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a headlining now and i would say austria impose is a nationwide locked down and says vaccinations will be mandatory from february following a surgeon coby cases. one of the f. b i is most wanted who allegedly took part in january's capital, riot turns up invalid bruce way seeking asylum, had been newman tells, i'll tell you the charges against him a false it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked and it appeared to be me and it said a sofa federal officer and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. and moscow warms. busy that nights i was snubbing the criminal efforts to improve relations, as the military alliance looks to move nuclear weapons close at their brushes, boldest. ah!
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oh, good to have you with its friday evening at 8th here at moscow. my name is colleen bry. welcome to you. well used from archie international 1st big story in europe. then following a search, a new kind of big cases. in austria, the chancellor has announced a nationwide lockdown for at least 10 days, starting from this coming monday. as well as a looming vaccination mandate from february coming the 1st european country, then demanding obligatory vaccinations. neighboring germany is also considering similar measures. his correspondent peter oliver, reporting from austria, alexander schellenberg, the austrian chancellor saying that the whole country will be going into a new lock down for monday. and the last at least 10 days. it could well last until the 13th of december. after that 6 ended, though only the own vaccinated will remain in the lock. now what it means though, is that unless you are going to school because education will remain open or you're
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taking somebody to school, then you are going to have to remain in your home unless you're going out to get food, your seeking medical assistance, or you're going for some exercise in your local area from the 1st of february, austria will become the 1st year a p and country to make vaccination mandatory. those people that don't fit into a criteria of either being pregnant or having a legitimate medical reason for not getting a vaccine. we'll have to get one. he said that it wasn't something he wanted to announce, but the fact is that it's just not being the vaccine take up in the country to this point. them to many political forces in this country have campaigned against vaccination. the consequences of this r, overfilled intensive care units, and enormous human suffering. this decision does not come easily to us. none of us enjoys bringing in meshes that puts them in on freedom. this decision was necessary
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because too many among us have acted without solidarity. there's also concerns about the health care system in germany just over the border. we heard on friday from the president of the robert cock institute, that's germany. public health authority saying that to g isn't working at the moment now to g. is the system by which are only if you've got a, a proof of vaccination or you've got proof that you've recovered from covert in the last 6 months that you can have access to things like bars, restaurants and it's something more needs to be done. he didn't say lockdown that was noticeably missing from the, the press conference that was given. but looking at what's happened here in austria, it does seem like not maybe the direction germany is heading. particularly when you take into account what yen spawn, the health minister in berlin had to say. and we are in a position that we can't exclude anything. we are in a national emergency. vaccinations won't be enough. at this point to stop the
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spread of coven 19 controls. i needed to stop the rise in covered 1000 cases and so for the situation is increasingly bonds in some parts of germany. if we look in the states of bavaria and germany south, we're seeing intensive care. busy beds there. busy in extremely short supply, in fact, some patients are already being taken in by hospitals in italy that have more capacity right now, a situation that is, is developing and it's not developing in the right way or certainly not in the way we would like to see at the moment across germany or for that matter here in austria, where i'm speaking to you from one a little earlier on, i'll see kevin, i when discussed these tougher copays restrictions with a panel of medical and social science experts. impression i get is these are serious panic measures by the politicians and i not belittling the shop. rise in case numbers in austria, but my, my response to the politicians is where were you when your case numbers was
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slightly hi. hi. hi. i still am going up the time to i always is early and extensively. they need to stop being. i react cheap and not seen on impulse because that's the worst time to make decisions. and i think that's the problem that we've got since pandemic and began we're happy fall, titian's been. i mean, if i look at how politicians have operated throughout europe, and here in the u. k, there was a lot of let the politicians do what they want. they didn't follow some of the mandates. they weren't wearing masks when they were supposed to peer masks. and then they bowed to the pressures of business in capitalism and lifted restrictions very early and coalition honey, real pressure, because life has to go on, people have to earn a living. the economy has to keep taken on at some point a suppose the politicians because they've got their reputations on the land as well. are gonna say, well we, we're, we're trying to ease up. we're trying to move forward the car. when can i, this is a failure of governance. this is a failure of the right to process it. so the scientists were saying, act early,
