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tv   The Big Picture  RT  November 12, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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ah, you can confirmed it as deployed troops to pull an order with bella roost for potential assistance to warsaw to string, to the frontier, to bath as thousands of migrants remain camp out in dire conditions. they're hoping to enter the e amid the build up of the file and speakers on the bellows of poland, border, or key speak with the people smuggler who takes migrants into western europe and gives us an exclusive insight into that shady business. they don't get caught in germany, but they put them down an asylum centers. and after a while to get permits because they flow the id cards so they can't be to pull it. it is g m and authority. don't know where they come from. and driving covered cases in austria, c nationwide restrictions were imposed, but only for the unvaccinated. and it's by far not the only country to target those
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who refuse the job. and we know anti vaccine. you know, we can see the importance of having the vaccine. however, i think it just going to different level wayne is compulsory. might expect to care workers could be immunized. or we have to be careful to not let coven, once again, with mast a lot of the social issues that are going on. and those are your headlines this hour. i will be back in another hour to give you another look. stay with us is art international, redwood? ah, on this week show as the cold, the death toll tops 5000000. the argument gets louder. what happened to us? but 1st, china's recent hypersonic missile test was our real wake up call. and that's not the only hot spot we're watching. stay tuned for our threat assessment update. i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our
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t america. ah, ah, the joint chiefs, chairman general, mark, milly told bloomberg. tv what china is up to is quote very concerning it is very concerning. i think i saw in some of the newspapers they they use the term sputnik moment. i don't know if it's quite a spot that moment, but i think it's very close to that. so it's a very significant technological event that occurred or test that occurred by the chinese and it has all of our attention and we're paying it. but that's just one, that's just one weapon system. the chinese military capabilities, a much greater than that. they're expanding rapidly in space, in cyber, and then in the traditional domains of land, sea and air. and they have gone from
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a peasant based infantry army that was very, very large in 1979 to a very capable military that covers all the domains and has global ambitions. so china is very significant on our horizon. was this sputnik moment? let's ask, john said ladies, geo political strategist, a trinity trilogy, advisors, and john is a diplomacy consultant to the department of state and former pentagon official and rti contributor michael maloof. gentlemen, welcome good to see. general milly speaks of china's threat in space. cyber and lan. c. air in that order, when president trump established the space force, the idea seemed half baked and he got a horse laugh from late night, comedians, who call that the space farce? michael is there are there. there are people walking around the pentagon and space force uniforms? is there a distilled mission?
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well, i think that you're going to be seen some change in the uniform for the space force . however, it is a very real issue. and what we're seeing ultimately is that with the, with the threats that we're, that are coming from space. ultimately we're going to have to get into, into a mindset of actually establishing platforms in space that can ultimately meet the threats. such as with hypersonic, hypersonic, even though it might orbit is maneuverable, unlike a ballistic missile. and this makes it even more dangerous, more and more unpredictable. and if you're going to hit something before it hits land, knowing all of these variables, it's gotta be a platform that can launch from space. we're talking about the old as the sure. yeah. base defense initiative at the time when it was raised under between reagan
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and gorbachev. it was a bluff chain of work. we didn't have the technology is there today, different story. and we're even seeing the need for such a platform. if we're seen, for example, north korea, if it starts floating as a satellite, your nuclear weapons, sure, we gotta be able to hit it up there because we don't have a defense system right now that can go 300 miles up a platform in space literally. yes, hey, following general, milly's a sobering comments. pentagon spokesman john kirby seemed to raise more questions than answers. there's no limit to how far we can go, who speaking publicly about certain capabilities, but it's in, it's in the budget. you can read it for yourself. the are our own pursuit of hypersonic capabilities is, is real. it's tangible and, and we are absolutely working towards being able to develop that capability.
