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cooperation between the 2 world superpowers. there was no breakthroughs on a key issues like taiwan, trade in human rights. making. some ask are the 2 countries in the midst of a cold war? and we have all had that moment when we've been in conversation with others in person and magically the next time we checked our phone and ad popped up. related to what exactly we were talking about, semi find this convenient. others might find it creepy. we will dive into the technology involved as well as why this invasion of privacy is legal. i'm sky now here we're going to give you at the 360 view of these stories on today's news views right here on our t america. ah, we start today off with the latest on the virtual meeting between president biden and chinese president. she jam ping at the talks were expected to be centered around the future of taiwan. but the morning after china's foreign minister now
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says they bite administration admit it does not support an independent taiwan and will respect the one china policy boom, best co host an investigative journalist, a bent swan reports. according to the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, president joe biden admitted that the united states adheres to the one china policy and does not support taiwan independence during monday nights. virtual meeting with president g champagne having to issue voucher. during the meeting, president biden admitted again that the united states adhered to the one china policy and does not support taiwan independence didn't go. as we reported, china has increasingly stepped up military aggression toward taiwan over the past few weeks and months, including over 100 military incursions into ty ones airspace. recently. that was the backdrop for monday's meeting between president biden and president g. yeah. during the opening of the virtual settlement recounted from their time travelling
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with each other, sometimes quoting each other's words from that era function. as i said before, seems to me our responsibility as leaders of china in the united states. to ensure that the competition between our countries does not vary the conflict whether intended or unintended. just simple, straightforward competition as the world to biggest economy and permanent members of the un security council, china and the u. s. st. communication and cooperation. we should not take care of our own domestic affairs, but also assume our new international responsibility is jointly promote the noble cause of peace and development of mankind. before the meeting began president by the suggested that he would reference new guard rails on the issue of taiwan. and while by didn't did reference concerns about chinese behavior that threatened stability in the taiwan straits. he never did said any of those new guardrails referenced to started the talks, which leads a series of questions about how china will proceed in its aggression toward taiwan
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. for news news, news, i've been one series of questions that we're going to try to get some answers from, and we bring it to gil, former official in the us trade representative's office. steve, i want to get to this double speak in a 2nd, but i want to start off though with this friendship that seems to happening between president she and president biden, you know, president by an initially earlier in the day and said, nope, we're not old friends. and i thought it was funny because when president chief 1st got i said, hailed friend, it was like, he was watching and you went to kind of already go to that as well as a timeframe, a pm in america, yet am in china. so, i mean, he was more of an advantage on that when you know that was a big criticism though the president trump had it was that he was too cozy with tears and friends yesterday conversation seemed like a cosy and friends. yet are we seeing any criticism of the events yesterday and how the 2 actually handled each other? well, we certainly didn't hear any questions in the whole 3 hour meeting about cove. it in china's responsibility for that. i was also taken by the, the,
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my good friend intro that president she came with cuz you just had jen sack you claiming that the president and presidency are not good friends. you have the president himself say we're not good friends. and then president, she opens it up or the president, she's been studying the trump troll book on how to troll people and, and intentionally. and with that, just to mess with joe biden, to show that he's, he's playing games in his head and living in his head just like donald trump as well. but then you go to actually what was said there. and i have to tell you, i'm a little bit confused because here you have the form restrict, wrapped, saying that no president buying agrees that taiwan one china, we're all in together. that's exactly opposite though, from what you're hearing here in america. this idea of rationing that china is gonna evade taiwan. what is the united states going to do about we actually hurt our friendship with france, making sure that we sold, say we how to solve the marines to australia with this idea of national if a national security, if the china and bay taiwan, i'm hearing a lot of double speak right now. what is the truth in this or it is by did not even
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know. i don't think by knows, montoya, i don't think the by the administration has a clue what they're doing. keep in mind that the one china policy has been played out in how the chinese have treated hong kong there were supposed to be almost a to china separation. so that hong kong could operate with democratic principles and with a free market system that has been crushed without any real pushback by the united states. so the chinese have seen that they could walk all over hong kong, impose their will on hong kong, started arresting people who speak out against the government of china. and hong kong and the united states in the rest of the world didn't lift a finger, they are now being very aggressive in their stance toward taiwan. and we should be very concerned about that as are the south koreans, as our japan, australia, the entire pacific coast, because china is being very aggressive and the u. s. administration under biden is not doing anything to push back in any measurable way. and well, that's all thing. yeah, we are hearing reports, see that there's actually
