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ah ah, oh. christine divisions bought protests in america after a quarter temporarily blocked the biden administration's plan to impulse compulsory coven shots on businesses. a man charged over the capitol hill, riots compares foul conditions and a washington jail to that of guantanamo bay. in the program, we speak with an investigative journalist who perceive the prisoner's letter. i know that he january, the prisoners are being treated worse than move prisoner is asked what i'm hearing from them. you're not allowed to have visitors and they're just being put in solitary confinement. austin, iraq grapples with a security crisis. soft a deadly post election riots and a drone stripe, supposedly targeting the prime minister as us combat troops head for the exit here
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on our team. we look at parallels between iraq and afghanistan. also, when the program, tchaikovsky gets the woken treatment in scotland, the national ballet company wants to dilute key dawn segments from the nutcracker. the scene is promoting racial stereotypes but not everybody is onboard. ah, welcome to your program here we're naughty, international, straight into breaking news for you. this our from the french riviera. it's where a police officer has been stabbed in can and the interior ministry is report lead, not ruling out terrorism as a possible motive. as we understand and a taca lashed out in front of the city's police headquarters there, fortunately, the officer was wearing a bullet proof vests and was not harmed. official say, the suspect was then quote, neutralized. according to reports, he was shot by another police officer,
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but it's not clear whether or not the suspects survived. and the man has been identified in the media as a 37 year old algeria and man who wasn't on the police radar before the incident. as we said, the motive was unclear at this stage, but witnesses say the suspect shouted something about the profit. the biden administration's push from mandatory cove at vaccinations has exposed an enormous divide across america. over the weekend, an appeals court temporarily blocked the government's job requirements for businesses. that certainly didn't stop people from taking to the streets. ah ah, the contested vaccine monday would apply to all us businesses with at least
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a 100 employees at a time of high infection rates. averaging about $73000.00 per day. now, vaccines are already obligatory for public officials. despite a federal appeals court blocking the private sector requirement, the surgeon general insists the measures are needed. the president of the administration wouldn't have put these requirements in place if they didn't think that they were appropriate and necessary, and the administration is certainly prepared to defend them. for all this promise is of healing. biden's america has become a tinderbox, rife with anger and division. and the latest vaccine mandate was just the thing to spoke the fire. this mandate is unconstitutional, unlawful and unwise. the biden vaccine monday is a shocking invasion of medical privacy and individual liberty. and we will not stand for it. i'm exploring every legal option to defend the rights of north caroline and against this unconstitutional mandate with president by to plan to
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mandate vaccination in the u. s. companies with over $100.00 employees, more than 2 dozen states have now come out swinging, determined to protect the rights of $84000000.00 workers. but what was extraordinary was up by regional dot red was a blue state, new hampshire. among the attorney generals who fall the north food was a democrat from iowa. this was no longer some protest on the street. this is no longer about loyalty to one's party. this was the country, the big guns from both sides of the aisle coming out proclaiming we the people say, no, a court has now frozen the mandate nationwide. that's concerned, it's an overreach. what about individual liberty? what about the constitution? what about a precedence? promise? no, i don't think you should be mandatory, i wouldn't demand to be mandatory, but i would do everything in my power just like i don't think mass has to be made mandatory nationwide and do everything in my power as pressure united states to
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encourage people to do the right thing turns out that the man who didn't believe in mandates has turned into a big front of them for the federal employees and now for private ones, heads mosque up, get job done. you might be out of the job. now you think that being food by more than half the country states would dump your spirits, but no, the white house is still feeling good. just to get ministration over the next thing. the requirements for workers are companies. i'd like to get your response to that and also how confident are you in? what's this? so we are very confident that it can now, biden insists he's acting according to international medical guidance. the vaccine is the only way out of the pandemic. a view shed by many, but the timing is bad. discussions of to job will not have reached fever pitch.
