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tv   News  RT  November 23, 2021 5:00am-5:31am EST

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i have to be on to the teacher. so that's how america we can't trust the police. we chance was the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in what i will never it said is no idiot who under the guise or we are, you're satisfied. he's pure fight against people. the dutch prime minister lashes act against protests dissolved. the knights of writing against tough need covey restrictions that his case is serge, unlocked and to re imposed across europe. while in the fight against covey, russian scientists claimed their brand new nasal spray vaccine could help increase uptake among the public and effectively fight transmission. and in new york, he survey shows that more than half the cities police wish they had never joined the force. we hear from an officer about the increasing precious they face never worked in officials pool campaign or promises we were going to actively cash cash.
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or in the what else could you possibly expect to have soleberg once i get back in, this isn't going to make any ones they won't say, ah, hello, good afternoon, you're watching out. he international. now, europe is in the grip of another wave of k beat, with cases rising in germany and the netherlands in the 10s of thousands as the response tough restrictions are being re imposed across the continent. sparking though a public outcry, authorities in the netherlands detained at least a 130 people as anti locked and protest turned violent. but the dutch prime minister colon values, responsible idiots, and he sold off to me as a prime minister, as a liberal, i will always defend demonstrations in this country is positive on democracy of our rule of law. what i will never except is idiots who under the guise of we are
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dissatisfied use pure violence against a working every day to group is compensate me while in germany, the number of active cases has more than doubled over the last 2 weeks with health care workers warning, they are being pushed to the limit. no uneven needs. houston have been working here for 5 years on and the situation has never been bad. and that is now the we are completely overwhelmed with an incredible number of patients. we no longer have an intensive care unit i, all the stations are waiting until bats become available. eventually, patients that need to go in ventilators will be in the emergency department, or rather than in the intensive care unit. and there should actually be 7 nurses on duty ladon, but we only have 4 in law and sometimes $3.00 and $1.00. it is not clear how it can take care of patients adequately dinged that soon. poison more now on the situation in germany, his pater oliver. what is a serious survey? sounds away in germany right now. whoa. the whether the country should follow
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austria is lead and making back seem mandatory. austria will make that move from the 1st of february of next year. the debate in germany is really over whether it would be legal or not under the current constitution. there are other measures being taken though, in some regions in germany or imposing nighttime curfews thing. you can go out of your home after a while. this if you've got, becomes the latest region, the latest area to cancel christmas markets for the festive period following on from the state of bavaria. the state of soc city and a number of other cities across the country angle. a miracle has described the 4th wave of covert 19 as the worst thing the country has faced. while health minister n spawn has painted a bleak picture of the way he sees the current state of affairs shine if you had them ended jesus been to us probably by the end of this winter or sometime cynically said pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated recovered or dead,
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but it's true with the highly contagious delta. very. this is very, very likely as well in australia. they are into the 2nd day of the latest national coven locked down. it will last for at least 10 days could go on until the 13th of december. people there though, and people here in germany as well, have been expressing their concerns that the actions taken by the government haven't been the right one job with all the time. i don't believe it. all the locked down will be over after 3 weeks. not even for us vaccinations, but it is what it is. it's too late, too late. 3, especially the mandatory vaccination. we should have been implemented earlier, not in february, as if we thought what did the last few months bring us vaccinations were done? tests were done on the distance with capital math. and yet still the numbers, right? my i sure i think its not night so cuz i cuz at 1st they said that it would all kinds of cabal,
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then they built everything and then we are told that it must be closed and can not open in slovakia and the czech republic, covert cases are all so soaring, in fact, in those 2 countries from monday, extra restrictions have come into place barring beyond vaccinated from hotels, bars, hair, dresses, and almost all public events as the fear is that intensive care beds will be well, they'll run out of intensive care beds due to the sheer number of people the contracted coven. 19 these rollover, there will may mile. there have been opposing rallies in australia, as people take the streets, both to support and protest against kate restrictions. and this authority sting, seek to expand their powers. during the pandemic with a new bill, allowing them to continue rocked ends and vaccine mandates after the state of emergency. and this next month, while the head of one region says that any body opposing the mandates is an anti vaccine. you're out there in any way,
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shape or form campaigning against this main that you are absolutely any fax, your personal back, sasha status is only irrelevant. what we discussed with a panel of guess where the government's failing in their fight against cove. it of course i can see why the people are strong, a protesting feel. look at the background briana, great world crisis since 2008. that even deeper, 2020. and that crisis that was brought forward measure against corona with which i'm not consistent paper. people, but for example, in favor of big companies and then there is a kind of a lock down, which again is more of getting the small companies, the restaurants, the small casual industry. some of the protests that we've seen over the past week, they've been a little bit agitated, but i think by far the most ferocious has been in the netherlands with the police opening fire there. is that an appropriate response?