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translation, how to michael is the usa is behind the curve. is that sounded, we have to do some catch up. it is, it is a technology for which we have no defense and it's something that when you have a, a, an offensive platform, you've got to be able to have a counter counter to that. gotcha, john, how does something like this make the usa look on the world stage? this is several perspective. i'm going to bring into the mix here. holland one is that the chinese government has been quite open about its global military power projection ambitions for decades. we have seen a 900 percent increase in the chinese defense budget since the early 1900 ninety's . and it's really gone out an astonishing 8 to 10 percent a year for the last 20 years, especially after it became wealthy. having joined the world trade organization. meanwhile, the united states and our allies were very much focused on counterterrorism operations in iraq and afghanistan and libya. and it was really only in 2018 and
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the trump administration. that the u. s. formerly declared that china and russia were our primary strategic threats. now we're playing catch up on a number of technological friends because i think was most surprising about chinese rice. again, they've been open about their ambitions, but it's how fast they've been able to accomplish these stunning technical achievement. and with the hypersonic glide vehicle. yes, that in and of itself is general milli said is quite the technological feet. but we want to be careful that we're not overawed in our reactions, because the united states still feels 2000 nuclear warheads on c launched ballistic missiles on a fleet of nuclear submarines that fell around the world every day of the year. from anywhere around the world were able to strike a retaliatory strike that's necessary. in the event of a 1st strike from china, we have a nuclear deterrent that is extraordinary effective. so what i think is going to come out of this is,
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this is probably going to make nuclear war less likely in the future, given that china is building up its 2nd strike ability. the problem is it could make conventional war over taiwan or another hutch more likely, if all the great powers fear that there is no serious trip wire to a nuclear exchange. well general milli also spoke of chinese cyber aggression. john my dad fought in world war 2 conflict wage with rifles and bombs back to the future . when hackers half a world awaken, paralyzed us often were told these attacks originate in russia. john is china any less a cyber threat? china is a very sophisticated and mature cyber adversary on the world stage. today, we saw this here in the united states. i think it was in 2013 holland when the federal office of personnel management was hacked by chinese hackers, exposing the secret records of millions of federal employees including those involved in the military and in the, in the intelligence networks. and again,
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the binding ministration openly halted or chinese hackers for the massive attack on microsoft exchange servers earlier this year. and there are also other attacks against the linux software operation that many companies use in the united states, as well as government agencies. and also attacks against our allies, whether it's countries such as india, for instance, or japan. so we've seen a much more aggressive cyber strategy on the part of china, whether it's formerly sanctioned or not, they're operating out of china and my senses. none of this happens without the informal formal approval of the chinese communist party. we are speaking with geo political strategist, john said ladies and former pentagon official, michael maloof, updating the threat assessment. they both gave us here one month ago. when hotspots we discussed included something else, general milly referred to reacting to that. the hypersonic missile test, all land grab in the south china sea dubbed miss schiff reef. if you miss that
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episode, you can see it on demand where you'll find all our shows at youtube dot com slash the big picture. our t. like, let's talk turkey, which with us relations unraveling lots to unpack their talk about. and passengers shown the door fighter jets and the future of nato. yeah, it's a mess and air to one. the president of turkey basically walk back the, the threat to kick out the us and bass in a night and 9 others. but he was trying to assert himself at a time when the, the turkish economy is, is tanking in many respects. he's lost half the value of the lira, and he's trying it for internal political reasons to maintain his political future. and, and he's doing that by playing both the united states and russia off against each other. that's why you're seeing him play this game back and forth with the s 400,
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which he's in a, in a, in a battle right now with, with, with biden. they supposedly have a range now they have a talk between staffs on the issues that are between the united states and turkey. but it does show that there is still major major problems. and increasingly we're seeing turkey look more and more eastward. so this is, this is going to be a problem briefly. how does nato figure into this? well, nato nato is in the middle of it. if turkey walks, it could really bring it down. but having this kind of tension between the united states and turkey, and they also seen turkey and greece going out. this really shows quaking of nato, a john. this is a worldwide pandemic. we're living through which may be years long events, the most tangible consequence of which to our viewers and listeners if the supply
