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you need to descend, ah, join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. the long lines at the southern border as america opened back up to vaccinated travelers, we will discuss the possible double standard as more caravans, of those seeking to illegally entry. the united states advance and there's a new route the trump allied, but they focus on the events happening at the willard command center on january 6th to bring you the details of the story which only democrats seem to actually care about. and biden daughter's diary drama. now getting involved and showing up at one
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well known conservative investors house with a search warrant, it will bring you the details. and a gesture, popular thanks to tip top is actually used to help rescue a missing teenager from her abuser. could this help improve the social media is a very negative reputation. i'm sorry, huge. we're going to give you 360 view of the source and more on today's news news news here on our to america. ah . we start this week with clashes. continuing at the border between bella, ruth and poland, all met a migrant crisis between the 2 countries. now in recent months, poland is actually tempted to close its borders, saying that bello roof has opened its borders for ask in and other refugees just to flow on through. and now those clashes are becoming much more violent or to peter
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oliver has the latest urgency meeting being called as things escalated on that border with fellow roofs. throughout monday, we saw tree trunks being used as battering rams to try and get through the board offense. there, there were people with ply, isn't wire cutters of some kind, trying to cut through the barbed wire as they were being sprayed with pepper sprayed almost point blank range from border guards. just over the other side. one guy using a spade to try and beat down barb wire as well right and frontal flows at those border defense troops. now extra troops had been sent by poland to that frontier. $12000.00 extra troops called up a state of emergencies currently in play in poland. because of the flow of people trying to get from ballot for trying to get from belarus into poland, that state of emergency a last for 3 months. now the bellow rush in ab border guards have actually put out
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a statement in which they've said that the polish side are attempting to inflame the situation. taking into account statements by polish officials on the concentration of armed forces and equipment near the border, we do not exclude the possibility of provocative actions by the polish side and justifying the use of physical force and special equipment against refugees. others by that statement, it's hard to see what poland would stand to gain from inflaming the situation any further elsewhere in europe, though a lot of folk is also turning towards this border here in germany. the interior ministry has said that they will be actively pushing for more sanctions on beller roofs over this incident. in the escalation of this incident, they want those sanctions to target things like airlines that have been used in order to bring migrants from the middle east, mostly to belarus and then from deliveries from arriving in belarus. they've made
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their way to the polish border at nato. have also put out a statement saying they minsk, and alexander lucas shanker, the, at the bell. russian president, a, using these migrant says what they call it a hybrid tactic in or in response to sanctions that have already been placed on beller roost. they add the nato alliance going on to say that they found this unacceptable. now, the german foreign ministry did previously put out a statement in which they said they have proof that alexander lucas shanker is directly linked to driving migrants towards this border. the situation continues to be of utmost concern to us. we observe how the lucas shanker regime continues to call migrants to belarus and send them on a dangerous journey towards the e you. there is evidence that the regime in minsk constantly directs people to the border. or the beller, as president denies any involvements in pushing people towards the boundary with
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poland. watts, alexander lucas shanker, has said is that his country can afford to look after migrants that are there saying that the sanctions that have been put in place on beller is already by the european union of crippled it financially. i honestly said that we wouldn't hold any more of the people you've been screwing over in afghanistan, and iran and iraq. we have neither the money know the strength to do so as a result of your sanctions. well lithuania, also getting involved is this really turns from being an issue between poland and bela bruce into it and issue involving the why the european union lithuania saying that they would send troops to the polish fellowship border. and that they may well be looking at declaring a state of emergency in that country as well. meanwhile, back here in the united states, after more than 600 days, d u. s. has dropped the travel band and says, welcome back to the world. at land ports, there were lines, cars filled with people wanting to actually come in. and this as a virgin,
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atlantic and british errors airplane actually took off at the exact same time from london heathrow, airport, filled with vaccine passengers all headed to the united states. but it's not just the vaccinated who were excited to finally visit the states. as after 2 weeks of migrants marching northward, they were actually able to jump on a flatbed trucks. they could make it to the border even faster. so this guy situation would bring in former ga, statelamic, r d, dr. taylor and annette ryan at c of a mac majority. welcome back to save us. thanks. got a great you. well, i'm going to start with you ned. considering everything going on, in fact, are actually seeing some locked downs. higher numbers of cro virus over in europe today. is now the time to be opening our borders to the world. no, of course not, scotty. i mean, it's a logical either. this is a, a pandemic or it's not. and on one side,
