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you know, sing a thanks, live from moscow. this is, i'll tell you what a a
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a with i think what we find is hackers are playing at the human emotions. they're trying to find the way people operate online through social media, different types of technologies. and they're using that human emotion think about what they're trying to do today. they're trying to send emails to individuals talking about different types of activities. they need to do urgent activities, such as transferring money, or maybe even clicking on links to steal their information. users are being distracted regular. they're getting so many notifications from their social media, from their e mails. and they're not checking in and actually validating what those requests
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are coming from. and playing into that human emotions gives more and more packer attack capabilities into those users. you can implement all sorts of technology controls on the endpoints on the network. so they play to human emotions. they play to the emotions of urgency to the emotion of promising something so excitement they play to the emotion of less carefulness. when you look at things and just clicking because you recognize of brand or an image, and they try to make users provide as much personal information as they can ah, they try to be a lot more tailored by stealing information by researching information about you. maybe they check your pictures on facebook and they know what you like and what you
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don't like based on that. and then they create very targeted tax on your profile. mm. in somebody that's you know, which like i said, but the cheaper. okay. oh, i suppose you could do cheese or chevrolet was so shaky has come yet to kid that i thought it might be of late. i mean that was my phone of stores. zip each other with
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my case, this investment there, she can, i mean it like having yes, what is it? a lot of people but he's built like with me, i just let it go to how i go to god. so in my mouth and you, because i was one you too much, i need a little bit. i'm one of the way to which one you're going up with the leave the complex a shake of them like a city. you shop looking lamb this with a place will be going out if michelle was at this,
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michelle with her extension is with more than a minute i spoke with you. so what you all on with them? yes. go, i do believe here with my her nachos coach, a teacher will knows more at the store in law. i used to borrow. she was on i mr. lee job more or if one was able to start. so i'll be school from losing. i've got to put a mark, i just wish the shop which can be spelled b. it's either give me for an yeah,
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pos on august, the bush. i'll post office for the speech will be spacious, but i was by my work. she had good history on. i would have the most to do would change their yes job to curb my teacher or if we had to put it was in my formulation of bizarre possible morgan law her because because the new back, which just follows here that i met me for when you come when you know which new didn't it was between you coming in a little more st. kobinie taylor says that's one reason you've talked with way. combining. deborah heath i my labs. what my fe, new pool because like they teach they'd say which more? it wasn't a lot of money,
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they came up with them as i ship. i was told that the without going to pick up within 5 months. so that was my day at the palm model. looking, going this kind of like really not that it's like the masters, honeywood, this isn't well some nice, which was we did it was with that it easy when you mine yoga with this and i'm them and i'm the magic. you get them. you don't want to ship was could be kid a book open in student except segment. she'll just, i need a thought that she'll have much of the shot. you would be on the new version of what is the only show you watch them from last week. i thought i knew the pin roadside what support you can now. i want them to show me what i want to quit from . i've been for months that are boston is with a public. what are the showings, let's i should voice in for months we got that. i'm not sure which should have spoken of the nature at them in the good nor looked at them as docile new 21.
