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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 25, 2021 5:30am-6:00am EST

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ah, suppose this were cells form these double membranes structures which are like sax, which capture pushed through the cytoplasm and then deliver them to water, the incinerator of the cell, the license for degradation. so that's what we'll talk to to years. mm mm. mm mm. good patty, this is the kaiser report. i max kaiser. did you know that this is the 400 year anniversary of the very 1st thanksgiving? think about that 400 years of thanksgiving in north america. really
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incredible milestone stacy right. well, the very 1st thanksgiving was in 1621 and plymouth, massachusetts monitored a plymouth massachusetts, and it wasn't called thanksgiving. then it wasn't called thanksgiving until under abraham lincoln in the 18 sixty's. you know, we're going to look at some of the things we're thankful for this year. and i'm going to focus on the h word. i'm going to focus on hyperinflation. hyper hardship and hyper bitcoin ization, they all go together. so let's 1st i guess talk about the hyperinflation, because that was the big h word of 2021. it started, i guess with michael berry, he, before he made a whole bunch of disastrous bet, shorting big coin, shorting tesla. he shorted a bunch of things that he shouldn't have, but he did call it right in terms of hyperinflation. he said that we were in like
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the 7th or 8th year of the weimar inflation. that then turned to hyperinflation suddenly. so he said that early in like march or april of 2021, and then lo and behold, a few months later jack dorsey did call it. and i think this honesty this open this, this truth that everybody is able to hear when they, when they're told and warned about piper inflation. i think it, you know, it's a reckoning with not only our past going back to the 1st thanksgiving, but with the same sort of crimes committed against the indians that were committed against the people ongoing of plunder through inflation. such thing michael barry was right about hyperinflation. and then made negative bats, are sold short stuff that would go up in a hyper inflation. so he, he had a good idea there, but his bets that he made, based on that idea, were completely opposite to what you would do in a hyper inflation. so,
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and he took himself off twitter, you know, gratefully, and i think he's got a lot of gratitude and he's, thanks thinking for he's thankful this year that he's no longer on twitter making a public spectacle of himself. but also the thanksgiving dinner this year in america is getting new all time high and as reflect that reflection of the price increases. janet yellen is now saying that the inflation is going to be here for a while, a transitory christina garrett over at the european central bank has come out with the common saying, you know what, this inflation is, not transitory. it's going to be here for a while. all of the supply chain disruptions that are contributing to the inflation hyperinflation are now becoming entrenched and creating and negative feedback loops where supplies are shortcoming. and that creates demand destruction, which reduces manufacturing on those supplies,
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which creates more supply shortages. so there is the reinforcement there, just like all the money printing would create artificial demand for stuff. and so they mail all over manufactured and put millions of cars and parking lots. and now it's all running in reverse. and hyperinflation is a word that you know, that is a political event. that means a loss of confidence in the currency. and joe's jack dorsey is making a bold claim and he immediately elicited comments from the world's devil's crowd and acknowledge professors chastising him for even suggesting that he should talk about what's really going on. because it could be, it could start what's really happening that he's suggesting he shouldn't talk about it because it might happen. and he's about say if it's all about the entropy, right, like the flowers disintegrating, that's entropy, right? things decay, things fall apart. and the thing that is the money and the monetary system,
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the reality of the fat world around us, is disintegrating. and that's a good thing at the end of the day. so perhaps they could control inflation and deflation by raising interest say it's lowering interest, say it's printing more money withdrawing money, reverse repo, repo is all that sort of stuff. those are tools for them to control inflation and deflation. what they cannot control, which nobody in history has been able to control is hyperinflation. because that's a shift in mindset, there's no going back. once the mind changes their opinion about enough people within that community changes their opinion about whether or not the central bank has control over this currency. and i think it's a good thing ultimately, you know, it's a short, sharp disaster, but eventually, well the, the mine shaft is the, the, for my shaft, that's a good, good me, a launches on for 2020 was a mine shaft that happened. they got shafted in the mine. yeah, yeah. you know,
