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tv   News  RT  November 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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ha, ah ah, the iraqi prime minister survives a drone bombing on his residence, which the interior ministry describes as a terrorist attack. the reported assassination attempt comes after brutal riots in baghdad over last month's contested election. also in this week's top stories, a whistleblower report in the british medical journal point to serious flaws and the testing of pfizer corporate vaccine. although so far us authorities have been reluctant to investigate them. ban canada's top court facts, a comedian who made a series of controversial jokes about a disabled singer stating that it didn't amount to discrimination. we put the issue up for debate. the must be a stop between hatred and comedy between violence and free speech. no one saying there shouldn't be consequences. what the argument is,
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the consequence should not be. you mean by tens of thousands of dollars and not be a less actually not allowed to criticize someone. ah, hello there, you're watching the weekly on rti international. my name's donald quarter. welcome to the program. iraqi interior ministry has condemned what it's called a terrorist attack against the prime minister. early on sunday, mustafah cadina's residence in the capital of baghdad was bombed by drones. although the premier himself was unharmed, ortiz policy or picks up the story. i. melissa, a skate destination, attend on his life, emilio, as of sunday morning or hearing from the iraqi military, is that a number of grows up alotta with explosives struck the residential palace which is
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inside baghdad. green zone. and if he's 7 security guys were injured in that attack, immediately following that be prime minister took to his put her feet in which he urged for a screen. and con, he then appeared on state television in which he reassured that iraqi population cowardly rockets, android attacks don't build homelands and don't build a future. we work towards building a countries to respecting the states in its institutions and building a better future for all iraqis. we call again for carbon constructive dialogue for iraq and the feature of iraq. as a vic, no one has came responsibility for the attempted assassination. we have, we've heard from heavily armed leaders who are affiliated with iran backed militias . and they have been protesting the results of the general parliamentary election was held on the 10th of last month in which they had a very push showing this supporters have taken to the states to demonstrate. in
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this past friday, those demonstrations turned violent where the protesters started pelting the police with rocks and stones. and the piece is funded with guests and stun grenade. at least one person was killed in those attacks. ah, with some of the meat is all the most powerful militia factions have come forward. and o'conny blamed the prime minister for the handles these classes, the representatives and spokesperson for a broad coalition of pro iranian ship parties has suggested that this attempted assassination attack is actually a full sag by the prime minister to try and divert attention away from the way his
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government handled those protests. the prime minister has ordered a probe into the caches, and at the same time he has all said compensation to the victims. now we have started receiving international reaction to the attempt assassination this morning . we have heard from some kenny, who is the secretary of the rent national security council, and he has condemned the attack saying that it can be traced back to foreign interference. he says that foreigners are to be blamed for insecurity discord and instability in the country. that has seen foreign news of support, both terrorist organization and the occupation of iraq. at the same time the united states has weighed in, they condemned the incident. they also offered assistance in the investigation. the u. s. of course is busy with doing, excuse me, work and has the deadline by the end of this year by which to finish doing this. we
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are following the reported drone attack. this apparent act of terrorism, which we strongly condemn, was directed to the heart of the rock estate. our commitment to our iraqi partners is unshakable, the another se sent with the government and people of iraq. kristen colton. that peace come to rec, particularly now amid the u. s military withdrawal, and that is why washington is watching events so carefully. the united states was among the 1st countries to praise the results of last month elections. of course, they will be particularly concerned and how things are developing their jamal lateem is a professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut. and he says that the assassination attempt could have been designed to send a message. this bomb being 1st could be false lagging on behalf of some group to be taken by the prime minister as a justification for the track down on demonstrations. this could also be
