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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2021 11:00am-11:30am EST

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hello, this hours headline stories and archie, turning off the attempts. belarus temporarily shuts an oil pipeline which runs from russia to poland and into the e. u. on scheduled maintenance is the stated reason for the halt, but comes at a time of heightened tensions between men scan. brussels will not love her issue. a sharp divide emerges over poland tactics with france slamming plans for a massive wall to be built on the border. we look out that tough line being taken against people crossing from belarus, while migrant boats are freely crossing the mediterranean. and also when every minute matters in england, people's lives are being put in danger. amid delays in delivering emergency help we hear from
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a man whose mother passed the way after an ambulance fail to arrive on time potentially, you know this, her death could it be? should be saved if the ambulance arrived sooner, no, don't, to attended as soon as possible. and germany considers imposing, crossed a kobe to rule to all the unvaccinated. joining a growing list of countries that do so as the government struggles to coordinate its pandemic response, i made a power transition. ah, a live for months go. this is our t. my name's unit o'neill on 30 minutes of news and views start not belarus has shut down a major oil pipeline which runs from russia to poland and then on to other you countries, minsk sites on schedule maintenance. adding that the stoppage would last 3 days.
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it's led to claims from europe that the move is no coincidence considering the situation that's currently on falling on the concrete border. i asked our correspondent ilia, per tranquil about that this is actually the number one intrigue. whether there are any links between this closure of the operations in this throws war friendship pipeline. what i want to make clear though is that we're talking about an oil pipeline and also earlier warnings by the, by russian president, alexander lucas angle, about the potential shut down of a gas pipeline. well, technically there aren't because immense curb is saying that's the reason for this is just that something needs to be fixed. and this is something that's only gonna last for 3 days. more importantly, we're talking about completely different transit routes, completely different pipelines and different kind of commodities being supplied all
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in the one hand and gas on the other. so on paper it looks like this doesn't have anything to do with politics, but again, we do remember how last week, alexander lucas shan't go. his rhetoric was very aggressive. he pretty much said that if the leaders don't behave themselves, he is ready to cut off gas supplies from the europe. he amal pipeline. and this is something very important because we do remember that we're hot on the heels of an energy crisis in europe. that mostly had to do with gas, skyrocketing and gas prices is something that we were seeing throughout september and october, and this was very serious. and it could be that mister lucas ankle could be sending a signal to europe that i'm ready to pull the strings. maybe do something with his wall pipeline and let the leaders think at what may happen next. so is this
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a signal, or is this not, not a signal. we don't know, but this could be the way he's thinking at this point. an important point though, we perhaps should touch on the energy, so flies, belarus, transits through its territory, don't belong to minsk, has russia responded to developments? well, 1st of all, if we're talking about the dubois pipeline, which is used for all deliveries from the oil fields and central russia to countries such as poland, hungary, the czech republic, germany, the russian side for now is rather call because they're saying that if it's only for 3 days, that is not going to affect the total quantity of supplies in a month. so with that there. okay. but actually latimer potent who often supports alexander lucas angle. we know that borrows from russia are close allies when mister putin heard about this threat from the ball russian president of
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a potential closures of the gas pipeline. he was rather critical about it. here's what exactly. he said. we'll move to job fair. originally, alexander lucas. chicago can shut down the gas pipeline as the president of a transit country. he can probably give an order to cut off our supplies to europe . that although this would be a violation of our transit contract, i hope it doesn't come to this. if it happens, it will cause great damage to the european energy sector. and the one contribute to the development of our relations with bella roost. in mister putin's remarks were rather calm and very diplomatic, i should say this though isn't, does something that we're supposed to expect from europe because they're very aggressive when it comes to alexander lucas angle. they're aggressively reacting to anything. he says they are blaming him for waging a hybrid war on against the european union. so just wait till the european leaders
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say something about this latest decision to temporarily closed gilsbar or friendship. the oil pop on that we've just been talking about. while social commentator professor richard varner fears any escalation of the crisis could be dangerous for all countries unfold. i think if a, you know, an increase tension and increase confrontation, that, of course, increases the stakes and makes the whole thing more dangerous. i think for everyone in bull, the fact is, what seems to be happening now. david rues is not really unprecedented because maybe america, with its involvement and ukraine, set the precedents and maybe bill a roost is taking the view that, well, maybe this is the american standard of how one has to negotiate. so you know, so in other words, i think it's a good moment for everyone to reconsider. and that's good everyone else benefit of
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the doubt. i'm just trying to say, well, look, ok, there's a number of issues out here. we could all gain a lot if we can talk to each other, we could lose a lot of escalates. it's nobody interested escalade. let's, let's sit at the table and just trying to discuss with each other how we can help each other. well, bella bruce has condemn poland. border cross don calling it violence against people on another countries. territory polish. border guards have fenced off the frontier of firing water cannon and tear gas to prevent migrants from breaking through. that sounds a top un official claims to be unaware of the crock done, despite pictures being broadcast to the world. ah, the reports to they say that the push said use the water cans against those
