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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 24, 2021 9:30am-10:01am EST

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ah, i'm african retents in you're watching a very special edition of going underground after you as president joe biden refused to release secret papers that may prove cia complicity in the assassination of the u. s. h. that if, if president john f kennedy, well today is the 58th anniversary of the fatal shooting of a ledge. ca asset lee harvey oswald accused of jeff, case killing. and to morrow is 5 years since the death of cuban leda. fidel castro biden's decision to cover up documents on castro, the c i and j. f. k comes just ahead a 4 time oscar winning director oliver stone premiering. his new documentary j f k . revisited through the looking glass out now and select cinemas and on streaming services. he joins me now from los angeles. thank you so much oliver for coming
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back on. as i said today, anniversary of this mysterious character, lee harvey oswald, who was killed alive on camera on, on n b c. i know you've got this full bought series coming out next year little and this week's premier in the u. s. of j f. k. i revisited just reminders of the significance of the assassination before we get on to why joe biden coverdell, the secret papers. to clarify, we have a 4 hour version of j of k revisited, which is a documentary just coming out next year in the usaa. and we have a 2 hour version wishes on showtime cable network in the united states. in england . i believe you're also in theaters and i believe later in the week you'll have your platforms. i'm not sure which platform it is, but it altitude is releasing. and then later in the early next year will be sky. you know, it's a tough one because united states is just very little mainstream coverage of this,
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of this film. very little. we knew that when we went to con film festival, we also went to dough meal. and we also went to rome, film festival, where we had much more press than we ever had in the united states. it's an interesting truth about this is a memory whole. we don't, they don't want to talk about it because our film raises substantial questions. in fact, contradicts the official theory now and comes out pretty strongly with the fact that it's more than one gunman killed the president. pretty clear from the evidence . and of course therefore, the significance being that the official account is not true. why do you think a so called mainstream media doesn't want to cover it? i understand he wrote a letter to the newspapers even tweeting about the fact that they don't even want to publish your letter aloud, new evidence. i'm used to this, you know, i mean it's like, there isn't a wall of silence here. i mean, already at the, in 2013, there was an official, all the programs on television were official. there was not really any mention of
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an alternative way of thinking about it. i was on one show with very famous broadcaster, he interviewed me for 2 hours, almost 2 hours. and when it came on, i think they cut me down about a minute and it was, you know, superficial stuff. that's what goes on here. and that's what you know, you know, that we know that from what you guys do on your an underground you have to be into underground. yes, it doesn't get out. yeah. but i mean, we, we kind of almost went over ground with you because a 1000000 people watch it on youtube last time. and since then, and since, since we last spoke about j f. k, i arguably, joe biden has this memo. i got the memo here from the white house, about the release of papers that were supposed to happen in october. now i know that the people had said that the excuse was corona virus as to why papers pertaining to allegations that you make in this railey. ha. that was the official
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reason. yes, but mr. trump are broke. all the rules here. not only he back down to the last 2nd, then refused to release a certain 20000 roughly documents that were interested in or not being released illegally. he added a step. he said that the next time the national archives had to be also consulted. it was, it was originally a decision made by congress that the president was the last one to say anything to stop it and, but now the law has been changed on now as you say, it was supposed to come out and buy and pushed it to what is it 3 years worry about some of the, for some of the papers are in december, the 15th next month, and then on the vast majority somehow and he is time, i don't know where they get these dates from. i mean, actually, before i read at this job, i'd memo, i mean, as a bare bones level, we're talking about the fact that julian will,
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could not have been the single shooter of jenna john f. kennedy. that john f kennedy was someone who i wanted to taunt and did not support the military industrial complex in the united states or assassination attempts on fidel castro. and that i, there is some evidence to suggest that the c, i, a and others were involved with miami math here and so forth to arrange the assassination of the plans in the united states is at the bare bones that we need these documents. obviously that job i ins hiding, but the, the evidence is pointing in that direction. well, we'd love to get the, we'd love to get the files on several c. i. a operatives who are around the case among them would be william harvey, towards show and ease david atlee phillips. all these people worked very closely with human groups. the human groups of course, painted kennedy for hayden kennedy for not backing down the bay of pigs. and also for the cuban missile crisis for not going in an invading cuba,
