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tv   News  RT  November 24, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EST

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to the teeth because that's how america we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in ah, this our is headline stories a coalition deal is struck in germany. paving the way for a finance minister, olaf shoals to big gum. then next chancellor, replacing anglo american. we've got live reaction on that coming up both. so we're experiencing the stronger economic recovery in the world despite bowl presidential claims. america's economic recovery face his head wins as a loyal price is sore, notting to a public anger over spiraling consumer. of course, inflation is, is he is rising and he might not be seeing as much progress as fast as we would like. based on the promises that he made as a whistleblower in the u. k. claims a state funded clinic as closing girls who don't like pink ribbons or adults as
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gender confused. a former transgender person shared his views with us on the methods of that silva stock trust to actually child abuse. what tab is jack is doing really should be shut down or it should be against the law. and that allowed to happen to young children, especially on the attempting to curb this spread of cov, it russia approved the use of a new variant of the sputnik vaccine for adolescence. aids between $12.17 ah, around the world are run the clock. this is the news our and our t great. the have you with us today? my name's unit o'neill. the german finance minister olaf should look sent to become the country's next chancellor. it's after his party finalized
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a 3 way coalition deal. following months of negotiations. he will be replacing anglo merkel who's been at the helm for 16 years. well, let's frost. now to our europe correspondent, peter oliver, in berlin. for more on all the peter a big day, a deal pretty much struck and i much speculation about the make up of the incoming cabinet to i would suggest were yes, 8 weeks on from the german election. the leaders of 3 parties, the social democrats, the greens and the free democrats, have agreed to form a new government before it all gets rubber stamped and becomes official. they have to put it by their respective party memberships and get the approval there. however, it's pretty much a done deal if they're telling us, then we expect it should go by their party membership. what it means is that all f sholtes, the finance minister and vice chancellor under the previous government will become the next german leader taking over from angle america. what type of leader will he
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be? well, we can expect pretty much a similar style of leadership as we saw on the angle american. he does have a reputation for being a rational man, a pragmatist in many different areas. we've seen from the, the draft coalition agreement that on when it comes to things like russia, that the government that's being proposed would have constructive dialogue as the way that they've put it. and that pragmatism from all f sholtes has been seen from his leadership as the social democrats, whereby they, they have criticized russia at certain points, but of also supported the, that the nod stream to gas pipeline takes gas from russia to germany under the baltic sea. when it comes to who's going to take other positions, it certainly does seem like we may well see a government that, well, if we put it this way, if it was like a restaurant, a lot of the recipes may be staying the same. but the head chef is changed. however, those recipes have got a bit of green flavoring to them. that's because the green party are the 2nd
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largest and they take over some pretty important ministries. it would seem you got robert havoc hill take over at the, the new combined an economy and climate ministry. and then annalee in a bare book who was the green party candidate for chancellor? looks like she will be the next foreign minister. now that has raised a few eyebrows, cousin is bare, bach does not have anything really in terms of foreign policy. experi, she's also been quite vocally against the old stream to gas pipeline. in the past, she has taken quite an on the russian stance on previous statements. and in a, an interview she gave to a newspaper magazine just before the election. she pretty much said that german foreign policy should align itself lockstep with jo biden's. whitehouse would be seeing how that well transpires as she look as it looks like takes over the job as german foreign minister when it comes to leaving. though what we did see was some presence being handed out from all f schoultz to uncle merkel. he presented his
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former boss and seemed to be a well, he would be that her replacement as german chancellor, a dog would. bush not usual type of present. but we are assured that it does have some symbolic meaning, or at least it may well have symbolic meaning. and didn't just say, hey, go, angela, there's a bush, joe, good symbolizing longevity, jewelry ability and being able to withstand many challenges, which could well be a testimony to her status as the the german chancellor job that she's held for almost 16 years. now. of course, a bit of a different present though, that anglo miracle receiving from all of shelton she got from vladimir putin, the russian president at their last meeting. president putin operating for a well, a big bunch of flowers instead of the, the symbolic bush. yeah, interesting. there pizza, and you top shaft as you products, but will the recipes remain the same?