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migrants. how can you comment on this? we don't have the confirmation on that. obviously there was any such a treatment that, that, that would, that would be wrong. they should not be any use of force in dealing with with the said this population with and the backdrop too at all is the e. u. drawing up new sanctions against belarus, accusing the country of engineering the crisis by flying in migrants from the middle east and sending them to the polish border. minsk denies that on the road, hitting up with russia also entering the fray, slumming, the inhumane way refugees are being treated the little. she's not a migration gracious. and we must respond with all possible tools to our disposal. smiled as human beings has been converted and weapons should ideally run not only
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border guards on the post border, but the military as well. up to $20000.00 personnel with aircraft and armored vehicles are deployed there since the e wants to protect itself from an invasion of refugees that come from countries bombed by the us led western coalition polish actions that absolutely unacceptable tear gas water cannon shots fired over the heads of migrants towards belarus, this reflects a desire to hide their actions. they cannot understand that they are violating every conceivable norm of international humanitarian law. well, it's not a unified front in your of either italy and france. they're both questioning poland severe strategy for dealing with migrants trying to enter the e. u via belarus. paris is refusing to fund a new wall. warsaw wants to build along the frontier. although the european council chief, he's given him his lesson. it's legally possible based on the truant legal framework that threw up a level 2 fighters interest torture history. but when up you can see 40 hamilton,
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i am in favor of a year of which protects his bonus, but not a europe which bristles with barbed wire or covers itself. with wolves would be this contract. and there quantile what is happening in several places on the borders of the union is disconcerting. the gap between the great principles proclaimed and the neglect of the hunger and coal to which human beings are exposed to the borders of the union, is surprising. cheapie. on the polish border is one of several e migration hotspots currently at last weekend alone. more than $600.00 refugees arrived on the italy shores. they were traveling from north africa. and as arty charlotte gibbons, he explains, they are being treated very differently to those attempting to cross viable hours. what a difference a route makes. in the last few days, hundreds of migrants crossing the mediterranean sea flimsy fishing boats found themselves rescued and brought to you repeat land. since the start of this year,
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more than $50000.00 migrants have used that c route reach italy that's an 85 percent increase compared to the same period last year and almost 500 percent more compared to 2 years ago. by landing on your ex mediterranean coast, my grants find themselves greeted by agencies there to lend a helping hand fly just under 2000 kilometers to another e u. country. and the reception couldn't be more different around 3000 migrants, desperately trying to survive in no man's land as winter sets in n g o z. and agencies can't even get full access while the path to freedom is blocked by fear cast by water, cannons by barbed wire. in a bid to shore up the eastern european borders. poland is going to construct
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a war war that would be partly paid for by the european union, and is designed to stop people from crossing into the block where they can then make claims for asylum. but as this war has been given, the green light, the use top court has just issued this ruling. the courts of justice finds that hunger has failed to fulfill its obligations by allowing an application for international protection to be rejected as inadmissible. on the grounds of the applicant arrived on his territory by a state in which that person was not exposed to persecution or risk of serious harm, or in which a sufficient degree of protection is guaranteed. that judgment laws hungry in the court ice has restricted the right of asylum seekers. yet doesn't to war financed by the you do exactly that. if the european union is full of contradictions, so massive immigration, it's right, this is a good athens brussels. it, it has been telling all the member states that they should create all these. are
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these immigrants coming from the lower than what they said quotas, and they went to some political wars with hungary, with serena with poland because they would refuse a quotas at the region. union wants this message integration to the know of a sudden in one specific country. it is okay to build a wall that's bullet only because we're speaking about belarus and which is an ally of russia. so this shows this bit that double standards that the european union is opposing to shows that the european union couldn't care. that's about immigration, and that it's using these tremendous, depending on the situation around a $115000.00 in legal border crossings. have been made this year at the e use external board is the majority of still coming from the main routes that have been established now over many years. yet while countries like italy and hungry, which have been at the coal face of this problem for so many years now, a lot she left to deal with it on their own. poland enjoyed the immediate backing
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of brussels, which is rally duran with both moral political and now financial support. and while it's easy to say that this is picking one mistake against another, this is much, much more than that bases double standards at the highest level, se sum. and that level goes all the way to brussels. charlotte, even ski, ot paris. anxious wait for many germans. currently, the country is considering sweeping new cobit restrictions for the on vaccinated. it would affect quite a lot of people. the rules would apply to 14000000 adults mirroring a controversial system. now in place next door in austria, but with berlin preparing for a power transition, the timing is complicated. peter. all of our takes us through that. alarm bells ringing in germany. the country's coven numbers. a cause for grave concerns. so