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which was what the pentagon wanted to do. so twice, twice, he had disappointed that there was a grudge against him and certainly they could be used as gunman. there was a lot of them willing to do it out. there is evidence just to point to certain of them that could have been involved, but we don't really know the final. we don't have final evidence or the other. the other participant is obviously the the mafia. people who also were involved in getting taking down castro. and that would include jack ruby who shot oswald, who was the only who basically then was all to go to trial. because if you go to the trial, the whole thing would come undone the whole can of worms, so he could not speak. so the mom was used. and, you know, around the case is, of course, the size of the military, the military have a certain cia, especially, but the military has a certain hatred of kennedy that manifested during the missile crisis. they really wanted to go to war against, against russia. and they were prepared to and they were going to use cuba as
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a pretext. they still were bought even after 62. when we came so close to nuclear annihilation, they insisted on still going into cuba. so when lyndon johnson comes in the office and he was no fan of of kennedy's policies, we know that. but when the heat, when he came into office, he was facing tremendous heat from both sides in the cubans. wanted him now to go into cuba. now they kennedy was out of the way. so johnson, it was a hot potato and at that point, he created the warren commission to deflect the whole thing and he put pressure on judge or a warren to take the job. we didn't want the job because he said, if you don't take this thing when we're facing a nuclear war with, with russia that can involve millions and names of dead people. johnson that was never going to carry through the pentagon policy of attacking cuba. but what he did was give, depending on what you want when he wanted in vietnam, instead it said ok, we're not going to go into cuba where we're going to go into the other. so we're
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talking about not only the potential end of us democracy, we're talking about the end of the us, obviously the cuban missile crisis. and as you say, a vietnam war that killed untold millions, 6000000 in the holding the china in a long way towards the stadium launch in the american civilization, and so to speak. and of course award you 14 hour eye exam. well, here is what joe biden says about this decision by the white house not to release the documents you so dearly. one to that was every american and every president earth could given its implications. temporary continued postponement is necessary to protect against identifiable home, to the military defense intelligence, operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure. that's the memo from joe biden. i, in the past few days, i hear what, what you want me to say is just the official language that it will, hama the defense of the united states and the republic itself. if the papers you
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see now what, how could it harm them? obviously, some people might say, just embarrass those who don't, maybe support some of the contentions in your new document. you might say this is actually just cover up embarrassment, or it could be covering up something much more a much more cataclysmic. there's more official paper now than ever every day. apparently there's a record number of files and be classified. it's a nature of a government that it cannot be opened with its people in is a covert government that exists now and more and more so. jim garrison, when he fought this case back in 166-9689. said you cannot go up against the covert a cover government when it's doing these things because you cannot bring these things to the light of day. it's next to impossible. and it really is tough to deal with the system where the cia has so much power t i a, the reason i think since kennedy has been killed, no american president has been able to go there is not,
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has been able to challenge the c i in the intelligence agencies, or for that amount of the pentagon, the bunch of these agencies keep going up and up and up, and they're that they're in viable, you cannot cross into their territory. in fact, there are no autonomy, as part of the government. and kennedy said that he said, i am not in control of this government, complete control of his government. he knew it, the military was against him, the cia was against him. he knew he was in a battle and he know that if he won the 2nd term, what he looked like he would do. he would fight in another way. now he would you be able to have some teeth. try hard that 1st term to do these things because he was a new comer to washington in the sense that he was young. and he was opposed to the, the old men, so to speak, the dulles type people in the eisenhower regime type people that he really was not in conflict with their policies and adding ones in pain. if this is true and i don alto much price, i mean the way you s electoral politics works is that the florida is to exert
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a veto on who wins the white as may be. is that why joe biden might have thought we can't release the documents? because there was certain cuban elements alive today that perhaps in miami because he doesn't want to offend florida given that you also executive producer, you think of the war on cuba showing how bible his out trump trump, when a guy located or embargo of cuba. i was involved as a producer with read lindsay. read lindsey's done a great job down there. he's, he's living there is a cooperative human filmmakers. me has made these films about the cuban people. what's happening to them in this boycott? in the, in the sanctions against, you know, they know that mean no sanctions or even tougher. the cubans abroad cannot send money to their relatives in children. there's a tremendous drought going on in terms of cash. and staple goods human survives though, it always has and it will, but it's been a war for some,
