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ah, the ah, with
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o is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection for community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. there is no shortage of growing tensions in eastern europe. there is a growing e. u barrier stand off over illegal migration. there are western reports. russia is
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amassing troops within its own borders. and of course, there is the self inflicted crisis of european energy supplies. it is no coincidence, i'm recalling this hybrid war, but who is hybrid war? against whom? a i think what we find is hackers are playing at the human emotions. they're trying to find the way people operate online through social media, different types of technologies, and they're using that human emotion. think about what they're trying to do today. they're trying to send emails to actually talking about different types
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of activities. they need to do urgent activities, such as transferring money or maybe even clicking on links to steal their information. users are being distracted regular. they're getting so many notifications from their social media, from their emails, and they're not checking in and actually validating what those requests are coming from. and playing into that human emotions gives more and more hacker attack capabilities into those users. you can implement all sorts of technology controls on the endpoints on the network. so they play to human emotions. they play to the emotions of urgency to the emotion of promising something so excitement they play to the emotion of less carefulness. when you look at things and just clicking because you recognize of brand or an image, and they try to make users provide as much personal information as they can
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they try to be a lot more tailored by stealing information by researching information about you. maybe they check your pictures on facebook and they know what you like and what you don't like based on that. and then they create very targeted attacks on your profile. mm. in ah simple. they didn't show up which not always have a good, a cheats, oak. oh, i suppose you could or cheese will see over them, but it was so shaky has come. jessica, that i thought it might be of late. i mean that was my phone a little slow as just
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a moment when you're my boss. so the good, again with my yup, it might have been yes, one of those. a lot of these built i could do it, but i mean it's like what i got. so with my mouth, and if you can talk more on the machine, it is only kid um cuz i checked with my to which one you are going up with the lead, the complex a shake of them is like a shop
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looking lamb. this a, this michelle with more than up on your spoken with you all on what you must with them. yes. go with
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cara. nachos could watch so many of the show in those nora at the store and law be speechless. i used my borrow shows and i missed the job. why are they able to for my so i'm to be suitable. i'm also losing, i've got to put our mark. i just wish the show push. can you spell give it either again, me for an yeah, boston law grass. the bush out possible. be speechless there. the spacious. but i was by my what she has good of history from a phone are pretty with our most to do. which in there yesterday to go to my teacher out yesterday at the but it was in my fornia lesson is a possible the morgan law her because because the news back, which is just the last year that i met by me for when you come, when you lose money, which noted that was between you company in the limo and most to break continuous this event for my new pulse with way combining. deborah heath
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i stopped my let what machine you guys up like they teach. they say which more was learned a lot of money. they came up with them as i showed i was told that the without going to pick up within my motto that was 90 at the bottom line is kind of like really nice. not that i think i've been us on the road the season on i so it was we, there yet. it was like that it easy when you minute get welcome to deal with this and i've never done the net eat, get them and you don't want them ship was could be kit about the top it in splint except segment here. this time it's a story that's too much of a shorter viviane, but basically what is the noise show you watched them from us? it. i thought i knew the pin roadside but support could out. 2 open the show, miscellaneous, i don't the quit from i've been for months that are problem. is it
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a lot of the showings let's i should boys in 4 months, a couple of them wasn't which will trigger scoop november elementary at then you know, you do not get the most docile niche when you love. so i should give me up if what part of my students a did it is it the medium is more to you? i did that last shirts that miss from wasn't that good matchup a choice to put that in that will give the window b to you a little bit. if i did, if it wasn't associates, you somebody to talk about it. so your digital footprint is all the different sources of information that exists about an individual or about a company. it could be things on the dark web, which is that part of the internet that's not accessible to the standard user. it needs special software to be able to access some of those dark web resources. it
