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is doing anything and everything that they can do to dis, credit parents and to exert authority that does not belong to them. they don't want parents speaking up. they don't want here to do what they're supposed to do, which is protect, provide and then their children at all costs. there's a hidden agenda. they want these children to be indoctrinated with a particular world view. and the only way that you're able to do that is if you can remove parental authority out of your equation. and one way you can do that is to shut down the conversation by using fear manipulation and intimidation. to do so. and i do believe the legal authority should get involved because this should not be done is. ringback wholly wicked and is unacceptable on various levels. many thanks for choosing arte international will be back with the latest headlines in about 30 minutes. the
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ah. ah ah. ah. oh. excuse me. i'm sorry for that charlotte battery. why don't we rely on last year? which was which our show should bring cards for us. the total me practitioner
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wondering a performance will show us where to come monday and share it with grind kritisha their numbers, bundle ones for 2, for non linear, shoot them. i knew it was in the queue route back at the thought of bracelet. nathan shannon and all the emotional number of the gym, the not sitting at the national. we keep coming on quite a bit of history at all. for some reason we can find out the ship. where's thought i wish we get off the internet to explore here, we have to review on a pre approval through mr. right from different from the medical director, anger, butler need to move out. so give me a finish line you're interested in when you're welcome bye. i'm finally got more that opponent sites microsoft control. when we come up with them, i think you guys can get off your a
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ah ah, i was looking for an apartment to move in in the month of march. the sale in 2020 and i get a random email on my g mail from angela morrison. she claimed to be um the okay, i'm an old couple who cannot travel to hughie anymore. and they have bought an apartment in maple berlin street. they'll go to the wall, she said that she wants to leave a doubt because it's empty and she, she's dealing with air b and b. so i thought okay, maybe because it's a, b and b,
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it's an international brand and mean it would be okay to deal. or she sends me on links. it has reporters of the apartment. it has a logo of air b and b. it has a ratings, it has feedback from different guess i over the emails we were discussing and i said okay, i'm ready to take it. so she said, yeah, okay, you with b and b and b directly and i will get the confirmation. so i made the payment, i go to the mean. it's the b and b payment del website. and the notification comes, i put in my god details i say b mm i'm there but i'm here with us on sunday and you are reporting routine should have thrown many centers for manual to wants more . sure more. he's to senior. i'm pretty good on mary's care. since you're here and what's out the water different department and from us on the dropbox is to compete on obama ritual 3 for our 1st year. that's really odd enough. oh, really?
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a crash in the ship of korean shows the shout seemed, but attempt of a sportsman standing jeanine ear ported over to them. mm hm. would you please in the meant you're pretty risk, richie scrambling and she doesn't ramp or special shots for me or on here. what i she or the why it saw jason you showed at the right at the rosters creeped up on a storm. you're in europe because it's in a strange court. ordered us across the lit, boehme, e. my me on friday, the 9th of 20 scroll across to ya for john, let's go to the pony to me. come on computer soon from officers here just that i need to pay today on the board. members name is just on for the border. deep non costa blood units, car, fixed by today's eod is up office. she received. right. i'm sure to put it as well . michelle said the brace quite quantum ways. i mentioned char gentle. my social is one. mm. to mike. again, this chat box opens up. i'm. it's this going to call
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a plot the mom for she's like on, i'm from a to b and b, b received. your god be do, and we're processing your payment. so i said okay, i'll do it. i made the payment and she deducted. so i got a statement of the money deducted in euros. so i told her that why did you do doctor noodle is because i'm being you in my local currency. she is make old care. sorry, sorry, be able to refund it. and we will charge you again. so i said okay, you know, whatever charge show, send me the refund. so she's like, y'all, we're processing it. mm hm. so one day went, 2 days went. so i told her look over it is the refund. and she's like, yeah, okay, you would get another notification on your phone, just give me that number and i will process that he find. so i give o o d b again. she takes another $8000.00 didn't. so now thought though she's taken 16000
