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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2021 3:00am-3:30am EST

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hold the headlines here were not the international. the e u says it will use all tools at his disposal to stop the migrant in flux into poland. that size a polish border guards fi a t a gas on the water cannon at the refugees, much to the anger of bela roofs. a shop divide emerges over opponents tactics with fronds slamming plans to build a massive border wool. the program we look at the tough line being taken against people crossing from bella roofs, while a migrant votes of freely crossing the mediterranean. also in the program, germany considered imposing drastic cobra rules on the unvaccinated joining a growing list of countries to do so. as the government struggles to coordinate its pandemic response to mit up power transition. ah,
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your news is coming in fost today, a doughty international welcome to the program. let's get straight into it. so bela bruce has condemned to poland, bought a crackdown, calling it quote, violence against people on another country's territory. a polish border gods have fenced off the frontier, firing water, cannon, and tick asked to prevent migrants from breaching the fence. meanwhile, a top un official claims to be unaware of the crack down, despite the pitches being broadcast all around the world. the reports today say that the push side used to water cannons against those migrants. how can you comment on this? we don't have a confirmation on that. obviously if there was any such a treatment that that that would, that would be wrong. there should not be any use of force in dealing with with these said this population ah
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militia, not that my racial glasses, that we might respond with all possible tools to our disposal might. as human beings has been converted to weapons further on, not only bodyguards on the post border, but the military as well. up to $20000.00 personnel with aircraft an armored vehicles are deployed there. the e wants to protect itself from an invasion of refugees that come from countries bombed by the u. s. lead western coalition. ah, polish actions are absolutely unacceptable. tear gas water cannon shots, fired over the heads of migrants towards ballers. this reflects a desire to hide their actions. they cannot understand that they are violating
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every conceivable norm of international humanitarian law. the bell russian president has said he's ready to help send microns back home. and a new shell has been set up for those no longer willing to risk their lives to get into the e you around a 1000 people, including families with young children, are now being housed at a converted warehouse office. spending several freezing nights out in the open artes iraq down off reports from that facility. so following today's failed attempt to storm the polish gordon, dozens of migrants have expressed their desire to well go home. so all of them have now been taken here. this is normally a logistic center on the border, which is used to all sort out the goods to well for that kind of stuff. now it has been re purpose and re facilitated by the bell russian authorities into this temporary shelter place for the people. for the most vulnerable with the warehouse is located 500 meters from the border. it was decided to quickly clear some space
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there so that people won't have to sleep rough for a 2nd night. in the space of 2 hours, goods were moved to one end of the warehouse. this liberated about 40 percent of the space. additionally, medical teams are on their way to the site. they will check temperatures and move those with a high temperature to a separate area. this what you're seeing all around me is a logistics center next to the border. it normally normal life, it was used before. the border checkpoint was closed due to the migrant crisis. it was used to sort out cargo goods, you know, that sort of stuff. now the bill of russian government has organized, you know, ra, sleeping matter here that have been provided by the, are better russian side, or are, you know, they have a roof over their heads. there's no wind, it is much warmer here inside. in fact, for the 1st time here, i can actually see what these people are wearing under their overcoats. cuz previous the, every single day they would put as much things as much clothes on,
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on them as possible, as many enough overcoats and such. so you can see this is, well, this is, it can be compared to the conditions that they had to survive. and i just, yesterday, his a new batch of bi grants that you can see arriving to the center to basically the main purpose of this place is to provide proper shelter to the most vulnerable. you know, so that the polls do not shine blinding spotlights in your, in your face as you're trying to go to sleep and so on. you know, no wind, you know, if it rains these people are now safe here. and so what will happen next to the authorities? the bell, russian authorities will go on and try to establish the identity of every single person here. because some of them don't even have their documents on them and well, then they will be flown. hopefully they will be able to fly back home, back to we're back to wherever they came from. because this is their main purpose.