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u. s. troops overtraining in training, taiwanese army, they're over there to actually training right now. they're obviously in south korea, you know, say on one hand, you're hearing this idea that, oh yes, the u. s. is going to back up tiwana china evade. and then you've been telling, this is very dangerous to me because you're getting to different mega and are they not today? then media is not covering. the media is not se, nope, according to the chinese minister they yes, bite and told them that if we made taiwan, they're not gonna do anything about it. that's exactly opposite of the rhetoric that we're hearing out of the media out of this white house here at home. do they not think people talk to each other? well and keep in mind that we got into the 1st gulf war when you had the administration. basically say to ram, we don't, we don't mind if you invade kuwait or erect, we don't want you to make to wait and they did because they were given the green light that the president has. now, given china, essentially the green light to take action against taiwan and they are watching very closely as the u. s. doesn't do anything around the world to,
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to kind of step up in the face of these kinds of aggressive pastors. whether it's by i said in the ukraine, whether it's by china and what they did in hong kong and now are, are focusing on, ty wants. keep in mind that internally, china, the china has very difficult financial situations. their manufacturing is on the slide, their, their growth is on the slides. china is essentially a 3rd world country outside of their major cities like hong kong gong to beijing and a few others. so there are serious economic problems within china. and the best way to hold your company or your country together, like a company under fire, if you then make aggressive postures against others. and this is what we've seen throughout history. when you go to war, that helps pull your people together. it helps overcome the economic distress within your country and it is a dangerous situation that i don't think the by the administration recognizes, even in the smallest portion, 3 and a half hours, stay 3 and a half hours talk about very important issue. they did not discuss the nuclear arsenal. they did not discuss how to prevent future viruses like the current,
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a virus from coming out of their borders. and it looks like what they did was double speak and actually said, nope, china, we're gonna have to stay out of it. we support you doing whatever you needed to do with taiwan next time. maybe the president doesn't need to speak to them. i don't know. unfortunately, what we did here was a lot of della fake, steve, always great to talk to you here at home. i'll either on connection with cons to not only for the jury verdict, but the public reaction when i have more on the details from the ground after the break with there's a to water around the try, a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states, you know, where the gulf amendment suddenly become optimal for lobster in our population here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters at the same time jousting for position and attention to high violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border
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dispute between can and the united states. because he magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to hope countries border dispute don't go away. it's assessed or something's going to happen with when alex seemed wrong when i just don't know, i mean, well yes to see how the same becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. this was a bargain that was may 2025 years ago under a clinton. as
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a matter of fact, they've brought china into the world trade organization, the w t o. this was a quid pro well that we're going to essentially give america a huge break on flat screen tv. but within 25 years we're going to bankrupt the country. and that's what's happening now. ah, the jury is deliberating in the trial of cal written house, the 8 year old, who shot and killed 2 men. and we're going to 3rd, during the unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, my summer. that's where our teacher at john had. he has actually lived with the latest john, thank you so much for joining me. you know, is the jury expecting to possibly reach a verdict when? well, that's, that's the big question isn't have a jury has been deliberating, so right around 10 am this morning, scotty. so we're going, you know, it's a little past 4 o'clock hour an hour behind you on the east coast. so now the better part of 56 hours, whether they'll reach
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a verdict tonight or whether the deliberations will continue tomorrow, whether they'll recess or that will tough it out and go into the night that are that that's one among many questions. at this point, the jury at 12616 men, women were pick from a full of 18 and earlier today actually available where the tumbler went over to pile rittenhouse, the defendant, and it was written how's, who actually pull the numbers out of the 6 alternates will be standing by and that's how they got down to that number 12. it's got unusual for that kind of like lottery drawing to happen as far as you know, pulling the 12 jurors was very unusual though. is that written house did it and that was by instruction in order from the judge in the case judge brew schrader now during the deliberations earlier today. this is one significant point. i should mention. the jury asked the judge for extra copies of the jury instructions. specifically, pages one through 6 having to do with self defense and also with provocation
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guidelines and also for crimes with intent to kill. so the jury was asking for extra copy of the jury instructions. and, you know, that's all part of, you know, when the jury has a question, the question is submitted to the judge. and then the judge, you know, gives the jury what it's, what it's asking for. written house is charged with 5 felony counts. so let me go through these counts quickly for you. the top one is 1st agree, reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon. now this is connected ally with count to, to the jeff death of joseph rosenbaum. the 1st man that written how shot and killed count 2 is 1st degree recklessly endangerment, endangering safety for the use of a dangerous weapon. account 3, 1st degree, recklessly endangering safety. use of a dangerous weapon and count for 1st degree intentional homicide. use of a dangerous weapon. both of these towns are connected to the 2nd man that co written has shot and killed anthony hubert count 5 attempt at 1st degree.