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they say that the fair money, the more from your currency reserve currency, the us dollar is always said dollars back by us military. i think those scenes of the who has leaving capital, leaving billions, tens of billions of dollars with the military hardware behind and essentially losing the afghani disaster. really put the steak into the heart of anyone out there who thinks that the dollar is not completely vulnerable. right. well, you know, speaking a mine shaft, you know that dollars is nice. it's everyone has lined up the stairs and it's falling down the mind. shaft of the ideology that you can command and control. 7000000000 people. how many people are there on earth like all that micro manage all their details? you saw that in the, in the last few months where they're starting to, like, want to monitor everything, have total surveillance over every single thing. you're purchasing everything
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you're consuming so that they can somehow control it because they feel you see that they're projecting that their own feeling that they're losing control as paranoia right, just like the stars in east germany decided that they need to spy on everyone. 247, and every single micro transaction that they were doing. because they're paranoid about losing power to the united states. they're paranoid that people are going to buy bitcoin, they're going to opt out. they're going to move out of the country. they're going to do an iran and simply leave. so the policy makers are paranoid and they the answer. they think they need the spy more, they need to gather more data. facebook is now called meta, they're going to control the meta verse. they're going to control your thoughts. your actions are mere money. your emotions is all going to be controlled. and of course, the more you try to control it, the less ability you have to control it. and it's like love isn't it? the more you try to love something, the harder you know it,
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it doesn't work. you gotta let things breathe, you've got to let things live. and so the way for the united states to get out of this problem is to bring back free market competition. get rid of the fed because the fed is the one single most destructive force within the economy. and then go back to having freedom, right. but now they're going to triple down on dr. coney and imprisonment and the cyber go lag. and the casino go leg and we know where the story goes. we know how the movie ends. the chickens are home to roost. this thanksgiving or no more turkey on the menu. price is too high. we're going to have to go for the little chickens. the old, the de larry and factory farm chicken chickens, the central bankers, the chickens are coming home to roost for them early. that's thanks, aaron. hopefully you have plucky, right back there behind you because i think right time to bring them out because talking about plot bought in chickens, let us look at all. plucky,
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they got plucked hard by the mine chapters shafted by somebody's mind. j. powell who should be good, are you ready to be called for? thanks very much. i know last year for don't stealing much. wanted to stop the man party, jeff and me a see why? why? right? so in there falling down the mine shaft, right. they, they're, the ideology has just like it's done them well for 50 years now. you know, in august of this year, 2021. we passed the 50th anniversary of an all fi out world where by fia, we had to obey and listened to. and all the economic actors had to abide by the cycles are turning on to your feo cycle. the $400.00 your thanksgiving cycle, the kendra cos cycle, the 4th during the cycle, all cycles the business cycle, the interest rate cycle, all turning at the same time. at the same day, the clocks,
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the rule, the universe are all breaking simultaneously into a new phantasmagoria. when by talkie and a cadre of meetings on the internet, the 400 year thanksgiving cycle. so see we come up with new stuff here on the kaiser are only here here, but mine shaft falling down the mine shaft to hear about the 400 year thanksgiving cycle. well, e c, b president. look, guard after sol searching phase of rising inflation will last longer than originally expected. something back. christie, like, he doesn't have a so she's going to be searching for donovan and she'll never find her. so she's a list. i know this is probably reminding you of the person sitting across from the table from you at this i thanksgiving meal and when the one time a year you have to go see a crazy uncle and then out there because i can't afford it anymore. shriek, they're having all thanksgiving and it's in can like they do in london. it's all in
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this tune. it's called thanksgiving christmas gin, and he got the turkey and stuffing in the cranberry all and lay it up in your little tennis or, and out of your 10 can in the eat that up and cost about buck 9 from tesco happy thanksgiving. losers. tesco is a british, brad, it's not about a mile over there in great britain they, that's where they got thanksgiving and christmas and i can ok. so back to the story . so in terms of this inflation and then terms of the, the wheels falling off the, you know, the engine of capitalism, as all of the architects have fallen down the mine shaft, is that always throughout capitalism when free markets are actually working. the thing about high prices is that they've always been a solution to high prices. yes, exactly. it's called the business cycle, right? so high prices are the cure for high prices because you have demand destruction,
