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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2021 11:00am-11:31am EST

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ah, ah, in the headlines his protests are up to the austrian capital against the coven lockdown, starting monday and mandatory knock elation in the coming months. a correspondence at the sight lighting the flames behind it. these demonstrations coming out to say go to the offspring. government policies, when it comes to code 19, we'll catch another glimpse of it. a neo colonial mind set, the u. k. slant for plans to ship asylum seekers off shore, including a former african colonies with questionable human rights reco. it's as pressure builds on the white house to deal with a record. immigration crisis has thousands more migrant sets off from southern mexico for the u. s. border. ah,
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oh i there you watching out international the weekend. kevin o' in here for the next half hour, with our latest him. first off. protests against new coverage restrictions have broken out in vienna, the south to noon with scenes of violence at times. this was today's rally in the capital of the country became 1st in the e. u to extend the lock them to the entire population starting very soon on monday . please fault with demonstrates is who attacked and through objects to the offices . austria will also be the 1st in the block to make it not kill ation mandatory. in the coming months, ortiz peter oliver was at the protest and relish this report. for the most part, this demonstration was incredibly peaceful. however, there was some flash points between demonstrate as in place, things were thrown from the demonstrators towards law enforcement, who responded by dragging people out and taking them away into custody. there was also some incidents. well,
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so some teenagers saw in bottles towards the place in order to try and get them to give them a chase. the reason that all of this has started is because of the actions that the austrian government is taken to try and calm down the coven. 19 problem that the country has on monday of last week. what we saw, you can see that demonstrations here is they come into the final stages. lighting the flames behind these demonstrations coming out to say, go to the austrian government policies. when it comes to coven 19, another climpson is coming through the gay thea, as we head to the historic historic policy here in the center, they all seem capital quite your money themes and they come through that with the as they come through that to try and get away from the crowd of it as a company that with that flew going that was starting last monday. what was called a lockdown of the on vaccinated. i'll 3000000 people fell in to that particular
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group. those that haven't either got a vaccination and can prove it, or they can prove that they've recovered from coven 19. that then escalated further on friday of this week when we well, when alexander schellenberg, the austrian chancellor, announced that from the homing monday, a national lock down will be going on. he also said that from the 1st of february, that will be well, a mandatory vaccination policy in place across austria, all should be coming the 1st country in europe to do so. that really upset a lot of people. lot of those that we spoke to a lot of people that come out here just behind me flaring those hollands very upset that all should become the 1st european nation is put in place. this type of mandatory vaccine policy. i sing, it's not the question from the government. i think it's a question for the people. if i want it,
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i can have it. but what's with the 1000000 people's? they don't like this. what's with this? we have a problem with the austrian government. ah, we, we afraid to lose our table critique? i'm not happy with this sir. solution because sir, it's against them. the wish are up, up, up, up people, and the, and human rights are being done on, on, on the ground already or beneath, under the ground. now, alexander schellenberg, c, r c, and chance to says the reason he did that was because his hand was forced because to many people in his country as he sees it, a fallen foul of what he calls anti vax propaganda. and that's one of the reasons he said that a vaccine uptake in austria was so low. these people low say they just don't want the government to have so much say in what happens to them,
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why they take vaccines. the real statistics, though are not austria is in the grip of a real biting situation when it comes to the 4th wave of cove. in 90, particularly in the west of the country, hospitals are at creaking point. when it comes to taking severely ill people in intensive care units, they are just don't have the capacity to be able to cope and asi as vaccine rate is below the average when it comes to the rest of the european union. however, these people here say that they just don't agree with the policies and the way that alexander shalon bos government is handled. this here in austria, me time in the netherlands, multiple paper reportage, been injured after a night of violent clashes in the port city of rotterdam. also, it's her rallies against plans for tougher coven restrictions, their angry crowd, set police vehicle to place and left a trail of destruction on the streets. ah,
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this is chilling video of the aftermath of those rights with road staying blood in places and pavement shattered glass on them. as you can see, cars plays the polls find almost half of the population. of many politicians oppose requiring cov certificates to enter public places fittings running very high as the government most further typing of restrictions. and chaotic scenes of protest also in the french capital, as the yellow vess movement marked their 3rd anniversary, demonstrate his burns city infrastructure and held objects of police. ah
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ah huh. st fuzz raged across paris is demonstrate is came out against mandatory nauck, elation they've also had longstanding demands for high pensions and economic reforms. you can just as secretaries confirmed, the governments considering deporting migrants to facilities abroad while the paperwork's being processed. but he declined to specify exactly where those locations will bay seems. albania has already been approached as a potential destination, but it's refused shut. edwards dash the looks of the plans of the controversy. it's raised. the u. k. is reviving plans. the sudden silence because abroad for
