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tv   News  RT  November 19, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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all the politics spoke. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm hm. the information engaged for us. we the jury find the defendant, kylie written kyle needs, written health not guilty. breaking news. teenager col, written the house whose case has divided the united states have been massive media coverage is found not guilty on old charges, overshooting that killed 2 people at a racial justice protest. last year also had austria imposes a nationwide lockdown and says vaccinations will be mandatory from february for a surgeon cobit case. is that and one of the f, b i's most wanted new, allegedly took part in january. so capital riot turns up in de larosa where he's
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seeking asylum. have a newman tells, i'll tell you the charges against him a false. it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked and it appeared to be me. and it said a sofa federal officer, and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. ah, well it's good to have you with us live from moscow. this is off the internationals world news at 10. i'm calling bry 1st the breaking developments that we've learned in the past to our coll, written house has been found not guilty on all 5 charges that he faced over the deaths of 2 racial justice protest. as in 2020, the 18 year old was shaken as the jury read out that verdicts and collapsed as he was acquitted. as to the information gauge price we the
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jury find the defendant, kylie written kyle needs read, health not guilty. he was then helped up by one of his attorneys. so the 5 charges against him included 1st degree homicide. and he faced 17 years in jail. had he been found guilty of that, as he so also charged offered incident to the protest sparks by the police shooting of a black man. rittenhouse, who was 17 years old at the time, claims that he was acting in self defense. let's go live to outside the court house and coach wisconsin. now. all the americans john hardy's hike and john a less than an hour since we've heard those verdicts. what like outside the cool room? gone. well, hey, there's been celebration. there's been people showing up a lot of people, you know, driving by and honking in cheering for kyle, there were protesters that when they are not guilty rather was handed down by the jury not guilty on all 5 counts of stunning development. by the way,
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there were people that were cheering, there were people that the protestors who were pushing for a guilty verdict who are here who are very upset right now. just to kind of set the scene for you. i'm the step by the way, but this is what it's looking like right now here. the steps of the court house, you know, when we started getting word that the jury reached a verdict crowd had gathered and it became very quiet as quiet as i've seen it over the last 4 days since the deliberations began. because every day, as we've reported for you and your viewers, every day, there been bank professors out here basically counter protestors. people have bull horns trying to shout over one another. you know, often some argument, some testing exchanges. it to the point where on wednesday there was an altercation that broke out where the police came in, a rapid response team tackled to protesters right here, right across the street. in fact, arresting 2 people,
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one of whom was charged with assault and battery. but today, when the verdict was handed down and the crowd was, it was a dye on people. and that's really what it's been at this point right now. i would say there's probably more media than anything and, and throughout the last few days throughout really the last week and a half, it's kind of had that carnival circus like atmosphere, people showing up in costumes and kind of the look you lose. and that, you know, the strange god people showing up before and against kyle, written the house. but just to give you an example, i mean this is, this is the media right here that there's local media. there's national media, there's international media and where we've been set up primarily has been in the civic park here across the street where you can see all the other media agencies with their tense and their light trucks and their satellite truck and all their position. so really that brings us again to the here and now and what happens at
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this point. now that the trial is over, now that the verdict has been handed down, what happens going forward? will there be demonstrations and protests from those who were pushing for higher rent house to be found guilty? that's why the governor of wisconsin has put on stay by 500 national guard trips in the event of any volatile situation of any, anything breaking out at this point. i want to be clear. there's no indication that's going to happen, that if you follow me, let's get across these tracks. there's no indication anything like that to get it going to happen. but the national guard is on stand by just in case i want to try to. if we can be careful to bring a little bit closer. mack watch spent there. just give you an idea. this is, as we walk across the street, you know, a lot of media, you know, people still before against power and how cell,
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whether it remains calm. that remains to be seen, but for now a stunning, stunning day. not guilty on all counts. back to you. i guess it's gonna be a lot of the thinking in for a lot of people on both sides of the divide on this for now though, john hardy outside to the court has to connect to wisconsin. thanks for that. oh, the verdicts all so polarized opinion across the social networks as well with both for hashtags, pray for kyle and white privilege. currently trending on twitter. the timeline certainly come alive in the past hour. let's talk now to where's benedict, who used to be the executive director of the united states to the terrier party either. what do you make of the jury's decision? the pressure on that must have been immense. yes, i think in the end the decision was the right decision. we have the 2nd amendment here in the united states, which gives you the right to protect yourself with firearms, and that appears to be what cow rittenhouse did,
