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tv   News  RT  November 19, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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ah, how does the information gauge or if we the jury find the defendant, kylie written kyle needs? right. health, not guilty. breaking news, teenager col rittenhouse, whose case has divided the united states, have been massive media coverage, is found not guilty on all 5 challenges over at shooting that kill 2 people at a racial justice protest. last year, austria imposes a nationwide lockdown and says vaccinations will be mandatory from february following a surge and covey cases. and one of the api i most wanted their allegedly took part in january's capital. riot turns up in bella roast where he seeking asylum, newman tells all to the charges against him a false it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list.
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and i looked and it appeared to be me. and it said a sofa federal officer, and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer ah, with global use and international analysis. this is artsy from moscow. i'm calling bryce i 11 pm on friday here in the russian capital 2 pm in wisconsin, which is where we start with breaking news. this our col rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all 5 charges. he faced over the deaths of 2 racial justice protest as in 2020, the 18 year old was shaking as the jury read out the verdicts and he collapsed as he was acquitted. and the information gauge price we the jury find that about in kyle. hey, kyle needs rate health not guilty. of the charges against him included
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1st degree homicide that he faced 17 years in jail. had he been found guilty? he was charged over an incident and protest, sparked by the police shooting off a black man. rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, claimed he was acting in self defense. ah, well, this is the emotional reaction outside the court house and the verdict was announced with supporters of written house cheering. the rulings have also been significant numbers of black lives matter protest, as of the seen as well, chanting justice for the victims. i will assure you what is happening right now outside the court house before the verdicts were written. of course, the judge appealed for com. no matter what the verdicts were and said, there is any violent reaction will be met by law enforcement.
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the judge in the cases describes of media coverage as irresponsible and frightening and warned that he might band life tv from the courtroom some future. the verdict also polarized opinion on social media with both the hash tags pray for kyle and white privilege. currently trending on twitter. let's talk about some of that reaction to the rulings. we can speak to spy cohen. it was a 2020 vice presidential candidate for the u. s. libertarian party. welcome back to ortiz. by 1st. well, what do you make of the jury's decision? we surprised i was not surprised, and i don't think anyone who watched the prosecution's video evidence could come away surprised. i personally don't believe kyle should have gone there in the 1st place, but that's not really relevant. once the incidents actually started, he was never trespassing. he never threatened anyone. there were other people that attacked him or hit him or kicked him as well that he didn't shoot. there were only 3 people. he shot at someone who chased him into
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a corner and threw something at him. someone who hit him in the head with a skateboard and someone who pointed a gun at him, and that self defense. and again, it was, i already was convinced of his innocence watching the prosecution's case before the defense even started. so no, i wasn't the least bit surprised, not what he was the presidential nominate joe biden made this comments on the case . let's just take a quick lesson. yeah, i don't know if we do have a claim from joe biden. that okay, let me ask here it is. well, i don't know enough to know whether that 17 year old kid. oh, exactly what he did, but allegedly is part of militia coming out of the state of illinois. have you ever heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacist? have you ever heard it? that's the reason i got back in his race. because what happened in charlottesville?
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how do you see that was unacceptable? thing to say. what know, he started by saying he didn't know so he should have left it at that because he didn't know it. he clearly didn't know because kyle is not in a militia or anything else, and it was even worse than that on social media. because joe biden, social media was putting up pictures of cow rittenhouse and saying things about white supremacy killing people, and donald trump doing nothing and so on and so forth. now i get that they wanted a chance to dunk on donald trump about, you know, his not responding as, as vocally as they wanted to about white supremacy. but they had no proof that kyle did that. and by lumping him in like that the, this is why we're seeing the emotional reaction from so many people that he's been found not guilty because they haven't been following the case. what they've been following is, is their favorite people, their favorite politicians, a media heads on social media referring to kyle repeatedly is a white supremacist murderer instead of actually looking at the evidence itself. and in terms of 1st of the comments that have come off the back of this and some of the reaction that we might now see over the weekend, because of course, the polarization here. it's a triple threat, isn't. it's not just a political,