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a message by some trade groups who lost the parliamentary elections to the prime minister, who is open to the court, the by the united states who came to power. and so do usually the way it happened. and, and i know these kind of what you meant by the united states to their troubles in iraq and for the united states to make it like every leaving site for iran. and it's also it's black and ukraine to make ukraine a bleeding site for russia to be inside for syria. so this is the global american this was why the americans manipulated the election shares in the german company and joined developer of the pfizer cobra. the vaccine,
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bio and tech have plunged 20 percent and follow several setbacks, including a whistleblowers report and the british medical journal pointing to serious flaws in last year's vaccine trials, particularly for tank. oh, can tell us more how many people do you know, who are sick and tired of daily debates about vaccine safety? well, i know quite a few and you know, what really gets me fired up about these conversations. quite often, those who do most of the talking have next to 0 expertise in the relevant science concerning medical trials for example. but what about when those who really do know better south the alarm over possible issues? earlier this week, one respected medical journal published an investigation in which you could read things like this. one employee said she had worked on over 4 dozen clinical trials in her career, but had never experience such a healthy skill to work environment as we've been harvey on pfizer trial. i don't
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think it was good clean data. the employee said of the dates of it's harvey generated for the pfizer trial. it's a crazy mess. those are some pretty serious concerns. but let me give you the full picture. these were comments that the journal received anonymously from former employees of one of the firm's tasks with carrying out the pfizer vaccine trial vent avia. the authors got in touch with them while investigating the claims of a whistleblower, who worked for ven tabio for a couple of weeks before being fired, supposedly in connection with sounding the alarm over quite a list of issues including things like this, the, the, the the, the whistleblower provided the journal with internal company documents, photos,
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and audio recordings to back up her concerns. i do have to say though, we've not seen them in the article or received actually some other way. and obviously it wasn't up to us to supervise an american contract or on a pivotal trial of one of the world's most widely known jobs. the question is, did the u. s. government agency in charge the food and drug administration know about any of that? we didn't know is jackson received an email from the f d a thanking her for her concerns and notifying her that the f d. a could not come in on any investigation that might result. a few days later, jackson received a call from an f. dea inspector to discuss her report, but was told that no further information could be provided. she had nothing further in relation to the report. the right people apparently did no, or at least were notified that lead to any oversight of the company. by the regulator. the answer is no. on the contrary,
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the watchdog was instead quick to greenlight, pfizer for emergency use in america. in fight this briefing document submitted to an f. d. a advisory committee meeting held on the 10th of december 2020. the company made no mention of problems. vince obvious site the next day to f. d. a issued the emergency use authorization of the vaccine. a few more details that right this concert, a summary of f d, a. inspections of phasers vaccine trial sites said that 9 of 153 had been inspected. but none of those had been operated by vent avia and no expection had been conducted at all in the 8 months between the emergency authorise, zation and the full approval. pfizer has since hired been toby up as a research subcontractor to work on for other clinical trials, the use of the coven vaccine, and children and young adults. a cobit 19 trial involving pregnant woman and
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a trial of covet 19 booster doses. this is a global pandemic, and in a global pandemic, we have a duty. this is the important bass. we have a duty. we have an up must duty to look after other nations. it is a clear example of we look after ourselves in the 1st instance. and we are not very interested in the welfare, the well being, the recovery off other countries of cause profit is the biggest motive here. and it is an example of protecting their financial prospects in the future. okay. not an expert. and maybe the trials were actually properly conducted. maybe someone was just not a big fan of the u. s. pharmaceutical giant. but what i want to be confident about is that some one competent, whose job is to have these trials under control actually does his or her job to the fall. or at least mentions reports on possible red flags. the contact advisor
