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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  November 20, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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putting some new album or some, the pentagon and the drop of ministration didn't do any that they never owned up to any of this at all. as grades own journalist aaron mom wrote instead of accountability and nearly every step the military made moves that can feel the catastrophic strike. the sight of the bombing was ball those, the unit that conducted the strike vindicated itself key evidence was buried. military logs were altered and investigations were stalled and subverted. yay! sounds like the time me and my brothers babysat for 3 little girls next door. actually say it's a, it's a funny story. we baby fat and you know how much good love bob said old. well we actually that killed their dog. doesn't have anything to do with popsicle actually, but yeah, we recovered that up, but it is good. we can have a lot of those things now. all right, well let's, if that's your limitations on passing someone's dead dog off and stuffed animal.
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anyway, back to the theory, i think they both go to the and tie your goddamn area. yeah, we, we, we know we did nothing wrong here, but we chose the bull nose the area. yeah, no respect for their lives, but just over a new page, folks, no stamps, dwelling on the past. dr. 6 it's kinda like when a b c brought back came out for the state. com last man standing and then bull nose the entire studio afterwards. so no one would ask questions as to how that happened . so you might ask, if 70 people were killed by these us strikes in syria? was there no report by the pentagon? nothing. oh sure. there was 2 months after the $29.00 to massacre, the task force completed, a civilian casualty report that claimed that only 4 civilians were killed. it also
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determined that the strike was lawfully conducted in self defense, health defense you do, you can't, you can argue self defense when, when, when your a fighter jet was just google bombs. and there are a bunch of people, including children in a building that's on top of the furthermore, the military club for 4 people died. i think your pilots need to work on their numbers. you can't get dues for and 70 unless you've been inhaling. mercury, that your idiot uncle told you was super power juice. i don't really want to talk about it. he ended up shaving his head and losing all his money in a hot air balloons camp point is. he's the only person i know who can do for and 70. lieutenant colonel payne course sack wrote that a unit had intentionally entered a false strike log entries. clearly seeking to cover up the incidents,
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calling the classified death toll shockingly high, he said the military did not follow its own requirements to report and investigate the strike to the pentagon covered up this disaster as best they could. i mean, considering there are proliance of dollars on accounted for at the pentagon, and there were a $100000.00 whistleblower complaints that were completely ignored. and every time the pentagon is audited, including this week, they simply announced they failed their audit. they have no idea where the trillions go. so it certainly sounds like no one knows what in gods name is going on with our military. no one. and that includes our politicians even look into what has really gone on with our military. these idiots with big guns are utterly and completely unaccountable to anyone. furthermore,
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it turns out when you have an organization which is basically built on organized mass, human murder, and you, staff and full of people who enjoy organized mass, human murder, and you give them nodes of weapons design to create tons of organized mass, human murder. it turns out sometimes you end up with disorganized mash, human murder, who could have seen that common and the end result is totally insane. numbers of innocent people killed and for some odd reason, this seems to happen everywhere. the u. s. goes, so we're show on. so perplexing where someone could get to the bottom of that come to you from washing dca the valley. the base is redacted in 9 with
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moon. welcome on li camp. now let's break the news. bill gates is back in their head lines. yes, the billionaire known for being friends with pedophile sex traffic, or jeffrey epstein and buying up all the farm land in the united states. i think those 2 things are unrelated. i don't think it was trafficking sacks through farm houses. that sounds itchy, although that helps explain farmers only dot com and the sexy overall craze of the ninety's. well, nothing explains essentially overalls but bill gates is back in the news. and by back in the news, i mean not really in the news except for tiny, independent outlets that have to report about want to stay in. he is and by, i mean vaginas and by the genus, i mean you be whoever you want to bait. no documents reveal. bill gates has given $300.00 in $1900000000.00 to media outlets,
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essentially buying positive coverage for him and his organization. this is blind, n b r reports like this one. does bill gates no hell off to me is, or is he blissfully unaware? and the guardian reporting bill gage yet again makes cable knit sweater is look o shows act c and the be be streaming headline nerd gaz. i'm bill gage jones recommended extending patent protection on coven vaccine. and i cream to my peter milan, khakis and yes, i made up all 3 of those headlines, but still disgusting. and there are countless examples of real headlines comparing gates to einstein asking if he can save the planet, asking him what we should all do please. guy don't, don't early god. rather than asking him why he wants to make sure african countries don't have the coven vaccine, why he's spend time with jeffrey. abstain. why?