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it's not just left them right. it's also racial division in society. and there's also the question about america's gun laws as well. using an assault rifle and supposed self defense. how do you see those 3 things influencing the reaction across the weekend to perhaps be on i think gun rights were fully vindicated over all of this. kyle, without a weapon without a rifle or without some kind of pistol or, or something. would almost assuredly be debt right now. so that's a full of indication on the concept of gun rights and why we have them. this is actually going to stoke racial divides and the reason is going to stoke racial divides is because politicians and media figures are using it to stoke racial divide. kyle is white and he killed 3 white people, or he shot he shot 3 white people and killed 2 white killing 2 of them. so this on its face should not be racial, but it became racial because media heads and politicians who wanted to make it
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racial, have turned it into a racial incident and it shouldn't be. but unfortunately, that's the reality we live in, is that everything, you know, any incident that happens like this, you're going to have a politician sometimes on both sides of the argument. and he and corporate media figures who are going to do everything they can to. so patriot intention to keep people divided to keep them watching and clicking and to keep people distracting from the real swindle that's happening at the top. you know, some of the thoughts are being expressed on twitters, i would suggest that had they spain a black man on trial for killing to white people that the outcome might be very different when you do look at the rulings in cases like this, where it is black individuals who are the defendants, that it does tend to lead towards being a conviction. do you think that there's a valid question to be asked about the legal process? we've talked a lot about disproportionate treatment of people of color in the u. s. criminal justice system. now with that said, that's not a guarantee that a black men in this situation. obviously we're talking hypothetically, but there's no guarantee that a black man in this situation would be convicted. we recently had
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a situation where i'm in in wisconsin. i forget now minnesota wisconsin, i mean the julian stalling who shot at a police man in self defense and he was acquitted. but then there are other cases where there are a black men who have been arrested and convicted for in self defense and convicted for murder. ban, i'm sure we've had cases of white men as well disproportionately. the criminal justice system doesn't help of people of color compared to white people but or, or of harms of people of color more than white people. but i don't think that's a reason to look at this case of self defense and say, well this person should be punished for something that he didn't do because there's someone else who might have also been punished. it's a reason to look at why that person would be punished. what about the media's role and all that throughout the trial next, if this was in britain as a media st. silence when a trials ongoing, the can't say anything other than what is physically setting cold on that day in the united states. it's very different, of course, when a trial is ongoing, how do you think it's handled the coverage of the rittenhouse trial?
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has it been irresponsible as the judge said, there have certainly been some irresponsible actors now with that said, i don't think that that's a reason for government government to limit people's right to speech and right to be able to cover trials and things like that. i think it's good. like i said i, i came into this thinking for the most part that kyle probably defended himself, but it was actually watching the prosecutor's case to realize that i did that he did defend himself on. so i think it's good of for a, for public to be on notice to be notified and, and, and made aware of things. but no, there's definitely been irresponsible action. i think honestly, most of that you're responsible action has come more from politicians who then, you know, their influence trickles down into corporate media. i think it's actually been more of a government problem than necessarily a media problem. what about the judge in this? so he's been accused of racism. he's also received some death threats as well. what about his behavior at this trial, one about inflammatory things that goals suggesting that the dead men pop shouldn't be classed as victims? well,
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i believe the reason he said that was because he hadn't been determined yet if they were the victims here or if tile was the victim who defended himself. so i don't know if that's a departure from how other judges would handle it. but when i heard it, i thought well yeah, that's what the whole case is about. we're deciding who's the victim here was kyle: the victim who defended himself or were they the victims were or murdered by kyle? so i don't, like i said, i don't know if that's far of a departure. i have heard actually accusations of racism. the only thing i ever heard was that he had god bless america as a ring tone. and i think he made a joke about chinese takeout or something like that. other than that, i really don't know. i mean, there may be a proof that you know this judges racist, but i never actually saw why people were saying that. ok, bye cohen from the us military and party got to talk to again, thanks for joining us on our thank you. ok again. let's start join john. how do you for marcy, america, who's outside the quarter and can show wisconsin? and we saw during the last program, news for you choose which calls recorded before the jewelry reveals that the