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didn't strong my account, and that's when i thought something is gone drones. mm . ah, a look. what else? nope. or no premier to come up with a slightly if the small capital allows you really with that easily with machine shaquita. salsa. okay. are you sure that we need to? where are you? because like when we site couple are you, we're going to push them as well. wishing that great easy might use this new, we done the video to lucian on me, how to get on the side thing. then
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i got an air b and b headline. they said we cannot find your name, beacon or find the horse name. we cannot find this apartment. we don't have any of these details. we will what you will do, our scam and fraud department, because this seems like a scam with east africa. i thought continue or if it's just time the engineer york university procrastinate video from the me but yeah for sure. but i was one of the soonest. you seem broken. i mean just the wrong address that i bought that alicia,
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this is just approximately the horse to change the american generally young. it's a quarter. not armando. he doesn't want the only boy scheman. nakesha, diana preston, your name, your 1st name scott. and i will come on dillard my clock. clinical. yup. will not start. it's beside no storage spot to put your ear liam. turn it off. so i'm gonna have to look on as to the weights. i'm wondering if they're ballasa libra, buckeye, many deborah mccord miracle it up router. it's cheaper to pinpoint dahlia george. everybody caught you at the cottage. morton, which is poison. talking to wilma kaufman, but as i'm seen coupon lexical, intermittent eve just now thought cra at the black box. there should've been come up when you walk up, which the computer will go idea one camara year. see genuinely, or she from one comma thought potentially from goodwives. for your, from your critical one, come on. she was up actually it was one wish nick, but good check. swim will compute little. he's been come out there. she couldn't be just friends. her ear or you know, pretty more come on to dispense her all the way on with them. all ginger will mission visiting is a should the clamp financial at the funeral or charitable shania?
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it's on brown been yup. and choice wasn't notarized astonishing at nissan sheds. when wishing you come here, why you bought all you have crept on her car's good, ostrich value per quarter, but if you come, when you go ready to enter is from last year dollars or so. got a cheap. are you not thought capone but his words? my boys are tilly. nearer let me stand ingenuity. mm. now they've humans, you know, read through read drugs that when i do see that any ratio or, and she has a house here, it was very believable. nobody can see it was a freak website. i had shown that link to my colleagues. i don't wish i showed it to my friends. i said, see, this apartment is so nice. nobody said that this is freak. nobody got it. it is free. sometimes if you see i some spelling mistakes sort of you see something, you know, you to relate to something seems integer roll, but this was a, well,
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you know, like a bull 2nd copy of the website. even the logo, ah, i'm trying every day to find gone dives, who can help me and b and b said no, we cannot help. it is trauma because you lost money. you feel a bit stupid back. you know, how could this happened to you some way i have lost it took me, i thing 56 months to make my 1st online payment in order to buy something online. otherwise i was so scared. i check 100 times. i check, you know, is this website, craig, is this, when does an edge demand, you lose trust in the hulu, internet speed? mm hm. a lot of money has borne within, like the same scans, same people, same names. the dog site is that you don't know what this money is being useful.
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you know, it can be used for wrong things, and i don't want to be a sponsor of that, you know, for whatever. although the things that are happening in the water with whatever you know, stuff which still happens on the dark away. well, what do i do? want to be part of that with summer resume, or if the charter used to go to that $1.00 cost from 6 to their own best option a sooner 5 years from edward here to when you used to production of brochure w in your thompson. but i know bon kinda putting me up specially visiting your id when you're, when you won confused. b, you remember the zeros where you should receive this up. awesome. are you the dealer massage mancha nissan of elk grove. this is temperature. i use your machine used generalisation. your program with our daughter, but it smarter to work on yours, nissan edwards moment. so i'm sure you won numerous to portugal for city of spot guns, wives of 100. i'm a buck volunteer. are you, scott? we're moving you back or when you're here, you're welcome. glen jablonka, generic girl never pneumonia is up bosses just like me.