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he has more money than god. while 1000000 of people go hungry in his own country. if and i do mean, if billionaire should even be a thing which they should not. but if we're going to be a thing, then they should at least have the decency to be ashamed. hey, should at least have ag stone at their helicopter boat jet boil things they should at least have their district no. or at all times that they are pieces of bill gates has but hundreds of millions of dollars in recent gears on the media to make us think he's a cat's pajamas and he is not. he's not even the under ruth. speaking of jeffrey ab james, july maxwell's trial, again this week, he's, i've seen the queues, co conspirator, charged with sex crimes conspiracy and perjury. the judge in maxwell's trial has
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already made it clear that he wants to talk about nothing except july maxwell. so it's kind of like putting one of the manson family on trial without mentioning charles manson or putting wanted from kids on trial without mentioning they were raised by the trans migration of muso leaning on dead in looks like the u. s. justice system is continuing down its steady path towards morally bankrupt irrelevance. steven dawns are in person for 2 years for the beating chevron and court. jessica read the jet is in prison for 8 years for turning off an oil pipeline for a few hours. and kyle written house is judge, refused to allow the prosecution to call the people written out killed victims. no, no, not in my court room. those dead folks are not victims. they're on fortunate. they're in voluntarily deceived. you can call them persons
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of my previous existence, or you may refer to them as the soon to be after lifers, but you may not call them victims making ridiculous names for things. last week, the u. s. navy proudly launched a war ship named after gay rights activists, harvey milk. all that just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside a bow war war is just a special time for us to come together and kill others. and those of us doing the killing can be of any race, color, creed, sexual orientation. i don't care of your black, white, asian gaze, dray, friends, bisexual bilingual or bicycle. i will kill others with any of my fellow citizens. and that's called unity. that's called human rights. i'm sure harvey milk,
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who fought for all people to be treated equally. and we've done assassinated in 1978. i'm sure it would be thrilled to know that american killing is now being done in his name was an honor. i heard next year, the pentagon plans, the name and f, $35.00 fighter jet after one of thomas jefferson slave. and they're going to name one of the socket wrenches you that cia black sites to break prisoners hands as are legendary abilene and activists, billie jean king talk about progress. there was a time when billie jean couldn't even play this board. she loved hi lie or tennis or something. well, she could play, but they didn't pay her well until she formed a women's league sponsored by cigarettes. they paid her extra if you coughed during the matches point is we are making progress in this country are killing, and torture is loving and accepting of all people kind of the way you feel when
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you're tripping, your balls off, which brings me to my next story republicans in the house of representatives introduced the legislation on monday that would be criminalized marijuana at the federal level and illuminate legal hazards using many cannabis related businesses while regulating its use like alcohol, which means database companies have gotten big enough to start buying congress people. well i god, how quickly they've grown up. it seems like just yesterday, a cannabis company was a guy saved in your phone under the name dank, who would show up and had hatchback and hit on your 14 year old sister. and now that guy is buying congress people, the republicans claim this is similar to a bill. democrats put forward to legalize weed, but we supposedly less onerous regulations say they claim it will help small businesses. yeah. what about mom and pop we sellers?
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i mean, they're probably all moms and pops because apart heads are not known for remembering to slam on jimmy hat. if you know what i'm 2nd. but in all seriousness, what people do to their own body should be their own business. doesn't matter of a bad for them, our goal is way words for you then we'd and if legal and i'm a fan, people pierce their scroll, them's which can't be good for you and that's legal. and i'm a fan, botox, it has toxic in the word most make ups or i think they have crazy chemicals in the hair. 6 dye has heavy metals in it and heavy metal has we guys in it? but all of that legal and it should be, as we should be. but then that get advantages run around going some drugs cause people to be manages to society or society is run by manifested society, wall street as and c e o 's are bigger arms to the world and society.
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the lawn must carbon footprint, is the same as the philippines. jeff pedro has workers collapsing on the amazon warehouse floor and bill games. we already did that one. i think the mother running our society need to do more drugs, not less. they need to get high and pass out watching reruns. bo jack horsemen with a half a breo dumped in their crotch. that would be far better versus die for the environment for the people. and for the world decriminalize all drugs. criminalize all the sociopath. we have to go to a quick break, but you want exclusive react tonight, extra content. grab the portable tv app and portable dot tv slash download. we have extra content every single day. i'll be right back a lot more the
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oh, there's a pack of water around the try, a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states, you know, where their government may suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that's ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters at the same time jousting for position and tensions or high violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to quote countries. border dispute don't go away. it's assessed or something's going to happen.
