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in see were topics the events on capitol hill on january 6? is one of them. what happened that day is a 3rd rail. was it a riot or an insurrection? even asking, this is inflammatory? it shouldn't be if we can now look into people's minds, read the false. the question then is a what kind of consequence we, we could take from this. i think he take the example of lying. it would prevent us from life. we wouldn't be able to lie anymore if everything becomes transparent, but what we're thinking, ah, today, shocking allegations of sexual abuse will reveal, involving a former top us figure skating coach bin suckle bend. that's it. also, do you listen? you don't, couldn't cleveland pool. the stop of, you know, external to school, me having to go into the, in recent years, there has been
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a wave of revelations about sex abuse in sport or from all over the world. people are speaking out, 265 athletes have brought allegations of sexual abuse against larry nasser, the u. s. olympic gymnastics, team doctor. i know now where you really are. a child molester and a master manipulator. more sexual abuse, accusations were raised by a group of shop. 4 3, an average former coach of brazil's domestics teams has been accused of sexually assaulted. dozens of young athletes, sexual abuse is rife in all areas of sport, individual in teams, sports, amateur and professional sports. athletes are often abused by the very people who help them when metals, she was a hero. humorous, admired by everybody,
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or so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl. she's coming will vote is ha, ha, ha, calling missouri such company irrespective of gender one, the sports person in 7 was sexually abused. when they were under 18, then the price paid to, to, to retrieve really was, was far too much. who knew? what makes the mill you of sport so favorable to sexual abuse? is linda fish and nationwide. all paid off, he li, they'd would see an ice disk del fine, a fine forklift guide in this table to sports indian for iceland for one stroke. to get them yuki from tional rice group, as long as the metals and money keep coming, they don't care. mm. we explored the issue of sexual abuse in several countries and several sports trying to get to the root of the problem and fathom
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why from governments to the io see, no one seems to be able to stop the terrible damage being inflicted on young people . ah ah ah, our investigation begins in the seaside town of blackpool in the north of england. this is the home of a former star of british. i will stewart was a premier league footballer and plead for england. he had a successful career.
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oh, waited a very long time before speaking up about what his coach did to him. one morning and late 2016. paul read an article in the guardian newspaper in which an ex, uh foller. andy woodward described how he was abused by his coach as a boy. i think it is a little bit further in the store. if i, if i upset him in any way, drop me from the t at any point you tell me, you will go and you will disappear and the dream won't happen. i was frightened to death because he had complete power over me. by that stage, it was like a double whammy, and he would try to abuse me sometimes even when my sister was in the same house, it was just like reading my own story, but with somebody else somebody else's name and. and that
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really resonated with me if you will think really, really hit her a strong note. and i felt compelled to to speak hope. ah paul was raped by his coach between the ages of 10 and 14. he took us to see the manchester suburb where he lived as a child, the place where the abuse started back. then as soon as the school day ended, paul would spend all his time on the football pitch across the motorway, a few 100 yards from his home. that was where frank roper is. abuser 1st spotted him at the time roper was working as a talent scout. recruiting young hopefuls for a local club. what you used to do is you used to play football games after school
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again. so the skills and then people like him would come in around and look for players. and he, he approached my dad because he was asking who the father was gonna return. robert took paul on to his team. the assaults began a week later. paul was 10. the 1st time that he's sexually abused me, he whispered in my head, but if i tell anyone he would kill my mom and dad and my brothers. and he also said that this is what you have to do if you want to be a footballer. depending on his mood, oh, he would sometimes beat me up. her been the fingers barked because he'd say, my parents didn't love me. i used to take myself away, dreaming that i was playing it. oh profit. where i wanted to like to play or
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wembley wearing wouldn't play. and it was my way of almost this associates are you . so from what was actually happening between withdrawn is school. marx went from bad to worse. he started refusing to go to school and spent a lot of time in his bedroom. ah, listen, lunch. happy child. he had been was gone. replaced by a silent teenager who clung doggedly to his dream of becoming a footballer. hall was sexually assaulted almost daily for 4 years. how or less to free himself from the hold his coach had over him. this syndrome is familiar to sociologists. the child is in an extremely weak position
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and the club is all powerful. the coach is all powerful. are they they will do as they're told otherwise, although be out and, and if you're a sports coach with, with some level of power and influence, then of course you have something to, to manipulate children with because they, they want your endorsement, they want your approval, they want your skills to train them if you can offer them at glory that they can dream about and if you can offer them success, that is something that that would they would aspire to. then of course, you have an enormous power over them because there's too much at stake to, to say no to your coach. so this produces a very conformist, very conservative attitude amongst the machine boys where they will do as they're told, and they will sacrifice whatever they need to sacrifice to make it into the team. had to stay in the team are all kept quiet so as to
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stay on the team. but as he got older he got stronger. late one afternoon when he was 14 rubber was giving him a lyft home from football practice in his car. as usual, instead of taking him straight home, he parked in a secluded spot not far away. this was the place when when i just before i was 15 that i decided that enough was enough. he made in advance to reach over to me and leaned over to me. i pushed him off. i opened the door and just run and run from her home. and he never came back to the house again after that i'd, i'd simply enjoyed, you know, you know, 4 years was a long,
