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tv   News  RT  November 11, 2021 8:00am-8:30am EST

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ah, ah, medically then show supplies, thousands of migrants come to the border between feller was poland for 3rd night. our correspondence sat that chilly scene there at time. differently. this girl a with a branch. now she's leading in, she needs help. problem is that there are no medics around. there are no doctors around it. it's really nobody knows what how to deal with this. co vague cash ro, mcdonough, locked in a bit of battle with the u. s. government over lucrative rights to its vaccine. the proven that discredited from russia danasia underway. we'll look at how the mainstream media and the democrats are refusing to face the facts. and ah,
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hello, it's a woman at pos for leon through moscow time. welcome to the program. this is alex international. life will do stage q kevin o in the service for the next half hour. so 1st a big store again, we're following. united nations high commissioner now today for refugees has criticized the eaves handling of the migrant crisis of the poland. better with border and says the barbed wire push backs and violence or unjustifiable methods of dealing with the situation. it comes as thousands of asylum seekers comp for 3rd night di, conditions along the frontier in the hope of getting entry to the e u. the. so now access to the border area for humanitarian assistance from the e u side, despite coals for yesterday. however, several tons of aid including food water, a warm clothes have been provided by the permission branch of the red cross. local officials and civil activists have also been shipping to help her to beslee can with more and how people are coping in that camp. a reminder, it is chilly there at night, getting well below freezing his artes konstantin rose. cough. one of the 1st thing
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that he noticed when he entered the camp is just the smoke thick smoke from the camp fires. and when you spend just a couple of hours in this thick smoke, you feel dizzy and your eye sore. but these people have to take it in 247 non stop to stay warm. these migrants need lots of firewood, but even cut the tree to live is a problem. if you don't have the skills or proper tools, having something as simple as an ax almost becomes the matter of survival here. where did you get the x? this? the soldiers gave you just gave you just give you for help, go for help. and it's all hands on deck approach. even children are being sent out into the forest to collect dry sticks and branches for bonfires. wow,
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good job. but wandering around in the woods can be dangerous. these girls just come back from the forest with blood all over her face. evidently this girl. sadly, with the french. now she's bleeding and she needs help. but the problem is that there are no medics around. there are no doctors around and i really, nobody knows what, how to deal with this proper medical help is in high demand as people suffer from the cold and lack of food. in the morning we came across a boy who was barely responding and a worried mother had thought her son was not going to make it. later the day was stopped by again to check on the family. the boy had improved but still feeling sick. according to his friend who speaks english, yet everybody is determined to stay. but you guys, you have no food, it's really cold and you think it's ok. it is worth it to hear instead of data, home at sources. why sources have you ever been to iraq?
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no, no, that's why you do not about them. but it's hard to stay resilient when you're a stomach cmc lacking proper food, this man takes vitamin. see? he says it helps him to keep some energy and make up for his poor. died of can food . so we have 3 cans of 2 or 3 men and that's one can, is day one can for 3 men. so we eat one count for 3 men and a little a little bit bread with the free food handed out by battle, russian volunteers and the red cross is live saving. but despite all the problems these migrants act is if they're here to state, some of them have dot hits shudder out of the wind at night. others dismantled parts of the metal fence right in front of the polish armed forces,
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wire and iron pillars from the border wall are now used to make bigger and more solid shelters. so what started as a camp now might very well develop into a small village. and the population of that village is growing by the day as new migrants arrived. now, there are $3000.00 of them at the border with poland. where did you come from? me to send them to the school camp from comes we just thought i'd like to connect to support to our friends. they're not going to think they'll stay with us. all of us. stay together till till what will i would do for you just waiting for a hearing stories from their friends and relatives who made it to europe. these people believe that countries like germany and france, would love to welcome them and give them money and support. and with this in mind,