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verdicts. but now we know we're a couple of hours into digesting of those rulings. what's the situation out side? the court room right now? well, it's com. it's calling there were there were some, some arguments that that were happening about 30 minutes ago 45 minutes ago. among some of the people that were gathered here, they're there, maybe it was a medical emergency, somebody who may be having a seizure, but, but for now, and i'm going to kind of step out of the way here and my photographer mattel. push in a little bit. i mean there's really more media than anything. and that's really been the case over the last couple days. you know, any big trial as, as we know is going to get that media coverage. and this one is certainly no different this, this is a story that's been followed nationally, of course, internationally. it's a, it's a case that's polarized many americans, those who supported kyle written house and continued to that he maintaining, as his defense team maintain, that he was defending himself. that it was self defense. that he acted reasonably
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in light of the situation. and those who wanted a guilty verdict that those who wanted him to go to jail, those who say he acted recklessly, he should never should have been here that night, august 25th, 2020. when the city was on fire, literally, when protests were happening, and he was walking around with a rifle exacerbating and already volatile situation. well, as we know now, he was found not guilty on all counts, a stunning development. we weren't sure where this was going. we being of course, the media and everybody else. it was day for deliberations. the journey from what we heard was ordered food. there was talk about maybe if there was a vote and handed down that possibly the deliberations were going to extend into the weekend week is thanksgiving holiday here in the united states. so even even the chief defender of the main mark, richard, who was written houses lawyer, he said there they were betting that tuesday $430.00 they, they're,
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they're more than likely would be a decision whether it was on jury, whether a verdict was handed down that the jury would wrap up by then, so it was surprising that the verdict did come down today and, you know, and after it was of course a very dramatic trial. there was a fight and altercation that happened here earlier in the wake and there than doing protesters as i described. people for right now, people against right now. at this point, there are still people on the steps who are calling for justice. i think that they think rittenhouse got off easy, that he should have been found guilty on at least some of the charges, if not the homicide charge and some of the less charges. what happens now, however, here on the streets of commercial that remains to be seen. the governor of wisconsin has called up on standby 500 national guard troops to assist local law enforcement in the event of widespread demonstrations or protest. i've been talking
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to people, residents of consortia, who failed. that's probably not going to happen. that number one, the police, the national guard, are going to put a stop to anything that they're going to prepare for any possible escalation and or any fall out from this. but more than likely, it's not going to happen. things are going to remain peaceful. there will be disputes. there will be arguments more than likely has emotions continue throughout the course of the day. and i think most people here that i've been talking to anyway in the city, hope it remains peaceful that their businesses don't burn out there. there isn't a lie. the writing and the violence that this city sought back in august 2020. but rest assured this is not the end of the debate having to do with this case. it will continue to be debated both in the media, the politics surrounding it and those who support current house and those who are, who are opposed to the ruling today. but my stunning turn of events,
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absolutely dramatic. and it over all trial that that's been dramatic. and follow nationally and internationally, as you probably reaction that's been passionate, but still remaining peaceful as you say may be down to the holiday of fact, let's hope it stays that way. we'll keep watch regardless for now though artie's john hardy in wisconsin. thank you. on to other news now hand following a surgeon new cove cases in austria, the chancellors announced a nationwide lockdown for at least 10 days starting from this coming monday. as well as the looming vaccination mandate from february coming the 1st european country demanding obligatory vaccinations. neighboring germany is also considering similar measures or europe corresponding peter oliver report next from austria. alexander schellenberg, the austrian chancellor saying that the whole country will be going into a new lock down for monday at a last at least 10 days. it could well last until the 13th of december. after that 6 ended though only the own vaccinated will remain in the lock down. what it means
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though, is that unless you are going to school because education will remain open or you're taking somebody to school, then you are going to have to remain in your home unless you're going out to get food, your seeking medical assistance, or you're going for some exercise in your local area from the 1st of february, austria will become the 1st year a p and country to make vaccination mandatory. those people that don't fit into a criteria of either being pregnant or having a legitimate medical reason for not getting a vaccine. we'll have to get one. he said that it wasn't something he wanted to announce, but the fact is, there's just not being the vaccine take up in the country to this point. them to many political forces in this country have campaigned against vaccination. the consequences of this are over filled intensive care units and enormous human suffering. this decision does not come easily to us because none of us enjoys
