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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 9, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? hi, solution for community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah. so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah.
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with hello and welcome to cross stock were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle. it would seem with every passing day were allowed to openly discuss fewer in keyword topics. the events on capitol hill on january 6 is one of them. what happened that day is a 3rd rail. was it a riot or an insurrection? even asking, this is inflammatory. it shouldn't be. ah! cross stocking. january 6, i'm joined by my guess my like abdel in washington, he is a g. p strategist in atlanta. we have robert patello. he is a civil rights attorney and a radio host. and in new orleans we cross o'brien, thrasher. he is a former of trump administration advisor, an author of laws and sausage. you never want to see either one, get it or
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a gentleman, cross stock rolls in effect. that means he can jump any time you want. now is appreciate, let's go to washington dc. first money. why? why do we have this very, very poll, the rising um, competing narratives. january 6 was a riot. january 6 was an insurrection. why the difference go ahead? i think a lot of that obviously has to do with donald trump, the 4 years that preceded or 3 and a half or so years there preceded the riot. ah, well, if you that i think what happened is, is that the democrats, they want to actually manufacture something in, in this case, they thought that insurrection sounded appropriate. unfortunately, according to the director of the f, b i and our nation's attorney general, they don't use the term insurrection to refer to what happened on january 6th. and this is something that they said that, that me thing this, this is actually something that they said and congressional testimony, when democrats actually asked whether or not it was an insurrection. and both of them said that it's not an if it's not an appropriate term to use because it
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actually has technical, legal, compound, implications. so no, it wasn't an insurrection, but what they did say, according to the f, b i a definition is that they weren't describing as in acts of domestic terrorism. we can go back and forth and debate whether it's even de risk domestic terrorism. but what we know, according to jo biden's own federal government, this does not fit the description of an insurrection at this point. okay, so robert, react to that because it my reaction to be is that using the word insurrection, and since the political cudgel, i mean in the worse the better. and when it is, is the taint tens of millions of people because they voted for donald trump, or didn't like joe biden here, i mean it, this seems a bit overreach here, but that's why you're here to explain why i'm wrong, and you're right. go ahead, my friend robert, i think is very clear under reach. i think democrats delivered or job of explaining exactly how important this evening was and how serious this attack on 100 west of
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a bunch of people getting on horseback and breaking away from their local government. this was a very much, it was like planned attack on our democracy and attempt to overthrow and overturned the results of 2020 luncheon and effectively in our democratic republic. as a, as an example, let's look at other samples. one. this has happened in history 19 very bright, and we're all put where you had a hitler organized people to try to overthrow the rice. doug, let's look one was leaving storm the capital was you there? those are, those orders ended the and institute, the fast regime. there, so this idea of how it was just a riot, right, is, don't have people bust in from around the country, right? don't have blood work at all. there's only gates at allowing along the people to break in the capital, right? so the federal government failing to respond when a tech on their own capital. so i think instead of demonizing going after the individuals, you know, the school teacher or the, or the salon owners on and so forth,
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or part of and caught up in this. we still haven't got the money behind it who paid for the people to come there who paid for the buses will pay for the hotels, how you going to be in to unite the government? how many congress members were involved in the planning and execution that the people are getting towards around the capital? well, the capital close to the future to the future, people were trying to, over to government. and also what were the end of the group? well, they haven't seen it. what would have happened that we would have a stop the counting of the electoral votes? we would have had a new president not be sworn in and a potential heading count on crisis. carter g for girl banana republic. something insurrection is a downplaying of what actually happened and willing to talk about the individual at the public chain. and i simply do, people went ok, let me go to brian. and so robert just made it parallel to the protesters on that day to fascism and hitler was brought up. mussolini was brought up. these people