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for 660 years now. and america has been a bank. i mean the u. n. keeps condemning us, but we have very few allies on this issue. and yet the american people have no real saying this is a governmental issue. and mr. trump unfortunately, really cracked out on cuba and venezuela. you know, they're still trying to overthrow the government. they're both countries well, a landslide from under his body met as well or in the past a few days ago you met fidel castro, made a documentary about your interview with him. did you talk about it? i'm you obviously know much more now than you did when you interviewed castro. but did you talk to a fidel castro as i say, is 5 years dead to morrow? about your suspicions about the kennedy assassination? oh yeah. sure. he knew that something happened. he knew it was not a none of these, none of the major players the time, believe there was a single player. you know,
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bobby kennedy didn't to jackie kennedy in crush. often, the gall didn't ha, castro. i, even lyndon johnson was suspicious of it. he knew something had happened. the 1st thing he said was where they shooting at me. they, everyone says they in this regard. they knew something had happened. johnson was trying to tamp it all down with the warren commission and pretend it was a once one low. not it was and there was no nothing behind it. that's the whole reason that he went out of the way it with his lauren commission, which in our film we go out of our way to take a shot at because it's very important. understand that the warren commission was crooked from the beginning and pretty much everybody knew that in washington. certainly, bobby kennedy hit, which is why your fellow j. f. k. bad created waves on, on the hill itself, on the stone. i'll stop you there. more from the oscar winning director off in the spring
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with ah ah, the ah sure don't seem inefficient. mister fisher from light at the, from the tech hockey,
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with some dinner washed them with especially want to hear the phone yet the nekisha posted in the flesh to follow them having here, beside next, the line, the at the with the now there she usually said almost i also what i might look up in days, it took the test once initially, so might yes, the key moments which she is legally and she shed. welcome back on the eve of the 5 year anniversary of the death of fidel castro. i'm still here with legendary oscar winning director oliver stone. if you watch champ k revisited, the white house isn't involved in this clandestine side to the government. i mean,
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joe biden is refusing to release these papers. your point is there is this shadow side of the government, the pentagon, which joe biden is increase massively beyond the expectations or demands of the pentagon for more money. amidst the a stimulus check, this is just running more at a control than even go we'd all would have it. well, if that's been the case is a beginning, you know, even on the ocean our washer is she? i was doing things dollars was taking, taking it for granted that he had a child blash. so there was very loosely run and ever since then except for the 1975 period when, when as it stands, feel turner took over and the church to many denuded the she i are trying to since that period than she, i his consolidated power steadily and it went tromp in with the war on terror with bush is no questioning and there's no question you mentioned. and ga janisa who apparently lied to congress about exile groups and so on. and what about the
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interesting watergate linkage here because journalists love that robert redford film about watergate. there's a connection between the burglars at watergate and the kennedy assassination. frank sturgess told the f, b i. he was a plausible suspect. i mean, the washington post arguably missed the much biggest story, the mortar gate when it comes to the kennedy assassination. one against very strange story indeed, but that's a whole other discussion. i mean, you could argue that if you ever saw my movie nixon, we take a different approach to water gate. we take the approach that wants to sing once mccord was arrested james mccord that he was, a legal process was set in motion. and no matter, no, no new story. what made a difference. it was 8 process by which he was tried and it would have been become public that there was a court proceeding going on. so it's very hard to stop that once and,
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but it has links to the assassination. now you're talking about the howard hunt stuff now, howard, who was one of the people arrested there and he was on his desk that he didn't definitely confess to this, to his son. and he was helmed by an associate of mine. hum, sense of very interesting things. he said he was on the utility. he was in the utility group that was working on the assassination. he was sort of like the reserve catcher. in other words, if they needed him, he would come in. he was no fan of kennedy because he hated him for the bay of pigs . hunt was a pro human liberation guide wholly, but his, his, he, his confession is dead. confessions were ignored by the media. and, but we don't really know those here is around the assassination. again, they're just cubans that are involved in illegal and legal crimes. on behalf of the government that goes on a lot, a lot of men who operated surround south america killing people. we know several of