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the by the administration is going full speed ahead with their vaccine mandates, even though the course of block that this afternoon they said we are still going to be pushing this. they're talking about tra coney and fines for businesses that don't comply. and on the other hand, they're opening their borders to let's face it. hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who we know are not vaccinated. and then on top of that, all of this insult to injury with the illegals, coming over that are not vaccinate as they're pushing the, all of these mandates. we're talking about still paying them who have come here illegally. i mean, this is so insulting on so many different levels. and so any optically stupid scotty, it's hard to get my head wrapped around this in a time when you have a president at 38 percent approval rating in the polls and dropping like a rock. and i have to tell you, scottie, it seems to me like biden, and the democratic party are making so many crazy decisions on ledge as a conclusion that they are a kamikaze party. determined to be absolutely annihilated and destroyed in the 2022 mid term common cause the i was waiting for that word to be you'd have political
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debate and you did it, ned, mark, i'm feeling they'll use a lot more. that's why i wanna bring to you. do you see other products or saying there's this double center? do you see where they are? they're coming for. you do disagree in comparison to this policy of letting vaccine travelers come through being check, provide your paperwork, and yet migrants are not even required right now to get the coven 19 vaccine as it attention centers. and we know that they're being relocated to various places around the world to help with the crisis at the border. is there a double standard? first of all, we've had so many issues they may have put together. so 1st of all, i'm glad they're opening the borders. we cannot live in a bubble forever. i mean, the republicans, the ones who don't want mandated vaccines and wanted children not to wear mass to school. i mean, that's the person that is about to come up on the board to everybody. let them all come. everybody come to america, the land of the home, really great. they want to be there should not be. i'd never stand it. i actually do think people are going to try to immigrate into this country. i even try to
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sneak in like many people do at the border. i do think they should also be vaccinated for co, but i think that everyone should be back that made it with the cobra vaccine. and yet we're not forcing it. they're not forcing it there at the board. that doesn't even that we don't even know past vaccinations, you know, and i understand we're coming on this way and it's interesting that you do hear this, this terrible talk. but this is, president biden, is basically done a 180 over the weekend. and now feels like the families who were separated under the trumpet ministration, do deserve compensation. if in fact, because of the, the outrageous behavior last administration, you coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child is gone. you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what circumstance at the $1000000.00. ned, help me out with this logic as we both know, politicians rarely do anything just because it's the right thing to do, that they're really actually concerned who is bite and actually trying to appeal to
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with this decision. and is he not the of the millions of tax, pang voting americans who are having their price, the cost of lifting go up. that is actually a fins right now. now again, another level of insanity going back to my kamikaze, re morrison which up to $450000.00 per individual for those that have come across illegally. and by the way, i mean there's a lot of question marks about the separations and coyote and all. busy of that guy that we've got to get to the bottom too. but that all being said, as he's talking about giving these massive hundreds of thousands of dollars per person, huge inflation taking place where the americans are having this hidden tax. and we're talking about energy costs and everything else going up as he's talking about taking their hard earned taxpayer dollars and giving to that to people who came here illegally. they broke law scotty and i have to tell you the whole southern border situation or border security is an absolute joke. i've come to the conclusion, we should probably put a moratorium on immigration until we get our immigration system fixed. but it won't
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happen, scotty. i'll tell you why, because of an unholy alliance between democrats for political power and the chamber of commerce for cheap labor. well, and that's what i am a little bit concerned about the fact that guess a parent child, they completely got separate. they can't find each other in the day of technology that we have for the heck, we're sending people to the moon on a weekly basis. now, we can do that. you think we could keep a child and a parents at least connected or context of both which speak so i think the problem is just in the 1st place. but d, here's my ultimate frustration. we know the poverty which exists american today, especially amongst all of the homeless youth. how is this right? for those who come to america and inter illegally to receive $450000.00, that's more than a lot of these homeless children will ever see in their lives, or not even taking care of the children we already have in this country. and we're seeing them sleeping on the street, sleepy in cars, not getting food. why, how is this justified? well, so let me start like this because i'm going to be honest and all right today,
