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tv   News  RT  November 11, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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documentary, i see it on r t the food and medical aid in short supply as thousands of migrants and camp at the border between bella roost and poland for a 3rd night r correspondence. is there ever actually this girl, sadly, with a branch now she's bleeding and she needs help. but the problem is that there are no metrics around. there are no doctors around and really nobody knows how to deal with this proven cash rel madana is locked in a bitter battle with the u. s. government over the lucrative right. it's vaccine and with the probate into the discredited trumpet, russia don't say underway. we look at how the mainstream media and the democrats are refusing to face the fact ah,
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my direct student moscow, this is our to international. i'm sean thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now the united nations high commissioner for refugees has criticized the use handling of the migrant crisis at the border between poland and bell ruse and says that barbed wire pushed back and violence are unjustifiable methods of dealing with the situation. thousands of asylum seekers camped for a 3rd night in dire conditions along the frontier in the hope of gaining entry to the you. meanwhile, there's still no access to the border area for humanitarian assistance from the east side. but several tons of 8, including food, water, and warm clothes have been provided by the bell, a russian branch of the red cross. local officials and civil activists also help to head down. it's more on how people are coping in the camp. peers are constantly protocol. one of the 3rd thing that he noticed when he entered the camp is just the
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smoke big smoke from the campfires. and when you spend just a couple of hours in this thick smoke, you feel dizzy and your eye sore, but these people have to take it in 247 non stop to stay warm. these migrants need lots of firewood, but even cut the tree to live is a problem. if you don't have the skills or proper tools, having something as simple as an ax almost becomes the matter of survival here. where did you get the x? this solve the solve the soldiers gave you just gave you just gave you for help. go for help and it's an all hands on deck approach. even children are being sent out into the forest to collect dry sticks and branches for bonfires. wow, good job. but wandering around in the woods can be dangerous. these girls just come
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back from the forest with blood all over her face. evidently this girl, sadly, with a branch. now she's bleeding and she needs help. but the problem is that there are no metrics around. there are no doctors around and really nobody knows how to deal with this proper medical help is in high demand, as people suffer from the cold and lack of food. in the morning we came across a boy who was barely responding and a worried mother had thought her son was not going to make it. later the day was stopped by again to check on the family. the boy had improved but still feeling sick. according to his friend who speaks english, yet everybody is determined to stay. but you guys, you have no food, it's really cold and you think it's okay. it is worth it to hear instead of data, home a torsion. why source? have you ever been to a rock?
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no, no. that's why you do now about but it's hard to stay resilient when you're a stomach cmt lacking proper food, this man takes vitamin. see? he says it helps him to keep some energy and make up for his poor. died of can food . so we have 3 cans of some or 3 men. and that's one can, is a one can for 3 men. we eat one count for 3 men and a little a little bit red with the free food handed out by the russian volunteers and the red cross is live saving. but despite all the problems, these migrants act as if they're here to state. some of them have pitts shudder out of the wind at night. others dismantle parts of the metal fence right in front of the polish armed forces, wire and iron pillars from the border wall are now used to make bigger and more
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solid shelters. so what started as a camp now might very well develop into a small village. and the population of that village is growing by the day is new, migrants arrived. now there are $3000.00 of them at the border with poland. where did you come from minnesota? they stand them for the little camp from comes on. we just thought i said to collect, to support your friends. i don't know. they're not going to stay. they'll stay with us all over the state to get to learn what will i would do for you? just waiting for a hearing stories from their friends and relatives who made it to europe. these people believe that countries like germany, france, would love to welcome them and give them money and support. and with this in mind, they're ready to stay and struggle at the polish border. not too far away and the
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polish capital of thousands joined a right wing march on the country's independence day. many participants carrying the national flag and some even burning the german one on the annual rally, which has turned violent in previous years, was banned by a court. but now the authorities are allowing it back to the border as the situation there between poland and bela reese deteriorates. the european council president suggests that you could pay for new barriers in the area despite previous claims that the block would not provide such funding or cheese peter oliver reports now from berlin. well, what we seem to have is a bit of a split at the very top of 2 of the main e, you institutions. on the one hand you got ursula, found a line, the e u commission president saying that european union cash will not be used to build physical border infrastructure, meaning you money won't be used to build walls offences. on the other hand, you've got shown michelle at the
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e you council president currently doing the rounds across the block, suggesting that there is legal means for money from the european union to be given to member states in order to allow them to build walls and fences. at their frontiers, although the physical infrastructure in order to protect the boarders or boost on an opinion of the leaders service of the torso, it's literally possible bruce on a truant leader framework at the upper level to science infrastructure. this is a decision that needs to be taken by the clinician with in, enters the little a pin of the chosen. it's very clear and we really see what would be dropped off the debate in more simpler terms. essentially, legally, we can do it, but whether we will or not, that depends on a few more factors. it's worth pointing out though that's a shall, michelle speaking in warsaw we just heard. and there, he was also here in berlin earlier in the week in which he, he 1st publicly broached this idea that he, you funds could be used for the purposes of building border infrastructure. it