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inventor via for comment on the claims as well as posing further questions to the us food and drug administration. but they have yet to respond to our inquiries. dr . angie brought a consultant, physician for britons. any chest thinks vaccine development has fallen victim to corporate greed. pfizer has, for me this by no means the 1st time that i've been found to be acting in a way in which you can really say that the commercial interest is compromising bay to nicole and research objectivity and judgment. what this really shows that it's been develop above the acceptable speed of signs of a though the cost of a applied and more people to the trolley kind of adequate stuff to run the trial. in appropriate wayne is a constant commercial pressure, even with a sub contractor to make profit. so to have fewest often generate results more quickly and cut corners. in this way, commercial interest is pressuring, you know, what would be the best way to treat the pandemic. and the best way to develop the drug judges in canada have ruled that a comedian who joked about
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a disabled teenage singer did not breach the youngsters rights to dignity. comic mike ward hailed the decision by the supreme court as part of a growing backlash against cancel culture. i'm like o j. i one. this is a vest, i'm so happy. i think this is a good sign for comedy. i think this means the pendulum is about to swing the other way. comedians are going to be able to keep on doing jokes. i would want to tell him about how i felt when i 1st heard that think job as a 13 years old to just think about gang because a 40 year old men say so that you should die. the now 24 year old singer jeremy gabriel was born with a birth defect that causes scull abnormalities. he found fame in 2006, and even performed for pope benedict. some years later mike ward began mentioning gabriel's disabilities in his performances and defended his act by saying that
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people shouldn't be afraid to joke about any subject. every family filed a human rights complaint, but canada's highest court said the singer was targeted not because of his disability, but because it was fain. and while mister ward received support from the company world, others still believe that such jokes must face consequences. we had a lively discussion about it here on our tea with a panel of guess. you know, i, i agree with the court inclusion. i mean that they acknowledge said that this was a nasty thing that was said. but you know, it doesn't go as far as to, you know, have a legal financial consequences for this person. when mister work comes to your town, you have the option to not buy a ticket. you can ignore his podcast. you have the right to do all those things, but should he be prosecuted in a court of law that takes it a bridge way too far. in my opinion, we had to sink about. he was a child,
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he was 13 years old. and i truly believe we should safeguard our children more because especially in this case it was not only a child, but he was and he still is disable. so you know, the must be a stall between hatred and comedy between violence, you know, and free speech. god to charge and, and find a guy, tens of thousands of dollars for a joke, comedy and joking. and freedom of speech is a human right? when did this change? this is nuts to me. and you know, i have to disagree with the, the woman who spoke before this, he was not making fun of his disability. he was primarily making fun of people who thought the kid was so weak that you couldn't comment and make fun of his singing is still alive. he the only thing that's wrong with it. it was a little different. and he, you know, he has to wear a hearing aid. i, we shouldn't be treating people like so differently. i mean,
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have some respect for the guy. he's not some weakling that you need to defend like this. first of all, he was violence. verbal violence towards a child that was 13 years old and disabled child. i don't care if it was an address in his disability. he was suicidal after that. and you come be free to say whatever you want and be buying renting every way you want in that and you know, in your job, i'm in a shipper. now if to my, to my disable, you know, employee like that, i would go to court to because doubt consequences for every one of us though what we do in our life, okay, it's not only speech is an action, no one's saying there shouldn't be consequences. but the argument is, the consequence should not be you being by tens of thousands of dollars and not be a less actually not allowed to criticize someone. well, i, i just want to say this in response to that. i'm a lot of comedians and, and i would like to think i'm one of them. it is possible for us to have 2 thoughts in our head at the same time. thought number one, that's a joke that
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a lot of us would never make. i personally would never make a joke like that. that's me. ah, but another thought that i am also able to have in my head at the same time is i can see the dangerous slippery slope of having legal consequences for someone who chooses to make such a joke. even if i find it an incredibly poor taste. and you know, free speech is just her virtue that i think it's very important and without it, i certainly wouldn't have a job. maybe an attempt to save the world from climate change, but the huge cop $26.00 summit in scotland is not impressing grad thornburg. the swedish activist lashed out at the event while addressing clouds at the, at crowds at the fridays for future march in glasgow. it is not a secret that cup twin sakes is a failure. it should be obvious that we cannot solve a crisis with the same methods that goes into it in the 1st place. protest events