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new york is really what america is about. when our mayor took our place, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the haves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard i. the city has always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. wanting to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried, where so much of new york city history is buried, is document of inequality that has existed in this city. for centuries.
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he really so think the cash ride on police report. it's an all cash in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. sell out a film crew access for 3 months. so if people are organization, if an idea that fascism must be opposed to check out the game while they may come with their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teacher that hallmark is we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government, we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in ah, we're seeing high levels,
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one certainty creeping in economic life. and i think we're all aware of the disruption of global supply chains with spike in the cost of energy. we're seeing a reappearance of inflation. and i think all of these constitute the economists cool down the sign risks, which could mean the weather is still ahead of us despite the moderation of the severity of the meeting. welcome back, i'm still li camp. the bill back better act is getting less and less. a better democrats, abandoned raising taxes on billionaires, and shall de tax got into the bill at the last minute that benefits the nation's top 10 percent. here to discuss what will replace those missing tax is i can
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reserve for the democrats save the rich program. lee do have a moment to talk about grown children, living in gated communities, new gig. now me since when i sold a mona lisa and tears, you know, the cat giving birth to a pixilated monkey. and now i have to worry about tax hikes. hello. i just got rich, let me enjoy it. sure book and let's talk about the tax cuts for read written into the build back. better act. billionaires increase their wealth by 70 percent this year. do they really need extra money? the upper cross has been doing well lately. the tax cut is something to say, hey, we noticed, i thought the build back better bill was all about social programs paid for by taxes on the wealthy. no, you heard wrong. it's
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a social program to help the wealthy. a bullying program. conservative democrats shoved $285000000000.00 in tax cuts between the social programs clean energy and universal pre k. so the increase of the state and local tax deduction, cap or salt tax cap, also known as a tax cut for millionaires in the 2nd most expensive program and 1st most confusing program. hey, but it's an investment in helping the fat cats the fat. you know what it's like to go from bloated to comfortable to have to buy generic cocaine. it's so lumpy. kind. no right. but $285000000000.00. yeah. you know what that does sound like a lot, but it's really a small gift. when you think about it, most millionaires will get an average tax cut of 16 k year. you can even get a pair of jeans for 16 k. tell me about it. i get all my genes 22nd hand anyways,
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$285000000000.00 of a reverse robin hood. so what this is, lee? do you know what will happen if we don't give these state deductions? millionaires in high tech states are going to flee to the low tech states soon. south dakota will have people there and there is a refugee crisis that flooding the florida real estate market with contractors from hoboken. nothing unusual there. yeah, well florida is a colony of new jersey. i know that. but listen to democratic congressman from the garden state. josh got hymer. he's alarmed if we want to help and states like mine take care of good schools and good roads and great programs and things to help hard press families. we need to have people not leave our state and they're leaving our state right now because the taxes because the salt we got to reinstate salt. i've made it pretty clear. i'll get you one of these. no saw no dice. you've got to re reinstate it. you make way too much sense, you need a new party. jesus said,
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give all your money to the poor and you'll go to heaven. but god, hymer is onto something better. no song, no dice. how are democrats going to pay for a universal pre correct pre k, if not, taxes on the wealthy? they will plan house democrats are backing off targeting $1000000000.00 our tax games and swapping in a new nicotine tax, a new excise tax on any nicotine that has been extracted, concentrated or synthesized. wait, they're coming for our bates. i thought they were going to tax something like homeless shelters or something unimportant. first, they took the mango flavor jewel pods, and i said nothing. i drove to virginia and bought them there instead. but now with this tags, it's going to be cheaper to smoke cigarettes. this makes me so anxious. i need a cigarette. the same really torn about. i'm not sure what i love more money or nicotine. wait, is there a way i could smoke money?
