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tv   News  RT  November 9, 2021 10:00am-10:30am EST

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hello, i am now or we, we were both back. several 100 migrants including children, remains stranded, all the better ocean polish borders. they try to reach the e u while warsaw are accuses minsk of escalating the refugee crutches on purpose. our correspondence of the site of the crisis right now. this is what's going on here. we were told that at least 2500 people haven't come here and that this is sir, this is what they do. and so you can see a family with, with children, they're trying to warm up from the fire woods. and after a day of class, she is tear gas and chaos at that border with droves of migrants trying to break through fences elsewhere behind closed doors. in an unprecedented security blue, the new zealand parliament locks itself in,
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as hundreds protest vaccine mandates and locked down outside the building. and moscow's defense minister says us warships in the black sea near russia's borders are a threat to regional security. ah, live at 6 p a moscow time from ortiz world use h q. it's kevin over here for the next half hour with our latest. thanks for checking on your company this hour. so 1st than the you is punched a, suspending a visa facilitation deal with better routes. and the latest twist in response to what the blocks calling an ongoing hybrid attack launched by the better russian regime that says several 100 migrants have gathered at beller, was his border with poland, looking to cross into the e. u. member state. go back home. i'm not allowed to
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leave the idea now. we will use both e among them children, some of them very young, both the polish prime minister and the defense minister, and have travelled to that area to get a handle on the assess the crisis. we've also received video of more correspondence in the area to a warning. you may find these following pictures coming up disturbing. i concede on conscious woman piece to be lying on the ground according to the people around us. she collapsed out to being tear gas and i was still not able to verify that information. but on monday clashes did break out was bolted gods and gunfire was heard when crunch tried to force their way across the frontier into poland. ah
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good right now we're in belarus. a few meters away from the polish border were thousands of migrants from middle east are stuck trying to cross into the e u f r a failing to breach their border fans. yesterday they set up tents and camp fire spending last night out in the woods. now let me just give you a quick look at the scene. this is what's going on here. i. we were told that at least 2500 people haven't come here and that this is sir, this is what what they do. and so here can see a, a family with, with children. they're trying to warm up from the fire woods and they're actually more people bringing more fire was from this a forest out there because it's, it's, it's getting called by the day. and people somehow need to, we're warm up
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a baby she's, she's shaking from phrasing. look at this with what it does. is it, is it a trash bag trash bag? yeah. where's for cold? nord, go under this the this my foot water aren't brit. just bread and water that yes. all yes. yes. yes. yes. we just want to go germans on the think for a good org, encore, a good life, all the but those empty and they got family, they got kate's, you know, they need, it doesn't matter. we pay money for whichever human rises any one to bring us some law to please. you know that the kids will be suffered too much. here you can see that, ah, the polish a security forces out in full force there. now i, i think they're changing, as you can see, movement out there. and i, yeah, this is the, the barbed wire and the fence that is dividing the border divine in the territory,
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but when belarus and of poland now, despite failed attempts to cross the border, the migrants are determined to try again. to day, most of them come from a war torn nations like iraq, afghanistan, and now they won a new life in europe's wealthiest countries, like germany and france. but to get there, they 1st need to pass through poland. the number of migrants trying to reach to you through the poland bowers border has been on the rise lately. but now the situation dramatically escalated yesterday when thousands of refugees are formed, the column and march towards the polish border. some of them tried to get through the barbed wire fence using a free treat trunks and spades. others actually caught it with the wire cutters of polish security forces responded with tear gas and a pepper spray even gone. fire was heard at one point. poland has already called a state of emergency and brought around 12000 troops to the border,
