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done that was a problem with bus transportation you to show me because i mean it wasn't angel snap benefits from getting into the thing when you pull it up. so the cuts certain job, boosting, call the late fee convention. what kind of michigan? and on the sample in schools i'm trying to get because miss anything is along with the last one that was from there into been a new job stuff. jim or my sister, if you can. sorry, aggression and all that transition from the public, which i think it's a little more in geology, emerged mindset. but i was going to just do too
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much going on, which is the crime. and what about the us post office? the progression from i've seen some interesting pretty much what property was yes. was another station to a call to junior, but i'm going to get a chance to get what he has to come with telephone. we do just to clear up mich up yesterday deal is going to show to, to read, to look into for them, because i feel it was good. when you show yellow, chest of drawers, start all work. i will talk to but i'm going to, the 1st question is i would put you to the show know, throw in each of those a show, know and you know, it will be other than the model year with us and joy. you mustn't. the law group is
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to propose a change the she to go. come sir. cromwell puzzles, lamara. you must be made. somebody methodically separated. your school spoke to girls. what was suddenly start on the emergency brochure creature warrior d avenue. after she'd sat services in, tyler has a start, a process called career and i gotten smaller to danville is arts of which louis chateau at bureau, authentically delish was his passport. ne, done the annual which gave internet miss cuter ins program with miss jan on no spice. off switch political world with dish computer much that was that he gets to release cache and again self his passport them. but they're gonna kill a schools dania it out of the area and nor will at robin the 3 just that. and yet, just on or date is that i know the truth to my boss for you mean you, you buttonwood. inside the cut to the initial deposit by thus, thea blue bird would la mortgage cra, which you more than most her passport parabola. self is passport them. no, it is
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a complete to me, it will destroy, missed your part of their youth agonies. lucian could log him that i was to with d. ashley of one k e at corolla at am short blue charlie got ranch creek. the lease board is the bon, excuse sure, to leave shot, but honest him a call back that would be dos the plugin i danger while watching the a preschool which on brazil, dated machines as human, a spiritual parents getting a brush that was at the core usda will goblin look, i shouldn't go, which a quiet and fun wants go get it. so i was up wastes me sports like garcia, but actually isn't great robustness. good, christina, we should probably change just wish. what assessor yesterday? if we knew i teacher at the white sway done there. i thought she was, but in cbs chest was one is the place that he need. she has her that it is all in the market place. you can senior dual guy starts already met or either span there's a grow alice. now i did you on was a co, honestly silly, but that was, that goes over the dust. awful. it that was the because of the stuff going not
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that's i've done that next task longer than that. and that's what i do. i know why she, even if i me last telephone from brutish floors nicely left to set the doors to order . i'm with warner. yes. live we're starting at the think arch realty banks blue shorter, but all of which, which i didn't get just jaded each cubic inches in front of which this vicky it's, it's in the form. let's account for thanks. it's always a good way to should one care. sure. no, i'll be your mom who balloon in 4 months a severe widget, targeted bianco for those more to deal with . busy this course it's not something supported spinning meter, okay. instagram portability, sch, facebook, sam we currently resides in dogma, post of nita, twisty club, yom. ah, cedric mcneish is mid, it's a b at a bite and a se in the cobra coverage and it wasn't him. those books are more telephone on my
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to go score. we discuss mcroy to retire, which he and you bring up me standing, you eat minority done. they got to check out any in that the key members on which occurred as i t shirt actual mosquito dogs. but muscle dogs to a fun or just a pity will show it. i'm in the washington i'm which is which group at the side and i'm done. i need them cut off. and then you miss tina by them. all right, you, you showed us pretty much thing and don't with your soccer kid, come instructionally to look at what casa dos. whereas most run diagnosed nonlinear, which just is which if we sign me the, your dealership, what me natasha of number will dogma. ah, is mac computer or by my layer a chip or teacher on along the path stanley more than a bite slave. i think that it will stay on the way really in a don't study per day. you done lyrical um they have seo but the out
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a yes dos boston's led saddam problems are being that problems of renewables. well, it's only been far more tracy be a preschool jemma police most to the latest. wouldn't be done. they're nice with the scars on that. they store. she comes carson with food stamps. i've seen if she gets a portrait and it shows up pretty up north took us, i have to stop to parole for them. i think there is a yes, proud of white sway. person and they've done the israel, we switching in doing the meet bravo hallmark, the conflicts will moment more. some said, well, who was metabolic really working is absolutely. i mean, there's nothing of teaching there, but you can pick. i teach about coursework or something that done this kind of, she is probably in my badge a couple of years ago. austin youth control knob on the war. going to reply video. just recently. ethan ethan from us. so need to know what comes with my initial
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practica? yes, you can pretty much. it's celia promotional deletes. that's one number to saw that or you will tell us my leech, the mining could be in the but for some drug lords, i mean i did to ride c d phosphor school loves or assist the committee of a shot. so yeah, you know, the part that i forgot to ask the boyish, very nice future. most of those had, you know, we some crop with another blog post because like the, what's going on property. oh, okay. hm. just a modem or a sim credited with would go under when there is a shannon that did it i told by earlier,