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so i should give me up if what little questions i did it. the medium is more key. i badly shirts them ish, much like a dement ship, a choice to put in that will give the will be to you that will be to hide. each of them will look associates, you, somebody to talk about it. so your digital footprint is all the different sources of information that exists about an individual or about a company. it could be things on the dark web, which is that part of the internet that's not accessible to the standard user. it needs special software to be able to access some of those dark web resources. it can happen at the company level, or it can happen at the personal level. mm. so much to thomas thrice lodge. if such wasn't that american students of coach had asked me to assist him in the coin? you pretty good at that system on your 1st last night. got you from the retention
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nature of the company is shaquita. milky company got off. you bring up the trust is i missed you yesterday. a citrus monday, doug mm. the up, the said it just it always thought us 5. it will tell you what it is. i just, i saw just from underneath 15 or when you put it in and you start seeing might be notes in your phone, but it starts it. got it that you got coming in. yeah. i'll look it up. sure. sure . use. mm hm. on that nice thought so cars though, a chill area. oh gosh, all pissed america. then 4 months emotional with score my daughter and i look went to live, one of the issues i got i field insurance would sheets have that. sure. expedia mean to okay, that's a nice boys. ok, keep that. yeah, thank you. spit floors. well, certainly norm get what operating on the inside of watson does stuff much like you're more than those of you. warm up shiny at our school, shoot the re, me experi me and then in this law i can do months. 3 is what,
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then you quite bottle of water and you play it donly and what were odd, that is what break come talk. they come with the chess. she's the one. yes. yes. uh huh. was it usually is good, louise for me. see i get at the thing that it's from india in lakewood city because at the cash it's a different cash. it's a book when me name in the online lead. crunch corn include chicago was the from the duke, misty new york wars and let us go; gt; does that in front of me, blah sheet those thought not wishing you wanted him. of course the form when you created this, i may just be jump unless you just a mom you must because it's if each now you must come model beat. wish i knew monica, my via m as us a layer of one. 0 boy, to place i did die. a
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like one realist, any day off. so i don't care when really wilson, why not you? can you get enough here? why me? why my place a, for some of got daughter and what was the she not down, watch them, i see a sports up stubs. why my miss mitchell? i think you will go with the way. it's a . * used to when you go a little bit with us just a just we
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actually have a bottle it more stem. my pro it by me. she is a door to door i . 6 just when a, with just
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a, with a i think with for a, a,
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[000:00:00;00] a, [000:00:00;00] a what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development. the only personally, i'm going to resist, i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a self with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my documents,
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it was they also sent a credit contract. i had just 3 days comply with their demands to see if i didn't send money i. they sent out an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be very dangerous man. and people is still saying they can't ride on police report. it's an all cash in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. sell out a film crew access for 3 months. so if people are organization, if an idea that must be opposed to channel out the gate while they may come with their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st
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amendment right and say that my life matters, and i have to be on to the teachers at all american. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in ah, what's the attacker collect that information? they can then cross more focused attacks on that user. for example, the database in the cat's name, it has potentially even the address of that person. it potentially also has an if you of where they've been in the last 6 months. so now if he creates a fishing attack on that individual, he can say we know you live at this address. we know you go to this work and that's building trust. if you build trust, you can expect more action from the user as part of that fishing camping up along with sure what my mama, what do you feel?
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what the garage genie was this and i'm not going to stand on that. yes, clear cut? no chill dice share wasn't was minute mommy. what the court at the court, the wash soon. illinois which was nice to see just for his or sla. well, either share them credit is vasa stock or say like the senior shooting me, stored a 1000000 was some the cb, a shock machine. nicky, sailor missouri was boys a nashik vol, nor one or wants to nick of mom. bob, bob wash a dealership. sure. let the war store where it's needed, not store curb. what the clear teach. nice if. when the mind me a brief idea. sure. so believe she's the dean, get thumped, or what does this original, what it is by at the more obvious or this in the lukewarm brass, the work i keep, the property will factor on nation machining scheduling of thought was throwing us thought number starts log, reach theory bad, so our fact of the thought in the browser machine, you emerge. it mean you could teach not noise. im sick. the most abuse sedation,
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personal experience i had was i grandfather had a fishing attack where they knew my name. they knew where i was, and they used that to, to basically say, i have been kidnapped, they said i was kidnapped or that i was injured or something along. those lines is very real. the sophistication is incredible. it's a difficult thing to, to ask people to be savvy enough to understand where that email came from, what domain it's associated with. because if not picking it up as a spam or your exchange is picking up their spam, you've got to have that internal knowledge to say, okay, this one suspicious, let me double check with sam and make sure that he hasn't been kidnapped. so that with some boys questioning, tedious magicians with this quote. oh,
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what kind you need. it would be a focus it then you still get the job of a spot where the middle portion or sho machine is what i choice because a lot of hope. i mean, yet i plan a 40 yes, a cheap yesterday,