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act extensively, and you will controlling then the economy is trashed and they say you how people are trashing the economy. what they do not want to accept is the economy is trashed because you messed up. i was an elderly and firm patient, or for any reason, could be susceptible to coven, where he could kill me. i would like to know that the health care professional that i've entrusted my life to, is not going to without knowing it. being on vaccinated, pos on the virus to me, but again, it goes back even if you've been vaccinating. could you still pass it on? i oh no, i don't think it's quite i am specifically am to choose a section of the med profession to say, you know that we should be mandatory law. how are you? how is it mandatory when there's so much confusion going on? because a lot of people you're a goes to should know because you've worked with the medical profession. i suppose we all the us know medics look to you to do the best practice to do the best
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possible thing. we do the best thing for our patients, but the problem is, the guidance that we get given change is week by week is to confusion just as soon as we get you start one set of new wrong with a new policy. something else comes out which contradicts that. how are you going to persuade? the youngest waited so far that haven't been vaccinated, that it's the only way forward, the medic say it's easier than repaying. so 1st thing you got to do is advise, inform, educate, reassure. second thing, you have to get that message out and that message is very clear to manage with cove it, it has to be a multi land operation. it was never a one silver bullet solution. it does not work with just the vaccines. so the multi layered approach is as follows, where your mosque, where a good quality mosque very properly get yourself immunized, get yourself immunized against seasonal influenza. finally have good ventilation and finally, finally, i promise you, good times will occur. good times will come. but what we've got to do is for the
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1st term though, that's the problem. that's why the politicians of flounder now. well, i know, but they messed it up. if they had acted a lot earlier, the world would have been in a better place. so many things to worry about gas prices going up cove, it seems to be coming back for a 5th time and it still getting mixed messages from the politicians. what's gonna happen is we head into a new year, maybe go into a 6th or 7th waiver this. well, i think there are 2 things i really want us to think about here. and as we try to push back to normal, 1st off, normal, wasn't that great for everybody. and so i know that all these things we're talking about are important. we want to get on with our lives, but normal wasn't graceful, experiencing homelessness, homeless. it wasn't great from experiencing racism. these are things that are continuing to exist. so if we go back to normal we, we need to be careful not to go back to, to what was some sort of nostalgia. and i also think we need employers at universities. big, big places that bring in lots of people into city centers to remember that there's
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going to be a social, a return here that people are going to have some anxieties. so we need to remember 2 things. remember, nostalgia is not always a good thing to normal, wasn't less that go back to normal number one. and number 2, we need some time an american wanted by the f. b i for taking part in the capitol hill. riot has traveled to better route and is seeking asylum. they have a newman faces, charges of violent entry on capital grounds and assaults, nor enforcement officials during the events of january. the 6th. however, while he doesn't deny his presence that day, he claims that the accusations against him are unfounded. we have 7 newman. how we got into bella. ruth, i knew that i couldn't cross at a border. i through the normal border guards because i would be arrested and delivered to the americans as a, as a gift for the upcoming summit. and i found a national forest on the map. but it was a swamp with, with snakes and wild boars and more spider thing. you can imagine i crossed there
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and, and it was more adventurous than i anticipated. well, it was an unusual conversation to have, you know, with an american who is now seeking political asylum in an eastern european nation that many will have trouble pinpointing on the map. but according to mister newman, he did not flee the united states. his departure had nothing to do with the criminal case against him. apparently he found himself on a business trip in europe. and essentially, i then only later, he made a decision to cross the border into belarus and, you know, try and seek political asylum. them. he got on the b i's most wanted list over his involvement in the january. the 6th protest in washington, d. c. which ended up you with the, you know, trump support is storming the capital. according to mister newman, he himself, ah, he believes he did nothing wrong. he did nothing illegal. i should say in a conversation with me, he refused to confirm or deny though, the fact that he might have crossed you know the threshold and found himself inside
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. ah, the capital, but also at the same time as he believes that he did nothing illegal. i, he vehemently refuted the claims that he, for example, attacked a police officer. he told me that he regretted doing many things on that day. it was quite interesting to hear his account of events during that day, as he also shed some light on the, you know, a well, somewhat popular theory that they were well. agents provocateurs, people, agitators who were provoking protest as you know, to do. illegal things have a listen. it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked and i peered me me and it said a sulfur federal officer. and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. number one, i promised somebody that i would stand back in the crowd and i didn't hold that promise. um, that's the 1st thing that i regret. there was a man who came up in the beginning ah, when i, when i got there and he broke
