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tv   News  RT  November 24, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ah ah, the coalition deal is struck in germany from you government and chancellor finance minister of schultz will replace anger marco and says you introduce mandatory vaccination. oh, also the style of violence. unrest and looting spreads in the french overseas territories of guadalupe and martinique against new coven restrictions imposed upon paris, including mandatory vaccination for health workers. and as a whistle lower in the u. k. claims or state funded clinic is closing. girls who don't like pink ribbons old dolls as gender confused, state or transgender person shared his views with us on the methods employed at the top of stock trust. actually child abuse. what tavistock is doing really should be
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shut down or should be against the law. and that allowed to happen to young children, especially ah, life from oscar. thanks for joining us. the northern auto international. i'm daniel hawkins. wherever you are tonight to welcome to the program. now we're, we start off in germany. we're a 3 part to coalition is struck a deal. it's set to mike, finance minister, all off sholtes the countries. next chancellor. he's already said he's going to mike defeating corona virus. his top priority including are getting tough on a vaccination sister. also, the cost is up and in me, the way out of this pandemic is that in institutions where especially vulnerable groups are cared for vaccination is made mandatory. these are the, along with all the 3 where you coalition deal was reached off to a full 2 months of negotiations over the next 10 days. the parties involved will
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need to prove what's been agreed, artie's speech. oliver explains how the government will be composed according to the deal. the dressed agreement document is quite a water 177 pages. it goes over $51776.00 words. that is slightly more than f scott fitzgerald novel. the great gatsby, and there is some twists and turns when it comes to how this new government would approach russia. the draft document says that they would be looking for constructive dialogue with moscow. russia is an important international player. we understand the importance of substantial and stable relationships, and we continued to strive for them. we're ready thought constructive dialogue. we will take into account different threat perceptions and focus on a common and coherent e u policy towards russia. we've heard some speeches from leadership of the 3 parties as they addressed their press conference in berlin,
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and most of them seeming quite keen to emphasize that there are still points whereby they really disagree with their coalition. foreigners, this agreement has to be put to the membership of the individual parties and they will agree upon it. it does seem like an almost nailed on thing that, that will happen low. who are we getting at the top of the pile? who's going to be the new chancellor? all af schultz is his name. he was the finance minister and vice chancellor in the last government headed out by anglo merkel when it comes to we style of leadership . it is pretty much more of the same from the outgoing chancellor. he is regarded as a very rational man. as a pragmatist on a number of issues, he can see that by when it comes to russia, he has been critical of russia on several issues in the past, but also has backed so supported nord stream to the gas pipeline. that takes gas from russia to germany. under the baltic sea, basically this is a little bit like if it was a restaurant, the head chef being changed,
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but the recipes remaining pretty much the same. however, those recipes will get a hint of green flavoring about them as because the green party will be entering the next government that they will be the 2nd largest party in this coalition, they're going to get some pretty important ministries as well, by the looks of it robert havoc taking on the newly created an economy and climate ministry. while annually in a bare bach will take over the foreign ministry. it seems now that has been a bit of a shock for some, although the, the 2nd largest party and coalitions do often take over the most often take over the foreign ministry analytic burbock doesn't have much in the way of foreign policy experience. she, anne has also said some things in the past, which suggests that she would be very keen to align germany exactly in lockstep with the united states. she's also being quite vocally anti russia in the past as well, keeping an eye to see if that continues over into her role as foreign minister. and
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when it comes to the free democrats, what the main ministry that they wanted, the deal breaker for them was that their lead a christian lin got to be the next finance minister that looks like it's where he will end up. it's also where we could see a little bit of friction because both the social democrats and the greens campaign throughout the selection saying that they would do things essentially that will cost more money. and that money would have had to have been raised through taxes. where is christian lynn and his free democratic party? they are vehemently anti any new taxes when it comes to saying good bye to the old leadership though. are all aft sholtes handed over anglo merkel, an interesting present as they met for their last cabinet meeting for the chancellor, receiving a dogwood bush from our left shots. now dogwood symbolizes durability, and the ability to overcome many obstacles and could say that was said, well,
