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ah, i cannot keep track of all the swimmers that have called me over the years. there's too many. john has all kinds of documents in his files such as this confession from 1986 signed by a coach. i read curl, do declare of my own free will and volition that i have had sexual intercourse with minor kelly m davies. rick caroll was one of the top american coaches. his victim was 15. despite the lawsuit. 8 years later, he was appointed coach of the year, and he worked for another 26 years before finally being sentenced to 7 years in prison. little's files also include a dispatch from associated press reporting, the exclusion of mc ivy. a former olympic champion turned coach from his club for having intimate relations with several under age athletes. one of them later became his wife. usa swimming only excluded him and 2013 sean hutchinson.
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george gave me jack nelson. charles roberts, the roll call goes on usa swimming, covered up dozens of cases. you know, if you're just some average coach here in indianapolis and you got arrested from last in kids, they would kick you out of swimming very simply. if you are a good coach, however, somebody like sean hutchinson, they handled or every luciano or rick carl, or mic, try be fill in the blank. if you are a successful coach that produced metals and money for them, they handled your claim differently. they sent your claim to a board of review, maybe or are they just whitewashed? the whole thing as long as the metals and money keep coming, they don't care. metals are crucial to the federations financial success. and to when metals you need good coaches. so to ensure usa swimming prosperity, chuck guest decided to protect his best coaches even when there was damning
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evidence against them. as the lawyer, bob ballard found out when he defended other abuse survivors. chuck wallace briley was ah, the mastermind of his time as far as being able to deceive, being able to lie and cover up for a pedophile coaches he mastered the cobra. ah, many documents tree of chuck wall. this is personal responsibility such as the story of the west coast swimming coach, andrew king, who is notorious for engaging his swimmers and sex games and inviting them to his home. in 2003, the head of a club notify chuck well guessed that a young female swimmer had complained here as wal gus's reply, no formal complaint is being filed. so there is no formal action for you or us to take. he adds. this matter should be kept confidential by both you and us.
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despite the cover up by the federation, this particular coach was tried and sentenced to 40 years imprisonment. it emerged that he had abused 15 swimmers. one of them had to have an abortion at the age of 14 diesel, her old leather approval, your co pays on to mid thigh is sir in marriage, not going up his own feel. god forbid you seal up real. as you can get dahlia yet isn't. was a finance you these on his sincere dislike to mumford are poor left for the i soon as the federations executive director, chuck well guess reap the greatest rewards from usa swimming success a he had a oh, almost a $1000000.00 a year job living in colorado springs having everything taken care of for you 1st class tickets to olympic sites and board of director meetings in places like can coon and costa rica. he had a pretty good ah,
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at the time the public had no idea of the sexual abuse and swimming. but chuck wall gus feared an outbreak of scandal as shown by a recording we obtained here he is addressing coaches at their annual convention in 2009. so this is, this is the hardest ideas for me to speak to. because you're the people who make the sport work crew. i respect the most. i read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach kissimmee, florida, arrested allegedly had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office. i get informed about it. one of my greatest fears is someone is going to start linking all this together. and it's going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics and
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swimming. a very next year. his fears came true. yo girls with big dreams working long and hard for a shot at olympic glory. tonight, a scandal unfold. dozens of highly regarded swim coach is across the country guilty of sexual misconduct with vulnerable young girls the u. s. media seized on chuck while gus is reaction to the swimmers. harrowing testimonies ah, you feel i need to apologize to them. just look as claimed he had done his utmost to prevent abuse and denied all blame me. he did not resign and kept his job until his death in 2017. in 2018, a california newspaper estimated that a total of $590.00 swimmers had suffered sexual abuse. usa swimming refused to answer our questions, but