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there are ready to stay and struggle at the polish border. meantime, brussels isn't, i'm new sanctions against better roast over the migrant crisis. the ripping commission president, making that statement up to meeting joe biden and claiming the situation have been orchestrated by better roasted an attempt to destabilize the block. this is not a migration crisis. this is the attempt of an authoritarian regime to try to destabilize its democratic neighbors. so, so what we are dealing with, which we have to state clearly is a manifestation of state terrorism. alexander luke jenkins, goal is to destabilize the whole of europe. therefore, i am glad that to day a little differently than in the case of previous migration crises. the whole of the european union speaks with one voice while a bell russian foreign ministry. meantime, said wednesday that the e u is utilizing the border crisis to punish her rebellious country. there's got a different point of view adding that the west is abusing the human rights of
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people at the frontier to ploy 15000 troops against women and children who are suffering freezing temperatures and a lack of basic supplies as put to what in dozer from the german left parties said the in his view, the root cause of this migrant crisis, one, the and back is the, was that nato's been involved in? we have to look at the reason why other people fleeing from the middle east coast. the nato countries are destroying serial d b. i wrecked and 10th of years, and now we have a refugee crisis. the 1st way will be to avoid war and to stop the law which done on the shoulders of these people. the no and the 2nd will be to find the solution. now, bring this people into safe homes that they can stay the rent that they can find in prospect. this politics has to stop this politic sanction and the politics. throwing the blame on others was situation which is called caused by
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nato state, by destroying this area. you can't afterwards, you're all the blame. you have to get into dialogue and change like you turn in a different direction. otherwise, the situation to come again and again. if billions of dollars in future profits at stake, the american company behind the maternal cobra, the vaccines locked in a bitter dispute with the u. s. government right now, the firm says it's the sole inventor of a crucial component to the pates and claim, and apparently left out several government scientists who contributed to this development to my during that is cheating us. taxpayers. modernity is being scientifically dishonest. modern is trying to cheat and age scientists, modern refuses to share it's roxanne recipe, and manufacturing no haul. even as it's making billions of dollars in profits. payton saw development monopolies and then a panoramic. it is
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a terrible idea to have a private corporation. have a monopoly on part of a life saving technology. the vaccine itself would not exist without the massive contribution of the federal government at every step of the way. benjamin franklin once said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest and the race to create cobit 19 vaccines is certainly required some pretty big investment from federal authorities in the us. tech medina, jap. the company received more than a little help from various government agencies. from bottom to the billions in funding was granted to madana to expedite the creation of splunk back the investment paid off. vaccine is one of many saving lives in the us and abroad. but what about that interest? mister franklin mentioned. the devil is in the details and tens of billions are at stake. madana is now at loggerheads with the u. s. government over the question of patenting. he's the thing, aside from access to government coffers,
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the company also had help from some of the best brains in the land, working closely with federal scientists to create the vaccine that even gives them a note of thanks in one of its full patient applications, acknowledging their role and designing some components, but that's where the thanks stops. the company had all along recognized substantial role that the n i h has played in developing, madame is covered 19 vaccine. but only madame assigned to design the vaccine. why exclude and federal scientists from most documents? they're also excluding them from a share of the profits. madana claims, as sole creator of the technology. it alone should read the rewards. and on surprisingly, federal authorities are happy and what their cut of the profits off truly work together for 4 years or other corona viruses. but also a year of discussions with my data. a resolution is no closer. the national