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according to the polish officials who said that this is so far, the biggest attempt to andrew poland by force your correspondent, the sailor. will this feud intensified last month when will so vow to expel migrants who crossed the border illegally passing a law? indeed than to be pushed back. critic slab dimensions of the tom, calling it an abuse of e. u and international law. main ton. pollards accusing the fellowship president of purposefully bringing the migrant to that board. as the e u says minsk is using the migrants for political reasons. this is a continuation of the desperate attempt by the cash encouraging to use people as pawns to destabilize the european union. and of course, the values that we stand for. and we have repeatedly, firmly rejected attempts to instrumental ice people for political purposes. same, i'm and i was, we are dealing with another element of the hybrid will on the polish bella,
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russian border. as you know, several 100 people are approaching to now haven't been taken through the territory about a risk by people associated with the beller russian services. this is an organized auction that we knew about due to the inflammation services received. the bellows denies its had a hand in direct in the flow of migrants, the countries pulled. and god says, quote, it's the indifference and in human attitude of the polish authorities that have pushed the refugees to the desperate actions further present. look, as shank had previously accused poland and a few ania of exporting migrants on to germany and france for she left it in the proud poland. unless you ania deliberately accusing, beller a study of artificially creating a migration crisis. at the same time, the special operations being carried out to great routes to my friends or to depart from their places, detention to the territory of germany and france massively. and shamelessly violating human rights to mckenna, ralph 1st political and list bronze chairman,
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feel tend to, for germany party. he told me the feud between beller us and the you is the root cause of this micro crisis. now that you will have, of course, the responsibility for the deterioration of the relationship with the law. and this is now what we are seeing at the border, one of the consequences of stopping to seek good relationship with a neighboring country off the your blocks migrant. just to analyze the situation when in to lie look us ankle announced that he would also step back from the agreement to protect the border. busy towards the you from illegal migrants, the migrants of course, saw an opportunity to find a new entry door via a lot of was into the you. so this may well be a dynamic that is not being steered actively by the bill of russian government. but
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that just unfolded through communication channel, between migrants who are all interconnected, why social media, and they know very well what is going on next. germany is considering getting tougher on the pandemic with a new batch of restrictions. now under review, the countries infection rate reach at its highest level since the coven outbreak started, hospital beds are reported to be in real short supply and the worst effect there is to try to cope with the spike. doctors already warned that some shed you'd operations will have to be pushed back. your correspondent reports on the latest. certainly one of the things that's being put forward by politicians here, particularly they're saying that there was a, a potential for a pandemic of the own vaccinated with the words that were exactly used by young spon. the interim health minister here in germany a little while ago. what we are seeing though is numbers that just all they,
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they're not good at all. however, a, whichever way you slice them. we're seeing the highest rate of cove and 19 infections in germany. since the pandemic began its forced hospitals in some regions to council, scheduled operations as they, they don't have the beds in order to, to deal with the people coming in for cobra treatment as well as those that would be coming in for standard operations. now these numbers, i said, the worst since the pandemic began, they've broken previous records that was sent just before christmas of last year. well, we don't have a government yet or a new government yet, here in germany. what we do have though, is the 3 parties in talks to form a coalition, and they've been putting forward their ideas for what they want to see done in order to tackle this. and it looks almost certain, like we're going to see tougher restrictions put in place the coalitions that they're looking to be formed made up of the social democrats, the green policy, and the, the free democrats. it looks likely that we're going to see plan follow with
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similar routes has been seen in austria. also in some german states already that have introduced new policies by themselves essentially. meaning there's only those people that have recovered from covert 19 within the last 6 months. and those that have been vaccinated will have access to things like restaurants, head, dresses, shopping malls, it could go on and be, be involved more things as well. but what we've, we've heard from people on the streets here in berlin, in particular, is this. while they're not in favor of mandatory vaccination, they do support the need for that. having to be some restrictions in place. i do believe that the more people that get vaccinated easier the winter will be, but i do not believe that a dick cat is the right way, john from pull it back. then all these politicians should have changed the law. so everyone got vaccinated. this volunteerism,