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certainly wasn't lost on some people listening but seemed to have been lost on air . mr. michel himself that he was actually speaking here about european union money being used to build new walls on the 32nd anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. a lots of critics of these plans pointing out that shan michelle should really know better about where he was speaking and on what day he was speaking about what he was speaking, but in the european parliament members, there have been scathing of the proposal instead of helping refugees, we are busy turning europe into a gated community. if i hear the president of the european council say yes, sure you're up to can pay for building a wall on the borders of europe. it becomes, as we say in dutch, i get a cold heart. i find it frightening our feeling and bully coming down this to let us publicly state in this chamber for the european union will never finance walls for system we have are the instruments at our disposal. and in order to put an end
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to the drama and the polish bella, russian broader women, what you've got at the moments is poland, lithuania and latvia, doing the rounds of e u. member states in order to drum up support for them receiving cash to allow them to build borders on it. e. e. use frontiers, particularly with bella. ruse. we've seen a meeting between the polish foreign minister and the austrian minister in which col, near hum at the austrian minister came out of it, furious with the e u commission that they're refusing to give countries like poland this money in order to allow them to build a border infrastructure saying ursula fondling was repeating mistakes that had been made in the past when it came to influx as of people trying to get in to the european union. meanwhile, the bellow, russian president is threatening to cut off russian gas transit to the you. if the block slaps more sanctions on minsk, amid the growing migrant crisis, russia analyst martin mccauley told us how this might pan out for moscow. russia
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would in fact lose revenue if the gas applies were restricted, all cut off condition, or even house and so on. so therefore, it's about 4 minutes prison lucas should go and bread and food and to discuss what you actually happened. and the european union may draw back from imposing this airline bank because they're afraid of losing gas. then we will say, well, russia is very keen, so the gas and they may think that the president put, it will say to louisiana. i don't want that because we're going to lose money and you're going to lose it in transit fees and you get for transmitting this, this gas through gurus into put in and so on. 2 bedrooms in economy is a very poor state prison dependent. now russia and they may in fact, bleed 1st. russia's national airline airflow. it says it has nothing to do with the transportation of migrants and mass to belarus. the company released
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a statement in response to allegations that it has been involved in the ongoing crisis on the use eastern border. early report suggested that the european union was mulling sanctions against air flawed as part of the clamped down on belarus. correspondent pacheko has more air flawed as rushes flagship airline, and it is firmly against any claims that the companies involved in what's happening at the border between poland and bel ruth. and they're saying that to understand this, you can simply look at the air flawed root map because despite being brushes, biggest airline air flawed doesn't operate any flights to iraq or syria. now, here's the rest of the statement by air flawed inside of watson. i would just either report the airflow was involved in or contributed to mass transport of migrants to believers or false. our airline does not operate regular flights. iraq, syria of from is to bottom and we're also not conducting charter flights to those
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destinations. the transit over rainy and iraqi and syrian nationals through russia and roots, bella ruth, is hindered by the requirements that they obtain a russian visa and one of his latest comments. the rushing for minister survey live . rob also said that the claims on the part of the polish government, that air flaw is involved in the border migrant crisis. our false. now all this falls reports that the european countries could be mulling sanctions against all the air flawed but also against the turkish airlines. as part of the newest round of sanctions against mens. now you may wonder if these are anti bella, russian sanctions. what does air flawed a rush airline, or turkish airlines the turkish carrier have to do with all that? well, this is how furious and unprecedented they can all get. we'll have to see where
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this goes. but i can already tell you that air force has already said that they are ready to go to court, to protect their image, and to prove that they are not involved in this crisis whatsoever. was billions of dollars in future profits at stake. the american company behind the madana cove, it vaccine is locked in a bitter dispute with the u. s. government, the firm says it's the sol inventor of a crucial component in a patent claim and has apparently left out several government scientists who contributed to its development. modernity is cheating us. taxpayers. modern is being scientifically dishonest. modern is trying to cheat and age scientists. modern refuses to share its luck, seen recipe, and manufacturing no haul, even as it's making billions of dollars in profits. payton saw development monopolies, and then a panoramic. it is a terrible idea to have a private corporation have a monopoly on part of