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institute for allergy and infectious diseases disagrees with modern as inventor ship determination, omitting in age and vendors from the principal patent application deprives and age of a co ownership interest in that application. and the patent that we'll eventually issue from it at the thought of the pan demik, it seemed all hands were on deck to save lives. no cost would be spared money. no object, as the world face is wave off the wave of infections. it seems money is the object, and this goes beyond us borders, activists and organizations of cool medina to share the full vaccine formula and front for a technology to manufacturers who would produce it cheaply for poor nations. but this seems little, the government can do at home or abroad. we actually absolutely want that to happen . but my understanding is also that the u. s. government does not have the ability to compel maturing to take certain actions. meanwhile, the treasury seems to be losing the battle for a share of the walls, having invested billions. madana is founders and investors are lawful all the way
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to the bank and so forth with richness. and there's more to come. the company's lined up supply deals worth up to 35000000000 by the end of next year. among all a call for global u t. across borders as what is between governments and corporations to finally beat upon. den su, heading into its 3rd year, is not only politics, but also profit that continues to cause the vision and stumbling blocks through a truly unified and fat response modernized, so reluctant to see any sort of control over the patent or the discovery because they want to be to make as much money as possible, generally, just want all the credit for themselves. but also because if they credit anybody else with the discovery as the delivery system for the vaccine or the vaccine in general, they then have to see the right to the national institute of health or the u. s. federal government. when it comes to the patent,
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when it comes to the delivery system for the vaccine, mac during pfizer, all pharmaceutical company is really in the united states. it's not about hearing people, not about having the least amount of side effects, the cetera, cetera. it's about having customers making lots of money. so i think at the end of the day it's a question of what system we had do we have a system that's what people and help 1st or do we have to system that puts money in profits 1st and i think most people would agree that we have netflix, profits of money 1st. so i want to take, you know, back to our top story. more reports coming in. bringing will comment as it happens throughout the day. we talk about the situation on the border there between poland and better o since been deteriorating? well, there's more news in on that today. the european council president is not suggested that the e u could, in theory, may be paid for new barriers in the area. it's something has not been considered before the previous claims. when that came up said the blog wouldn't provide funding for it, but peter,
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all of us got the latest twist and turns on that one. but what we seem to have is a bit of a split at the very top of 2 of the main e, you institutions. on the one hand, you got the phone line, the e u commission president saying that european union cash will not be used to build physical for the infrastructure. meaning you money won't be used to build walls offences. on the other hand, you've got, shall, michelle, the you council president, currently doing the rounds across the block, suggesting that there is legal means for money from the european union to be given to member states in order to allow them to build walls and fences at their frontiers about the physical infrastructure. you know, to protect the board, us, based on an opinion of the lead you sort of the tells you it's legally possible based on the current legal framework at the upper level to silence infrastructure. this is a decision that needs to be taken by the commission with any to the legal opinion
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of the children is very clear. and we will see what will be joked edge of the debate in more simpler terms. essentially, legally, we can do it, but whether we will on off that depends on a few more factors twice, pointing out though that's shot. michelle speaking in war. so we just heard and there he was also here in berlin earlier in the week in which he, he 1st publicly broached this idea that a funds could be used for the purposes of building border infrastructure. it certainly wasn't lost on some people listening, but seemed to have been lost on mr. michelle himself that he was actually speaking here about european union money being used to build new walls on the 32nd anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. lots of critics of these plans pointing out the show, michelle should really know better about where he was speaking it on what day he was speaking about, what he was speaking, both in the european parliament members, there have been scathing of the proposal instead of helping refugees we are busy in