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there are so many idiots walking on the streets. but believe they have the freedom to decide, they only in fact other people must continue to wear a mattress. keep your distance and let me say finally, be thoughtful to other is right. and i just got my 3rd job. yeah. so get your 3rd jap name. oh, it does look very likely we'll see a return of free coven tests here in the german capital as well. they were done away with a few weeks ago. and once they were well, we saw the numbers begin to rise again as people put off getting a test when they would have to pay for it. they open, at least, that ended up infecting people if they were infected themselves. that big problem for the politicians though, and health authorities as well is the 70 percent number when it comes to people fully vaccinated here in germany, it has really plateaued over the last 2 months or so, seemingly those people who haven't got a job already. and those that have no intention to get the job, they're going to be the ones that, well, it doesn't look like whatever is said or whatever is put in place. they're not
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going to come forward and get a vaccination voluntarily. so while talking germany is of increasing covered restrictions back on the other side of the world, new zealand people are demanding that the east hundreds converged on the parliament that a protest about it. promising the building into lucky doors. at one point in an unprecedented security move, protest is carried banners reading no more control and chanting freedom. earlier in october, the government announced plans to expand the vaccine mandate. the workers in certain categories in new zealand will need to get fully vaccinated against corrode, of ours, all the risk big deal, losing their jobs sofa, 2 thirds of the population have been in. okay, lated. there's been a steady rise in new cases in new zealand since mid august, when the delta vary grid, the country. it followed a year and a half of a previously low and stable figures. the country was praised for it, but it meant big lockdown. in fact, the country's biggest city, oakland, in spain, in lockdown again for the last 3 months. meantime in the us,
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the picture there. well, the white house is telling american business is not to wait to vaccinate employees making no reference to a recent federal court ruling. then the temporarily blocks the government's job requirement for companies leasing. we people should not wait. it's then we say, do not wait to take actions that will keep your work place safe and we're trying to get past is pandemic. and we know the way to do that is to get people vaccinated. so people should not, we should continue to go and move forward and make sure that they're getting their, their, their workplace vaccinated. organizations push for mandatory, coven, vaccinations and exposure we'll shop, divide in the us and lead to mass protests along the way. in some states, the contested mandate would apply to businesses with at least a 100 employees, but the federal court called it unconstitutional unlawful and unwise vaccines were ready obligatory for the public sector. and officials,
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it comes to the time of high infection rights, still averaging around $73000.00 per day in the united states commentator justin robert young, telling us joe biden's already back truck on his own policies way too many. so, you know, under his administration, the cdc said that anybody who's vaccinated shouldn't wear mask, and then they did the hokey pokey. it said no, no, you do have to wear a mask. they have said that a boosters were not necessarily going to be thing and mandates knocking necessarily going to be a thing and now we have both boosters and mandate. so if he goes back on this, it will, i think, a road, some of the confidence that biden came in with, remember, he was partly elected because he was the adult in the room. he was somebody for whom was a political veteran that would not see a new problem and therefore would be able to handle it better than the bull in the china shop that donald trump was. if he doesn't show com, even handed leadership on this, and i don't think he particularly has on this or many other things,
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then he's gonna continue to see his approval rating a road like it is right now. and it's under water by nearly 10 points on a footnote, there is still of course, plenty of disagreement over enforcement of mandatory cove. it's shots. what best to do? a reminder of the world health zation stress is that vaccinations and all natural immunity are the only root out of the pandemic for us whole. it's 16 past the hour . hi there, thank you for checking in, kevin. oh, in here this out. this is ahead. russian developers come up with a brand new adventure lead to try to block those pesky illegal trades in fake coven vaccination process. what's the hope for it when we talk to the developer amongst the stories, wilma black. ah ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? ice elation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct. what is true? wharf is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show, but i'll be speaking the guess of the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then.