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is what the jurors must have decided after watching all the videos and look at and all the evidence. so i think the right decision was handed down and, and i support the 2nd amendment. having said that, it's not, there's nothing really to celebrate here. people were killed and the, the original protests were for legitimate grievances. we've had centuries of racism. oh, whites and slaving blacks. and then having jim crow laws and then having a war on drugs here where police abuse is common in the united states as continue to be a problem for the past few decades. but i think what needs to be learned here by the united states started public is that when there are grievances and legitimate issues that you want to protest, it's not ok to protest violently and destroy property at night and also her harm
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other people. and we do still have the 2nd amendment right here in the united states. the closest hasn't just a yes and no issue is it is almost a triple threat. not only it's that been a political division over the called written house trial. that's the racial tension . that's very clear on the twitter timelines at the moment, but also that's the question of america's gum laws that using and so for a so rifle is okay in self defense house, how those 3 going to dictate the reaction publicly that we see over the weekend. well these debates and arguments will continue and the divide will still be here in the us, og. things like assault weapons or, or a r fifteens or whatever you want to call them. and they have been debated. sometimes they've been outlawed briefly and then and then a found to be against the 2nd amendment in allowed to be owned. again. it's
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important for people who are 2nd amendment supporters and gun rights owners to use firearms responsibly. and it does appear that kyle rittenhouse did things appropriately in this case. but it's, it's, it's a, it's a very, a gray area. when you start walking around with semi automatic weapons in dangerous areas or things get out of hand. it's often hard to tell who was behave inappropriately and who wasn't, who's a good guy, who's a bad guy, or is there a heathen a difference in the situation? so i'm, i, the lesson to me, needs to be protest peacefully, protest without violence, do not destroy property and gun owners, please behave properly and without violence as well. otherwise, we do risk losing our 2nd amendment rights here in the u. s. we, we think it can't be done, but it has been done. has been done with concealed dimes with a,
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with hand guns and other things in different cities. so again, pro chest, these are legitimate griefs that people have against police abuse and against decades of racism. white on african american racism that does need to be addressed and changed. i guess the authorities at the touch intimate that this has much just before the verdicts were read out, that almost no matter which way this went. there was likely going to be an angry reaction from one side or another. i must, he think the media is focused on this trial might have pushed some of that come with was certainly the media does hybrid up some and you know, they, the, the, you, they get good ratings to hock it. good ratings, winners when there's violence. but i don't, you know, this is a big deal. it's, it's, it's something it's appropriate for the media to cover. and i think the fact that it was
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a white person or killing white other white people means there'll be less violence and less protests after the fact on is tragic when any one is, is killed in when there's a disagreement. but it would have been, it would have set back white black relations here in the u. s. further, if that had been the case in this situation, because there, there have been too many african americans killed by police and others who have not received justice and who are not, the perpetrators have not been put in jail. but i think in this case on, you know, that the right decision was made in, i hope americans keep cool and calm heads in a debate on facebook debate on the internet, but don't use violence. and what about the judge and all the essays been accused of racism along the ways received death threats to how would you assess his behavior at the trial, especially in light of suggesting that the people who died should not perhaps be referred to as victims. um i think you could make the
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case, did he crossed the line, making some of those comments? i think the judge should be there to help facilitate to trial and to help facilitate collecting of information on but should withhold value judgements like that. but i'm not an expert on a judicial behavior. so that's, i'm just telling you what i think in a whenever you have it. it's hard though, when you're, when you're being watched, i scrutinized by the media by a 1000000 people worldwide. everything that you say, oh, certainly are precedents can never say the right thing all the time. and you can't expect judges to always say the right thing. but he may have revealed some biases in his comments. but in the end i, i think, you know, the jury, the jurors made the decision. they looked at the facts and my opinion is, is they made the right decision is sad as some of these outcomes are