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europe into a gated community. if i hear the president of the european council say, you're sure you're up to can pay for building a wall on the borders of europe. it becomes, as we say in dutch, i get a cold heart. i find it frightening. i feel in bullock, i'm in dentist. let us publicly state in this chamber that the european union will never finance waltz system. we have other instruments at our disposal in order to put an end to the drama at the polish belly russian broader sense. what you've got at the moments is poland, lithuania and landfill, doing the rounds of e u. member states in order to drum up support for them receiving cash to allow them to build borders on the e. use frontiers, particularly with bella roost. we've seen a meeting between the polish foreign minister and the austrian minister in which col, near hum at the austrian minister came out of it, furious with the e u commission that they're refusing to give countries like poland this money in order to allow them to build a border infrastructure saying,
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ursula fonda lion was repeating mistakes that had been made in the past when it came to influx, as of people trying to get in to the european union. russian analyst who's a key source for now discredited steel. darcy, on a ledge, trump, russia collusion is pleaded not guilty to lying to the f. b. i that report back from 2016 ledge that the then presidential candidate donald trump had close ties with russia. which theory went at the time navigation went that may have helped him win the election. the document funded by the clinton campaign, then played a central role in giving us investigative surveillance wars, and tal paid to mr. trump. so ego done, shank has been charged with 5 counts of lying about the information that he said to provide to christopher steele, the author of the da, sir, if found guilty, done, chunk of could face up to 25 years in jail. in a recent article, a couple days ago, one washington post contributor,
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wrote how dangerous it is to rely on unverified source, is that something russia has been saying ever since the delphi was 1st league, our senior correspondent, we're guilty of next and has more on how the media on the democrats, a trying to dodge blame the moment of promoting the document in the 1st place. for the democrats, the steel d'orsay came very close in power to the bible. you needed to have a lot of faith to believe in it. but if you believe that the, the claims the false hoods, the sexual perversions of the steel dossier, you believed blindly. that is until the f b. i came along and spoiled the party you defended, promote, and you even ran into the congressional record the steel dossier. do you have any reflections on your role and promoting this to the american people? is one thing to say allegations should be investigated and they were, it's another to say that we should have foreseen an advanced that some people were lying to christopher steel, which is impossible, of course, to do,
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hold on their shifty. you're telling us all the fallacies, the inaccuracies, the half truths, and the fact that the dossier was paid for by trump's opponents. and we have known all of this for years wasn't enough of a warning for you that again, this is adam shift, the apostle of the steel dossier he does have, i think, is certainly very relevant information that would assist our investigation. some of the public information is very much in line with what is reported that dos it. christopher still no matter who is paying for his services. i may have discovered before our own intelligence agencies that the russians were going to interfere in our election. everyone knew that the doughty was trash, which is more likely that christopher steel unearthed more about trumps ties to russia than the cia, the f, b i or any intelligence agency. or alternatively,
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that it was nonsense choice from a fraud, demonstrably full of holes and lies. it is embarrassing watching them all twitched and squirm now that they're trying to weasel their way out away from any responsibility for what they did, which is misinform millions. but stackable impression is that this indictment is designed to smear or christopher steals intelligence reports. rachel, by the way, insisted that steel source was a deep cover source inside russia. he turned out to be an alleged fraud deep inside america, which, incidentally the russians, had said, all along this dossiers and total hoax, absolute fabrication and utter nonsense. the kremlin does not collect compromise and information. much of the mainstream media seized upon the darcy with abandoned, with almost religious ferocity. they preached steals word or more british
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intelligence. after behind the dossier there contain explosive allegations and on present, donald trump. he also addressed the dossier of alleged dirt on donald trump in russia. the report included unsubstantiated claims that russian intelligence compiled a dossier on mr. trump, during visits to moscow, abc, cbs, and nbc, a loan dedicated an estimated 2634 minutes of air time, which is, which is mind boggling to peddling. the steel dos it on the other had up until the 8th of november. they spent the grand total of 0 minutes talking about the fact that the f b, i arrested steel saws for making false statements. think about they spent days, literally on air pushing propaganda dressed up as a doughty and wouldn't even mention that it all turned out to be false.
