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tv   News  RT  November 8, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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ah ah, gun fires heard clashes erupt and tear gas is deployed as a crisis deepens on the border between poland, belarus classes, a large crowd of migrant storm the frontier into polished territory. we'll show you a report from the scene from behind me. you can see the crossing where the official entry point the carson vehicles is located, is the border service. we can see them conducting searches, and there are the refugees. they've already crossed the trace control strip. a french police officer survives a stabbing thanks to his bullet proof vest in an incident, reportedly being investigated as a possible act of terrorism. and also on the white for you hon.
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maxine divisions spark protests in the united states after a court temporarily blocks the burden administration's plan to impose compulsory coven shots on private businesses. ah, either very good evening to you and really appreciate your company this evening on our team. ah, gunfire has been t guess, finds migrants trying to storm the you border between poland and belarus. bella, russian authorities have said that a large group of people, mostly from the middle east, managed to cross into poland earlier today. warsaw has vowed all illegal migrants will be returned back across the border. ah,
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ah, well got believe it was, nick thought you were, you are. this is your mother. there's one might ever going on. i wonder what was wrong with it up above puzzles, proposals to help with local journalists in belarus, headed to the board to assess the situation he sent this report is, i'm are you still behind me? you can see the crossing where the official entry points the carson vehicles is located. oh, we're nearing the border at trace control strip. if mc, hey, we are close to the barbed wire fence occurs there. sounds of a helicopter flying overhead, then monitoring from up high mazda, his, the trace controlled by a plowed strip of land use to detect traces of intruders across the national board, up in the water. it is polish machinery. beatty bees, military vehicles,
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with specialist radio equipment. if they look a lot like american hummus, probably it's them actually work with the border services. we can see them conducting searches, and they are the refugees. they've already crossed the trace control strip. this laura, a correspondent peter oliver has mona, on the escalating board, a situation in fact, the polish president under a dude. air is currently in a meeting with the prime minister. mateusz motivates and security leaders as well and emergency meeting being cold as things escalated or not. border with bella. ruth. throughout monday we saw a tree trunk being used of battering ram to try and get through the board offense. there. there were people with ply, isn't wyatt courses of some kind, trying to cut through the barbed wire as they were being sprayed with pet. this frayed almost point blank range from 4 to god. just over the other side. one guy using
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a spade to try and beat down barb wire as well right in front of those. those border defense troops. now extra troops had been sent by poland to that from caea. 12000 extra troops called up a state of emergencies currently in play in poland because of the flow of people trying to get from bella to get from bellies into poland. but state of emergency a last to 3 months. now the bellow, rush and border guards have actually put out a statement in which they've said that the polish side are attempting to inflame the situation. taking into account statements by polish officials on the concentration of armed forces and equipment near the border, we do not exclude the possibility of provocative actions by the polish side and justifying the use of physical force and special equipment against refugees, or the spy that statement. it's hard to see what poland would start to gain from inflaming the situation any further elsewhere in europe though
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a lot of focus is also turning towards this border here in germany, the interior ministry has said that they will be actively pushing for more sanctions on bellow. roofs over this incident. in the escalation of this incident, they won't go sanctions to target things like airlines that have been used in order to bring migrants from the middle east, mostly to bel bruce. and then from bella roost from arriving in belarus, they made their way to the polish border at nato. have also put out a statement saying that minsk and alexander lucas shanker, the, at the bell. russian president, a, using these migrant says what they call it a hybrid tactic in or in response to sanctions that have already been placed on beller roost. they add the nato alliance going on to say that they found this unacceptable. now, the german foreign ministry, it previously put out a statement in which they said they have proof that alexander lucas shanker is
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directly linked to driving migrants towards this border. the situation continues to be of utmost concern to us. we observe how the look of shanker regime continues to call migrants to belarus and send them on a dangerous journey towards the e you. there is evidence that the regime in minsk constantly directs people to the border or the beller, as president denies any involvements in pushing people towards the boundary or with poland. watts, alexander lucas shanker, has said is that his country can't afford to look after migrants that are there saying that the sanctions that have been put in place on beller is already by the european union of crippled it financially. i honestly said that we wouldn't hold any more of the people you've been screwing over in afghanistan, iran and iraq. we have neither the money nor the strength to do so as a result of your sanctions. while lithuania also getting involved, as this really turns from being an issue between poland and bela ru,