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processing and remote australia install offshore centers in the past 12 months, almost every corner of the globe has been considered from europe to the essential islands and africa, basically anywhere but his. this is something that we are probing to just the idea . we will do everything we can to resolve the problem. we make no apology for at least trying to look at that. which in the eyes of the united nations, has long been assign of a colonial mindset to see the united kingdom looking at the same ideas as australia, as a matter of deep concern to the united nations high commissioner for refugees. because we see it as almost a neo colonial approach. he pass it off to african countries and you wash your hands with it. you might pay a lot of money. but nonetheless, the shift, the burden and that way, without the safeguards is a problem. campaigners also say the news may re pop asylum rights, moving asylum seekers to countries that might not have the same human rights protections. but basically on that in the british government. but the u. k says,
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it's time to change cause, following years of what it claims to be a broken system. the british public have had enough of seen people die in the channel while ruthless criminal gangs profit from their misery. our new plan for immigration provides the only long term solution to fix the broken system. and it's right, we keep all options on the table. it comes as the united kingdom, her see nearly $24000.00 asylum seekers make the perilous journey in small boats across the english channel just this year alone. and only 5 of those refugees have been sent back to europe. this year. the u. k. government hopes its plans will also act as a deterrent but to some it's more of a case of out of sight, out of mind she in breach of international law and arguably in breach of the 1951 convention on the status of refugees. and i'm not sure if this is how the new global britain wants to be remembered as a country that goes out into the world slouching, international roar and treaties. we sign as well as showing. busy contempt to human
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rights and just think that from a practical financial point you think of the cost of actually transporting thousands of asylum. c is from this country to an african country, then having to pay the african country full the detention facilities. but who are there a paying for the gods, paying for the processing? everything like it's going to cost the country absent fortune, that money could be far better spent. it is feeding up the asylum process in this country and determining people's refugee claims at an earlier stage. across atlantic. meantime, joe biden has to talk to the leaders of mexico and canada, drew amid a massive migrant surge of america's southern border. it was the 1st trilateral summit between the leaders of those countries in 5 years, but it failed to produce any major breakthroughs. talks came as another caravan.
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this time with about 3000 migrants, mostly from haiti in central america, have set off for most southern mexico towards the u. s. border. as mexican authorities say, they also found more than 400 people secretly traveling in to laura trailers thought to be heading to the u. s. although putting more pressure on the white house, this handling of the crisis is kellum open explain. biden. and his team say they're on top of the immigration issue, working with other countries to find a solution that's not enough for sheriffs in 17 states calling to fire the homeland security secretary of to witnessing this disaster over the past several months and listening to the continued rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty from 6 to my yorkers, the western states sheriff association and its membership must in frantically states opposition of having no confidence in the ability of the sick to my august. and his leadership within the department of homeland security to effect any positive outcome on this matter. they say that the real issue is that the united
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states can't control its borders, that officials are out of touch with the real crisis on the ground. now, man, security chief, even admits he doesn't have key data on migrant crossings. how about this, how many deaths? how many illegal aliens have died crossing a legally under the united states. under jo biden's administration, i don't have that data migrant crossings continue to happen with n g o is providing aid to those crossing the border, making the process white easier. the actual numbers are not known, but many speculate the situation is quite serious. i managed to get in the gates, i demanded entry once and was refused. i talked to guard into letting me in on another occasion. and when i was in there, i saw buses pulling up, probably about $100.00 migrants over an hour got off of these bosses many say it looks like the biden administration is shirking responsibility. refusing to admit it, let the crisis get out of control. how many children have been in the biden cages and calendar year 20? $21.00 a senator,
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i respectfully disagree with your use of the term cages. by the way, here's a photograph of the biden cages that as the center that is precisely why articulated children sleeping on floors crash in a pot each other when i took this photograph, the cove at a rate rate of cobra positivity was over 10 percent. has joe biden been down to see this facility of yes or no? biden, in the democrats, say they are addressing the crisis. but many of their critics say their actions are both insufficient and far too late. i don't know what data is, is lacking. if he's lacking data, he how to get out a plane and vice president harris ought to get on a plane and they ought to go to the border. and the need a lot more than go into the border and saying, what's happening with the thousands of people are there. i mean, you can get, you can get the data with, with your own eyes. the end of the day is president biden and vice president kamala harris, who make the policy. and they're responsible. one of the major jobs of the president