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i think it really depends on the circumstances that that police officer found themselves in if offices really genuinely did feel that i like it. and again, i wasn't there and we didn't see exactly what the situation was. they don't, the fire could be justified. it does raise questions as to why offices didn't have less lethal means to combat people in the media. and they have deemed riotous. we know far more about this disease than we did 2 years ago for the alternative to locked down some restrictions. so while the antibody levels go down, within 3 months, doesn't mean that the personal immunity loss, but in fact, that the rate of transmission is not altered. so then the conceptually, the idea that you, horan, teen, or restrict, in some way those who haven't been vaccinated. most of those who have doesn't have any actually impact on the spread we've been told her. the protest is our idiots there by the dutch prime minister, and that they are the 8 agents of violence. i do think
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a criticism of the demonstrators is misplaced, given these really very draconian restrictions which are at any rate illogical. governments are facing record levels of mistrust. we saw a survey, how they speak since he showed doctor the doctor, the next move, well trusted, but politicians were less trusted than any other member of the record level. the props and we've seen a very large and people not trusting the message of the government and actually not wanted to take up medically by doesn't use today. 46 people have been killed in bulgaria when a tourist bus crashed and partially burst into flames. it happened overnight on the motorway, the capital to fear where the bus disappear, to have struck a guard rail. the crash reportedly caused the doors to jam shut trapping. the passengers inside 7 people managed to survive
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my pressures being placed on new york's police force so great many officers wish they had never joined the warning from the head of the cities largest police union . and he claims that new laws and tedious policies of punishing good cops. new york city police officers a well passed, a breaking point, a made a blast, and the outgoing city council, a still piling on with policies that punish cops and a road public safety. the intolerable environment and are substandard pay has every cop looking to get out as soon as they can. when his fears are shared by more than half of the cities police officers and the recent survey, the majority said they wish they had chosen a different career. citing public distrust and also disrespect and a lot even said to you that they are afraid she criminals, for fear of being sued. the sheer has seen sweeping police forms in the city containing the rights of authorities to use force to restrain suspects. but even before the new policies officers were already concerned by the high levels of crime,
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and do you believe too that they won't come down anytime soon? almost 4 5th said it could take him before that happens with crime rates up nearly 15 percent since august. in response to the m y. p d says it is taking the poll results into accounts as it tries to make the department more effective. we spoke with an officer there, he says though that cops like him have become increasingly stigmatized. every cops i speak to in the y p d. just feel that everyone is against them from the public to the elected officials, to the mayor. even the higher ups, the y p, you just feel like there's no right they can ever do valuable crime. fighting tools like stop question frisk were taken away. you know, legal options for people. i want to assume police were expanded. you know, every, every elected official now has a platform. they want to go directly after police. this is going to be getting when safety was going to make cars apprehensive and empower in boulder. criminals,
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as we've seen, the poll didn't surprise me or didn't surprise law force me experts at all. you know, like i said, we want to have programs like deform the police, which are directly going after cops. we have elected officials standing up and they show more empathy towards hard criminals than towards the police that actually when our in corporate criminals, you know, we have elected officials who campaign promises. we're going to actively prosecute cops, or what else could you possibly expect to happen? cuts on going to when i got the risk, their future, their, their family, their, their financial will be. so they're going to take a step back and this isn't going to make anyone's, they would say for now it has been almost 60 years since the assassination of the u . s. president, john f. kennedy and still washington is postponing the release of information about the murder and the latest episode of going underground nation return. see,