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but there were service of our conference with black as i'm aware here. and here with which as well over when you're going to segue, it may spoiling account of the time. you see douglas, apostle finance football machine, but he should be up. yeah. but good. the jack authority we're blow national. you show us a list like less as a senior mass 0 in new york, y z. you can, you is boys. when you sleep in this, in the florida. yes. both of us looks like the it's like we're playing with or funding to those go is point when you actually supposing a deep week of lateness more on just a smile that your 1st like ways to make it at some point ah, a summer gladly but he's like my age, but the quicker but i wish the place or did ever with that. cuz i had 2 of them here, the character briefly about them. we'd like to let them up. i love that for me to
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get my son, but this with i'm cousins of that lawyer. i'm sure to get the car to come to the glacial. so come away on little by year me are using he didn't i just been i am isa through d. i a mother in law to re up was why wouldn't you pos, style moore's book or you'll do mostly and you come when you moodle preem company did it. the reason is nationally assuming that it, that a more so cuts are both i one minute the park i had to please, i go to work as it is when you were to and they used to be to mr. that and you put the s number here. yep. i start with rushing atlanta. a lot of mine. yeah. pushed out of the god of the who me and thoughts. yes we have. dish of it's see the question you asked the glass shanie or she rosler. c. love galle. me mining go. but i annoy or got dory outdoorsman. i'm glad he's did. torsional vian. did to wish that for a chip thou story, but when she was national, experimental union to let him know and that's why he'll push the trigger. but when
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you just look at the building capital will do that and you sort of 9. yes. thank you so much. she didn't look at the sky and shut it out. i get the medical on my finance office, which is the actor i shuddered. and that those on my share of contact suggesting that share for those and whatnot on the same session. but us share them that thank you so much jim mark did show chuck and on the what is it a shot me on my 2nd look at the words nutritional show for good on you to the point where where you live in or just out of your system,
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my smile was my so not always been submitted to the future list, which is the personal dimension to book you want to see the thing, you know, the mileage was more than the students used language saturday with mr. mclain last but not least, just know by the us and japan. yep. but i'm having to stop the call. we're on your voice, just call us and try to get it in that the national nash at the cost of what it is, a good profess computer. it just really just want a particular submission that you know when you chance to touch base with morrison. i source which interests are starting don't checks so
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much. you know, what about the political in charge? wilmonson listed fusion. so if which are the quarter $3.00 and what was, what was the discussion, but also the section on de la city since and so process 1st system has been to for nathan for even the pushing on it. shine me every thursday on the alex simon show, and i'll be speaking to guests in the world, the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then. me as tensions are again on the rise regarding ukraine. we hear about the red lines, russian red lines, the west needs to take them seriously. also in the way of the rittenhouse verdict,
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isn't it time to admit late legacy media? lie all the time about almost everything. for is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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oh, now it shows the wrong one. i just don't know any yes to see about the same becomes the advocate an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah . mm.
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and a gentleman that enough to get out of the bush with chandler's got the room. i wish that wouldn't be good. but she quoted with a spent process of both of you guys that are models or beasts were i was only how would you keys? we thought it was still a good little mcwilliam location instead of it with them or was i don't want to let of america a
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a with a good one. it was just calling. sure. and i've been washed school with are the buyers of those information? are either other hackers that field, they can take it further and utilize that information to create another hacking attack or they could be potentially companies or people that can use this information for identity theft. they can use that information and sell it on, potentially with other pieces of information that they have at a higher price. new types of information that give you a lot more identity, sell at a, at a high price versus
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a database of all this information. so they try to break it down, they take a database leak and they break it down and they try to take some selective pieces of that information and create another sale. and maybe at a smaller value, but a higher price or what are dish promoters, injury law room, they probably swan, i'm not gonna commit that. i mean, honestly, that is still open your mind. that was that on both ends in july of this year, they buys you, but a lot more to your car. do you come when you to do that at the boss out or is it is i it would be a mom caught up here that, you know, it's got sleepy, is mom from this, but i was not or loosely people do people that live with fortress are known as morrison was to be small, was jones, a message for students with a few channels
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with us or to move on to the school in this new orleans fuji's, new searches will search for the what would you consider the role which more with discover for student divorce search with a, a disorder for lou, frequently leash mr. moore's mom, you know it's manual motion mala, infomatica totally useless and subtle visual assumptions are calling for different tell about a kid. so his main possible visual stuff like that. he made a look for the bus on each of the bus. got water or
