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was speaking to guess from the world, the politics school business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. a me out with i think what we find is hackers are playing at the human emotions. they're trying to find the way people operate online through social media, different types of technologies, and they're using that human emotion. think about what they're trying to
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do today. they're trying to send emails to individuals talking about different types of activities. they need to do urgent activities, such as transferring money, or maybe even clicking on links to steal their information. users are being distracted regular. they're getting so many notifications from their social media, from their e mails, and they're not checking in, and actually validating what those requests are coming from. and playing into that human emotions gives more and more packer attack capabilities into those users. you can implement all sorts of technology controls on the endpoints on the network . so they play to human emotions. they played to the emotions of urgency to the emotion of promising something. so excitement, they played to the emotion of less carefulness when you look at things and just clicking because you recognize a brand or an image. and they try to make users provide as much personal
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information as they can for they try to be a lot more tailored by stealing information by researching information about you. maybe they check your pictures on facebook and they know what you like and what you don't like based on that. and then they create very targeted tax on your profile. mm hm. mm hm. ah, somebody that's yep. which like i said with cheats. oak. oh, i suppose you could do cheese or see over them with was so shaky has come yet to kid that i thought it might be of late. i need to that was my phone of stores,
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zip each other with possible. most of them when you're my boss, so the photo id with development of the actually file. yup. it like having yes. what is it? a lot of these bills i could do it, but i mean i just rather go to how i go to got so in my mouth and because i'm all i need much, i need a little bit. i'm one of the my to which one you're going up with the leave the complex a. she could only like
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a city. you shop looking lamb this with a package. even leave south on global going out. yes. my so what's up with here with more than one? yeah, i spoke with you on what now you only want to go with them. yes. go i do believe you're with my
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her need chose correct. so many of you will lose more at the store in law. i used the borrow shows, and i, mrs. lee jab, lloyd, i for the, for my to, i'm to school from losing. i've got to put our mark. i wish the shop which can be spike. it's either give me for an yeah, pos on august. the bush are possible for me to be speechless. will be spacious, but i was by my what she had good history for the phone. i'm not happy with our most to do would change their yes job to curb my teacher out yesterday, but it was in my fornia a lesson morgan law her because book that the new back of the which just follow suit that i met by me for it from when you come, when you move 9, which new didn't it between you coming in wants to breathe? continuous. is it? that's one reason you've talked with chase to better take a minute about it like that
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with what you would do my check stub, my lad. what my fe, nicole got up like this, each said said which more. it wasn't with so much a lot of money. they keep up with them as i shook, i was told that the without going to pick up within 5 months. so that's still the couples. 90 at a modern looking going this kind of like religion. not that it's like the masters hollywood. this isn't also nice. which was we did it was with that. yeah. easy when you minute get with this and i'm never done that you get them. you don't want to let the ship was, could be kid what the competence wouldn't accept segment. she'll just, i need a thought that she'll have much of the sheltering food of you. i'm the new what is the lawyers show you watched them from last week? i thought i knew the pin roadside, what support a kiddo?