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which forces people to lower prices to increase demand. and typically, the way they do that is by productivity gains and buy innovation gains and by free market capitalism. so there's nothing wrong with the business cycle. there's nothing wrong with the and the flow of nature, the tides come in the tides go out. the moon goes around the earth and the earth goes around the sun and it's all very natural. but when you try stuff nature down your throat like green in a fall gras farm, you end up not only getting plucked to death, but you end up with an economy that doesn't serve anybody except the go lag runners who are at the head of this club talk or say, look, everybody dreams about being something better. plucky dreams about being a swan. that's a plucky is dream about being a swan some day. if you destroy people's dreams, you destroy their ability to be productive in your free economy. and therefore you have to just be a person runner, and it's a god awful mass and i hate to see it here in the land of the free and the home of
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the brave. but i've seen it right now on this more under anniversary year of the thanksgiving cycle. stacey, can you stay for another segment? or? i hope everybody else will go away. we're coming right back. don't go away with blue. with ah
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true war his way? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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i saw a message from an unknown account that had a selfie with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my documents. it was, they also sent a credit contract. if i had just 3 days, you know, comply with their demands. if i didn't send money i, they sent up an online hate campaign for guy i was supposed to be very dangerous man. the me. hey, welcome back to max and stacy's banks, giving van pango we just finished our cranberry. some stuffing. got plucky on the things. just got back from the thanksgiving day parade. there was a plucky book flow and balloon this year at the macy's thanksgiving break. they had a 90 foot long, plucky flooding over central park south in new york city. i don't know if you caught that or not joining me here now. to review this great thanksgiving day is
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stacy herbert the fantastic, the beautiful, the resourceful, the intelligent, all around nice gal, stacy, what up? right. so at the end of the 1st half here on thanksgiving day special, we were discussing the fact that in capitalism in the old capitalism, before we had this, you know, whatever we have now, what would you call? it was the best way to say, cut, talk, or see a cactus back or see communism this. no. okay. well yeah, because the cure for high prices has always been high prices, but we don't have that anymore. we saw that the extraordinary events of 2021. we're kind of like an echo boom of the extraordinary events of 2020, where we saw negative oil prices the extraordinary, which was an echo boom of the extraordinary events of 2018. 2019. and that was
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negative interest rates, so time had no value and energy had no value. and then we get to 2021. there is just money. go, laurie, you would think people would be thankful for that because why not like you're getting thousands of dollars. some people are getting trillions of dollars up at the top. it's like a continuous echo effect. it's like a doppler effect. a, it's like, put the never stop printing. i take it all. there's no print, baby print. you know that they don't care who they kill. that's terrible because of the money printing because of the loathing of the elite right? the institutions and the elite take facts of nature, price signal cycles, they take them personally and there, there's almost like a vendetta,
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against these things like a business cycle. so how there you go down under my watch, like in there's this is like attempt to control all so like in 2021. i think one of the most extraordinary things was used. car prices, right. like that. car prices went out. so extraordinary ally, to a point where for some time there was a point where by the used car prices were going up more than like usually like the old adage in us, capitalism is as soon as you drive your car off the lot, it's not even got half of my on it, it drops in value by 102030 percent just driving it off the lot when that was going up up up. and in fact, you could buy some of the used vehicles for more than you could buy the the manufacturers suggested retail price anyway for the new vehicles until the auto
