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tv   News  RT  November 13, 2021 3:00am-3:31am EST

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ah ha sco calls for a constructive approach from the east to envy di situation at the polish where the roost border as that the my princess stranded there and humanitarian group say that conditions are desperate and the weather gets more difficult as people stranded in her space for an even longer period of time, their ability to cope with those conditions and made friends have enough food and water access to assistance and it's only going to get more difficult. the u. s. fails, caught, once again rejects the bite and ministrations national vaccine mandate for companies to get their staff jabbed the service personnel and government workers during the backlash. and we look at how west the military are struggling to fight a culture was the moment among their ranks is the us marine corps looks to hire
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a diversity equity and inclusion advisor. ah hello. how are you watching out international this saturday morning, just gone 11 o'clock here in moscow. and the migrant crisis on the bedroom, pol importer continues to unfold with thousands of asylum seekers in the area. still hoping to gain access to the european union with these are some of the latest pictures from the migrant camp that were released by bell russian authorities. meanwhile, the british army has sent 10 engineering specialists to the polish side of the porter to assess the barbed wire barrier that's being put up. and in an effort to prevent any further influx to turkey and a rack, have been direct flights to batteries for syrian jamini and also iraqi citizens. now, for those stuck at the border, the conditions there are becoming unbearable. we spoke to
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a girl that was taken to hospital as well. idaho, i came to valor is with my family. there are 7 of us, 5 of whom are children. oh, my family members are at the state border. we just want to get out of beller roots and get into the european union. the conditions in which we are leaving are no longer bearable. we want to get back to my family and then crossed the border together. when he, water, food, and clothing at the border, we have nothing. we were in the camp just because we hoped it would be good here. but now i see that we are dying after all these acts of violence and force will over my colleague kevin o', in disgust. the humanitarian situation with robert onus, he's from the doctors without borders. organization as the weather gets more difficult, as people stranded in this space for an even longer period of time, their ability to cope with those conditions and enable and have enough food and water and access to assistance and more. it's only going to get more difficult. so
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we're extremely concerned, this is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. are you concerned about poland, preventing humanitarian aid groups from entering the area from the other side of being calls for people for press to get in. most importantly for comfort goods to come in basic food, basic water, just a few blankets, etc. access for humanitarian organizations to people in need is, is i guess the bread and butter of what we do as an organization and we advocate that wherever we find people in distress. and this is not a different we've called increase to monetary and access access for the people who are stuck in the border region on both sides of the border to have access to assistance, which is not the case today. a lot of focuses on the hundreds of people that have gathered this particular area of the board over it's the situation is really hot, but we hear there are many, many more heading that way from elsewhere. and barrows,
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how many of these people have managed to catch up with provide aid to it's actually very difficult, i would say to, to provide assistance in these circumstances because people are moving a lot. so as, as he said, it's not that there is an organized space in an organized place in which i can be provided. there is a lot of uncertainty and as you may have seen, also people are being subject to, to quite some, some violence in this situation. so i think 1st and foremost, people are just looking for safety and any sort of situation in which people are being put in an increasingly tense and hostile environment, young counterproductive to their safety and to some sort of resolution to this rust . when i spoke with our correspondent he or she don ortho this morning, he described the scene at the camp where we are in the very heart of the migrant
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camp on the border between belarus and poland. you can hopefully see one or some of the fires going behind me over there and trust me, it's just a few of wo dozens here at the migrant campus stretching as far as at least my i can see for as long as we've been here every once in a while, i can see people going out of these makeshift tense and they're trying to keep the fires going because the conditions here are very, very tough. it's very cold. temperatures often dropped below 0 and especially at night. and it is one of the very few ways that people can keep here themselves warm . also during the time that they've been here, has been a lot of children, cries of babies and toddlers. and this is one of the biggest still surprises, at least on my part as to how many children there is here. trust me, there's many, many more of them here than you might imagine. among the well thousands of migrants
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who have come here seeking a better life. in europe because there are the situation here is that a stalemate, they want to get inside europe. they want to get countries like germany and france, but so far the polish a border control have been well very clear about not letting them in and not letting them through. a massive barbed wire fence is really speaking for itself and as well, bella, ross, poland, and frankly, the rest of the world is seeking solutions or to this crisis. russia has provided its own opinion as to how the people here and while or the whole situation should be treated. and according to the foreign minister, sag elaborate of it should not be treated any different compared to how it was when migrants were trying to get into europe through other countries. like italy or spain have a lesson we'll be there should not be any double standards. if you compare the way migrants are treated on the border with belarus and in other you countries, european colleagues have urged us to help convince minsky to solve the issue. but it doesn't solely depend on minsk, it also requires
