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oh hi, i'm now with several 100 migrants including children, remains stranded at the border between bella, bruce and poland. warsaw claims minsk is escalating, the refugee crisis on purpose. i'll correspond that is that this is what's going on here. we were told that at least 2500 people haven't come here and that this is, this is what, what they do. and so you can see a family with children. they're trying to warm up from the fire woods. meanwhile, russia claims the west launched a smear campaign against it over the border crisis up to the polish prime minister directly blamed lydia may po to him for creating the situation. also, the south germany tries to get control over the corona virus by imposing tough restrictions as the number of infections reaches its highest level. since the start of the pandemic,
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a moscow's defense minister says us warships in the black st may russia's borders, are the threats to regional security. ah, i good to abby with us live on worldwide. this is alta international. well use of 11 with me calling bright 1st. the a you is a partially suspending, a visa for sanitation do with banner bruce. it's in response to while the blocks calling an ongoing hybrid attack launched by the bell russian regime. several 100 migrants have gathered. a bellow rose his border with poland, looking to cross into the e. u. member state. go back to your home. you are not allowed to get this idea. leave the idea now, or we will use both to break. this is some of the latest video that we've got from the border where the migrants have gathered among the ma children, some of them very young. the polish prime minister in the defense minister have
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traveled to the area to assess the situation of poland to an fellow in you state lithuania, have declared a state of emergency on their borders with bella. bruce. we've also received this video from our correspondence in the area which you might find upsetting. i, you can see an unconscious woman lying on the ground that now according to the people around her, she collapsed after being tear gassed. however, we are unable to verify that information or correspondent who's there, asked some of the migrants how they arrived in belarus, where he from iraq. how did he end up in belarus and the good visa and come to that are us? yeah, but where did you get her? the visa it intercourse in turkey. the 1st you flew to turkey. yes. and that's where you get filarious visa. yes. why do you get bell
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russian visa in ankara and not in iraq? who i don't know, said this is your passport. this is bell russian visa. yes. did you pay any money for this? a lot of money and for every $1.00 i paid $2600.00 for visa, for every one. me and my mom and my wife and my brother and we are, we are to will fair so no to know how $1000.00 in for one visa would run the the it is for visa for hotel, for the our ill, that company. where are you purchased out the tour? is it a turkish company? no, it does her. it our company. how did you find out that there is a way, a lot of what people and come to her and go and then we come. they said no way to go. a lot of people go, my brother, go to the germany in this air rock. we bought car gall,
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everything to come. have you sold your cars? yes. and valuable things? yes. to get my yes. in right now we don't have anything on monday, my grants clash with polish authorities and gum fi was heard as crowds trying to force their way across the border into the you. ah good right now we're in belarus, a few meters away from the polish border. we're thousands of migrants off from the middle east are stuck trying to cross into the e. u. after failing to breach the border fans yesterday. the set of tents and camp fire spanning last night out in the woods. now let me just give you a quick look at the scene. this is what's going on here. i,
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we were told that at least 2500 people haven't come here and that this is sir, this is what, what they do. and so here can see a, a family with, with children. they're trying to warm up from the fire woods and actually more people bringing more fires from this forest out there because it's, it's, it's getting called by the day. and people somehow need to, we're, we're a mob of babies. she's, she's shaking from phrasing. look at this with what it does, is it, is it a trash bag rash bag? yeah. where's for cold? nord go under this the this my foot water aren't brit. just bread and water that yes. all yes, yes, yes, yes. we just want to go german on the think for a good org, encore, a good life. all the both those empty and they got family, they got kate's, you know, they need water with, doesn't matter. we pay money for whichever you my right was any one to bring us
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some law to please in out that the kids will be suffered too much. here you can see that ah, the polish a security forces out in full force. there now are, i think they're changing, as you can see, movement out there. and yet this is the, the barbed fire and the fence that is dividing the border divine in the territory, but when bowers and of poland. now, despite failed attempts to cross the border, the migrants are determined to try again. to day, most of them come from a war, tore nations like iraq and afghanistan, and now they won a new life in europe's wealthiest countries, like germany and france. but to get there, they 1st need to pass through poland. the number of migrants trying to reach to you through the poland bowers border has been on the rise. lately, i bought the situation dramatically escalated yesterday when thousands of refugees
