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something in america, something overseas in the cayman islands, you will please thanks a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious money laundry. ok. let's see how we did. wow, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about a bill again for mag, you know what? money one is higher, you don't watch either. ah, [000:00:00;00] a at the height of the 2020 corona virus pandemic mass media really covered stories
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from africa. the world was more interested in kind of it, and africa had far less infected people in europe. but one story got people's attention. newspapers reported that can you was having an elephant baby boom journalist link the unprecedented search in the elephant's birth rate, to tourists being restricted from the park. they said it was the more positive side of the lot down, but kind of it had nothing to do with my biggest fish. ok. so see 2018. we've got a fairly good chain and we have on auto versus female. so 202020 yeah. tentatively go tired, this baby will itself to huntington will seek more. rains means more
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food for the female elephants to feed their young. extraordinary things happen in amber. silly national park touches pays yet a female elephant giving birth to healthy twin males. truly an extremely rare case . she fairly faded madman mother regarding mother there, but he is mother there, but puff is something we see like if they pass the out being left at the, at the edge of this one with the mother we, the grandmother and the bus here go to their foam feed and come back to the cow and they will grandmother go to the swamp. flopped via sofa. yes. very good. are you? they think that that would be their mother. so they they look so good. when the male cars go up,
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leave the family. the females will stay together. farmers don't participate in the lives of their offspring. they live alone. i'm return, so leave a meeting. it's not always even possible to tell who the father is. her family is overseen by the only female. she knows where water and the best pastures are in these cubic times that lives at the elephants haven't changed a bit. they didn't even notice the weather. the coffee though, there's no look over that. but i know is because they can, they can see the maybe they could ask that way you can see the 20s, where county a little vehicles, what i know they've been getting themselves getting the control. but for those who work at the bar go live nearby. things have changed drastically. a lot of people have to be told to be for many companies,
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even a head and other kids, those that drive all have fairly big loan in a bank. and in fact, he end up killing himself. beaten cytotec is a mechanic. he has a house near on both in the national park and although he doesn't work at the park itself, his family depends directly on it. how, how and do it or not to get what they mean and getting in his i'm a pretty big now and, and get anyone are not much i will out of bell. i will call my how i deborah nominated yoga class. is you a new my luca? nice easy monica. nice. i will be having now my social book above the video of my diploma over to movie channel when you have is already know that name that governs, i guess logo window of your denise, would you like me to go into a model like in your closet? how can i get in there, put this up? well,
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you know what we'd like to meet with one. i mean, it is a sore nipping, get come up when i will up. but you know, i will not as he can give me the new address. i will also mobile gamma health, but again, as is all new, it's not reflected in worldwide cubit statistics. the virus is affected almost every single canyon family unit letters home. meaning that if i fi us at a vehicle, any leanne's and you can buy a car. now crescendo campbell, look when you have to like new local annealing. yeah. have you live on a me as as, as a live well one at ward, but east lake as yet. well before
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a bud alicia may sound the image one by a gun and a beer garden. now kick will go back out to izzy and an i not bad wookey, by the way through. like any. see les are cornell atheist on a yuki, by the way, an ac bear taking a say you lucky to me me again, it will because i may, is at a glare leave. ah, or got the money in the no, not, not bad. not bad weather or do i you school of unequal knows and then. mm hm. and we always knew was me. she was here by the end of the lobby. i'm gonna go buy a go. i'm not very good. not ada via living with
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my notes. i don't, i in a d a g? i physically have glass windows. nothing. no human ezekiel. where do you go? good for nothing. not good, young. my brother, my would you either nathan. lisa lag, a son, a xavier, my dad and i didnt gotta y u n e or karen. that diary of your mobile app i was i'm within the mean the deal was lydia wafa that those are glad that they did. the hook is so close as you are. i didn't mean i disagree, i'm we thiago now go get the idea and a to luly good. i mean,
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going to come again the machine to get them to you and i didn't really need it going up and him doing that. but on the phone i may as well that he could be not able bundle more than demand. even then they didn't band in the environment muscle by the way, i mean, by the way, we put them in that in lucia. they've got more. yeah. i mean, you can use as much as i said, i'm in a f on
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a familiar up. i knew you number them, the one i didn't know but no, but so when you know me and i knew when one of the weather is going well. mumble mean you prefer for a woman a me for when it's yeah. no, i don't know because i'm the guy, you know, he did, he made yankee, don't wanna get that back. i'm gonna need you. and when i, you know, get, there you go and you enough longer they neisha. do you not thought he knew longer, they ah, a one of the few who is able to
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navigate the new circumstances in a timely fashion is lincoln jewel, the principal of a private school, a code server over destruct in much a totally disorder of peoples. i call all my teachers and we discuss it. i asked them what, what can we do with these? some tools will assist you and to keep your life going on, because the school will not be in a position to pay you. so we decide to do them the best thing that you can do and the cheap on is 3 i brought up. so that would be $700.00 in this class this year. so i told you good, good money, do i? but now you start to being from the capital at their, their, their profit that we got, we started putting the next batch
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a know we worked with before and the closet moody open. that was another good challenge because these are the same rooms that these pupils would come out to see now shifted to a bigger room. that is a dining hall where we now today, the term funded that we started you painting those glasses that they're asked about to do to usa good. i working capital or we're starting to mac anemia and mix that is a very new institution added to come from this point. i blessing in disguise. we opened a lot done. it's well that we do this, then we have around $100.00 to the data. newcomers gross and defy the day. and now we are talking about $700.00 plus here. so we can see that maybe it was
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a blessing in disguise. almost 200000 people, a contracted candidate in kenya. point 3 percent of the country's population. researches believe that generally in africa, the limiting factor is that the average age on the continent is 20 is while the proportion of people over $65.00 is only 3 percent assure that we go back to our normal life. yeah, the 20 to come was no more and see a little clearly is that a good people? go back to the walk. so i'm hoping to go back to normal life kenya has reopened its borders as most african countries have but still,
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very few tourists to coming with ah ah, in russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even though they more than a sort of can you sell it to proposal this dealing with them for the practice. it took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model. to skip sister will over
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a show to fire a little steel deal. luke up with my food motion from a small through some bullshit for shift. luca, could i get the customer with us or ah, 5 roof monitors the compliance of a wall. g. 20 members with their commitments, they made up their all last summer. and what we have found is that a year later on may even the wrong side. countryside comply unprecedentedly high level, 85 percent. and then i'm optimistic that because that break shawn colvin is to always, i think, will get high compliance with the wrong commitments on cold,
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with ah, directly prime minister survives a drone bombing on his residence, which the interior ministry describes as a terrorist attack. assassination attempt comes after brutal riots in baghdad over last month contested election. also in the weeks tops stories, a whistle blower report in the british medical journal points, the serious flaws in the testing of pfizer scurvy vaccine. although so far, u. s. authorities have been reluctant to investigate them and canada's top caught back said comedian, he made a series of controversial jokes about a disabled singer stating that it didn't amount to discrimination. we put the issue


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