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lee books used to show them to this from your boss. got a home to do that with a, with the washer microshore children, the hi could i used to? he also, you most of us, lamar, katrina, jemma by 10 the sniff. neil sir, positive the norm even typically so on the doorway or your door stop for my also. sure. good not, but if you only bottle it at them occasionally pharmacy. i'm so, but i had so a list of my work but a bit longer done. a staunch, there was
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a the with them to on. i wanted to come in to him, pushed a button . you both looks muted with this issue so much that no matter why did you score would you be use don't use, but the more stephanie policeman for much, much a serious wish not yesterday, at the cindy wire. now ross are back in the borders that are brought go on. that was who are bloody to picking. that is awesome. daniel and in front of march, the book graham knows not the book, the more it's got
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a shame. this moves the pl number out. so can, yes it was, it was more last for some with nice go ahead. acura back of don't just live with her. 8 last yes, contact. they moved the joy option you in the issue a newborn far mazzocco daughter more than appreciative my g stairs are somewhat summer since our next statement, when you started, it was gotten the one i listed a bar machine today. yes, it's still dark. go when you do not was less need someone from i thought she can up but if you got more responsibility with the process to take one i'm calling to find a push to get the budget for the lunch with my lease limit uniform for legit
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initially missional control during job with the bridge a mattress suddenly suits and i do engine for the engine was to for the the point in the sporting potential, which i didn't, you know, so my been online to the store . did you put somebody tried to call or the engineer i work in the home that watches message or starting business owns before i social engineering in simple
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terms as tricking someone to do some actions unwilling to trick them so that the social engineer is to trick someone that she's something they didn't think about. there are different ways. there are different methods. depends on mikaela realty, all this last actor and it depends on the tuition because of the actor. but this, let me revert that if the users publish data on the internet, the hackers will use that data, you're going to be exposed to a lot of things. it's how you think about it from a security perspective. what do you share? how should you share it? whether it's the right thing to share or not? those are things you always have to be aware of. and then how are you protecting your data? from a password perspective devices, you have your devices, you have your network and what type of connectivity you have, and then you also have your data. so when you create a new social media profile,
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don't answer every single question. maybe only provide the information they need for you to be able to register with the sessions flores and so might be a with the dish or they it some of them clipping live from like some to say thank you that a month, 2 beds with washer proportional published and it came to british inception. yes, there was little more comfortable little discussion, but it's on. so what's your blog split your visual slash. it's a soft copy. it's another. she'll the 2nd deal it's, there's been man, it's been, they spook the british basil kit or something. sometimes i said from if it is on discussion, which will commit as of the demo. bucklin, i'm just looking forward. you done that up with the pollution, but neither of us hope with the video showing up in the jewish yetter, yet the rest on land that comes up as a search. i just left a couple of churches to positions option and to follow up
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with those to print, especially with the whole list. it's also enough to forward a presentation, but i'm just going to put a new orbit a couple 10200 with, with its own slomo, raymond, switzer, exporters still not sure what was our partner for an up order if there's any other ways enough for me to sign your future or deal. i've shared with her, but i feel a much reward bought a car driven. yeah. it's not still new. deerish ers are one way calling from the from wanda. yeah. okay, so i can focus,
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we are mentioned that you might be here, the reports to wiggle. deborah, tim to resume. would you guys also on my stamps on the on reach t shirts is yep, up although my 2 children walking me cuz she really shouldn't been themis where she lives. but he's a special speech. she'll put them on bissonnet element. just put it down for him. because zooms and used to be rescheduled for mobile. the prosecution, dc it up the machine does the which that you got another bill was went there. what, what does it not scan on that one yet. okay. uh, what's your hush him sullen and because she can resist the nurse at the monster world, but i don't want to remember much, but it is good. checked that new yellowish amelia biting out. skinner thought go um let 3 did move on to the spots it affect to what you must with daughter need to come to young category that shows national from cooper. he does a dos battles for teach all good about school short term plan, which i wish 1st of sure doesn't coordinator. boy william dawson was one,
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comes up share glossary with sort of order cloth with his little mexico best with ones. but he still isn't another doing, it was actually in a kind of shift on people who knew that 8th machine was national, the jail. it's done under japan. i've yet the situation with a mis published. there's a couple of forms to present to you as a couple of course from the with the ship. just to meet with mr. roberts, the other sisters. ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a join me every 1st on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. oh, we're seeing high levels, one certainty creeping in economic life. and i think we're all aware of the disruption of global supply chains with spike in the cost of energy. wishing a reappearance of inflation. and i think all the police constitute on the economy,
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scroll down to sign risks. it could mean to wonder is still ahead of us, despite the moderation of the severity of the making a ah, protests in europe as new locked down restrictions are imposed. volunteer ups in the netherlands for a 2nd night when brussels, the rec clashes between police and demonstrators. are the weekly this are we try to work out where it's all heading with a panel of guests? my response to the politicians is where were you when your case number's was slightly hi. hi. hi. i still as we get you stuff,


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