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were protesters at the very, very least. there were some very bad apples there. none of them were armed apparently, and only a civilian was killed. ashley babbitt, which we will talk about later. and again, i mean, no evidence has been proven that this was meticulously planned for violence. was it planned to protest? yeah, certainly it was. it's, it's, it's legal to protest. go ahead, brian. well, we're all in agreement that there was no insurrection in the, no congressional democrats using that word because it, in their own focus groups, it tends to, it tends to stoke a lot of passion among their base. even though their base, most of them don't know with the definition of insurrection really is, there's never been an insurrection in history. there were no weapons that the only people that were killed was people part of the insurrection, not who they were trying to quote unquote, over growth. so i agree with a lot of with robert said other than the fact that there was absolutely no attempt to overthrow the government. that's another misnomer. that's another just false statement made without any evidence there,
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there was no attempt to return the election results. the election results were overturned on election night in the days following when several states, when they saw that donald trump was ahead in states that later but some of the background in michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, they simply stopped counting. and they said, we're going to stop counting for the night. but then all of a sudden these miraculous ballots that were in the facebook funded dropbox is around the country showed up in the middle of the night, 100 percent of which were votes for joe by the no down ticket votes mark on these ballots whatsoever. just straight up, joe, biting fun showed up in the middle of the night and all of a sudden he takes the lead miraculously in these states. so we saw the overturning of an election on election night in the days following on january 6. would these people, these protest or what they wanted was they wanted vice president mike pence who was overseeing the session of congress to, to count the electoral votes to have to have the states allowed to,
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to challenge the results of because it's very obvious. now, 1011 months later that job, i did not get 81000000 votes. he can't even get all of those. he needs in congress to pass his agenda. but the point is, is that this, this idea that this was an insurrection which i think we're all in agreement. it wasn't, it was really not an act of domestic terrorism. like you said to you, the only death was an innocent on arm. air force veteran ashley back, but he was murdered by a rope, police officer. now, robert does make a good point as far as like, let's get to the root of it, the planning, all that kind of stuff where we now know that there were a lot of f, b, i, informant. okay, all right, that's it. all right, that's where i want brian, let me jump in here. that's exactly where i wanted to go. let's go back to washington dc. like, i mean there the that, it, that, that the true 3rd rail and all of this discussion is there because we can have semantics all we want. but there seems to be evidence that the feds were involved in this. the more and more video that's being released,
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it shows that there were people that were a ring leaders. they don't seem to be charged. a lot of people want to know why with their m ample number of instances where the feds were involved in, quote unquote, potential terrorist acts. so there's a long history of that. and now there that were being faced with this and january 6, or we can ever really find out because i don't think policies committees interested in that. go ahead in dc. no, i don't think that we'll find out the extent of the f, b eyes and all that. but we do know that there wasn't any type of meticulous planning according to the f b i itself. and that's only if we believe they have b i the f b, i actually came out a report saying that of the $500.00 plus people that they charged thus far. that there has been no indication that there was any coordination with anyone in, not just in congress, but in toronto world, in that it cools people like roger stone, steve, bandit, and many of the others, what they call, what the democrats want to do with this select committee, they really want to just nail down donald trump. they want to assign some sort of
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blame to donald trump or republicans absent any evidence. and i think that's part of the larger problem that democrats are having. even with naming this insurrection versus domestic terrorism versus riots, because we also know that this time, last year, even last summer, when there were black life matter protest, now we're going around. we're done with actually ludy and righty, and burning and assaulting lee thought that the democrats, they did not even touch that rail of referring to it as either domestic terrorism or anything like that. they said that they were right. so we do know that the united states definitely had the history of riots happening, where police officers, law enforcement were attacked, and democrats and members of congress overall didn't say that that was actually terrorism or an insurrection. but i don't expect nancy pelosi to pursue the f b i and go to the extent that they're trying to assign blay to members of congress . and robert address the issue that we just heard here. i mean this out,