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much in fact that those that are looking to form the next government in germany. well, they say more restrictions on needed either to national is a. so 1st of all, the situation we're in is dramatic. and therefore, consistent measures the urgently needed within the framework of the current legal situation. but also beyond that from december, about we're currently discussing the rules that will apply over the winter from december onward. within this week has seen a continuation of high coven infection numbers across germany, while the 7 day average. well, that has reached never before seen levels. from monday this week, berlin saw new restrictions come into play called the to g approach, which bob, those that are vaccinated or cannot show that they have recovered from covered from restaurants, theaters, gyms and nightclubs, offenders as cletus. i'm a little bit critical of it. i'm actually here for my 3rd vaccine short, but i think it will deepen. the divisions in society is monday,
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august. i think it's a good idea. i vaccinated and i'd feel much safer if only other vaccinated people were allowed in doors of some on youtube. and when someone is vaccinated, they can still get infected with this virus and get sick. so i don't really know if it makes sense at all that will be seen and i'm with her taking into account the rising numbers. i think it's reasonable, but i can also understand people who are not vaccinate texas, but we're in the middle of a pandemic. i think everybody needs to make a sacrifice for the greater good aside. she's been in bavaria, which is one of the hardest hit areas by the 4th wave. the state leader marcus zada is wanting things could get very bought. if 10 is the apocalypse, where it 9, there is a very simple way to solve the problem. and that's is vaccination. the basses where germany is faltering vaccination rates, half plateaued at around 67 percent. and protested against covered restrictions,
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a still vocal any among those looking to lead the next government of germany. there is a mind that there has to be a discussion on mandatory vaccination, the people in certain professions like health care. i think it is right that we have now started to discussion about whether this should be done in italy where vaccine uptake is currently 10 percent higher than germany. they're seeing less cases in this 4th wave in austria, which is 5 percent lower than germany. they've just brought in the new lockdown for the vaccinated. while the austrian chancellor insists this is necessary. it still draws pushback from the public as boom, this is again, this is our task as a federal government is to protect the people of austria and that is what we are doing. i must stress. we are not taking this step of the light heart,
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but unfortunately it is necessary. he's an old friend and i like igloo enroll against the current government, which is leading us into disaster waiting us and she can only cash housing and she names cassandra road. i find the whole development extremely alarming. there are lines outside of this vaccination center here in berlin as the feeling is they sooner rather than later, germany will follow austria's leads and impose national restrictions on post that of not being jobs. not combs, as politicians, and health officials are concerned that on checked this 4th wave of cove, it could be the worst yet. peter over offi fell in vaccines. don't necessarily make the problem go away though. the british terrorist room to bolster has the highest co that inoculation rate in the world. its entire eligible population is vaccinated. yet infection rates there are rising bra, stickly, and all public christmas celebrations cancelled. you can tell of into that further
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and our teeth dot is still ahead here on our see international activists and kind of as se assisted suicide is becoming far too commonplace of the country set to allow those without chronic physical ailments to end their life and legally bouts among our stories coming up shortly. oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers, some of those with
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dares sinks. we dare to ask ah ah ah ah, just approaching 21 minutes into the program. welcome back. it's feared,
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lives are being put out risk indigo until we're increasing waiting times for ambulances. that's also having a knock on effect on the national emergency phone line, which is being inundated with extra calls from people asking where they're ambulances are. reportedly the average wait for a call to be answered last month was 56 seconds compared to just 7 seconds at the same time. last year. you're sharkesha edwards dusty. well, crim statistics and shock reports aren't exactly something the united kingdom is particularly alien to when it comes to the n. 8 chess, the pandemic. i'm the government's handling of it. but these findings are definitely alarming as, according to a report, people are now dying in the back of ambulances at a stuck outside of hospitals, simply because they can't get in and up to 160000 patients every single year or coming to severe harm. as a result of these delays, plus there's nearly $300000.00 more emergency calls
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a month the normal at because of the ambulance shortages. we think that about 3 quarters if the extra phone calls that are coming in on 999. i'll repeat dialers trying to find out what's happened to the ambulance. they are having to wait for too long for. so this is essentially a cycle of crisis because ultimately patients can't get admitted into hospital. they're waiting outside or even being treated in ambulances. but that means those ambulances can't get back on to the roads, to respond to further emergency service calls. in fact, many people are now waiting, including the most serious of categories like suspected heart attacks or even strokes in some of these categories. or even waiting up to an hour or for an ambulance to arrive. and of course is, is having a detrimental impact on patient safety. the ambulance service is simply not providing the levels of service they should. patients are waiting too long and that is put into that much risk. well, this report and exactly go into the amount of people that are dying,