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chain interruptions that already crim christmas shopping and pose a bigger picture, threats like cobra. this too is a worldwide problem, but i got out minute and i can't leave without asking. yeah. john has the supply chain been weaponized or could it be? well, it could be, i don't think it's a weapon, is ation process that we're undergoing right now. i think this is more the ripple effects of terrible government in competence across the west and in asia, given the lock downs, have so many economies for so long. naturally, we're going to disrupt global supply chains and may keep them disrupted as a matter of bad domestic policies. here in the u. s. and other countries where china has already weaponized its supply chain control over rare earth having punished japan for diplomatic trespassing around 10 years or so ago. and i think many in washington in, in european capitals are very concerned about chinese, increasing control over europe in port of
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a global mining operations and acquiring significant stakes and food and other natural resource commodity production. that if it spelt coord quarter, offended by the actions of other countries, it might seats upon in those countries by disrupting supply change to those particular markets. they've done it in the past. there's no reason they wouldn't do it again in the future. john said ladies trilogy, advisors, bar, pentagon official, michael maloof, thank you both for stepping in to the big picture. come on, i remember how, after 911, we were all on the same page. we felt that again, when the pandemic shut down 1st, what happened? this is the big picture on our t america. ah, the just look at
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what's beyond the ability to repair and that's what american policymakers are playing with the justification for more money printing. because if climate change were possible to 6 climate change, it was for the entire global economy down to the point where these bankers would stop getting bailouts and they can't ever stop the bodies. so that's, that's the rhetoric behind and that's the methodology behind it. that's the psychosis ah, remember this one?
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that was new york city. it's 7 pm every night, like clockwork when the shut down 1st hit and when self quarantined, city folk saluted 1st responders and to each other. they bang pots and pans, some sang the national anthem, or played it on various instruments. back then we were all in this together. and you remember this page? oh, here. wow, video hurry and i'll help you, terry. oh oh, i hate. oh, walmart workers told us we're here for you and how have we fact them, dawson, creek, police confrontation interrupted between a customer and an employee inside a wal mart all over masks. the worker ended up on the floor. that's when witnesses
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started filming the man on top, raining punches and kicks those, watching a pleading with him to stop. then the man appears to smash workers phone. but love will find a way and have you ever seen cuter couple? yes. karen and brandon are newly weds, karen worship now mrs. brandon fried off and they live in colorado begging the question. can we all just get along? let's ask on the left r t contributor jonathan harris, and on the right, r t. eat the press hose, steve miles berg. jonathan, how did we lose that mojo? that togetherness, we all felt when the pandemic 1st struck. i'm starting to wonder if it's just a human characteristic to some extent or another that that seems like another world ago looking at those clips. that's, that is incredible. and it was, it was really just last year. i don't know. i think it kind of reminds me sort of
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of 911. we were to be, you know, depending on who you were. we at least came together briefly for the most part after $911.00. but it didn't take long for politics to come back. and i think that's kinda what happened with which cove it and thankfully now that we have a decent president to have gotten the country back open in the economy back on track from parents under trump. i think we've gotten back to kind of some sense of normalcy and unfortunately that sense of normalcy also involves sort of divisiveness. and you know, political rhetoric across the board. well, lately we bring urge not to get along. look at this, your response. when you see children wearing masses, they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in wal mart. call the police immediately contact child protective services. keep calling until someone arrives. what you're looking at is abuse. it's child abuse and you are morally obligated to attempt to prevent it. feel your show holds the media accountable. the fox news ever walk that back. well, 1st of all,