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this whole endeavor, this whole and insurrection it. this is aimed at donald trump, making sure that his reputation is tarnished. maybe they wanted to have a 3rd impeachment. i'm good to go after his followers, but this is the whole point. it is to keep the focus on trump. it really nothing else really matters to them here. and. and that's the gambit here. and given what we had on the last tuesday in the election room in virginia, being going after tramp isn't paying paid or any more or not is much okay. how do you react to that, robert? go ahead. i think that's the most incorrect narrative that can be taken away from that wasn't much less were placed on mac borders, riding and breaking into the capitol in finding stop you counting of electro both. let's replace bozeman for 1000000 muslims being in the united capital product institute muslim bill, and they kicked her barrier break, hold into the capitols mir fences of these, these around the speaker, the houses office. and they go there demanding the overturning of the legend that they claim the same to the right in that the both were stolen. this is not will be,
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rightfully electric president. here is like this become par for the course in american polish. haven't or i'm robert robert. i even go to the brand. i just want to say something before we go to the break. we still have 2nd half of the program. but you know, you're, you're saying all of the protesters at the same, more and more evidence is that there were a lot of, there was some trouble makers and other people got it. i found themselves in something that they didn't want to be participating in, you know, so i please to stay away from the broad brush. go ahead. 20 seconds before we go to the break. i had robert on the buyer know republicans wanted to investigate this. if they do believe that the f b, i don't get, why are we not have beginning of bipartisan or for the idea that we can, but we need to stop from becoming far from corporate america talented. and that were governed by mob rules arises that are by the lead for results. ok, well that perfect timing there. thank you robert. i'm going to jump in here gentlemen, we're going to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on january 6 day with archy
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with welcome back across stock. were all things are considered on peter level to remind you we're discussing january 6. ah okay, let's go back to brian in new orleans to date about a 100 of the protesters had played out. ma, mr. meaner is primarily on there's about $500.00 plus more. m. a in detained in prison, under very rough conditions, according to some sources. are these people political prisoners prime? well, they absolutely are. and actually after girls, when you think of marjorie,
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just chill agree and she had the courage to go in and visit these people and report back what's going on. and she said that not only are there there in humane conditions with regards to a lack of food, lack of medical care. but she said that people are being subject to re education, and most of them are rejecting. and she said, but i mean reeducation, 1st of all, there's nobody in the united states, a correctional system, that is, is qualified to re educate, anyone lizard is talking about i was, might get their high school diploma or something like that. but re education. that's something that goes on in line concentration camps in cuba and you know, in other communist places. that's crazy. i mean, i could think of a bunch of liberals who really need reeducation, but i would never, i would never vote to force it on them because that's, that's against are constitutional rights as actually a cruel and unusual punishment. you know the truth, want to go back to it before the break. you know, robert already admitted that the, the capitol police let the protest 0,
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but then he saying that it broke in the capital, or he made the reference of the broken the money broken in the capital capital. please open the doors now. how did the f, b i, when they learned nancy blues in advance, that they expected some trouble at this at this protest. how did they know it's because they didn't form it in the crowd. they had known members of antique, but in black lives matter organizations in the crowd. some of them dressed up like trumps supporters going around in. ready breaking things and trying to route people up and attack people. but you know, all, all that has got, you know, white washed out when the national guard called lucy and said, do you want us to come over and help? she turned it down. now, if she wasn't involved in the planning of this, in the, in the constructing of this narrative of an insurrection of actor domestic terrorism by trumps of borders. why would she turned down the national guard? doesn't make any sense. there's so much about this that doesn't make sense why there? so people in jail, they didn't, they didn't do anything wrong. i mean,
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i don't really charter with trespassing the capitals, technically close has occurred. they went in without permission or i mean, even even if the cops let them in, they weren't supposed to be. they're charged with trash fashion. give them a ticket, let him pay their final or to move on. why is anybody still in jail? this is crazy man. it central, you know, if you look at a lot of the people, the profile, we can a generalize a profile. a lot of these people are older, they're late boomers, a lot of them are veterans, lot of them are poor. i mean, i don't understand there's this disproportionate reaction to their getting them to the legal process here. i mean it's, it's been a very, very long time for what essentially is protesting, loitering, and trespassing. i mean, i mean i, i, i'm guess at a complete loss and one has to presume that a lot of these people don't have good legal help. ok. so i mean, you know, just as denied as to justice. the justice delayed is justice denied in this case. go ahead in washington. yes, so that's actually