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testament to the, the legacy that angle of merkel leaves from her time in the chancellor's job is a very different present though, that ad vladimir putin, the russian president, gave anglo merkel on their last meeting president putin opting for a probably more traditional nice big bunch of flowers. lori not though is the now outgoing chancellor. anglo market did receive flowers at the later session from the whole cabinets of the government, looking a very happy there in the photo. now also in germany, the countries that use asia association as ruled only those fully jobs against covert we'll be able to go through with unassisted suicide. it's a lot of measures designed to stop rapidly rising infections across the country can be more off. florence and flora see we're heading out to a website called yvonne it's, i'm losing, are continuing to play the french overseas territory of guadalupe. and it comes in response to new code restrictions imposed by paris including a health, fos,
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and mandatory vaccinations for health workers than rest is also spread throughout the french region. mult martinique ortiz, charlotte lumens kate has more ah . 6 will real sense know that france could be losing control of the situation on some of its overseas territories, as that violence sees spiraling out of control. a situation described by president mack on himself as being explosive. now, the violence that we've seen on some of the islands in the caribbean as a result of coven 19 measures that have been put in place by paris. and want to start on the island of martinique, where they will lie, shots fired at the police. something that's been denounced by the interior minister here in paris. at the same time, there are road blocks on the island and there is
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a general protest taking place. now the violence that's been seen there has spilled over from neighboring guadalupe where some of the scenes witness fair against kobe 19 measures have essentially power lies the islands and really look as if they could be something that you'd see in a war zone. have now been 5 nights of problems with protests in guadalupe and been ongoing for over a week. specifically against the idea that health care workers have to have a vaccine to be able to continue to work. not just a vaccine but to be fully vaccinated. that is
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a measure that was brought in place by the french government. i'm started back on september 15th and while we saw protests here on the mainland, they have too much dissipated. that's not the case in guadalupe where they are continuing people. there are furious about the idea that they are obligated to have the coven 19 vaccination through room. that is the problem, the health pass. obligatory vaccination. we have no more freedom here, so we have become violent assets. this problem has been present for a long time. in any case, what we must take from this is that all the french colonies are places where there is misery and violence. and this is going to remain like that are local going for document catalog where i've already been making demands. we have several points to discuss. unfortunately, it was necessary to arrive at this point. nonetheless, there were elected representatives who listened, but they were not able to understand what we had to say. unfortunately, again,
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the youth is fed up with this. if they had listened from the day, one would not have arrived at this point. as you know, we'd have you lost no, nothing has ever been resolved through violence. but i also think that if there are 2 days of uprising, let's say wednesday and thursday on friday, they will decide to send in some police reinforcements to guadalupe. there hasn't even been a meeting with locals, the prefect, a meeting with anybody already. they are sending forces of the national gendarmerie intervention group, the $250.00 police officers and soldiers. where is this going? honestly done. so concerned about the situation is paris. as you heard their lead security forces have been sent in to try and take control. take stock of the situation. meanwhile, president mack on his denounced the refusal of those you don't wish to be vaccinated. you cannot use the health of the french people to drive political battles. public order must be maintained. there's
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a situation that is very explosive, which is linked to a very local context and to tensions we know of. and that a historic, as well as to certain interests that seek to use this context and anxiety, the government is mobilized. nighttime curfew has now been extended at least until november 28th. it could be extended longer than that. and while the politicians here in paris scratching their heads to find a solution as to how to quell those protests, the president of the department of guadalupe says the issue, the problems are firmly at the doorstep of the french government. we are asking today to be treated in the same way as in metropolitan france. there are things that we can resolve quickly. we've always asked for support. i've given plenty of alert, sent letters, messages, and made calls. it is unacceptable. we have not seen any minister, and in fact, the last minister of the interior that we saw was bernard cousin iv. he's also warned that guy on which is another french overseas territory in south america,