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can happen at the company level or it can happen at the personal level. mm hm. customers should wash it almost close to the edge of succession budgets. anthem anthem had he considered self portrait as much as tim, installing you pretty good at that system on their face. last name is vicky from the retention nature. the goal is to keep the milky come, finding a new plan up and shows up. i missed you yesterday, i'll shipped a slender donly up. the said it gets to, i just thought that started. it looked like you would have to structure that. so just from underneath 15 or when you put a video on it and you start seeing might be notes in your phone, but it just starts it got a picture here. got coleman asenia a strong sure use. mm hm. spawn, that's nice. thought. so cars, though, a chill area. oh, kind of show what piece that longer than 4 months. emotional with school, with my daughter and i went to live long, they do that. and if she i insurance,
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which is a batch of looks pretty mean to a nice boards. ok, keep that you think you spit floors bullshit week. know what operating on the in farm watson does stuff we're showing you more than those of you warm up. shane at our school, show it very me, experi me and the and then in the slot i can do months. 3 is what the weight bottle of water and you play it donly and what are this? what break and doc they're going to change is when you can, yes, it is really good. louise senior get the thing that it's for media in lucrative because it cuz it's a different gosh, it's a book with me. name in the online lead. crunch corn include chicago with misty new york more to let us go eat it. does that in front of my la sheet, or not for motion, or any more force the form? when you create a map, you must because it's a future. now,
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you must come up with a snowball. so the lumens are bomb spoke and he scored job, which with julia got the one sub would a place that he died. a van feels like one realist gimme anything else. i don't care. i'm wearing really wilson . why not? you? can you get enough here? why me more with law my, my is our goal neglige, the last 4 of of got daughter and what was the she did not seek down washington, my c. s boss up stubs. why might miss mitchell, if you will go over that with the way it's you got, we're kind of leeches. it's a feature now, even though on the bottom of liam, we're greer or get there was a summer and this was last year i use because when you got a i e.
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c, i just went in to use a bottle it more stab my promo. it's fine. yeah. she has a daughter on those lines. i
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just wanted to buy in another a convention i was with just of the a. what does any of them the other layer i leena does with ah,
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oh technologies? perfectly well into the future. but we can't change our way of thinking no way that we can visualize how we will fit and how we will feel and how our needs will be in 50 years. so our own do our own technological devonne. things always further wrong than our ability to feed i with the attacker collect that information. they can then craft more focused attacks on that user. for example, the database leak has name. it has potentially even the address of that person. it potentially also has. and if you of where they've been in the last 6 months. so now
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if he creates a fishing attack on that individual, he can say we know you live at this address. we know you go to this work and that's building trust. if you build trust, you can expect more action from the user as part of that fishing lower. so what my mama, what do you feel? what the, what the as genia with this, and i'm not going to say on that is clear up. know joe does share wasn't ship was minute mommy what the quote that the court, the wash soon really deutsch, that was nice to see just praise or slack. a stock girl said linda senior shooting me, stored a meeting with sam, the cb i, she shock machine. it salesman luxury was boys a national vol. no one wants to come mom, bob, bob bush again. sure. let the wash know where it's needed. now stored up. what the clear, teach nice if when the minute brief idea. sure of good. it's just
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a bumper what it is. there was enough or did you buy it the more on this or this? in the lukewarm brass, the work i keep the property will fuck it. unless i'm listening, exaggerating, and thought was throwing up all those thoughts reach the bed. so i walked off the door in the breast with machine rouge. it mean you could teach? not? no, she was sick. the most recent personal experience i had was my grandfather had a fishy attack, where they knew my name, they knew where i was, and they use that to, to basically say i had been kidnapped and they said i was kidnapped or that i was injured or something along those lines, it's very real, the sophistication is incredible. it's a difficult thing to ask people to be savvy enough to understand where that email came from, what domain it's associated with. because if google is not picking it up as a spam or your exchange isn't picking up their spam, you've got to have that internal knowledge to say, okay,
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this one suspicious. let me double check with sam and make sure that he hasn't been kidnapped with some what questions did you do with this quote? oh, what kind you need it. would you flop? dca did not mean she's got a with the new. so can the child a to me with the news but or the middle portion or showed me she was more shorts because a lot of yes. oh,
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at last you have to go back my a boy? yes. a cheap yesterday, lee books used to show them to this thought but got a gun. yeah. but bought a home to do that with a, with already show microshore children that i could, i used to show you more. so one with the training of jama boss in the sniff, neil, a normal evening to pick up. so on
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a doorstop all my boss will soon get now. but if you only bottle it up, i'm last summer. i thought a might say, i'm so that i had so a little push a both looks community live on this issue to the storm was like, no matter why did you score you still use?