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have also been held are on the world to coincide with cop $26.00 with demonstrators echoing gretta thornburg's call for those 2 in power to take action. aah! with with cop $26.00 conferences now into it's 2nd week kicking off the event, the british prime minister warned of a doomsday scenario. all the american president vowed the u. s. would lead by example in the fight against climate change. one of the world's biggest polluters,
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india announced a net 0 target by 2070, although that's 2 decades later than many had been hoping for. there were also calls for more money to be handed to developing countries to help with their transition to other energy sources. and on that issue r t. saskia taylor has been looking at how complying with emissions goals may not be that simple for nations heavily dependent on fossil fuels. oh $26.00 his hair and it's going to save us from doomsday over $100.00 wild need is a setting out their goals for the future and that big ones. stop deforestation switched to renewables. 0 emissions an ohio electric, nasty thing nature like a toilet. we are digging our own grapes. humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act. now, client change is already ravaged oral. we only have
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a brief window up here for us to raise your ambitions and to arrange to meet the task. sounds great. the question is, who pay the biggest price for all these politicians patches? it's easy for bo chat and co to promise to turn off the light when they leave a room. but for others half way around the world, saying no to fossil fuels is a luxury. they just can't afford. if there is call, we leave. if there isn't any call, we don't leave one pass and east and india setup, but over 4000000 others all over the country would likely agree. because that's how many people rely on coal to keep a roof over their heads and food on that pace. the issue goes well beyond india, though, the developing word, a lead industrialization stage, then what we can call one space, our time. we don't that they will not be able to lift their societies out of
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poverty, coal consumption and coal as a basis for the livelihood will remain a fact for some time. in fact, tens of developing countries have come together terrified of what the grand goals of 0 emissions made up by rich nations will mean for them. this new goal, which has been advanced, runs counter to the parish agreement, and is until i equity and against climate justice demands for net 0 emissions. for all countries by 2050 will exacerbate further the existing inequities between developed and developing countries. it's not just that developing nations struggle as it is with fossil fuels. it's not just that millions of jobs will be lost so that millions will be punched into poverty. now it's also that these nations are asking, why are we paying for greedy gonzalez? far away? the top 10 percent of countries consume 20 times more energy than the bottom 10 percent, and 1100000000 sub saharan african share the same amount of power generation
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capacity. as germany's 83000000 people, video gamers and california consume more electricity than entire nations. you won't hear anything about that, a co op 20 sex, and remember, when times were tough, winter was coming. a gas was running low in europe. funny how no one was shouting about being a dirty source of energy when they begged for the taps to be turned back on. but you will hear them say they won't finance fossil fuel projects in developing countries. why? because it's far away and won't affect whether that warm on a chilly december night. though if the budget can stretch, they might lend a helping hand to ease the pay. we want to do more to help countries around the world, especially developing countries, accelerate their crane energy transition, address pollution. sure. the world we all must share a cleaner shafer healthiest plan and we have an obligation to help make no mistake . this is not a judgment on green energy. the goals of those gathered in glasgow are undoubtedly
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noble. but do the politicians so desperate to be seen as the leaders has saved the pallet, realize what that p. r friendly slogans actually mean for millions of people. far away, and even if they did what they do, anything differently, there are some countries are to actually have small populations but are consuming a lot of energy. an image, a lot of are gathered carbon people crazy on our own in most of the rich countries . it's not clear that they're really going to be themselves of it from coal, and i don't think that maybe realistic target will not much the 2015 batteries target yet. so i think there's a lot of bluffing going on here. and i don't be a lot of the, you know, the commitments are the pledges being made by rich countries when you an end to