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long time to, to, to so for on a daily basis what i was, so for it, all, stewart is far from being an isolated case in a high level british sport, the united kingdom has witnessed the biggest sexual abuse scandal and sporting history. the one involving the most victims and abusers. it is still ongoing. in late 2016, over a period of several weeks chilling revelations of hundreds of cases of sexual abuse of young footballers were headline news. the scandal was unleashed by a newspaper article. the one that prompted paul stuart to speak out. david con, as a guardian reporter, he was one of the team of journalists who broke the story in the article,
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published on the 16th of november 2016. and he would word a 43 year old ex footballer who had played professionally at regional level revealed that he had been raped by his coach between the ages of $11.17. it was obviously a very powerful interview with on the woodward. but i don't think that anybody realized than that it would release the floodgates of so many other people coming forward me. 4 days later, steve walters, another ex footballer told how his coach had abused him. the following day, david white, a former manchester city player, described how he too had been abused by his coach. more and more victims came forward. in a single week, 6 footballers accused their former coaches in the fortnight after the initial article. 350 footballers spoke out ah,
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the nation was devastated by their stories. the police squad that dealt with pat ophelia cases was tasked with coordinating all the information. it took the investigators over a year and a half to produce an initial report with their lips, almost $3000.00 referrals that police had purely as a result of the initial sort of public story that i'm the woodward actually made around $300.00 suspects that were identified some were dead, some, there wasn't sufficient evidence to prosecute, but for money there was and some of those trials are still ongoing. now, i'm actually involved around about $350.00 football clubs. all levels of the game speedy bus. i
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300 suspects. 350 clubs, 3000 referrals. the country reeled at the figures, but they came as no surprise to those who had been studying the problem for years. i recall thinking when i 1st saw it as a game changer for some of those, i suppose it's it was almost what we'd been waiting for. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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with ah with they would same with every passing day were allowed to openly discuss fewer and fewer topics. events on capitol hill on january 6 is one of them. what happened that day is a 3rd rail. was it a riot or an insurrection? even asking, this is inflammatory? it shouldn't be for empowering ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for us here. the answer any machine can be here.
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it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers. both with them was one girl disruption in the office. it's not a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of went to my car. chill is a sports sociologist, sexual abuse. this is specialist field. he is one of a dozen or so academics around the world. they've been trying to draw attention to the issue for years until the football scandal. no one wanted to know myself in these andras she liked. i do stuck on the figure. use all sit dick good video related stacy except as it is. and while the decision you can commit down per real close, she also showed us to ship war wavy tickets that they bought several 1000 to athletes in belgium and the netherlands took part in
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a study published in 2015. 1 study about 4000 x athletes. and they looked all forms of, of abuse on the, the headline find in a was that just over 14 percent of their sample had experienced some form of sexual violence. 14 percent is about one in 7. the evidence suggests that when in 7 athletes under 18 be the male or female experiences sexual abuse, the study use the term sexual abuse and the broad sense of the convention on the rights of the child to mean anything from indecent images to rate. it is massive. i was deeply troubling. but also within that study, they found that athletes who were non heterosexual identified, their prefers rate was also higher. they found that to athletes from
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a minority ethnic background, their prevalence rate was also higher. and they found that athletes at the international level who performed the international level, the prevalence rate for those athletes was, i think, just a 30 percent. so considerably higher than the that the general sample. so simple, an important study in the 1st real robust study we've had in this, in this area that's boring. with the break, del stewart reached the international level in his sport, the level at which almost one athlete in 3 has experienced sexual abuse in $1086.00 . 8 years after he found the strength to rebuff his coach. he fulfilled his dream. age 22. he signed the 200000 pound contract to play for manchester city, one of the top british clubs in the 198788 season alone. he scored 28 goals. the london club. tottenham hotspur, 8
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a fortune for him and in 1090. 1, he scored a goal that one has seen the faker. oh, had seen fortune and professional recognition. he moved to london with his wife and he had met 3 years earlier. their 1st child was born around then. mm hm. and magazine photographs, paul looks the happiest of men as if he had forgotten the 4 years of sexual abuse. but victory's adulation and well, we're not enough to heal the wounds. well, i'll stop it dinner. i told her in london, i was partying with teammates. and somebody offered me a tablet, i didn't really know what it was at the time, but it was x to say, no. you, once i took the tablet, all of a sudden the euphoria was just fresh. like nothing i'd ever felt
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before. much i just made you so happy then i got hope tom both actually to say ok. ok. i was just in such a self the stroke mode at that time and the more drink guide, the more drugs had, the more i needed to sometimes just normal pain after a year and rehab paul ended his career in football, he set up a small medical communications business and went back to live in blackpool with his wife and their 3 children, frank roper, his abuser, was never brought to trial. he died of cancer in 2005. he. the police received allegations of abuse by roper from 31 victims. all kept his