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a constructive approach from the european union. but now, during the course of this crisis, russia has been facing accusations that it took part in orchestrating at least some of it. and something that russia has been vehemently denying saying that while this whole while situation is taking place in a completely separate country, bell arossi and the fact that it is an ally of russia doesn't mean that while moscow is proper, tearing this whole are this whole thing here are also, but i will accusations kept pouring in our didn't probably held that russia also conducted joint military drills literally 40 minutes away here. it's a 40 minute drive to the place where they conducted the drills, answer, which by the way, ended in tragedy. 2 of russia's paratroopers fell to their death. ah, because, well, they collided in the air. but right now bella rose and poland. i'm trying to juke it out and trying to figure out what they're going to do next. are because again, the situation is at a stalemate,
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and this is how the officials of both countries view the situation. the so called crushes a situation at the border is tense and we're still dealing with hybrid attacks. they take place all the time. migrants are being used by the regime of alex and the lucas shanker to attack poland. and therefore the european union porcelain got all we haven't violated a single international rule or law. we could visit for the applicants according to the rules. oh, accusations that belarus is deliberately organizing the influx of migrants to poland and the baltic states are baseless, is very early morning and people are only beginning to wake up and are while the conditions here. again, i should say a very severe, it is already called now, but it is bound to only get colder and worse because winter is only on its way. it's only begun. it's a well march towards these lands and so it's go, it's about it's bound to start snowing, it's bound to get very wet, very muddy. and it is really unclear how people here will handle it. and keep in
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mind that there are more for refugees and more migrants in the capital city of bella rose mens who are looking at their compatriots. and they're seeing all the trouble they're going through here and they just don't want to come. they want to see how the situation unfolds. so this crisis has the potential of getting much worse. because you don't, if reporting there will international affairs commentator mark, i guess it does say that the standoff at the border could lead to nato putting more troops in the region. this is to legitimize the presence of nato troops on the, on the bell. it was bought from structures now, no build of a structure later when they're there and the patent with nature, it tends not to enjoy. it tends to stay where it goes. and so this is really the just amazing they to right there on the beller is border with whatever it fancies in the future. the vitamins always press been a bit of a fig leaf. this is about bella luce, as a, as a political activity. it's
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a big thing and need to look like they want to replace the, the manager of the theater with one that would be the opposite, right next to russian border. so this is all about increasing enclosure on russia. this is really tackled russia by stages. unfortunately, as it generally is in the region with the us marine corps on the lookout for diversity equity and inclusion advisor that seem to be a crisis of identity among west and military forces. and his article nist simon right now explains fighting the culture was, is not that straightforward. what does ask honest on, and the culture was having common, well, history is going to show the military, the end to either of them are doomed to defeat. surely armies have been passed in the equality for centuries. now they'll kill anyone
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without prejudice. any of them can go on anytime and they always turn off in the same outfit, but he's coach. it was a whole different battle ground. and the tactics revolving historic stepped forward with the appointment of admiral levine as the 1st openly transgender for star officer across the uniform services. that's the 1st openly transgender force dawn admiral there. that word openly makes me wonder how many of the others have had concealed weapons. guy. yeah. what? well, i say so then there's this tomorrow, the navy is that the chris in its latest ship honoring the late civil rights leader harvey milk. mit that is a nice talk. the u. s. navy naming one of his oil is off the gay rights activists harvey milk. milk by the way, was forced to resign from the navy back in the fifty's for being gay. so it be interesting to hear his thoughts on being used to school woke point today. cross the atlantic though, the british army is finding this liberal minefield,
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hard to navigate, and i'm actual minefield were time chief of defense. the on forces has come under 5, was saying a legacy culture is encouraged in the army, yet the outgoing head of britain's own forces. general nick car this week had a bit of trouble explaining how the military is trying to get rid of it. so good luck, dish culture, one of the same time, keep is lavish culture. you can see the dynamic, apparently, previous attempts just to bind the word lad has not worked. amazing. so the general said m p. 's, paul, the reason we encourage a lavish coach is ultimately our sol. just have to go closed in person with the enemy. what you've got to try and do is square both those outputs. and that's what we have to work on. my translation is they want an atmosphere in the military which will allow them to win a shooting war and one which will allow them to win the culture war. and they have no idea how to do both together. so the plan is to wipe out every one of the enemy
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on that ridge that you know, be nice about jennifer. nick carter was actually attacked for his own stay in the northern way. it's totally unacceptable among on forces that we talk like this was a former royal navy officer there, disagreeing with the merits of black culture. although i'm told that it's much easier to be progressive in the navy. easier when you're in a big ship, the the, the times quoted, an anonymous defense saws who supported general nick carter. the saw said, there is a psychology to warfare that is utterly unique. so does it, unlike any other profession, there isn't the right coach. always lose and civilians die. it's interesting about how to remain anonymous to express that opinion. the opinion that if you're going to train people. ready who are essentially killers, then the atmosphere in the military might have to be a bit rough around the edges. okay, so new order to above, before killing any of the enemy today. can you please ask them to sign the consent