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are formed. the column and march towards the polish border. some of them tried to get through the barbed wire fence using a free treat trunks and spades. others actually carded with the wire cutters. polish security forces responded with tear gas and a pepper spray even gone. fire was heard at one point. poland has already called a state of emergency and brought around 12000 troops to the border, according to the polish officials who said that this is so far, the biggest attempt to andrew poland by force. the feud intensified last months when warsaw about to expel migrants who crossed the border illegally passing a law for them to be pushed back. critic slammed that measure, calling it an abusive e. u and international law of russia says the west spain running and information campaign against it over the border crisis between poland and belarus. it comes off the polish prime minister, accused of a damian potent of being directly responsible for the unfolding situation. more on
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that next formality charlotte davinsky is really paying the political entry in this situation at the moment these, it claims from the polish prime minister. this is mateo motor, bi etzky, who's told the parliament in his country that in his opinion, it is russia. it is russia's president flood may of putin that is actually orchestrating the crisis. but the receiving now on its eastern block, particularly that the pinch point between poland and valerie, he said that it was russia attempting to de, stabilize the you. those are his words. now this came hours after it emerged, the flood me, of putin and his counterpart in valerie, had discussed the situation on the border. and that there was suggestion from russia's foreign minister that what really could happen here is that the, you could try and reach an agreement with bella, re spy,
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offering financial support, and settlement similar to what the you did with turkey back in about 2016 at the height of the migrant crisis. so for the e. u hasn't responded to those suggestions by so a lot of however, russia is now hitting back saying that these claims by the polish prime minister that it's orchestrating this, michael crisis is essentially nonsense. the west should not pretend that what is happening on the border of poland and beller us is a hybrid operation by look shanker with the support of the russian federation. that is a lie. moscow hopes that the west will not evade responsibility for the situation on the border between poland and belarus. lots of humanitarian crisis on the use. eastern block seems to be unfolding right before our eyes. the threats from the you are ramping up when it comes to bella roof. we know that bella reese has been
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accused by the e u by various countries, including poland, being behind the surge in migration at the moment. the accusation is, valerie says, flying in migrants from countries like a rock and sea done and other places, and then telling them to pretty much a tally who to the polish buddha to end to the you and the e. u. countries accused federation of doing this, saying that it's in retaliation for sanctions that were placed on the country earlier this year. now the you is saying that at the moment the situation is putting lives at risk. this is part of the human and really gangster style approach of the luca shanker regime that he is lying to people. he's misusing people, misleading them, and bringing them to barriers under the false promise of having easy entry into the fox has been nothing. it's voice to the fray also suggesting that this is valerie is trying to destabilize the you at the moment. there are some 12000
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troops that have been sent to the board by poland itself. the country has declared a state of emergency. we've also seen the fate of emergency being declared in of countries on like eastern bloc border with valerie said, miscellaneous, and let fear to and there is a back, he's ation that there is a huge amount of exploitation going on here. and people smuggling. and despite the fact that the situation really does look like it could explode at any moment, we're talking about that incredible amount of troops on the border. and people who are desperately trying to cross to get into the e. u. and being told that they can't. and despite that, the german interior minister says he has full support for poland plan of action right now. the pulse have reacted correctly so far we cannot criticize them for securing the use external border with admissible means the polls are filling