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u. s. support and weapons for saudi led military offences in yemen. that was a pledge made by joe biden back in february, fast forward to today though, and it seems like sales of weapons for defense purposes are fair game. the u. s. has approved a $650000000.00 deal to supply the golf state with air to air missiles. it's biden's 1st major weapons agreement with saudi arabia, but just the latest in a long line of lucrative american arms deals with the state. the u. s. a supplied over 70 percent of saudi arabia weapons in 2015. worth $64000000000.00. state department has ruled out the use of the missiles for ground attacks and said that the deal is in line with biden's promise to help saudi arabia defend itself from iranian back to air attacks. but some are questioning whether the deal is consistent with biden's promise to end the devastating conflict in yemen. and i
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and i, and to war activist kennestone told us that the u. s. sending arms to the region is only going to make the situation worse. when biden claimed on february, 4th, that he, that the u. s. wish to stop saudi offensive operations in yemen. that statement rang hollow from the start. because if the u. s. really wanted the saudi offensive war against yemen to and all that president biden would have to do it,
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pick up the phone and call maria to tell him to stop it. and that would have been the end of it. the u. s. is supporting an illegal war against the people of vienna . the fact that the u. s. is ascending into this volatile region. this powder keg, even more weapons, is a recipe for disaster. the sale of these missiles to saudi arabia enables the saudis to be more and more reckless because they feel that they are protected by this i saw a quasi iron dome. fennel has reopened a criminal probe into the horrific murder of a woman, allegedly by a british soldier. the single mother was beaten, stabbed and dumped into a septic tank back in 2012. and our family believes that the details of the case were hushed up league you the had
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a journey were recently learned that is the british army vault because there were a lot of cover up. but we are glad that now think i've been brought to light. my wishes the culprit to face the law because i had to be a burden that wasn't mine. i had my own children to take care of, though i was not employed, it has been a real struggle with the family of agnes when gero, when jacko. a canyon woman allegedly killed by a british soldier, is crying foul as they are yet to receive justice. almost 10 years after her death, when jack, who was a 21 year old sex walker, any money to feed her newborn baby, and she was reported missing in march of 2012. 2 months later, her body was found in a hotel septic tank near to where british soldiers had been stationed. there had been revealed that a british soldier named only a soldier axe, confessed to killing her lou, i feel so sad as though some positions to help us that took so long. recently, when the me death started air in the story top and old one see that it's like agnes
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has just died. it has the been affected. her daughter, what we had to let her know what is going on, i pray that god crossed the british government the wisdom to handle this case. well, when i think of agnes, i remember how happy she was and she loved to sing it. she taught my youngest daughter how to sing what the person who killed agnes should face the law. because the charge was orphaned has suffered to lot. bearing in mind, she was just both man sold. even feeding at the time was difficult. according to the u. k. defense mystery, it will continue offering the support to the canyon investigation. the u. k. stands ready to support all requests says we have done since day one. as with other investigations, we always work in partnership with the kenyan police and subject to international and judicial processes. our help will always be forthcoming will activists in kenya, calling for the extradition of the alleged killer to be held accountable while the labor party here in the united kingdom say the 9 year old deal without an investigation even being can sit,
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has denied the family justice there's been no minister defense, let investigation of the soldiers involved, and no inquiring to why the ministry of the funds failed to respond when canyon detectives asked for help. 9 years on justice must now be done for agnes and her family. revelations of the tragic death of when jacka continued to become more sinister, it's been reported that a group of 9 british soldiers joked about her death on social media several years later. the family now hi, this fresh investigation will give them the answers they so desperately need to her . i feel a lot of pain when i remember agnes. we brought her up well and just as she was settling down her life was taken away, leaving us defend for her young child. and it's my hope that this child will get justice. it's been 10 years, but we hope to finally get justice this case strikes right at the heart of alleged exploitation killings and cover ups in the british army. in fact, the very same defense secretary assisting this probe into one jacket, his death officially closed at stores on investigations and to more than
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a 1000 allegations of abuse by british soldiers in iraq. so with no prosecutions there will this mean justice may never be solved for angus. when jerry, when jacqueline and her family chateau edward dusty r t london. thanks for watching the weekly on our to international stay with us for another 30 minutes of in we'll be back with more news than just about 30 minutes. i .


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