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mm. from california to mississippi. angry citizens have flooded the streets. something they'll never vote democrat again, others that they'd rather be unemployed than give out that freedoms. then you look at the recent elections, a litmus test of the bite and presidency. the democrats took a beating and what many say is a bad omen for the midterms next year? it's been a bumpy few months and for some that's just one person to play. nobody likes to seem to be franklin d. roosevelt deluxe is him to be normal and sub the kaos. you know, under his administration, the cdc said that anybody who's vaccinated shouldn't wear a mask, and then they did the hokey pokey and said no, no, you do have to wear
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a mass. they have said that boosters were not necessarily going to be thing and mandates, not going necessarily going to be a thing. and now we have both boosters and mandates. so if he goes back on this, it will, i think, a road, some of the confidence that biden came in with, remember, he was partly elected because he was the adult in the room. he was somebody for whom was a political veteran that would not see a new problem and therefore would be able to handle it better than the bull in the china shop that donald trump was. if he doesn't show com, even handed leadership on this, and i don't think he particularly has on this or many other things. then he's going to continue to see his approval rating a road like it is right now when it's under water, by nearly 10 points. the white house at odds with the states, the republicans taking on the democrats. so democrats timing on cobra and the facts surrounding on the unbox. like i said, for all those promises of healing, it looks like it's a long johnny to the united states living up to its name. so obviously there's
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still plenty of disagreement over the issue of cobra shots, but the world, her wealth health organization continues to say that vaccinations are natural immunity, the primary tools in fighting cove it well vaccine pressure has certainly taken us hold on president biden's approval rating. it's down to 37 percent, so 60 percent disapprove. and there's another cloud hanging over that of the administration, the ongoing detention of pro trump rioters. one capitol hill des haney has spoken out against the conditions in washington dc jail, comparing it to the infamous guantanamo bay. he wrote a letter to an investigative journalist who reached out to us that artsy for the 1st $120.00 days and d. c. 's get mo jan 6 is experienced daily locked downs for 23 to 24 hours before being allowed to leave our small $120.00 square foot. so the extreme medical neglect in this facility has caused a variety of adverse illnesses and disease. some show signs of scurvy and some even
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have covered like symptoms, but medical personnel. i refused to treat it. and on at least 5 occasions, raw sewage has overflowed our units, causing human fecal matter to flood the flaws and rooms. he sent it directly to me . i have been keeping in touch with many of the prisoners that are in washington dc right now, many political prisoners in the united states. and i keep in touch with them. they tell me their stories. and he wrote me a letter that i could release it to the public so that they would see what was going on right now in that prison. i know that the january 6 prisoners are being treated worse than most prisoners. that's what i'm hearing from them. that they don't have the same rights as all the prisoners in the jail, and that they're not be given any access to adequate medical care. they're not allowed to have visitors. correspondence with their attorneys, not lawyers are being monitored and they're just being put in solitary confinement . often with no accountability whatsoever. and what's so different about the
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january 6 prisoners is they haven't been convicted of a crime. so these not are being punished for crimes that they would never connected out yet. and they, some of them don't have trials. they even set to possibly 2002003 for some very small crimes. so they're going to be a waiting, waiting trial in detention for many years before they actually see their day in court. that's what's different about these prisoners, the regular prisoners rest of the grave has been charged on numerous counts, including civil disorder and acts of violence. he claims to have gone into the capital building to make a documentary though, of course he was arrested on january 28th, but so far, no trial date has been said. let's just take it back for a minute, was january 6. hundreds of trump support a storm the capital building in washington, and many of them were angry about the election results of 2020. the cale select 5 death, including one police officer with dozens more injured, and still almost $700.00 people so far being charged in connection with the riots
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filled their about $100.00 now remaining in a d c. prison. so with that being the case, the u. s. marshal service, paid a surprised visit to the prison, off the defendants complained of poor conditions, and it resulted in $400.00 inmates being transferred, although none of them would january 6 detainees. a car catherine over again says the defendants are not being treated fairly. i think they should check other prisons is very alarming that that washington dc jail is treating american faces the way that they are are the bad. the terrible thing is they're removing 400 prisoners because they're, they haven't made it that washington dc is not treating citizens properly, but they are not removing any of the january 6 defending they're, they're saying they're removing other people. but the january, the finance have to say they're in nice condition that it can happen to these people that can happen to anybody in america. and this is a very dangerous time that we have to stand by our fellow citizens and demand that
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they have their constitutional rights to a fair trial, the trial to be able to be bailed out of jail. we've sent a request to the us marshall's service on the washington journal itself, a comment on the decision not to move the january state defendants will bring you any response we get from them will still to come down here on our to us called by troops up filing out of iraq against a backdrop of deadly riots and in a legit attempt on their prime minister. life will be drawing from similarities will have gone on in just a few minutes. but for now, the scottish ballet has stirred controversy by altering key elements from it's not crack a performance which has been running for half a century that comes off the claims of racial stereotypes and the chinese and arabic dances picking up the story for us as archie contributor laura chen, seeing as how the nutcracker is a holiday favorite in many countries,
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most of us are likely familiar with it. stories and similarly likely confused by how anybody could possibly consider it racist. ah, well, it turns out that the racism in the ballet actually refers to 2 very specific dances that take part in the 2nd act. you see, while clara and the prince are in the land of sweets, they witness different dances that are each meant to represent a different desert delicacy from around the world. there is a russian dance that is meant to represent candy canes, a spanish dance that is meant to represent chocolate and apparently problematically . the ballet also features an arabian dance for coffee and a chinese dance to represent t. now, many different choreography is for the nutcracker exists, and every single production of the ballet does feature different direction and
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different costumes for the dancers, for the common theme as that for all of these different dances, spanish, chinese, arabian, and russian. the audience is supposed to get a sense of each country's unique, aesthetic. and this is surprising to you. keep in mind that this is the same ballet company who last year also said that quote, we have examined our 50 year history, which we are aware includes outdated and racist autistic content. now the steam and the actions taken by the scottish ballet or confusing for many reasons. first off, in what way is it races to portray a cultures, most recognizable attributes. it is true that stereotypes can sometimes be racist, but if a stereotype is merely an accurate portrayal of a country's customs, why is it automatically racist? what's also a very strange choice by this ballet company is to cast both males and females in the role of draw sal meyer, why the need to introduce a gender bent? draw sal meyer. what does that add to the story? the answers to those questions remain to be seen, but it is certain, is that in 2021?