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dealers caught on and they started to jack up the market adjusted rate. right? to increase the price that people were willing to pay up and above the m. s. on our pay right cars were in can tango which is why fi as another price signal that you couldn't o'clock? you the world's greatest economist amory, ever thought about putting cars in a can tango. but the fact being that these market adjusted prices that you're seeing on the stickers for the cars. like here's the car for $60000.00, market adjusted price, $80000.00. that's obviously when you're jacking a price is like that in a matter of minutes. that's exactly what you see in an economy suffering hyperinflation, where people are rushing and looking to buy stuff before the price goes up. next, our price is going up by the hour and still people are really in denial about this happening with a dollar and in the united states unless you look at bitcoin because as big coin
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becomes the world reserve currency, then you realize that the us dollar has been in hyper inflationary collapse against the dollar now for 10 years or 200 percent years losing purchasing power against big point in the case of the us dollar and big coin now is set to continue to go another 102030 years of these type of hyperbolic gains, that means a dollar is going to go effectively to 0 against big coin and the world knows it. it's not a secret anymore, and even plucky is out there. stacking sas aren't, you're blocking the chickens coming home to roost. and i do want to say, you know, the good thing, of course, this year we've seen extraordinary shortages and all sorts of things. and all the container ships lined up outside long beach with all the the good that you probably really want to remember, like the good old days go to, you know, one of the big change stores like wal mart beat somebody to a pulp. so you can get, you know, a cut price, flat screen television,
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and hopefully there won't be any supply this year, so you don't have to, like it'll spare your dignity, you want the bidding of some guy over a toy for christmas or walmart, they're going to go down there and beat somebody up for a half a pound of sugar. right, or a half a pound of flour or maybe one a that'll be held up like a fabric a egg. and they'll be bidding on a christy's $50000.00 for one egg as a value of that money goes in. bob weigh style down to 0 and against big coin. certainly. well, that brings me, i guess, to the conclusion to the last half of this for the 2nd half of the show of the special on thanksgiving. and that is that 1st thanksgiving meal, because i think it's important to remember why the chickens are coming home to roost. 400 years later what we did and that 1st day so in 1621. the mayflower landed. they had set sail in 1620 and i think it was september october of 1620 from england, and leave the lender that chris was
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a long journey. 66 days and they were camped off off of plymouth and they said the winter in the boat, half the people died. they came ashore in the spring of 1621, and the locals who were called the wampanoag native. americans fed them, they help them, they, they taught them how to grow corn. they did all these nice things for them. and then they shared shared mail. 1621 for thanksgiving. by the 18th century they were no more. they were wiped out through disease through killing. they were slaughtered and they were sold off into slavery. so, you know, they're good deed when punished. right. they know, you know, you always become a pilgrims allotted on plymouth rock. learned to hate the native population because they were standing on land that the pilgrims decided they wanted. so they committed
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mass genocide. the template for the genocide become the 20th century in europe. and now, as i said, you become what you have. so the u. s. find to solve on its own reservation as the us builds out this enormous open air prison system called the u. s. economy, where 100000000 people are now at or below the poverty line. unable to buy a crust of bread and essentially being surveyed by police 247 over there, the metaphors, thanks to our berg. and so that these folks are essentially living in the reservations, that they can assign the native population to 200 years ago. so it comes around, goes around, and it's all very predictable. that's why bitcoin is doing what it's doing. because people wanna escape patches. christine, the god called been going. people want to opt out of the prison industrial complex . people want found money, people on free mark as people on open communication, uncensored communication, that's not grateful for uncensored communication and uncensored media outlets that
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allow journalists to be journalists, you know, we're on our media outlet right now. that allows journalists to be a journalist. that's why what you don't hear us say what we say in the united states because they censor their journalists, unlike some other country that you're not right. so back to the wampanoag native american people, because there are still individuals from the tribe that you know, are defendants of their original tribe. most of them were wiped out just so you understand where they were and where they lived. there were thousands of them. when the colonists arrived at the, there were $3000.00 on martha's vineyard, which is now obviously the likes of obama and the very elite and wealthy live there . nantucket was there. i saw them in the news only and october at the end of october. so