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a but in terms of what the impact this trial and verdicts are going to have on how the public view the legal process in the united states because a lot being said on twitter right now that had this been a black man on 5 charges of killing to white people. that the outcome would have been very different. it is possible the outcome would have been different and that is still a problem here in the us we, we need lawson and judges and juries. and we need the public to get rid of the racism that they do have and, and treat people equally regardless. but yeah, that the reverse, it could have been exactly how you said and that would have been, that would have been a tragedy if, if the right decisions weren't made. and you do hear that a lot, it's a good example. you know, you, you see a white person, you carry in a semi audit rifle and we're supposed to feel like that. so, okay. do you feel comfortable when you see african african americans or would you
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feel comfortable if you see african americans, harry and symbiotic, semi automatic weapons in public, in places. and i think a lot of people would say they, they don't feel comfortable, or they feel even more comfortable when it's an african american. and that is a said that is a sign that we still have a racism and biases here in the united states that we need to deal with. and some of my fellow relief this weekend for cal read in the house that said he feels like instead of drawing a line under any of this, it's raise more questions than answers. i guess i would have happened whatever the verdicts were going to be was benedict for the rest of a terry party. thanks for joining us on our tea. thanks for having me. on to other news now and following a search in new cove cases in austria, the chancellor there has announced a nationwide locked down for at least 10 days starting from this coming monday. as well as a looming vaccination mandate from february. therefore, becoming the 1st european country demanding obligatory vaccinations. neighboring germany is also considering similar measures,
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either of corresponding peter oliver report next from austria, alexander shalon, berkeley, austria and chancellor saying that the whole country will be going into a new lock down for monday. at a last, at least 10 days, it could well last until the 13th of december. after that 6 ended though only the own vaccinated will remain in the lock down. what it means though, is that unless you are going to school because education will remain open or you're taking somebody to school, then you are going to have to remain in your home unless you're going out to get food, your seeking medical assistance, or you're going for some exercise in your local area from the 1st of february, austria will become the 1st year a p and country to make vaccination mandatory. those people that don't fit into a criteria of either being pregnant or having a legitimate medical reason for not getting a vaccine. we'll have to get one. he said that it wasn't something he wanted to
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announce, but the fact is that it's just not being the vaccine take up in the country to this point. them to many political forces in this country have campaigned against vaccination. the consequences of this r, overfilled intensive care units, and enormous human suffering. this decision does not come easily to us because none of us enjoys bringing in meshes that puts them in on freedom. this decision was necessary because to many a mongers have acted with out solidarity. there's also concerns about the health care system in germany just over the border. we've heard on friday from the president of the robert cock institute, that's germany. public health authority saying that to g isn't working at the moment now to g is the system by which are only if you've got a proof of vaccination or you've got proof that you've recovered from covert in the last 6 months that you can have access to things like bars,
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restaurants and it's something more needs to be done. he didn't say lockdown, that was noticeably missing from the, the press conference that was given. but looking at what's happened here in austria, it does seem like not maybe the direction germany is heading, particularly when you take into account what yen spawn, the health minister in berlin had to say. and we are in a position that we can't exclude anything. we are in a national emergency. vaccinations won't be enough at this point to stop the spread of covert 19 controls. i needed to stop the rise in covered 1000 cases for the situation is increasingly bonds in some parts of germany. if we look in the states of bavaria and germany south, we're seeing intensive care. busy beds there. busy in extremely short supply, in fact, some patients are already being taken in by hospitals in italy that have more capacity right now, a situation that is, is developing and it's not developing in the right way or certainly not in the way we would like to see at the moment across germany or for that matter here in
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austria, where i'm speaking to you from or kevin, i will discuss these tougher covered restrictions with a panel of medical and social science experts. the impression i get is these are serious panic measures by the politicians and i not belittling the shock. rise in case numbers in austria, but my, my response to the politicians is where were you when your case numbers was slightly hi. hi. hi. i still am going up the time to i always is early and extensively. they need to stop being. i react cheap and acting on impulse because that's the worst time to my decisions. and i think that's the problem that we've got since a pandemic and began to fall tissues. but i mean, if i look at how the whole additions have operated throughout europe, and here in the u. k, there was a lot of let the politicians do what they want. they didn't follow some of the mandates. they weren't wearing masks when they were supposed to peer masks. and