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discusses this with the world renowned film director oliver stone, who's made a new film about the case. joe biden has this memo. i got the memo here from the white house, about the release of papers that were supposed to happen in october. now i know that to people it said that the excuse was corona virus as to why papers pertaining to allegations that you make in this really official. that was the official reason . yes. i mean, i still, i don't know how that applies because i don't know why you can't read or think why you have coach while you have covered it. did it make you laugh or cry when you had cove? it was these conditional. as you know, mr. trump are broke all the rules. he, it not only he back down at the last 2nd and refused to release a certain 20000 roughly documents that were interesting and are not been released. but he's, he, he added that he unleashed illegally, he added
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a step. he said that the next time the national archives had to be also consulted. it was, it was originally a decision made by congress that the president was the last one to say anything to stop it. ah, still had he this r u. s. police confirmed that a deadly car ramming incident to the christmas parade in the state of wisconsin was not a terrorist attack. would have the lights of started bright and ah, oh, driven by dreams shaped bensonhurst. and those with
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dares thinks we to ask in a whole when else shoot seemed wrong. when all 3 just don't hold any you want to shape out is the because the answer, kid and engagement equals the trail went so many find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look for common ground. ah ah,
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hello again now i made high rates in section here in russia, them, i'm, the country scientists are testing a new nasal spray to combat the co, the co vid virus. we got more details from the company behind. it must remember huge distances that we want to create not only system immunity, but also made a t in places where the infection enters the body. we're looking to create a barrier against infection on the mucous membrane to ensure that the infection does not happen. advantage over the immune system is thus, we will get to sterile organism. but this is not an innovation. there is a vaccine against polier's. it's administered twice, law and in activated vaccine, an ally vaccine. the live vaccine induces mucosal barrier immunity. this method has already been tested in the wild. this is exactly what we are going to reproduce, but not some polio on cove. it, one of the tasks will be to convince those who have hesitated to get vaccinated. o
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lockton, though with the faxing, can be expected in 2022. since this is not an invasive method, we expect to recruit people quickly for research. timing always depends on the recruitment and voluntary vaccine will be produced shortly. the trials can start approximately in january 2022 and will take several months. therefore, in the next 3 to 5 months. if all attendance use the present time, the receipt of permission from the regulator and rapid recruitment to volunteers, this study will be completed. we are optimistic that in the near future it will be possible to see the main points of the internet. when you get music and then in order to avoid getting sick, it's necessary to constantly update the immune system as of the case. and the most important goal that humanity must achieve now is to obtain her demeanor to get and reduce mortality, and thus reduce the burden on the measure that will really protect the population
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is re vaccination. with the introduction of re vaccination in russia and abroad, the incidents rate is not just decreasing. it's now even lower than it was during primary vaccination. therefore reba the nation is justified. it works not only in russia also abroad. busy now us police have concerned that the deadly car robbing incident in wisconsin was not a terror attack. and s u. v played into a christmas parade on sunday, killing 5 people, and entering more than 40 places, detained, a suspect. he said to be a 39 year old man who recently been released on bail in a domestic abuse case. kevin own spoke to a witness who is at the parade. it's a big part of their annual thing and people come from a different towns and stuff to do it. so it's kinda like to kick up the holiday season. there were probably, i don't know, 40000 people there. you were filming it. you kind of saw it all 1st hand before we
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have a talk about it. let's just show of you is just a little clip from some of what you filmed. oh, my god, it was crazy. we were there version point where he entered the parade at so we were right around the corner. so when you see that he's worked around the track, there is a road and then that's very entered at. so we were there 1st people that he made contact with. yes. and he was do, and at least $35.00 or 40 miles an hour down the crowded street. it was just an absolute instant chaos. he managed to go almost the entire length of the parade. when he went through our band, he's drag 8 kids were down in the kid that i was administering 1st day to both of his feet were like ran over and his legs were broken. or some americans