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intentional homicide use of the dangerous weapon is connected to the 5th man back holl rittenhouse shot and badly injured bob. but that person did survive his wounds, though they were very serious. excuse me, was now the judge in this case. as i mentioned bruce schrader, he dismissed 2 other counts from 6 and 7. count 6 of the small found technicality, and had to deal with the barrel length of the a r 15 style rifle that rittenhouse was using that he was carrying i. so that was dismissed on a technicality, an account set and had to do with a courtesy violation the both of those were thrown out before the actually, before the jury began its deliberations. the trial has been dramatic at times, as we've seen over the course of the days that it was held. there are firey exchanges between judge raider and between the lead prosecutor and the case. thomas bear with schraner getting really angry at b,
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or who's trying to basically bring up some evidence that trade are already said wasn't going to be using some testimony that was not going to be here or in the trial with rittenhouse breaking down when he took the stand of breaking down, getting very emotional on stan and, and obviously the dramatic footage that was his and particularly in a closing argument. it's the video of rosenbaum after the shot being laid on the ground, his eyes basically rolling in the back of his head as he was dying. so in the really graphic and gruesome video that was showed live 9 only to the jurors, not only to the courtroom that was also broadcast, live on tv during the ongoing coverage. so that was incredibly dramatic. the governor of wisconsin and tony evers has are activated on stand by 500 national guard troops who assist local law enforcement if a verdict is reached. if there is any potential violence or unrest at this point, scotty, it has remained pretty quiet. there's about by my camp is about to does and maybe 3
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doesn't. protestors that have been here on the courthouse steps throughout the day, calling for justice for the victim, for the victims, for the 3 men that were shot, the 2 men fatally the one who was badly injured. you know, so again, the question is, when will we haven't heard of? will the jury recess for the night? will it continue into the evening before possibly recessing for tomorrow? i guess again, those are among many of the questions. but at this point, there is a law enforcement presence, not a huge lot more since present, but it doesn't look like there's going to be any. it doesn't seem like anything is growing at this moment. but again, you know, all eyes are on the court house on what happens with his jury if a verdict is rich and when that is handed down, scott, to discuss this brand, dominic, he's a retired police officer. now dominic, there are a lot of he did emotions in this case. could this just be the calm before the storm?
