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tv   News  RT  November 19, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EST

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trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in breaking yourself. sedona austria imposes a nationwide lockdown and says vaccinations will be mandatory from february. falling a surge in coven cases. there were across it elsewhere. more than half a century, that is how long america's drugs watched oak. now, once in order to release all the documents relating to its approval of phases covered back, see it follows a freedom of information request. why group emetics and a man on the i feel is most wanted list to allegedly took part in january's capital . right. this is new in turns up in belarus ways now seeking asylum. we speak to evan newman, who claims the charges against him of false ah,
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oh hello, there lo from our will these h q this friday, the 19th of november. my name's kevin o, in. welcome to the program. i've got our latest for you in the big news in from the heart of europe festival than she had for his surgeon new cove cases there. austria's chancellor, as an answer nationwide, lockdown for at least 10 days, starting on monday as well as a looming vaccination mandate. from february becoming than the 1st european country demanding obligatory vaccinations really next year neighboring. germany's also considering similar measures to 1st off i. we got some guests to talk about this at length. but to our correspondent peter oliver reporting from austria, alexander shalon, berkeley, austria and chancellor saying that the whole country will be going into a new lock down for monday at a last at least 10 days. it could well last until the 13th of december. after that
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6 ended, though only the own vaccinated will remain in the lock down. what it means though, is that unless you are going to school because education will remain open or you are taking somebody to school, then you are going to have to remain in your home unless you're going out to get food, your seeking medical assistance, or you're going for some exercise in your local area from the 1st of february, austria will become the 1st year a p and country to make vaccination mandatory. those people that don't fit into a criteria of either being pregnant or having a legitimate medical reason for not getting a vaccine. we'll have to get one. he said that it wasn't something he wanted to announce, but the fact is that just not being the vaccine take up in the country to this point. them to many political forces in this country have campaigned again in vaccination. the consequences of this are overfilled intensive care units and
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enormous human suffering. this decision does not come easily to us. none of us enjoys bringing on measures that post them in on freedom. this decision was necessary because to many among doesn't have acted without a solidarity. there's also concerns about the health care system in germany just over the border. we heard on friday from the president of the robert cock institute, that's germany's public health authority, saying that to g isn't working at the moment now to g. is the system by which are only if you've got a, a proof of vaccination or you've got proof that you've recovered from covert in the last 6 months that you can have access to things like bars, restaurants and it's something more needs to be done. he didn't say lockdown that was noticeably missing from the a, the press conference that was given. but looking at what's happened here in austria, it does seem like not maybe the direction germany is heading. particularly when you take into account what yen spawn, the health minister in berlin had to say,
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i know you're in a position that we can't exclude anything. we are international. emergency vaccinations will be enough at this point to stop the spread of curve at 19 controls. and needed to stop the rise in covered 1000 cases. insulation for the situation is increasingly bonds in some parts of germany. if we look in the states of bavaria in germany, south we're seeing intensive care. busy beds there in extremely short supply. in fact, some patients are already being taken in by hospitals in italy that have more capacity . right now, a situation that is, is developing and it's not developing in the right way or certainly not in the way we would like to see at the moment across germany, or for that matter here in austria, where i'm speaking to you from. well, let's get the thoughts on this. who 3 people are very well equipped to talk about it. we've got bar up encounter on the line lecture. it's a university of exit to medical schools, also got over 20 years experience and communicable disease control and infectious disease management. hi sir. well, scott, robert,
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good on the line. so shows you expert, naomi bennett and independent nurse lovely to have you on the program for these a tough times. the winter's dragon already isn't it. and can i come to you 1st barrett and it was just locked down in austria for the unvaccinated. literally just a couple of days ago and what to even up to this morning as far as ours porter was could said, what are you turn this has been to day to hear that is going to be a full lockdown to you. the doctor 1st then and was there a sound clinical basis for this as is it too much? the impression i get is these are serious panic measures by the politicians and i not belittling the sharp rise in case numbers in austria. but my, my, my response to the politicians is, where were you when your case numbers was slightly hi, hi, highest ill and going on the time to are always is early and extensively. and with the poor coverage of immunization uptake in austria. the politicians should have