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we spoke to please glen liz, max abrams, explain why the mainstream media don't want the facts of the story to be reported. mainstream media guards not want the latest information to be known by the american public because what the information shows is that rather than any objective nefarious ties between trump improved that the entire impetus for russia was hatched from the hilary clinton campaign. and there has been very, very little accountability and the media really just wants to move on because of course, the actual content very much implicate the media and make the democrats look absolutely ridiculous. airline workers in florida are taking
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a stand against their employers reported demands that they get either vaccinated or lose their jobs around 2000 workers and city united airlines. and after u. s. court ruled up federal vaccine mandates for businesses a unconstitutional. we're not anti vaccine. we're anti mandate. people were told that they were effectively resigning. would never fly again or lose their retirement if they didn't take the shot. the live and the pressure was unbearable. i violated my faith because my employer made me choose between my god and my job. i didn't print well. the florida flight attendant was speaking at a press conference by the state republican governor rhonda centers who's also taking up a strong position against certain cove. it mandates by jo biden's administration. nobody, no cop. no firefighter, no nurse,
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nobody should be losing their jobs because of these jobs. we have got to stand out for people and protect the job and protect their livelihood. brief back story, the by the ministrations double down on its push to strengthen co restrictions for large employers of late in the us. justice department is now appealing the court ruling that temporarily halted the measures by it was all businesses with over a 100 employees to have their work is either vaccinated or to go weekly covert tests, attorneys, and more than half of the us states, no challenge. the requirements of the board and ministration saying there are a violation of constitutional freedoms. we spoke to spike co and he's a libertarian party candidate for vice president, back in 2020 who believes that vaccinations are become far too much of a political issue in the u. s at the moment. vaccine mandates is one of a very long list of things that americans are divided over. and frankly, republicans and democrats politicized so many different things. everything from
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math to that seems to social distance thing and many other things. but frankly, i think this has been the democrats using this as a wedge issue to divide americans against each other. i think there's definitely a political aspect to it, but i think the country even many of the people who are vac needed, don't think it's any of the government business to tell someone whether or not they should have to take a backseat in order to be able to work or go to a restaurant or go to a gym or go to school. and frankly, i don't see how it's really helping increase numbers of vac needed. anyway, i'm seeing more and more people getting entrenched in their position that they're not going to get back needed if for no other reason than to just fight them and they fall. everything that's happening on the federation poem borders big store is still developing lots coming on that today to the comment of social media. but for now it's kevin oh into the team signing off. thank you for watching this latest news update between now the next one out for now when i back again, i'll exam will be here with the exam and show in your part of the world.
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ah, ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me. oh, seemed wrong when all just a sheep out becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well the more we choose to look so common ground
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ah with are starting to say things like, we're gonna do exactly what we've done here at the u. s. government by blowing trillions of dollars on white elephants on boone da goals, and somehow that's going to cure inflation, which of course, is just going to exacerbate inflation there. this is a recipe for,
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for more inflation. so it's financial literacy mixed with state sponsored propaganda over there at the major american networks. ah welcome to the attic salmon, should we look once again at the corporate crisis and examine why the virus is continuing to reach in so many countries and still at pandemic labels. in the usa, russia, germany, ukraine, and turkey infections arriving at 30000 a day or more. hospital admission departments are buckling under the pressure and weakly dest. it's are into the thousands, across the world, the death tor,
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from corporate maintenance, no beyond 5000000. and the northern hemisphere winter is coming today with time to the expertise of profess issue, montgomery of university calling to london to tell us what is actually happening in the intensive care awards and where the new treatments are helping to begin infection under control. then dr. barton county of x to university examines the policy mistakes which have led to the continuing hind fiction. it's despite the high level of vaccination, but 1st critiques e. most unmeasured system response structure, elastic between head city, succession, stark brine corks, also known as lucan roy. some lovely personal stories, your 1st man taught you said i've shared a list with brian cox. i went to you event where brian was in today for an audience in edinburgh. and he gave a really interesting account of his life in scotland, his career and his experience of hollywood. i got his autograph lead as he stayed
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behind, to share wine and nipples with various people, including our students. very down to earth. very intelligent guy who can see through all the cali would superficiality and as a genuinely kidding person, here in a brain says billions on another level. the decency of brian cox is a great motor for the entire alex salmon. shaw, including every member of the team. thanks to yona, i need to get his book and i'm reminded that there are others on my list too. thanks to brian cox and all that al examine sure you keep me seen and hopeful for positive news to scottish independence. madden mason says this was so interesting. we went to brian's talk this week in the taint church in san antonio. a treacherous pack, full of walketh, and the talk was amazing. there was not a mention of independence would even be if i can confirm it was an excellent turner at into supporters and he audience. and finally, carla mclean, smith. but another lovely story my son was an extra.


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