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1st of all, it was very, very unfortunate. those children separated from their parents and my heart goes out to all of them. but at the same time, i'm a black person, american defended every place. so i know a little bit about separation leave. every story of my grandmother told him to be honest with, you know, 40 acres. and so i think that is just very, you know, disingenuous for buying to want to give reparation to people who are not using citizens united states, especially when they are people in america. who are trying to figure out how they're going to sleep at night, how they're going to eat, how they're going to pay their bills. and so i think he's going to have to rethink that one because that is not a democratic talking want. i think that is a talking point that some extreme progressive people have given to the president, but trust simply most people in america, including democrats like myself, we do not a trap that talk of nonsense, right? you know, well the net, i know we're going to get you to have this conversation. you know, it's good news is we're having this conversation because i'm afraid if it wouldn't
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come out the light that would have happened. and we would've known about it until already the last. it's already settled in the checks written and the quiz dry. thank you so much for joining me on this. now when we return at the bottom, family drama continued with this time 20 more like the pages in the movie script or maybe the diary we will bring you all the details of biden's daughter's diary. i'll after the break i join me every 1st day on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess on the world, the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then me as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others. with my by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just
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a little girl. the price of a to, to, to achieve really was, was a read on the paper this morning. usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together and is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming, is that documentary? i see it on our tea. well the mic no said you know born is a piece. and you farish as emerge, we don't have a therapy. we don't have a vaccine. the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are
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judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with the okay, remember in spite of when the contents of hillary clint emails and her server as well as multiple other members of her campaign and the dnc, are published on what you links well in the absence of what you links not revealing their source, the media and their cronies chose to make up a story is hey, we're all hacked by a foreign source,
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hoping to use fear immunization to actually distract most from what the contents of those emails revealed now fast forward and following the contents of president biden or ashley being released a week and a half before the 2020 presidential election online the f. b. i recently has search 2 locations associated with the group project veritas. now the group did not publish the diary originally, but instead dozens of pages which were handwritten, james or keith, the leader has publicly stated they obtained from a whistleblower who work for media organization who actually refused to publish the diary and it was handed to them to discuss a james to be facing some of the same actions against him as julian assigned, as well as the contents of the diary bringing media and legal analysts. why now, why don't thank you so much for joining me this. thank you. ok. as a former prosecutor, you heard this story and i asked the, i really didn't hear much about ashley's diary back before the election anyways. but now i'm hearing about and i have to go back and read the pages. what are your
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immediate questions that come to mind? well, the 1st question was, who's actually, where have i been? i knew about hunter in bo, but actually yo, okay. number one, what's the federal crime? why you were investigating this a year later? why is the f b i n d o j going after people's into their homes? to look for what a diary, what did you take? was there an inventory of the items sees? are you going to scottie sequester those? basically put them in some kind of a of an embargoes or just big where a neutral man master can look at them to protect the 1st amendment, the rights of a journalist. why are they going after all these did, did you find the, the diary? what are you looking for? what is the point? and then they turn around and tell mr. o'keefe, by the way, we would appreciate it. if you now tell anybody about this as the next thing, you know, the new york times picks up a phone that says, would you like to comment about the search warrant that we found out about,
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by the way, the same organization, your sewing. i mean, this thing week's nothing about b l m. nothing about antique arrived. nothing about hunter, no interest whatsoever. but ashley's diary from a year ago, a federal f b, i investigation, come off. well, and what we saw, the wiki leaks were actually so very damaging emails that came out of that obviously very races, very homophobic emails, some information that was used about ties between the type to the media and the actual politicians running. those were damaging, obviously nothing from ashley. anything in her diary might have been a thing that they think the election. cuz guess what joe biden still won. but that comes down to the content. so what possibly would involve the f, b i a d o j in the investigation of a diary from over a year ago. if this was a little why i'd say a legitimate. but if this was