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a very good point. i was one of those who actually i attended the 1st stop the steel rally as they act. we called it. this was probably early december. i think it was, i actually attended the 1st of the 3 stopped the steel rallies, and so i could have easily been locked into the same group that they blocked into the january 6. i do believe, well, i did know that there are a lot of people who just went along with the crime and that typically what happens whether or not it was what happened on capitol hill or even in the black lives matter, right? where you have people who just moved along with the crowd when i would like to know from nancy pelosi and brian mentioned it, and robert mentioned it. we still don't have an answer to it. who gave the okay for them to allow them on their writers into the capitol. someone actually gave that order in we still do not know to this day who that person was. the fact is that there were failures on all sides from i live here in dc from our metropolitan police department. it from our mayor, from the national guard, the pentagon,
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and even on capitol hill. they were literally fairies, failures at all levels. and we saw with the numbers congressional here, he said, we've had the far purpose prior to the select committee that they, we pat, now i g reports coming out. just really given us information on how to prevent these type of things from happening. again, in a contrary to what robert said, these were literally bi partisan hearings that we had well before that you'd, our dad, nancy. pelosi jones are select committee. so we do have a lot of information about what occur the failures in what we can do to actually make sure these type of things don't happen again. so we don't have to speak about these things as if it didn't happen at all. these things actually did happen, and there are answers that we need and specifically, who gave the stand down orders on capitol hill. and that is not something that donald trump could do, or anyone around donald trump. i still think we need, i still think we need to know that answer. i can jump in real quick and real quick
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because you know that yeah, they made the point about not have not, you know, the public is not wanting to buy parts and investigation. republicans did. mccarthy did offer who he wanted on that january 6 select committee and policy rejected. it was jim jordan and somebody else. instead they picked the most tromp hating rhinos in congress, a liz cheney and adam king's anger. neither one who really, republicans, you want them who are going to be in congress next year. both of them hate donald trump. so there was an attempt by kevin mccarthy to make it a bipartisan committee. nancy pelosi rejected that. put faith republicans on and who hate trump? that's when the whole committee became a joke. that's why i've been in stone. all the people are ignoring the subpoena, as you know that this committee is a joke. they haven't a jurisdiction, they have no real power and nothing's ever going to happen. and the democrats are going to lose congress next year. the whole thing's going to go away and less republican decide to make a real bipartisan investment corey committee, which i think in general, i don't think they're going to do that. i think they should be looking into the f
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b. i wanted the f, b, i orchestra, this one of the f, b i, orchestra charges against cow, written house is clearly innocent. why did this oppressive video that proved as innocent and the only the only came out in the trial? that that's, that's the questions we need answered. i get to the question i have is that after i mean, so many things have been mentioned here. i mean, i've never heard humans a deep on the f b i because i think they, i mean, given their recent track record with wretched gate and all these other things here . i'm a little surprised, hadn't been mentioned. got more serious. no, here. robert, i want to stay with the 500 or so they're still in prison here. i mean, are they being made examples too, you know, to, to the public in general that, you know, don't know, don't, don't even think about protesting, because you could find yourself in to the, the grips of the, of the, of the legal system because it's quite terrifying. with these people are going through. okay. i mean from what i understand virtually none of them have a criminal record. go ahead robert. any, you know, these people, as you said, they're there for their uneducated i'm many of them are rural. and i think the