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form 1st interested me? there's another british military court martial going on at the moment in which i quote, a female army instructor told junior recruits your mind and repeatedly punished them during training, including winning one the young male soldiers so badly. he cried. nicole, when can you hear the news? protesters of clash with police in the hague, after the prime minister declared a new round of cove. we dropped time measures in the netherlands. the rest were unable fireworks and set off in stones. the throne and offices who responded before to cannon. the government's decision comes in new cave cases that jump to an all time high. earlier this week, i meanwhile, across the atlantic, this outrage over president biden's k with vaccine mandates. the country does have the highest number of cases globally,
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but an appeals court has stalled. the government bid to force big companies to have their staff jobs, and a group of navy sales team are also among those seeking legal action. with more, his kind of mopping. joe biden's vaccine mandates remain highly unpopular and resistance is coming from new areas every day. the latest is a group of navy seals were taking joe biden to court, saying that the mandate violates their rights. the fact that the government has not granted a single religious exemption from the vaccine mandate shows that the biden administration does not care about religious freedom. instead, this appears to be an attempted ideological perch. it's a point and has to stop before any more harm is done to our national security. the liberty council, legal aid group that is representing the navy seals says if their religious exemption is denied, they could be court martialed, or involuntarily separated. the clash is already starting in the air force and the
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space wars that have announced that anyone who doesn't get the vaccine will be discharged. 40 service members have already been given the boot and the military is preparing to discharge thousands more. now that the deadline has passed, there is a clear line to begin holding people accountable. now the overwhelming majority of the air force is fully vaccinated, but there are thousands who have not implied and could soon be returning to civilian life. and it's not just the military customs and border protection agents are also at risk of losing their jobs. authorities are now calculating worst case scenario situations in which the country loses half of its border patrol. you're going to take an agency that's already gone through an unbelievable catastrophic crisis on the southwest border and the plates. it's was sources, fava, tens of thousands are all going to receive formal counseling. police and firefighters unions across the country are taking cities to court over the mandate . outrage seems to be rising higher every day. divisions in the united states have
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been running deep for quite some time. but now the political fall out of coven vaccine mandates threatens to rip apart some of the country's most vital institutions. soon. i'm aka may lose a lot of very important people because they refused to get the jap taylor pop and artsy. new york city had feed issa us parents right, raged off for school. governor kept secret files on them because they opposed the wearing of masks and the teaching of critical race theory will have the details just after this ah ah, with
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, his on offense, very dramatic or development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk ah,
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welcome back. now, parents in the us state of arizona are up in arms after the head of their children's school port was allegedly keeping secret files on them. it included social security numbers to voice records and also financial and other background information. the parents had previously raised concerns about the wearing of masks and also the teaching of critical race theory. with more details, his dan hawkins secret dossiers intelligence gathering data bases. the stuff of spy fiction, real life espionage, or perhaps that plot of hot fuzz wouldn't renegade over. so nicholas angel confronts the creepy may word. what's alliance bent on controlling the community? calling yourself the community that cares. oh, but we do care nicholas about the greater good i can this be for the greater good
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i, we don't know if the author or authors of this document met at lights or war cloaks, but the revelation has got parents seeking answers from their school board president the documents accidentally leaked by scottsdale unified school district governing board president. yes. michael greenberg was a mix of insulting aud, and just creepy with hundreds of files on parents labeled s u. s. the wackos and anti mosque lunatics tracking social media posts and parents, political beliefs unit is waiting to take over scottsdale school so they can fully implement black lives matter curriculum. here in our community, we send out children to school to learn to read, write the bill. and curriculum is what the democrats, one for our children. it is horrifying. sales education system. they demand more money in raises for teachers. but what exactly they're teaching america, bat, white people, bat government got blackledge met and made it very clear that they will use school
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chromebooks to infiltrate and indoctrinate your children. as if that wasn't enough . the drive also contained personal details, social security numbers, divorce records, financial and other background information is lawanda. parents are shocked with some calling for the school board presidents resignation. we cannot allow anyone in the leadership position to secretly compiled personal documentary information on moms and dads who have dads because publicly on social media about their grievances with the district. many wondered why and how the board president got this information. the art so lame the files themselves with his own father, apparently confirming parents, had been actively investigated somewhere around here. we have a private investigator who's already down over please. yeah, i had a law firm good. so that is protected so that we can get both greenberg and his father were linked to the google drive document with greenberg denying any