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been working on encouraging, advising, reassuring their population about the effectiveness of the vaccine and the safety of the vaccine. none of that has happened, and then suddenly they are panicking now and putting restrictions across the board for everyone. i suppose you can see the quandary therein. normally i'd like to come to unit also on the medical side of this, you think it's a step too far. it was it needed or should of been done before this weeks ago? yeah. it's yeah, i think it's a suspect to farm really and they should have and implement it stuff a lot sooner than now. and i think i agree with the doctor there is. it's a lot of panic and that panic ripple's not just in that country, but it ripples across across europe. and it's just very worrying and waiting to get to deal with the crushes. i'm that cove it is a touch light coming with it. it's just me, it just seems like panicked. let's get
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a social g experts view on it. yet again, we've got more restrictions in the heart of europe who being told to stay in when, let's face it. 2 thirds of them have already gone and got their vaccines. they've done their bit as they see it. i was just going to go down with austrians. well, you know, i don't want to be a captain hindsight where you, we all wanna do this 2020 vision, but i think the, the guests are right. and where have these politicians. but i mean, if i look at how politicians have operated throughout europe, and here in the u. k, there was a lot of let the politicians do what they want. they didn't follow some of the mandates. they weren't wearing masks when they were supposed to be masks, and then they bowed to the pressures of business and capitalism and lifted restrictions very early and clearly should hurry, real pressure because life has to go on, people have to earn a living. the economy has to keep taken on look at the big debt sort of, but a mass bailing people out of the weren't able to work at some point a suppose the
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politicians, because they've got their reputations on the line as well. i'm gonna say well we, when we tried to ease up, i would try to move forward the car. when can i know that they just come in late barracks. yeah. can you give me your story? i jumped in my fold, my apologies. i was just too excited. i was saying this is a failure of governance. this is a failure of the right processes. so the scientists was saying, i early act extensively act in an informative advisory educational manner and you will controlling then the economy is trashed and they say you how people are trashing the economy. what they do not want to accept is they call me is trashed because you messed up with the hell health. his trashed economy is trashed. it is their lake inaction that causes all this on. this is going to be the fit end of the wedge. i want the guys who wants to comment on that next, so we get to see more of it. he has no lives and sorry,
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no, come in. i know i was gonna say, i think and we, we, they need to stop being so reactive and acting on impulse because that's the worst time to make decisions. and i think that's the problem that we've got since the pandemic and began lots of there are lots of the orders that are coming from the government seem to be very reactive and often times impulsive at that treatment of patients in the company. but he caught everyone on the hall didn't i was saying, report out today that the britain, for instance, was not prepared for this at all. i didn't have sufficient plans in place for something like a pandemic hitting everyone how to catch up on their feet. it didn't they, but i wonder whether the public somehow put this to you robert. i wonder if the public's and patients were this is now fast waning because of course we're going to
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see more pressure to get vaccinated for those people who haven't been vaccinated for whatever reason the outweigh robert was really interesting. the last time the 3 of us were together, we were talking about, i was scenes of people protesting behind, behind us now wanting to be mandated to be vaccinated. but the question is for the rest of the people where, where the people who have been vaccinated with their out shopping, right? i mean, so this is also capitalism taking control once again, or where we're saying we're giving politicians a clean slate to say, go ahead and do what you need to do because the economy matters the most. and, but we're also dealing with issues of rex it and know laurie drivers, we have so many different computer or politicians just haven't been on the cutting edge on the front end of any of this. so as a medic, barrett, where do you go run persuading paper that is say look, we're a couple of years into this now our lives have been put on hold. we've not been on holiday. we haven't seen our friends in, for instance. i've not, not, not been back to italy where i live sometimes for 24 on snuff small thing,
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but this a long time is nearly 2 years. and you know, months up, people who have the vaccinations are going to say, now we've got enough of this. how as a medic to persuade them to carry on look after themselves of these boosters that they're supposed to have now as well because more and more and, and how are you going to persuade the unprecedented so far that haven't been vaccinated? that it's the only way forward, the medic say, you're going to do it. it's easy. it's a, it's easier than repaying. so 1st thing you got to do is advise, inform, educate, reassure. second thing, you have to get that message out and that message is very clear to manage with cove it, it has to be a multi layered operation. it was never a one silver bullet solution. it does not work with just the vaccines. so the multi layered approach is as follows, where your mask, where a good quality mask very properly get yourself immunized, get yourself immunized against seasonal influenza. finally have good ventilation