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but the more stephanie mentioned from our company, which i did. oh, it's like that's totally done, you know, serious which not yesterday at the in the wire back or anybody that i bought on the web la picking that is for some damage and in front of my really book club. no, not least we got up the phone number is for more land for somebody cartridge, you can use school her doctor doctor don't just live with the. 8 law yes, contacts came in, there's a void option. you mean idea issue a boy from us we could total more than we should have more just there's a somewhat thomas and sonic statement when you thought it was got the one i missed your day, your machine today. if you go, when you do not was listening someone from i thought she you can up. but if
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you got more responsibility with make the process does take one or 2 for me to push to get the budget for the bunch of my initial job was approved. mattress suits it. i wish to do so. and for the engine was to, for the point of this year, which i mean, yeah. so why would you say it was still did you or somebody trying to call or the engineer i
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a a message for will starting this, miss holmes, social engineering and simple terms as tricking someone to do some actions on willing to trick them. that's the ok. so that's a social engineer, is to trick someone that she something they didn't think about. there are different ways that are different methods. depends on the capability, all the threats actor. and it depends on situation. because if the actor or let me revert, that if the users publish data on the internet, the hackers will use that data, you're going to be exposed to a lot of things. it's how you think about it from a security perspective. what do you share? how should you share it? whether it's the right thing to share or not?
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those are things you always have to be aware of. and then how are you protecting your data? from a password perspective devices, you have your devices, you have your network and what type of connectivity you have, and then you also have your data. so when you create a new social media profile, don't answer every single question. maybe only provide the information they need for you to be able to register with the sessions flores. and so my pin number or the bishop, if he gets to some of them clip with like some to say thank you that a month, 2 beds was a elementary and was trying to call and we'll touch proportional problems. contact information such as the wall is little more comfortable, little reschedule, but it's on. so what's your blog split vigils mesh? it's a soft q b. it's another she'll to 2nd deal. it's there's by man spend they spoke to finish basil chip or something. so sometimes it is on a spoke when i just looking forward,
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done that up with the publisher, but neither of us hope with the video showing up in the jewish yet the use can rest on land. that comes up as a tradition option a to put especially just a question on a patient. we're just going to come to war with the, with a little more a you're going
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to put enough order if there's any other ways enough for me to deal with a much of a lot of sun a year, which is one way calling from tonight from monday january, so i can focus for we are better than you might be here. the reports to rural a bridge teacher just yet a walking me i kind of shipment the massage loose the but he's the special speech pathologist. nor did want to speak with him, because zooms used to be rescheduled for level the pasta dealership east it up. the machine does not wish that you got another book went there. it was a little bit more about, but i still want to remember washed. it is going to check, is that the new i deal with me with fighting?
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oh, skinner thought go um left 3 dead mover spots. he did a fuck. what too much with doors need to come to young battery that shows up as they patasha from cooper. he was gonna go to the door, you know what your thoughts, battles, sports ball could about more school should subdue trash roster school district gormet a blueberry. williams dawson was welcomed, perception, glossary with sort of florida. last week is little. there's a much better thought come with the ones ultimately tell you, since i'm eligible as a cleaner kind of shift people on to put in union today, i'm sim, was national digital video. it was done under was you can i've yet the situation with the miss. my question is robert stone. so he always a couple of course i'm going to say shit just to move. mr. roberts, if the system oh
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there is no shortage of growing tensions in eastern europe. there is a growing e. u. barrow stand off over illegal migration. there are western reports, russia is amassing troops within its own borders. and of course, there is the self inflicted crisis of european energy supplies. it is no coincidence, some recalling this hybrid war, but whose hybrid war against whom with
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people is nothing they catch right on police report. it's an all cash in december 2020, a group of anti finishes, sell out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people organization, if an idea that is a must be a ppo, is that you can't allow the gate while they may come with that. but he says, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter, i have to be on to the teacher to that's how america we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government, we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in a,
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in the us food and drug station flights of freedom of information. requests in court asking that it be given 55 years to fully release redacted documents relating to the approval of pfizer is coded 19 vaccine. us court slams its door is shut to an american tv station. after one of their freelance journalists was caught allegedly stalking a bus full of jurors in the high profile case of kyle written house, also this hour. well, if they didn't want to cooperate with us, fine, they don't have to. it isn't something we want anyway. vladimir putin takes a swipe at the military activities of washington and of nato in a fiery foreign policy speech. ah.


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