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we will wait and see our euro corresponded. peter, all of our thank you for that. at, let's say keep attention in germany. they countries euthanasia association has ruled. only those who are fully jogged against coven will be able to go through with assisted suicide. it's all part of measures decide to stop rapidly rising infections in the country. read more about it, and r t dot com. oil prices have surged by more than 3 percent over the past 24 hours raising inflationary fears across much of the world. numbers are being closely watch than the u. s. were inflation is already and a 3 decade high piling the pressure and households. although president bite is adamant the countries finances are actually thriving, we are experiencing a stronger 2nd army recovery in the world. even after counting for inflation, our economy is bigger. and our found is that more money in their pockets,
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than they did before. the pandemic asserting oil price comes this by jo biden's decision to release millions of barrel of oil from u. s. strategic reserves. over the coming months, ortiz kill a mob been assessed whether the move could save the american leaders falling ratings. jo biden's claim is that the u. s. economy is recovering better than literally anywhere else on the planet. now this comes after the commander in chief announced he was going to open up the country, strategic petroleum reserve and put $50000000.00 extra barrels of oil onto the market. incoming months. many have dismissed. this move is simply a publicity stunt not in the least because it only covers no more than a few days supply. i understand that joe biden will be announcing an attack on the newly brimming strategic oil reserves, so that he could get the close to reco setting high oil prices artificially lo it, we were energy independent one year ago. now we're at the mercy of opec. is this
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anyway to run a country? we're experiencing higher prices because the administration and democrats in congress, a waging a war on american energy. joe biden, katya soil production cancelled pipelines. and now he's selling off this to chic petroleum reserve. meant for emergencies because of his low poll numbers or incompetence from the biden. whitehouse biden is hoping to tackle inflation and restoring gas prices at a time where he and his policies are quite unpopular. 70 percent of americans see the economic situation as poor biden's approval ratings. are dropping, we decided to ask people on the street what they think the inflation rates are higher and i saw them there, but the economy is ongoing. feshona's actually going slow. people are buying things . the stock market seems good. but on the other hand, inflation is, is, is rising, we might not be seeing as much progress as fast as we would like, based on the promises that he made. he has blamed the rise in oil prices on global
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supply, not keeping up with demand. at this point, the white house is blaming other countries and energy companies for holding up deliveries. every day the united states consumes roughly 18 to 19000000 barrels of oil. biden's only releasing $2.00 to $3.00 days supply over the course of the next few months. the impact isn't likely to be very much. the white house is trying to put pressure on opec, and it has repeatedly called on opec plus countries like russia and saudi arabia to pump more oil and drive the price down. remember, opec represents 77 percent of the world's crude oil reserves. so tapping strategic reserves may continue to have less of an impact than many would like. caleb martin, r t new york. we spoke with economists, jeffrey a tucker. he sees biden's oil intervention as a temporary fix for a worsening problem. this looks to me like
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a foreshadowing of something really terrible. you have at least an acknowledgment on the part of the by administration that the inflation is becoming a problem, especially in oil prices. but he's focusing on this because gas prices are going way up, and people are really upset as driving down his poll numbers. so he wants to be seen as doing something said to release the reserve is purely a cosmetic attempt to a to give to please people. but it's not going to make any difference and, and prices over long term. if anything is going to have the opposite effect of causing people to realize that the really, that's not an illusion, that we got major problems. and we could see as result in an increase of demand towards hoarding and panic buying. so i think the, my prediction is that this is going to drive the problems to become even worse than they were already qual, joe biden's. oil intervention has been widely mocked one twitter user compared to
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the video game, character, donkey kong, dropping barrels, while others pointed, i thought the emergency supplies are supposed to be just out used when there's an actual shortage. former austrian foreign minister, occurring kinessa, gave us her take on that particular policy. the u. s. administration was already in a walk, maya in summer, being torn apart between on the one hand, getting out of oil, stopping all kinds of y projects was in the united states. and on the other hand, assuring the us costs to much cheaper oil. and how by offing up fake as of the last . so to bring in people, i mean, this is a tie to rural walk that doesn't function. i don't think that this kind of moves, which is a very short time thing. and we have seen their reaction by the markets at the prices didn't go down. actually, it was also a fight and moving up. so it's,