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since you had an issue involving the wider european union lithuania, saying that they would send troops to the polish fellowship border. and they may well be looking at declaring a state of emergency in their country as well. the french police officer has been attacked with a knife in the southern city of can authority say his bullet proof. i saved him from any serious injuries, incidents being investigated as a possible terrorist attack. solid dumas ski has more to 6 30 am local time. this attack was carried out. we understand the police officer was in a vehicle just outside his police station and the attacker opened the door of the car and then attempted to stab the officer to deck. now we understand that the officer survived without any injuries, thanks to his bullet proof vests, but we do understand from sources on the ground that while that attack was
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attempted, the aggressor shouted that this was being done in the name of the muslim prophet. now we understand that a colleague of that police officer who is attacked aimed fire straight away at the attack, it severely injuring them and they are now said to be severely injured and being treated for that. we understand that the attack, it is a 37 year old, are with the original nationality of being algerian. and he said to have been unknown to the police before this incident. but because of the fact that the aggressor said that this attack was in the name of them was in prophet muhammad, this is not being treated as a possible terror incident here in france. now this is not the 1st time we have seen an attack of this nature here in france just in april this year. so not too many months ago, a police officer administrative worker was stabbed to death just inside the secure area of a police station. you hadn't booley or which is not too far from paris,
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and then in may. so less than a month later, there was another attempt on the life of a police officer at this time, leaving that opposite severely wounded. that took place in the city of north in western france. so we do get these attacks from time to time and back in 2019 october and a radically i t employee over the police station in paris, a killed 3 police officers and an administrative. okay, what was a terror attack back then? one of the worst attacks in sight, a police station where that took place. now for morgan le pen from the national rally who frogs, she seems to be saddened that these attacks are becoming what she described as being normalized. i get the impression that these kinds of crimes are becoming usual as if it's some form of habit. i urge the french people not to get used to the situation. now france has been suffering from a wave of violence in the last decade and attacks like this sharpened,
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the idea of people fearing that they could be further islamic attacks and like the ones we saw back in 2015. but for the moment, this appears to be a lone wolf attack. it is being tested, treated as a possible terrorist incident. a 37 year old man said to be of an algerian origin is now being treated for severe injuries after a tempting to stab a police officer in can on monday morning. the binder ministrations push for mandatory cove at vaccinations as exposed to shop divide in the united states over the weekend. an appeals court temporarily blocked the government's job requirement, the businesses but that didn't stop people taking to the streets. oh i
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will. the contested mandate would apply to businesses with at least a 100 employees. vaccines already obligatory for public officials that comes at the time of hi infection rights, averaging around $73000.00 per day. and america is by the federal appeals court freezing the private sector requirement. surgeon general insists the measures are needed. the person in the administration wouldn't have put these requirements in place if they didn't think that they were appropriate and necessary. and the administration is certainly prepared to defend them for all those promises of healing biden's america has become, intend to box rife with anger and division. and the latest vaccine mandate was just the thing to spark the fire. this mandate is unconstitutional, unlawful and unwise. the biden vaccine monday is a shocking invasion of medical privacy and individual liberty,
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and we will not stand for it. i'm exploring every legal option to defend the rights of north caroline and against is unconstitutional mandate with president by to plan to mandate vaccination in the u. s companies with over 100 employees. more than 2 dozen states have now come out swinging, determined to protect the rights of 84000000 workers. but what was extraordinary was up buried in red, was a blue state, new hampshire. and among the attorney general's who filed a new suit was a democrat from iowa. this was no longer from protest on the street. this is no longer about loyalty to one's party. this was the country of big guns from both sides of the aisle coming out proclaiming we the people say, no. a court has now frozen the mandate nationwide. that's concerned, it's an overreach. what about individual liberty? what about the constitution? what's about a precedence? promise? no, i don't think there should be mandatory. i wouldn't demand to be mandatory,