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then they bowed to the pressures of business and capitalism and lifted restrictions . very early inclusion, honey, real pressure because life has to go on, people have to earn a living. the economy has to keep taking on at some point a suppose the politicians, cuz they've got their reputations on the line as well. i'm gonna say, well we, we were trying to ease up. we're trying to move forward the car. when can i? this is a failure of governance. this is a failure of the right to process it. so the scientists were saying i early are extensively and you will controlling then the economy is trashed and they say you how people are trashing the economy. what they do not want to accept is the economy is trashed because you messed up. i was an elderly and firm patient, or for that reason could be susceptible to coven, where he could kill me. i would like to know that the health care professional that i've entrusted my life to is not going to without knowing it being on vaccinated, pos on the virus to me, but again, it goes. but even if you've been vaccinated,
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could you still pass it on? i oh no, i don't think it's quite i am specifically am to choose a section of the med confession to site. you know that we should be mandatory, right? how are you? how is it mandatory when there's so much confusion going on? because a lot of people you're a goes to should know because it works or the medical profession i suppose we all the know medics look to you to do the best practice to do the best possible thing. we do the best thing for our patients, but the problem is, the guidance that we get given change is week by week is to confusion just as soon as we get you start one set of new wrong with a new policy. something else comes out which contradicts that how you're going to persuade. the youngest waited so far that haven't been vaccinated, that it's the only way forward, the medic say it's easier than repaying. so 1st thing you got to do is advise, inform, educate, reassure. second thing, you have to get that message out and that message is very clear to manage with cove
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it, it has to be a multi land operation. it was never a one silver bullet solution. it does not work with just the vaccines. so the multi layered approach is as follows, where your mosque, where a good quality must very properly get yourself immunized, get yourself immunized against seasonal influenza. finally have good ventilation and finally, finally, i promise you, good times will occur. good times will come. well, what we've got to do is learn the 1st term though that's the problem. that's where the politicians of flounder now. well i know, but they messed it up. if they had acted a lot earlier, the world would have been in a better place. so many things to worry about gas prices going up cove, it seems to be coming back for a 5th time and it still getting mixed messages from the politician. what's gonna happen is we head into a new year, maybe go into a 6th or 7th waiver this. well, i think there are 2 things. i really want us to think about here as we try to push back to normal. first off, normal,
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wasn't that great for everybody. and so i know that all these things we're talking about are important. we want to get on with our lives. been normal, wasn't great for people experiencing homelessness, homeless, it wasn't great from experiencing racism. these are things that are continuing to exist, so if we go back to normal we, we need to be careful not to go back to, to what were some sort of nostalgia. and i also think we need employers at universities. big, big places there bring in lots of people into city centers to remember that there's going to be a social, a return here that people are going to have some anxieties. so we need to remember, do things. remember, nostalgia is not always a good thing. normal was less that go back to normal number one. and number 2, we need some time an american wanted by the f. b i for taking part in the capitol hill right. has traveled to bella. ruth said he's taking aside him, a. have a newman face. his chart is a violent entry on capital grounds and assaults on law enforcement officials during the events of january 6. however,
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what he doesn't deny being present that that day he does claim that the accusations against him are unfounded. we also have a demon how we got into banner bruce. i knew that i couldn't cross the border of through the normal border guards because i would be arrested and delivered to the americans as a, as a gift for the upcoming summit. and i found a national forest on the map, but it was a swamped with snakes and wild boars and more spiders. and you can imagine i crossed there and it was more adventurous than i anticipated. well, it was an unusual conversation to have, you know, with an american who is now seeking political asylum in an eastern european nation that many will have trouble pinpointing on the map. but according to mister newman, he did not flee the united states. his departure had nothing to do with the criminal case against him. apparently he found himself on a business trip in europe. and essentially, then only later, he made a decision to cross the border into belarus and, you know,
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try and seek political asylum. them. he got on the f b, i 's most wanted list over his involvement in the january. the 6th protest in washington, d. c. which end help you with the you know, trump support is storming the capital. according to mister newman, he himself, ah, he believes he did nothing wrong. he did nothing illegal. i should say in a conversation with me, he refused to confirm or deny though. the fact that he might have crossed you know the threshold and found himself inside. ah, the capital, but also at the same time as he believes that he did nothing illegal. i, he vehemently refuted the claims that he, for example, attacked a police officer. he told me that he regretted doing many things on that day. it was quite interesting to hear his account of events during that day, as he also shed some light on the, you know, a well, somewhat popular theory that they were well. agents provocateurs, people, agitators who were provoking protest as you know, to do. illegal things have