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they came forward and said, we want to go home. we don't wanna, you know, cross into europe anymore. we've given up on this idea, we want to go home. and so people, they will be trying to, you know, the authorities, they will be identifying these people and, well, hopefully facilitating their return earlier the e e. u foreign policy chief, joseph burrell, and our new strategic campus plan. giving the e u. powers to react quickly, including in partnership with nato, to what it deems a threat. and the west has been accusing. belarus of deliberately pushing migrants from the middle east and to poland. a claim mit continues to deny. and in the meantime, the u. s. and e, you are preparing fresh new sanctions for france is refusing to fund a massive wall to stop migrants crossing the poland belarus border. the plan has so far received the backing of 12 ear you states, but paris has condemned the idea as inhumane. and war source 0 tolerance position on migrants is facing criticism from top politicians within the
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e u. i am in favor over year of which protects his borders, but not a europe which bristles with barbed wire or covers itself with wools. what is happening in several places on the borders of the union is disconcerting. the gap between the great principles proclaimed and the neglect of the hunger and cold to which human beings are exposed at the borders of the union is surprising. the polish border is one of several e u migration hotspots right now, or last weekend alone. more than $600.00 refugees arrived on italy shores off the crossing from north africa. and as our correspondent charlotte dumas, he now explains. they are being treated very differently to those migrants coming through bellows. what a difference a route makes. in the last few days, hundreds of migrants crossing the mediterranean sea flimsy fishing boats found themselves rescued and brought to you repeat land. since the start of this year,
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more than $50000.00 migrants have used that c route reach italy, that's an 85 percent increase compared to the same period last year and almost 500 percent more compared to 2 years ago by landing on europe's mediterranean coast, migrants find themselves greeted by agencies there to lend a helping hand fly just under 2000 kilometers to another e u country. and the reception couldn't be more different around 3000 migrants, desperately trying to survive in no man's land is winter sets in n g o z and agencies can't even get full access. while the past to freedom is blocked by here cast by water cannons by barbed wire. in a bid to shore up the eastern european borders. poland is going to construct a war,
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a war that would be partly paid for by the european union. and he's designed to stop people from crossing into the block where they can then make claims for asylum . but as this wall has been given, the green light, the use top court has just issued this ruling. the courts of justice finds that hungry has failed to fulfill its obligations by allowing an application for international protection to be rejected as inadmissible. on the grounds of the applicant arrived on his territory by a state in which that person was not exposed to persecution or risk of serious harm, or in which a sufficient degree of protection is guaranteed. that judgment laws hungry in the court ice has restricted the right of asylum seekers yet doesn't to all financed by the e. you do exactly that if the european union is full of contradictions, so massive immigration is right. this is that the good allison brussels has been telling all the member states that they should greet all these other immigrants
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coming from the, from all over the world. they sent codes and they went through some political wars with hungary, with serena with poland because they would refuse of quotas. and so the region union wants this message, integration to the know of a sudden in one specific country. it is okay to build a wall and that's all it only because we're speaking about belarus and which is an ally of russia. so this shows this bit that double standards that the european union is opposing to shows that the european union couldn't care less about immigration, and that it's using this tremendous, depending on the situation around a 115000 in legal border crossings. have been made this year at the use external borders. the majority of still coming from the main routes that have been established now over many years. yet while countries like italy and hungry, which have been at the coal face of this problem for so many years now, a lot she left to deal with it on their own. poland enjoyed the immediate backing
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of brussels, which is rally de round with both moral political and now financial support. and while it's easy to say that least he's picking one mistake against another. this is much, much more than that. this is double standards at the highest level, se sum, and that level goes all the way to brussels. charlotte, even ski ot paris. well, another country, there's dealing with a new influx of migrants is that of iran. now people have been fleeing that from neighboring afghanistan ever since the taliban re took control. but international organizations have actually cut refugee aid to terran, had something un as actually condemned. now nonprofit organization than all we do in refugee council says 4 to 5000 people have been crossing from afghanistan into iran daily. since the taliban fake over it states about 2 or 300000
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refugees on top of the large number of displaced people that were already in the country. now the group recently visited migrant cramps comes that a monitor the conditions people are living in and layla my thought it was among the delegation. she says iran is an urgent need of international aid. i was there. we spoke to several families who have been on the ground for a very long time in iran. and they all say that every family member, they speak with back in afghanistan in cobble and elsewhere in the country. all tell them the same thing that they're on the way to the border. they're trying to find a way out there trying to get into iran because it's become absolutely hopeless to live in afghanistan in much june, to the economic collapse in the country. and those families be spoke to say that, you know, they have so little already to share among so many. and they worry that unless the international community that sucks give more support to neighboring countries of, of cow stand, there will simply not be enough just to support everyone with their basic needs. this is in a context where iran itself has economic challenges as