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secret for 42 years. why do most victims keep quiet about their abuse? ah ah, in the suburbs of madrid, a former champion gymnast, describe so sexual abuse, victims locked themselves into silence. glory of the sarah's was an olympic gymnast. it was 36 years before she spoke about her experience. i live and i have a hard it's so neat feelings on this mail. they did last, you know, the mathnasium. with my experience in the gym,
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i was not allowed to go. i just had to leave you been down to the floor when our and given us glorious story starts with the little girl who loved sport. got a big grocery my, me but you know, i, i remember those were the happy days in the gym. i, you know, i was really, really excited about didn't i only thought about being in the gym and work. you know, when i moved out of the 1st you the local club, i went to the national training center and must have been 11, probably 10 or 11. i think i was just starting to train with,
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with the coach. the coach was his used car bio, the star of spanish gymnastics. you know, he was very charming. he had been a very good gymnast. we felt very special that he paid attention to us. you know, then now, this strange thing started to happen. this was very subtle. very, very slow. he isolated us from the rest of our world. he would not allow us to speak with with the boys in the gym, but also with our brothers and sisters. and all of a sudden our parents are bad ones. he controlled what we ate. he controlled our sleeping. he controlled everything, you know. so then he started getting us the massage. ah,
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he and i used to be the 1st one getting to the gym in the afternoon. he would make me work, wait for him. and then in the warm up room that was in the basement, that ranked my him, it felt like my body was there, but i was not, i was, i was dancing with carmen, or de bolero, the rebel. and that's what i, what i did, i had to keep my mind b. c with other stuff. i used to repeat in my mind, my routine over and over and over and over and over again. just not to think for
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. busy busy monday i couldn't stop the tears and i came out crying. and so my father went after him to the lock room. ah, and i could hear them screaming from outside. and my father came out and he told me, you're not ever coming back here again. he never asked me. i never told you my, i thought this is going with me to my grave. my secret some survivors of abuse will talk about how they didn't want to speak about what was happening because it wasn't just their dream. it was their parents treat and so for many survivors it isn't. it's often not until the parents have of actually died that they're able to feel able to speak about the experiences they have. gloria is one such survivor. she waited until her father died to speak out.
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in 2012 aged 48, she reported the abuse to the police. in the in suing investigation, 14 people testified against his use. car bio, several girls he coached alongside, gloria reported inappropriate touching some like i read, martinez agreed to testify publicly. others such as on the dana san jose who married carbajal, testified in his favor. the abuse had happened too long ago for car bio to be tried . eventually an agreement was reached with the spanish gymnastics federation, under which he ceased to be a national coach. at the time, a chairman of the federation was none other than car bios own son. also a former champion, gymnast car by o is denied the abuse and still has a sizable fan following. he just told me that he loved me.
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so of course you had, you had this love hate relationship. he was your coach who care of you and the distance is just so confusing. you don't at that age, you don't know what's going on. i felt responsible for what was happening to me. i t. i felt ashamed. i thought i provoked it because i was pretty so i was not gonna tell my father that i was provoking that, or anybody, you know, if somebody had asked me, i would have denied it at that time. on vin, i'm kinda i was for she's in franklin nick gosh, half tucked and asked him if my to position once a here if it's a when done and stikes hutsel zagging. thirty's is fine photos. good food of fear, wendy's locker does. it does unfair to sneak 15 viet von,
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they can no longer cushman half went on socially and i got there to stop that so surprising. we don't teach children from a young age what they're right saw. if we did those kinds of things, we might start to erode the vulnerability that they are, that these children have many factors make these crimes easy to commit. and hard to report in sporting context. the power the coach has over the athletes. the fact that they're used to pain on a culture of obedience, parental pressure, shame, and dreams of glory. you might think sporting federations would do their utmost to protect their athletes and punish the perpetrators. had very often they do just the opposite. some generations deliberately conceal abuse and protect abusers. the u. s. swimming
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federation is one of the worst examples usa swimming federation is a powerful organization of the 104 metals, one by the usa and the 2016 olympics. 33 were won by swimmers. this is the federation that produced michael phelps, the athlete who currently holds the most olympic titles with 28 metals. to his credit. it has almost 4 100000 members and an annual budget of over $40000000.00. one man is responsible for the success. chuck? well guess who was executive director of usa swimming for 20 years. chuck wall has succeeded in turning a non profit sporting association into a highly profitable federation. and during the 20 years when he was executive director, he covered up numerous cases of sexual abuse. were
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technologies. there has been on the defensive side ah, who you want to be when you grow old hunger and suffering at the border between belarus and poland where thousands of migrants including children, remained stranded while trying to enter the you. group of nobel prize winners in command in human rights organizations are allowed immediate access to the area that was play of arrogance and impunity. rushes born minister last that news approach to the unfolding migrant crisis plan. in other news, a world renowned lawyer says a recent guantanamo trial described as a stain on the moral fiber of america, could hopefully set a precedent for other victims of abuse at the hands of us agents. this is the 1st
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