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oh hi, gary rushes, defensiveness is sick. i shall use expressed concern to military high commander by the you as conducting on shed yield maneuvers near russia's borders at his senior correspondent examines the situation. russia, as you said, is voicing, growing, concerned about what is happening unfolding and the black. see, i mean, judge for yourself, for now on 2 weeks, u. s. s. poor to which is a guided missile destroy off the united states. navy has been sailing about the black sea with its armament of capacity of a 100 guided missiles of various types. then you had a u. s. as tanka u. s. as john dental ad supply and oil tanker come into the black season, make sure that the other vessels i able to operate for an extended period of time. and this is all happening right on russia's doorstep. you had that joined by
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u. s. s. mount whitney, which is a command ship of a strike force, the united states sick fleet flagship. so, in essence, the united states is saying that this is all part of a training exercise with its partners in the black sea region. russia says that what is happening is destabilizing the security of the whole region. u. s. is creating a multinational grouping of armed forces within the immediate vicinity of the russian border. more than that, there have been fly bus. there have been a b one, b strategic bombers of the united states, which are capable of carrying nuclear missiles and the russian, or the ministry of defense says that they have been practicing bombing runs as close as 100 kilometers away from the russian russian border. and they say there's evidence that they are studying the battle, ground them, that the united states ukraine, georgia, romania, bulgaria, and turkey, drawing the exercise in the event that there's an escalation in ukraine in the
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event that key of decides to invade and to wind its civil war in an aggressive manner which might lead to a regional escalation. political as crisp ambria told me, the u. s. is using his military to compensate for the countries declining influence on the global scale. biggest part of a growing tension between america and russia, america is pushing its military presence in the globe. we know that it's trying to compensate economic weakness relative to china by using it 2nd out by it's no chick emily and demonstrating that. and i think that's what it's doing here, i think is also showing up in our alliances in the area. and we must recall that the u. s. and need to have made huge efforts to basically to surround russian territory with naval base is naval forces. this is part of a long term strategy of research and corona,
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various cases. many russians need to use faxing passports to the moment to get into some public places. however, that's also seen a corresponding increase in the number of fake pass is being sold on the black market. so how to deal with it when it could soon be a thing of the past? according to cement new russian technology, lipper tranquil, went to find out more. this is a q r code that i got from russian authorities to prove that i've got anti bodies from a vaccine. i can use it to go to a feeder for example, but for now someone can steal it from me and use it instead of me soon though, that won't be possible because of an invention by one russian startup, which have come up with q r codes that cannot be copied whatsoever. at 1st glance, the cure codes that stanislaus invented. don't look too different from the classic ones we've known for a while already. but if you take a closer look, you'll see that they include a sophisticated additional element in the middle,
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a rectangle with a smaller and less traceable pattern of shapes. that's what makes a difference was thought. so are you saying that your q r codes cannot be copied in any way at all? yes, there is no way. it's suitable. absolutely impossible to prove it. we can go over to the printer, make copies of all codes, and i'll show you how it works. then we can also take a picture of the q all codes on the phone until it's read them, and the copies can be read. you'll see for yourself. with putting it last year. the quote here is one of our q all codes. we can read it using our phone comer, mavita, we take it, read what is encoded inside and get the result. did you now let's try to print a copy. click, where do we pull up your code here? it's program. let's try to read it again. was all mobile i currently am and as you can see,
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the system can't read it anymore. we have the same thing happened when we took a picture of spanish loves code with a smartphone. the system wouldn't react to the one of the photo, even though it was a high quality one. only the original cure image triggered the act. yeah, but i know what my form was go, what do i understand correctly that your cure code can be used by the need factors on items that they don't want to be counterfeited. so that another percept, roy maintenance actuation where you were ordering a product and the incident on some online store. but you get a part of the cost a lot of money without any q r code to transfer. this is eliminated because the manufacturer applies our q r code production site and uses ordinary people, can scan it and to make sure that this product comes come off a legitimate assembly line. it wasn't replaced anyway. here's a simple example ago, buys cosmetics from a favorite brand. she is not sure that these are original products and then she