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a former vice president agreed to meet us. i went to the 2008 beijing olympic games that i opened my mouth about the, the sexual abuse problem and in 2010. i was a persona non grata and thanks for my previous service. ah, mike salt, steve told us that at the time usa swimming did not just protect abusers from the 1980s onwards. even before a chuck wall guess got there. the federation had a strategy for dealing with cases of this kind and limiting their financial impact . her in theory victims family should go to the police and bring a lawsuit against the coach, a club, and the federation her. but in the usa, lawyers fees can run into tens of thousands of dollars. and in this type of case, the outcome is uncertain because the abuse is often difficult to prove her. so most
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cases are settled out of court. lawyers acting for the 2 parties come to an agreement on the amount of compensation to be paid to the victim. it is not the federation that pays, but its insurance company ah, in 1088 usa swimming set up its own insurance company, u. s. s. i c domiciled on the caribbean island of barbados, ah, but the number of cases soon became problematic. u. s. s i c. noted the rise and claims of sexual abuse and molest. in fact, it quickly became the 3rd most expensive part of usa swimming insurance programs. and if the chain apparent that we needed to decrease the exposure of music to the sexual abuse of molest claims, ah, so the insurance firms set a cap of
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a $100000.00 on compensation and to receive the money. the families had to sign a confidentiality agreement and promised not to bring any lawsuits in the future. what they did is they created a small policy of a $100000.00, hoping that everybody would just take the $100000.00 every. every cater complaint about be molested and would just walk away. and that by and large, worked through 20072008. they were able to buy off all their claims for 100 grand. they could obtain much more if they went to to all millions. i mean that the stuff that happened to these, these children is, is worth. i don't know how you put a price. i got it, but certainly not a $100000.00. or when did you think about this system? it's the right system from an insurance company. it's the right way for an insurance company to protect it. so it's the wrong way for the parent organization
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to act. ah. lastly, the federation set up a sort of internal court of justice made up of lawyers and high ranking usa swimming officials are in the united states. we have mandatory reporter laws, which means if you as an adult, involved with children, have a reasonable suspicion of it. of an issue, you must report it to the local police. what somebody was doing was resetting those complaints, accepting that parents, phone call and not reporting to the police. not asking the parents to report to the police. it telling them that it was usa, somebody's responsibility, its obligation, and usa swimming would handle it completely. unbeknownst to the parent, what they do is they put receptive arbitrators on this panel. we're talking coaches
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who have been in relationships with their swimmers. we're talking attorneys who have defended usa swimming on sex abuse claims. we're talking about a woman who married her swim coach, who's now a lawyer. so they hand select the arbitrators who will be hearing these claims. i believe it was obstruction. it was, it was obstruction of justice in the sense i personally did, i think that was a fair system. it's a spiderweb. ah, this curious system function for over 20 years. throughout that time usa swimming deliberately obstructed genuine reforms. ah, the olympic medalist david burke off remembers that vividly in 1991 as a usa swimming board member each year to small working group tasked with recommending solutions. ah,
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i was the chair and i was 25 years old. i wasn't the adult, the room and here's this young person say we need to protect the athletes. and everybody in that room i think was very aware of rick curl and niche ivy and many others that i didn't even know about. ah, and did nothing for the group made several recommendations. recommendation to usa swimming that a 1800 number be created to serve as a referral and information service recommendation that coaches in teams obtain certified professional rubdown specialists or trainers. many coaches can be placed in potentially compromising situations. any usa swimming member convicted of sexual misconduct will instantly lose their usa swimming card. not one of the measures was implemented. when you have a culture that is tolerated,
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this for so long change is going to be slow and change is going to come from the outside and the olympic sports movement. like the catholic church, like the orthodox jewish community, is a closed community. and when you have closed communities at refuse to regulate themselves and refuse to what outside voice is in. this is, this is the result. ah, oh, when alex so the wrong. when all truth just don't hold any new world yet to see power. disdain becomes the advocate, an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. we