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is to protect the integrity of the border of the united states. and he has not done that. he has not shown a water resolve. so bar common up man on the f b i is most wanted list charge to the tack. king police at the capitol right in january turns up. curious. tell this one in better route seeking asylum please talked to us at length mary story. i always thought of it now. it pans out after the break. ah so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time time to sit down and talk to rob is driven by dream shaped bank. concur some of those with, there's things we dare to ask a oh again,
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exactly 16 paseo next to the american wanted by the f. b. i them for taking part of the capitol hill. riot seeking asylum at the moment. embarrass avenue and faces charges of trespassing assaulting a law enforcement officer during the january 6 protest. but wiley doesn't deny being there that day. he claims the accusations against him are unfounded, and he told us how he saw the events unfold. when i came to the capital, there was one barrier on the steps of the capital. so it, it appeared to be that the police had made no preparations for, for protest, even though they knew for for weeks or maybe even a month. there had been calls for this protest out the capital. i think there was even a permit, and yet there seemed to be no preparations. the police were very aggressive and where i was not,
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not everywhere. i've seen video afterwards. that was very controlled and quickly escalated as the people started to enter the capital of 2 young men came running out with blood on them saying they just shot a girl in the face. and that did not deter the line of people that i saw going in. they continued walking slowly forward. good lord, i regret things. i regret, number one, being route. well, number one, i promised somebody that i would stand back in the crowd and i didn't hold that promise. that's the 1st thing that i regret. i regret being rude to the police. they released a wanted a list of a very long list of pictures of people that were wanted. and it was brought to my
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attention that i might be on that list. and i looked, and it appeared to be me and, and it said a sofa federal officer, and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. i realized that i didn't have enough money to defend myself because this is a very expensive thing. i was interviewed by the f b i and let go at the airport. they knew what i was doing. they let me go. that's you can't, that can't be charged with clean. next, jo biden's approval ratings if it a new, a low with more than half votes is now disapproving of the president and worries over his mental and physical capacity to lead the country are a key reason for it. questions are also being asked over how few news conferences the president given made worse when his promised press briefing with the visiting mexican and canadian leaders was abruptly cancel. none the less, his press secretary brushed off the concerns. then there's another pole that also
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finds mounting mores over jo, biden's, health, half of those question. do not believe the u. s. president, do actually 1079 today. so happy birthday sir. if you're watching is in good health with critics pointing to a growing number of gaffs. can you vow to protect? i want. yes and yes. oh, i don't want to cold war china just one right. trying to understand that we are not going to step back. we're not gonna change in a we're abuse. so you're saying that the united states would come to tie one's defense. autotech. yes, we have a commitment lunch meeting with she has a 5 day taiwan, not us. and we are not occurred with make up their mind hers. thank you. you're going to freeze like their methodology on the delegation on i go ahead. sorry. confirm. again the words that go
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with i have not. i know i said that last week i have not the pedals constantly changing, so let me just take another fresh look at it and we will confirm many details really briefly. a few minutes ago. oh, what you said just 2 minutes ago. concerns about the president's health are valid and we, um, you know, he's an older gentleman and he's displayed on in interviews and, and, and appearances he's displayed a cognitive decline as well as physical decline. i think his poll numbers are, are where they are right now based upon the status of our economy. and his administration's failures to secure the border of the inflation that we're suffering right now. the loss of, of, of confidence a,
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in terms of national and foreign policy after what happened with afghanistan in the state of nebraska, more than $100.00 children, the berlin jennifer knows, having died of a government run bolding school for simulating native americans, are such as, say, that this happens in the late 19th and early 20th century with such as continuing for remains of the site artistic a house reports from the school. these children were killed in various ways. unfortunately, some of them died from diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia, but other kids were drowned. some were shot and some were dispose of in other ways which they have yet to determine. because in a lot of these cases, like this us indian school, they actually were never able to find the remains of the body. although the debate of these children actually said to be buried near by now the school in and of itself is extremely problematic. kids were pulled, at least from this particular school. 40 tribes at least,
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were represented in this. he was indian school, where kids were taken from their homes. their parents are forced to cut their brains never allowed to speak the language that they had grown up speaking. we all have to keep in mind that this is a federally ran program. now the reason things like a dark turn is because that mr. william pride actually live by one motto. you kill the indian and you saved the man. so hearing that a general start a school like this, with that particular motto, it's no wonder that thousands of kids ended up dead in my opinion. i think to say to say that the federal government, much like in the situation with the tuskegee project, doesn't really want it well known or well documented that they were indeed responsible not just for the death of indigenous, took a kids and people hundreds of years ago. but this was 1934. these kids were literally being killed in the 20th century. such folding skills are