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all the typical quiet mob before the start of my plan for the storm stuff. i don't, i don't even know what the, the, the mob wants at this point. i don't know how much more they're going to be just this. oh, outrage of we want a verdict going at our decision. and i think america is so tired of this cry, baby outrage from these activists. you're not going to get any type of fair trials . you're not going to get any type of will. yoga, hopefully you will get a fair versus trial was getting to watch from start to finish. but at this point, you know, what, what's the point of what this mob is doing in these activists in these protests, they're gonna just going to create a number, can osha riot that's going to bring out another kyle written house. so this cycles just never going to and, and i'm, this is about an hour from my house. i'm getting tired of this stuff and it's just getting real old. and that's the frustration on this. and some people are right now i'm voicing their anger at the prosecution. they feel like the prosecutor was very weak and the job that they did. how did you view? you said it was now jane to watch different points. you know,
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you had to just kind of cringe, but did you think they did a good job trying to actually prove to the jury their goal that rittenhouse did not act in self defense, but actually he murdered 2 people and that was his intent the whole time no, the prosecution was abysmal, and i made a statement yesterday saying if anybody is ever thinking about getting in a law enforcement watched the prosecution and thomas pinger from the case. and you will know that if you ever became a cop in kenosha county, you're, you're, you're going to be screwed because this man is going to just rip up all your works . the one great thing and, and again, this goes back in a black lives matter. this goes back in, in the activists when you have what people are seeing as unfair trial. the one thing that people really at the start understanding is that the district attorneys are states attorneys depending upon your state. they work with the police and police. i don't know what the conversation was when rittenhouse was arrested, but police can make a suggestion a, this is all the facts. this is the evidence. this is what our suggestion is. and it's up to the state or the district attorney to make a decision whether or not they are
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a prosecutor. it's honestly my thoughts that long for some presented all of their information. evidence to us. the prosecution said, hey, we're just not dealing with this because they don't want to be held liable. prosecution just got the all we, we have to make this a political case and they, i don't know how to describe it. it made no sense watching him for this honest, since i wasn't totally of, of what i got on the, on the can all show prosecutor's offices is if you're a female, god forbid. and you go out to a bar and you are just taken advantage of. and raped the prosecution, is going to ask what you did to your attacker to instigate it. that's exactly how you came across and it's all prosecution and it just made no sense to me. well, i remember your matthew fogg, who is a retired deputy u. s. marshall, i went and get his opinion on it since if he saw the same sort of trial that you thought of. he was happy with how the prosecutors actually handled the case. yeah, actually i think they put on a good, a good prosecution. the bottom line is,
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you know, you've got a guy walking to look place with a gun. what is it attention, where i don't have all of those facts and we just know that when the prosecutor brings occasion, you bid something of this nature. the bottom line is the job in murder, and he was any, he went out there, several people, 5 is weapon. he was not a police officer. he came on to the scene with an intention, nefarious intent. and so the bottom line is, i think they put together jason just again you thought and in political and i was once you start adding political stuff, instead of it afraid you change everything, whether or not this man came in. and as he took the law on a hand to came and added this, that he was going to do something with these people protesting. he bought a gun. why do you bring a gun? placene, if you're going to protest? so obviously there are things here that seem like the prostitute presented at the jury, and i don't see how they can come with a verdict other than what this man did well. and matthew, dominic, you literally, your answers are almost completely opposite,
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but that's exactly what we're saying right now, which makes me think that this is a powder keg and can oh sure, right now, i want to get the last current enforcement can't. we're going to kind of sure, but matthew, one last question to you. so you completely, you disagree with this. i did this with self defense that he brought the gun on the basis there were, there was obviously out of control riding going on there was looting going on. he thought that he was going to, you know, protect land that might, he never visited. and so they came after him, so you're, you're totally decision. this idea that it was self defense. absolutely. let me again when you, when you're talking about going into a scene of this nature and bringing a weapon, you are trying to be to police. the bottom line is the let the law enforcement handle the duties. and each coming in there. now he got his weapon, you know, uniform or no bad that nothing. of course you're going to have people that are afraid. and then you actually foreign browse. is that a ground and find it the person? it would just record all the way around when you look at all of this. but bottom line is, the jury heard it all hopefully to prosecute
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a present on his evidence. and a jury, you know, they have family members, they know folks that are coming to des moines. so they're going to, you know, make the right decision, you know, well dominate math. we're going to have is coming probably and then probably tomorrow when the jury verdict come down, continued. thank you so much for joining us. have you ever been sitting around with your friends talking about a particular subject only to find targeted ads on your social media about that very topic, a short time later, whether it's correspond natasha suite explains while big tech may deny this very claim. other technology experts say the tech might show otherwise. all smartphones make it easier to connect with loved ones and provide information at your fingertips. the trade off for many is privacy, and as a destruct forbid, tech continued to skyrocket throughout much of the country. some question whether some social media companies were being genuine or not when denying they use