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what you played was out of context. he didn't urge violence. he said, call 911. so if somebody wants to call 911 for whatever reason, then it's on them. there's no violence involved. to hear that we have a president who is open the economy and knows what he's doing. wow. and us why we're divided 1st you gotta wake them up. 5 that's number one. look where we are, that nobody doesn't love 1st responders anymore, except the people in charge. mostly, if not all democrats, mayor's governors, who have issued mandates that are affecting those 1st responders, sending them to the streets to protest for their rights, their own rights. they're being forced to vaccinate against their will. and now they're losing their jobs. and these are a medical professionals, police,
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firefighters, ambulance drivers, and any m. s workers who say, i'm not taking that shot. and believe me, they're not trump supporters. well, i'll take that, you know, comply. yeah, i'll take that as a no on young comply walk in that back. hey jonathan, there is pain at the pump. and who can we blame for that? along with a laundry list of preexisting conditions that allowed mouth? congressman jim jordan wants to pin on president biden, our high gas prices as though any president could control that. jonathan economics one 0 one. where does price at the pump come from? and what is your prediction? which will surface 1st hunter biden's laptop or jim jordan sport code. it's ever between any conspiracy theory the right has about hunter binding. that's always going to be the other thing. yeah,
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it kind of what you alluded to earlier. i always wonder sometimes if republicans are intentionally deceptive or if they're just misinformed, i'm always sort of stuck between trying to figure out which one that has anyone knows that the president does not control gas prices. i mean that's just, that's just obvious. and the fact of the matter is we're in a situation now where the economy is growing at a 14 year high. and i know that republicans can't stand that because when trump was president, the economy was crashing. the stock market was having the worst, the worst days that i had in decades. and i understand that now that businesses are back open, kids are back in school. people are back in the workplace. that is a clear across the board when for the president. so they have to pick as little nonsense, like, you know, trying to make up. i think there was a usa today article that fact check. a gas prices mean that was saying all of these are gas prices before biden was elected. except of course it turned out to be false . gas prices were fake and presidents don't said gas prices. but look at these are
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their controversies by all means this isn't somebody tweeting something crazy every morning. kind of giving us existential dread and suggesting people inject disinfect and so yes, fine, take up your made up gas prices and run with it. yeah, whoever sits on the white house is obviously going to be the brunt of circumstances, voter fraud updates after he assured us that the supreme court would reinstate president trump on august 13, even though the high court was on summer recess at the time, crusading my pillow. guy, mike lynn bill told steve bannon podcast that the new date write this down tuesday, november 23. even though the court calendar indicates it will be dark then to undaunted. lynn bell pronounces this quote, absolutely the biggest cover up for the biggest crime in history. i cannot wait dropped the supreme court case the tuesday at 9 am before thanksgiving, and the whole world is going to be watching all this unfold over thanksgiving. and
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he really believes his words that the vote is going to be 9 and oh, yet. and a statement by donald j trump 45th president of the united states of america, he declares that if we don't solve the presidential election fraud of 2020, which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented republicans will not be voting in 2022 or 24 it is the single most important thing for republicans to do, steve, what's your over under, on 2 days before a turkey day at the supreme court, and what's a republican voter to do with these mix messages? well, 1st of all, i, i think they should do what they did in virginia and send the democrats packing. they came out and they voted, all right, and other places around the country as well. but so say i just gotta go back and get in my, my take on. so the gas prices are in through the roof. you see,
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this is the disconnect. this is why what happened in virginia happened in virginia . the economy is great, right? 2 things like gas prices, that's a mean that's not real. keep it up, keep it up because when people go to fill up and they see that the gas prices are almost doubled, what they were on the trump. and by the way, a president has no control. when you stop drilling, when you put restrictions, when you close down pipelines and you become dependent on foreign oil, that all has a direct effect and bite and has done every one of those things that pipeline wasn't. yeah. we definitely rob of gasoline. hey, definitely know that biden started for an oil dependence. yeah, that's a, according to a recent political morning, consol pole, 77 percent of democrats, 49 percent of independence and 28 percent of republican voters trust the election system a lot or some just 9 percent of republican say they trust the election system