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a life saving technology. the vaccine itself would not exist without the massive contribution of the federal government at every step of the way. and even franklin, one said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest and the race to create cobit 900 vaccines is certainly required some pretty big investment from federal authorities in the us medina ship. the company received more than a little help from various government agencies from bottom to the and billions and funding was grounded to madana, to expedite the creation of splunk back the investment paid off. vaccine is one of many saving lives in the us and abroad. what about that interest, mister franklin mentioned. the devil is in the details and tens of billions are at stake. madana is now at loggerheads with the u. s. government over the question of patenting. he's the thing, aside from access to government coffers, the company also had help from some of the best brains in the land. working closely
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with federal scientists to create the vaccine that even gives them a note of thanks in one of its full patient applications, acknowledging their role and designing some components. but that's where the thanks stopped. the company had all along recognized substantial rule that the n i h has played in developing. madame a covered 19 vaccine, but only my, they're an assigned to design the vaccine. why exclude and federal scientists for most documents, they're also excluding them from a share of the profits madana claims. so creator of the technology, it alone should read the rewards. and on surprisingly, federal authorities on a happy and what their cut of the profits off truly work together her for years, all the current viruses. but also year of discussions with data resolution is no closer. the national institute for allergy and infectious diseases disagrees with
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modern as inventor ship determination, omitting an age and vendors from the principal patent application deprives and age of a co ownership interest in that application. and the patent that will eventually issue from it. at the thought of the panoramic, it seemed all hands were on deck to save lives. no cost would be spared money. no object. as the world faces wave after wave of infections. seems money is the object . and this goes beyond us. borders. activists and organizations have cooled on madana to share the full vaccine formula and transfer. acknowledge you to manufacturers who would produce it cheaply for poor nations. but this seems little that government can do at home or abroad. we actually absolutely want that to happen. but my understanding is also that the u. s. government does not have the ability to compel, maturing not to take certain actions. meanwhile, the treasury seems to be losing the battle for a share of the rewards having invested billions. madana founders and investors are lawful all the way to the bank and so forth with rich with. and there's more to
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come. the company's lined up supply deals worth up to 35000000000 by the end of next year. among all the calls for global u. t. across borders as what is between governments and corporations. to finally be to pandemic, su, heading into its 3rd year. it's not only politics, but also profit that continues to cause the vision and stumbling blocks through a truly unified and fat response, modernized, so reluctant to see any sort of control over the patent or the discovery because they want to obviously make as much money as possible. generally just want all the credit for themselves, but also because if they credit anybody else, but the discovery as the delivery system for the vaccine or the vaccine in general, they then have to see the right to the national institute of health or the u. s. federal government, when it comes to the patent, when it comes to the delivery system for the vaccines during the size,
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they're all pharmacy companies really in the united states. it's not about hearing people, it's not about having the least amount of side effects, et cetera, cetera. it's about having customers making lots of money. so i think at the end of the day, it's a question of what system we have. do we have a system that puts people and help 1st or do we as a person that puts money in profits 1st? i think most people would agree that we have system that puts profit some money. first, dodgy dossier used to try and link donald trump to russia, gets dragged up again as the key source denied, giving to the f b. i. but it's backers in the media and the democrats are reluctant to let go as our comments among our stories after a short break. stay with us. the
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ah ah ah ah oh is the economy working for you? we are told this is the time of the great reset and build back better. what does this mean to you? how does the green new deal play into this? it seems the richer only getting richer. but what about the rest of us?
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ah, ah, welcome back. this is our to international. now, a russian analyst who was a key source for the now discredited steel dossier on alleged trump. russia collusion has pleaded not guilty to line to the f. b i. the 2016 report alleged that the then presidential candidate donald trump had close ties with russia, which helped him win the election. the document funded by the clinton campaign partially then played a central role in giving us investigators surveillance warrants on a top aide to mr. trump. eager. don jenko has been charged with 5 counts of lying about the information that he provided to dossier author christopher's steel . if found guilty, he could face up to 25 years in prison. in an article on monday and washington post
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contributor, wrote how dangerous it is to rely on on verified sources. that's something russia has been thing ever since the dossier was 1st leaked. our correspondent, god, yet god, vs has more now on the media and the democrats, and how they're trying to dodge blame of promoting the document in the 1st place. for the democrats, the steel d'orsay came very close in power to the bible. you needed to have a lot of faith to believe in it. but if you believe that the, the claims the false hoods, the sexual perversions of the steel dossier, you believed blindly. that is until the f b. i came along and spoiled the party. you defend and promote and you even ran into the congressional record, the steel dossier. do you have any reflections on your role and promoting this to the american people? is one thing to say allegation should be investigated and they were, it's another to say that we should have foreseen an advanced that some people were