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but i would do everything in my power just like i don't think mask have to be made mandatory nationwide and do everything in my power as president stage to encourage people to do the right thing. turns out that the man who didn't believe in mandates has turned into a big front of them for the federal employees and now for private ones, heads mosque up, get job done. you might be out of the job. now you think that being food by more than half the country states would dump your spirits, but no, the white house is still feeling good. say just to get ministration over the next thing, the requirements for workers or companies. i'd like to get your response to that and also how confident are you in? what's this? so we are very confident that it can now, biden, in 5th, he's acting according to international medical guidance. the vaccine is the only
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way out of the pandemic if you shed by many. but the timing is bad. discussions of to job will not have reached fever pitch. mm. from california to mississippi. angry citizens have flooded the streets. something they'll never vote democrat again, others, but they'd rather be unemployed than give out that freedoms. then you look at the recent elections, a litmus test of the bite and presidency. the democrats took a beating and what many say is a bad omen for the mid toms next year. it's been a bumpy few months and for some that's just one person to play. nobody likes his him to be franklin d, roosevelt. the alexis, him to be normal and sub the kaos. you know, under his administration,
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the cdc said that anybody who's vaccinated shouldn't wear a mask, and then they did the hokey pokey. it said no, no, you do have to wear a mask. they have said that a boosters were not necessarily going to be thing and mandates knocking necessarily going to be a thing and now we have both boosters and mandate. so if he goes back on this, it will, i think, a road, some of the confidence that biden came in with, remember, he was partly elected because he was the adult in the room. he was somebody for whom was a political veteran that would not see a new problem and therefore would be able to handle it better than the bull in the china shop that donald trump was. if he doesn't show com, even handed leadership on this, and i don't think he particularly has on this or many other things, then he's gonna continue to see his approval rating a road like it is right now when it's under water by nearly 10 points. if the white house and aunts with the states, the republicans taking on the democrats, the democrats timing on each other and the facts surrounding on the, on faxed. like i said, for all those promises of healing, it looks like it's
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a long journey to the united states. living up till its name to the so plenty disagreement over enforcement of mandatory cove is shots, a reminder for you, the world health organization stresses the vaccinations and natural immunity are the only root out of the pandemic. okay, you watching huntington national. appreciate company to stick around one use of to this show breck ah ah.
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i herman by dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh,
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we'll come back the sleep scandal. it's embroiled, the british government showing no sign of going away. prime minister barak johnson wouldn't be making an appearance at an emergency session of parliament this currently in swing sightseeing prior engagements. now it was cold after his tory party voted to review lobbying rules rather than punish one of their own for breaking those rules. let's go straight to london now. an artist car spun. chatty edwards dash these covering this story for his getting t shadier. first of all, take his say, what was the emergency and how is the house addressing it? well, put it this way. the speaker of the house of commons to day opened this emergency debate, saying we need to sort out the mess where an he was saying that we want to see parliament at its best after seeing it last week at its worst. having said that to day we had seen a really heated a parliament from all sides of the house. in fact, some tory ministers really tried to dismiss the entire slaves ro, a simply just
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a storm in a teacup. however many, many m. p 's old to day agrees on the very fact that actually the current system really needs to be reformed. in fact, there were ferocious attacks against the government with many saying that actually democracy has been damaged, that parliament is now tarnished and that its integrity is at stake, especially considering boris johnson, the prime minister was a no show. i'm not actually healing people around the country who play by the rules deserve answers. and instead they are being laid down by prime minister in a government who would even take the most basic of steps to turn up to this to beat . and it is a great shame that the play master hasn't priests with his presence this afternoon because there's still a huge amount that we do not know about the events of last week. and that are many questions. i that demand dancers, and many of the was involved to play ministers, personal role in this, the fear, the root cause of all of this m. p 's trying to get paid more bash voucher mind.