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can now look into people's minds, read their thoughts. the question then is, what kind of consequence we would take from this? i think you take the example fly, it would prevent us from lying. we wouldn't be able to lie anymore if everything becomes transparent, but what we're thinking, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off every device b as a potential entry point for security attack any machine, depending on it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers. both corner, the william was one comes option in the offering. it's not a matter of if it happens, it's a matter of went ah
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to limit the number of court cases usa swimming went even further. as jan c thompson found out to her cost, it all started when she decided to file a complaint. chancey was bullied and sexually abused by her coach between the ages of 13 and 20. it took her years to realize what had been done to her and decide to seek justice when she began to be molested, she was the age her children are now. it's simple and pardon. i'm for me to allow them to have a childhood because at my son's age i didn't have one. it was already starting to be stripped away from me. and at that point, recalling what had happened and piecing together. her memories took her
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a long time readers a little boy by the time she had done so. it was too late. she was over the age limit for filing a sexual abuse. complaint in california. fall ballard was her lawyer here in california. you have until the age of 26 to initiate civil suit. and she was, i believe she was 28 years old. she was just a couple years after that point in time. so chancey tried to get the law changed. it started with a meeting right down the street chancey, and i went down to the politicians office, not knowing him, him not knowing us. he was compassionate. we had a connection with him and he supported a bill that changed the statute, limitations age from 26 to 40, and it was called s b 131 on may 7th, 2013 states senator jim beale,
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jesse thompson and other abuse survivors, including former gymnast testified in front of the california state senate jaffe thompson. i currently have an ongoing litigation against usa swimming my coach dead last me for many, many years and i am in support of sb 131 as well. thank you. other witnesses in support? so they came to the hearing supporting the bill, extending the statute, limitations the hall clubs here. okay, from all over the place to come to this meeting. because they don't have justice. they just want justice. they're all sound for a rule. holding their hands together like they do an olympics, they all will bounced to one another. supporting the woman that was up justified. i was 8 or 9 years old. the 1st time i felt dred, she had a really hard time getting up dirge speaking. very difficult to tell her story mixture. very emotional. yeah. does. but the bill was blocked.
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5 months later, jerry brown, the governor of california, vetoed it. it was then that the victims learned that there had been frantic lobbying behind the scenes. opponents of the bill included the catholic church and representatives of usa swimming called jean urban. i represent usa swimming. we represent over 300000 swimmers and 10000 swim clubs. we are opposed to the bill. thank you. swimming in the catholic church and watts of organization to have troubled histories with sexual abuse, got together and said, we cannot have the statute limitations opened up. it would be very, very closely to us. we're talking a law that if passed would have resulted in billions of dollars of damages paid by entities like usa swimming and the catholic church. a man who spoke on behalf of
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usa swimming works for the lobbying firm, nielsen and merck, samar, the federation, paid the firm, $90000.00 to get the bill blocked in. i was amazed to see you as a swimmer, put its coaches in the same place as the church, quoting clergy who had abused children. those 2 things being brought together were horrified. at least me speechless sometimes because i don't understand how you can silence and sweep sex abuse under the rug for so many decades and have this culture allowed and okay. i and it's all about money, money, and metals are at the beginning of 2020 usa swimming was the subject of to f. b, i investigations, a tax investigation and an investigation by congress. along with it's chairman,
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tim henchey, the chairs of the gymnastics, volleyball, weightlifting skating. ty, quando, and bob's flood federations are being called to account some risk prison sentences, their organizations could be disbanded. if the governing bodies of sports take no action to protect their athletes, can governments themselves step in ah, the olympic movement was founded in $1894.00, it is the top of the sporting pyramid above the international and national federations. before yearly summer olympic games are the most important event in international sport. some 11000 athletes from 206 countries take part in them. and they are watched by nearly 4000000000 television viewers.