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could be the next to fall into violence and he is calling for the french government to assume its responsibilities. another time when we're so close to the next presidential election, mack corner, we assume he's going to seek that 2nd man did a. these are not questions that he wants asked by what seems to be his inability to control the security in so many of the french overseas territories. a whistle lowing psychiatrist slammed us. they run children's gender service in the u. k. for encouraging youngsters to transition. if they don't fit into traditional gender stereotypes, the recruitment of staff with very low levels of clinical knowledge and skill, many of those staff had had little or no previous exposure to complex serious disorders in childhood. many young people who are unwilling or unable to conformed agenda stereotypes, for example, go wishing to be more masculine, ah,
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no mist understood as being transgender here medical intervention. so what's not fluidity, but a rigid binary construction of gender that has a characteristic quality. and as if you don't like, you know, pink ribbons and dollars, you're not really a go with dr. david bowels to describe the stock trust is a gateway for purity blockers say usually controversial issue among the young claims. nearly all teenagers seen while the service have gone on to take across sex hormones. we spoke earlier with the former transgender person will tell you who thinks the clinic is guilty of child abuse. and they should have been shut down and not allowed to treat children. that's really what should be happening. so this is a real serious problem because it's actually child abuse. probably very few of those children even qualify accurately qualified to receive puberty blacking drugs,
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keep in mind the puberty blackers were never ever designed for kids who are struggling with their identity. the puberty blockers are designed for kids whose puberty was advancing too fast, and they would slow it down with these drugs. so there are mis using the drugs. they were never intended to be used to harm children in this way, and they are harmful to them. when ever stark is using them in this way and even more harmful when almost every one that they see, they're going to be administering the hormone therapy is to last year, the thrust was mod, in control of the art, a full impatient kiera. bell took it to the higher court. he was thought of taking punitive law because at the age of 16 with the aim of transitioning into a mail. when i was 24 year old says she regrets that and repeatedly stated she wasn't warned, not the last thing effects the drugs would have all the time. trust says demand for
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it's gender services is soaring according to his annual report clinical appointments of reason, almost fourfold. in the past 2 years, he called on this damian wilson believes doctor is a regrettably unable to make rational decisions on transgender issues. today. i think that people who with their under tremendous pressure, the trends lobbies, hugely powerful, being called transfer. vic is perceived by many is an unbearable social slow people to troll with j. k. rowling. look at kathleen stock, the the university of sussex professor who's just been held out of her job. and this is just an incredible social diseases that's really going through the particular academia and the medical world at the moment. in america, that's not unusual to have children under the age of 10. going through this through agenda counseling. what a kid turns up at the, at the, the clinic and says he wants to be a dog. what do i do? fading biscuits and let him run around the yard on a horse. that's just crazy. it seems to be that the adults of less the room and any
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crazy idea is, is on the table. so i just think that we baby, we just need to car off about the conversation, accept our responsibility, and don't let our kids down by bowing to any with that. that's the current medical fashion oil process searched by more than 3 percent over the past 24 hours raising inflationary fears across much of the world. the numbers are being closely watched in the u. s. for inflation is already a 3 decade high, putting the pressure on household the president boynton is out of the country's finances are actually thriving, were experiencing the strongest economic recovery in the world. even after accounting for inflation, our economy is bigger, and i found that more money in their pockets than they did before the pandemic their place. you know, it's a high right now, so i don't know, economies are going faster and i was actually going slow. people are buying things,
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the stock market seems good, but on the other hand, inflation is, is rising. we might not be seeing as much progress as fast as we would like, based on the promises that he made. or the surgeon oil price come to this point. joe buying decision to release millions of barrels of oil from america, strategic reserves over the coming months. however, the countries, daily consumption is about 18000000 barrels, which means the amount release from reserves won't last more than 3 days. and that's one of the reasons bought and wal intervention has been widely ridiculed or one at which use a compared to the video game character. don't com dropping virals while others pointed out that the emergency supply as opposed to be used when there is an actual shortage. we spoke with a call with jeffrey, a tucker se borton's all intervention as a temporary fix for a worsening problem. this looks to me like a foreshadowing of something really terrible. you have at least an acknowledgment on the part of the by administration that the inflation is becoming a problem,