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them are here in this country, meet me, give them st, where you're going to asylum. and one of them blew up a plane. achievement plane was 70 people in it and we gave him a cycle i. he died about 2 years ago, but in i was at whole gang is, is gone, we have, am, i buy was more that everyone celebrates, i wash a buzz story, but actually this other unit has links to a bigger story than the burglary of a, an apartment building in washington because you're talking about the death of democracy itself in a wicker more more epic scale. biden says he's, he's going to have a huge conference next month, a 100 world leaders gold via and he's called the summit for democracy. can president biden have a summit for democracy without releasing these papers, which are to get them to help with your a new documentary show? democracy can and fatally there? i don't know how you control. i don't know how you can stand for a democracy when you're breaking the rules whenever you want,
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when it's in your national interest to do so. and that's what's going on. and it's easy to say we're the, to mock democratic side, the free world that we use is an old propaganda where the free world and the russians and the chinese are not. and the iranians and all the bad guys are on the other side. well, it doesn't work that way. if you go to those countries and it's a, it's relevant and you have to understand is a grain. there's grey matter. it's not black and white. and when you have $14000000000.00, it takes $14000000000.00 to elect a president. you have not a wonder what kind of democracy is this american people. i mean, you can't even get a congressman to talk to you unless you pay. if you have a business interest, i mean it's very hard in washington to get your attention for an ordinary citizen. you need money, you need any, you need lobbying, wait. it's our government is totally corrupt now. your name when i was surprised that you've managed to maintain a government without, without, without this corruption just well you may have some extra visitors. good. right.
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i'm right about that corrupt corruption is very much the topic here in london. you probably have it in the summer. i want to be speaking. you declare an election in england and you're and you have it within a few months and you don't spend a lot of money. correct. was more more money involved in politics all over the well to allow generalized that way. i go to just say john bolton, the great national security advisor to donald trump is on the show recently done with the quote that interview, he said, the overthrown of cuba must come soon. and actually alluded to the demonstrations that you showed in your the, the documentary that you exec produced a saying this is it like you in the thing is over. as soon one question, of course people might ask, and obviously bolton looked a bit following that somehow because the bug has been going on for so many decades, and they still haven't overthrown the revolution. how is it that they tried to kill castro? couldn't go castro? but they could kill kennedy, the deep state because because they're incompetent in broad now,
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i don't know. i think cancer was very lucky, very lucky, but they just were not able to. mechanically doing everything seemed to screw up in some way or another. on the kennedy matter, that was well planned and it was planned as we can find out in the documentary in advance, the president was going to get hit in the fall. he was gonna get, he'd probably in the south if possible. but he had, he was traveling to know about the trip to tampa, almost got killed there. and the trip to chicago, where he was planned to kill him. but kennedy called it off, 48 hours before i really got the arrested tooth. there was 4 cubans ready to do the keep the shooting, 2 of them were arrested. have since disappeared, and there was a thomas valley was picked up as the oz while he was the oswald the back case. and you should follow me up in the valley store, and that's a very interesting one to same on same ident, it same profile as all pro cubic pro castro cubic committee. and also service in
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the, in the military. went to russia as a to factor under the cia program they sent the factors to russia, brought him back. same story bally was if, if the papers the bible says he is going to release on december, the 15th somehow do be there on redacted in all the papers that prove the c, i killed kennedy. what does that mean, role as others fascinations in the sixty's that the world remembers much into the king junior malcolm x. and so many of those seems to me as a line. it seems to me that when you killed kennedy, if his brother had been elected and now look like a strong possibility in 68, a very strong possibility and probably wouldn't one. i think he wouldn't beat nixon . but there was no question that if robert kennedy gone the office, he was going investigate his case because that, that when he had the power to do it, of course that didn't happen. of course, if he'd been elected it would have been a possibility of the same c, y was kennedy,
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you know, just ask yourself, i mean it's a big deal. i mean, you have the roosevelt administration, which is very liberal, can compare it to the conservative ones of eisenhower and then truman that our cold could become cold war administration. if you bring back jack kennedy who's, who has a vision to see a peaceful world of coexistence with the soviet union, he signed a nuclear piece piece piece and is nowhere test ban treaty. if he saw a world that could possibly moved away from this tension strategic tension that the united states created after world war 2. but there was a lot of money involved, unit amount of money going into this. it from the 900 fifties, on eisenhower built it up tremendous nuclear program, as well as military industrial complex, which you warned us about the people who attached themselves to the military. for the purpose of money. kennedy saw through this and wanted to end, did you want to go back towards