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a listen. it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked and i peered to be me. and it said a sulfur federal officer. and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. number one, i promised somebody that i would stand back in the crowd and i didn't hold that promise. that's the 1st thing i regret. there was a man who came up in the beginning ah, when i, when i got there and he broke a window with a hammer. but then he walked away and down down the steps and away somewhere else. and then he came back about 15 minutes later. and broke away all the glass so that it was a clean way to enter and then gestured to us to enter. well, it has to be said that there is no solid proof to back any of such claims. and this story, it is full of twist is another one. mister newman is originally from california, you know, america's blue estate, and he is
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a registered democrat on top of that. what prompted him to give his vote to trump back in 2016 was. according to mister newman, the way the d and c treated the bernice santa's campaign, he told me that essentially he believes that the dnc stripped bernie sanders of a fair chance that you know, representing being the main runner of the party back in 2016. and when he saw all the negativity going, the trump way old, the hate he just, he just, you know, gave a protest vote it was, it was like that. so that's why he initially decided to go and vote for donald trump back in 2016. last year he told me he voted consciously that he ceased. he cited things like economy or the fact that donald trump did not stop any new was. this is something that he cited as reason why he backed trump and living in california, you know, being a pro crump guy. it is difficult, he told me, and i had some serious speak easy vibes going off,
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how he described the lifestyle of him and those who thinks like him hemorrhage, a democrat. i'm not a republican. there was a wall of hate against trump, saying that he was insane saying that he was crazy, same all these things and i disapprove of that so much. but i voted for trump in 2016. the trump supporters in california don't the ones that i knew of don't really congregate and, and you, everybody's on the down low about it. you know, every now and then somebody comes to me secretly, quietly. everything has to be secretive, otherwise you're socially ostracize. so it does sound a little bit like prohibition except this time in a political way. now mr. newman is also very concerned about his family, which is back home, back in california. and he hopes that some day he will be able to see them again in california. as a free man, but so far he sees the chances of that happening as quite slim. moscow's heavily
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criticized nights i off to the head of the military block, said it may move nuclear weapons closer to rushes, boulders, the russian foreign ministry warms of the hostile actions completely contradict the criminal efforts to improve relations in the brussels. they've conclusively lost all connection with reality. instead of responding to russia cool to de escalate tensions in europe, the may message from the alliance is that a nuclear terms? nature will move even closer to the borders of our country. well, the thing is that always any kind of nato expansion to the east towards rushes borders, always act like a huge red rag to a ball for moscow. and of course, if we're talking about something as serious as nukes, we should have expected the fury from the bowl or the bear, i should say, to be even stronger. this is why the reaction from russia diplomats to the latest comments by nato's number one boss was very quick. you don't losing connection with
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reality. that is a very serious accusation. and here's why the governor in moscow is making it. it's because it doesn't want the fundamentals of the european security balance to be undermined in any possible way. if you really said that it means that the needs are for which the thick to generally the collective voice, the russian nato founding act no longer exists. of this document, enjoying the alliance is fundamental obligations for european security, including those in the nuclear field. install of arg was in the midst of some very important meetings, including one with outgoing german chancellor anglo merkel. when he made these latest comments, for now us nuclear bombs are stationed on german soil and in emergency situations. they can also be carried by german military dress, but the distance still from germany, borders to russian borders is quite significant. if berlin decides to give up the
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agreement to have he was a nuclear weapons on his territory, then natal bosses saying they're ready to move them further east. and then they'll be found right on rushes doorstep. i expected germany will continues to be part of nuclear setting. because it is so important for the whole of europe, and it's a multilateral framework. dual turner to, to natal, nuclear sharing is different kinds of bilateral arrangements. germany can of course decide whether there will be a nuclear weapons in your country. but, but, but, but alternative is that we easily end up with nuclear weapons in all the countries in europe also to the east of germany. so the vision from this side of the barricade, the message to nato from moscow has been very clear. you really do have to choose whether you want to escalate the intentions even further and the possibly even contributes to a new arms race, or you want to maintain the relative stability in nuclear security in europe.
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