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uses, she could have a reaction to the whole, but it's original product and she can check it to make sure afterwards she can apply on her body or face. not worry about quote was for how long did it take you to develop this, your code, which border it took us more than 6 months to create the initial prototype and it took another 3 months to go into mass production. and how did you come up with the idea? you won't believe in trends. in fact, when we think about something a lot sooner or later it comes to mind. it just came to me in a dream needed to no one in this world has thought of it yet. we monitor the market on a weekly basis and there is nothing like that. of course, if you were looking for ways to cheat with to our codes this invention would probably disappoint you. but when someone tries to fool you, or your shoulder rings with fakes, that you paid money for. that really isn't something that's going to make you happy . this new invention, the brand new,
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all my think you are codes will really make life of those from one to caching on face. much more difficult. came to the dream, i would have the same with a gentleman this central next door. the world riches mine, la musk is getting caught in controversy this time, asking his twitter followers whether or not he should sell a large portion of his company. tesla's stock to pay his tax bill, but $20000000.00 worth this twitter paul decides the fate of more than $20000000000.00 of tesla's stock. poor baby worlds, wealthiest man with nothing else better to spend money on. so he decided to buy space. travel might have to pay his fair share of taxes. saddest of days. i work 2 jobs just to get by for my family. hard for me to have an opinion on what the billing or should do. my slip of the tongue is $20000000000.00 worth
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a tax bill, while while it does but the question as to why the business magnet, who said he would listen to the result, the survey put the onus on the public to make such a financially significant decision notes, i do not take a cash salary or bonus from anywhere. i only have stock thus the only way for me to pay taxes personally is to sell stock. in solomon jo biden's plan to increase taxes on americas wealthy as a measure that would impact some $700.00 billionaires. for example, they be forced to pay duties on rising stock prices, even if they haven't sold shares. it's all to help fund biden's plant trillion dollars spending. sproat infrastructure and other projects mosque is openly criticize the tax hikes and the financial market. research of peter l believes that the twitter pole was simply a publicity stunt about it. eli mosque is a certifiable genius and we know this not only from tesla but also pay pal space x ok. i had a number of other ventures, but he seems to have a genuine interest in public perceptions, not only of his business dealings,
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but to some extent himself as a personal figure, he would probably have to exercise his options and sell stock anyway. so i think this is showmanship and, and he could do so pretty easily. it's only, i mean he, if there's a 1000000 shares of test outstanding here, 20 percent of 23000000 shares. the average daily vibe is about 21000000. so over the course of a few days, you could liquidate that state without even going back to the marketplace. well, that is always going to be loopholes. that's always going to happen. but, but i don't think it's going to help because it doesn't exist to move target to talking to washington for decades. i'll just have been saying that they should, that the, well, he's been there for sure without specify what that is. last year, one percent of taxpayers paid 37 percent of the tax revenue, the top 5 percent paid just under 60 percent. and the idea that that at this point some of that is going to go towards things like tree equity. i mean, i think the, the, all the are paying their fair share already. probably more that check it out. see they'll cover. and if so, so for so much more though, we're talking to the about to day, but to for not reporting for moscow,
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kevin only great team with me. so thanks for watching. stand by to don't go away for news, views. hughes, and you'll find the will after this break. ah ah, ah, ah ah ah, ah, with ah,
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as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others with the euro. my by everybody here. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl to price upgrade to to, to achieve really was, was change a read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming, is that documentary? i see it on our tea ah long lines at the border as america
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opened back up to vaccinate travelers. we will discuss the possible double standard as more caravans, of those seeking to a legal entity. united states advanced and there was a new round of penis, the trump allied with a focus on the events happening at the willard command center. on january 5th. we will bring you the details of the story which only democrats seem to actually care about at biden daughter's diary drop f b i now getting involved and showing up at one well known conservative investors house with a search warrant. it will bring you the details and a, a gesture. popular thanks to tip top is actually used to help rescue a missing teenager from her abuser. could this help improve the social media is a very negative reputation. i'm staying a huge, we're going to give you 360 view of these stores and more.


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