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and finally, finally, i promise you, good times will occur. good times will come. but what we've got to do is we're talking about like the 1st lock term though that's the problem. that's why the politicians are floundering now. well, i know, but they messed it up. if they had acted a lot earlier, the world would have been in a better place. the other thing is, the european union. politicians refused the offer from president joe biden to relax the patrons on vaccine manufacture, so that the vaccines could be manufactured at scale and be given to people in africa and other places, and subdued infractions globally, if you don't subdued infections globally, this will continue. it is the fault of politicians in their small, narrow window that they operate in. yeah, naomi given the fact that every country had to get on with itself the w h, i was given its guidance, of course, but there was 70 mixed messages as well. it was confusion if here were vaccinated, could you none, the less still spread only infection and b asymptomatic and not know that's the
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awful thing about a cove. it somebody makes messages and the education doesn't still even now as we're heading, maybe in for, for 5th wave around the world still doesn't seem clear who should be. no, me in your view, making this message clear. i'm like you say it is just so much confusion going on and in the midst of the confusion obviously where, where risk in losing more people to this new way. but like i said, i think it's very important that somebody take stock and stop being so impulsive. you know, this reason and, you know, disgraced a rule now where medical oh, now is where we have to be vaccinated. managing treat again, that's just adding to the mix. because that was going over, that goes back to what i said, just so again, these mixed messages. if i'm an elderly patient will and get no in any way. if it, if i was an elderly and firm patient, or for any reason, could be susceptible to coven, where it could kill me. i would like to know that the health care professional that
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i've entrusted my life to is not going to without knowing it, being unvaccinated, pass on the virus to me, but again, it goes back even if you've been vaccinated, could you still pass it on? i oh no, it's a layered approach. barrett yeah, more. sorry, sorry, that is why you take the multi layered approach, which is your immunized. and you are a mosque and you were a good quality mask very properly. it's a multi layered approach. it has to be that way. i will, i'm going to come back and i only talk to talk about the medical professionals and whether or not you should be vaccinated, not what you think about that point. remind me barrett. oh absolutely. in a clinical setting, you're working with extremely wonderful people whom you may in fact, you may in fact without knowing about it. so when you're working in a sense, the place like that, i'm so sorry you have to be immunized. goes with the territory, naomi? yes, well no, i just, i don't think you're quite specifically to, to affect, you know, the medical profession to say, you know,
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that it should be mandatory. how will you, how is it mandatory when there much confusion going on? because a lot of people you should know because you're working in the medical profession. i suppose we all know medics look to you to do the best practice to do the best possible thing. we do the best thing for our patients, but the problem is, the guidance that we get given changes week by week is to confusion just as we get one set of rooms in the policy. something else comes out which contradicts that only the patient also asked who are working within the environment, is confusion. did they actually know what? where do they know what they're telling us where we just got coming from a 5 more? who is giving them the go ahead to make these drastic changes that affect all of us . and that's the worry and yeah, robert way in europe heading into a bleak winter. as you say, there's so many things to worry about. gas prices going up cove,
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it seems to be coming back for a 5th time and it was still getting mixed messages from the politician who's going to happen as we had into a new year. maybe go into a 6, a 7th wave of this public. what is, what do you think the public going to do? well, i think there are 2 things that i, i really want us to think about here. and as we try to push back to normal, 1st off, normal, wasn't that great for everybody. and so i know that all these things we're talking about are important and we want to get on with our lives. but normal wasn't great for people experiencing homelessness, homeless, it wasn't great for people experiencing racism. is are things that are continuing to exist. so if we go back to normal week, we need to be careful not to go back to, to what was some sort of nostalgia. and i also think we need employers at universities. big, big places that bring and lots of people into city centers. to remember that there's going to be a social return here that people are going to have some anxieties. the people aren't going to be able to or want to reach, or we're talking about. the great removal of people from offices,