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have thrown parallels between that incident and that of the high profile case of car written heis. he was recently acquitted of homicide off to shooting to people dead at a racial justice rally. however, a democratic party staff are caused up rule after saying the car ramming was comma for wisconsin court, having acquitted rittenhouse the comments sparking outrage among republicans. i am utterly disgusted that the leader of the dupage democratic party at merrill, a man's key, would have so little compassion and decency to make light of the tragedy. and to say, wisconsin citizens, even the children in some way, deserved what happened to them. no matter your party affiliation right now, all of our thoughts and prayers need to be with those families who lost loved ones . and those who are hospitalized that they recover from their injuries, by trying to link one a sheet to this sense. his loss of life during christmas preyed shows how out of touch in single issued some people can be will marry her man. he has lost her job
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because of these post with the scene, a democratic party official calling them callous and reprehensible. we spoke with spite cohen a 2020 vice presidential candidate for the libertarian party. and he says the only connection between those 2 incidences that they both happened in wisconsin, whatever point she thought she was making. it was not a point to make. it is not comparable to what happened with the cow rittenhouse situation in the birthplace. and even if it was in the midst of the massive human suffering that's happening after this attack for her to go on and try to make some snarky comment about it. i think it is disgusting for anyone to look at a tragedy like the walk of shaw, mulling truck malling that happen, and try to score political points or make a snarky joke about it. i think that a underscores, a underscore is a great problem with the toxic nature of the political discourse that is increasing
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in this country. the problem is that you have this increasing division in the country and possibly even worldwide right now we're anytime something happens, whether it's good or bad. people immediately try to figure out how to dissect it and make some kind of comment. usually a sarcastic comment to try to dunk on the other side. there shouldn't be an other side on this. but finally, this, our no spell can protect gee, from cancel culture. it seems even in the magical world of harry potter because the author, j. k rattling says that transgender activists are attempting to intimidate her by uploading photos of her u. k. address to social media is just the latest incident and the standoff between the writer and the transgender community. oh they're on the harry potter universe won't join her wizards for the 20th anniversary. special choose to
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ah, that's who greeted invitation . lost in the chamber of secrets. owl post failed to deliver or the ministry of magic won't get her on the list of undesirable dress and how have you please who yourself whatever you like, sleep with any consenting, adult who have you live, you'll best life in peace and security but forced to women out of that jobs for stating that sex is real. people who menstruate, i'm sure they used to be. what for those people, someone out me out. one been one point woman. i know and love trans people, but waving the concept of sex, removes the ability of many to meaning. he discussed the lights, it isn't heat to speak the truth, that's spelled trouble with the cat,
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transgender women, all women at the statement to the contrary. it raises the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against old advice given by professional healthcare association. trance people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives. with that being constantly questioned, a told, beyond who they say, the trans women are women, trans men are men. we should all be entitled to live with love and without judgment . she who created he who must not be named, turned into she who must not speak out, watch harry potter and canceled on there on january 1st 2022 p. i think twice before each week, ministry of magic woke. ism never rests. so you're up to die. that's haven't uses looking in, not international move from us at the top of the ah,
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, his on offense bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk and he really is no thing. they can't ride on police report, it's an all cash in december 2020. a group of anti finishes. sell out a film crew access for 3 months. so if people are organization, if an idea that fascism must be opposed to channel out the game while they may come with their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states
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has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teachers that are all american. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in. oh is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? hi sir. lation for community. are you going the right way, or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is true? walk this way. in the world corrupted, you need to descend