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it's domestic politics for, for, for a few days, but nothing more than that. will the dire economic. i'd look in the u. s. is leading to fears about a return of so called stagnation, a problem, the blight of the country back in the 19 seventy's. but just what is stagnation? thanks giving to jackie is more expensive than ever getting a pink slip right before the holidays. runing give shopping more than the biden sponsored empty shelves. just another lousy holiday. you'd think, however, this could be the 1st sign of stagflation. stagflation is a toxic cocktail mixing to very negative processes happening in the economy and one's low economic growth and rice and inflation. they come together, the markets plunge in chaos, and it looks like the u. s. might be one step away from it, risking to pull the whole world into the economic sinkhole generally to control the
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inflation, the government would lower the money supply. the amount of cash circulating in the economy. take the money out so to speak. biden is trying to do the opposite. his agenda includes the $1.00 trillion dollars, american rescue plan, a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill, and a $1.00 fi, trillion dollar build bank, better spending, package moves that are likely to pull even more money into the economy. inevitably sparing inflation. where will that right, take us, who knows? one thing is sudden is going to be bumpy. what if you'd like to find out more about stagflation? a term you're likely to be increasingly hearing the full version of the explainer clip is available on you. two's youtube channel, a whistle blowing, psychiatrist's, a slum, the state run children's gender service in the u. k for encouraging youngsters to transition if they don't fit into traditional gender stereotypes. the recruitment
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of staff with very low levels of clinical knowledge and skill. many of those staff had had little or no previous exposure to complex serious disorders in childhood. many young people who are unwilling or unable to conformed agenda stereotypes. for example, go wishing to be more masculine. ah, no, miss understood as being transgender here medical intervention. so was not fluid, etc, but a rigid binary construction of gender that has a characteristic quality. and as if you don't like, you know, pink ribbons and dollars, you're not really a go. dr. david bell also described the tama stock trust as a gateway for puberty blockers, a hugely controversial issue among the young. he claims that nearly all teenagers seen by the service have gone on to take cross 6 hormones. earlier we spoke with a former transgender person was tire,
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who thinks the clinic is guilty of child abuse, and they should have been shut down and not allowed to treat children. and that's really what should be happening. so this is a real serious problem because it's actually child abuse. probably very few of those children even qualify accurately qualified to receive puberty blacking drugs, keep in mind that puberty blackers were never ever designed for kids who are struggling with their identity. the puberty blockers are designed for kids whose puberty was advancing too fast, and they would slow it down with these drugs. so they're misusing the drugs. they were never intended to be used to harm children in this way and they are harmful to them. when ever stark is using them in this way and even more harmful when almost every one that they see, they're going to be administering the hormone therapy is to last year. the trust
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was mired in controversy after former patient cure a bell. took it to the high court hero, started taking puberty blockers of the age of 16, with the aim of transitioning into a meal that night. 24 year old regrets that one has repeatedly stated, she wasn't wor no if the last thing affects the drugs with of will each of us talk trust face the mand for its gender services is soaring. according to its annual report. clinical appointments have risen almost fourfold. in the past 2 years or t call miss amy walks and believe the doctors are regrettably unable to make rational decisions on transgender issues due to intense social course. i think the people who with their under tremendous pressure, the trends lobbies, hugely powerful, being called transfer because, you know, perceived by many is unbearable. social slow people to troll with j. k. rowling. look at kathleen stock, the the university of sussex professors just being held out of her job. and this is
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just an incredible social disease. that's what's really going through the particular academia and the medical world at the moment. in america, that's not unusual to have children under the age of 10. going through this through agenda counseling. what does the kid turns up at the, at the, the clinic and says he wants to be a dog. what i do, a fading biscuits and let him run around the yard on a horse. it's just crazy. it seems to be that the adults of less the room and any crazy idea is, is on the table. so i just think that we baby, we may just need to car off about the conversation, accept our responsibility, and don't let our kids down by bowing to any with that. that's the current medical fashion. you know the story to bring you today. russia's health ministry say the country will today approve cobra vaccinations for teens age between 12 and something. and you very into the sputnik shot will be used on anyone under 16 will