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lying to christopher steel, which is impossible, of course, to do, hold on their shifty. you're telling us all the fallacies, the inaccuracies, the half truths, and the fact that the dossier was paid for by trumps opponents. and we have known all of this for years wasn't enough of a warning for you. that again, this is adam shift, the apostle of the steel dossier he does have, i think, is certainly very relevant information that would assist our investigation. some of the public information is very much in line with what is reported in that dos it. christopher still no matter who is paying for his services, i may have discovered before our own intelligence agencies that the russians were going to interfere in our election. everyone knew that the doughty was trash, which is more likely that christopher steel unearthed more about trumps ties to russia than this he iaa the f b i or any intelligence agency. or alternatively,
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that it was nonsense choice from a fraud, demonstrably full of holes and lies. it is embarrassing, watching them all twitched and squirm now that they're trying to weasel their way out away from any responsibility for what they did, which is misinform millions. mistake of all impression is that this indictment is designed to smear or christopher steals intelligence reports. rachel, by the way, insisted that sealed source was a deep cover source inside russia. he turned out to be an alleged fraud deep inside america, which, incidentally the russians, had said, all along this dossiers and total hoax, absolute fabrication and utter nonsense. the kremlin does not collect compromise and information. much of the mainstream media seized upon the darcy with a bandit,
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with almost religious ferocity. they preached steals word or more british intelligence officer behind the dossier that contained explosive allegations, about present donald trump. he also addressed the dossier of alleged dirt on donald trump in russia. the report included unsubstantiated claims that russian intelligence compiled a dossier on mister trump during visits to moscow. abc, cbs, send nbc, a loan dedicated an estimated 2634 minutes of ad thought, which is, which is mind boggling to peddling. the steel dossier on the other had up until the 8th of november. they spent the grand total of 0 minutes talking about the fact that the f b, i arrested steel souls for making false statements. think about it. they spent days, literally on their poaching propaganda. dressed up as
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a dossier and wouldn't even mention that it all turned out to be false. afghan forces never stood a chance against the taliban, because most of the soldiers on the records simply didn't exist as a damning new claim from afghanistan's former finance minister. on the numbers which president biden confidently used to illustrate that the afghans have the manpower to cope my assumption as we never had 300000 forces and troops of 300000 well equipped as well as crypt is any army in the world? the former afghan finance minister says local military leaders exaggerated the number of soldiers under their command so they could siphon off the salaries for themselves. concerns about the real truth numbers had been raised along before in 2016, the u. s. oversight authority reported to congress questioning the afghans operational
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capabilities, saying it was unclear how many soldiers actually existed. and that even just weeks before the taliban swooped back in virtually uncontested, nothing had changed. special inspector general for gunnison reconstruction has expressed serious concerns about the corrosive effects of corruption with the afghan national defense and security forces, including the existence of ghosts, soldiers on police, and the questionable accuracy of data on the actual strength of the force. earlier we spoke to former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, who was convinced president biden was aware of the mess. the afghan forces were actually in but lied to the public. it was about one 3rd, a basically around 800000 go soldiers under the 300000 that we were training understanding that, that 300000 isn't a, isn't this, you know, permanent number, which makes us even worse because would be one thing to say. we had 200000 well
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trained troops. there's 200000 soldiers who are well trained art. well, lead art, well motivated art. anything. this is why the united states and great britain, a formed professional units, are separate from the afghan army. this is why the cia formed its own a secret army because the afghan army that we were training couldn't fight. we knew this. we knew this from day one. this is why we had secret armies of commandos, even job. i'm can't say that that was the truth. he knew it. the truth was, the truth has been breathing repeatedly, but he chose to go on t v in lie to the american people. because it's all about creating perception. when congress tends to get incensed over presidential lies that have genuine national security of your fall out is they have done in the past. this is right up there. when this is a huge like it, like the american people, he lied to congress about an issue. the got thousands of americans put into harms
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way, and 13 of them killed because of jo biden's lie. or that does it for me, the sarah. i will be back in about 32 minutes with another phone. fresh look she news. stay with us. this is our to international one that makes no sense, you know, born is and is blind to tease. and you as a merge, we don't have with the we don't on the back seat. the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge, you know, come in, crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response
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has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security at any machine because it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers. both for the women was one called option in law. so it's not a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of when if we can now look into people's minds, read the thoughts. the question then is a,
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what kind of consequence we, we could take from us. i think you take the example fly. it would prevent us from lying. we wouldn't be able to lie anymore if everything becomes transparent. but what we're thinking lawyer, john little is well acquainted with the federation, is history has made it his mission to fight for justice for the victims of sexual abuse in sport. he has worked on countless cases in sports, such as gymnastics, diving, fencing and field hockey. but there have been more lawsuits against usa swimming than against any other federation. well these are these are the stuff in swimming. this stuff is pretty all this is.


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