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a very important service for the whole. europe. also hearing the nato says it. it is already at the moment to assist if the situation again unravels any further. so i interesting to hear that we are getting that from at nato command at the moment it does seem as if the situation is escalating and what we are seeing now is a blame game, a blame game that is involving not just the countries that are right next to each other, but also now trying to drag russia into that of ritz. barbara rowse denies that. it's had a hand in directing the flow of migrants. the countries border guard says, quote, it's the indifference and inhumane attitude of the polish authorities that have pushed the refugees to their desperate actions. and president lucas shanker has previously accused poland and the through ania of exporting migrants on to germany and france. fortunately thwarted in the pro poland and lithuania, deliberately accusing belarus, son of artificially creating
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a migration crisis. at the same time, a special operations are being carried out to crate roots for migrants to depart from their places of detention to the territory of germany and france. massively and shamelessly violating human rights slowly on our team, political scientist, linda merle, m r roost believes that the real city solution, excuse me, to this crisis for the a you will be to stop supporting was in the 1st place. on the one hand, refugees are used by bell rules as a means of pressure against the you. the other hand we have the you and specifically in this case pulling the you always presented selves itself is a liberal union that respects human rights. but what we observe now has already happened at the you external borders where people needed help, food supplies, water and medical assistance, but people and,
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and their dignity came seconds and the root of the problem is definitely not bell rooms. this issue began when european union and the united states and nato supported wars in syria, iraq, i think profits continue to be more important than people. this will never stop. this is the solution, like stop supporting wars. francois the headline news in germany is considering getting tougher on the pandemic with a new batch of restrictions. now under review, as the countries infection right, reaches his highest level since the coven outbreak started, hospital beds are reported to be in short supply in the worst affected areas are to cope with. the spike. doctors have already warned that some scheduled operations will have to be pushed back. his, our europe corresponded peter oliver. certainly one of the things that's been put forward by politicians are particularly they're saying that there was a, a potential for pandemic, of the own vaccinated with the words that were exactly used by young spawn the interim health minister here in germany a little while ago. what we all seeing though is numbers that just all they,
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they're not good at all. however, a, whichever way you slice them, we're seeing the highest rate of cova 19 infections in germany. since the pandemic began its forced hospitals in some regions to council scheduled operations as they, they don't have the beds in order to, to deal with the people coming in for covert treatment as well as those that would be coming in for standard operations. now these numbers, i said, the worst since the pandemic began, they've broken previous records that was sent just before christmas of last year. well, we don't have a government yet or a new government yet, here in germany. what we do have though, is a 3 policies in talks to form a coalition, and they've been putting forward their ideas for what they want to see done in order to tackle this. and it looks almost certain, like we're going to see tougher restrictions put in place the coalitions that they're looking to be formed made up of the social democrats, the green policy,
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and the, the free democrats. it looks likely that we're going to see plan follow with similar routes has been seen in austria. also in some german states already that have introduced new policies by themselves essentially. meaning that only those people that have recovered from covert 19 within the last 6 months, and those that have been vaccinated will have access to things like restaurants, hey, addresses, shopping malls, it could go on and be, be involved more things as well. but what we've, we've heard from people on the street here in berlin in particular, is this. while they're not in favor of mandatory vaccination, they do support the need for that. the having to be some restrictions in place. i do believe that the more people that get vaccinated easier the winter will be, but i do not believe that a dick cat is the right way the gun from pull it back. then all these politicians, they should have changed the law. so everyone got vaccinated. this volunteerism,
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if there are so many, it is working on the streets and we believe they have the freedom to decide to convey only in fact other people must continue to wear in that way. keep your distance and let me say finally, be thoughtful to other is right. and i just got my 3rd job. yeah. so get your 3rd jap name. oh, it does look very likely we'll see a return of free coven tests here in the german capital as well. they were done away with a few weeks ago, and once they were well, we saw the numbers begin to rise again as people put off getting a test when they would have to pay for it. they open at lee that ended up infecting people. if they were infected themselves, that big problem for the politicians though, and health authorities as well is the 70 percent number when it comes to people fully vaccinated. here in germany, it has really plateaued over the last 2 months or so. seemingly those people who haven't got a job already and those that have no intention to get the job, they're going to be the ones that, well,