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need parental consent. president putin is also suggested thinking about affection for younger children to at we spoke to one of the developers of the spot in that job, but whether there are any safety concerns for youngsters, glove news, alleged roster wasn't optional, but the key task of phases one and 2 was to find the correct safe dosage and the data for phases one and 2 is all there. firstly, a completely safe dose has been identified for children, which is one 5th of the adult dose. kids are tolerating it well. the data has been provided not only to the national regulator but also to an independent data monitoring committee, which is a separate body. so this data has been found more than convincing by all these bodies. and basically this is why the 3rd phase has started. kids have shown high immune response higher than the geometric mean value. they have shown a higher concentration of antibodies than the adult population. this is no surprise as children's immune system is still intact, and they demonstrate
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a very good response to the vaccination. corona virus can be dangerous for both older and younger children. that's why we've been developing the vaccine. kids can have different situations and there can be severe cases among them too. so we are developing the vaccine to cover this population group as well as for the younger group age 6 to $11.00 regulations in every country, including russia. require that all research is done in stages. a body of information on safety and efficiency. first has to be made for adults, them for children, age 12 to $17.00, then $6.00 to $11.00, and then even younger, you cannot bypass and age group has thought inoculating 2 year olds. we are following our country. strict rules and regulations. this is our team or of wedding state news coming your way after the shortest breaks. ah, join me every 1st on the alex simon. obviously the guess on the world politics
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sport. business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. oh is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way? where are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah
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ah ah ah. oh, hello again. facebook is delaying the introduction of encrypted messages on all of its platforms. dots hold up though, is being resisted by governments, including the u. k. the home secretary claims police need the ability to read people's messages on social media. r t shabby edwards. darcy has more now on the stand off between authorities and big tech. it's been 5 years since whatsapp rolled out end to end encryption. it was hailed for allow people all over the world to communicate securely and freely, but in tandem with some top western officials, whatsapp, instagram on facebook, owner matter is tracking as feet. we're taking our time to get this ride and we
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don't plan to finish the global rollout of end to end encryption by default, across all our messaging services until sometime in 2023. we believe people shouldn't have to choose between privacy and safety, which is why we're engaging with privacy and safety experts, civil society and governments to make sure we get this right. technical as encryption can be, it's really about the very core of how we live our lives today. safe in the knowledge that what you tell your friend stays with your friend or does it while reaching that confidence is potentially painful. according to the government, it's a price we're paying for safety on line. end to end encryption brings further risks . indeed, in my view, jeopardize is the good work that has gone before messages already encrypted a standard but end to end encryption, where neither the platform operator nor law enforcement can see the content jeopardizes much of that work in the new technological era. more conversations than not are on line, and if nothing is protected,
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then no conversation is private. so either we communicate face to face, or we surrender to the expectation. there's a 3rd person in your conversation. ease of staying in touch must not come at the expense of people's data protection and privacy rights even was that public that goes against its own a matter saying that one shouldn't sacrifice privacy if the government demands it. whatever the reasoning governments demanding companies build a special key to access private messages, but wants the key to your messages as created. can you guarantee it won't be copied? are you confident that a hacker or a foreign spy won't steal it? or that your government won't lose it once that key opens a back. oh, how do you know a criminal one sneak inside. and even if a government keeps the keys safe, should we trust them not to miss handle? the messages we send, considering our phones are so often glue to our hands. it's a 4 inch key all into our entire lives. so understandably,
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people aren't exactly ecstatic about ban messages being read by others. privacy is a big, big thing in this country as well. everyone's entitled to their own privacy and i think private messages are part of that private on its private suppose themselves and think they should marry prime if they've got suspicions, i guess. so i don't think they should be able to read on every text message. so facebook may have changed its name, but deep public worries over its platforms. lack of privacy aren't coming anywhere . just to add to. chevy is peace there. we spoke to journalist and commented or chadwick, moore. he thinks governments are using safety fears as a pretext to snoop on people's communications. the question comes up is facebook figuring out a work around to the government to be able to spy on your end messages? or what is this hold up. the company says that they just want to roll it out perfectly and make sure everything's in line, but they've had about 3 years down to work on this. and they're not delaying it
