in which there is no name and that he was the founder of this place that i'd goes to the 2nd 3rd, 4th, etc. directors. i somehow do no harm guy forgotten. you and cameron was born in beach of allen sterling, cher 19 o one or the son of a presbyterian minister cameron, soon agree scotland or in 1942, he became an american citizen. ambitious and driven cameron dreamed of winning the nobel prize in his work on the frontiers of psychiatry. for me,
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i think it's very easy for people to say that this is the story of one patient or one family and some people down play it because of that to see this only and simply as a horrendous experience that happened in montreal in the 1950s is to really missed the big picture. in 1951 christian america and canada held a secret meeting in the ritz carlton hotel. in montreal, 2 projects were discussed. the 1st was the caea program. some times, in spite of everything, a man can do falls into the hands of the enemy. if you were an airman, whose plane was shot down in enemy territory, or a soldier or a marine captured in combat on the enemy lines. your 1st feeling might be one of helplessness, as if suddenly the whole world dropped out from under you,
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leaving you with the enemy's mercy. such a feeling as quite understandable for a minute or 2 a c. n stands for survival, evasion, resistance, and escape with thought. there was a hidden agenda, had the meeting with the primary objective was offensive developing techniques that we could use against caption soviet so as offensively of mobilization of psychology important states. and that research was dominant within the can universities for the better part of douglas soon, researches began similar experiments in psychiatric hospital in the u. k. ah, in the us the cia had over a 160 secret projects in 80 institutions. $25000000.00
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was allocated to human experimentation. it was code named m. hey. dr. cameron's work at the allen memorial institute was one of the largest projects in m. k. ultra. you are an angry person. you're angry at the doctors. you are angry at the nurses. why are you so? is it because you eat your mother? dr. cameron began trialing pulse, breaking the new tag. why are you so angry? because your mother with my father will be forced to listen to these voices. a high voice is low voices spaced voices faster, slower. i don't get a wrong
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now that you don't seem to be able to manage a good relationship with your hospital. doctor cameron had people listening to recordings. he saw an ad in the paper for how to learn a language while you sleep. and it was a recording of a voice speaking in spanish that you would put in your pillow. when the things that the tape said was you are an angry person, you are angry at the doctor at the nurses. why are you so angry? is it because you is your mother? she had to listen to this over and over and over again. i mean, as many hours in a day that she could, i came back
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was a somnolent ah man, who barely could oh, ah, couldn't really carry on conversations who lay down down in a couch all day, mostly sleeping, who was a different person, a label transport bearing 400 of them on korean, prisoners of war docs at san francisco, i'm in scenes of emotion. in 1953 american troops began returning from the korean wool. thousands was suspected of having been brainwashed. communist fear gripped america. we all know the atomic bomb is very dangers, since it may be used against us, we must get ready for it. with tara came
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a huge opportunity for an ambitious psychiatrist, the american government. when now spending a $1000000000.00 a year on psychological bulls that hundreds of thousands of people with ha brainwashing as so stuff. so definitely there's a master mind behind all this mind manipulation. in russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. and even though stayed with them. so in the world, the model moving the sort of in the self it through proposal the sure deal, but it's just important practice. it took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model. kepsa will over show the extra tools to deal with my food and all ward from ms law school.
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well, was it for shift awful much luca crockett. the 1st one with it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed, non misconduct. go to chill them on to what the problem yet nuclear you talk. so shown where you swore trust someone call it ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a super awesome. what would you also get on greens? come a little, i'm surely confusing. some of the yet and less new lease in west indiana. better one more law a service, but it is free and finish with water. the past 3 decades, green light for ukraine. eye witnesses with cool the events. this would be more or
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less of you to shoot me a little you what i knew about it. i'm not sure, but i did that for months with no idea what else and what other forces were at play . you have to do so to whom you show in shin mushy in those them, you put in the kid what i'm going to consume when you the shows up in was a little versions old. nice. take a look at ukraine, 30 years out, the gaining independence with us here unless you mean like it was live, but a will. it could be issue. you have lunch with us? no, no, no problem. o life for many is appallingly confusing. we have a very considerable obligation to undertake social engineering. it will take bold,
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planning and brave hearts to develop this field. mm. see, i used all kinds of exotic techniques they were convinced that hypnosis could actually work if you didn't tie somebody and wake them up and some more do something that they ordinarily wouldn't do. and then you could snappish fingers, then forget all of us. pretty stuff dr. cameron didn't set out to develop interrogation methods by his techniques prove useful to the c i hey, with in 1963, many the psychological experiments po, to fight for the 1st time in cuba. counter intelligence menu, a cia guide on how to torture. who bark is a curious name? it's christina. it's a c eyes name for itself,
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and that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation and psychological torture, visio disseminated within the us intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. within the decade, christian would be using these techniques on her own citizens. the terrorist campaign continues as an unacceptable level in the 1st 6 months of 971 over 300 bones ripped through northern island. the ordinary law cannot de comprehensively or quickly enough with such ruthless viciousness for the british government's response was to introduce in time that without trial ah,