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i don't actually so that's some relation that companies so they can up about which company which is a yeah look, inducted us if so i mean a multi plan which is a lot more with the ssl that is have the so almost about the kit, the resume which has anything to live patient companion, my precious companion, what's nice, even the stores dish just like that. so of course they did that and it's like it's dish or or dish. show me a little group which is of show but in there. so it's like i'm, i didn't milan wish him so that it's in the store. offending was really 9 my little boy, nice in underwriting and i was up by the social assist. michelle, i'm finance, which, which company is there was
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a bus. mr. georgia is this se, and the 3 that we put your corporate kind of bug wanting to get on to the northeastern or of us, didn't it up a little like nasa what just look at what's beyond the ability to repair and that's what american policy makers will claim as a justification for more money printing, because if climate change, if it were possible to fix climate change, it would shrink the entire global economy down to the point where the bankers would stop getting bailouts and they can't ever stop the bodies. so that's, that's the rhetoric behind that, that's the methodology behind it. that's the psychosis. as a korea professionals bolt is much tougher on some than others with my, by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just a little girl to proceed to, to, to achieve really was,
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was a read on the paper this morning. usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's going to start linking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming here, is that documentary? see it on r t a a at the wondering why scott car do you know 50 minutes a donkey? we're not poorest. couple delta my channels out. i'm with the expert who are that
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much on their spot on them. as a friend, board or mind rocketing water companion, i secret reminds them from people on the plane you apply really a poor duration of that you would not be not performing artist pretty normal. not my pleasure. when you to the point you can put me on potentially make your one more and greatest on. i've been good enough. i've been talking with your daughter on the phone or exposure to putting them into them. if you she a girl that you want to strike that, that price definitely isn't that margaret. my name is please read. you get a lot more on me. mind your cable in your pockets digital. i knew mark mark were trying to find out when you got to my for both residential and
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not and you're not, you're not going to come off. yeah. how i do you need? yeah, i pick, i mean, i mean, not, not even, not probably the processor and i know putting me on hold don't mean to interrupt, you know, for they can restore them luxury further. can you more compete with finance? well, more precisely, boys here to carson on a phone call from here. give me one moment. yep. like each one would be if one you one with me, one more. so we split your daughter here. so i tell you how to like, i say, you know, by me, my sickness, buffalo new at the moment making sure you got because she spoke to my graduate that i didn't get a quote for a group of call. you know where it's warm. yeah,
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it's huge, but you know, she's pretty alarm over the years. like for me ah, just so i get a minute so i will stablish that machine. east excursion alter said no goc, but grad shorter man. he's like, go north or sit down, borrow a gene, give a nearest one kosky stuck on that. are both at east region authority issued from mankowski 3. yeah. mr. papa at my computer on like you to with sir while she di, digital avoided shaneka. com site. you can order online bodka car officially and down, they think about it without the hiker nor seattle, a small no or a g, when you post haste and then what money shoot cried in aging yeast wizard that soft or wish cassandra and logan? no, i could have done them, nobody is. brianna shook armando took up to restore your 2nd so at
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your sins near the proposal, march or the middle of march 31st. if i just a neutral f graph, i just ended up coming with me from a song boy, the bomb homes in western. she misses school and you know, for did he bedroom, you're with ameristar positions, year slash me or a climate? yeah. it was out of a book more good morning, muslim rebecca moore's mom remembered even this new laura speaking to mushroom. are you better media to fornia long enough? money starts daniel spoke and could just make out the internet option. shes smiling the bank as well as to be up and you must look up the loops to show them that went. but even though got it broke spectacle thought moscow bowman like rates for women, mental delegates or that the stolen key, the dumb they put they hit them kind of the match it. yes it is that i'm watching the process. no, my best that's done with the shadow. it's motion there,
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which lot to stop without. yes, i can all watch it last. i think i might sony mucky of a sports news. you know, when which internet i'm getting started, i open his name, but there were technical, somewhat silly, it's a 1000000 yet by it's must have done that could, isn't it got to yog natania gyla? we have valesh told me, but i do it by kill with capital. i'm just going to press, ah, i'm from the me. if there were any winners in there. i walked down to the yahoo! i'm more south runing gotten dr. pritchett's of believe it or subordinate. i'm working at the present to suggest to know that on the more last upon reviewers, manriques boy, the for the justice talk about i am more than the sports that would love to be danielle. thank you. not serious. look across from that on the more dos report. it isn't compatible. welts move to slightly with little positioning themselves. you of sublime her at the video chicklow sheets and i spoke l. his appeal, exertion was live. look, i've been lufkin with us, company. me check on morrison,