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even further. the excuse that they need to intrude on your privacy in order to protect human life and your safety just as transparent and weak as current privacy rules are, it doesn't seem like they're being completely honest. it's just reach them using this excuse for safety scare everyone. they have to read your private messages and access to the phone, or else terrorists are going to take over america. that's essentially their argument or whatever western countries, you know, we have trillions of dollars in the pentagon and in our surveillance, they think they're making the argument that if they can't snoop in and read your private messages, if you have encrypted data, then the terrorists are going to come in and kill everyone, it doesn't make a lot of sense and it just seems like they want more control and more power and more knowledge and information about their own citizens. another aspect of a story we've been following closely for a number of weeks. well wishers in the u. s. have raise $200000.00 for
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a police officer who was fired for doing eating $25.00 to the kyle, the rittenhouse defense fund. last year, the teenager fatally shot 2 men of black lives matter protests in wisconsin, which had descended into a riot. he said he was acting in self defense, which a number of videos appeared to verify and was cleared of homicide charges in a high profile trial. last week and in the wake of not not guilty verdict lieutenant william kelly from virginia once they get back on the 4th ex top who was fired for supporting rittenhouse now wants his job back. i watched the video of the shooting and i thought it painted it pretty clear picture that mr. written out but very strong, clear self defense. kelly made an anonymous donation, but his identity was revealed by hackers. he lost the job just 10 months away from retirement. now that written house is officially innocent,
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kelly wants to get back to work. this is america. you can agree with your neighbors and other people in your community. and you can disagree with them just because someone has a different opinion of mean you should destroy their life, take their job away. you can simply lose your job or expressing your opinion anonymous. but can you get it back? this is america a, if he had gone to a political rally or if he had been involved in active campaigning, i'll let you see if somebody was running against the current mayor. and that specific officer was actively campaigning for the other candidate. then i could see some kind of conflict of interest in serving the community, but in this specific instance, the officer wasn't even in the same state. so no, there's, it's just department policies or general orders. and in those general orders, which are written by the chief of police, the chief of police basically can say, you know, if he doesn't want you wearing white socks to work that day, you can be so faced disciplinary action. 4th, unfortunately, i'm hoping a more police officer step up to the plate, realised that their, their job is to uphold the constitution. and they work for the people. they don't
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work for the mayor and they don't work for the agency. they work for the people, the united states is more divided in my life time. i've never seen this bad. i've never seen such a culture of ones former speeches. okay. the other for a former speeches, villa is vilified. this is the, the single worst time in my life from i've ever seen an attack. i'm speech and free opinion. oscar winning director oliver stone is today's special guest on going underground. and he's talking the reality behind perhaps his most famous film, jeff gates, they close for that. ah, ah, i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a self re with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my documents. it was, they also sent a credit contract. i had just 3 days comply with their demands to see if i
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didn't send money. i. they sent up an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be very dangerous man. oh when i would show the wrong one, i just don't hold any you have to fill out this thing because the kid an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, a
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time option retention. you're watching a very special additional going underground up to you as president joe biden refused to release secret papers that may prove cia complicity in the assassination of the u. s. h. 35th president john f. kennedy. well, today is the 50th anniversary of the fatal shooting of a ledge. ca asset lee harvey oswald accused of jeff, case killing. and to morrow is 5 years since the death of cuban leda. fidel castro, biden's decision to cover up documents on castro, the cia and j. f k comes just ahead of for time oscar winning director oliver stone premiering, his new documentary j f k revisited through the looking glass out now and select cinemas and on streaming services. he joins me now from los angeles. thank you so much all over for.


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