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the governments that 95 percent of the public get paid less than a m p. 's. and i shouldn't have to remind the government that being an m p 's a full time job chasing corporate cash is quite simply short change in the public. so will to minister agree to help pre politics by bucking my bill to bomb 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th jobs, the members of parliament. i thank the right honorable gentleman for giving way. could he explain why he is doing this debate and not the leader of the house and job it is to deal with decision is adding insult to injury and showing the government just really doesn't understand it. well, you can hear it right. there are many m p 's really feel that the tory government to simply trying to change the rules when it doesn't really suit them. but of course, one huge criticism to day was directly towards the prime minister boris johnson. he wasn't even present as apparently today he is simply too busy. of course,
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that was only interpreted by many people across the house that he's not just too busy, but actually is this issue as important as he is making out. in fact, neighbors to care stammer, he says the prime minister is running scared, and his choosing to hide. last week, the prime minister damaged himself. and despite the bravery of some members opposite, he damaged his party. but most importantly, he damaged our democracy at mouth to dine. he does not even have the decency to come here either to defend what he did right or to apologize for his action. now this emergency debate was of course prompted law suite by the case of a win patterson, an m p. he was found of course, to have broken the rules as a paid can a consultant for 2 companies. in fact, he was paid over a $100000.00 pounds a year. now last week, the government trying to block
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a 30 day suspension and try to rip up the commons disciplinary process instead though the government then you turned on as a result, patterson resigned as an m p. how as a 247 tory m p 's voted to set up this new committee of standards. now many issues will need to be solved. questions like should empties, have 2nd jobs. what kind of jobs are should they have? how much can they? and, and also how to people end up in the house of lords who chooses that. and on the walk basis as well because of coal in all of this isn't the 1st time the tory party, the government has been embroiled in such scandals, giving corruption, the green light in the words of sickest alma. because if you just look at the pandemic, for instance, to start with that be numerous corona virus contracts, then this being the issues of holidays, not properly declared on the issue of who funded at the refurbishment of number 10
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. that's just to name a few. so today there is certainly wind to prove that the current system isn't quite working and that m p 's ultimately should not be making up the rules as they go along the should. it was dusty with that report, forrest study thinking elsewhere, re racks. prime minister claims that he knows who tried to kill him and his place to expose the culprits on sunday, several drones bombed the premier's residence in bagdad security is being ramped up with helicopters flying over the capital and army vehicles deployed on the streets next to forces of also been sent to the green zone where the prime minister's residence is located here. some of the damage left by the drone bombing, which came to stays after deadly riots condemning the parliamentary election which was widely denounced as being rigged. 7 security guards will so wounded in the drone incidence which the interior ministry scored a terrorist attack. the opposition suggests that it may have been a provocation by the government to justify track down. united states was the 1st
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country to condemn the alleged attempt on the pans life at a time when the remaining u. s. combat forces are leaving iraq and easiest on a flux. now the parallels between what's unfolding now in iraq and what played out in afghanistan. there's riots, there's tear gas, there's live gunfire. iraq continues its descent into security chaos. following the latest parliamentary vote. ah, iraq's intelligence headquarters is sheldon. it's pro american prime minister is targeted by a grown assassination attempt. this is what's left over his home in the most secure haven of baghdad. the attempt that got washington very anxious. we are following
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the reports of drone attack. this apparent act of terrorism, which was strong, weakened them, was directed at the heart of the rock estate. our commitment to our iraqi partners is unshakable, the another se cents with the government and people of iraq. all this just over a month since america started to withdraw its combat forces from the country and the pull out has already evoked some morbid flashbacks in the white house. to this day, the withdrawal from afghanistan is tanking jo biden's political school. yet the president found no better time to embark on a similar mission just in iraq. i think things are going well or role in iraq is just to be available to continue to train to assist to help them to deal with isis road. but we are not going to be brought in here. and america's relationship with iraq has been eerily similar to the one with of gaston security forces,
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fully equipped and trained by american specialists, pro washington leadership, a whole generation of locals who don't remember their lives without us forces in the country forces that invaded under the pretext of hunting down the bad guys. all these statements apply perfectly to both of gaston and iraq countries turned by the us into test sites for its nations building ambitions. our mission in iraq is clear, were hunting down the terrace. we're helping iraqis build a free nation. that is an ally in the war on terror. we know that true peace will only be achieved when we give the afghan people the means to achieve their own aspirations. peace, peace will be achieved by helping afghanistan develop its own stable government. osama bin laden escaped american bounty hunters by adding to pakistan. the infamous
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anthro exclaims, and saddam hussein's links to the $911.00 attacks turned out to be fake news. the u . s. military found itself bog down, and nations in tatters to decades on as it prepares to pull out statements of reassurance come out of washington. the very same old song had during the african withdrawal. iraq essential to the u. s. vision for a stable middle east. iraq is not of gan. stan, we're here for the long term with you. iraq is a key strategic partner and we're committed to this partnership world cobbled, succumb to the taliban in a matter of days. no. not a single us intelligence agency saw that coming or that doesn't provide much backing to the claims that the true pull out from iraq this time will end up just fine. i still is already taking advantage of the strain security capability of the taliban rule in afghanistan. iraq is isis cradle. nobody wants to see another
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nation in the region crumble under the weight of a decades long string of 4 choices made thousands of miles away. okay, so for now written with that they said 30 minutes ah ah, with both as a korea professionals bolt is much tougher on some than others. a euro, mired by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just a little girl to price to, to, to achieve really was, was proud to read on the paper this morning. usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with
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a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's go start leaking all this together. there's going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics in swimming. here is that documentary see it or naughty lou?
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