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not even ballet is safe from the p. c. police, but it doesn't stop there. there's another story revolving around woke news under quality in scotland. a primary school in edinburgh has asked boys and male teachers to wear skirts for a day to promote gender equality is certainly drew a mixed response from the parents. extremely creepy. so please to haven't got any children go into that school. hope authorities are contracted about this disgusting decision. my son goes to the school and decided to wanted to wear a skirt and support this kids should be praised. not frowned on. i can't believe the val single minded comments that some people have made. thankfully my kids and not parts of your school. you should keep your deranged thoughts to yourself and thrust them on to primary school children, shameful behavior. while duncan of you, proud of my daughter and her friends for asking for this, they are more mature than a lot of the narrow minded hate thrown at them today. brilliant school working
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towards teaching inclusivity for all. as we can show you here on the program, several of the male teachers at castle fuel school in edinburgh went along with the idea. it was inspired by the wear a skirt to school day in spain held as a protest after a 15 year old in bilbao. was expelled for wearing one accost of you. so it's all about freedom of expression where keen to spread the message that clothes don't have agenda and that we should all be free to express ourselves as we choose. however, richard lucas, the leader of the scottish family party, believed the initiative will only increase the already large number of children who suffer from gender confusion. what's happening in western culture at the moment, is there is a move to see any gender distinction as a problem. and to try and subvert it, over comments and one way or another. i now as to say whether or not the end result might be close to when i threw up really probably is impulsive in most cases. trying to use children as part of that process at
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a stage where there is where skirts are clearly seen as female clerk. and so you're saying through a boy, basically dresses a girl. that's very helpful because gender confusion is an epidemic in the western world. remember, there's a massive increase in the number of children or young people who ran, experiencing gender confusion. there have been referred to clinics going on to various circle treatments. it's a problem, the can blight them through the rest of the life. according to the school principal, the request actually came from the students themselves. she posted some of the letters online to prove. so i one girl wrote that she heard about the bill bowel case and wanted her school to have a quote where scott state to the edinburgh city council has spoken out in support of the school. charging that no one was forced to wear a skirt. i rich lucas again, things children are being used to advance the school and possibly the nations woke agenda. this impression that this came from the children is basically dishonest. this a young children,
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the lead by the teacher and the direction the teacher wants to lead the man. and then basically the staff, a dishonest in claiming that this came from the, the children in some sort of organic manner didn't at all. it's the stuff using the children to advance that are an agenda. this is a state school or government schools and soften it, which is why you know, over 90 percent of children go to. then they all have to have this sort of l g b, t inclusive education approach. so parents can't opt out of this by choosing a different school because all schools have best, the sort of gender l g b t agenda and it's been pushed on to our 2 young people. that frightened to send the children to school. because of the sheer indoctrination that will take place in i've plenty more still to come here when i see is we're about a half way through the program. now on this monday, a palestinians are demanding justice over the killing of a 13 year old boy during passions with israeli troops. that story animal we are
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back in 60 seconds. ah ah, ah ah, mm. herman by dreamer shaped banker senators with
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dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, 12 20 pm here at moscow, iraq's prime minister claims he knows who tried to kill him on sunday and is now pledged to expose the culprits. it's off to several drones bombed his residence, or a rock has been typing security since the end of factor helicopters, if it has been sienna, flying above the city, with army vehicles are roaming the capital streets. the military presence has been ramped up around the green zone, where the prime minister's residence is located. and we can show you some of the
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damage left by the drone bombing right there, which came days off that deadly riots against the recent parliamentary election, widely denounced as rigged. amanda sounds 7, the security guards were wounded in the incident with the interior ministry coating . it a terrorist attack. however, the opposition is now suggesting it may have actually just been a provocation by the government to justify a crackdown. now the united states was the 1st country to condemn the alleged attempt on their prime minister's life. but a time when the remaining u. s. combat forces are due to leave iraq by year's end. so anti correspondent, eager to stand off now looks at parallels between iraq and afghanistan. there's riots, there's tear gas this alive gunfire. iraq continues its descent into security chaos . following the latest parliamentary vote ah,