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on the 9th of august, 197-1342 people were arrested. 2 out in o's, an island suspected terrorists, whose 23 years of age and at sea started in the morning, making no bitter mercy of a pen in his stomach and settled right in the bed. only to discover that there was, i had been awakened by the bottom of british army rifles, took me in the stomach. ah, at 6 it's up. god mourn. mamma come into the bedroom. she says better get up there . soldiers, all right, in the house. the next thing was that still going on my head told me i was under arrest as everybody command would tell you what's happening. i'd say they're shooting and ball men and show many dad. ah. 1 the porch were coming in
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from areas like our mom, oregon, uri and dairy, and to see him picture was a margin of man being arrested. this it looked like war had a robot. and belfast, british intelligence used up to cameron's experiments in sensory overload and deprivation. on the irish prezis ah, there, oh you say come on in and put in a bag over your head. stepped an overall spot on us spread eagle. again, the world for hours on land is a good test over my head that's were punished said, and what the hell's been all will
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you see in this east take me to state, devising message to end to essentially destroy personnel to that individual by scientific means, professor tim sheriff is one of the 1st to make the connection between them until experiments and interrogation techniques 9 and ah, in 1974, he presented a b b c documentary with the irish prison. if i then had been nicknamed to put it men or 2 were subjected to a technique which is later comes with mystically known as interrogation and that one is dry. go to that room at most usual at the time. i could feel everything of the different textures of the floor. i finish up with her insistence, not a sessions, and sessions dot and my fingertips against the wall one my toes and
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a stress position. mm hm. it seems itself to be completely innocuous. all you're doing is leaning forward against the wall. why should this be a problem, but it is a pol if you have to retain that position. so it becomes extremely painful when it doesn't appear to be painful from the point of view of the lay. observe. after considerable experimentation, it was found if individuals, what place without eyes bandaged, they would not only pass into a confused and extremely anxious state. but they would show some interesting phenomena a and then i started noticing this noise. this high pitch agreement, noise appears to come in through my hard don't,
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through my body and through my toes and just chuckles right run. and each time it is through the body, it touches every nerve send you in the body, what it starts to occupy, my main that picture over my brain to the veracity of this noise grew up here. and then i will go down again. and if you can imagine the inside the home, this noise was exaggerated, the 100 fold they thought they were gonna kill us. i started santa rosalie. oh mustang, or i'm a finish. got that number that i couldn't fall in. and all that ended up was a let me of him marriage with named as a soldier named as a hell
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a combination of procedures which each in itself is extremely simple and extremely cheap to produce, comes from the obstruction from scientific work. and the consequence of this type viewed was a long term traumatic to post traumatic stress disorder. new members in the acceptance that the end result of this is my death. i had dish welcoming of das coleman and bring it sooner rather than later. ah mother, i wish they just went everywhere everywhere. betron frame or
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i was, oh my wife was fortunate enough to get the full number of brown talker then prime minister of was to call it northern she rang and she says, your husband and my husband digging away, i would like for you the article or is because everybody's to land on maria's, she just basically says, these are terrible times. i'll talk to monique, ah, in 1971 island took the u. k to the european court. they argued that the man had been tortured by the british. 3 european court of human rights, eventually decided that the hooded men had not been tortured, but instead enjoyed in human and degrading treatment. ah,
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the global precedent sat by this 1978 judgment, allowed governments around the world to legally use these techniques. new a new oh. when the 30th of july, 2011, the 1st re union after headed, man and 40 years took place here and just move up. this is a full profit. oh, we discussed the possibility for you when the keys to me it was chemo. mm.
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hello, my name is fran to mclean and i a 7 year old grandfather and 1971. i was one of the hooded man. we went through 9 days of torture and health. the hidden main kiss is probably one of the most of the tories kisses in human rights jurisprudence. the dogs in the street know about that had a man, they know what happened to it, man. and in particular, they know that it was torture. we help documents that make it very clear express the clear that those the highest level were not only authorizing the techniques but knew exactly what they were authorizing which was out of torture. a spoke to all of the men of their experience. all of them seem to come to the white noise, more so even than the batons and the machine that was used to crit,
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white noise. it actually cost less than $1.00 pined to manufacture. oh, and you see a document and much martin race had communicated with the british prime minister. regarding to torture, you see the word and paper at that level. you know, that plays have been told in through the act of making art is how i processed my thoughts and ideas. i was thinking about the family tree and i was thinking about in our family. something came in out of left field and broke a branch on our family tree. mm mm. down in 1977. the new york times broke the story
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of doctor you and cameron c i a mind control program. mm. one of the people reading the story was foul. all coast husband for o is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? tice, elation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, 5 roof monitors the compliance, a wall, g 20 members with their commitments. they made up their all last summer. and what we have found is that a year later on the even the wrong saw countryside comply and unprecedentedly high level 85 percent. and i'm optimistic that because that break shaw cold, it is to always, i think, will get high compliance with the wrong commitments on cobit to
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the iraqi prime minister survives a drone bombing on his residence, which the interior ministry describes as a terrorist attack. the reported assassination attempt comes after brutal rights in baghdad over last month can to the election. ah, also in the week's top stories, a whistle blower report in the british medical journal points, this series flaws and the testing of fighters cobit vaccine. although so far, u. s. authorities have been reluctant to investigate also, while infection rate soar to an all time record in germany, anti locked, done activist clash with the police out. a raleigh against tough new government restrictions. ah.


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