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it doesn't look like whatever is said or whatever is put in place. they're not going to come forward and get a vaccination voluntarily. oh, here russia developers come up with a new way to i would small the illegal trade in fake cobra. the vaccination policies will tell you all about that among our stories after the break. i ah ah
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mm. so rather than by dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, hello again. the russian defense minister has shed his consent with military high command about the united states, conducting unscheduled maneuvers near russia's borders. the senior correspondent
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examines the situation. russia, as you said, is voice and growing concern about what is happening unfolding and the black see a new judge for yourself for now on 2 weeks, u. s. s. port, which is a guided missile destroy, off the united states. navy has been sailing about the black sea with its armament of capacity of a 100 guided missiles of various types. then you had a u. s. as tanka u. s. as john dental ad supply and oil tanker come into the black season, make sure that the other vessels i able to operate for an extended period of time. and this is all happening right on russia's doorstep. you had that joined by u. s. as mount whitney, which is a command ship of a strike force, the united states sick fleet flagship. so, in essence, the united states is saying that this is all part of a training exercise with its partners in the black sea region. russia says that
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what is happening is d, stabilizing the security of the whole region. few us is creating a multinational grouping of armed forces within the immediate vicinity of the russian border. more than that, there have been fly, but there have been a b, one, b strategic farmers of the united states, which are capable of carrying nuclear missiles. and the russian of the ministry of defense says that they have been practicing bombing runs as close as a 100 kilometers away from the russian russian border. and they say there's evidence that they are studying the battle, ground them, the united states, ukraine, georgia, romania, bulgaria, and turkey joined the exercise in the event that there is an escalation in ukraine in the event that key of decides to invade and to wind its civil war in an aggressive manner which might lead to a regional escalation of political analysts. chris boundary says the u. s. is using its military to compensate for the countries declining influence on
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a global scale. a growing tension between america and russia. america is pushing its military presence in the globe. we know that it's trying to compensate for is economic weakness relative to china by using it 2nd out by. it's no to have emily and demonstrating that. and i think that's what it's doing here. i think is also showing up as a we are alliances in the area. i mean, we mustn't call that the u. s. and need to have made huge efforts to basically or to surround russian territory with naval base is naval forces. this is part of a long term strategy. if after a surgeon cove infections, many russians currently to use vaccine passports to get entry into some public places. problem is, it's also seen an increase in fake passes being sold on the black market. but a pioneering development in q r code tag could make that a thing of the past. as india patricia has been finding out, this is a q
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r code that i got from russian authorities to prove that i've got an odd bodies from a vaccine. i can use it to go to a feeder for example, but for now someone can steal it from me and use it instead of me soon though, that won't be possible because of an invention by one russian startup, which have come up with q r codes that cannot be copied whatsoever. at 1st glance, the cure codes that stone as love invented. don't look too different from the classic ones we've known for a while already. but if you take a closer look, you'll see that they include a sophisticated additional element in the middle, a rectangle with a smaller and less traceable pattern of shapes. that's what makes a difference with school. so are you saying that your q are colds cannot be copied in any way at all? yes, there is no way it absolutely impossible. prove it. we can go over to the printer, make copies of all codes, and i'll show you how it works. then we can also take
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a picture of the q all codes on the phone until i read them, and the copies can be read. you'll see for yourself with putting it plus your quote here is one of our q all codes. we can read it using our phone comer, ludo, we take it, read what is encoded inside and get the result. you kid you, now let's try to print a copy. click where do we broke your code here? bit of a to program. let's try to read it again, was all mobile. i got my medium and as you can see, the system can't read it anymore for years with the same thing happened when we took a picture of stanislaus code with a smartphone. the system wouldn't react to the one of the photo, even though it was a high quality one. only the original cure image triggered the act. yeah, i don't know. my form was go to court, do i understand correctly,