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iraq's intelligence headquarters is shelled. it's pro american prime minister is targeted by a grown assassination attempt. this is what's left over his home in the most secure haven of baghdad. the attempt that got washington very anxious. we are following the reports of drone attack. this apparent act of terrorism which we strongly condemn, was directed at the heart of the rock estate. our commitment to our iraqi partners is unshakable. the united states senate with the government and people for rock. all this just over a month since america started to withdraw its combat forces from the country and the pull out has already evoked some morbid flashbacks in the white house. to this day, the withdrawal from afghanistan is tanking jo biden's political school. yet the president found no better time to embark on a similar mission just in iraq. i think things are going well or role in iraq is
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just to be available to continue to train to assist to help them to deal with isis road. but we are not going to be brought in here. and america's relationship with iraq has been eerily similar to the one with of gaston security forces, fully equipped and trained by american specialists, pro washington leadership, a whole generation of locals who don't remember their lives without us forces in the country forces that invaded under the pretext of hunting down bad guys. all these statements apply perfectly to both of gaston and iraq countries turned by the us into test sites for its nation's building ambitions. our mission in iraq is clear, were hunting down the terrace. we're helping iraqis build a free nation. that is an ally in the war on terror. we know that true peace will
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only be achieved when we give the afghan people the means to achieve their own aspirations. peace, peace will be achieved by helping afghanistan develop its own stable government. osama bin laden escaped american bounty hunters by adding to pakistan. the infamous anthro exclaims, and saddam hussein's links to the $911.00 attacks turned out to be fake news. the u . s. military found itself bog down, and nations in tatters to decades on as it prepares to pull out statements of reassurance come out of washington. the very same old song had during the african withdrawal iraq essential to the u. s. vision. first able me to least iraq is not of gan. stan, we're here for the long term with you. iraq is a key strategic partner and we're committed to this partnership world cobbled, succumb to the taliban in a matter of days. no, not
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a single us intelligence agency. saw that coming or that doesn't provide much backing to the claims that the true pull out from iraq this time will end up just fine. i still is already taking advantage of the strain security capability of the taliban rule in afghanistan. iraq is isis cradle. nobody wants to see another nation in the region crumble under the weights of a decades long string of 4 choices made thousands of miles away. the killing of a palestinian boy in the west bank has fired up local resentment all over again regarding his ready settlements and massive actions. the 13 year old was shot by israeli soldiers during clashes on friday. i'm italy's correspondent paula slayer went to visit the boys neighbourhood. mohammed walked this exact path from his home in front of this area. he met her friend and together they continued to wear the
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near bi weekly demonstrations against a settlement take place. little did his family know that that would be the last time they'd see him alive. ah, oh, the refugee camp is fullest posters, calling the 14 year old and mortar, and now the only people coming to the family home. all mona's law said he had launch at home on friday, then went out to play football. come late afternoon. i heard he was shot. i fear that would happen on wednesday, muhammad was with us at a graveyard, and then we headed home. the next day we were speaking and he said, i was born a man and i'm in the redemption of palestine. it is a red line for me. this is mohammed bedroom, and here is the table where he used to work really hot. he set himself a goal of 87 percent for his school work. and here he has
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a note himself that says he must fight hard for your dreams. this is the nicholas that he was wearing when he was killed and it has the pictures of family members, some of whom were killed in the conflict with his robe. hammond had caliah ha yeomans from the thing cannot be described. it is very hard, but always prays to god them this he was everything to me in law had wanted to become a journalist and he was working towards it. that was his dream fiddle up for me. like any young palestinian that sees on t v. the destruction caused by the occupying forces, the desires that to defend the homeland palestine. and the alex and mosque eddie palestine, it is subject to something happening while defending holy sites. god has chosen him to be a martin. of course they were targeted on purpose with this happens all the time in palestinian cities, the targeting of youth and young palestine in this olive that these weighty army disputes says, fax, it says during the riots posters hold walks at its soldiers and they are currently
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investigating the incident during the royal palestinian riotous hills, rocks are israel defense forces who are at the scene. the troops responded with riot dispersal means on live fire. we are wherever ports of a killed palestinian. the instant is under review. the defense for children international reports that 12 palestinian children have been killed since the beginning of this year by these wally army. and with these waiting governments, recent approval off some 3000 new citizens. the situation is lakita o'neal intensify with potentially more sons dying policy on r t ask a village west bank and you can read more about the story right now online at auto dot com. just click on the world section. you can also see as some of the out takes all those classes on friday when oddities youtube channel for the meantime. we are back soon with all i
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join me every thursday on the alex solomon show, but i'll be speaking to guess of the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then lou ah ah
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