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most old worker or she's with usa for fooling with with the primary justice materials and abuses. no one would provo execute, comes a short move through as a some new trucks, articles or sure more in new york. you will be over with them or will great year with us must have group of joy. you know, some de la cruz to propose a change the she to the apartment, sir, currently loopholes lamara. do you mostly meet somebody in the talk to support reduce cost program to build wal mart with sadness that i no more it's you brush? sure. yeah. it's a warrior, did he of you all have could she sat so he still tried in a haystack operate that's called career and i've gotten smarter to tom resorts of which louis chateau at bureau, authentically alisha was his passport. ne, done the annual, which given from that minuscule of ins hogue, and i'm with miss jan on no spice off switch political world, which is almost that was that it gets really scarce. aiden again self. his passport them. but that, that actually school is dania it out of there. and nor will i probably the greatest
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that i knew it does. donald date is that i know what you should at the my boss for you mean you lou, but i'm with inside the cut through and you shall deposit by. thus the blue bird would la mortgage car which you more them asta passport brower so his passport them? no, it'll come back to me. it will destroy missed, you won't put a de, you'd like me, lucian, you can remember that was the width, teasley of one k e at corolla at am. short, blue charlie orange could easily support the barnowski short to live shut by doris tamika park. laughable dose to plug an idea by which only a bristol from which are presented to machines as human, a spiritual prescott english that they were at the queer, usda, oak opened. oak i said in which a quiet and farm watts at gunmetal. i was up. why sir? me supposedly garcia would actually think i'd rob ross now school season of whiskey babel cliche dish wish professor. yes, li. if we meet her teacher at the white sway done there, i thought she was put in cbs chest. that she need,
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she does and is all in the market place. and you kind of senior dog, i start so every math can either stand as a grow. alice now i had you on was the crowd, is really put them on that as well. it just awful let i was the because the stuff going was not that swayed, done man, good coverage. go on at night. so i just want to, i know why she, even if i me last telephone from brutish stores, nashville after you. she said that those 2 other numbers, florida? yes, live we are starting at 3 think are it should be a little banks blue, shorter, but all which blue changing. yeah. she's the chair to teach cubic inches in front of which this wiki that sits in a fall. let's accomplish with alex. it's out of the crew as a shuttle monkey sure law as a buell mom who balloon in 4 months, a severe widget bother to bianca. 4th of stores, most of your business we want to future war
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is what is it spots up incorporated spinning each instagram for his for his book sam week roplenger resides in douglas post of needed to scrub yom. ah, silver mcneish his mid eights, a. b at a bite, him a se in the car, because by weight simply wasn't him though to those simile telephone on my to go score. we discussed croyt over at dive, watching you on. yup. miss dunham, you eat monarchy done. make a thorough check out any, even that the chemo motors on which a coyote i t shirt actual mask repeated the optional. but a muffled ox to a bun or just a pity will show it. i meant to wash the non portraits of which could fit the sign . i'm dumb when i need them cut off. and then you miss tina bite. the more cutting you shortest pitcher punch when you're done with your stoker kid. come thrush my protocol what? saddam? whereas more strung said that i had not done yet, but just as swiftly send me the young dealing show. what me and natasha of number little dogma. ah,
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or by molly, let you look at the stanley wasn't by the way to think that it was the boston he put the youth dominated calmly on monday afternoon because i said, you know, then, you know, when you divide your bus initiatives, have proof of your problem with that problem, agreement for later on when football should be coaches general rings most to the little squiggly dung niece with a crystal for later projects or sales scholars. them distortion comes guys with them. so seeing if we need support transactions up at north took us at the steps appro for them. if you look on the percentage on the cars, look at the new yes. problem. white 3 percent only done me is a new boy. we switched. are you doing the meet problem at the conflict, this woman and worse than that way along with metabolic room working as absolutely
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i need those in the teaching if instead of what your records it's about quarter or something and on this plan, she's probably in my bed checkup which would hosting you to control and i was gonna try video just recently in from up north because with my initial proxy cra, yes, it was, it's cd. it wasn't on the list for a number of the store, even though it's my leach, they might be in the same high digital phosphate school absorb. this is the committee of total without talking, but i shall see you later, but that i feel good out of the militia very me suit you was the most highly competing with some problem with another book because that's the what's going on property line. oh, i just showed that the money that you might or jim so that you can save if they
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give the clock when you're barely what segue lies order. when i'm in the form of this, they have to pick up with work over and they see in there as a shane. and that did that by order, but the were service of our account a little bit when you're going to segue. say nice boys on the account of the timing c as opposed to finance with the jack authority will blow national. are you sure it's like less of when you get a
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plan with us with the children? i'm here like active briefly about them. we'd like to let them my dog. let me check with i'm sure to get the car to come. segue. seals to come. we'll know them by the may using the didn't i just get i am keesa through d. i mother in law julia was quite willing pasto lewis look, i call you mostly and you come when you moodle, 3 of them from company today with me nationally soon with a more. so cut both our money to pay to please they go to work out with this was when you were to the end they used to be listed there and you post this number here . yep. i start with a lot of mine. yeah. pushed out of the god of the finance. so yes, we have a question. you know the glass shanie or was le he's going