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a window with a hammer. but then he walked away and down down the steps and away somewhere else. and then he came back about 15 minutes later. and broke away all the glass so that it was a clean way to enter and then gestured to us to enter. well, it has to be said that there is no solid proof to back any of such claims. and this story, it is full of twists, is another one. mister newman is originally from california, you know, america's blue estate, and he is a registered democrat on top of that. what prompted him to give his vote to trump back in 2016 was. according to mister newman, the way the d and c treated the bernie sanders campaign, he told me that essentially he believes that the dnc stripped a bernie sand as of a fair chance that you know, representing being the main runner of the party. back in 2016 and when he saw all the negativity going, the trumped way old. the hate, he just, he just, you know,
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gave a protest vote it was, it was like that. so that's why he initially decided to go and vote for donald trump back in 2016. last year he told me he voted consciously that he ceased. he cited things like economy or the fact that donald trump did not stop any new was. this is something that he cited as reason why he backed trump and living in california, you know, being a pro trump guy. it is difficult, he told me, and i had some serious speak easy vibes going off, how he described the lifestyle of him and those who thinks like him hemorrhage, a democrat. i'm not a republican. there was a walls of hate against trump, saying that he was insane saying that he was crazy saying all these things and i disapprove of that so much. but i voted for trump in 2016. the trump supporters in california don't the ones that i knew of don't really congregate and end
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of you. everybody's on the down low about it. you know, every now and then somebody comes to me secretly, quietly. everything has to be secretive, otherwise you're socially ostracize me. so it does sound a little bit like prohibition except this time in a political way. now mr. newman is also very concerned about his family, which is back home, back in california. and he hopes that some day he will be able to see them again in california. as a free man, but so far he sees the chances of that happening as quite slim. moscow has heavily criticized night, so after the head of the military block said it may move nuclear weapons closer to brushes, borders, the russian foreign ministry wants of the hostile actions completely contradict cremins efforts to improve relations in this as brussels. they've conclusively lost all connection with reality. instead of responding to russia's cool to deescalate tensions in europe, the main message from the alliance is that in nuclear terms,
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nature will move even closer to the borders of our country. a correspond, ideally, the tank is across. as for us, hi jojo. what else? as the russian foreign ministry had to say about it? calling good evening. well, you see any kind of nato expansion to the east towards russia's borders. always acts like a huge red tagged into a ball. now, or of course, if we're talking about nuclear weapons, that is even more serious and we should have expected the, the a bowls or rather the bears fury in this case, to be even stronger and a that is that, that explains why this was the reaction to other words from nato's number one boss and it was quick and losing connection with reality. that's a rather strong accusation. and here what russia means by that russia doesn't want the fundamentals of security in europe to be undermined by these kind of potential
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actions by the alliance. we are so if you really said that it means that for nato, for which the 60 general is the collective voice, the russian nato founding act no longer exists as this documents insurance. the alliance is fundamental obligations for european security, including those in the nuclear field. let me just explain what exactly came from nato secretary general young, stolen burke in the midst of some very important mead things. he was making his latest comments about the future of us nuclear weapons in germany. for now they are stationed on german sol. but in emergency situations, they can be carried by german military jets. but we do have to understand that the distance from germany to russia's borders for now is still very significant. now if germany decides to give up the agreement to have us nuclear weapons
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on its territory, then because of some by lateral agreement, they can be moved further east and then the find themselves on rushes doorstep. so for more, for me, he installed berg have a listen to that. i expected germany will continue to be part of nuclear sharing because it is so important for the whole of europe and it's a multilateral framework. don't turn out to natal. nuclear sharing is different kinds of bilateral arrangements, germany kind of course decide whether there will be a nuclear weapons in your country. but, but, but, but will turn the tv, is that we will end up with nuclear weapons in the countries in europe also to the east of germany. so once again, let me just underline the vision from russia and the message that's being sent out to the alliance in the west as a whole. busy you really have to choose whether your next step is d escalating or