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i'll let you go work on that. thank you. now me. moving on this week, brittany spears finally got free from her abusive conservator ship. many are taking a deeper look at that system that put her and hundreds of thousands of others in such a position in the 1st place. for more we go to our very own intelligence failure and usually, ah, like so many millennials. i grew up on britney spears baby one more time. pop me about love toxic, taught me about mcdonalds. i'm not a girl, not yet. a woman taught me. humility. and now she's been teaching a whole world about our screwed up legal system and celebrating for the glass. you champagne after her 13 year long conservatorship finally ends. for those of you living under a rock, brittany was deemed mentally ill in 2008,
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after lashing out at the popper, roger, the press painted her as crazy. but she behaved like any normal person who bought a $10.00 umbrella and had it break in the same day, in case you're wondering what it conservatorship is. no, it's not a ship filled with conservatives, though. why here they are building an arc for one climate change finally makes this place completely uninhabitable. conservatorship is when someone is appointed to manage the financial affairs of another person, judged to be mentally unfit. but in brittany's case, it's more than gesture financials. she's been forced to perform shelves forced to take medication. she did not want and forced to use contraception. that's the kind of control over a woman's body. the texas law makers aspire to data on the matter is hard to come by, but we do know that roughly 1500000 americans are in conservator or guardianships in addition to violating civil rights. these arrangements can be huge body makers for the people in charge of them. we all know about how brittany's dad, jamie,
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has made around $5000000000.00 from her conservatorship. but that trump change compared to the over $50000000000.00 total. that's been taken from conservatives around the country. now some of these are justified if a person is in a coma, has dementia or an addiction to betting on the washington general's, which i promise in my case, is just a hobby. then having a family member manage their affairs, is perfectly reasonable. we're talking about entire private businesses that profit from conservator and guardianship often illegally take here in clark county, nevada, or professional guardians, have a pattern showing up to an old person's home on an out and immediately taking over their assets in forcing them to move to an assisted living facility think i'm exaggerating. look at april parks, who did that exact thing to countless elderly couples like ready and rudy. north of las vegas with no warning parks had filed an emergency ex parte petition, which provides an exception to the rule that both parties must be notified of any
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argument before a judge. she also submitted a letter from one of these doctors who described him as confused in agitated rudy and runny, had not undergone any cognitive assessments. confused and agitated. ok, so any old person, they're all agitated. my grandma always used to accuse me of stealing her sox, which was only true of her diabetic sharks because they were really comfortable. anyway, the north were perfectly fine, but still became wards of the court, spent 2 years in a shoddy nursing home and lost their life savings since their guardian build their estate by the hour. eventually, thanks to victims in their families, april parks was prosecuted for fraud. and it's now serving up to 40 years behind bars. but parks is just one piece of a much larger, screwed up las vegas themed exploitation puzzle. she learned her scam artistry from former clark county official turn professional guardian. jared schafer,
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who essentially has cart launched a lie, cheat and steal from seniors for as much money as you can squeeze out of them. when schafer gets challenge in court, per se, not reporting what he's actually doing with their money, then this happens was the court. i'm going to go off the record, not the record, he just wants to close case closed because okay, i guess that judge went to the same law school as the one in the written house trial. jeron schafer has legal and political connections. so unfortunately, the only way he'll ever get prosecuted is if he makes the mistake of praying on a pop star. because of the hashtag free brittany movement. people now know the depraved depths that america's conservatorship system will sink to. now everyone in the us will be ready to say to least financial predators don't go knocking on my door. is that too much of a deep cut? okay. ah. the conservators will no longer be able shay. oops,
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i did it again. yeah. that, that doesn't make sense. okay. ah, screw it, let's go for an edgy with this people stuck in these abusive concert or ships. won't have to say, i'm a slave for you. there we go. for vegas. i matters leave with redacted to night. ah. where are your headlines from the future? following the new york times, revelation that our military covered up the murder of 70 syrian civilians. in one week, you're in new york times backs down retracts entire bomb cell syria story except words, outlandish and sassafras. they'll probably retract those last 2 coming up soon. and in early december, pentagon report,
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humanity is only held to survive. global warming is nuclear winter. oh, break out the smores. and this next hand line will read. in january pentagon renamed their pit of despair. the harriet tubman at memorial pit of despair, putting the okay back and woke. that's our show, but check out my podcast government secrets with graham al would also text the word redacted to 33777, to join our free e mail list until next time. good night. and keep fighting with while we've made our pilgrimage to pick going holy land, no salvador were in el dante, better known as bitcoin beach. i'm country is really ready to go for the coin hyper, but point is ation joining other countries around the world. the president has made big point legal center. people are using big coin to buy
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a coffee in san salvador and it's making a huge impact on the population. ah ah ah
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ah. anti co written demonstrations continue for a 2nd night in the netherlands. protestors were seen tearing through the streets of the hague, holding players and setting fires in their way. he also interrupted in the austrian capital against a coven lockdown due to started monday and the mandatory inoculation in the coming months. correspondence, is there a lighting place behind it? these demonstrations coming out to say, go to the all state governments. they come to coven? 19 with glimpses and neo colonial mindset is slammed forth plans to ship asylum seekers offshore.


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