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a time when roosevelt had been president when there had been a sort of what they call a new deal liberalism really was aiming for. and that was, it was a danger. the republicans, the conservatives in our country, the hard liners had them for this. they feared it because they, they just didn't want that big government. that roosevelt represented you say, that's a big thing. when americans in government, off my back can you, you can see it's still today it's going on. that's always, don't tell me what to do with government. pre free free. i can do anything. i want this contract and fire guns. i can drive my car 150 miles an hour. it doesn't matter. there's kind of that sense of you don't miss with my own. and that's when kennedy got into this trouble with this, where people were beginning to hate him because he was in the south d segregating college of sending troops to back the desegregation against george wallace. and in mississippi, in a very violent confrontation, he sent his deputies and troops marshals down there to desegregate the university
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of mississippi. these are 2 significant things, alienated much of the south. and on top of that, didn't want to go to vietnam, was, was rowing quietly from vietnam, but did issue a statement issue. and sam didn't want to want to have a day. tom, if you have any side the nuclear, the nuclear treaty was russia for christ's sake. no president kind of changed american war with those just those actions alone plus in africa and asia into within donasia in europe even where to go. he was trying to liberalize china in italy, which was going to very conservative. one of the opening to the left he wanted to bring in the left. the socialists and all these moves terrified a certain group of people in the united states called a reactionary block. you remember the movie 7 days, and this is a reactionary block that coalesced around this general who read, who led the qu, they talk in the book, kennedy, it was living through this. and he himself said,
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if i go up again, if i have another cuban missile crisis and pigs, there is a very good chance of it. and he did, he was up against that. he was starting to lose control of the situation and he knew it. it was a scary time and 63 very scary. you know, if you see in that picture, i think you understand that there's a block of america. it will never change once he's the roosevelt administration, hates what they did, and feared kennedy's administration and dynasty of his brother succeeding in 68 teddy kennedy, maybe and 76 and so forth. it would, it would have been another 20 years from a rush up to ministration. cannot afford that at any cost. bad for business. roosevelt with offer isolationist, so i don't know how you're doing the legacy of f. d. r in kennedy. i am roosevelt, in the sense that very strongly monitoring business in that regard. kennedy was
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similar and we have the steel crisis in united states. he did the same thing that roosevelt would have done. and when it comes to isolationism, roosevelt regretted that he did not get involved. and he said, it publicly said, we should have gotten involved in the spanish civil war. he said that was a mistake. because now he understood the power and the danger of hitler and mussolini, because they had been cooperating with the, with the franco de franco troops in spain during the civil war. that was a precursor to this whole thing. so you have to look at roosevelt was planning for a piece at the end of the war. he travelled you all to is all about that when he goes to the alta. i'm sorry when he goes to ron. in his last international summit, he's looking for a piece that will go beyond the un was always history in the united nations. that was his dream. he wanted a real united nations, and he won the united states with china, with britain, with russia,
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and with france to be the 5 powers. that would be lexi, the dominant powers in that arrangement. not one power that would be above it. all . kennedy did the same for he said, we don't want a pax americana enforced by american weapons of war in his peace speed should bear university in june. 63 very important speech puts him right in line with, with roosevelt. i think they're very close. and i think the roosevelt inspired him in many ways, all the sound. thank you. and jeff k revisited through the looking glass is out now on demand and will be in select cinemas. this friday that said francisco will be back on saturday, yet of the day of the ledge most had, as that's a nation of iran's top nuclear scientist must in fact reside as seen by some in the global south, as emblematic of the new cold war. until then, keep in touch with us my role as social media and let us know why you think president biden won't release the j. f k file. ah,
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join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics. sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm hm. this hour is headline stories. a coalition deal is struck in germany as parties, rule law, it an agreement that will see the finance minister who love shoals become then next chancellor replacing. i'm glad. merkel. go live to our correspondence in berlin in moments more. also, we're experiencing a stronger economic recovery in the world. despite poll presidential claims america's economic recovery faces headway massage oil prices sort, nodding to public anger. over spiraling consumer calls inflation.


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