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pretty much coming up with new threats. definitely, that is the way at these words from salt and berg are taken and seen here in this country. okay, doesn't apply the 2, we're going to be on each of those christmas card list again this year, right. correspond really trying to thank you for that. next india is prime minister, has scrapped hugely on popular farming reform laws after more than a year of mass demonstrations. is announcement incidentally comes ahead of key elections in 2 northern states. friends today i'm asking, protesting farmers please return home to your farms and to your families. come, let's start a new beginning. i'd hundreds of thousands of farmers had refused to leave the streets around new deleon protest at the plans to deregulate the market, opening it up to local and international agricultural giants. and some of those rallies, turning violet. ah
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. 4 well, the protest sir didn't fallen out to the attention of some international celebrities pop star rhianna and also environmental act of his credit. tom burg, tweeting their solidarity with the demonstrators, tomba against the dan leave and faced allegations of an international plot against india. after she tweeted a protest toolkit, which included trips to mobilize protests online at the place in indian watson investigations, the creators of that document. last, our indian professor, doctors from cherry, a says big names sometimes have little expertise when they try to make their voices heard. this is nick, i'm on so now because a lot of these are so called wolf go. activists internationally are latching onto such causes in many countries, and they are trying to fuel the fires and spread the perception
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that you know, governments are going against their own people's will government or have been bought by corporate houses. and they go against the of the marginalized and the poor, and that's how they're presenting these things, which is not true, actually, the farm laws, war, mental empowered, the war, and the marginalized bombers. and to give them our access to markets and improve their income to livelihood. so it's very sad that some of these international celebrities and deliveries are done biggest and the, i don't think they're in there in, by themselves capable of starting these robust. but once the local robust begin for whatever reason do the local political, then these international so called social media celebrities and all are jumping in on the bandwagon. and they have very little extra knowledge or understanding of what is really happening on the ground. energy prices are also surging in the
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united states, and joe biden's, calling for an investigation into whether we're legal conduct on the markets is to blame. meanwhile, the garage has held a major auction for leasing oil production areas. ironically that coming only a few days after joe biden pledge to cut emissions and limit fossil fuels during that you and climate summit in scotland. the auction generated more than a $190000000.00. that's the highest of the past 2 years. but a top trade association says it won't mean significantly lower oil prices blamed the biden administration for the drastic inflation. this is the distraction from the fundamental market share that is taking place and the eel advise government decisions that exacerbate and discharge and situation. i economics professor jack rasmus told us that despite biden's environmental promises, the focus is still on oil and gas. well, it's certainly not a favorable to green energy because what it means is that the focus is or is
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increasingly and still on fossil fuels. a green energy is a for the future and appears it's going to take several years for any of the spending. and of course, we don't know how much the us will spend because most of it is in the legislation called the reconciliation girl. that doesn't look like it's going to pass. we've got price gouging, going on everywhere in the u. s. economy right now is companies attempt by raising prices to recruit the losses from 2020 revenue during the worst impact to the shut downs. they're trying to make up the ground and they're raising their prices everywhere. so companies will just exported anyway, so i probably wouldn't work. he's got to take much stronger action. but you know, he's not the kind of president that box the big corporations or take strong action . he's always looking for a compromise somewhere. and no one he did. there's looking for a compromise. the situation is going to get much worse. you had judge
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overseeing the high profile homicide trial of cal rittenhouse is described media coverage of the polarizing cases. irresponsible and even scary. the teenagers charged with killing 2 people and wounding another at a racial justice protest. last year, the judge says that due to certain media antics he'll, we consider allowing journalists into future cases. when i talked about, i am proud of the media when it's trial started. we're there in part. but in part, because of grossly irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial when it was being done, it's really quite frightening. i'm going to think long and hard about. i live television, the trial. the judges already barred u. s. t. v news network and nbc from the courtroom and allegations that a freelance producer working for the channel attempted to influence the ongoing trial by tailing a van carrying the jury. it's against the law to undermine the jury's anonymity. at