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a lot of the men died in the battle that was started in there against the area of rhode island against the near against that people. and then they're against the people. only this year, 400 years later, were handed back some of their land that had been taken by the colonists. at that point. a 1000 women and children were killed and their tribe. so this is still like, this is still what i was saying from faulkner the past is not even past the. exactly right. the nice my message to black americans 8 years ago and big kind of a $5.00 buy bitcoin. and they found a whitey, that was my message and a lot of them picked up on it. the biggest single group of honors, a big winner in america, are the black community. i would say to the native american community, they tried lakotas coin once 5 or 6 years ago. that's not the way to do it. got a big coin get individual sovereignty. at this time, the great grandson, sitting ball just been confirmed to be the great grandson due to a d n. a analysis of some hair left by sitting both sitting bold, of course defeated,
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cost her custer's last dan. let's, let's have another get together. and pow wow and see what we can't do this time, but with big coin is like 3 our money's last stand. it's going to be the dead president's last stand. it's the us dollars last, dan. and the native american population by simply buying big coin can rise up again that have the only hard money because everyone who owns fed going down with the the song, one of the 3 ships that came with their pilgrim, the pilgrim invaders, santa maria, and the pinta the santa maria? yeah. those 3 the, the center. murray. x one. yes. so, you know, but that's the big queen as property. and here, obviously they have their property stolen. and again, because of the mindset we were talking about, they didn't have the concept of owning the land. they were of the land, right? they didn't have this concept. so you could go, ha, well i have a contract,
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do you have a contract? she's like, no. but you know, i started with those saying like i was thankful for, they basically wouldn't, might seem bad, which is the hyperinflation. but i want to read you a quote that everybody and the big green community uses. and as part of this sort of 4th turning that we're going through in the city, these chap, end of empire, all that sorta stuff, hard times create strong men, strong men create good times. good times, great weak men. and we can create hard times. so week men have created these hard times and what we know, what that includes. women like man humanity, when they say men, so heart a weak men have created these bad times for us. and now the next part of the cycle is leading to good times because we'll have stronger men and women stronger people because of the hard times that are being brought upon us by the weak man. that's right. we have a new generation, the millennials and the jens a's are stronger,
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they're smarter. they've got big coin. they know what the future is going to be promising for them. the boomers, of which i'm a member there on the way out there all are there the week, the week of the silent generation, they were strong, they one world war 2. then you have the boomers and there are the weak ones. now the gen x are completely forgotten and then the millennials and the gen z or the emergency once again of a strong generation, is that right? lucky? that's right. right. all right, well that's it for thanksgiving, special report. max, are you having a lot of fun there? with your family. i know if you're watching michelle, you're not until next time bio ah. is still seeing the cars right on police report in december 2020
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a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people organization, it's an idea that it must be opposed that channel out the gate. they may kill their faces, but they can say what they believe in. we believe i'm, you know, we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to united states has gotten. this is a chance to see who n t for really are in order for me. my 1st amendment right. and say that my life i have to be on to the teacher that's all american rejects for the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except or so to protect ourselves in to push this with. so these double membranes structures which are like sax, which capture, pushes a cytoplasm and then deliver them to water, the incinerator of the cell, the license for degradation. so that's what we'll talk to g m
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this hours headline stories. europe is bothered by a 4th covered wave with germany considering mandatory vaccines. although the world health organization save jobs alone will keep people safe. with concerned about the fullest sense of security that vaccines have ended the fund m. u. i o. on redstone looting grips that french caribbean territory of guadalupe over itself, new coven restrictions fuel and local hostility against the authorities in paris. politicians plus with eco activists and canada. after a leading greening campaigner threatens that oil pipelines could be.


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