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people are resigning a left and right because they're getting back to now to work out a life work balance. and we need to remember 2 things. remember, nostalgia is not always a good thing. normal wasn't last night. go back to normal number one and number 2, we need some time yet. well, one thing i give it to the for normal at the moment, but guys, thank you so much. all right, on the line, the, naomi bennett. robert good should better at pine korea love to help you with the program. preciate it. see you soon. good afternoon. now. well with so can about cove. it more than 50 years is how long america's drugs watchdog once before it public the releases old documents relating to its approval of the pfizer cove at vaccine a group emetics of us for the day toward the freedom of information act and poetry that have thought, want to get by that the f d a bed in he did a 100 days at the start of all this before giving the job the go ahead. this $100.00 a day period is the same amount of time. it took the f
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d a to review the responsive documents for the far more intricate task of licensing finances cove at 1900 vaccine. it is difficult to imagine a greater need for transparency than immediate disclosure of the documents relied upon by the f. d. a to license a product that is now being mandated over 100000000 americans. we have a situation here where, because there has been a freedom of information act request filed for the information about how the vaccines were approved. we have the us food and drug administration stepping forward and proposing to release $500.00 pages per month of the remaining $329000.00 pages. that would take roughly 55 years 55 years for this information to be made available. now the organization that filed the, the request public health and medical professionals for transparency says that if that pace of 500 pages per month proceeds that makes the freedom of information,
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act almost meaningless. and it discredits the food and drug administration is promise to be transparent, the f. d. a knew the intense public interest in that data and information. it should have been preparing to release the civil tenuously with the licensure. instead, it has done the opposite. this case is not about vaccine mandates, where the fines that can be held liable. this is a fire case where the only relevant issue at this stage in the litigation is setting a reasonable processing schedule. now it's important to note that one of the companies that was involved in the trial of the pfizer vaccine has recently faced a little bit of a scandal brought to light by a whistleblower. this article was published in the medical british medical journal . now, the report from last month in which we had a former clinical trial auditor for the pfizer coded vaccine raising deep concerns about patient safety and about data integrity. during the process, however, a spokesperson for vin tavia stepped up and discredited some of the other
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allegations that were published in the british medical journal. and this concern seems to have been discredited. so at the moment we have the lawsuit that was filed and we have these medical professionals saying they want this information. we expect us to be in court for some time, but at the moment the f. d, a is offering to release 500 pages a month of the remaining 329000 pages. and that would take 55 years over half a century for brand new in this. so america wants to buy the f, b i for taking part of the capitol hill rides, travel to better route that is seeking asylum. there ever. newman faces charges of violet entry on capital grounds. the salt and lo, enforcement officials during the events of january, the 6. however, wiley doesn't to deny his presence there that day. he claims that the accusations against him are unfounded. we are 7 human himself, so he got to better use. i knew that i couldn't cross the border of through the
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normal border guards because i would be arrested and, and delivered to the americans as a, as a gift for the upcoming summit, i found a national forest on a map, but it was a swamp with snakes and wild boars and more spiders, and you can imagine i crossed there and it was more adventurous than i anticipated . what a sail egos? dana spoke to him. you had a long chat with mister newman spill baynes. well, kevin, it was a very unusual conversation. you know, with an american who is now seeking political asylum in an eastern european nation that many will have trouble finding on the map. but you're absolutely right. mr. newman is on the f. b, i's want most wanted list and he is accused of things like assaulting a police officer hour or for example of violent entry as well with you as well as in the is suspected of being guilty of some other criminal instances. but as i spoke to mister newman, he vehemently refuted the idea that he, for example, attacked a police officer. he also refused to confirm or deny that he actually crossed the
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threshold and entered the cappy entered the building of the capital. so he did tell me though, that he did take part in the protest and that there are some things, in fact, there are plenty of things are that well, he regrets doing on that day. and he also, what interestingly i, it was interesting to hear his opinion on some reports that we had had earlier that there were some, well agent agents provocateurs that there was some people who were trying to provoke the crowd. and you know, to have the crowd do something, something illegal and pushing them, you know, at the barricades, pushing them to enter the capital. so here's how mr. newman described to me what he did during that day, what he saw during that day and what he regrets. it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked and it appeared to be me.