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these, john had a report from outside the court house in wisconsin, boarding to canal police and also the judge, overseeing this case. bruce schrader, a, a possibly a freelance producer with m s. n. b, c was pulled over in the vicinity of the jury van after it left, the court house here last night. after day 2 of the deliberations ended, the jury generally goes to an undisclosed location, a hotel, you know, other location for the night. and this person was pulled over suspected of following the jury van and even possibly taking pictures. and when i taught, when confronted by police told police that they were an m s. n b c, producer under instructions from new york to follow this jury van now and be say, is distancing itself released a statement saying it was a freelancer was never, you know, given an assignment to do that. but bottom line here is that the judge is taking it very seriously and has bad now. and m s n b c from further covering in the court
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the, the ongoing proceedings as media. there are rules and regulations. we have to follow covering trials and cases in here in the united states. i'm sure overseas as well. but, you know, here in the united states you never take pictures of the jury that's, that's rule number one and it's for the jury safety and also to protect the integrity of the trial. so if it, the embassy, nbc, freelance, producer, a producer, whatever was following the jury that, that is, that's a really bad move and it looks, it makes all of us look bad, frankly. so whether that affects the overall proceedings results in a mis trial, probably not. again, it doesn't look like any pictures were posted online or went out of the jury, but it's a serious matter. it's being taken seriously. obviously, as you heard the judge say that said we're in day 3 of the deliberations in the car . rittenhouse homicide trial. he's facing fire charges for the most serious charge, homicide murder in other states that would basically if again convicted, he would spend the rest of his life in prison. a jury asked to see very important
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drone video, which is at the center of the defense teams motion for a mistrial, saying that they did not receive the same type of high resolution video that the prosecution had. it's unlikely the judge will declare a mistrial based upon that, but it's the 2nd motion for miss trial. the defense team has filed in the last week in regards to the case, a case that has really polarized many americans are those who support. all right, now say he was a hero, defending the property of businesses and homeowners during the riots here in protest in kenosha, wisconsin, back in august, 2020. and then does you say now he acted recklessly? he was a vigilante. he should have never been here. when a god, he was already adding to a volatile situation that ultimately turned deadly with him, shooting and killing 2 people, and badly wounding a 3rd the evidence. and now you're up to date. bo bus is on the way next off to which i'll be here to update you all the big stories were across here. what i'll take from moscow, thanks for watching. mm. a
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. what happened? i mean, no shit, you know, borders and just like to nationalities and you face as a merge. we don't have authority. we don't have a vaccine, whole worried needs to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together
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with i this financial for why was i did a little about money laundering 1st. it is, can i see the 3 different? oh good isn't a good start? well, we have our 3 banks all set up here, maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you never know all these banks are complicit in the policy and we just have to give them a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious my laundry. ok. let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about ha luxury automobile again for mag? you know it money wondering if i don't get a ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with whom bus to one business show you can't afford to miss. i'm been swan member and to bore in washington here. so we have coming up cash strapped to china. ever grand group plans to sell an entire stake and hank, 10 network taking a at the loss of more than $1000000000.00 as it aims to pay off debt. however, s and p says a default is still highly likely. we'll discuss how the situation can create a contagion effect in the global economy. then corporate giants are using inflation as an excuse to rate prices resulting in bigger profit. we'll discuss how the tax is actually making the problem worse. and if we be able to see any really soon and talk about the rise of the machine, the mit a labor shortage, the u. s. fuel by the pandemic, orders are up for robots to fill the void. is this a glimpse of the future of labor?
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we'll talk shop in the future if we have a factory. today's looked into it. and we begin with another blow for the china ever grand group. it is more and more headed towards the fault. so china ever grant is the world's most indebted company. we've told you this and it just announced that it's selling its entire stake and streaming services firm hang 10 for $273000000.00. as the castro developer struggles to avoid a debilitating default on this debts. so we'll just move, say the cup, save the company from default. well, that doesn't seem likely s a p global ratings said in a report on thursday that a default is still quote, highly likely, for the world's most indebted developer. so let's bring and boom bus co host, christie. i to break this down force. now chrissy aggregate has said it will sell its entire stake in a company that provides online video game stream or on my video streaming and


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