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that your cure code can be id by the manufacturers on items that they don't want to be counter? feed it so that other percept? oh yes, that's roy modern situation where you were ordering a product on the internet on some online store, but he got a fake product costs a lot of money. now with our unique q r code, the chance of this is eliminated because the manufacturer applies our fuel code out the production site and uses ordinary people, can scan it to make sure that this product has come off a legitimate assembly line. it wasn't replaced anywhere, but here's a simple example ago buys cosmetics from a favorite brand, though she is not sure that these are original products. and if she uses it, she could have a reaction to the home. but it's an original product and she can check it to make sure afterwards, she can apply on have audio fights, not worry about it quite often fall. so how long did it take you to develop this cure code? wishful order it took is more than 6 months to create the initial prototype and it
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took another 3 months to go into must production. and how did you come up with the idea yet? you won't believe it by trent. it. in fact, when we think about something a lot sooner or later it comes to mind, it just came to me in a tree muted no one in this world has thought of it yet. we monitor the market on a weekly basis and there is nothing like this except us. of course, if you were looking for ways to cheat with to our codes this invention would probably disappoint you. but when someone tries to forward you or your children with fakes that you paid money for, that really isn't something that's going to make you happy. this new invention, the brand new. all my take you are codes will really make life of those who want to cash in on face. much more difficult. the world's richest man is again caught in control of a say this time ela mosque is asking his twitter followers whether he should sell a large chunk of his tesla stock to pay his taxes about 20000000000 dollars. with
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this twitter, paul decides the fate of more than $20000000000.00 of tesla's stock. poor baby world's wealthiest man with nothing else better to spend money on. so he decided to buy space, travel might have to pay his fair share of taxes. saddest of days i work 2 jobs just to get by for my family. hard for me to have an opinion on what the bill in there should do. it does beg the question as to why the entrepreneur, who said he would listen to the result of the survey, put the onus on the public to make such a financially significant decision notes. i do not take a cash salary or bonus from anywhere. i only have stock thus the only way for me to pay taxes personally is to sell stock. or to mature biden's plan to increase taxes on america's wealthiest measure. that could impact some 700 billionaires. for example, they be forced to pay duties on rising stock prices,
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even if they haven't sold shares. it's all to have fun. biden's plan, trillion dollars, spending spree on infrastructure and other projects must cause openly criticize the tax hikes and financial market research. peter, earl suspects the twitter paul was just a publicity stunt. eli mosque is a certifiable genius and we know this not only from tesla, but also pay pal space x open a. i had a number of other ventures, but he seems to have a genuine interest in public perceptions, not only of his business dealings, but to some extent himself as a personal figure, he would probably have exercised options and sell stock anyway. so i think this is showmanship and, and he could do some pretty easily. it's only, i mean he, if there's a 1000000 shares of test outstanding here, 20 percent of 23000000 shares. the average daily vibe is about 21000000. so over quite a few days, you could liquidate that state without even really back to the marketplace. well, that is always going to be loopholes that's always going to happen. but, but i don't think it's going to help because it doesn't exist to moving target to talking to washington for decades. how does it been saying that they should that
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the well, he's been there for sure without specifying what that is. last year, one percent of taxpayers paid 37 percent of the tax revenue, the top 5 percent paid just under 60 percent. and the idea that that at this point some of that is going to go towards things like tree equity. i mean, i think the, the, all the are paying their fair share already. probably more that i stand by for max and stacy with your 1st kaiser report of the wake house to which i'll be here to update you on the big stories. we're tracking here with alta international in moscow. ah, a we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off every device p as a potential entry point for security at any machine.
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it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers to coordinate with them was one comes option in law. so it's not a matter of if it happens, it's a matter of when who oh hi max kaiser, we're gonna dig into global macro economics. and once again, visit the treacherous path of our central planners.


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