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reason they're still accustomed, because many of them are refusing to own up to what they have done. their tech on the american people be a tech on the american congress, the in tech on the american people and civilization as it is there to point to tom. there we go. you know, you to vote. republican for years were republicans would hold a copy of the constitution in their pockets where they will be even our democratic institutions in this country where they put america before party, what the values of the country and what you to stand, wash before petty political games, right? now they will make every excuse for individuals who are willing to try to hang the vice president united states of america. i think i believe that the american people could stand up and have a voice for themselves. it will rather have a victorian mandate that said that the people that whoever yelled aloud is what kids go to was door for breaking off feeds into the capital that that is,
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will be charged to this country. are nearly identical to the quote about and say, we broke up a clue and $1799.00 when a whole year the that thing thing to be the people in the directory which led to quantity are going to hold on a role. so the idea that these are simply protesters, individuals who were mad about a watch. ok gentlemen or a 3 minute gentlemen gentlemen, we have 3 minutes and i want to give each one of you 81 minute per se. going to brian will ashley? bam. it ever get justice in her family? ashley babbitt. go ahead. well now now that they know who the capitol police officer is murder, the current of government, current control of congress to current person occupying the white house is never going to do anything. but eventually that power is getting that ship is gonna change. it's going to happen and i think that officer will be brought to justice and he needs to be a charge per capita merch pardon the punch, but no. going back to a couple things. there was no feces found anywhere in the speaker's office or
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anywhere in the capitol. the only place they found species was in jo biden's pants at the vatican a couple weeks ago. i know you're taking that was all, hey, i heard i was ok. i want to go back, i want everyone to talk about ashley babbitt before we enter the program. go ahead, molly, can washington, will she get justice or? no, and i know i'm actually one of those. i've really don't. you know, it's sad what eventually happened to ashley bad enough court. and unlike the back life matter, protest window, people were actually assaulting police officers, no police officer, actually a faulty or killed any member of black lights matters. but those who attended the ride, but i don't think that ashley babbitt go get any justice. i actually think that the shooting itself was justified when you tried to break into an area where members of congress were i really don't. it's a very sad thing at the very sad thing for her family, but at the end of the day, ashley babbitt could herself in that position and i don't know, even if it work at the white house, ashley babbitt would equally probably still not be alive today. so i don't think
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that she'll get any justice. i think the shooting get felt from what i've seen, definitely st justified. and i don't expect arctic for family to get any type of, you know, recourse or anything from the federal government because they decided that this was a justified shooting in the same way that they should. i decided that many other shootings that happen around the corner to i'm glad people, white people, asian people, you know, it, spanish, people that those shootings were actually justified considering this circumstance status. so no, i don't expect her to get any justice out this at all. okay. robert, not in same question to you. i mean, because for a lot of people, you know, a very small woman. you know, she wasn't armed, she was, she wasn't confronted, i'm, there were other people around her. i mean, it just seems got so completely unjustified. ok though, if you look at liberal media, she was a threat to the republic. that's. that's pretty hard to swallow. i get the last word to you or robert. go ahead. i find it amazing for republicans. it's always
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back the blue unless it's you, that woman was great, broke into the capital. they kicked in a window to give to the car through a window and had members of congress. what was you want to do on the other side of the road? please? officer was going to stand up and put his wife on the line to defend or democracy has been our country. both are bet, right. i can make this portion of the billing as opposed to people who are into the capital. a government. why our democracy is beginning from free at the edges. we have a gentleman, i law have the job in here. we have run out of time. i want to thank my guest in watching in atlanta and in new orleans. and what i think my viewers for watching is here to see you next time. and remember, cross talk roles. ah, ah, we're gonna dig into global macro economics and pay and once again
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visit the treacherous path of our central planners to control the money printing. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think a lot of things changing because of the thing, but only eventually there's malware that thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the minute is cyber implants right now. i'd be ready to really
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worried about it. most people would equally b, u, calling for a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive side ah, good and bad trainer, shaped back from her side of those with dares sinks. we dare to ask ah,
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