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but does confirm that have been deaths in ambulances waiting outside emergency departments, or shortly after being admitted, following a long way to also consider that other people as still in their homes, are not able to be saved because paramedics, a stock, or the, any un unable to answer these calls. now, all of this, all of the findings in this report is particularly reminisce to just this time last year at the heights of the pandemic. where people, again were being treated outside hospitals as the hospitals was simply running out of beds due to the demands of the cave at 19 pandemic. now back then, an h, as boss is described, i the services as being on its knees. and now that describing it as simply at breaking point, as the demand is increasing, as also, as the cobit cases are back to skyrocket levels. and all of this really basically says, if you're sick in the united kingdom, it's a very bad time to be
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a shoddy edwards. dusty will won't tragic case that illustrates the situation is not of bina patel. the 56 year old mother of 2 died. after waiting nearly an hour for an ambulance or some call for 17 times as her condition deteriorated, she died from suspected cardiac arrest. her son ash, k. patel says the u. case health secretary must do everything possible to prevent similar situations in the future. i feel angry that, that he come on time and you know, i need to do something about law and grief that i've lost my mother. you know, my father passed away 3 years ago. so i own really had my mother left and the last 27 years. i've lived with my mother and knowing that potentially, you know this, her desk could be, you know, she could be saved if the ambulance arrived sooner. doctor attended as soon as possible. the health secretary of the u. k. should, should reach out to me and,
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and see what he's going to do to, to prevent this happening in future. not for my sake before the people say, because the last thing i want to do is heather. so what else has passed away due to an ambulance not arrive in time? we do have a system failure. you know, the ambulance service all the n h s as a whole, you know, he's failing, not just me is failed. a lot of people, there's a lot of current news affairs on this on the ambulance delays and you know, something needs to be done until youth. uneasy activists and canada have voiced alarm over a surgeon. medically assisted debts saying the practice has become normalized. euthanasia was made legal in canada and 2016 that year. more than a 1000 people underwent assisted suicide. according to health canada, that figure reach 7 and a half 1000 last year. according to one psychiatrist, people are now asking for the procedure even when they're physically healthy. a few
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days ago, a searchable patient with very treatable mental illness asked me to and her life. her distraught parents came to the appointment with her because they were afraid that i might support request, and they would be helpless to do anything about it. it's horrific. they have to worry that by going to a psychiatrist, that daughter might be killed by that very psychiatrist. a 5 years ago, the canadian government legalize youth and is here for adults who are a terminal leo. the rules were relax further, some months back, meaning no people who have diseases, but could potentially live for many years. can undergo assisted suicide, and perhaps even more pertinently, from 2020. 3 canadians who suffering this cause solely by mental illness will be allowed to opt for youth elisia. we discussed the issue with a number of guests including alex schellenberg, executive director of calendars, euthanasia, prevention coalition. and he debated it with a k to alice. kate is an author, charity fund was to this,
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this statistics are quite shocking, but my position a day fail. there is very, very important that if people individually want to choose and their life. and if people want to choose to and live their life to the last moment, that's an individual choice to prom with your comments though, is that you're talking from a theoretical point of view than rather than a human point of view. what actually happens that on your, in canada we're euthanasia, is becoming very commonplace. a people with disabilities often react by saying, hey, in the culture we live in, we feel already denigrated. we feel like our lives are last value. and now you're telling us that maybe it's better off that we be dead. and this is what you're getting. a lot of pressure on, you know, and i get stories all the time. i get calls all the time for people who are feeling pressured for every person you feel under pressure to die because they're a burden on the family of the health system and they haven't got the money and the family is going to go in the vet for it, there's
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a person out there who wants to know who actually wants to die because they want to enter suffering. and i dad sort from a theoretical point of view. i had locked it is a very radical point of view because he's trying him not answer the question. why, why is society allowing this type of suffering the death is preferable to care. this is, this is the essential question that comes down to this because what you're actually saying is we changed our law to allow doctors and nurses to do homicide because that's what it is. we're talking about euthanasia, which is done by lethal injection by somebody else. and they're approving it and then they're doing it. so you're talking about actually a type of a homicide. and is it ever a good idea and the culture to allow so and to have the right and law to kill me. and we have a choice individual choice as k. what we should be dealing with is the should be strength protocols in place. so no nurse has to explain to someone in the final phase of m and day, why they should speed up the process of their death. it can happen to any of us.
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and when it does often, we simply don't realize it. cyber crime is a huge problem across the globe, but who is currently winning the bottle? the scammers, or the gatekeepers? all of our data are short dock. i am hock tackles that question right after this with is no thing the cause right on police report. if you can, in december 2020, a group of anti finishes, fill out a film crew access for 3 months. i feel like if people, organization, if an idea that you must be opposed to channel out the gate while they may come with that. but he says, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we
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believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who and t for really in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teeth is it that all american we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in join me every posted on the alex, silent. sure that i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics. small business, i'm show business, i'll see you then. mm ah .


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