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bringing in meshes that puts them in on freedom. this decision was necessary because too many among doesn't have acted without solidarity. there's also concerns about the health care system in germany just over the border. we heard on friday from the president of the robert cock institute, that's germany's public health authority, saying that to g isn't working at the moment now to g. is the system by which are only if you've got a, a proof of vaccination or you've got proof that you've recovered from covert in the last 6 months that you can have access to things like bars, restaurants and it's something more needs to be done. he didn't say lockdown that was noticeably missing from the, the press conference that was given. but looking at what's happened here in austria, it does seem like not maybe the direction germany is heading. particularly when you take into account what yen spawn the health minister in berlin, the hot to say,
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and we are in a position that we can't exclude anything. we are in a national emergency. vaccinations will be enough at this point to stop the spread of curve at 19 controls on needed to stop the rise income. in 1000 cases, the situation is increasingly bonds in some parts of germany. if we look in the states of bavaria and germany south, we're seeing intensive care. busy beds they're in extremely short supply. in fact, some patients are already being taken in by hospitals in italy that have more capacity right now, a situation that is developing and it's not developing in the right way or certainly not in the way we would like to see at the moment across germany. oh, for that matter, here in austria, where i'm speaking to you from an american wanted by the f. b i for taking part in the capitol hill. riot has trouble to bella roost. that is seeking asylum. that happened. human faces charges a violent entry on capital grounds and assault on laura for smith officials during the events of january. the 6th, however, but he doesn't deny his presence that day. he does claim that the accusations
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against him are unfounded. we all 7 newman, how he got into belarus. i knew that i couldn't cross the border i through the normal border guards because i would be arrested and delivered to the americans as a, as a gift for the upcoming summit. and i found a national forest on the map, but it was a swamp with, with snakes and wild boars and more spider thing. you can imagine i crossed there and it was more adventurous than i anticipated. well, it was an unusual conversation to have, you know, with an american who is now seeking political asylum in an eastern european nation that many will have trouble pinpointing on the map. but according to mister newman, he did not flee the united states. his departure had nothing to do with the criminal case against him. apparently he found himself on a business trip in europe. and essentially, i then only later, he made a decision to cross the border into belarus and, you know, try and seek political asylum. them. he got on the b i's most wanted list over his
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involvement in the january. the 6th protest in washington, d. c. which ended up you with the, you know, trump support is storming the capital. according to mister newman, he himself, ah, he believes he did nothing wrong. he did nothing illegal. i should say in a conversation with me, he refused to confirm or deny though, the fact that he might have crossed you know the threshold and found himself inside . ah, the capital, but also at the same time as he believes that he did nothing illegal. i, he vehemently refuted the claims that he, for example, attacked a police officer. he told me that he regretted doing many things on that day. it was quite interesting to hear his account of events during that day, as he also shed some light on the you know, a while somewhat popular theory that they were well. agents provocateurs, people, agitators who were provoking protest as you know, to do. illegal things have a listen. it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked
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and i peered me me and it said a sulfur federal officer. and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. number one, i promised somebody that i would stand back in the crowd and i didn't hold that promise. that's the 1st thing that i regret. there was a man who came up in the beginning ah, when i, when i got there and he broke a window with a hammer. but then he walked away and down down the steps and away somewhere else. and then it came back about 15 minutes later. and broke away all the glass so that it was a clean way to enter and then gestured to us to enter. well, it has to be said that there is no solid proof to back any of such claims. and this story, it is full of twists, is another one mister newman has originally from california, you know, america's blue estate, and he is a registered democrat on top of that. what prompted him to give his vote to trump
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back in 2016 was. according to mister newman, the way the d and c treated the bernie sanders campaign, he told me that essentially he believes that the dnc stripped bernie sand as of a fair chance, said, you know, representing being the main runner of the party. back in 2016 and when he saw all the negativity going, the trumped way old. the hate, he just, he just, you know, gave a protest vote it was, it was like that. so that's why he initially decided to go and vote for donald trump back in 2016. last year he told me he voted consciously that he's teased. he cited things like economy or the fact that donald trump did not stop any new was. this is something that he cited as reason why he backed trump and living and kind of style of him and those who thinks like him, hemorrhaged a democrat. i'm not a republican. there was a wall of hate against trump, saying that he was insane. sane that who is crazy?