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i want them to show me what i want to quit from. i've been 4 months that are boston is with a public. what are the showings let's i should voice in for months we got that. i'm not sure which should have spoken of the nature at them the good nor looked at them as docile. you 21 so i should give me a lot of questions. i did it. the medium is more key. i badly shirts. the initial muscle tucker, dement ship should always wash choice to put in that will give the will be to you that will be to hides. each of them will look associates, you shambly to it, think about it. so your digital footprint is all the different sources of information that exists about an individual or about a company. it could be things on the dark web, which is that part of the internet that's not accessible to the standard user. it
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needs special software to be able to access some of those dark web resources. it can happen at the company level, or it can happen at the personal level. mm. so much to thomas toys lodge, if such wasn't an atom, how did you students of coach had asked me to assist him in order to prevent that system on your face? last night? i keep the relationship with the company. is shaquita milky company got or can you bring up the trust is i missed you yesterday. a citrus landed on me. yep. las vegas through the stuff. that's 5. it would have just i just, i saw just from underneath 15 or when you put a video, are there any thoughts? there might be notes in your phone, but it starts it got it. got coming in. yeah. i'll look it up. sure. sure. use. mm hm. on that nice thought so cars though, a chill area. oh gosh, all pissed, america. great. then farm up solutions, all lower them score. my daughter and i look went to live, one of the issues i get,
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i filled interesting food sheets because of that she looks pretty mean to look at that a bunch the better. nice boys. ok. keep that. yeah, thank you. spit floors. well, certainly ignore what operating on the inside of watson does stuff much like you're more than those of you warm up shiny at our school. shoot very me experi me. and then in this law i can do months. 3 is what then you quite bottle of water and you play it donnelly. and what do i odd? that is what break on doc. they come with the chess. she's one. yes. yes. uh huh. well usually it's good louise for me. see i get at the moment it's printing. yeah. in my could sit it because that if the cache at subsequent gosh, it's a book when me name in the name let's college corn include chicago was teaching the g, misty new york wars let us go; gt; does that in front of me, blah sheep, those thought not wishing you wanted him, of course, the foreman,
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when you got that last time it just be jumped unless the chest. yeah. a mom you must because it's if you snap, you must come model beat. wish i knew monica, my via m as us, a layer of one. 0 boy to place i did die. a black one realist, anything else? i don't care when really wilson, why not you? can you get enough here? why me? why my lease, on each of us for some of got daughter and what was the she not down, watch them. i see a sports up stubs. la mike with you. we'll go back with the way it's a
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. * used to when you go a little bit with i was just a just we but it's a, it's a bottle, it more step pro it by and yet she is a door to door.
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i . 6 just need to buy one a convention i with just the just a way to put a building with i lena with noise doors with her
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oh, there's a pack of water around the try a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states. northern gulf, a main i suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you had made an canadian fisherman in these waters. at the same time jousting for position and attentions are high. violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to poke countries. border disputes don't go away, they just fester. something's going to happen. well the mic no said, you know, born is
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a piece and you perish as a merge. we don't have a therapy. we don't to look back seen the whole world needs to take action and be ready to go. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with ah, once the attacker collect that information,
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they can then crossed more focused attacks on that user. for example, the database leak has name. it has potentially even the address of that person. it potentially also has an if you of where they've been in the last 6 months. so now if he creates a fishing attack on that individual, he can say we know you live at this address. we know you go to this work and that's building trust. if you build trust, you can expect more action from the user as part of that fishing obama. sure. what my mama, what do you feel? what you're good, there's genia with this and i'm not going to some on that. yes. clear cut? no. chill dice, share worship was minute. my, me what the court at the court, the wash soon indulge. that was nice. is he just praise or slack? well, either shed them crash. these was sir, sparkle, say like the senior shooting me, stored a 1000000 was some less you be. i shall got mushy. nikki salen,
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luxury where his boyhood, nasha vall, norman the or wants to nick of mom, bob, bob washing dealership. sure. let the washington where it's needed. now story club, what the club teach nice to eat when you mind me a pretty scared. yes. sure. so, but it's just the dean. get, thump. what does this original, what it is by at the more obvious, saw this in the lukewarm web browser work. i keep the property will fox, the, unless your machine executing a thought was through in the store number starts la reach theory bad. there are fact of got thought in the browser with machine emerge. it mean you could teach? not noise him, sick them wash the beasts of the ocean. personal experience i had was i grandfather had a officially attack where they knew my name. they knew where i was, and they used that to, to basically say i had been kidnapped, they said i was kidnapped or that i was injured or something along those lines. it's very real occasion is incredible. it's a difficult thing to ask people to be savvy enough to understand where that email
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came from, what domain it's associated with. because if google is not picking it up as a spam or your exchange isn't picking up their spam, you've got to have that internal knowledge to say, okay, this one suspicious. let me double check with sam and make sure that he hasn't been kidnapped with some good question. yes, nat geo, with this quote, oh, what kind you need it. would you swap these needs a lease with the new silk in the political stage? and i went to meet with with the police,
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brought him in the workshop or showed me she was more shorts. because a lot of up, i mean, yet i plan a just a cheap yesterday. no able to use to show them to this. my mom bought a home to do that with 2nd with
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use little door to show you how to show our children or hi keira used to choose niels you want. suppose one with the training of jama boshamp leslie nielsen are sorts. is the norm here in typically so on the doorway, they your door stop for mike, also slow. good now, but if you only bought, dial it at them occasionally thought a might say, damn submit. i had so a bit longer done. a thump stale russian. oh, it's been a lawyer, i deal with them to another agent based on just a question. a
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both looks muted with this issue. so so much about norman, why did you score if you still use but almost any pollution from what's in which a serious are which not yesterday, at the end the wire. now ross are back in about that. i bought car on that was to a bloody to picking that is so some damage in front of my theory, but graham knows not the book, the more it's got a po number out. so yes it was, it was more last for somewhere. got good. you can you go ahead and sarah doc of don't just live with her. 8 last yes, contact name, the joy, shane, you know? yeah, sure. one farm i spoke with total more than a picture of more just there's a somewhat concerned statement when you thought it was got the one i missed today.