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not limited to nebraska, not even to the u. s. in canada, more than $1200.00 unmarked graves of they discovered this year at the former forced assimilation institutions for indigenous children. providence suggested true dosing in may that he was a poles by the shameful policy that stole indigenous children from their communities. we spoke to a history professor in nebraska who's been involved and uncovering evidence of the atrocities. she told us, authorities at the time essentially turned to blind eye to the children's deaths. the number of this, of the children that we found so far is not surprising that much. i think what's more surprising is just the callous disregard that local townspeople and authorities had for the deaths of the children. we have found notices of the desk and local newspapers and they'll just be sandwiched between an ad for something like an ad for flower and then they'll be the death notice of
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a child and it'll just be one sentence. it will count won't tell you much about the child, nothing about their families or anything. and then below it will be something like, oh and come to the dance on saturday night. so that kind of casual indifference to the death of a child just has shocked me really to tell you the truth. i don't even like to call them schools. they were institutions to which native children were sent. and they were designed really to suffer the children from their families and separate them from their lands and their identities cultures, languages, religions. there was a lot of physical and sexual abuse in the schools and they were really harsh and brutal institutions. and the children were often separated from their families in their communities for years at a time in the sort of in these institutions a grim piece of history uncovered, i'm most is not sure what we're talking about this. we can call it brace here,
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and i'll find out for another voting for moscow care with out of the team. thank you for watching out. international live from russia this weekend, bmw with join me every thursday on the alex, simon, she'll. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security at any machine.
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it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been and one step behind the attackers, both to partner with option in law. so it's not a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of went with ah, new york, it's really what america is about ah, when our mayor took aveson, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the halves and i have not,
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and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried. where so much of new york city history is buried is documents of the inequality that has existed in the city for centuries. ah ah. amounts kaiser this is the kaiser report. well, we've made our pilgrimage to big coin holy land. el salvador. we're in l. zante
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better known as bitcoin beach, i'm just reading the latest episode of bitcoin magazine, which is dedicated to el salvador. yes, i have a common here called overdose stacy. what's happening? hey, well, it is amazing to be here in el salvador. we're in l. dante. we are gringos, which means we started filming at like noon. so it's like a $130.00 degrees. all the locals are hiding away from the sun. we are out here, blistering hot filming like crazy people. but you know, we've had an amazing journey from the airport arrival at the airport. it was quite interesting because we saw like bitcoin ers were being welcomed with open arms by the entire state. we were tweeted at by the president tweeted that by the ambassador to the united states from el salvador. so there is a massive reading. this is between week that we've been enduring here through the
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heat, right? it's hot and so it's been quite as the country is really ready to go fall bitcoin hyper, quantization joining other countries around the world. the president has made bitcoin legal center. people are using big coin to buy a coffee in san salvador and it's making a huge impact on the population and the spirit of the people that matches the spirit of the people. i talked to a lot of folks and they asked, what is the defining characteristic of el salvador? it's all about the people there. so open hearted, they're so generous. and big claim really matches that. i think that's one of the reasons my big point became big here so soon is because it matches a spirit of humans to be open. they want to, they, they want to perform communities. and this is perfect. perfect, perfect, fertile soil for big point to grow. right? and just so you know, behind us, this is the surf you hear. this is big, quaint beach and l. zante and i'll salvador,
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this is where the hyper bitcoin is. ation started. and now salvatore and it was the surfers coming here from around the world, which brought bitcoin here, bit point to the attention of the locals. and they are the ones that lead to this, essentially them bitcoin becoming legal tender here and there. they're essentially the people who are responsible for that. so that's where we are sitting right now. a beautiful start behind us, right? well, surfers are at complete one with nature in order to serve. you need to completely throw away any, any pride you might have and beating the way you need to go with the waves. and the people who are becoming bitcoin. millionaires and billionaires are allowing big points to take them forward and to not impose their ego on to bitcoin. remember, you don't change big point. big point changes you. this is why somebody academics like the ball greg random maria rubini. they don't get it because their egos prevent them from enjoying the ride. this is why a lot of industrialism headphone matter.


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