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a result of sanctions and, and coven, 19 general. there has not been adequate attention to the situation in the neighboring countries of afghan has done. it is always the neighboring countries and shoulder, the major responsibility when there's a massive refugee flow. it's remarkable that iran is able to absorb 40025000 refugees coming from has gone on every day. and yet, europe is not able to deal with the 4000 or a few 1000 refugees at the polish quarter. but it's also equally unfortunate and outrageous that the beller is, authorities are using refugees as a tactic to win an international geopolitical game for about a hopper through the program. here, one off, international still ahead here activates in canada, se assisted suicide is becoming fought through commonplace with physically healthy patients, even being encouraged to take their own lives. it's hard to believe that story in just a month with
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess will the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm . ah, ah, it is quarter past the hour here on the russian capital will germany is considering new coven restrictions for the unvaccinated. the roles would apply to 14000000 adults ultimately mirroring a controversial system now in place in austria. but with berlin preparing for a power transition, opinions are split as to how to deal with the crisis is our correspondent peter oliver. alarm bells ringing in germany. the country's covert numbers. a cause for
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grave concern, so much in fact that those that are looking to form the next government in germany . well, they say more restrictions on needed pilots in a small is a. so 1st of all, the situation we're in is dramatic and therefore consistent measures the urgently needed within the framework of the current legal situation. but also beyond that from december about we are currently discussing the rules that will apply over the winter from december onwards. when this week has seen a continuation of high coven infection numbers across germany, while the 7 day average of that is reached, never before seen levels. from monday this week, berlin saw new restrictions come into play, coal, the 2 g approach, which bol, those that are vaccinated? o'connell show that they have recovered from covert from restaurants, theaters, gyms and nightclubs offender's trust treatise. i'm a little bit critical of it. i'm actually here for my 3rd vaccine short, but i think it will deepen the divisions in society as well. say, sorry,
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i think it's a good idea. i'm vaccinated and i'd feel much safer if only other vaccinated people were allowed in doors. i did some on you to even when someone is vaccinated, they can still get infected with this virus and get sick. so i don't really know if it makes sense at all that hope isn't and, and with her taking into account the rising numbers. i think it's reasonable, but i can also understand people who are not vaccinated. but we're in the middle of a pandemic. i think everybody needs to make a sacrifice for the greater good of society in bavaria, which is one of the hardest hit areas by the 4th wave. the state leader marcus zona, is wanting things could get very bought. if 10 is the apocalypse, we're at 9 there. is a very simple way to solve the problem, and that is vaccination. the basses where germany is faltering vaccination rates, half plateaued at around 67 percent. and protested against coven restrictions,
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a still vocal among those looking to lead the next government of germany, there is a mind that there has to be a discussion on mandatory vaccination. the people in certain professions like health care. i think it is right that we have now started to discussion about whether this should be done in italy where vaccine uptake is currently 10 percent higher than germany. they're seeing less cases in this 4th wave in austria, which is 5 percent lower than germany. they've just brought in the new lockdown for the unvaccinated. while the austrian chancellor insists this is necessary. it still draws pushback from the public. as long as again, this is our task as a federal government is to protect the people of austria, and that is what we are doing. i must stress, we're not taking this step with the light heart,
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but unfortunately it is necessary and see. i like it. well, against the current government, which is leading us into disaster leading us into economic cas. he names he saw the overall, i find the whole development extremely alarming. there are lines outside of this vaccination center here in berlin is the feeling is the sooner rather than later, germany will follow austria's leads and impose national restrictions on post that if not being jobs, not combs, as politicians, and health officials are concerned that on checked this 4th wave of cove. it could be the worst yet. peter, all of a offi, fell in. and yet, apparently, vaccines don't make the problem go away. or the british territory of gibraltar has the highest coping. inoculation rate in the world is given enough shots to immunize as population one and a half times over. however, infection rates are rising exponentially,
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and old public christmas celebrations happening council is a good idea to read up on this article right now at auto dot com. 20 past the hour here at moscow, the pentagon is at loggerheads with the oklahoma national guard over compulsory vaccines, its threatening disciplinary action of guardsman skip that cobit shot is a lawful order refusing to do that. absent of an approved exemption, puts them in the same potential as active duty members who refused the vaccine. in mid september u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin, announced to all uniformed personnel would have to get vaccinated against covert. however, the newly appointed commander of oklahoma's national guard said he would turn a blind eye to noncompliance among his troops. i hear by order that no oklahoma guardsmen be required to take the cove at 19 vaccine. notwithstanding any other federal requirement. additionally, no negative administration or legal action will be taken against guardsman,
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who refused the vaccine. swine cohen, who was a libertarian vice presidential candidate in 2020, says the measures only widened the risk between states and the federal government. i think we're seeing the beginnings of an increasing standoff between the biden administration and state governments. whether you're talking about the governments themselves or the state national guards, or even some of the city governments. not just on this, but on quite a few things. we're seeing an increasing fighting between different levels of government, between the buy and ministration, largely on political lines, between republicans and democrats, but also on disagreements over how to move forward. when it comes to coven, it's likely to spread to other states, especially now with the us, with the federal courts holding up one of the vaccine mandates and many state governments already suing the by an administration that we're seeing in some police departments as many as 40 percent of police and other 1st responder are refusing to take the vaccine. i suspect the numbers are lower among the troops,