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a smartphones microphone for targeted ads. we wanted to dig a little deeper into the technology standpoint to see if targeted out was a mere coincidence or a grant marketing scheme. taking many of us by storm, most smartphone users tend to carry their phones everywhere and it's a common sight to see these iphones or androids lying around during most conversations. but when social media reflect topics that we're just discussed, is it just indicative of one's online behavior, or is big tech actually listening to your conversations? and it's not even possible. i think that we all have our own subjective, anecdotal evidence as of one of to many of those coincidences that make us question . brian more in chief marketing officer for smart action off angelus based startup provides artificial intelligence powered customer service for large brands. they focus on conversational ai, which according to more and has evolved tremendously in the past decade more and says their technology searches for hot words or phrases. many times the hardware is
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listening for a reported wake word and an ad platform has even more power. is the technical voracity there for the handle and the answer to that is absolutely resulting. yes, it technical capabilities are there. peter philip, who works as a technology and security consultant agrees with technology is more than capable of capturing conversations for targeted ads. but he says, most users give these apps permission, owns themselves, are very secure, and until you give the right away to those apps, right. and sometimes it's, it's, you know, pretty black and white either you opt in or you don't. correct? yes. and, but that opt in portion is often buried in a 100 pages of legal speak. philip says many times people don't realize they're giving these apps the green light to use their microphone record their screens or view their browsing history. it's all in the fine print, many of us blindly accept when downloading an app. so there's been a couple of universities like northeastern university get us study of 8000 apps in
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the google app store. and they found that there are, there is no app maliciously or without permission recording your conversations and using those. so yes, phones are doing that, but not necessarily surreptitious way that is completely unauthorized by the user is confusing because, you know, facebook has come out publicly to say that they are using the microphone for targeted as yet. there are so many coincidences of people experiencing, you know, just having private conversations with people in a room with their smartphone nearby. and they suddenly start seeing ads for whatever it is that they're talking about, or those type of as usually you have requested at some point, access to your, to your microphone. and they do record and they are listening. the people on the forefront of a i is privacy, something that they're even discussing at this point. well,
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so privacy is in conflict with what marketers are trying to do. so what marketers are trying to do is to tailor to the very best of their ability to personalize hyper personalize in. yeah, that will be coming your way. and so there is absolutely friction between ethics and then what would otherwise be the desire of an ad platform. in these ad platforms, they make their money by people clicking out, so won't big tech continues to deny. utilizing one's microphone for targeted ad. taking a look at your studies may give you and your friends a little privacy. phillips says when looking to change your settings, examine the apps that have access to your microphone and camera. many times they request location, accessed as well. and if you want to keep your information private, philip suggest turning off that access altogether. reporting from los angeles and cautious suite, r t lots are going on in the world today. please stay tuned to
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r t and rti america as we watched developments that are going on in kenosha and waiting for the jury to come back with their verdict. because that's all we have for today, show all the time, make sure that you follow me on twitter at scottie and use the hash tag team and vh . we'll continue this conversation and for the show and more download portable got to be app for your apple or android device like always. and thanks for watching. we'll catch up with we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off, every device is a potential entry point for security attack. any machine can be here.
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it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers with them, as well becomes option in the offering. it's not a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of went to join me every thursday on the alex, simon, sure. but i will be speaking to guess in the world. politics spoke business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh, there's a patch of water around the try, a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states, northern gulf and made it suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters. at the same time jousting for position
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and attention are high, violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to hope countries. quarter dispute don't go away because fester, something's going to happen with when there are problems like the energy crisis, europe's illegal immigration on poland border or even when the wrong political party or politician wins. there is a culprit, always waiting in the wings. and that's russia. scapegoating, russia is excuse used by failing western elite
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or new york. it's really what america is about when our mayor took off, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the haves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard. i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the that there is a potters field that there is a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this act as burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried. where so much of new york city history is buried is document of the quality that has existed in the city for centuries.
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who or to count an anti council deployed by poland as it continues to resist attempts find migraines, to storm the border from the belive roof in order to reach the you question, defends, ministry slams the you with hypocritical off the washington criticized most guy for testing a weapon in space when it's done exactly the same well, nobody likes to pay more. on average, we have the money to do so. if mainstream us media outlets repeatedly claim that americans are better off on the joe biden, despite inflation hitting a 31 year reco citizens respond, we have to buy food and do things like.


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