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awe from its head office and low, san in switzerland. the international olympic committee alternately organized as the summer and winter olympic gains and administers receipts which are considerable . the revenues for the 20162018 games alone came to $5700000000.00. the i o c also has a duty to defend the olympic values and ensure that they are upheld by all the sporting federations that take part in the games. as a lawyer who specializes in international sports law. john christoph le google. it is well versed in the olympic values. respect for the athletes, features and the olympic charter. bobby, suppose you fall on to laura and be smart. oh, whose are they? not double in window. childris your little boot door abyss. elizabeth was poor service. you're the rural promote. i'm one you the remaining 2 overdue pull. war
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means we'll shoot the buses, shriek shows lucas. l. v. lead, didn't you men bhaskar. sickly was dog. will she really good luthey? luthey called to his music. surely no cost, but as for she knew was already doman. mm. what concrete steps as the i o. c taken . during the olympics, a sexual abuse counselor is available for athletes to speak to you. apart from that, the i osi makes awareness raising videos. everyone involved in sports must say no to sexual harassment and abuse in one voice and issue declarations condemning sexual abuse. it's most substantial publication dates from november 2017. it is a 60 page manual designed to help sporting federations and national olympic committees introduce procedures to protect athletes containing detailed advice about how to help victims and educate athletes and those in charge of them about sexual abuse. how do you see if it has
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been correctly implemented? when we talked to them, we talked all the international federations very am. very often we conduct surveys because they're not doing this alone. we're helping them. there are people go on the field and version from us from show me what you do and what on and how no, i mean it's more friendly than that. we're working together with them. we're in contact with daily, with federations and national olympic committees. is there a sanction that can be applied to them if they don't implement those measures? our concept of that is we get much better results if we work with these people and encourage them. and that they understand the problem in their context. so we haven't needed to get to that kind of level of deciding whether to sanction so far . they've been very collaborative and we're getting ahead with convincing and
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helping the sports organizations to have these safeguarding rules in place. so i don't, sir, when you see on do it when they do what they are doing it, you're talking about something that's not happening. like for instance, residential masters. thank you very much soon. okay, thank you. he refers room with, oh wow. all the i o c does is make recommendations, isn't there some way it could impose changes, rush, you duffy or well do away level. she me, david, you don't, they'd be easy room. oh, the bar a peggy legal senior on that bus. you read a scary did monday don't shampoo mood aussie of what bruce new boys feel of. who's outlet olympia, cisco favor. see you or what your little pasha look, your brother is all go she accrued all bushels of gentlemen do above while you dollars for it could by year or so does it deal as compared to what more do 20
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defeating this believe it is. believe they of are much eligible to assure that ritual or for the moment the i o. c relies on sporting federations willingness to do what is needed as do governments in many countries, if change doesn't come from governments or sporting institutions, where might it come from? mm. ah ah, it's a measure that has to be implemented in every club, like the ban on unnecessary physical contact and vetting the criminal records of people who will be in charge of children in a professional or voluntary capacity and rules that adults and children should be kept separate during travel and in showers. for the last 3 years,
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paul stewart has devoted himself entirely to combating the problem of sexual abuse and sport. that is what he is doing here in the suburbs of manchester. ah, is club as good as least a tech? osh sy, vega owned in kenosha m spots, opting me. and as i noticed a vague upa leash lead in film tile al cassette sir, which quick to fall goblins. okay. in auto finance, human smokeless kaiden. tolkien. dan lovek ist, and that's both fun. 2 and beacon to crowley, fitz he and susan's indian train on to sherwin fuzz. it's nate and for i'm to sherwin human mentioned dobbins, who schwinn gussie. more tish names are going to have ah, silver do. however, i will respond may fulfill assault castillo avenue than by you,
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i lad distribute as shonda to dante dirt, duchess, mind and miss deborah. no. so i have said no to those usa network, individual policies and procedures are very, very important. but if we're really serious about keeping all children safe from sexual violence than we need some serious changes in the way that we think about the way we do school with . ready ready a
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ah ah if we can now look into people's minds read the question, then is what kind of consequence we would take from this?
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i think you take the example of like, it would prevent us from like we wouldn't be able to lie anymore. if everything becomes transparent, but what we're thinking. mm. they're starting to say things like, we're gonna do exactly what we've done here at the u. s. government by blowing trillions of dollars on white elephants, on billing da goals. and somehow that's going to karen, wendy, of course, is just going to exacerbate in place and there this is a recipe for, for more inflation. so it's financial a literacy mixed with state sponsored propaganda over there at the major american networks with
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we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think okay, but i don't want to mention that play with anything but only eventually there's malware that thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the think biology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the many cyber implants right now i'd be where is it really worried about it? most people, when equally b, you can't put a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive site with
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who you want to be when you grow old hunger and suffering. the border between belarus and poland with thousands of migrants including children, remain stranded while trying to enter the u. a group of nobel prize winners is demanding human rights organizations are allowed immediate access to the area in display of arrogance and impunity. the russian foreign minister, black, the use approach to the unfolding migrant crisis. and in other news, a world renowned lawyer says a recent guantanamo trial described as a stain on the war fiber of america could hopefully set a precedent for other victims of abuse at the hands of u. s. agent. this is the 1st time.


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