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especially in oil prices. but he's focusing on this because gas prices are going way up, and people are really upset as driving down his poll numbers. so he wants to be seen as doing something. so to release the reserve is purely a cosmetic attempt to, to give to please people. but it's not going to make any difference and, and prices over long term, if anything is going to have the opposite effect of causing people to realize that the really, that's not an illusion that we got major problems. and we could see as result, an increase of demand towards hoarding than panic buying. so i think the, my prediction is that this is going to drive the problems to become even worse than they were already. while the dar economic outlook in the us is leading to fears about a return of so called stagflation. a problem that lot of the country back in the 19 seventy's is a quick explainer of what that actually means. so thanks giving turkey is more
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expensive than ever getting a pink slip right before the holidays. runing give shopping more than the biden sponsored empty shelves. just another lousy holiday, you'd think. however, this could be the 1st sign of stagflation. stagflation is a toxic cocktail mixing to very negative processes happening in the economy at once . low economic growth and rise on inflation. they come together, the markets plunge into chaos. and it looks like the u. s. might be one step away from it. risking to pull the whole world into the economic sinkhole generally to control the inflation, the government would lower the money supply, the amount of cash circulating in the economy. take the money out. so to speak, biden is trying to do the opposite. his agenda includes the $1.00 trillion dollars, american rescue plan, a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill, and
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a $1.00 trillion dollar build bank. better spending package moves that are likely to pull even more money into the economy, inevitably sparing inflation. where will that road take us? who knows? one thing his sudden is going to be bumpy. well, if you want to find out some more about stagflation, a term you're likely to be hearing more and more. the show version of our clip is available on ot easy success. while we're going to break now more news coming up for you in just a few moments time. ah
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ah . mm. so rather than by dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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oh, william back facebook. he's delaying the introduction of encrypted messages on all of its platforms that hold up that was being resisted by government, including the u. k. the home secretary claims police need the ability to read people's messages on social media. nazis shut it as was dash c as more now on the status of both, you know, stories and big sec. it's been 5 years since whatsapp rolled out end to end encryption. it was hailed for allow people all over the world to communicate securely and freely. but in tandem with some talk, western officials, whatsapp, instagram on facebook owner matter is tracking its feet. we're taking our time to get this ride and we don't plan to finish the global rollout of end to end encryption by default, across all our messaging services until sometime in 2023. we believe people shouldn't have to choose between privacy and safety, which is why we're engaging with privacy and safety experts, civil society and governments to make sure we get this right. technical as
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encryption can be, it's really about the very core of how we live our lives today. safe in the knowledge that what you tell your friend stays with your friend or does it while screeching that confidence is potentially painful. according to the government, it's a price worth paying for safety on line. end to end encryption brings further risks . indeed, in my view, jeopardize is the good work that has gone before. messages are only encrypted, a standard, but end to end encryption, where neither the platform operator nor law enforcement can see the content jeopardizes much of that work in the new technological era. more conversations than not are on line. and if nothing is protected, then no conversation is private. so either we communicate face to face, or we surrender to the expectation as a 3rd person in your conversation. ease of staying in touch must not come at the expense of people's data protection and privacy rights. even was that publicly goes
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against its own a matter saying that one shouldn't sacrifice privacy if the government demands it, whatever the reasoning governments demanding companies build a special key to access private messages. but wants the key to your messages as created. can you guarantee it won't be copied? are you confident that a hacker or a foreign spy won't steal it? or that your government won't lose it? once that key opens a back? oh, how do you know a criminal one sneak inside. and even if a government keeps the keys safe, should we trust them not to miss handle. the messages we send, considering our phones are so often glue to our hands. it's a 4 inch key all into our entire lives. so understandably, people aren't exactly ecstatic about ben messages being read by others. privacy is a big, big thing in this country. in this world, everyone's entitled to their own privacy, and i think private messages are part of that private and it's private suppose