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go to the line. yes. or no? yes, because he's busy needs him. know so more of a new release or she went through the obamacare. can you me in the middle can use up last name on the for me. here boy came with him. was in for me now you're still going to go to africa lucian as well. so that took a little door. so the system, passport on the door is jessica morrison. and you know, it says me and keith above the level that you want me to deal with electron. they put this about the 1st year we will probably you can text and most of them teach it as well. so would you, but you also have to pick up the grades in their passport name system or the trans active religion. lloyd projector swapped almost as much as an interesting with up something to get, you know, i already,
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yeah, i try to reason and you're welcome to pdf those and get them to send you over the people on the side of the assumption and shit. his pride now because the struggle human resource to meet me there was still capital reception, you know, just new new york and wishing up on that so you can go there and you know it's, it's a great thoughts. you know, what's up shipping is now going for count of for ya. but leon, the hugh level cognitive markets lose a computer or just shoot, he's elusive. so i'm bringing my, your slow season more than yours. personal. got that besides when your initial
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inception more sure about his thoughts or sort of command options, but i was going to keep so suddenly like a valid and possible that i go somewhere near park. i lived with me this morning to be a lot of coronary 3 reason. of course. remember the last girl that brought up my love. it's about bill up for me if you need to finish when you when you're ready for the north, but i'm on the shanika last longer motion for you, but me me me
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law not south. not as after. norma is a good, was there anything that got more than they switched off, which was it, and then you might get the ballistic. you do police job at the store when i was talking about his mental vision because why get people get, you know, it's not completion or no bush but the beach local, blue eyed, your bicycle clinton. they telling you sunday, live with me, which human log up sometimes problem which if someone does, he helps out there and the notion will come when it all should and you will know what i see annually if you've only to watch it what, what kind of plays they do with the city, you only cook at studios and some of that problem. a couple of questions. i do know a couple of some of the machine in a deeper ho,
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much of this should be in. it's a, it's really a culture change. and it's an awareness of the risky behavior that exists in the cyber world. and we're not saying we are scaring individuals and families away from the internet. the internet is full of possibilities. the internet is very valuable . it's being used in so many different ways as part of research, as part of the development of the, the human evolution and human improvements that we have across different industries . whether it's health care or automation or transportation. but it comes with those risks that need to be aware at a very young age is much better education going into schools now. and, but at home there has to be that same kind of understanding of what are the dangers
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and risks of being connected. so wow, in, so i one, today we're gonna talk about high tech center crime trends. and this is actually a very important because last maybe 10 years we have a really high number of different cyber crimes. and we have actually growing in loans in different areas, in different chairs. so it's really important to know about the latest trends and it's really know how to protect yourself and protect your organization. that your future competence against the as everybody knows. i also want you to discuss with me all of these topics. that's why this question for you. what i think was the motivation of cyber criminals sometimes with the cyber crime that happened and just because people wants to earn a lot of money. and the 2nd goal is actually i have to answer any is and they have
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their own ideas. and that's ryans, who perform via cyber crimes. just so make a lot of prevention to the idea of the next generation is your choice based on certain groups and spaceports integration and base case rehab hikers and rehab groups. that's right. so it's almost something interest of one country and usually a bad attacks against other countries. this is all about government poetics and spanish with them. good will you be a, but i'm not able to say, let me you can. so don't you seem to equipment. some shouldn't use the figures you put us, put us a bit of focus, but on that on the school year. what, what the mold with
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. mm lou ah, what a piece of advice. as a marriage we don't have with the we don't to look back. see the whole world leaves take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great.
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the response has been massive, so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with ah sure don't seem an official unless the spiritual someone with some gender walsh of discussion and what you see with your phone. yeah, i think you're supposed to turn this over to for your phone when you're beside sex, line me up with another. she usually said almost by you. so
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what i'm going to look up in today's to, to test once. initially i might have the key moments. she's leeway and she shared the world is driven by dreamers shaped banks. concur some of those with dares sinks. we dare to ask a building the car to ride on police report. it's an all cash in
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december 2020, a group of anti fascist, allowed a film crew access for 3 months for like if people are organization, if an idea that you must be opposed to channel out the gate, they may come with their faces, but they can say what they believe in, we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teacher to. that's how america is. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in with a
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with it's fair. the number of victims could rise. after a car plowed into a christmas parade in wisconsin in the united states, 5 were killed and at least 18 children are in hospital 6. a critic, leo. we have from a father who witnessed what happened. 8 kids were down in the kid that i was administering. first aid to both of his b were like bran over and his legs were broken. a full scale violence stand off for the new coven restrictions across europe. while the dutch prime minister dismissed his protest as, as dissatisfied idiots and britons health service. the and i just said breaking point with record waiting lists of the government.


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