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but it's probably not that much lower. and these are the kinds of things you know, that the, by the ministration needs to think about when they're deciding to try to shove the vaccines down the throats of people who don't want them. euthanasia activist in canada, her voice to alarm over a surgeon medically assisted deaths, saying that practice has now become normalized. euthanasia became legal in canada and 2016. and in that year, more than a 1000 people underwent assisted suicide. that's according to health canada. that figure research 7500 last year. now, according to one psychiatrist, people are now asking for the procedure even when they are physically healthy. a few days ago, a 3rd, she will patient with very treatable, mental illness asked me to end her life. her distraught parents came to the appointment with her because they were afraid that i might support her request, and that they would be helpless to do anything about it is heretic. they have to
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worry that by going to psychiatrist that daughter might be killed by the very psychiatrist. when i back in 2016, the canadian government legalized euthanasia. for adults who are terminally ill, the rules were then relaxed further and 2021. and now people who have diseases but could still live for many years, can undergo assisted suicide. and from 2023 canadians whose suffering is caused only by mental illness, which they could also opt for euthanasia. we discussed the story with alex jordan berg, executive director of the euthanasia prevention coalition. and kate, alas, and ortho and charity founder. as to this, this statistics are quite shocking, but my position a day fail, there is very, very important. there is people individually want to choose and their life, and if people want to choose to and live their life. so the last moment that's an individual choice to prom with your comments though, as it should talk you from
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a theoretical point of view than rather than a human point of view. what actually happens that you're in canada, we're euthanasia, is becoming very commonplace. a people with disabilities off to react by saying, hey, in the culture we live in, we feel already denigrated. we feel like our lives are last value. and now you're telling us that maybe it's better off that we be dead. and this is what you're getting, a lot of pressure on, you know, and i get stories all the time. i get calls all the time for people who are feeling pressured for every person you feel under pressure to die because they're a burden on the family of the health system and the haven't gotten money in the family is going to go in the vet for it. there's a person out there who wants to do it rightly wants to die because they want to enter suffering. and i dad saw it from a theoretical point of view. i had locked it is a very theoretical point of view because he still, i have not answered the question why, why is society allowing this type of suffering the death is preferable to care. this is, this is the essential question that comes down to this because what you're actually saying is we changed our law to allow doctors and nurses to do homicide because
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that's what it is. we're talking about euthanasia, which is done by lethal injection by somebody else. and they're approving it and, and they're doing it. so you're talking about actually a type of a homicide. and is it ever a good idea in the culture to allow? so when to have the right a law to kill me, and we have a toys, individuals choice as k, what we should be dealing with is the should be strength protocols in place. so no nurse has to explain to someone in the final phase of m and day, why they should speed up the process of their death. or wrapping up the used cars for this half hour here lie from moscow on archie. any stories you want to catch up on just do it at your own leisure. a few clicks away is r t thought to call me back soon with more hope you can join us at the top down. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient quicker with our transactions. but
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with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security or any machine can be it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers corner that when there's one comes option in the offering, it's not a matter of if it happens, it's a matter of went with a water around the try a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states, northern gulf and made it suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations years exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you
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had me and canadian fishermen in these waters. at the same time jousting for position and tensions or high violence is bound to happen, this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the part where there could be costs that would be significant to hope countries. border dispute don't go away. it's assessed or something's going to happen. oh, well it shows the wrong one. i just don't hold any world that you have to shave out disdain, because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.
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ah, new york, it's really what america is about when our mayor took our vase, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the halves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard. i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this act as burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried. where so much of new york city history is buried is documents of the inequality that has existed in the city for centuries.
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ah, just with the living room also, one does not feel you can't afford to miss. i'm been swan and i read to bore in washington coming up, germany had credited certification of the nordstrom, few pipelines, sending gas prices surging and dealing another blow to the project. what's like a look at how this affects the already strained energy supply in europe than we break down the virtual summer between the world 2 largest economy. president joe biden, and keesing things hawks are raising some hope for better time, but sentence remain closed, good coin and other good book currencies. take a hit, it's china ramps up at the crack down on crypto mining,
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calling it an extremely harmful practice to talk about the future with those digital point. we have a patch show today, so let's get to with what we leave the program with the fate of the embattled north stream to pipeline. it is set to transport natural gas from russia to germany. germany's infrastructure regulator, the federal network agency, on tuesday, suspended it's certification of the project. it's a very big deal because as they say, winter is coming and the cost of energy is already sky high. now, while the pipeline has been the subject of geopolitical tensions between berlin, washington, moscow, and brussels, it's bureaucratic red tape has gotten in the way. the german watchdogs reason for delaying the certification process is due to the swiss based company behind nordstrom to needing to form a german subsidiary under the countries lock be granted. it's license for operation and still.


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