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themselves and think they've smearing time if they've got suspicions, i guess so, but i don't think they should be able to read on every text message, so facebook may have changed its name, but deep public worries over his platforms. lack of privacy aren't coming anywhere . ah, taxi drivers are on a nationwide strike across italy. they're furious about government deregulation of their industry. they say or give large companies like huber advantages over small cap firms, which will be driven out of business here in russia, the countries face agency is launched the cog across from the bike and all cosmos roman catholics don. it'll deliver essentials to the international space station as well as a new module for the russian segment of the i assess now russian and as you joined together for almost granted a reprieve to mold over extending a deadline to settle outstanding debts. the companies also agreed not to cut
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supplies under a new contract, as had been previously threatened, a spokesperson for gas from explained the uniqueness of the decision. the strong reduced latino year gas prom on an exceptional basis and showing its goodwill and understanding of the difficulty. moldova and citizens could face his accepted moldova request at the same time gas promise counting on moldova is absolute fulfillment of its contractual obligations in the future, including the payment of outstanding debts in a timely manner, which, which, which, although as deputy foreign minister says the debt will be paid by friday in october . the countries on a 5 year supply deal with gas for on one condition, it pays back the $709000000.00. it owed the company by the start of this month. it was an hour managed on that set prompting russia to hold shipments. now mold open politicians, had been enthusiastic about the deal, and the concessions one from guys from oregon that the,
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the price is it and pages amid the conditions of the unprecedented prices in the market, which is apparently gone crazy. moldova has obtained a contract with gas, probably the most currently favorable conditions possible. the agreement will allow more dover to save $405000000.00 in comparison with the purchase prices on the world market. and although and gas, they all comes amid europe's energy prices crisis. some states have warned against great reliance on russian gas saying it could be used as a due political bludgeon. others though, advise closer cooperation, including serbia, who's president recently explained what his country thoughts to russian media. i'm proud of this size and i want people in russia to know this firmly resisted pressure. and we never cause any problems for south stream or tech stream. bulk constrain, as we call it today, when we 400 kilometers of the pipeline across our country together with gas problems. today we already have gas flow through the pipeline. we're the only
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country in europe that's never imposed any sanctions or any measures, but in any decisions against russia's interest. we pursue the european path, but we never do anything that with damage all relations with the russian federation . we need an agreement about the larger amounts of gasoline with the fastest growing economy in europe. that believe me growing faster than all the other countries in europe. so we need gas. so the price, the volume, and 3rd, we need flexibility. our russian counterparts know about ways when consumption during the winter. we want to be able to import more gas without having to pay a much higher price. in global affairs, you don't just choose an easier way. you don't just please those who is stronger than you be. it has its own political and economic interest. without russia, there be no pipeline. there be no gas for i'd be paying $800.00 to $900.00 euro. the gas today, more economically,
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serbia can't handle it. and i've got breaking news coming in from a yorkshire in the u. k. were firefighters of battling a huge blaze of plastics. factory low who say they've heard explosions coming from the area. now. authorities have been advised, have advice rather people to stay endorse to keep the doors and windows closed. and there are concerns about the black plumes of smoke coming out of the factory, which it can be poisonous. i will bring you more news on that new story. as it comes, it will let the headlines for us, our new views heading away in just a few moments time. i will be back in half an hour. bringing the latest deadline. join us again. ah please
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join me every posted on the alex simon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess with the world politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then as a story to the victim, denise walker shar trogie are being told. we're also trying to figure the motive behind the driver of the van with one black lives matter activists saying this is the beginning of a new revolution. we will discuss with our panel no gas prices in california on the verge of reaching the $5.00 per gallon point. the president biden has decided to finally do something about it and asking the members of opec to do the same. in new york city leaders are pushing to allow more than 800000 non citizens to vote in local elections. we will tell you if this will come true and if this is more about political power or justice.


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