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and it said a sofa, a federal officer, and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. number one, i promised somebody that i would stand back in the crowd and i didn't hold that promise. that's the 1st thing that i regret. i regret being rude to the police. there was a man who came up in the beginning when i, when i got there, and he broke a window with a hammer. but then he walked away and down down the steps and away somewhere else. and then he came back about 15 minutes later and broke away all the glass so that it was a clean, wade enter, and then gestured to us to enter. well, there you have it as that final bit that last bit was about the people who well, according to mr. newman behaved suspiciously and did not really account to any sort of logic as to what a protester might have done if that was a genuine, you know, angry person. but that's, of course, his opinion. although there are others who share this point of view. but interestingly enough, originally mr. newman comes from california,
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which is arguably the bluest state that the united states have. god. so he comes from over there and he is in fact apparently is a registered democrat voter. so he did not turn to trump or because of you know, his republican allegiance or anything like that. in fact, as i was speaking to mr. newman, he revealed to me that, well basically he was so disenchanted with how the dnc, the democratic national committee treated or the campaign of bernie sanders. essentially, mister newman believes the bernie sanders did not get a fair, you know, did not get a fair chance by the dnc to actually, you know, try and get elected into the, the, you know, to be the main runner either from the democratic party. so in 2016 the i he told me, are he voted for trump hard out of? well, just just because just because bernie sanders, who did so so badly and because there was so much hate him so much negativity poured on trump in 2020 his vote. was genuine,
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and mr. newman told me because i citing well economy performing fairly well by citing the fact that donald trump did not start any new wars and so on and so forth . so essentially you have there what, what seems, what seems to me, he struck me as a convert as a political convert in that sense, in that sense of the way. and it was interesting to learn how it, the life is of a trump supporter in california. because there are so many haters of of tromp and there are so many haters of his supporters. it makes the life very, very difficult. mr. newman told me have a listen. i'm a registered democrat. i'm not a republican. there was a wall of hate against trump, saying that he was insane saying that who is crazy, same all these things and i disapprove of that so much. but i voted for trump in 2016. the trump supporters in california don't the ones that i knew of don't really congregate and, and you, everybody's on the down low about it. you know,
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every now and then somebody comes to me secretly, quietly. everything has to be secretive. otherwise, here socially, ostracize me shows whom was like the age of you know, prohibition and just this time it's all political. so mister newman, he's very concerned about his family because he knows this is not an easy time for them. and i, well obviously he hopes that one day he will be able to come back, that he will be able to come back to california, you know, and live in peace over there. but so far, he just, i, he tell you, told me that he does not see that happening anytime soon. what a story that is, can we see more of the ego, or is it gonna be online? it's, i'm said make a good program. wouldn't a good documentary. yeah, absolutely, absolutely. we are in the process of, you know, putting up a, you know, a bigger version, a full version of the interview as we speak. great. all right, it goes down. ok, thanks for that nice tara, by that conversation. he had interesting, but that's all we're talking about so fast i up to date with old,
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our big news. the break in this out. out of australia, a tough new lockdown that's been announced. cuz coby countrywide, my name is kevin i in thanks for watching this update. is exactly 27 minutes past the hour. you're without international, the global rural casa life from russian hill . we started out with a little bit of acreage push them to the enemy, didn't i state that pentagon might not be repaired, defend the country away to the secretary of defense. just did that tell you why the highest brad at the pentagon says the us has a readiness issue and how they believe it should be fixed. and on the night of july 28th 1999, paul howell pulled into his parents house with his daughters and his sister and was murdered. while stepping out of the suburban. the goal was to take her. but instead,
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20 years later, the man who was found guilty for his murder and deny parole, julius jones was expected to be executed. this is the state of mississippi, carried out the 1st execution in 9 years of a man who showed his wife and sexually assaulted his step daughter. we will bring you both stories as well as the public reaction. and a 3rd, a separate sample is collected from mars, making scientists even more convinced we are not alone. and we are going to give you the 360 view of these issues, as well as the latest from the call written house case. and the events on the ground and can show on today's news is used right here on our t america. ah, thanks for joining us. you know, the judge and the call written house homicide trial has band and i should be see
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from the courtroom. and any further court proceedings after one of the networks producers allegedly follow the jury van wednesday after i left the court house. now this is the jury is continuing to, it's the 3rd day of deliberations, spending more than 20 hours at wang, the testimony and evidence in the case artist john hardy has been. busy there since they went into deliberation and join just now with a lady from outside the consortia county courthouse, john, bring us up to speed. and what exactly happened with this admission b c, producer? yes. so basically what we stan and this was coming from the police here in kenosha . and also the judge brew shredder is that the freelance producer would then be see basically ran a red light. he was pulled over by police who say that that, which said that he was trailing this jury van after it left the court house last night after recessing from deliberations for the evening. and, and generally what happens for those who may not know is when,
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you know the jury did leave the court house, it goes to an undisclosed location, whether it's a local hotel or, or another location. so this freelance producer is apparently in the vicinity or trailing behind his van, was pulled over, told police that he was following the van under orders from his manager in new york . i and the police said that he was suspected of basically taking pictures of the jury van, which is a huge know now as you probably know, scotty for media covering a trial, you're not supposed to do that. there are rules and regulations, the media follows, and that's one of them. you're not supposed to take pictures of the jury. so the police say he was suspected of doing that. and in response to what the judge called a very serious matter. he said, m s n b c is now banned from all further proceedings in the courtroom and court house. here's what the judge had to say about it. listen, police when they stopped him because he was following in the distance of about a black and went through a red light pull him over and inquired of them.


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