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a very careful organization, in view of the person who is being searched greater care would be paid, scottie, let me bring something up. you mentioned a sand under a supreme court case of barton nikki against viper, 2001. if you as a journalist, come into possession of something that was stolen pearline trespass, shaw, really taken and you had nothing to do with it. like julian assigned alleges, he then break into anybody's servers. they came to him. the 1st amendment absolutely declares that information newsworthy. why is that important? lead says so that or keep says oh, you mean this diary, this diary that was given to us. we didn't take it, it's still pre tac dead. and not only that, why is a personal diary? what is their national security or their nuclear codes in their explain why the
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department of justice and the f b i in a it's, it's funny. they seem to be focusing on parents, groups, parent teacher groups, a domestic terrorist. if they don't like what you're saying, but again, hunter biden, b l m, and t bar riot domestic terrace. i was here in new york, i saw organized domestic terrorism and nobody ever it shows the slide has been there. it's oh and january 6th. trespassers here in new york, there were billboards. do you know anything? isn't it funny? this laser focused attention to certain crimes and there's hyperactivity towards a diary. this is before your time, but there was a song diary by bread. we're going to play that one. i mean, this is, this is a, me, enough, is enough. how long are we supposed to keep tolerating this and pretend like, well,
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you know, justice will prevail. this is for the court. come on this thanks, and yet we, they say, well, we can multitask, but it's funny that they're only focused on one a select group. there's lots of other issues. i'm sure they could really take their focus if they would actually give it vinyl. always great to talk to you. thank you . got the how special committee continued to look into the events that unfolded. leading up the deadly ride. the took us capitol by storm on january 6. now a new round of subpoenas are being served out to those who are close to former president donald trump. and now there may be a new focus with the latest round of summons archie correspondent attached to suite has more. what 20 new subpoena is going out from the house, the special committee. lawmakers say that we'll be focusing on the events that took place at the willard hotel, what they're referring to as the command center. the latest subject interviewed by the house committee investigating the january 6 capital riot is jeffrey clark. the former assistant attorney general is being criticized for ending the deposition
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after 90 minutes of questioning on friday, clark said he would not answer questions about an ongoing court case. the willard hotel, which is just stepped away from the white house, is being referred to as the command center. why the house committee? this is where they believe meetings took place surrounding the claim that people in trans corner plotted to interfere with the 2020 election. they also say this is where trump and his team were informed about the planned attack on the capital, which has not been proven. one of those people, the democrats are pointing to those supposed talks at the willard is john eastman. here he's pictured with rudy giuliani at trump january 6th rally, which was not part of the riot at a january 4th meeting with trump's chief of staff, mark meadows and former vice president mike pence. it's believed easement breathed pence. i had to refuse certifying electoral votes for biden pens did not follow through with this advice, but the question is, did any of these men know about the planned attack on the capital? 40 of the people involved in the january fix chaos remain in jail. congresswoman
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majority of the green of georgia and congressmen, louis gomer of texas were criticized for meeting with some of those people during a scheduled visit of the facility. green commented on the conditions saying they were being treated like prisoners of war in a tweet, she said she had never seen human suffering like she witness there. while some of the left said her claims were purely political. the u. s. marshal service inspected the jail in late october, the reported poor conditions of the jail led to some 400 to haney's being transferred to a federal facility in pennsylvania. but none of these detainees were defendants from the january 6 incident. jill officials say those prisoners are in the newer portion of the jail, while some white congresswoman taylor green said these defendants are being abused in jail. others and congress claim it's all politics. but according to d, c, justice law, the jail lacks independent oversight. and believe it's something needed for the security of all prisoners reporting for new if you choose and hottest suite
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r t. tick tock has been getting a very bad rap lately. however, one girl can now say the app actually saved her life. a 6 year old girl was on kentucky after being kidnapped by a 61 year old man. the previous tuesday. the girl had used a popular hand gesture where she has gone, borrow one, tick tock, meaning help, and that she was in danger in the car window and just happened. so a passenger and another car recognized the gesture and phone 911. to discuss the family. go turn things over with america sawyer. molly virus, my, i'm doing this story because i think people need to know about this gesture is very important. and honestly, the 1st time i heard about it was on the social media app. so i think in this case, i actually want to show women what this signal is. and can you help me with this? because it's not only important to the person who needs help, but more point that people are able to recognize it. can you talk us through it? yes, absolutely. and you're right. it's a gesture that really grew in popularity after all, the lockdown started from cove it and it really has origins and fighting domestic