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me mind go put on the lawyer. got dory. those and i'm glad he did the watching v and the torch at the chief store. you bought jewish, national looks pretty mean to union. there was no one to switch or the response was when you just look at that, i'd be able to pick up what i will do to work and you know, throw to 9. yes, thank you so much. i didn't like the amc and shut it back yet. so my finance office, which is the actor. i set it up for my share of company, suggested that we share for those and whatnot each states on the single session, but i'll share them that. thank you very much. but if she's jo marsden and on the what is listed it and it's gonna shut me down the rest of the credentials and the
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mobile number. i want to search for you to the point where we're unable to do stuff with your system. what's my, what's my address? i'm not the most bit, but almost a renewal of notes. yeah. all at an amusement as well, which is also in the book that you want to talk with you, mr. morrison. this is language saturday with mr. mclain last the book. and actually just know by cnc router since, you know, but i still got a call were on the boys just quite, just trying to get it that the national but that's what it is. i wish i could
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protest in the computer. you just want a particular submission conflict. we're going to be charged just to make sure what it was which story don't which acts and up all the time. i said, you know, what about the political in charge wilmonson listed on. so if which are the 3, the only one, what 1st the discussion with mental so the $600.00. so you don't pay $0.60 a month or so. second person just don't have to pay anything for even the pushing on it the the, the, the long
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when i would show the wrong, why don't i just don't the rule out the same because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground in to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk and look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people.
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robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such short or conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point, obviously is to trace trust rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with either financial from i'm a guy today. we will about money laundering 1st to 3 different. oh good. this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas in the game,
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and i want to know all these banks are complicit in the right to proceed with. hey, i'm ready to do some serious my laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice laundry watch for max. and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about ha ha. luxury auto bill again for mag, you know, it, money laundering is highly regal. copier watch record. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, a
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ah ah ah, mm. in with
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got out of the border shippable police might say check chandler's got, i'm irish luck with a she quoted, a spend process of a beast where i was only a little mcwilliam location in that of it with with it was i don't want to let them know all with emotional starts in or, you know, a, she boards with a
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mutual. yeah. and i've been washed school with when the buyers of those information are either other hackers that feel they can take it further and utilize that information to create another hacking attack. or they could be potentially companies or people that can use this information for identity theft. they can use that information and sell it on, potentially with other pieces of information that they have at a higher price. new types of information that give you a lot more identity, sell at a, at a high price versus a database of all this information. so they try to break it down, they take a database leak and they break it down and they try to take some selective pieces of that information and create another sale. and maybe at a smaller value, but a higher price putting me on with various notice from a grocery milan, rome,
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they probably swan some 100 down the commission, but i haven't got a clue that is still open. you winders the ones that are both in july. if you pay by 01 of them are to your current room, you come when you sit here at the boss out or is it is i, it's a problem. i'm caught up the party that y'all got sleepy, his mom from this, but i was not loosely to pollute people with fortress or no, it was was to be small. was jones, a message for students with a teacher? so i was with a new searches, so we can show you the room which more with hospitals which go for sort of the
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world search with a, a disorder to lou frequently leash mr. moore's mom, you know it's you manual motion mala inside of my friends, your local channels . federalist visual captioning or are calling for information about a kid brew. so his main passport, visual stuff like that, he made a look for the bus on you got water or pizza, go to the line, you need me or me and let me know and yes, we can get busy and it's kinda, you know, some more, a new release for sure, went through the obamacare can use my linear individual can use up doors name on
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the for me if you're born with him was in for me now just the wrench. whatever loose as well. so that took a little dar. so the system, passport on the door is just you know, it says me and keith above the level, it's worth what you want me to deal with electron. they put out the 1st year we will probably new contact and possibly teach it as well. so would you find yourself difficult to read in the past, but now i'm going to system, are you still transact religion? lloyd to swapped almost as much because an interesting what up something to get you know, i love that all. yeah, i try to reason and you're welcome to pdf those and get them to send you over all the people on excited assumption and cheerios pride now before the struggle that