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involvement in the scandal. i categorically denay having anything to do with any of this. if you're going to claim in a story right now that i had anything to do with this, i would argue that crosses the line. the school districts went into diamonds control mode, assuring parents that data was safe. but this isn't the only incident of school authorities embroiled and controversy. another arizona school district that actually worked with police officials to clamp down parents who pushed undesirable views on last minute for children or critical race theory and the school curriculum . here are some slides for you to pass along to the until unit and live tenant. tell us also whomever cool do they think i'm running this operation can continue to monitor and prepare for this one. if someone doesn't comply and you want them removed from the property, let us know they fail to leave. let us know that you want them trespassed and we can do that. everyone has the right to feel safe from harassment, threats, and intimidation where the pupils or teachers, parents or board members,
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regardless of any creed, open ethical leanings. but these developments have been interpreted by many as a confrontational step in the wrong direction and under the guise of protecting debate and improving safety, have made many feel quite the opposite. and hawkins, i will rights activist a for chapman does believe that this dorsey a is part of a drive to indoctrinate children with that particular world. v these low school boards are going above and beyond doing anything and everything that they can do to dis, credit parents and 2 are already that does not belong to them. they don't want parents speaking up. they don't want here to do what they're supposed to do, which is pretty tax provide and then their children at all costs. there's a hidden agenda. they want these children to be indoctrinated with. and the only way that you're able to do that is if you can remove parental authority out of your
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equation. and one way you can do that is to shut down the conversation by using fear and manipulation and intimidation. to do so, i do believe the legal authority should get involved because this should not be done is. ringback wholly wicked and just unacceptable on various levels. phone estimated 45000000 people around the world suffering from famine, not according to the u. n's world food program. and afghanistan is among the worst hit countries, more than half of its population. that's around 23000000 people are at risk of starving a crisis, the un says is made worse by the disastrous pull act of us forces from the country, which has left a humanitarian emergency in its wake. a
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blue ah compar cushion. i'm a poor father with no work, no money to feed my son, but i am hopeful because the doctor said they will do their best to save him. we're fighting for his life and the rest is up to god. his name is mohammed is only 18 months old suffering from the lack of food, a . keep in mind that the children in the most dire conditions of being brought to the hospitals. and what about those staying at home? i know there are many kids starving at homes in afghanistan during the last 2 months. the number of starving children doubled, and i'm afraid that will have a bigger crisis in the future as the situation is with
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you watching out international just coming to half 11. this saturday morning and more say so that's, i think zillow came back again at the top of the ah, the world is driven by dreamers shaped by 10 percent of those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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for yourselves to be more efficient, quicker with that and the actions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security at any machine because it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers. another when one comes option in the offering. it's not a matter of if it happens, it's a matter of when who oh i am ash kaiser. this is the kaiser report. well,
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there's an over to window somewhere and we're going to throw the dollar out of it. how about that, stacy? yes. well, you know, here in kaiser, where we've been basically been covering the story for over a decade of the overton window, shifting 1st in terms of how much deficit was allowed back after the 20082009 financial crisis. we were shocked to see when the deficit 1st hit a trillion dollars. remember that the 1st ever trillion dollar deficit. now it's like 3 trillion and you know, the shifting of what is accepted within the population and policy. so we're now allowed to have 3 trillion dollars deficit because the overton window shifted to allow for these sort of ideas to happen. so here we have something that happened up at cop 26 in the past week, and that was janet yon, our treasury secretary of the united states. she of course, had been previously the chair woman of the fed federal reserve. she said janet
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yellow don't miss the net 0 grand reset. price tag will be a $150.00 trillion dollars, which was how 0 hedge tweeted about it. they covered at the exact quote janet ellen said was quote, it's a global transition for which we have an estimated price tag. some have put the global figure between a 100 and a 150 trillion over the next 3 decades. 0 hedge then a few days later max, they quoted that they have a piece from eric peters, who is a c i o of one river asset management. he's a hedge fund manager. so hedge funds, c i o, once you say a $150.00 trillion dollars a few times, it honestly doesn't seem so big. says she at 1st said her statement said a 100 to a 150 trillion her following paragraph. this is how you shift the overton window.
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these programs are exciting, she said. but as big as the public sector effort is across all our countries, the 100 trillion dollar plus price tag to address climate change globally is far bigger. and you see the cost already appeared rather smaller. so 1st she said 100150 trillion. then the next sentence, the next paragraph, she shifted to a 100 trillion plus. so this is how you train the overton window. this is how you shift it to where you want it to go. right, well i mean this, the numbers that makes sense because remember, 5 or 6 years ago there was a g 20 meeting where it was speculated that the cost of rolling up all the central bank, bad debt to the i, m f. would be about 100 trillion and the leader of russia at the time was making that statement publicly. and they were talking about the need for a 100 trillion bow.


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