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a join and the death. oh, remain in the shallows. ah ah. well this is moon bus, the one business show you can't afford to miss. i've been one, i'm washington coming up. jerome pal was up for another term of the federal reserve as president biden has nominated the current head despite push back from some members of his own party. straight ahead, we're gonna dig into the fresh nomination and what it means for the nation's economic recovery. and oil prices are coming back down to earth as hopes of fresh supply can help ease the global demand. but we're going to bring you up to speed on the very latest developments from the energy sector and bridge that continues to strain trade relations between the united kingdom and the european union. as issues
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persist along the irish board, we have a fact show today. so let's get right to it. and we begin today with this announcement to keep things as they are with the federal reserve bank. yes, president biden is set to nominate federal reserve chairman jerome pal to a 2nd term to lead the central bank. so let's break down exactly where things stand at this point because keep in mind, it is the fed policy of printing u. s. currency nonstop and without concern for impact of the economy. that may be the biggest single contributor to skyrocketing in inflation, inflation that is not transitory and it is here to stay. so here's the statement from the white house quote, if we want to continue to build on the economics the success of this year, we need stability and independence at the federal reserve. and i have full confidence after their trial by fire over the last 20 months. that chairman power and dr brainer will provide the strong leadership that our country needs. this was a statement from president biden on monday. so let's break down exactly what this means because it means
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a lot and who better to talk to them. former fed insider danielle dean martino. danielle, thanks for being here. so jerome pal will say on is the fed chairman. it appears and president biden will also nominate for governor leo brainerd as the vice chair of the central banks board of governors. but in the statement that we just read, president biden the same, we need to build upon the economic success of the past year. it's obviously spin, no doubt about that. but come on, economic success as a result of fed policy. what am i missing? it doesn't seem like you're missing a thing and by the way, thank you so much for having me on this afternoon on this historic day. you're not missing anything. there's to call this year at economic success when a pound of bacon yesterday at the grocery store was $9.49 is absolutely ludicrous. inflation is eating americans alive, especially though the lowest income earners inflation is a regressive tax. and it's also hurting the, the fixed income, the retirees of the world, who they don't have the capacity to spend more at the grocery store. they don't
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have the capacity to fill up their gas tanks. when when gas prices go up, they don't have the ability to pay a much higher rent if their rent is increasing by $10.00 or 15 percent. they're on fixed incomes. so i think what he's, what he meant to say was that he wanted to ensure stability in terms of the fact that the stock market not going down, which is obviously part of the fits mandate and, and in accomplish through the conduit of, as you said, keeping that printing press going 247 monetizing every last penny of us debt. yes, absolutely. horrible. you know if you're rolling down a hill right, you're crushing and falling and tumbling over yourself. it does create instability to stop yourself at some point. and i feel like that's what they're referring to when they're trying to keep stable, stable, they fall down the hill and keep the momentum. but it would be easy for us to sit here and beat up jerome powell all day long. we could probably do it for the entire hour, but honestly the issues with the fed, they are just powell issues, right. that the very nature of what the fed is trying to do, whether it's drone pal in that seat, whether it's janet yell and doesn't really matter. they want to manipulate the economy in a way that allows for the most control over markets possible. they believe that's
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the answer right? the question is though, because it doesn't seem to work what needs to be done to deal with the broad scope of what the fed does to have a meaningful impact on all those things you just talked about were real. people are feeling incredible financial pain right now. well, clearly we need reform at the federal reserve. clearly we need individuals who are appointed in the name of diversity. and when i say diversity, i mean intellectual diversity. i mean, true sources of pushback on these policies that have proven to be such failures over the years. and you know, the idea of, let's keep a continuity of j. powell going, we, we also have to, i'm going to push back a tiny bit though, because j powell does have ultimate, vito authority in the same manner as the president of the united states in the sense that he is going to continue to push back. i think against the fed being mandated to control climate control for climate control. that's not something.


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