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your machine today. if you go and you would not want my new somewhere in front of my plea of thought she cannot. but if you got more responsibility, yes. with the process does take one to form a question. yes. a budget for the lunch with my team member to different religious of all the initial missional during job with bringing the mattress suits and i wish to do the engine for the engine was to for the point is going to do some of them. i mean, you know, somebody online to the store
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you bought or somebody tried to call it or the engineer i i just work with she. she needs to get a message before i social engineering in simple terms as tricking someone to do some actions. unwilling to trick them so that the social engineer is to trick someone that she's something they didn't think about. there are different ways there are different methods, depends on the capability of the actor and it depends on because of the actor or let me revert that. if the users publish data on the internet,
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the hackers will use that data, you're going to be exposed to a lot of things. it's how you think about it from a security perspective. what do you share? how should you share it? whether it's the right thing to share or not, those are things you always have to be aware of. and then how are you protecting your data from a password perspective devices, you have your devices, you have your network and what type of connectivity you have. and then you also have your data itself when you create a new social media profile, don't answer every single question, maybe only provide the information they need for you to be able to register contact with the sessions. lawrence, well my thing, but i spoke with the bishop, if you little bit of m club will be from what like some closer. thank you. have a month to back with zillow and i did. it was 20, it will show proportional problems. contribution deception is the rules will not
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come to a little discussion, but it's on so what's your blog split visuals? not sure to soft q. it's another she'll the 2nd deal it. there's my man spend. they spoke to pierce basil chip or something so complex disconnected his own discussion, which will commit as of the demo spoke when i'd be looking forward. you done that up with with us to publish. but maybe there was hope with the video showing up in the jewish order that they used to breast on land that comes up as a sort of doesn't show a sort of people in church most recent option soon and just follow up with those to put the especially with a question in thompson, to port on the solar present. we're just a new orbit go home with a distorted dawson, huggins. i've been wanting to keep up with the,
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with the principles, lawrence, a partner for an upgrade or if there's any other ways not for me to deal with that. i feel much more thoughts on a miracle ear. one way. confidence next monday, imprecise. good instructors. we are mentioned that you might hear the reports that you will need a staff armstrong with. yup. although my 2 children walking me, i thought i should should be in the massage losing, but it just be cheaper than when you're dealing with them. because zooms and used to be clear to reschedule for mobile. the prosecution de spit up the machine as the
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which that you know, the weight that it what, what does it a wish you a little bit more about a pre med room, if it's going to check that new. ideally, if a meal bite, anyone, so skillful, i'm a factor. what do much with daughter young authority that shows a hospital score or develop or school? she would substitute teacher post of school a. let me just a quick is like a kind of shit on people who needed 2 symbols, national digit deal. it was done on a different i've yet interesting. i was just my question. it was a couple 100 say shit the
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i just to move mr. roberts. ah or new york, it's really what america is about when our mayor took our place, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the haves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard. i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island.
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city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this act as burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried. where so much of new york city history is buried is documents of the inequality that exist in the city for centuries. for is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way,
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or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. for what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms. race is on often very dramatic and development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. i'll be speaking to guess from the world. politics spoke business,
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i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah . process right for a 2nd night in the netherlands over a look down intended to reduce k v cases. several other each sites have also tell him to restrictions on the week he to so we discussed the issue with a panel of guests. my response to the politicians is where well, you, why in your case numbers was slightly hi. hi. hi, i still just as we get you stuck, one set of new role with a new policy. something else comes out there is a lot of let the politicians do what they want. they didn't follow some of the mandates they weren't wearing mass. oh.


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