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violence. and that's what it is. it's a gesture that deals with letting you know, hey, there's violence at home, palm up, some in fingers, down trapping. and you do it over and over and it basically says, hey, there's violence at home. i need help, please reach out to me safely. and that's what this 16 year old girl, that's what the sheriff's office and kentucky says anyway in laurel county. that the gesture that she was performing in the back seat of this car on the interstate, when the motor a saw her. and it was something that she picked up on tick tock, apparently, and there's a number of hand gestures that are primarily used for fine. but this was one that was very serious and thinking that she did know it and did use it. and then in a motorist paying attention, you wonder how many other motorists saw it and didn't do any day or maybe didn't even realize what it was. so it's good that people recognize this. now maybe more people can use it and perhaps find some help with it. well, and they saw the domestic violence members actually skyrocketed during coven during the lockout. and this was actually a gesture being used on zoom calls when they were talking about things in the way
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this commercial was done was on banana bread and just asked in there because the hopefully the bad guys don't recognize what the, what was happening in those zoom cause it has saved a lot of lives and taking a lot of people out of some bad situations. but in this case, how powerful do you think a tool can be on social media? be used for good and do you think others should try more as well to use it? absolutely. you know, it's interesting. and social media is really taking a hold the last 10 years or so, even though it's been around a lot longer before that, but law enforcement has really used it. obviously they've got to get around some privacy issues if they see evidence on facebook. but lots of people from drug dealers to a variety of crimes. they put it out there, the law enforcement and tapping into social media as the way to all crimes is a way to find clues where missing people are. so yeah, i think that more people are recognizing that it has a lot of value, even in the bigger picture. certainly corporations recognize that it has value when it comes to demanding social change. so it happened the george boyd,
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somebody got that video on their phone. it went viral on those media as well as news organizations to the more information that out there and the more outlets for people to share that information. i think there's opportunities for people to use it for good, obviously for bad too. but this is a great way to spotlight how it can help somebody who otherwise would have been helpful. that windows. what would happen to that? a molly, i think back to is almost during the last election season. facebook why was being used and there was abuse actually being used. i remember just because of what the stories we were cover at that time, but facebook live was actually people were wondering ok if i'm facebook, why having it does that give people permission? obviously a law enforcement to come in if there's some wrong do wrong doing happening on this facebook live it. i know that there was over contention that is there any legal prisoners real quick, the people have to worry about on social media. yeah, be careful if you have a friend, scotty, if you and i already do facebook lab and we just think it's for fine. and then somebody comes by and eggs our house, maybe an hour or something like that. if law enforcement wants to find out more
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about that video, but they're not friends with you, but a friend of yours gives them permission to go on their page in their account, look at yours, that's how they get around it to a certain extent. so there are loopholes that law enforcement can use if they can't access it directly. lots of things are good to talk about molly. that's why we definitely have you on all the time. thanks for joining us. that's offered a show in the meantime. follow me on twitter as scottie and hughes want to continue this conversation. we can also do it by watching horrible that to be at, or apple or android device and giving me a few comments. thank you for watching a we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you can but i know intentionally with anything but oily. eventually
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there's malware of that thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology. it's an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that something is the mini cyber implants right now, i'd be ready to really worried about it. most people with equally b, you coming from a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive slayton. well, it's official. what's military has declared the great 3 powers competition featuring the us, russia and china. oh, does neo liberal ideology to play into it? what does russia game and jenny way, 6 and gone?
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ah, young fire is heard clashes erupt and tear. gas is deployed as a crisis deepens on the border between poland and fellow roost. that's as a large crowd of migrants and refugees. storm of the frontier into polish territory . and a french police officer survives a stabbing thanks to his bullet proof of best in an incident that is reportedly being investigated as a possible act of terrorism attempt a vaccine division spark protests in the us after a court temporarily blocks the by the administration's plan, composed compulsory coded shots on private businesses as your headlines my.


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