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sane all these things and i disapprove of that so much. but i voted trump in 2016. the trump supporters in california don't the ones that i knew of don't really congregate and, and i knew you, everybody's on the down low about it. you know, every now and then somebody comes to me secretly, quietly. everything has to be secretive, otherwise you're socially ostracized. so it does sound a little bit like prohibition except this time in a political way. now mr. newman is also very concerned about his family, which is back home, back in california. and he hopes that some day he will be able to see them again in california. as a free man, but so far he sees the chances of that happening as quite slim. you ends warned of a rapid rise in iceland tax in afghanistan as the terror groups spreads to practically all parts of the country in the wake of the taliban takeover. once
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limited to a few provinces and capital i, as i l k p now seems to be present in nearly all provinces and increasingly active. the number of attacks has increased significantly from last year to this year. this is an area deserving of more attention from the international community. of a number of eisler. taxes jumped from 60 in 2020 to more than 330 so far this year . or in the latest incident on wednesday, the medicine group claimed it was behind 2 blasts in a she a neighborhood in the capital cobble would killed one person, an injured 6. others of you and representative you heard from an earlier added that the taliban is struggling to contain iso, an u. s. army chief mark. milly says there's a real possibility that both the terrorist organization and al qaeda could re emerge. ok, let's now talk to iraq. war veteran adam co cashews, also a founder of
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a home from battle buddies, veterans support group. welcome back to our seattle. you show the pentagons concern over the re emergence of isom. well, if i made to talk about the subject back up just a minute, to cover the motives of empire to divide and conquer, to dominate, to assimilate to accumulate resources. and they are willing to chill to murder, to lie. should she to steal, to do what ever it takes to do that? so the fundamental interests of the american empire in the middle east in afghanistan, in the rest, the world have not changed. the reason i think that's important background to talk about this subject is when the u. s. empire was forced by the pressures of the american people, the on 10 ability are it that they just been becoming untenable to have us troops occupy enough dance in the longest war and american history. they had the
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shift focus of force, their motive stayed the same, exploitation kill murder. why whatever it takes. so then you get to, well, oh jeez, they left and then there's a rise in iceland go away. is it i, sol, isis, k, p, p, k. what, whatever it it's, it's like, is it coven over 19 corona, you know, they, they changed the propaganda to keep the infusion alive. and part of the confused gen here is to not see that it's the same strings be in paul behind the scenes that makes everything happen in american foreign policy. so isis, i, so whatever they're calling themselves are being called now, where did they get their funding? when the u. s pulled out. 2 of iraq. oh yeah. it was stolen from the i left overs in that country and then you know, did all the military equipment that was abandoned there all the money that the cia as covertly inadvertently, unintentionally unsure. cent,
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behind the scenes to various terrorist groups throughout the middle east. isis as we know it, i so whatever they're calling again right now, it's not organic, it is the products of american foreign policy. so when general milly says, well, things might get worse than of dancing. there might be more more terror. so we might have to go back in. it's basically saying, hey, if you don't comply with the desires of empire, we're going to screw your crap up again. we're gonna find militants and extremists and terrorists, and we're going to make you fight amongst yourselves and keep you divided and conquered so that you cannot unite against empire. so i can't answer that question direct except a challenge the prince. although what about the genesis? so the image right now, the reality is they're all deadly attacks. i still is claiming them. can the taliban stop them to go and doesn't think it can. again, can the taliban stop the u. s. empire from covertly funding terrorist groups in order to destabilize the region. so the resources can be better explored by empire
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is how you really have to ask that question. so can the taliban defeat ices? i depends how much money the state department of the united states federal government wants to put behind it. now, i don't pretend to know the exact mechanisms of how they do it. is that the state department is, is it the cia, is it some other covert american government program through the department of defense? it really doesn't matter. what matters is that this is not an orgasmic phenomena. this is further destabilization as long as the u. s. empire exists the way that it does, the taliban doesn't stand a chance. so you wouldn't agree that the u. n. to call the international community as a pull tackling terry in afghanistan because essentially the has to be the u. s. in europe. well, i would say it should the un, you know, call for uniting of the imperial powers to do something. i mean, should a, it does the you and have any credibility of standing against empire standing for
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injustice or stand santa against injustice. i mean, you want to fight terrorism in the world demand that the united states get its military back on american soil. you want ira, what's, what's the greatest source of terrorism in the world? it's the united states military. but then the united states was blame for being in afghanistan, then blame for pulling out. does that mean that the growth of tara was just a unavoidable inevitability? absolutely not. terror is a product of blow back, as the cia described as ron paul did such a great job there as presidential campaigns of calling attention to. but when the u . s. military intervenes and other countries and kills millions of innocent people . people tend to get pissed off. well that the ca calls the phenomenon blow back, as in there are going to be people who want to strike back at the united states. if anything, recent history would say that the muslims of the world of shown incredible restraint in responding to american imperialism, running roughshod throughout the middle east, in an effort to dominate the resources of the region. okay,
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got to talk to again. i don't caucasian, our arizona have a great we can. thanks for joining us on. nothing. oh so better or worse, today's science fiction is tomorrow's technology reality. looking at that next sophie shepherd automates award winning all the frank shade saying in the latest sophia and co visionaries only on multi ah no, we're going to so because visionaries me, sophie shevardnadze, sy fi has always been.


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