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a lot jonathan, should we expect republicans to get the usual party on the outs? bounce in 2022. well, i will say steve did bring up virginia and i think that's interesting. i mean, it looks like in new jersey, i believe the democrat one and, and virginia of the democrat last. and those 2 elections had pretty national, a pretty good amount of national intention. it depends on the democrats messaging. it really does, if democrats continue to allow republicans to set the narrative on everything, the republicans are not bound by the truth. they come up with anything that works and they simplify a lie. and democrats try to tell a complicated truth. and a simple law is always going to resonate better with voters. so i think of democrats don't simplify their message and run on their record. you heard steve, you're going to try and say, biden the violence, that's the gas prices. everything that's horrible in your life is because the
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democrats and democrats have got to tell the truth, which is that the reason that the country is back on track and the stock market isn't crashing and that we're having hundreds of thousands of jobs every single month. and the unemployment rate is coming down and the economy is that a 40 or high, all of those things is because the president started wearing mass told people they need to wear mask, encourage people to get vaccinated, those that's the truth. and if they run on their record and they simplify their message, you might actually see a historical anomaly in the president's party might actually hold or pickups needs . but if they don't, history probably will. they probably will lose seats, which as you said, isn't think with history. yeah, sure. as is the virginia election now off year. it's always the party, not in the white house that seems to do well for steve. i got 30 seconds, not 31. rock and roll pal. well, you talk about how great the economy is doing. yet the exit polls showed that the economy was the number one issue in virginia. already of the economy was doing so
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great. nobody was so happy. it would have been a cake walk. the democrats are putting forth a radical social message with radical socialist ideas. they're trying to take over the schools. screw the parents says terry, mcauliffe that message, keep it up because you'll get killed in 2020 to save your dixie cups. the south will rise again. thank you, jonathan harris and steve mph, and thank you for surviving the big picture. we're going to be back same time next week. if you'll watch in real time, it's direct tv channel 321 or on the dish dish. we're 280 or you could just set the d v r r live stream as on youtube dot com slash r t america. and for years of my humble work, our archive did you tube dot com slash the big picture r t. and i am merely one player and a vast cast you can call fort worth on our free portable. busy tv app and the app store or google play and
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a portable dot tv on any connected device. i'm holland cook in washington and at holland cook on twitter, where the deal stands. if you follow me, i'll follow you. question more. ah ah.
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ah was the economy working for you? we were told this is the time of the great reset and build back better. what does this mean to you? how does the green new deal play into this? it seems the richer only getting richer, but what about the rest of us will come to sophie co visionaries. me sophie shevardnadze. mind reading is not some
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psychic power or a fantasy tale anymore. brain researchers are actually saying that it will be very real, very soon. so will our thoughts cease to be our own? well, i asked john dylan haines and near a scientist and the director of the berlin center for advanced neuro imaging or it's a professor hines is really great. have you with us to name so many interesting took interesting things to talk about. the computers will be soon able to read our minds and desire for our thoughts into text. kind of like the voice command apps we have right now. but the thought is something so abstract, how can you and decipher something like that? well, 1st of all, i'd say that i'm not so optimistic that we're going to be able to translate our thoughts into text in the very near future. and let me explain why. the reason is that all our thoughts that we have are coded in our brain activity. so those
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correct? so if you think about a cat or a dog or a mouse, you will have a different pattern of brain activity for every one of these thoughts. but if you want this technology to enter day to day life, so that you, for example, city your desk, and you think about a text you want to write on the information isn't your brain. but there is no technical way that we can read out this information every day setting. there's been a lot of hype recently about, um, say high tech companies, claiming that they're going to be able to do that in the near future. but the biggest problem hasn't been solved yet, which is how can we get at all these details of brain activity in everyday settings . so it's not going to be like instead of file, google, where is the nearest pharmacy when you dictate sounding. im like i think glorious to next pharmacy inches reads my thoughts. there is.


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