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the national average to meet me there were school all really, she is actually italian. i'm really yes i do the yeah. yakima wishing out. boston. sure. yeah yeah. the salvage a far. yeah. good. any nice with the course thoughts? yeah. it's up. she doesn't account for you out the great, but leon, sheila will cognitive marketplace, lou dakota, 1st of the like warranty i used to use the elusive. so i'm bringing my shift plus his emotions years a besides. when your initial inception, your moisture is about these thoughts. it may all sort of command a options that i was a city, have nathan, lack of altitude with passport. the asked that i was pregnant with the go to somebody with is the,
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there's a problem with this thought a dish. last alina, there was a reasoning, of course, i meant the last thought or it's a full go, there brought up better. my love, it's in babylon, from visit. i'm finishing when you now i thought that my only of the, well, it's a mission year. but if i have no food, she british thought or thought of my shank mustang, i'm longer motion for your price brochure . oh, shoveling me. well, i will gladly. comp, just not sound nice after norma is a good to worship story, doesn't like it wasn't eighty's too much get off the dish with dining with ads by kid to validate. you do, please stand at your black at the store dish and i will still come back. she's in
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middleton didn't like i don't. why get people didn't exam shaquanda? no, it's not that a compression door absolute, no bushes, a legal vocal, a chilean sunday, which human log up. so i'm probably more teacher if someone does, he helps out there and the notion will come when it all should and you will know what i see. i know if you've only to watch it what, what kind of plays they do with the city. you only cook at studios and send that problem. a couple of questions. i do know a couple of questions about that. just a deeper co let sure this should be in. it's a it's really
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a culture change. and it's an awareness of the risky behavior that exists in the cyber world. and we're not saying we are scaring individuals and families away from the internet. the internet is full of possibilities. the internet is very valuable . it's being used in so many different ways as part of research, as part of the development of the, the human evolution in the human improvements that we have across different industries. whether it's health care or automation or transportation, but it comes with those risks that need to be aware at a very young age is much better education going into schools now. but it's home, there has to be that same kind of understanding of what are the dangers and risks of being connected. so wow, in, so i one, today we're gonna talk about high tech center crime trans. and this is actually a very important because last maybe 10 years we have really high number of
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different cyber crimes. and we have actually growing in loans in different areas in different chairs. so it's really important to know about the latest trends, and it's really so how so protect yourself and protect your organization, your future confidence. again, sandra, green knows, i also want you to discuss with me all of this. so that's why this question for you . what are think was the motivation of cyber criminals, a cyber crime that happened in just because people wants to earn a lot of money. and the 2nd group is actually a and they have their own ideas and bad science will perform via cyber crime. and just so make a lot of attention to the ideas. the next level from inspiration is usually based on certain groups and spaceports integration and bass, case, rehab hikers and rehab works better. it's ryan. so it's almost something interest
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of one country and usually a bad attacks against other countries. this is all about government politics and spanish with some good. will you be a equally, with some short use to finish? give you some mission. i saw you bit of focused on that on the school year with mm ah
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ah in short, they don't seem inefficient, mister spiritual, someone with a lot of discussion and walk you through with them when you're beside bexla me at the what the now they should usually should almost failed. so what i'm going to look up in did is it to, to test on some mission lifestyle, right?
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yes. the key moment sich, she's leeway and she shared guys, financial survival guy would go to work, go by, you reduce the price, didn't el, reduce the lower that's under. got it. but what's good for food market that's not good for the global economy. join me every posted on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics. sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers are those with
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theirs sinks? we dare to ask. oh is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend
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a join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. and people is something they can't ride on police report if you have in december 2020, a group of anti fascist, allowed a film crew access for 3 months. so if people organization, if an idea that it must be a ppo, is that you can't allow the gate, wow, they may kill that, but he says, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for in order for me check my 1st amendment rights and say that my life matter. i have to be on to the teacher to that's how america's we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except
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ourselves to protect ourselves in what i will never accept. it's noisy. it's who under the guys don't we satisfied? he's pure fight against people, but that's prime minister lashes act against protests dissolved. the knights of writing against tough need k with restrictions that his case is serge unlocked and the re imposed across europe came all in the fight against it. russian scientists claimed that brand new nasal spray vaccine could help increase uptake among the public and effectively fight transmission. and in new york or new survey shows that more than half the cities police, which they had never joined the force. we hear from an officer about the increasing precious effects we have to work through the official.


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