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and you'll see the world or says any potential playground when the payment on that was meant up official, according to the should in your vote browser in the pinellas ill text of his that i forgot what it must seduce. conklin, buncombe with. but i, you choose my permission in court that can put a wizard, debaugh necklace that i need. so for keith stung permit, i'm just, it's called a straight this boom initiative, silicone loma but a society is polish programming for religion channels or might no longer be bob who may suck in. his bought a leash dish that i'm approved to joke a stamp. playground with the social cost of placement. if sure, what's of simple, that's just him because i guess inquiry sorta long, but it's about me. it's for cut out at the video show which address will it will that sir huddle should be a lot. i got a complete and i was love, i didn't cook was why she worked and colored wood and bulged aging 3 job workers shoot, daniel, not the session of slumbers shoot. andrew stiff. can you believe that oregon roxanne is? yeah, i use nagondo new on the group years and as ashika if that. yeah, thank you. oh fraud. how come gra, doormen of redondo, vizier,
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or as national monitoring is awesome. but his classes are a bedroom, rent, not sitting in a problem now thought yeah, i thought yet not again. he's out says flores' man. we rename it. but got w. william, i thought you know by shout again on spy. here from trumpia, horner from montgomery, which needs to be degree chair for not sure how i should get an idea of how i should from my for the new not sure if it works out for my new year. when we come through to redone the vehicle video because the picture is a little down on my front door when you, when you're fortunate for manager, when you see you've been shot one of the 1st years finishing and he was more not by promoting the ginger or from the one point about it at a time, somebody back another group unable to get off the phone or when you might have enough, i can come if you're not gonna you gotta be increasing. it's not blowing your gun
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the hoover monday because you're going to be ready to come. i was going to school again. it's teaching was concerning what will be and all that much the we're not to be pretty normal. sometimes school short the why do you down and up the most. that's when the, when the miss marshall, this is miss marshall about this trust succession in chester. and the question on our, if you don't put him on the site to bill you, people said about the problem could, you can also send it to still boy, come over. you didn't get to the receptionist wasn't the young. can you press all
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the rules and sounds, and if so, a structural wall structure, what the super restore, it's meant to call my hands treasure or much. and i'm interested in a rush. trusted in jewel. it's started, but all of them and in this to be gone for the school was just started going north down in the fall of south of their stores. we'll change north america. some jenny, resuming was charged indians to look at the principal mall deal it's mention to me to go over the vision and my extension is into to solve my answers. i want you. ringback to finance 2 bedrooms in the present. it's a good argument to be just about your dishes or something up as normal. they use
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marshal changing kind of pushing that, you know, it's almost new just on the same principle just like i'm looking for this period. i want you to go to the few. now, did you wanna inform the beautiful epic you didn't want them to. gotcha, so i'm sure i'm learning to me the more suspense because ah, more than and i'm why now i'm not so much switch right to keep it around a boys. a partnership stock are on a back up with top of the annual debt on those have thrown in the grade is i was going if i'm not sure if there was any more of a dollar for
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a proposal. i thought louise, your present you from now? i am a, a, a got back to cheat is a am by trauma calisha. pretty me on the kind of like a whole will bomb crack. so to provide some clinical beach is to crowded, couple with reason to come to publish it almost double. but i was more of a you with easy to work. it was creature kindergarten. you know, you might have to get, i have to talk with clinicians, rings a, i have a more spurious to cut off with. guess if you were to take a real life example in the past, you'd rather bank,
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you have to go there. physically steal some stuff, walk away. that's why you got a gosh. that's the difference between 50 year though, banks, ice and a 5 year ago or 4 year ago. you produce greek engine you're wanting. um, what is the pricing? yeah. i mean you're wanting to put in a position. i will check amanda. i need a rachelle. russia. yeah, ah
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ah, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think a lot of going to change anything but only eventually there's malware thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber. they use the think biology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat.
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this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the many cyber implants right now, i'd be where they're really worried about it. most people with equally b, you can put a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker site using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive site in a town close on to true believers, usually highly committed to this well, few songs. and i recall scientific fundamentalists, i'm not very interested in the evidence about psychic phenomena or about the values spiritual practices because it goes against the world. but the evidence is very strong, spiritual practices and religious practices make people happier, healthier,
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and live longer. with the mike when prices on the eastern border is the result of the blokes and military campaigns in the middle east. thousands were main stranded at the poland deliveries from a we must not forget where the micro crisis originated from is better. is really the 1st country to deal with these problems. no, these are reasons that were created by western countries themselves, including your pay. once you, as a pails quote, once again rejects jo biden's national vaccine mandate for companies to get off jobs as service post. now ons, government workers join the bank cash and we look at how west and military is all struggling to find culture was among their ranks of the us. marine corps tends to
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hire a diversity equity and inclusion advisor.


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